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The Evening Herald, Albuquerque, N. M. Wednesday, October 31, 1917.
Keep It
Ward off attacks of grip,
colda and indigestion by timely
mediratinn with the tbarmuirily teat
ad and raJtable remedy of tbe Ameri
can bouMhoid
It's better to ba aafa than anrry.
Man. hnf .Pll a dlnirmlna afc-Hee.
muhi dare W eeviitsi II (hi pmnl
rvnwvj, had epea rrannisi to la (hi Rrti
ta Aar artkk, that aaibeeaeffH'tPntlr
aaed for avail, half a fpntury had pmvil
It. valat. Tablet lum If you oirt li
Al yaut dniwitu.
m rnvRA co. fa.ai, ow
"l-Wr- 1
.' il TT I I
1- hi
New Mexico Alone, by Doing This
nd Eating Something Else,
Could Feed 100,000 French
Men, Women and. Children.
Ppf-ial C'urr,pAndna In Tlr fl-ral.1
tsuiit.t Kc. N. M . i t Tlial lt,v
7 ."i. null inoiv hum,-, which it Is it
fxTtctt New Mexico will mii tip for
the Ilium r army of foils,-! latum cai'.
leed Inn, linn 'i4iili men. win, nil mill
children eifrt week without In, rclnh : ,
tit eten st i ions iiifoiivrnif in e wa
pointed out by flat, Komi Ailminihli.i -tot
iiulph t' In one nf i ,i'in
if four minute spec-lies nn the isse.w
nf the rood I'lciUi Week campntKii
ii' llu- I'.ii i- theater In n- It Is ini rt -h
a tu.itt.T nt nich person .-at Inn (
pound of wheat ft. nit' i Hcrh hi fit'
Injf .mun i lung else. Mr. Kl weni In
ilitiil lut'i Hi,' problt-m which imw
. nfrmits Aiin-rio-, uf siu itiu thin hrd
if hc -i'IiIicis ;;hI her allies I, t f 'n
.1, f. it liiTuiaui
Tin- -pi i h follows
'III ll'llltli I 1,111 tlllle .11.' M'lll
trie.'!' W 111 lll-priiilllclllg renters haling
cxpi,itnb unpin- This nut p'us frmn
nl: ot,r ill- wm'bl motes in "ii,- i'i'Iii
Iin.ll n. ill kit western I. il t ( 1 ' 1 1 Hi -inn-
our Allii. Kit,::. mi! 1'iipr. mil
Itatt --Miii.H 1 1 - ,' licrtnani n.l
Austria nriil ilu- ih ni" l populated
coil 111 I If nf I'.i-'khIIIi titliltll. ft'.
Thfs,- h--i ,-n meat ip'.rtinu ilistr.-.'ts
n re tha I'iiIicI Htnten. t'aniidu u. I
Artlentln. tin the western hfinlnplifrn
ii nd Australia. Imliii. Itus-ia ami llu
tiiiiiua in i In- i, i Ant-id.
oilier Killing slim orr.
"kutti.una la i imtriilh'd ly the c n
ttnl em p i en an, it wheat tit;ilti
our enemies. Thf fit-lilH nf IIiimnii, nr.;
'ffoftii'tllv fin off liy Ihi' Kri-iii iir
"iic no that It i . urn. .t ..mi ll.ul,. out
nf itn atorfv t tlu tier. In i.t the- -.-trn
flilpllrr. It 1,1 IK It I i-Mii Hint hull I
oulil hi owtImiiiI. hut thiTf r,- no
iKli'ipiiit.. liiiiiBpnrtmioti fai ihllfn ht
ruil from tin. iii-'rin M.-illU'irniiin i
In thf fii'M ,.f I in In, liil.' tht Mi-ilit.
t'l li li mil Kfit la inn. of i hi- iiiom piril
oiiM koiii-h f.,r nii'i'ihiint M-KHiln to
IratiTHi- in thfhp irmihtiMl tiitit-n. I
thf ili-t.un r hi an nll-niiti-i ri u :
arotiml thf Ki.iilh of Afrlfii Ik prat -llrnlly
no grtNit iik Kiif-himi n, i wiiuti
hf I mm Arif, iiiini. The remit Ih th.-i!
mil'. 11 x II i ii II p.lll nf ih,- I I I ! I i
rnp pioiliu-fil in Imlii, .m nim.-il ami
it pi'finn rfii-iiniihl prohiihlf th.tl no
Porn-ni i f the irMii-i; i-rop i an hf
rountfi) upon to rdifif t nfoc-mi-tl'i
of our .ilhf.
llllitlni lippli I iih tiillnhl,..
