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The Evening Herald, Albuquerque, N. M., Wednesday, July 4, 1917.
The Evening Herald
tub ivtnuaa hx&alo, era
OfcOUGE e. V ALU A NT, Masses--
rulilisli4 ery ifmitoi
fcumWe t IT! Norte. HeeoDil
WTWi, Alheqneeque, N. U.
CatereA as rrond-tlut matter
I the ixwtnlfirt at Albaqnerque,
N. M, andor tae act of March 3,
Una aioatb by Mail or tamer ...00a
Oaa year by Hall or tarrief, la
edvaae .10.00
Buaiaesa Offiea VS4
Editorial Rooans 167
.n TnAxsroiiTATiox.
in ,f lha iirobl'-ma taken Mp by
the rallroail' tar board waa that ol
sentrlnc heivlee loaded cars. Aa k
war measure, the bot.rd flan directed.'"' "" wl" -
. .. . . .... I m the comlnc winter monihit. Just
mt riiirwni ui 1 1 country m rmwi
transporting their product lo market,
lha iiipply f con I that reaihee the
niiwiimcr will be In stesalily Inereas
int quantities In tha early months
nf 117, because wf lha cnnaesllnn "t
the railroad ar.d tha dlfnenltlea f
tranitwriatlnn, the produrtloft nf M
tiiniliilou oial fall behind (ha high
mark eet In January ami Permian , a
year a(. Aa a result.' nf Ihe ".atriotic
and earnest emleavor of th rillronil
officials and tha coat operator and
representatives of mm workers ho
have volunteered their services to Ihr
federal ejoveroment in thia emergency
production haa been speeded up arlth
In' Ihe last fea- monlha and the mil
ut of soft eoil erhlch. In May esceed
ed all prevloua record. are snr
passed in June.
leplte.the extra driunnd In this
country and the arerent need of our
allies, no one with the facta before
him can doubt that the coal induMry,
vnder the orefttl iruldtince o those
now directing Ito welfare, will bo abl.i
ti supply all neetia.
The difficulty of dltrlbulLn no
the cn-fpcraUon of ahlppero In this
moe. Tha average capacity of all
bujt cure, for Inattnce. la tt.'i tone,
but the avenue load per car la only
14. i tons Just ler tent of the
. ThU umlerloadiuc of vara la and
h been for a luiif time one uf the
most serious causes of loaa In the
ttanKporlatlim bualneei. All railrod
handle I;ji la known aa "lese-than-carload
freight" LC U. Thia ton
nave xmsifts principally of amallrr
shipment, of which there la an enor
mous quantity. tn an average It l
aafn to aay that there are over 10"
separate consignments In each car,
and on account of the loading to the
entailer and Intermediate stations of
eu h ahlpmenta. Ihe ayeraae lonnaae
loaded In cars carrying thia Luelneaa
la about five per cent. When we re
flect that the average capacity la
nearly 40 ton, the cnormoua h i
la evident lr. Newman Krb. preai
dent of the Ann Arbor lUllroml
compiny. aa:
"For the week ending May Hat.
the Ann Arbor handled out of To
ledo 12? oara with an average load
ing of only K.2K pound, and yet
thia waa an Increaeo over the eorre
aponding wetk of a year before, on
account of more careful leading oi
2,11 pounda per ear. Every railroad
handlea thia buaineaa In Just about
this way and In the game proportion;
and It la carried at an actual loaa.
"Our earnings per car on an average
soma of it going the full length of 175
mllea. waa only 114. JO. It la tha large
number of car carrying thia claaa of
business that pultc down the average
loading par car.
'The 'U C. U Merchandiao must,
of courae, be carried. It cols approx
imately e. per ton for the labor of
loading the cars, and the coat for the
unloading la about the some. The
handling of tha car tha per diem
lose and tho train movement, all
make It tho moot aapenalv buslnean
that can bo handled, besides tho lose
Involved of loading tons In a 40-ton
"Efforts have tun made from
tune to time, to hava the rate on
this buaineeo Increased ao aa to make
it compensatory, but without any
aubstantlal at'ecese.
