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The evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1914-1922, July 03, 1917, Image 1

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The clearing's tif the Albuquerque
Vunks todn were:
I.ikiiI shower uriti thuiulcratiirmg
hum f i f iiiinu uv tonight; Wednesday"
partly cloudy.
itri nvs K-rrrtzKN.
IV ol. He, No. ft.
Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tuesday, July 3, 1917.
Regenerated Slav Army Under
the Personal Leadership of the
Minister of War Is Carrying
Out Successful Offensive.
BniBsilofl Takes 6,000 Additional
Prisoners and 21 Guns; His Op
erations Overshadow Military
Movements Elsewhere.
(if Astin isti-it lri'a
The km It Wit n-it - it tin lifcincl
iite, Itm-natl .HIIIV, ,ll.t.at'-t lil'ilcr
Mil- I . .1 '1' i - I 1 1 ..f M ii. -h i i f .1!
hlTMI-iv ill ,.t I -on Im-.IIH .iiiti'...
fully j.n-li'tl. A I ii. to Mil- llii-.i.ili
(;.. f nill-l;t iji- .ui-'l ... t e i , . . ; 1 1 g
" II nil .1 i-.'lllt'-li f I i f-4 S r , . niilMI.IT"
Tilt- in- t i 11 .. the int. ul thiilM in
'In tn-w ilriie I liiiii'i'i; lit u-iili-lf
hi i;ni.i .i u,i- 1i.m.imI ikiiv.l.nii.
' "Ht.y a.- I' I i.l'.lliU Via tn tin- llll"
iii I" i i.-i.iii i Mir i.iMiik nf iiiuM'
!I.. :i I II IT .-in I - , I hi' at I ' k -
.i: aiim m ihi- ruin pa i a ' ,i : h.ir
I, .a M'i l.r i f T ' . 1 1 1 1 slimu Intt il,.-...-.("Us
it :l Hit li.ili- lii'i-tl 'm tin' elii'inl
Tlni'- 1 1 in. i .ni-il :lii iiir-!i'n
whether 'In- ilri'.. ri uhl in. K-!( in'
tt.'ll cilllh ii lit f'lli'r !i. lllli tin- f ill
ii'h .Hiliirfi- i f tin- l a l.il Wine Ul -.
ui'l ii'ii il".'- lull ct mi i iii tu haw
l 41 ililin.ti i ilci .ill il tin' mil .t nt .oln
ti'.liiy .hi- iiilniil'C'IU liriiiir.iKlMtf.
i.riilli'l Ii ii i't I'll iraui'-d Imiiiii1 tl'ii
l.iii' i.f Ml'- i iuill.il attack .mil l!n"
KU-.H .,ii-. .in- .ul. all ;t, .1. Mli- il.l'ii
: ..r .i ... li..lt
illlnllil Hllf. t.i'lil'- i Kll.i-i.l
i .i' t.itcin ill slii.w . fiiithir lie, ivy
i j i !! t it tin' A t ni-i ill
iniiii lorces, itielnrini tin iiipiurc ut
t."hii- Ii.iiiiii i .hi i! ii n ,i ( i j ii i 1 1 1 ' I h ami
:.' I khiii-
.Iik linfi . I'iMJrih im Ii tin llu.--.
tin -ii!.- I'l'Mim;. alM.ii.-t il.in'l
i ' .,f I., in x l v a : 'I n.Khl i I 'i
",.l ;' - II, .:. 0 . - I I I ' t I Hill II I t II
Mi.. ln,ii.ri.i,it l.nln.i In. i' Ii',
'i it ii' i,. l" Ira:. . at lm ti i.iin i
,.fil,l .! I 1. 1. ...i ' Ii t IH' 1 ll-i'llv-I
a in berg i.i,: i'- , ii' U ,- fimlitlv
t i.i ,i i.' i : Ii .ii. ,1 -"iHli lihi. ruii-
1,1.; flu . h Mi.- in, ii"i i.i nt Ti iiti'iiiii
: i 1 "liKili'l'l nt l'i " -i :i
l lll- K II '-..I M -ii ' -i i . 1'" " : I '' 1
i, i ,1 Mi i iii ii . ii i. ii - -ti i"i 'in mi
I...I l.ll.t l ,'l I. ' II I . 11 I, II. 'I l !l'
'I I'I'K 1 1 j -il 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 a Ml.- ' l' i -'
1. 1 .i .. - iii. i . i .it i ;.i i ' it.ii.i- ' i 'i-
,l'U ln.Hi .1 i'. ' .1 ,,w II t"l hull tt.'.'
ll lit uu 1 . 1 1 k ni' i , -I'l'ii" I'll'
I'. : r. iii nl .,'h ii ' - iii' : ii t in I'M I - t
,i ..I, ,i t .i l i i,, i ii 1 1 1, 1 1 1. 1 'I ii I'
I- , ' Ml.. I" ' ' I t "I til.- "I'' 'I III'
1 1 1 .1 1 1 ','1 I II '. 'l , , , ,1 Hk "I" 1 .1 ! l"ll "I
th.. : !! il
.l .: '.'! :l". ' 'I. 'I" "' Ili'i
, i r . ut ii . i i' 1 1 t I .. ' i : i 1 . ' i i
i" tin- i:.i" ii. ii' .m - !
i n. :. - i i.i.-,,i i.ii'.i ... i i . ,t ii tin'
i-n.' in, i Inn fr"iifi .ii ni'ith"in
I ' I . 1 1 - I ' l III I r Ml. ''"I II " I'" H'
III. IlliK i lu'll I" 1 ' ..' l- ' "
. .i : ', ,i,i. , , ,,r, I'm ,,ti ii "M uu tn in
i v IT. ,iii,l ,i ' !." . ' l'i .IH'"'-'
. ' I II, ,', .1 '.I ' Li I i . ' '.I . nit .1
I, .il . ul .i "i't i" ii II ii: I n,l A "
... 1 1 - I ., 'in' i ,1 .. i, . ' w ' I
, ., J. 1, 'I , l IH , ,Nl ,1
,l' t..--I.M.- . Il-'.l".t I"" I'' '"
I llf . IV .1 'I ,'l t I '' ' "I'm ' ' ' '
I.HIV .'tllli' " l " :l K. ,1 'li'l 1 '' 11' 'I
.1 1.1 IIIM 1 III .TUTU.
lit I I H l M l I--
t.i i:m s m:i id- ' i vi
!.,! 14 J Hi .! T.li' ' it I I'm I:' li. l'l'i
. I" ,l'' ,1 ,.".l K 'I'' I. - LI
ii tin
' . ii. II '
' Ii
,.l- ... II... X .!;.
