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'Minn i mtttm '
The Evening Herald, Albuquerque, N. M., Tuesday, May 8, 1917.
Tluit was mid if tlw idea of KohciiwmM'n Mimi'k Store unit it vm
in Nt'Bi'cli nf t ho best nliirlt shirts emboli inx tin1 best ninti-rink
mill -noi kinuiilii tluit KoNcnwulit ' roprotentotivr v isitf.l factory
lifter factory with tin' result tliHt
Shirts were found to sell tit 1.0(1 that chwk.nI men to open their
eyes in iislniiishiiifiit -mill piicIi month hut wrvin tin prestige f this
Men's Store us tln faiuc of these shirts prow pri'iitcr mill irrenter.
New urrivnls iifliulo ilorrnx of new unit nttrnrl ive striped pnt-
lerns --of woven Ntripeil imulrHM. poplins, repps mid other shirtings
shirts stii'h us you will riinl luiril to duplieiite nt $1.00.
Vast Stocks, Great Vanely in Munsing '
Vim will note the niceties of finish, the little "pretties,"
s one I'listmiier repressed if. They make this underwear
nl once different hiuI more deMrnlilc, without tulalitiu; m
penny to the eost. These in addition to Mir fiiiidnmeutnl
virfuen of correct fit mid lonjr nervier. ThHt'n fiiotifrh to
kiiow ulmut uiulerwi'iir. '
B1 Without fteaerra
Anil '"tin fur iiulitv, ennui
hie tlicm nn.l In- renvoi, oil.
The collection is a notable one. In points of style, variety and econ
omy it has no counterpart in Albuquerque. However, we shall not
expound the obvious. Such features as we have mentioned are rare
ly seen even by the most casual observer.
The iility of the inntcritiU. for example, is n thniir not so eiisily m-rived lit. It is highly
iniportHiit- in I he liiial ittuilysi it is the most important thine; ihnu1 a suit.
There isn't a slipp. ry yard in the whole iisscinlilun-e. They were chosen ly our representa
tives for the special reason that they are servireiiMe ! And it is not out id' place to mention
here th.it a know Idle;,, of fahries is one of the iiialilicat ions he w l ich our Imycr in .this depart
ment justilies his stewardship! Therefore, he iissiired that, over and iiliove the cay and spark
liiiir style, and the intrinsic economy in each of these suits, there is the f'iiuin' merit of satii
faetovy sen ice. ,
Model after model is involved, and dozens of colors. Wool
jerseys, serges, Poiret twills and so forth. Sizes for misses.
Opportunities indeed.
Reduced prices begin at $14.95 and gradually rise by easy steps
to $44.95.
t ome mid mcp w hat wo w ill i ve t hut ' the w ay to find out. We do iiof
send mi iiceiit to your door to take your time and offer yon half price for
your old machine. We want to he fair and allow yon' a full legitimate
value for it. Keinemlier wo mcII the
We Iniv your old machine. A few ilollura n week pays the difference.
This offer lusts for the month of Muy. Come mid see us tomorrow,.
The First Wildflowers
II vr a ehiirtn that never will
he liltuineil by thf flowfr Ihut
ur carefully nuttircii winter
nnd summer in luxurious km
houses. Tin- sturdy little flow
era of the woods arc typieul of
AtiK-ricmi hfe. They re inde
pendent, vigorous, natural and
beautiful. Virtues all worth
Solid Comfort 'oml':-ied With Kxipiisite (iriiee
When u stoi to think tlmt you spend livtwcen five mid
six thousand hours every year in your corset, you must
realize how importunt it is that you huvc a perfectly com
fortalil irsct.
A poorly fitted corset f'reiiiently leads to severe nervous
mid nrjruiiie tronldes which cause years of suffering.
In the l.a Cumille Corset we have a garinent that always
jiives jfi'in'ii"' coinfort. sittintr, Ktandiujf or lyinjf down
mid the prices are very reasonuhlo.
Second Floor Iloscnw aid's
i Gingham Dresses
The very smartest frocks for
sports mid utility wcur are made
of the fine, lnicJit jniitfhaiiis you
once wore to school. They lire
simple, these dainty dresses, and
so hecniiiinjr. And they'll tuh
The styles have hceu ciircfully de
veloped to the smallest detail lin
opportunity to create a striking
or liocomiiitr effect has hcen over
looked. You'd have difficulty in
making dresses like these for the
prices ue 're asking.