'The Oerman government many
yeara ago. adopted the practice of
t lwrging twice tha current rate for
'1.. C. U tonnage aa against the cir
load rate. If that prcatlco were fol
lowed In thia country. It would mean
tery little to tho ahlppera, because a
1 have pointed nut, there are on an
average about 200 acparata consign
ment In a car. and the Increase o i
thu Oerman plan would opproxinnto
lt-s than c. Increuse per conolgn-inent."
Jf the liiillroads' War Hoard cm
britir about a riraatlc reform In this
pHrtlculor, they will have accomplished
a aieut tiiiHiHuil result for the
tinntportation business of the country.
as consumers f foodetuffs are belrg
urged to eliminate all wate and t
practice aenslble economy, ao the con
aumera of coal muet do their abare in
working out the oal problem b un J
loading every con I car aa f't aa it l ,
received, and In Improving theTr i
plants ao ns to utilise to the fullest ,
the heat value nf the coal that rea hes
their bins. In stopping the coal par.le
und In expediting a condition of fnei
sufficiency, every consumer can do
his bit. I
I Pf "' M"l,'"";' "'"'"''TiaTrnT
Eatralnsnf Soldiers aad Eajwrpaaeol aa fcaaet aad Coaapllcatow Scieawa.
New U. S. Force Will Require
7,320 Trains Monthly Sup
plies, One Billion Pounds.
1lOVr.ltltN AMI I-MII WK j
There are In liuiiee three thlnirs j
necemary knowledge. temper and ,
time. Feltham.
The smallest act of charity flu 1 1 1
stand us in go-.'d stead Atterbury. I
The cheerfulnesa of hert ahrli
vprlnaa up in us from the survey o.
nature's worka is an admirable preps- .
ration for gra'.ltude. Addison.
No m'n can be provident of his
time who Is not prudent In the choice
of his company. Jeremy Taylor.
The Qoartemuter Corns Is )'it tow
he bnslett department of th Cnlted
States Army. Without It Sat single
company af troops enuld reach tha firing
lite, sot a soldier be elothed, fed or
To mot the grat army Car's Sam Is
ttrlngiag Into being neaea th marshal'
linj of Ul.rSO railroad cars la 720
trains and dire-tlr,g them without delay
or confusion ever ro'ttet many ef Uiem
over thre tbouao4 niHea long. Te keep
ibis force prorisiuned la the field means
supplying and shipiiicf oo billion poutidt
o! freight a mouth, requiring fifty-fire
traiaa a day.
The Qnarttnuaitrr Corps, la co-opera
riea with Ui Dtfaare CoamlUea of
railroad srsaUanu kaa orgaaUei Amerl
ea's 200.000 miles ef railroad, with Its
bnBdred at corporations. Into ess system
sad plotted every mil and ovary trala
mere over Its myriad rontaa. Tha el
imination ef aa apptlcaat for a eommla
sioaj In the eons Is cited by Garret Bmith
ia Laslli's Weekly to Itlust'Sta th eoapli
catad details ef soch sa officer's taak aad
the poevbl wriousaa of the aUghtest
rror, Th examlaer had aaked blm to glra
trsry mors be woold mak la aqulpplag
aad transporting s regiment from Buffalo
to aa Imaginary firing line at Wiltning
ton. TIs picked aa oaa of bis stnpplng
points a email Junctioa where, onbeknown
to him, Uie elding was too short to hold
his train.
Th cxinilnicg officer poiuteJ out that
by ao doing b would esnsa a block that
would delay a whole division of troops
destined for a weak point at th front
Just long enough to let th enemy
Ui rough.