... i . ....-, I ' milt
rfli.'i.t Mi.' i.iilil
I,"!.' "I UU
'1 I ,1- I, I ,. Il I. 111.
,1 It,.' 'If It l...
I ... - "ii T".
II...' . ti I ' I
T ".. a .Ifn '' urn
i i i it, in u ' i " ' hr,'
., , , linn ' , .i ' ilnli'i
iii'-i nun;
I , .-I, .,!" I ''"l I 'I ' " ' MM i
,. I i. li'l s I'll I In ' I ,1 ,, I, Mill' t .1 ' I ,
11.11 t"l -in. I Am." i w.mmI
I. I stsl N I l I I I-
im 1 1 l l i n l'i i:i
II. il.i, l .l .: i i i.i I. ' in! li"
...ii (. in'.- iii'.l.' :"'
,. i ,. .. il,.- l" p'.i- .ii in" .- iii ii
II. l UK "I I III' -M 'I' I HI ' ' I !" ' '!
, in . X t 1 1 I . I li"l tll .ilil 11 '
,-... Ilii'i lii.i.l" III Mi" 'li iH. Oil. Ii"'"
Mlf l.'l lolll llH. 'Hill- ll".l'l-" II i
.1 llll. 'llll' I'll '"ll ll
Al K "li i u 11' . Mi" 't' ' iirm -I i'
f.i'.v. -tiling l!u"fiiii .ii'. i' kn i'i--l"
,i..n iiti Ii' i' I'-s-i - TI"- I: i-
l-l III 1 'li'l H"t I M'l -f I HI"" '" " 'l -'t
Ili'i,' II I fill k . I"' 1 If "''"'
riii- ! ii-.i ii pi "-i " - ''' 1
n nil nit- ii i -tn I' ' i i mi ii i ' i ' -
tin- i.i li. nil ,:t.i i in' ' I'M'
i. i Mi nil i-1 : i " n I i:
t M'l I lil II H III ss.v Ns
I'ltii.iit i.l. J'Mi " 'I'll' in" li"'
ui ..Hi ti-.i t. Ii i. i . - :il-i -I ni i ti,. . 'i
i, in- i.f -,x tli.'il-.ilnl liH'lf (ill . "lit r-
'rn,- li.i- i.ni" .ii,. .i.i . -i ii. tnu ti.w nil-
. linn i ; i' i' ni I Ii" w "i "l'i' " -i i;
ll.'lll,! "ll
Kll-M.lll tl-'l'l'!. li.M Ilj.ll-'l III"
I'.ll.lliJH vi'l.U"" llf I'll'l"!'..' I'l'l'l'-
"i iiivl K"iptii'1m Tlif VhkMi'-
ii'Mimn f'-i'-'-K Ihiv iitir.itcl el
ud1 H'.ix'sa thii lailg fetnim nil,
Measure Is Reduced to $1,670,170,
000, as Against $1,800,000,000
Provided for in House Draft;
Postal Rates Increased.
Increased Income Taxes, Levies
Upon Excess Profits Resulting
from War Times, Liquors and
Tobacco Heavily Assessed.
By Atft.if mini I'rrl
ihi!.ltti,. Jul' ."
'ill n-'lrnfifil iiinl nil
I . i "li'l h iht hi-i
iiiMiin hi niftiiiiM thi
"f .iililif n.ii'il v. nr tiixr
f irm fi-.-m I fii h'in
'II, i- iMir l.ix
if it I" I li . il.
flllilln f i-i'lli
. mm Kin '!!
I'll'V ,.. l .1- t
n :i- i-i'liil'li t- il
'lij-tl" illi ritft.t-,1 tin ..in. t;t'- iili'l
li- I".. i..,,i, f't"" I'i'.tit" i.'it'ii,,:
frnin i.ii tiiiit'h II 1. 1" i- .,n, t"''.i'
liTlii flu- Imll. .-t Mi" lit w t.iV.lll'-l
tin ,i -.
1 1 '.
t ill lilt
Mill '
Ill '"I
p. rt.iii- v
nti illi :ii
:n, -I ..tM
"ii'.;. .- f.
I" I i cut
i Inii.i'-I
tit." i. n
Ini; Mi" ,i
II -ti ii, I,
ti ! n
t ,i .
.-ll.l I"
111 III
$ .' -
I 'I'.'-
I llll tl' "II. I - , M 1 . 1 I
I 1; i 1 1 I it I ,i r-nii n .il
Hilli i ni"iin-- iii-li-r
I I'll ' 1 1 1 - II I . I . I 11
' Ml lll'll"!' 'l ,, M"
""lib llll
I- ' -Till:. I't' " I. -Ill' I'll Mil
fi-i .... , r I mill il' ri 'i"
' I'lllli
I I'tllMl In J'iH "nil "il"
in lit-rit.i ir-i' t in'i id-
MH lll'll I" III
n t ; '. p fix's i
l.iiiliii i.'.i'i.
Af.l nut l
ii, iti.,. ilriri
t.i '.! I.M' I
(ii i'h-li'1 - in
$ '1 1-1 I'll"
1 V I ti 1 l ', - IIII--J f.' .1
,'11 "f I I " V "I
"Il II . . -I,.- 1-1,1 1 I ' ' ' I I ,
"ritftlll" Ml" . "'I
r i i m i I i 'if n - i"
IVIW i,f H.