' Aii-trali, t l half . iiroiiinl tin
worlil fioin Kuropf ami it hilf thfi
proilin,- i. 'ii. i .nun i.u.whi iK of fxpni-'-
-il'lf Hurplus unili r rioi uial . oiiilitlnn.
It ,n uttfrly 1 1 1 1 1 - -1 1 1 to tiiof it
Vtltll Mllilp:llir HO ll-Ml III lll I,- it
toilai. t iniiHt r-iiii-iiiiii i that not
mill- ai- tin- ppopii- of l'lnr"ir i l
ffil. iml el. nl ami Mippiieii tilth nth''
ri'liillifrria 1 lu-i-il-, hii' hari- usual in
tinifH of pf.tii. l-iit th'-i- war lime"
liiipi.'!' xtt aoi ihitai t ili-in.irnis up. m
"hippii'i? Just ii., vt Aiiii-iiMi 1- i-r-
irnUf.l III III,,, lliu -,'ini' llii'i i'tni tronlis
to l-'l.ill..-. Mil,!.' Willi til, '11 m-i'l'ss.i I V
xnppli ol f I anil i-h-th.'tiK anil imh-i.-
timis, in. i i-r i.i N out of whn-h mtu
p!nn,' an- to ,f nia.li- anil ih,- vast
luaiit.tifn of pi'iiili-r ami xtt-fl rntl-siiiiii-'l
in tla 1 1 1- in f in ii . ns ,-niiflir'
ttiust liiriri-lv nun i- uiT'-i'- tin -'-i "
ii.l-l it i. i t . Mu r, , n w. it hi'- r,"iiii.il
laffi.'. Tiir (.ri s-uif uiiihr ll'rh,
tills H'llff III. HIS llllS l-lll-.l .ill llu-
ahip r Ilia urlil Into war at-rvhr
Ktrry nut Ion hua cnmmamlf rr il thf
lioitnla under Itn fliin. and It In a prlnif
not'Kalty that every moiiifnt (if thflr
atallphle tlm ahnll he profitably utll
lifd. I am told that a hlah prlcnl
limit will pay for lltlf In two Irlpa
nrroaa the Atlantic, Mow f pr nmt
II would he to move wheat from Aua
tralla, thtrrfnre, when a! leant three
tliiifn tha amount of time or a round
trip itfronn the Atluntlc wiuld be vtm
aumed ?
WImwi llulil an Wau r.
"Wlnnt p almost at fluid an water
In Ihe world'a traffic. Mm who werp
In toui'h with the delalln of the world'
prniliit'lion uuilrr normal rnndltlona
think Hint Ihev ran flaure nimithn
ahead to a frartlnn of a rent what
the price nf wheat will he and gain
hie In the atock exrhanae on the
"'ronath of their Judgment. A rnw
failure or an unrKpectertly liirs-e en
portahle aurpliln In anv one nf the
treat produce renter will dlnluth the
market, and make ur hrenk million
airea. Thin year, and during IhU
wnr. not mi ly In one of the proiluc
Ing centern dinturhed. hut an far a
our allien are ronce rne d. five of
thone atfit r, rttera are entirely nut
of ronniderntlnn. and those portlonn
.'f ronnderation, and those pnrtlonn
of the world in which we are Inter
eater) inu-'t he fej from the fields ol
tht t'nitpd 8tnten and anada.
NH.INMI.IMMI lllishfls Shlll tiff
"Now. In normal tliiien. our allies
prodiiKe In round numlu-rn notnfthlnK
like mm. una, mm 'nimhi-ln of wheal for
their own use. and thev Itiipnr frniii
all sources about .ixu.iiiio.miu hu-lieli
of which the I'nlteil Hftlea niippl:e
mi. OOii. (mi), ('anuria 1 1 I l.iliiil.ndO, and
the othiT countries h limit HM.ntid linn
It nppi irs thai thin I . nun. (inn hunh
ela. or nlmont one. hair of lmport.nl
re'iulre nienls. In absolutely rut off an
I'.iiiK as a condition nf war exl-tn.
Instead of producing Aan iimi noil bush,
iln thin Mir. there in a crop nhortai; 1
In thone tountrien of l-i!t-oie. whose
emme In ours. aiiKi rual lux almost
Suit O'Mi.nno liu-liels more no that ther
is a real shortage of nmrli 4"a,i)nti
(Miii hunheln to he deriier from two
roiintiiis, the I'liited Mali - ami Cin
nila. whose total fXpor'.'blf -ir,lils tin.
,lf- norni',1 coiul it ions aK'icKaifs less
than 2 in, ii n i, on l bushels. In nth-l
wnrdi they nhould have an additiou.il
supply from the tinted Stuten and
t'.itiada twice an firi-at an our norm 'I
total export.
