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American Business Men Ready to
Make Sacrifices With
. out Stint. ,'
American Taxation the Mott Demo
cratic In the World.
Nothing la plainer linn (lint bnslnesi
nmt business men liml everything in
Koln liy preserving die rnndltlnna which,
.listed (luring the two anil half year
prior to April, 1017, under which ntan.r
of llii'iu made very largo rtrnflla by fur
niahlnf supplies, provisions anil llnan
In I alii to the allied nation. Tan-a
were light, and this country was rap
idly becoming Hi great otniimiilc rea
rrvnir of the world.
Nothing la plainer than that any sane
business man In thla rounlry niual hare
forenoon that, If America entered Ihe
war, these roflta would ha Inimenaely
reduced and Rome of them cut off en
tirety, because our government would
step in and tjiko charge: that It would
cut iirlcea right and left, aa. In fact, It
haa ilnne; that eiiortnoua liurdena of
taxation would Imve lo ho Imposed, tlis
liulk of which would natumlly be home
by the well-to do ; In almrt, that the un
precedented gulden flow Into the coffer
of btialnexi wan hound to atop with our I
Jolt.lng ihe war, or, at uuy rule, tu be
much diminished.
Hut It la anld the IdE flnnnciera of
New Vork were afraid that the money
loaned by (hem to the allied nation
might lie lout If these nations were de
feated, and therefore they maneuvered
to get America Into the war In order to
aave their Invealmenta.
Proof That the Charge lo Abaurd.
A moment's reflection will show the;
utter abHiinlliy of that charge. It tia
a winie, for argument' mike, that 'he '
nlllea had been defeated, l-et ua mako !
the wl'dly Improhulile Mnumptlon I lint
they had defaulted for tho Hum being
upon theme foreign dehia. the grenter
part of which, by the way, la secured
by the tienoalte "f collateral In the
liepe of American railroad bonda ami
atocka and of bond of neutral conn
tried, aggregating more thnn auHcient
In lilue to cover tlieae delita. I .el UN
iiaaume that the entire amount of al
lied 1'otoN plnced in America had been
held by rich n In New Vork and the
cal ic-ii'iid of hcing iliii lloiicd, aa It
I. tliincghoiit the country.
I li not perfectly iiiiiiiifev. Hint it
niiigle ear a Americnn wur inta'lon mid
reduction of profit would tnke out of
the pockets of mil l) anxunicd holder u
vastly greater sum than liny possible
Iohs they could havo nuffered by de
fault on tliclr allied bonds, not to meii
l ton the heavy luxation which Is bound
to follo-v Ihe war for tear to come and
the slillnkiige of fortune through tho
decline of nil Americnn Hoeiiritlra In
coliseipieiii e of our i litluiicn Into the
Not only la Ihe "rich mn war" an
absurd myth; the cluitge is a linteful
Itiislness men, grent or small, are nn
different from other Americnni, ami
tin reject tiie tliougiit that any AmerU
ran, rich or poor, would be capable tt
the hldcou and dnstardly plot tn)
bring upon bit count iy Him sorrows;
and auffeiiiigs of war in order to en
rich himself. I'.itxluet men are bo I
to be exceedingly heavy financial loacm
through America's entrance Inlo the
war. Kvery element of self. Interest
should have caused Ihetu to use their
lit most efforta to preacrve Ameri-a a
tietllriility, froiu which they drew so
much profit during the two and a luilf
years before April, 111 17. Kvery con
tddcrnilon of personul mlvantiigi com
liiamlcd men of alTnira to stand with
and support Ihe agitation of Hie "peneo.
Bt an price'1 party. They (.pinned
such Ignoble reasoning; they rejected
that amilntlon; they stood for wur
when It was no longer possible, with
ssfety and honor, In maintain peace,
because they are patriotic- citizens
first ntid business men afterwards.
Our Income Tax and Taxes Abroad.
(I.) The largest Incomes are taxed
fur tuore heavily here Hum anywhere
elao In tho world.