1,1 lt."t II
llli'l filM
I'I'llllll I
r.i ic t . -ii'i ""I'
.f tt .iinrl'-i
n --1-' t'll'i l.t" I',
i ml .i I-1 -i i.
f ii it'll
,"i . , in'"-
" Mm iti -I i .
ut ..I J.:
!lf Ani.r-m'! P',-ii
M.lw i ii.. . V i
1 1 , 1 1 , i i -1 1 to Ml
i-, M il ii il.tf
i In . it . 1 1 i n. I.
i Uv h i I. .i "."
h i i - iii. .-. ti.;
Tin . . t ui.
;iii, 1 1 1 I , i ii I'
i; in in
it tin
I mi
il .i i
rtl'.w li.i.-lini.
:i Ii'i.. In ii
.'. , I , ,1 ,' I, I
if" M.i... i I'
i i".".. i. .1.1
Ii .1
i i
I, In
Ettcuusc ol a Disitgrccmeiit R. L
DoiiRliis, Vice Frrsulcnt, and
Prof Elwood Mend, a Director,
Quit; Other Change.; Possible.
ll I.
I ,.ll
I. I I
l.f I I"
li'.l'lll -n
I lll l
lllll I 'I
I,., i . - i
Ii.. I ' n 1 1 ,. i li y
i.if fil of I"
,i ;
v Tii. ii ., in ., I"., i i.-l .I'
ll i ,'i t ii ,ii ,-n vi - 1,1 1 vi i' )i
TU..I .mi .-I 1 1 " .In t'T lit I ' i
It'll , i-! I i W l.il I "
V ( ,1,-Mi .Hi- Ml !v" Mi-
III il. in.;
It w , -
'I'll. 'Ill I
I'l'i.n M.i
r 1 1 - i -
-ml hi Mi. "il l ilni It
I "U 1 I ' " II "I.i '" I i ill '-V " i ,
I I I I V , ,,t ., .1. I'.HIli.ei.t "f !
1 M . v ..i r - i f I
,1,-1, I
Ml,. I,,,
I .-' il I I .1 .it VA'i ti . niil'Tl
I .,!
.in i
ll.l" til. llll: .11 ill
I lii'll till' ll'l'i'l'l 111 In
Iff ..1 I pi it'll I" ill " ll.l I lit f I-
:l"i lr.il t.f il l- l..i:.K .mil I' l'i "l
.i '.. wh.tli.t iii'i- u ill I., it u.r'i
' ii i In l'i -' li i.i
Ml W hit t 'I'' l 1 1 - hi' ii ill ,'" If'
Hk.li .ii.. I i.l'li"! th,,' Ii. .... n I i" i i.'i
'tic lank it In ul ' l 1 1 it i I" 1 1
1 1
1 1 p"
'Itllll .
,ll I.II
,111 i
l-t it. i ..in iiic i . .
si'.'i ll "ill . "t tin- 1 SI, i in
I- . I I h. ' ll v -I""
'l in ai iihU ' "i I M
'! Hi ni t li'l i inn - '"i M.i i
r ' I . I I .1 t . I'i I...-1 . ,.
.it.ii i itii'i n ri'a'lt- iii i'li'
li rir. thn ii ' hri .- in lihi'ii a 11 li
I 'I I I,
llll- ''.,,'
M'i iM -I
...'III "I
I'lKIt I" 111
i-a..t'in nml iniiitlii-i n
i "lids aiilleied
310 Houses Valued at More Than
$300,000 Are Destroyed by Fire ;
Ruins Being oearcned for More
Victims; May Reach 200.
Negroes Fleeing from the City
Are Attacked by a Mob, but Are
Rescued by Guardsmen; Minor
Outbreaks Continue.
II Atiiirittod I'rrll
i:.."t .t. i . nit . juu a
I'll'1'-. "II II .! flil.il 111
iii'tiiK iii llll.'.- n.-i;!'., itii.irti-ri
it i ii. win- f.iiuiiit i.v .i hmli
Hil, .I .1 1 1 . 1 "T. Ill l.l,.illi. K'tt'im
iM'M'inl ftiitriil. A kiti'TiI lil"
i'l'lllll III- t I 1 1 .-"UU, I", I ,lll .ill
fil" ilklitinn ,i, .,ii tii" in Mi" i lt
U " in, II I. i !,, Ill si llll'
Tt-""i- .ilnl I'l'lnt Ii.im luir-
I' II"' I t" I 111' V llll .f tin- In "
w II ITI- t ,11, i.s t.f ri.'t'lrt lit-" III'
uj"-tiil'li''l. Tti" fl.iiiii-!- art 'i"iil-
in u r:i-:ill
Tw,, fit'" '"iiiii.ini"" Inn -it-
i ii' il fM in .-( I. ,nii'. ,.. . I., ln.l
r.Kiit tin' n.iiu"". tiii-ii i "iititiut'
In irt-'iil
A il.iiit.i nt Miiirii.il I Mil. -i.ii thi"
jfiiTiin'iii " Iiki a iiliiil i'1'lt'K 1"'
f 1 1 1 ni 1 1 M if i 'tin in jiuii; ti t'
ii'liii' I.i K.i-l St. Linn-
Af' r :.iu lutii; "ul a t" in Krn
"hiii'k.- th" 1 in- Kji t."tiulit uu-
ii'i iiiiifi"'.
ll'irfiin if ill-urn ii'iiii"" I't'uun l.i.-it
li'Klit ,n. ...it " i x it'. I". k .in.l Mir imiln,
'.l."i' fl'.'fu "' tl. 1 ti. .''tt"ll s.til,,,
iiti'l iililii" A" Mm nt m hi'h rn 11 fli'li.
Mi. ii "i'ttii.;i ri'.tt r." tll'i'il .it tin in
.ii.il m.'itii r.'tl l,i. k int.. Mi" rinl'i"-
Tllr l'i"tinu. wlii'h w.i.i til.- i nil!, f
ti'-n nl a ."t-i ifh t.f '! ul nrt'.i in ".- ulii'Ti
'.i-K.in wiMi Mi" kt'litni "I .i iiiIii-i- i-lf.