XitH-rli-an Supply siniilh-r.
i'a ihi iIli h.tH lit-fii in the war ftoin
Us iKk'ntiiitiK an, I it has ri-i n ileti.
ddily io the iifcnsitie- ot tin- hour,
ini't canlni; its hl;riilusj from I I ;t,'i"ii. -
("in bushels to fully .'"ii.i .lum this
teur. lui' Auifrlcit's crop, m spite of
our effottn In less tin- j,nr than it
wan in I ! I t .
AnHTlia'. Hull.
Tltaw Is ilii-n foiT only tuif way In
nliiclf Aiiif'liii tun do Ii-, ilutt tt Ms
it I lli-s,. We In, if mi , vtiuonllmn y
4j ,
National Sunday School Day, November 4
You will be welcome at any of the following Sunday Schools:
East Central and Arno
Wset Lead and South Third
East Gold and South
TIONAL East Coal and South
South Fourth and West
West Silver and South
North Fourth Street
Old Town
South Sixth and West
North Seventh and Moun
tain Road
East Lead and South
IAN Martineztown
West Lead Avenue
NOV. 4
West Coal Avenue
crop of tnirn. He have an a hum In nl
upply of fiMHl of rx-ry Mirt nml '
are ilw hlggt 1 wheal ratt-rs, on
Wt- inn eat Mitip-thlna t l-f
MORE Christ rung Greeting Card and
Foldcri will be used this year than
ever before. In a few weeks the
engravers will be swamped with orders.
Anticipate your Christmas needs. ORDER
YOUR CARDS NOW. Many who sent in
their orders even a month before Christ. , as
were disappointed last year. The demand
will doubtless overtax the output this year.
Call and see our showing of the new ideas
in Christmas Curds and place your order
Jt''ttJltt!lM'll.ltn.lMttl.lll.SMo'LtU'lrl. ,IM,IIU1I IINt'Mlll'll , NLI'iHUtULI.n i. ntufittmiri l 'il..tft
! w3 - '-liy
ami rt h-a-f a i,,rl,oii of our uhcat
'fur -.hlpiiHiii to our frifiitln uikni Ihf
ntsjlM. If IhroiLKlimit our t-miulry fti-
iiiiiii. ivonuiii Hiitl fluid woiiltl sine one
n,tiii,l of flour a wit'k. our f Mi,tnhlf
siifiliis from ll"'s t eops wimhl mu-Vn-UHto
J(l(l.(HMI.(Mlll llunhfls, uihlliu
I .'n, oon. (Mill tti our usual isMitrlhiiiloii
titir I Jii.iMMi.unu and I anailit'n hii.immi..
out). imiii iiiakes, oirr ittMl.OtNi.lliHi rnun
tlu-w tut, isHintrlix atallahle for out'
allli-s, mid Unas. nothing It'll for
ihi'in to do uln ii i hu suppli s fouiul
for t lii'iti ciivin It, pi'iiitiis' thf skiiic
si'lf -ih iilal, like our In f haini-n r. lint
lllliiiasiirali v K'flfr In ilegrti tinil
tin wlihoiii n loiiilmtim of inn, nun. uou
liil-hfls of Mlit'ai hl ll lltt y o sorely
"I ft us hi-iiu Ii closer Ittmit. If ftfrv
man. noniau and t-lilltl In Nfw t-l .i
hy M'lf atiuirol anil a lilt If s, Ifih-nlal.
would Niihsiliuif Mtini' otlifr fiMnl fir
wins, mid Mttf a loaf of hnail a wii-k
for oih' yittr. w ,- moiiIiI furiiish till thf
nhi'itl I hut woiilil la riiulivil Sir tun,. 1
nun iiifi,, ttoiiH n anil i lulilci ii In
I mini' under a niii iiuil nil inn. i
Two Viii'rk-M isfifl.
' ) half In ,n linked two iptestioio ;
it Inch I desire to answer: W hy ilmi t '
tint mi whi.it from Australia if it
'hiic" Tins I lnii. shiiwti ymi. I
UiiiiK. i i.iicliisiM'li in Ihe dil l icill i. .-
,,f KfttiUK KllliplUK lift) the tli'lll.ll-l
doiis detii.i ml.- wliich huic been tn-iilc
not iiiil.t uioti t'Xistltut v t'Ht-Is. hut
'poll the newly f oustl'lli ti d ones
which in- tak.Kk- the pine of those,
,fstrove,l 1,1- ihe Herman mnlei-ei
inr itf s.