Quartermaster Corp officer must know
very stopping pot, length of siilinra.
junctions, capacity af terminals, loading
sad anloadlng faculties, sit ef tnaaels,
capacity af bridges, Ao along their routes
Tho estimates of th corps are based oa
a force of twenty fitld armies, or a boot
l.BOO.000 aiea. With thssj go 700,000
meant and draught anlmaia, oO.OOQ v
hides sad S.SX) big guna. A Ubnlatloa ef
rollltg stnch sod ether railroad equipment
Just completed shows that to handle this
traffi there ar needed, betides mors heavy
can, special terminal yards and aidless,
loading and onlosdlcg platforma, donh!
trarklDf of many alngl track llaea sad the
building of aew lines Into undeveloped ter
This means the railing oi a vast amount
of aew capital by the railroads. Th rail
road executives believe that the system,
stislng sad unifying of railroad ceatrol
under federal authority, brought about by
war preparation, will preva tha value of
such centralised regulation for permanent
adoption by the United Stste aa a peace
measure. Thia vast Increase ef eipenw
In putting the roads la shape for war
ia ala given aa one ef the chief re.i
son for aaklng th Interstate Coninieri-t
ComrjrjIsstoB for permission to iacreaa
freight ralea.
There la but one way I know or con
versina: safely with all men: that la
not by concealing what we iy or do, j
but by auying or doing nothing that '
deserves to bo concealed. Hope. '
Cruelty argues not only a depraved-
neea of nature, but also a rueaness i
The Scrap Book
Jar.oi t'i'y to h-ivr Hoi::e j
Siwt.i1 othei a-"i la'.t f ot the
uuiik ol iii:i:n ite jt-.ii u.'h i.:iu .
'. tin- kouI luck, he l"M Mr. Wi ihk . j
- Kaii"fit t'liy Star.
'i- i Th mi.i h iv lo-, n
. t t-iii u li n mo "t i-tl and In'
hi W!.i:t ll.t- InWilO M-rr-ll
it.i . i- .o.pct'l-i t Mh il .iili pt
ial Ki- nulnio r-
r m
rousage and .imbecility of inind.-
W. Temple.
It is a way of railing a man a fool
when no heed ia given to what he
says. L'Ertrange.
Till-: ItMM'V I.WIi I.M'lil SS
The tlrii train Iwh at eix p ni.
Kor the lauil while Ihe m 1 1 ,y
bloa s.
The nioth-r i the i-iik nei r
And hc iu-!-ng'T IiiiilIik und
crow s,
. H ll H
Employ your time In Improving
yourselves y other men'a document.
ao ahall you come easily by what
others liavo labored hard for.
Every great -book ia an -action, and
every great action la a book. Luth?r.
It la another s fault it he be un
grateful; but It la mine it I do not glv.
To find one thankful man. 1 will oblige
many that are not ao. Seneca.
In the tower of fixing the attention : Th t.r ,K thf
tho most precious of the Intellectual I The whistle a Ion
habits, mankind differ greatly; but
every man poansne eome, and it v'l
increase the mora It la exerted. Hob-
ert Halt
A ni goea to sleep
mother's arms,
nwoet nirain
ainkH iind noilH and
on the train.
WOl III ttiXXFrfT rill t.O WITH
MiW YOlth,
4l. I Sot 1.11
Not only food but fuel if a Hit I
i.eed of this ci untry und of i ur alliea
coal to run the ship and railroad:
to feed the iron furnacea and !ui'U-h
ateam for all the munufacturing plunta
coul in greater quantities than ban
nei before been mined In tile I'niteU
ftatea r ill any part of the world -und
thia need Is being met in truly
Amerltun fashion by the npeiatois
piiil owners of the inHies und
The Tipe- l wd In IHse Voar to I'uiilU'i
F.udorm'nMttla of iMwu't Kitlm v
Of the many kidney remedies oil the
murkc today, none other m reensn
ineuded like Imun s Kidney I'llle. l-'if-thousand
benefited people gladly ter'i
ty in the iiewp.tpi their o i.
towns. Korty-fUe hundred A'nei i
nevspuperK pulilixli tins hiuf proof
of loan's ment. The type uned in
one eur to tell this nondcif.il Mnn
would make u solid column of mitil
twice as tilith na tbe . oilil s niulieM
iioiintaiii. I'lnced end to etui the l-m-tt
of te would rem h from Nf "t t
to liicaiio Tbec miles ol k t
At eiiiht !' in. the nut tram slaitr-
Kor the poppy in ml utur.