Kcf.iniuhiii.f milumllv hring-
H 'l-l' t the a, I. ,.1, of ,h,w
who know nnj ,,nrti.i,lu, y the
" "f h have area the
MW OR Vi-riRfKM they have
lilo.,,iiie. Int., riimplftcnrni .,)
I.cnuty in the fmt few week.
The Cretonne. nri kuleid.imoi.ii. In
their Inierent flBuhinu from rnlnr
r..l..r, hm.I , ,lr,ign with
lirwililrring l.riilion.v -- nire. of
lliem. .erli,,... than one mijjlit have
iniBKine.1 there r.iul.i ,e f, ijMj,
ri"m. .lining ro..m. I. 1 rw.nn.,
Iirriikfniit r'H.nni nnd rwr'lim2.V
t.. 1.511 n yir.l l.y ruy ti'p th.
tonne ef prirp will in,liUv t,r
Thiol I'limr Koncnwald'i
Emerald The May
Tim niu'ii'nt iiTtitinn thnt tli
wenriiiK ,f your liirthMunv liringa
K'h fertnne is mtber pKycbolnKii-nl
eii. ially if wp Httriliuti real vir
tue tci thin rhnrni. It in rertiiin that
the thinjf in whieh we have urvtt
f tiith nmt f ri'iicntlr brrnmei a
renlitj- tinlf heartriliienn r.lwnyn
,vll Cm I lire.
I . r r r r r r ,
Tied and Leashed Animals Are
Exempt; in Effect for Twenty,
one Days After Rabies Case Is
Reported; Strict Enforcement.
irilrrH ituon mil liv M.nnr Wisl'v
Mil tml. iy m 11 1 lt'iii' nt I'll i In.- iIuk
iniizliim irie Imtiniii'ii i-mh J m-oi-iloi,
Tlie mii.liiii; i.r.l' r ;n-i ' i-- nnl' In
ruiiiiinn .it 'uriif. Ieui ticil tn
neri" t id !-!. i.r I,. .l i'ii i-la
il iinh w ill in. I ii'mm, nin.it -i
The'i-nlir i 'nr piin-iN ..f ii-iii-ein.
il.i. t.i 1 1 naT f i . . , i lin. mm. tli.
l.lM c.le (if ll itliihiiil)i ! Ii-nl.t
inlilU'lv Thiil l l. : I a uril' i n
It y'.HUl- llnW l fi i U till -Mill- il.Mi
frnni vi iiirrit.i . ' lit n the l.iii kniiuii
(.1-e t'f li' 'Ifiiiihii-lii;! in tow n imiiii-
I II U lllilil'e. IT .'lltl.thri -t.,. 1 1, i 1 1 w .
li.wl i i..l.l i.r KM :ii, v .iihfii(ii'f
l'.l'. I hi tllUZXtilli; i'1-li I Will If fft"''.'! -!,
fnr IWl'tll v-i.lli- iliivs I in iMlt.-r
W.ttl I'M" il ii.'!n . ii,- at ninu. .,1
t-H li.vi. inn i. i1- tin- nr.li r will ,ip
H'lf.i'iilitiiii'itii: Kliuuiil tin 1'iiKt'M il.
xili'P litf'ti' lin i it urn nf twitiix.
'lie il.ivs Tl "III estrril.'H . tlio i.nl't
wi'l liii-f ntiil a mi w iHiit'ri'iik nt lie
ill-it'.lsi. I I t all luf u Hi A i.l'iU'l
Till lU.lMT ! HIII I H.Hf III tiiliUl
lie '".mi.m el' the ni,lcr ; i n.la-r -Mi.
ml Iii'imii i' ix tin- tint'tit'i'ii I"
I llfi'lTC II t'ljl.!l Willlinlt I M'('i lulls
The M'l lull-IH.-. I'f the t.lhie lhti .lt
Is n. h thai the iiiiiii;riiality niiaim
! lake tn ihaiui'.i i.f n spriiiil lure.
io ..umr ire w itiit il that tlir
liiHiinllililKti'l' will rln nit cii'iy dun
fi.iuii! iniiiniMicil mi the street dtirini;
the lifi- ui' the uriU'i . If neri isni y,
to "cli nti i.ul ' iIcl-s ulliiwcil In rniini
iituiiiiMled. other liunurs Hill he illl
.. ...!