"(J I Win ilou't we ehip jot.itoes
when we li.m no great an abuiidumr
and kfep our wheat which we ftijoy''
The ea-le-t unnwer in that the potato
lontains from mi to hj per cei.t of
w ilt-r while win-it i,, a fonci iitiat"
If tour cattle tteie ililnn on tip
lamte and iars were ncape it wonM
nut he a nufBtimi of prife Inn of ton
nage and ymi would nay that it was
ii, in Ii bctty s, use to rhip fiuiren-
Iratiil co 'tons I take than to ship
alfilt.i. Tin- rake, tn r omiuru ble to
the wheat. The alfalfa is nmiilar to
tlie potato. No Amt-i'ieun it ho lv,
his coiiiitrt a ol wantn it to dn Its
ilu'v ,s i4oiii I" M-rioiitily uttfc thai
W e siilp wa.ei to thf allies w he 1
'lift want font!
draw down 11 lax of eight per rent. ( I'atruna nf the, telegraph and th trunnportation of ,roprty or peranna.
which must he pul.1 when Pn.vme.it tn telephone mua. fay five efnta In w.rThe ,BW ,,.., MV, p,nam fl,r
tnaiti I tils illihlll'i to mtlf Ige. ncripi..'"" on rer nn-naKf wnen mi cmira .
futiiiiiulatitn. nml ill!er('llilllBea,l'li,, ''ilten tenia and over.
mil. age fit-di-iili.il.s. Tn rt'Hponsibllity nf irvvlng and cul-
l et, i r f. nt mn.t he . ..lie. ie.l ., lf ting for account of the jrovernment I
failure to col left or truly account fur
and ray ove auih taxen.
a , i . . i ir a Art s.a thss
i i .. , , .. . u ..rt ' " ,11111, o s .- a os. " "'is
' 1 m, ,', ill I'm mi oim Mini -,' i"s-" i nwr im, "ii i - .i. . , .,. ,,.., M ,,
berth, ami st iter.,..,,, farts in I'ullmar Vera an, I emplotenof Ihe rmia,.!e. r'1 h every cUn uf ,a
t'ltr". ' w'hns,. iiii,u.M ur fniinet rvpinfp tot- , women tuo. Try one.
I 1
Railroads Issue
Instructions in
Regard to Taxes
proi (orfn.r.tiflrif lo Thw
, niarilln. T . . .1 1 Th mil
io.mIm Uaw 'i.-r ami Ht nt (- t heir
( inil. iyn tiir-tni' tuiiif .inl rK ul.i I io
fin thf ruil. ' l'" nl iirrtniiitlnic f
In x i k w tin h thi- Vk ir if vi ntip ;n t 'f
I SIT iiithltn -luilt bf ruil tvU'ii
t.itfii t ii ' Hii. t'ii'Kln lh. tt'lfphi'ii'.
iih'l f.Ht". v in I; llU'v In k:ii:iiiik N'i-
wiiiIm ) K
Tn In will lull nun., hi- iuM
a Hr I.i tf 1 1 1 r I'fri-t-nt and in!i
Ifi tcii u tit-ii Mm trt-.Kht rh.tiK
(m l Tin- ti,l,1",i i tilt .iiiiiNi
fi'ihf tr .ffi'. I'M' ii"t tn rtf.iKli. t.ou-
.11X1 lit f'HI'll!). I'l'IIMtrlUN.
'n Xi -h lum u iiw I'i'iit f 'i
-.nit l n! irnlj .r flit-Mutt in'it
h, l.ilr. t. .1 .i Wil Itil" ' i nil Iiii:
iih nf i nii,..i:i ih,. I ni I 'nl i !
i'iiuiiMi '1 in ti i if-pi'i l inu (Kit kit u
I'UMi l lu'iit-ti'i Tin -t,tiiif- liitf 'M'
IrltfM It, I'-N.s. Il.ll IU Iri''. IJ I it I -
I tn K It't I '! ' Iitn;iw ft iJiiiliK " M -f
rlKH'IK' tl -Hillilt liln
I 'uar'i'N.j'j. U ks.lv ami anlt f-n-"
n n nil JT&
ece i im ruDiic
Letter postage is three cenU for every ounce or frac
tion thereof, and every letter will be returned to the writer
if the proper postage is not placed on such letter. Every
body can readily see the delay there will be to their mail
unless this new letter rate is properly observed.
The exception to the three cent rate on first-class mail
is postal cards, on which the rate is two cents; if you have
any old style postcards bearing the one cent impression,
it will be necessary to attach a one cent stamp.
The other exception to the three cent rate is that on
letters which are mailed at the local office for delivery by
the local office. The rate on such letters will remain the
same as it has been; that is, two cents. This will enable
the business man to mail his statements and handle his
correspondence with patrons receiving mail at the local
office, without any increase of postage.
It is suggested that, in any event, where the new rates
are not fully understood, inquiry be made at the postoffice,
so that there be no delay to your mail.

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