Tho suiu'iions lira r fails on tin- ui
"All aboard for 'he : i-niet ial'
But "What in the fare to "W land.'
I hope It is not ton ileal '
The fure Is thi--a lion an, I a ki...
And it s paid to the eiiyim-r.
8o 1 ask of linn who lulilieii took
'n His knee h, klin-.ai sn ureal:
"Take chatge, I pr . of the trams
each day
That leavH at e mil ' i'1".
"Keep woti'h "1 ihe (.asneiicci ." thus
1 pray.
"Fir to me tin are i m -. d' ar:
And speeim ward. I Kr.icloim l r 1,
O'er the lUii'le t-lifiiieel". '
M T hiss IN I't lll.lt-
lt i.sl I s HK.s I
Si.'oies of men wlio are til
doiilile lit-- hae lis'n iii.ii"t no
the nil!i s i lie k ei'iisiis. takin .-i
lime :iu". of ell the ilweU.tih' p i
III the ;: "I'li'-Me ini-'i .,re aie i'
lo 1 111 eel ..r I ioodt : l I" I- I"
er the tii, loi allowu i.
I w lee, olu uli'l r t i i'
iiaoos anJ nh'.iui i.ioli't in'
names tlu-i etni.iit at flo- r
r Mtai'lis l.nii nt-.
.Ma MV I a-l s ll iU' ll' 1 -I"!'
"man " it lii nit a i 'ii Ii 1 1
eoluii'tM now Iivink r I - 'i
llae iiilii'd anil vii'l ih'-v ' I
i ll i;elisll li ' and 'li'l l"'t O'H
linn that thes W'le il i.li i.
, h . f , ,. .'I.- a a. I '-' ll 'I'll " t h (
i.e:ili. ,.r I ll' r . il . l l I i ll a I 'I lie'
Ml 'I ha . "i i t lo i t
al .
'1,1 II 1 II 1 W ' !
mt ' lie t '-ni iel a -,.
A It. I : an w ll"
' MM a '. . ''.' ll"
i ' 1 ' III 1 n ' N M,l
w . I i . 1 1 K
ile f.'l
.1-! I'
ll !
1 '
I '
'111- I .
r ' 1
a ' ,, a t "ii
I I l.eliet
I -1 u II I . I '
a l, no v
v Ii ll
Ho y v '
no I' Ii'.
neic i
a tin
i-k'ht.-i i
A in.
ini'l ii'il,i
if. -nil "
.i.tt''ii .
s t
I'l I'
ha I ilil I
r I'li.xi'iisiiu
Ii was a-k' 'I
' I .l-'ii
Hi -
'. tin
Ho il fa iii I a--a'-
till". Wen
I i eit.il
f lie W I"
', kd'.iv .
I'lei! 'A.l
ip iii timlum 'Ii
a-l. 1 in;
illl: r
ik Woilil.
Lift Off Corns
Doesn't Hurt!
Few drops atop soreness, then
corn or callus lifts off
with fingers.
Women imftni.' in i i'H
should not street earh o'.lie
kls4, tltil.r iliS.iav.N i.r arte
In el y Ini'l taste.
'lie pi.!,
r wit h
nil Ml lilt III IN
T-ll ea I'- a I
s'e.i ll" l !a lnleil at ? V
,ts p.-elti;eis h.ln a Ki"'i
- 11' Ili.Ki a'l's 1 M.e v i... '. t'
' tlironah 1... I-1. 'ial w ith
'. lo'ilie . I" KM I ! II. . '
I I nit' .1 Sin"-
vv in h'.:1" ii. "i ;,!!. .
V is" 'lis if the u i 1 1 !i : 1 1 ;i '
mi un
-1. in ii. i r
V. l k. A i.i.
- .1
s,M. Iil
ii' i. no Hie I'la''-l.ie.i-
" ii
i iii i i" . i"i'. I. -h
i "ii.t'iiii' . i
The fol!" in a a l ir v
ersall I- in il" i'l;
i : ii i k . ill- .-""i .