Young Speakers in
Contest for Prizes
At St. Mary's Hall
. rinse raef fur t',ri tin
ln-ld this nfternnnn at Ht. Marj, lull
whin twenty ilechtiniers tried mi! f .i
a ui'ld initial, t ho u i ft i.f Mi I Mm
I'll; , an, for thri.(. ni,,k .
I'l i liiiiinarv iiin-lc wiih follow i d
x ilii-u'e OrtKii'it ttilph Marroti.
S:i,hin I in 1 1 , n at anil lialiih Jolnn-ti.ii
oil tin iiiim.Ik of coiintn hie at o.-
P"M'il to nrhati refllileili i-. Th II -
li I fi, Unwed the di hiiti Violin ami
foil i.o sHri i in lot a lid a il iimh hM di i'l
h lis-ien of lin- iinirth anil lifth
ruili il r. i'l -itli il t!io iiio'iatii of
pi o -In
I'i -ion- ..f wind a i-iowil Unit
St lit'.' hall w.ih ini' ii'i I"
hi u : 1.1' ioini: n-iiki I .
Chautauqua Committee
Goes Back on the Job
!l..! intoin nf 'lit' I 'ha nl.i ') ,ila oil
ti ll.i n, iiii-n l u c issi d a .it.- of roiitl.
ih-tii'i' I a it no; lit .ii t he i xri lit i o i-on, .
Ill H . lill.ih l'1'fnKlled III Wii li'K
low i ni; lit.' imii ,.f ! Ic t a in'' I la I to n of
W.lllain .1 I'tian's ilaii. nnd today
tin- i I'liiinitii i' w.i. hark in 1'tH 'o, Th.'
Ullalalltntw an til ! li inn it t it lilt' !!
In I i'l o tif III 1 I llo-:t I i'li;lli!tlnlY
'I'lli' exi'i-'il i o c ' ui 111 1 1 F n- ih niaih
11 1 of II .s I.:IIL'"U II Sit .lli. '
A M.i'soll .ili.l M I). Il!el.e.
Town on the Arrai Front Is Re
taken by the Oermrns After
Almost Continuous Fighting
Carried on Since May 3.
Ilerlili. May S ('m lamdiin. :,:n
i. in i Herman I j.n have ieea.-
tui'til frcnoy. :iy lin- olll. lal tate
iiniit )oiiil today l.y the Uei-iuaii
.ii my h' idiiiai ter utaft.
The itt'.f mlnv; "f 1'ieHiioy I iiur
tins inoiiiiiiK. The pi. in- was lieltl.
it I-. ilei !al til iiK.lillfl I '. lit .-li iillvinpM
In I t'l'j pt n t- t.
rreiin i ii town on the Aims
fnnit ne iiiile Htnit Iim i of l.eim
and wiih en pi tn ed hv tin- t'.iiiiiiliunn
mi Slav .1 H.lon tin- taklin; nr Ihe
Ion n In IIiii Ih i'mh tnrt e the livr
In. ul have tnnde rti'sprni'H effori lu
ni'iipliire It nnd the ilKhttnu ha- heen
aliiniHt I'ontintioiin on that pint of the
Illni1''iihiiri line.
inn 1 1. nut 1'iissi ksiii
il' I III si V r IN. MM I S
iittaiv i. lint . la s - tt.rpati Ii
ri'iiiteil hMe t 'dat fmin a Mrri'o
I . ' 1 1 . 1 .' 1 1 1 al 'iiiiaillnti annv Inn .l. ua I -
t'-ln i-.i lh.it the I 'aliadl.i!! line w .M
pi iii ir iti'il this ii . l tint; In a liernian
I'tnk noitliiiiM i t l'iino ulhiiit.
l.iit th-i' Ih,. I'n nail a us itii.'ei ded la
I i i---la'i;ish:l C th'' line i X.'C4 ill one
, M
BMiIill gaj
I W.B.RtduM.N.703.U7S I
u' '
Back a ad Freat-Lae
Maka Urt hip diaappar bulky waUl-liaaa aaora
(racful awkward butt-linaa amallar and bavalka
"Old Carta!" coaafart with Aral waariaf. Botk
aadium and lew butt
3 78 l S
Back and Franl-Lae
Gia Sty la, Camfert and parfactljf fitting Cowa
al anoal Ecaaamical Prica.