""I i 'i I If... I'I'.tf -' !.! . I ... "I
iiii-n ii..ii f'.. i ili.itis liy iii'itr" rn-f-I'tH
cartv AI'MiiJ.iy in,. ri, i'ii. va 't.f
t'i. ut fri'in mi -t t ,"t ti'.iiiil." in tli.it
in illi w.'l'li-ii ilni Kill" f.'i.k 1'illt .1
th" t ii r in ". I
'1'".' t. t-ir r--i M'i.' iti li", ati.l r-- .'
nit" I. -In-. I ti ."nil.. r i 1 1 ' i.riii ,
i I' in nt t in- i.ibtlit k i" n-l-.i. !
i 111 - - II H It. .1 'I i - I i : "t " t -.1 I '111 K"IIM
-M'T ii". ii f:r"ntli,i Mir"" iiiiti -.1"
1 ii'i;f 1 i'i'. 1 1 "i.t , 1 'I'.il I'.i'.c in 1
-I-. 1 1 ' . t iiii.li- , n . .. l,.-i linlit 11
In . I 1 1 .in. I ..in ll ii In nil l.r. 1M1' I
"I ii Ii ii .1.. .,11 k ii,,i a I,,, .1
' ' II" ' X 'i'lllll.'.l ' I. "I il" I'I 1"' '
Hi- . 11,1 , " ..! Il , . . ' Ill I'.l llliili- t In
,h'' iv linn i-mi.-i- a ml 1 ." Ii l,t".
I . 'lit,, tii.- ."i.'i . - l.'-i'l
'I I. " - 1.1 .-" .1. ' 'l 11 11 I. I. i 1 Ihi; ti
I , " I 1 , 1 , 11, ." .111' ".ll.l t,, ; 1 ,i't"l '
' i ,1.1 11 'i ! 1 11 1 ' h I ti '!, 1 11, 11 ti il ;
II l.l Tl' l"t" !-l'l"V I . . 1 H l"l I I'l'-I.Ull'
11 It - ,111 t It." -llll 1 1 t ,, I .-1 ti I I'.' tut- .
"i. I ' .1 111 Mi" t 1 1 " I l"l 1 1 tin
I 11 ii . 1 St 1 ; 1 li.. In i . I,,'",
II i,iiii., 1.1 "Mi"i- ."' ii"i,i i" th. lim.i
.in- ; i ; I 1 ' 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 11 t , 1 , . -
1 ; .i .ii.' I . 1 1 1 ! 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 ii 1 - , .-,
I, I 1 ". I .. U II I t-, - lit. .1 '! 1 I'-'i I'-
."ii I
ti.l tl..- t
ivi ,1 vi i nl
Hi. ,ii t Mit-
tut. 1114
V I - , I
i M.t-i
I i, r. iii: hi '
ni,' '
l i i
...r th.
I. .i ii.l .
il.l . v
l ti.'.'li
hi' i.'
. I '-'
I. "il
I " 1 1. i " !"'-- h ,i ii.. n
i 1 1 1 1 ii u 1 1 i ii i " 1 1 'In- . i " iii.in
I.i' it. '. . 1 I ' ' i i III.' li'l ' " '
.1 . .ii ; ' h in i ml h llf v
II 1"'.' .1 l: I i-.l ! . I . ill.' it. i r III. ii l
I In it i l t :
pi. I
I't" 'I I'
'I'll.' in ft. i I'I
iii t it") '' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
i t ii in i' h
I lit ll
11,1111 Ml i . 'l ill"
I.'i "!.' I hit I."' I,. I
. k.'.I I ll. ,. ' - in - h i ii, i
WilM I "" lll'll I' ,ni-'t
1 1 1 1 ,, , ii.-r w .. i. m i -lif
.. ' ..t '.. .-, . h,,
tt h.u
,. 'lu
.I.pt 1 1 1 1
l l .l -I
. -l.lll.lt I
I 'It' -HtiU'' ' ''ll
nfijil , hi "I p !,,,,
iiiri" I'lHlii- in It-
if'i'l i"tl'.tt'ii.; In
l.il i -li-.rt d'Hll'
I I". ll'
It ll
tll.i,' h
I. li'l-ll'
. h
!' -'
'l "111. tii
I .
1 1 -
lull -
ll'll't ' ll
III 't I .1 ll
. ,f,! -il'"
I' -t I .ll't ll'll
III Ill ' 1 1'- III , III !' '
. I I'll . lilt "III 111 I, I'll t "tl
I 'li,. l!l ",i' "I l'i l'i
!- Iti'i'illk; ft itlll
"I .1 111"'' l"l'
i i In- i 'i .i . at t.i'-ki'.l ti
1 tt it -1 I t 111 tl.lt ll'll.l I
ii h" tn ' -i tln 'i t nl' - i.' i
till' III I'l-
' ..' 1 1.. ri.tt tl
! A ' ii In ' i ifn mi'' -ill ii ' it in k
iln tin- Inn mil il. -Ifn t aii'l li pin li'il
Mi.it t " i"".i- i.ilm-'t at tni'ii' than
' ;n" ii"" li.iil 'ii ile.-ti'nxi'il Tin'
fit. ana ''"Ili'i) Hi'u liloi'kt..
1 1 1 1 t tt i-iit 1 .- 'n lit.ilien i en i I'l'i'd
thi' narili of flu- r'till fur mure vli
us toiitinutji Luiiuiuus ot
Hit! luiul numbvr of thn tlt-ml mill
raniii'il an hlRh A .'Ml.
Tni'lvr riiililiHlilfn i.f thi- lintlnnul
iiuhiiI are imtriilllnK tho ulroctK mnl
It hn hern ilirlili'd that no nmr"
triiiin will In- aakril fur at irt-Ptit
ulthtiUKh u liTifwal of tllv rlulinK la
fiiiM'il ut niKhifall.