The maximum rate of income filia
tion here Is tl7 per ceni. u Kugland ll
la I.' per cent. Hurt I tlieief,,,r ;H
per cent, higher than Kugltind's, ami
tho rate In KnglHi.d la the highest pre
vallli.g anywhere In Kuroi. .nd in
Hildlllun to the fcdernl tin w,. noisi
bear In mind ottr state nnd niuiilepH
(2 ) Mmlernte and small Incomes, nn
the oilier hand, are mil. I.-, t t,, H flir(
aiuaili-r rate of lavHtiou 1ier than in )
Read THE I IERALD every evening not only for its
news but also for its advertisements, many of which
nrr found only in THE HERALD :: ::
In America Inconiea af teamed men
np to 2,fnni nre not etihlert n any fed
oral Income tat at all.
la Knahmll tho trcoma tat la:
H per eeitt. on II nm
, H !."
j 1.00
(These are the ralea If the Income II
'derived from salaries or ; 'hey
are still higher If the I me la l r ted
from renla or Investments )
Tho Knglish acaie of t.VIon on In
eotnea of, nay, $.1,11, $.-.,i. $H),nrK)
anil fl.Ymio reapectivety averages aa
followa aa compared to the American
ratea for married men :
!nr-nm tas In In
r' "ii Knciet.
M.'smi 14 per cunt.
n II per cent
lii.ana ;o r cent.
U.iKH 21 per rant.
l-l of I r e.
' P o.
I ' P r.
t i o.
(If we add Hie ao railed "o.-i upn
HoiihI" tat our loial taxation .u in
eomea of $0iHl I fl per cent, ami on
Income of H.'i.otto U per out.)
In ether words, our Income taxation j 1
la more democratle than that of any A
Other country In that the largest in. I
cornea are taxed much mere heavily I
and tho email and moderate Incomee
much more lightly than anywhere else
and Incomee up to $2,000 for married
men not taxed at all.
3 ) It la true, on the other hand.
Unit on very large Incomes aa .Matin
gitlHlieil fnn the Inrgeat Incomea our
income tag la nnmewhat lower than the
KiikIWIi tax, lull the difference l,y whleh
our Inn la lower than the Kngliah tat
la Incmnparaliiy more pronounced in
ihe enne of amnll imd moderate Incomea
than of Inrge incomea.
Tho "Cxceaa Profile" Tax. Hero and
Moreover, If we add to our Income
tax our ao called "excess profit tax,"
which la merely an Additional Income
"lx "n ln derived from hnalneHa,
WA Ml.nll il...l Ik.l II.. ......1 . . .
kiiiiii uuii mm uir ioihi tax to wnlcli i
rich men are sub.lect I in the great ma- I
' Jorlly of case heavier here than la
i Knglnnd or anywhere else.
) It Is likewise true that the Kng
j Hah war excess profit tsx la t) per rniiL
(less various offsets and allowances),
I whilst our so called exi-ess profit tax
rangea rrom .11 per rent, to m per
Hut It is entirely misleading to baaa
coni lu.loii s to the relative heavl
nes of Ihe Americnn and Hrltish tax
merely on a comparison of the rales,
because the Kpglish inx la assessed on
a w holly different luiis from the Amer
ican tax.
Tho American excesa profit law (so
called) taxea all profits derived from
business over and above a certain
moderate percentage, regnrdleaa f
whether or not such profits are tho
result of war conditions. The Ameri
cnn tux I a geueml tax on income de
rived from iuitie In addition to
the reguUr Income tax. Tho Eng
lish tax applies only to excess war
proflts -thnt Is, only to the xuut by
which profits In Ihe war years exceed
the profit in Hie three yenr preceding
I lie w ar, uhlrh In Kugland w ere yean
of great prosperity. In other words.
Hie KiicU'li tn. Is nominally higher
Ihnii ours, but It applies niilv to war
profits. 'I he normal prolltx of biisineaa
I. e . Hip profit which business used
to nnike In pence time -are exempted
In Knglnnd. There, only the excess over
pesco profits Its taxed. Our tax, on
tho contrsry, spplies to all profile over
and above a yery moderate rnte tm the
money invested In business.
We Tax Normal Profile, Thy Tax Only
War Profits.
In abort, our lawmakers have de
creed that normal loislnris profits are
taxed here much more, heavily than in
Knglnnd, while direct war profits are
In x i'd lc-s heiirlly.
You will agree with me In quention
n both Ihe logic nnd the justice uf
Hi. i' met hod. It would seem that It
would be both fairer and wiser Hnd
more In accord wl'h public sentiment
If the inx on business In general were
ilei rea"ed and, on the oilier hand, nn
luereused lax were imposed on spend.-
war profile.