1-00 t. I3
mmii I.1.I1I itin 1 1 - 1 11 ri i
I W.B.M.r.N.92H2.0r
xinult pniiit. Tin. ilnhlinir mill run
Hiiui'M, the ilispiiiih mitU.
After 11 hi'iiiy hnmliiiriliiietil In
I'luilinu tin iihuite i.t a hnue mini-
her el k.im mIicIIk." the ili-iuilt h inidi.,
"the ineniv thli nmrninu litulii'ltfil nn
ntiiielc in fiuee in the reKlnn innth
ont of r'remin.v tllia Iu ld l.y the
C'amidlan trimpn. i inr lin wim pen
ftr.it d. The 1 let 11111 iim ill, I not JcniK
return I heir ndiiuitai!e. A runnier at -t:i
k wax lit 0111 ,. 1.1 Kiinizeil and lifter
tnu hoill .f hIiiiip tlulitlna the linv
eienpted helore the iMIitck win re
ectahllHlii'd. except for u miiiiII pro
JertlllK alltfle III the l tl l ine vimt nf
th p.nnlitiii. I'iuhtini; colitimien in
tbv union about I reBiiny "
All 1 1 It lit III , HI initio
UuivnliOK"n. iVIu Iinilon, May .
8:20 n. 111. 1 1:1 iilenue of the tluiH.r
ini; ef ull fd ollicial lt'iioitu tn inuk"'
Ho 111 iikiio ullh tlalniK In tin' liel-
man ollicial xtiiu nielli in.li' uIoh the
J nnxiety nf the iliMiimn iiiithorliii-a an
lo the eiltit of ni frnni the wont
cm frniit npoii piilil:.' otunUiti.
'11 report .i--ii'h Hi it iilmit ull
Kr noli ini'ial nei rll a i ere Iomi
thruUKh Utrmon ctinter uii.u'Kh.
Liberty War Loan
Bond Club Arouses
Much Interest Here
.ltith Intt-rCiM Im living ni a n 1 1 ciitril
in the l.ll.i'iiy War 1,0ml llond 1 Hi''
l.elllk' 01 ganiited l.l the Aiih-i i .111
'I'l 10 I I Kulm: I1.II1L V Litii't:i1
'aipi-al in inln noi'lo lo the i.ulOi.' ..
' Miliar!'. he t.. ll,r iitilnl lMie. Ttn'
Anion, an Tt'iiM atol Sn v 1 11 Lark 111
nlilor tn help tin' iUm. nl.iiii:. tin tn
ai.Kni.iltd n war I. ..ml hiiiIiiiik 1I11I1
'I'ho 1-1 n s ivorkn ai'-iiK the iiine lii-n-11
il Inii H 11 n the ' 'hi tut 111a Humiiuk
i inh pt tmih in order to m-i uie 11
hnnd iniltf." .1 wt-'kly ileio!t with
tin' iru! romp. m .iiiiounlltiK I" II.
I I, or t . pet itiek. or nn niiieh ih
.1 pt'lMon iiilt-M I.. a iiHide. 'I'hl'e
depo.'.iiH air in.o i for fifty v ci-kn and
ill 111 i (M l- rent lo flHM Al the end
of tin- titty tvi'ik' ihe MiiliM-riiirr j-
halo Ii i it war h Ihe tiond In inu
for whiitri rr inn Uio hhi Ihum hin t
.1 111 oil 111 til to. ,i:.iiy eltiiho.h ran
' or a ullr Oiii't hy Ji k ti 1 1 1 aC Dili.
l-lol. In a. Id. li.'ii 'o hiilliiar nn ihwn.
Int. ! -if.' 111 1 .-'iii' lit the mil. xi riln 1
o Ihr hntiil i" .. W .11 lin dnillk .1
patriot 1 " .i.'t
Tin 1 o li. .1 tl lf rtinc lieniiiii 1
hoiie nnd 11 ho. in A Inniie built in
the I nn i tlty llrinlilM now rim lain
hr M'hl at u pi"'.' 1 ither than a he-.-
University Heights and Electric
Light Company Offer to Buy
Water Mains, Poles and Wire
When Soldiers Leave.