A rumor tliat liiiniHmim were rrin
INK frmn lh M manurl milo "f Mm
M n.hmiiii, purli of w hom urn iIit)kc1
to 'not a niKKT, ' li'il to a rfiuf-ni liy
rlni'f of polU'ft l'un on the ehli'f
nt Ht I, I. "ini. Mr. t flimf Ifip rimlKPN
hut the riimor fiiiniil 1imhi'Iph
nml 1 lie liriilKift renin ni'il npn for
thi' ixinliiH of ni-Krops.
The lint of known ili'iid uh In
rri'Mneil t,, I enly-Me rn lule this af
teriinoii vi hfii the Innliei of three
inure nearoeii wire founil. ftfte of
the ni'itru ileuil a twu-ieiir-olil
I. nt"! it wiih ili'i liled to remove the
hnmeli'Mi who rniitil mil lie rureil fur
In thi t-tty. tu lh Mini" mil mile ut
the rlier.
The iir-tt ennioy. niiinherlliK S
linn, women ami rhll'lreti. proitemeil
a pltiaMe hpe'talile an the Htarfeil
uiTufH the free lirnlk'e ivith their mili
tary mmi'l. Thei were .1. all m.iiii"
of ilieN nml iiiitlren-i unit i.irr.i'il what
wi'tilli ih'k.ii-'ihiiiiii. Iliei "aieil, liut
t"Mil niiif"aeii. r"llx of tieililuin. ilnlln
,le( liy t he 1 hlhlt en. fen " Il 1" k "II
it ii.l other Kil'lt nml eniN of the liiini-
ll""H of life.
Several "HHI'i ot "lll'llll'i' ire If-
pniteil ainoiiK th.. hiiinlreUn of ne.
Kl ik'h who t'llik i-efuae llolll the lnoh
lil pitlli'e he,iiliUHl te h lust IliUtl!
t tltht It 1 i:sj ST. I Is
Sl.riiiKinlil. Ill.. July 3 tloiifii'ir
I. ."I, I'll linn iirti'inoi'ii 'T'll'i I'.l troop
I of .S.ringllel.l ami x 'tiipunn
of the s"i oii'l Ulni.iiit inlanlri at t'ln-
r.1411 t" t o' fiil nt i.lne In l-.ii"t r"i
I. .,n..- With th" twelve I'oiniiani!"
i.t n.itn.ti.il uiiarilMii",! .in, two i'"tn-piihii-i
i.t ti .trial'.' il ti,",.s at lia-t
St l.',ui in all. t n ent -"li" i inn I'Hiii"
vi :i t " "ii li.iii'l t.. .'..e .vitli ri"t i "ii-
II ICKt l t IX II'I U 1 1 Nt.
IN l;I MiKI. oliOI-.lt
liii'iniii, Jiilv lii ni-ril Tli"ina
II Itiinv, ii.iiiiiiaiiilei "f Hie Central
I. pat tment r the I'lilteil Stalin tinny
in iiiioper.iiiiiK with iit" iiutlmritieit
ni ri it'ir.iii. oriliT at Ku"l St. I.oiiih.
li u.i- mini ut Mii nltii" tnilay
IiirnriiiuMini on ni"t what ulepi.
li lii'im: taken wele reftlxeil
This May be Done, Not us i Fare
well Appearance Before S.uling,
but Merely as Purt of Local
Ccrcmonieft, A.iinouncenicnt.
liy .Vr-.... ,11. .1 I'll
W ,,-hiiii.t Inlv : Ti
tt.lit',1 .-nil iiuiitmi; ."i-rvii-i- ;il.i".i
in i t.i I,, piii in I"", 1 1 I nil " ii,l in i
I i,i . I I " I .i I '.';h t'llil'ill'i'i .if lit" ill--'let.
"II of It-ill r Ill.lliili'l ". Ii"l
.i f.uiiii I .ii',i'iir.iii"i' ttif'T" -ii:, n;
i.llt llltT. 1' ,i- fill I I'f I'll it ' "It oit.llli -
.t vv .1- .,1,1 ,, .-.I t'.il.i;.
TI,,- Vlil l-'li.UTlltt'lit I" '" t""-l
vv.tli M i'ii'-t- front laliiiii' ''"iitiiniii'
t if-l Vi 'i, ll It I"! i.ll"tl,ll n i l.l I '1 "i 1 1 " ii
i.iti,"-l Mili'iU'li Intuit ' llif" 'ti-1 1 'I "
l ' mi; l"t
rain'" It vv.i- ,ii't "
l ili'i u Mil' nt Mi l' li"
ill" .11 ill" '
i .Mi'.i .. t ."li
'-i t ti in "li
j Enemies of. the Government Seek
J to Obstruct Nation's Wartime
I PrepiirctlncHS , Anicrican Citi
I zens Iniplicittcd, Is Belief.
ll. Aft-" .it.'.i lrrt
M I 1 1 I tl 1. I 1 ' I I nl
I . 'I.'I I.
I'.lf.lKll ' I Illtl il'' l.'ill.
I' .'1 tfii.l.' t" .1 t'I'l ' lli'iil t", 111,1 '"
ira!"l Mil, i u'.' I nlin 'it ,lii-',,
i urn di-i ltti-i ii" nu iit'-'l in a pi" t
lli'iil " " l,:l.ll- I ll ' .! l.llk' - .till"
pi T III -'Ul ' I t "I I I " "t'-ll 11.' I III' " I '
tli'ti. tt.il llll, I' in I' p.ll i ill" n- Si III-
p I ' tl I .Hi U .V iiit'l ll .1 II '!'. I.-l" It'
1 1 u ht i i ..ifed " Ii i ; i n i n-.
in i ti, . "ti-pn if
I n., pi'.tt. i . ,ui in-lit . .i t i . -
..J.'.llillrl. !.. m iltlkilU "f I'll' -ti-llli
tii- S.i . .in. i. l'i ill. i' "-t. Mil. 1 1 1 1 1 and
i li'lliin Mam tin' I. iii n.li. "1 'If
K i-.ikii II ilii !' tt inpti'il ilin, inn ii,
nl llii' .M.i. I, in I" ami 'I.i' w if Ii 1 1 . t: 'f
til" In. I' lllll' i . " tin- ,1,11 I ' " III an 1
thf N'laK'it'a
llr islfii l'ri.fl
I'alli- .I'lli .1. - i'a'lall"ii "I
Aiii'in.ni irniipn ..iii.i'd in l.u
th". mini! in pini'lii mi Jul. I Thf
American vein greeted u wildly en-
I tlniDMfUc irowdi.