III.; sli'-llei lia.r "I t
I I. i''l
Hy K.lin v H o-t. in Tlie Viii'i.
fivcilnllia In'1: I ""-''-
iin-i1 :
."iiiii.iii. n.iu mo snittniif Khells fi
ho I.. . . i:. i., .1... ...I..,- b.ov In murk Sits- fii'' s I"
I III' HH'ftrn Ilk'"' " . i
. I o ,. iliini' i.ov,. Th- Um-lit. r im.l i.I'I'Imiim
llnv- imi-t'.-i! in Hi- ii".:iniiii; mi th- kit'l-i:!
Ami nil ' I'.iii'ii-r of I h- I'l .
Y'lti in- iii-iiniiii: iini-h t" in-'
I Ml,, rU in til.. Willi VillM ll "H H' t'l V.-l'".
I HIM soil "f I III'""- ll" lli-ll
l-'i.r ..in- Itist-r iiinl , "in- pri'l- :
Am) I 'in 'siimilii'sT ii" In s-rv- you nt li:iiiv-i I"
iii ll)
I I'll v
Men ni'- li'jht niw "ii
M 'ii r.ir I li-i t ii i -M
i'ii ni-- striv niv-'. M;t i't
Ami th- If 'loin liiviiii; i
l I im:i .
on liir'h .
a,... ll. I'.!' Ill- -llll-e' l'1'll L-.IV - ,
- iImiii: ii' !" t'"i--lill.-i ' I - I -
r,iinii-l'. I'm- ii I'-l'-f. linpi'l-' '"
t .i.i.. .. i..
Hie III I IT C I. sun- I'l -mo .
Ami I on'- ni ; "ii itH'i "''
Thni il -'i 1 1,, i in l'i '
Ol' mt lit i itii-- nf "l"t mill tin- si'h n.h.i'x "t th- ni-'.
I iniisi In. M mi tit -t ni' nil.
Kvi-ii thiili'.-li in il-.i'li I I'm II.
I tn tt-t nix- iiiv i ll' to t v i nli'l I - h'.v -I 1" ll"' hill
on Hi
I MI'lllli" -l
nut Ii inU in'.'
"f -1 1 1 ' .
"I'll .
1 1. t l
In th- .hit - ol -:.-.- ,i:i. I l.in-lil-l-. iiioli rii-iilh
I linvc -iiiil' the -..nt;- "I I'rf. il'.l.'i in .1 l'".v
I hnv- inii'l- n i'liii m i a-i'in "I 'h- I
Itul nu spirit I- ii nl noil us I -i
Kill' tl'iitn -ii'l-il ! "ill' l'"t :
Mlni.ll lit' IMt'll lilll stltllis tl"' s"l'
V...I 'til nil tile eallll I- ll.HU'l. llll II V lil
IJ.iin- iiinl i-ii-- iinil III- I'or-.ikiii",
''..- th- l.rlt-l- woilil .Mm I- III. ik ni'.' .
Su I .1 . ! mt ll' tin- iiioi'iini" i" ,i "'it' li-'l iiinl hi'
H'V H'MS'lf
?. .It -
, j
, n ': ..
F ' ,'t I
2 t. : j .
-i'Mir i-. i'
ST '.
r t
1k fit
r a"
-.''-.-'' rr
. ( " ' rsi
'V-'OVi.-it' v"-
h-r. mi'l .i'l. I ':i - I'.i.i-li
I I'ol lllli'l. 111." -j:'.l.,;i I'.;".
t..'.' II uh! !..:.-t - ..: '"i :!i A
li-.'ht. il III til' 11:11-" I' I'ol I- "
hili'k.1- "ll I i" ' '.'.i III''!'- ll 'i' '
"I I I.. I III' 01 "I'l Ii Mill. I l;.:l
M ill ll" il-k-.l.
lit (ill.
i.t I
ll 11.11
.' .1-1.
i. 1 1 1
,1 I" '..e.