AlllloliKh Ihe collllnlttee
with I'olli'.tiiiK fiind-i for tin
uon or the national mmrd
lll.lilr 101 Kt.iit
IMIIOIIIlti',1 t,,
; wouiii I.f inn i ii tit : 11 ml for twit or threp
' yen I'm.
Hpeukinu hi tort- the rinniiuttee ho-t
niKl.t. I.li uli'naiit I'liltmrl 1'i.rtrt tlehl,
nf the l' lrxt New .Mexii t ru Inn nt. Hiiiil
tlmt the tlrit rontlnut'ntii of Ihe 1111-
. Iloiiiil Kinir.l w.nilil In- r tally tn nturt
' for A lhiitueriiie within Jour or ll-
iln.m If the Imke fity i pl'-purt'd,
I'oli.'iiel I'ortertlilil intiiniiti'd Unit
I. nun ttoopK vmilil ui riie here within
jtlilitt- iluyn nfitrr the eatiihllNhinetit nf
i ene . Hin p. auylniT Ihut rerrultlnic for
I Ihe Flint leni nt nml Ihittety A,
Kirxt New Mt-xhu ll-il urtlllery.
which iiInii will lie lliohilmrtl hrrr. wu
iictiie throuuhont the -atute.
The riiliii will not I.f 11 1 aliiloiii-d
with the tnol.ilnalloa i.r Ihe 'lrt
ntnto reKlinent. mrinlior-i of the i-inn-
' inlttee hate ,vrn Inforioid Aa miun
nn Ihe remiot nt M ordered Into urtlie
1 hnraetl" 1 r,''"'riw llu"" ll"im wilt he in
' mi nixed and from ."inn In I, mm men
lili'pal'l v.!.! 1,. Mall. .HI'. I hi.ro fi.i- I ho 111 fli.il
111 III p hail nl the wnr.
thin iiioiiiii.K. what While the exin t h.oii.iU 01 ihti Kll
it 1 in 1 a m 00 uf half the hui-e not horn ilxotl It m virtiiully m-l-
tlt-il that liie rump v III I n tlie iio tn
not tin- from tin. I'nlirrxity ll iiihl:i
wiitir tank. It will lit- m. new lit re to
the llolthiiiHt nf that point, gnoliilhly
nhout 11 ni.ai'li i of n milt' 11.n l h of the
loud. The lii'iieial nitintiitin h heen
d t itled upon nnd II i.'iotilnx only to
pi. k mil tin- 1 xai I np.it lor lut Inif out)
the runip llm-x. City KiiKliieer Kd
niiinit l!oi.4 ii.nk elet at nniM nn tilt-
inrt-a tiiit-i it-Hioiiliii nfit'i'i 11 for
Ihr uiinhiiirp ot tin. pile toiniiilttee.
The coinimttt-o n)poiiiieil to tfet the
no. I.fi 111 i', Ifil h inniie up a- follnit.
I', il Atkeiiinin. rtiairiiiiin; Aifretl
1 1 11 ilf til . llUliut Attolney lirolRo
It. I 'la IM, 1 'oulnillll.lll Alllert SilillllH.
In- M. K . W.Mtlrr. fol. l. K. II. Seller
nml llaiiy 1. 1'.. n. nd
Keep theHot??e Dollars
at Home.
1.1. Him ini'.li'.i wiih uwiire-.l.
Tile electric lli;ht tnlupllli) offt'lt.!
to lake Ii.k It ut hnir the oi itlifnl 1 tet
all ihe pnti n and w Ire Usi-.l in mi iiik
IIIK lluhlA to .lie ilinip. and Ihe t'lll
iern llilKlitK del elopiui'iil 1. imp. 11.
iiiiule .1 Minllar offer r'-R.irdinH tin-
It llti'l- llllllllH The llffi-r- Will he gl.l.,1.
"lit tin i- the riiiiii, Ih maintain. , r, .,
few niontliH or for two or three euii..
01 uidlioi In 1 VI l. K IS. Silhr.1. ot
th.- land . ..inpaiit . I'l.lonel Seer
Wan one of tip. eoiillnlttee 11 iip-
poi.ite.t t,, r,H. t, $-,.1)1111. V. I'.
Si.uihard. iniiiiaiirr or the elei tin llijl't
Collipuil). K ,t nil'llllli'l ot the lllll.p
Mie 1 oiiimltlve.