Plan of Government to Control
the South ' Staple Crop Meets
Opposition on the Part of Many
Dixie Congressmen,
Probably Will Have to Invoke the
Aid of Cloture Rule to Reach a
Vote This Week; Division on
Br AftaiH-mtril Pre
Washington. July 3. AiMitiuii of
rut ton hnd It prodixMH in m tlH
whu Ii On Rtviriifi,rrit would irontroi,
t-uti'd TNfrrd:iy by t Ii T-ito Io-Ihv
fsulttil in iiHTrifi'd oppnml id to th
foid hill Southern riiator oroni
imi-iI j new fiirht to mrikr out Mn
ton rlatiM. vhilo nlhrrw jilan to I.i tor
elf i r utiinrnriiti f-linitiiMlitiK i iany
othi-i inth i-b fro mthc "ooiiiro:" hcc
Wllhulif riCl'Kl n(tK. IllO .it
'idnf 'd man v Important rmnnnt
.itiiftotiiicnw to tlir lull. iim-Ii Iii,k th
M'ctii'h di-rmiiiK and iKini'hifm l.oir'l
ti'g of noreKnririi 4 ml he ro ( fioii
or goiornuirnt lirenins of ini"r'.
export, m.i. inflict ut' . Ntora mni ti-;
ltd ditr:Jti! !fn nt n'fiJ':irir.
Tho cumin it to ainondmn- limit -
fi K li .-onionic to .ikhoiph mid roau;s
in int'Tiitutu rr forcitfn runinii!'' uus
adopto.l- onp of the prmcipii icaturf
oT rrcfut nppftwjf mil to th? Irlttion.
Thf 'imte alto adopted th" provjt.ui
cMMiiptim; f.irini't H ct i d i.rrM and liu
murk n row era fiom the Ip'cnhlf.n iro
1'CHpite Hip pioi;rrhH made, kadcr
brirtd it still would 'o noiioai v
tu tii.- clot ni ' ml'- In order to curl)
A thtM IrVt'l'k. 1. 1 IICS (if illVlSI'MI
ni pndi i .t t n .ire .ipp'irfiitly hoMiitK
f.lHl Wit. I Ilt ptHp1Ct .f i I'OM'pfO-
misr and a squire ftpht un ? f r
1 -I'M ovt flu ipieitimi of H'ith tri1-iH
tin prosid-iit to suspend iii.t.mf act nvfs
f in-i-r uiitl inr, with roth if
turn uf.ii pridiitiMiiK diHtl'linn
I.f.idi-iM 4jid private poU .ndirntc
a lari(r inatoriv iti lior o piohi'o-
lltlU dl-'lU,lt IttM lltlt Uk'rtlllht glVMIt tii.
lcsldciil ,iv i'OWtT OVl'f tin? light
t'l' I'l UfcCl
A th rt'iM"i oi Hi'iiatitt U-rl
ciiiisidi i.i'-.iiti f prowttiidiri piohil'ti-
: ri k iv i-r iiiiinit iuiplo rH t ihi'UiIm r
ol adviHi. t citiiitii HHioiih from slhn
Hum own product-. thi- n rrnmrtit
'A,!,, dctiiitid.
I'-.Vcil. pt im:H id I.irM.lTs i t.npl fal i v
oi it.tiiiatioiirt finin thn liiMMiping h
i ii it, t.li ca'is' d i itiidii"ihi' di haii' A
t on i nut 1 1-1- a no-ml it if -nt limit .iik -k-ciupt.i.n
tn aniiciilt nl a I and hoiti-
Mltniil i ma ni.i it-iiH w h: h do nut
iii.iki pioiit- wan up)iiiMi-d 1 Son
tut VA inl- o, tii nt hio. anil o i ik
. f . Ii.iiK,i . Sfiiaini ( hauihi'i lain
-:( .1 thf vt 'in m il ft a ui i' ml mo nt w ii
'i Ktzcsti'd h M I 1 1 ii iv ct' .1 onlor to
ic ttll f I ! lfl'- ill rliViltorH n't !
,t'cd I.v MriiniV iiiK'tniatioiih and
to pit'Vfiit pooling in iihiik'titiK 'f
Sl'll.il"!' i
tt i.il U''l
,1 ;..,'" n
ll.-l-ti'il llnit tlil'li: In
iii .in- la r tlit'l i nt -
'l til- , "111 III t ' fit ,i liit'tlil till 11 1 I'Xi'lltpt-
ni: i.niiit't- .ii'tti-! ii"in'i at t ii
l.-ii'i 1 It Inlli "f l ll'llil' -i III gat tll'IHTi.
.Ill t llll 1 1 1 u I " -t" k
la rn, ir
t.i. ,i ii t . Ii. ',i i it . nu -''iti'iit iiti ail"
l l I ft "t ' - I" lill.lt til,. "'Ki'lliptl
it .'I . '. ilni . a.l in at un : tat il. ft - .
.... .',,, :.i..,l
- . i
i'.l lh"iit
it. . u '-1 1 t u
I nit nt
' m Ii it Ii
,tr t"
anil ,i,l
tl.illtat v
t I
I-.- in
If. I t. i.-l
i t"i'
tin t
..I p..