1 I.. i
hi ! I 1
ReadTI IE MERALD every evening not only lor its
news but also for its advertisements, many of wliic li
are found onlv in Till: HERALD :: :: ::
'Ota i-
I i.'iiKlll.
l 'i en. ii
a i... ..- . i. i In . '"ii'
I, , '..at!. ' th"
ii. i.i. I'l'. 1-1 ' ah in". '
.1 . il" .ll ' -ti l- I "
I . W i I". ' - " I SI I", i a
t'l- ' 11 ' t"l'- "
1 I -.. !.. i.."li a I ' ' ' ' 1 1 '
I. 1 1 1 1' . I V I I ll ll ! : ' 1
e , .1 .1. . ll.- ant tin
-..1, ii. 1 1 - I I " ' , - I
-hoitii ' I " i '! i
,.i j i , i . ...'.iii. ... I"' '
i.. In . i'i.'' j
I II H ..'I ll ' ' 1 1 ' ' I ' .U ' I -
"' "I .1 I I "I - "I
de" ll'l' lt-
l.eo i
told I'l .a IU'li tonuti" eonnil Kind .Mm i ' a.
tnliiiKs to unv A lliii'neriiie euf f' i '"' i a ml la.-i
who wains relief from kidney ami ; km.i.i- I
Pladdir H. Ileies ill A ! I.n.i u -nine
aao . lion't expel iinent I'se ll"
reined i elolol-td I" "I'l- " kliov
Mrs. lieo. Krane l":i V Fruit ae.
savs "About eight euts iik" I had a
area! deal of trouhln with inv l,:nk
I felt sore mid llilne and when I It-
ti nipted to lift diiytliiiiii a -hail
I'liiilnu i.alii went ttiront'li me. I
lionrht iHian'a Kidnei I'llls lit Huppe's
,i. irnir suns unn 1110 s n" ,
"i" . ... ... . . . . ti-
ller iierore mna. lomni i"i -
'I'll , v
Ull' I.'
1- .! II I I
II ll
'J M
. .. .1
i it.-
lini. i" ii.
I to'
i ."
, i -ii...
: l . le
t II. .
a M'l
I t'll, I i
' t lit. l;
dma-in of -oal. With these w orus, ( ttlf ,,!, ,,,! Isineiu s in tn n ir". d inmii
H'-retury Frauklltl K. Ijim Im-iibii his anj 1 huie never had a leliirn oljtlie on
.'-.u...... ...".ii.., ins cual situatlo itlieui.' ill- "
'r r, ,'.0i. St llll ileuiei" 1 ' I -. " i
aa reported to turn the statistic-!
I '"II t !
lllil.lv ask fol a kidney reined - net
of his dei'sitineiil Iioan's Kidney fills- the s. Hn'
The production of t-oal in the I'nited , ilr Mrs Frine. Foster-Millmrii !'
Mates lust year, lie t-outlnued. ana Mrai" . Iltiffnlo. .V. V.
Ito-! '
Ihe urea teal ill tile history of
country. A new le-enrd, huwrtvr. '
set for the first ii months of this
er fully ; Tii.iiim tilin tons of l"
ui l n Ion. OM! I.elna prod-K-evI sln-e
Janiiar) Ihiis esreedina: the oiituit
i.f the first si mor.'ha ff !
by a i-nt :e,uvv.ia tons
F.ien bet-
"Klunk complains of Iclina si
"Ves. lie smoKed ciniir from
r'.na pocket '
t he
etui '
pns '
(Jo! la l
j ll,,.'.
i S J-i 's
H .'i-II.
Ml M'l.
iK Us ''. H-
i.e t 1 1 - wt
to the front.
In nts la fast eoinlna-
lleuri ban la lM(Bac
n4 all otoer
ler news ia that the limit naa n.n yr. lf njnM f fnnr ,b4 m ha I oo
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NO EXPENSE se will
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300.000 deal pso, le to he.
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In r 1 1 I irrald "s ad "i tisin; columns.
I liis ii tin (.lay that tlw leading markets
and jjKiccrv .stores of Alhuquerque pre
sent their ht-st suggestions lor .Saturday's
supply day buying.
Careful housekeeper watch for and
profit from careful reading of Friday
grocery ads.

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