I'olonel fellrra euitl he win not In
f.iinr i.f HekiiiK auVHcriiitioini tr tin
mniiey needed,
"In 11 mutter of IIiIm Hurt," Mild tlo
rolonel. "the rlt lir IIh: cmnity hIi.iiiM
proi lile Ihe liloiiey. tin 11 t are why
the county ruti't niprnprlatn IJ.Miu
jnitl Ihe illy lioliow ii, nl 111 llu r 1111111
'J im oillit Ii.ih plenl) of iniinry nml
the illy inllltl he l-eililuiimcil exirpt
for InteiiHt on $J..-,UU. when Ihe Until,
mat nml wiiter nupply inatetnil ere
m.ld lifter the tliat iintliiuiince of tie
1 mnp."
t'niit 1 li 1 It M. I'lirr. thitiinoin of
the Mle tomiuitier, doeHii't litre hotv
tln- intiney in laixetl. latt lonw im It 4
rati-ed tpiieklt. nnd he neea nn ohfer
lion to L'l'tiniK it ihrouiili Milinrrlp-tioim
"Tht'le If II-. lli'MIl- oil tile purl of
a u one, I am Miie. to tnki 11 purely
meriei.ait 1 lew 01 the uinhlllmitloh."
it 11 1 d I'apliiln I'm 1. "hut II in mil tu he
denied Ihut their will lie ail wtntuuei
to hllMllei-H Illl II lll-le w hen the t'Mllip
ix I'Mul.li-hi d. nnd I don't in nl. v
tlii.x who will heiief.t rhoiiltlnt eon
iiiiuite In the rump f mil.
Hill llllf dri Itleil nil the heM ultuil
1 1t.11 for the caiill'. the 1 .oiiiihUmo to
day rentrtt'd it iitientioii on pinna
f..f the lai liu of the niolit 11' eded
to lllllllirr Ihe I.1M11K of water M.iilnx.
Iiivtn Hat ion of a '.iyhtinu H.iiteui niitl
1-om.ti iii-tinn of riimti klti tienii
rupt. Chirk M. I'liir. thailiiiiiu of
Uie rump 1 oniniil lee. Hint today that
iitniieilmtf i;i'toii hIoiuIiI ho taken. It
Win proi.ithle. tie tttiltl. tluit irt'i'iiltti
would he reiotv 10 utitrt for Ih-im with-
A little WANT AD now and then
I rad by every clun of mn and
vfutiien loo. Try ona.
A llttla WANT AD now anil than
Ii read by every claia of men and
women too. Try one.
Weed Help? Try Want Ad.
Regular Army Men, to Organise
and Take Charge of Troops to
be Rushed to France, Desig
nated by War Department.
Ily A xo. iaie.l Tri m.
YVimhiinctoii. May -ItcKtil ir army
eiiRinerr officer iiwiKiied m orjinlxc
nnd ituninund tte nine rfoiienn at
engineer trooix tn l runli.tl 10 FVnnra
for work on mllwuy ittniiini il.iii Vi.
Bnra were annoiiio ed hy lbs- wur Ue
pin linen t today a follown:
Klrnt reKUnent New Voil; dii-lrict,
l.leut. ft,, f. 11. MtKltlMll. lldlllln il.
I.leulelliiiit X. li. I'rlie.
ti'i'iilul It'liillient. Pt. I j in U, I'i. I.
furl in M. Tow iixeiol. Atljiitunt, I'up
tam 1' I.. Hull.
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l-'ouilli ryirlmeul, Uoxlon, MJ,,r V. t.
Wooteii. Adjutant. Lieut. U K. At
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I'til Kdaur Jiidwin; AdluUtil, l.leut.
li. II. Homervell.
finth leutmeul. iKIroll. l.leut. 1 "I.
Hurry l!umex, Adjutant. I'nptain 1.
K. Pouler.
Seventh reaimciit. Atlanta. Major
John t. tiewell. eiiKlueer rtwrvd ctrp".
formerly a major in Ihe regulur 'i
n.'e: AilJ.itant, l.leut. r. F. Il'illnrd
i-aghlh reKlment. Ha a Kranetecr,
l.leiil. Col. J II. I'amiiauah. Adjutant,
l.leut. J. II. I'reaa.
Today and Tomorrow, alfo Special Two reel Keystone Comedy
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