"ininiin tl' I' ilin
la ' a lien t lie i i'i 1 1 1
,f i It., pri M'ti nt ,i
ti ni
i i.r ,
- ' .nt:
ii.. I -
1 1 "i.li
!"'" '1
1 II 1 1 ll lit p"W i t
I'l'l-. ami in,
IIIC I'l'lli-'lUll'lc
.1 Inn
I I'lllV
prn ' a
f.l .i -1 i . -. : i. ,im I
i ..-.I I. ft it.. i
I ' . M . Il-i" il I
.. .'! .1 I t 'i' '
St-n.i " lit Hi "ll
St tnii' i Sin l' Ii
li--' i i nii i'ii' li.t'l
Itn'' i't ai ni
nu 1 1 . i at ii M-
linn li
a I
ii ai ri'
..f ilni. ru.a.
l.l'I'I'iMI i ii l"
ii pr-'i ' .ti i h;
..ml he In lien"! tlm
the right In fakii
' -ar f"r tnniiai v
nalnt' price and he
a'f f"- tin t; I "
n i. In at hut It,, did
s. iii f' l i'. t.i hu
"' tier ' ll li'g 5 t" ai 11
llll lit ll
., i .:n
.1 .1
Mi ,.",i. l'rll
I'.h k ,iil ;; Tin A.nci n an
tui'.pi ti" at a I 'n mil port will In
ant K'tiitg tf iianiKii fillip" in
airuction In hin t tho liin hy ihv end
nf thl week it ' annotineed thii
niiiriiing The tlrm contiugeiit may
tait thence after the Fourth of July
Oen. Chang Sun Succe d in Hav
ing the Republic Overthrown
and Dynatty Installed; Change
Conducted Without Disorder.
Li Yuan Hung Bemoans His De
fect! as a Ruler and Asks to be
Punished ; It Made Duke of the
First Class by New Regime.
llf Aiinrmtiiil Pmt
I'lkliiK. J ii no so (ili't.oeli Aciurd-
Iiik tn mii fnllrt Imiuid In lh ntniv of
fuiiii Tu iik. th ynuiiK frnpi'rnr hn
wun put bul k mi th" tlirti.oe tmliiv nti-
iIit l hi' T' it i'i-i ii .ii i.r MeotT.il Chin
Sun. I'roKlilcnt l.t Yuiin Hung has
ubmltti , tu the inoimr' hy. Th cilt' t
'l.l Yuan Munit m'iniirtiillcii us
tHki hut Hui Kiivrmmiiin tntitiir
thut he m furrnl by thn tnnim ilur-
Iiik ilin firnt riviiliilliui to ln-riinm the
tiutimi H hmnl. Ho Ijeinonoif hlN ilt
lertH un hi'Hil nf thn republ H- and unk
ui ti- I'liniMli him. .We recognise hi
iiiintiiki'K m ml Inn ht lilTlt. We
hvrcliy uppuint him it duke of the first
TIhi li'iirial I'tiihluiii is every
while iln-i'luieil. Thore ha been nu
dnmrdoi. In a Imm lulnl Kmpornr
lminn T'lim pxplaiim how the coun
try tin ihrrutpncil with UlBiiitcurittliin
and the n-nplo appealing to him tu
tukf nvor ilri adinlnlHtratuin.
KurthiT cdli'ta have Inen laucd
rti.'ikuiR thn following appointment!
f.irand ."ty (equivalfiit to premierl
iji-tieral C'liang Hun
Mimatur of foroisn affair Chang
CliPn r'ang.
Mtiiiatrr of ir. IjvI Chen t'hun.
MiiilntiT nf inft'imr. t'hu 'Tila l'u
I'lilif nf the genurul tuff, Wuhk;
Mnh fining
uatdian of I hi- emperor. Jlsu Shih
Chiiiig and Qung Yu Witl.
'.'hang Hun la appointed vlreroy of
Chili I.i. hut niuat rrinain In I'uklng
I'tiiK Kunli Chung IH named vicvruy
or Kiuig Si and Klang Hu and coin
m.iiHlir nf tin. aouthprti urimcx. l-u
Yung Ting In named MOroy of
lMimg Tung. I "I all the other prov
ini inilituty uiul civil govitrnor mi
liar to iliuse of the Main Ihi regime are
ai'i'i'tnt' d. Tim edn t is dutud in thu
iinitli yuar of Hhii.iii Tung.
Consumers Will Have to Pay
$700,000,000 More Than Last
Year If They Are Made Perman
ent, He Tells Senate Committee.
Hf AasnriAltd I'ri-ti
.i.iiniigion. 1' f . j.,i j. cilfti.rd
-Tln'riif. i -lir-m-iu iiik the nwa leuguc
"t niiitiii ijialittei, Inlil the tn'iiute In
ti r-ia'i' i '"in 1 1 1 1-1 1 . I'l'ininiHaliiii com.
iiittf tinl.H that tr tiiilalne coal
pi ii i - ai'iuhtfi-d lai-f tti'ek hettti-itti thn
"ii.-rat'ii i an-i thf i-t'illi'-ll nf Niitmnal
liifi-.tM- I't'i'iiint' piTiuatienl they
wniiltl i "hi iiiimiiin-i'K $ i an. "on. mni
ni t I, nt li'ill null coal Ulll.
Sli.'iild 'lit, H'lilntre piiifniie niad'
p' i ina in'iii , lie t-aid prici'H tthtcll iii-i-i:i'"r.
ii thn Iniliatia field have heen
riiiinm in fin- l-iit n inoiithH
ttnlll'l In .llileanfd over tlfty pel
i i.i Mr Thiit ii'i il"i lari'il the '.en
tatiie i-"iil pri'-i-i are ti-nni ttlty tn
ne liuiiiln-il per din u t -.' r lhan
v.iliiiitui . I'titt aciH .-uti'i.il ttiti.ttith.
ti Hi.- ait thri-i. innntliH heltteen op.
.i-ii"i and ruili i'.nls fm thu rnau
.iik Mar
"Ut .Hi- pl "ti ' lllg Jlt.iltl-l I'lfll
a ii-rn iii . " prn e fixing uarei inetil.'--aid
Mr Tli'irnr He wanted, prices
n.' 'iy a K" ifiiini'iit ugeni-.
Ataticsteil Press
'"k.n. atiililiv June il" (IH'laH'il
111 1 1 a iiiiiili-al'in 1 . The tuiine nf irp
1 en ntiii ti cs in a turbulent scaMou to
In icleileil ttlMl a llinjolllc i'f 111' a
1 1 Milut inn nf lack of ci'iil idence In the
aiiieruiiii-iii Viikio utaki. leader nl
ii ni llnl 1'iiiul parlv. inaile th.'
Pi nti i.,il iltm k on t tie gi'M-rninenl
titli lttu fx'll' . eiivi lu 1 1 Hh rcaal'iit
ti "ih IP' ill 1 I'M eil Hie Cnlletl Stales
itnle a inn 1 1 ll on Japan by wn.lliig to
( I111111 the nolo 111 iiii.iri) to tlio run
li. latum of iranojuility.' The foreign
iilfli'i'. lie USUI, sought Ulisuict'utull)
to evei'ctsy opinion and conceal iti
own failure by making statement tit
I sctul-of ftcial orgatuj.
Electrical Men Employed in the
Old Dominion Mint Respond to
WalKout Call Issned This Morn
ing; All Properties Closed,
He Patrolled a Beat Last Night
Armed With Gun and Club; It
Is Rumored That Workmen la
Jerome District Will Quit work.
By AMortaKd Ptmm.
ilolie. Art., July 3. Acccaelon tf
tho electric vorkera employed In
the did Dominion mine to the rank
of milking miners railed nut Sunday
and Monday by the Metal Mine Work
i-ra Industrial L'-'nn and the Interna
tional I ni.jii 0x aline. Mill and timel
ter Workers. reported early to
day by an official of the lilobe local
of the union The atrlke cull was
IHMui-d it 3 o clock this morning, he
Ail large mine in the Oiobe-Miaml
di.itrlit. where J.OOO men normally ar
employed. Iiavo suspended operations.
The properties are so closely picketed
that een county officru have been
unable to pais the lines.
The xherifr his deputised 100 clt
ixens. including the pastor of th
Kplticopal church ho patrolled a beat
laid night arms' with a gun and a
Members of the International Union
of Mine. Mill, and Smelter Worker"
were excreted to return to work at
the smaller mines on Copper Hill to
day. an agreement with the small In
dependent praducersltavlng been re
ported, but It was reported that the
Metal Mine Workers I'lilon. the In
.luntriaf Worker nf the World organi
I it Ion. a prepared to elation SOU
pickets about the mine to prevent
niiTtiher.1 of the other union from re
turning lo woik.
The Industrial Workers of the
World lf night boarded ,n lncomJ
lug pttssetiger train at Miami in
Bear h uf strikebreakers but none
were f'.iiuil.
('iltMiii. .,f the lilnoe. Miami dlafrl f
where O unn men were called out. have
been I'nndiicled tbux far without aivji
ilmtorhaiice Upeiatora in the lllabe
district, where t.000 men normally
are einiili'Ved rep. rt impiovement tn
the situation, but the minus and sinel
terji In the Cliftou-Morencl district
hue boen cluscd ui a result of tb
ill Ike
A report was given out by an officer
of the Miami local ul tho Metal Mine
Workers' ('mint that the metal mine
workors ut Jorome. who were on
Ktnke a liiuntli ago. would be called
out iiRxin but no verification of Ilni
Dtuteiiiunt li ii been recened
.i itxw MiKMh !:ti:u
riiiicnm Arts, July 3. I'ollce nil
alate authornlas are today intitigat
ing the rnlil.ei of lite national guarl
armory her In an effort to titn'mrr
a plot m connection wiih the Uermiin
spy i itiin In tins country. Detaiti
of the lobbeiy are being C4lcfuPv
quiirded. hut it is known that fhe arm
ory was ente, f, during th mgii;
tttihtn tll.i past four days and at
lea-t eight rifles and the kev to all
of the niiiitu of the miuory when.
ai iim and munitions are stored. Htolen.
-ight rifles have been recovered b
the pi.liio hut tt was admitted that
the kes ate Mill mi.iing.
The pull, tody a-tniH'r I that
John He kei and tltoigc liailn. on
'ei ai it'll jt pntlce hcadMU irlei 4. had
furnished information upon which
the ritlin- 'Hue le-'tiVured The poll-e
ils.i admitted that they are wniaif,'
on th theory that the roboery of the
armory was a part vf a plot to tut
irniM to I W, W. Htrlki r." and ticrmi i
i nipat hu. r .1 in the Arimina t'opper
Mining tamp, whetc strikes ai'11 novi
tn ti "Hi ' .i
Thu police Mate that the tliuft of
the kcn l.t tb interior rootin or"
the uiinnri md'catii that he neri'vtra-
lots txpeitod tn leturu at a inois
Lutii enietit lime and euiri off prui'
tnall. all of ths content of Ilia
11 ni'il 1
WIMtkl It l i IIFI.liN T
IIM Hf 1. . W. r.WTIO
Ittsiice. Arm, July i. Ktiike
Ii I'li'is at 'lie hrsduuartci's of the
linlustr al Workers nf the World hero
' latini'd to have received telegram
tnilai tt urn the AgrUtullural ImvUIoh
1.' Hie Indtmrial Workere of the
Wm III "iTi-ring mipport to the strik
and staling that "vn.rU.ru iu (ll
tlepli ate going ui I. W. W. tac
tics'' Thu stiike leaders claimed hl
agrli uli ui a 1 d .iintnn Included Sl.Ode
farm lalntor throughout 'ha middle
west who are httitg counted upon to
..t 111 tlin wheat harvest.
The 1 upper i'ie n and the Calu
met and Alison companies hv is
sued nutices that tomorrow will be
a holiday "in order that our enemlae
at home and abroad mar know that
we are dedicated anew to Ttalntalii.
UU the rtricctpi, of liberty and o4

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