(.") Our federal Inheritance tat la
fur higher limn It Is In Kngland or any
where els:. The maximum rale here
mi direct ilescendiinl Is "7 '4 per rent.
is iiunlnst 10 per rent. In Kugland. In
addition to that, we bare slate In
herltancH tuxes which do not exist III
(il) of her total actual war expen
diture (exclusive of loan lo her al
lies mid Interest on wnr loana) Eng
land haa raiaed less than 15 per cent,
by taxation ('ranee and Hermany far
less), while America la about to raise
by taxation approximately 28 per cent,
of her total war requirements (exeln
she of loans to the allied nations and
of the amount to be Invested In mer
cantile ships, which, being produc
tive Investment, cannot properly bo
classed among war expenditures).
We men of business are ready and
willing to he taxed In this emergency
to the very limit of our ability and to
make contributions to war relief work
end other good rsiiKe without stint.
'Ihe fact Is that, generally speaking,
cnpiuil engaged In business la not
being taxed III America more heavily
tlui n anywhere else in the world. We
ere not coinpliilnlng nhout this; we do
not fciiy that it may not become neces
sary lo Impose still further tnxea; wn
ere not whimpering and sitienling nnd
aglt:ii Inc. but we do want the people I
to knoiv what are Ihe present facts,!
and we n1'. litem not lo give heed to
the detiiiigoi,ie who woe Id make fticiu
believe thai we lire escaping our shunt j
uf the common bur leu.
Evening I Icralil, Albuquerque, N. Monday. March II, 19i8
tiik .maiiwit.
Wnll Mml,
New Vol li M in li I i l:.'K .iii-l
oil iri' foiiinoxt in I lie future Milium-
I he fti-l ...... ..f toil n'- M..i'l,
llllllk.-t and Allicl ll'llll Hlnt-ll Hilt Mas
nidi it In tli.- - .in no t il- I int.
Ht.ttcK Sim; v.i-. li, Hi .-.. iooi,,k wr. li
Iti'ti.w ro.v liuuti., and iii.iIoih will' l-l'-llcr
piMnlc w I'll liH'.ICCuK llilt't IIK I
o it pulm. Tladiim I iill. J ut iiiulil.iy
after I ii-n il i ii l; .no I otto i lO.llCI- hi
cll o 'l iilolltent eil:iinril' i lc.c!..p
cil h'liue ii r ill. it il l.lt.ortv
odd ,it 7 to ;(!; ftit i f at
si i to ii, i;ii. fust t m in; . to
'.in :.i mill -ei nii-l 4 nt '.iti.:i.' t.i !; 4:,
A mi'i'tcii a .-Omar l: Hnlim i.U'j
A mi' onil. i i 'upper tl I 1 j
At.hiMiii :
i ll 111 1 1 I oM . t I
i.'. I iV I :t'.
j.'M.iih.l,. I'.,c," v. -, WAxVK.i-t. " M-ci I ,, MM,,, ,",,, .1 . ,.,.'.,rl,,,',',,''''', l"" ' '"' "" I
, i v,ii in . - - - i aim 'i him ii m ' "in1 ' i' i . , .i , i ..... ...t i .... - - i
;. ""-i :'y--ta..dv;g 1..P.. AH,,,,,,;,',,,,,,.' T.p. -writer lv- SITUATIONS WANTED
1 lV 1 P.i.t. J. Ki.,1... A i ' ' I-,. .... ,,. St..
- . .. I WANTKIi IMJSITH 'N V...II.M iiiU -it-
lib iigo llo.inl id I i-iidc. M I W A TI I I " I- ;.,i.- ..I FOR SALE HOUSU te,a:tis IliiMin. -l.i-ue "ill hi
. -i. . . ... ii ii ii i uiiioinobllo liiiiii l-'M..: I - .1 i,,,..,. ,i..,u t in- u
tul.i if. ... d i-i.i d cvpi.it Mile, ol tin. P-rience tint niieH-. i.,,: " " ' , i; s .t; -'r ,, , m i-i t'.in '.Jpey evpen-os. will vork r.o -a:u.li
ml tin- pio.ecl .f .. i.io.i.ui .lion.-- while le.i rn I iik. Kx- ' ocpoi uiiiilv , ,N,., T mi;,- i .. tl... In ulu'i ,:.x ;: 1 I. . are H'rald.
lie i-llippiliK itemii'iil lorim ! il ll "t ' r"'' n.lMHl. Clliel.l. : -- '' 1 ' j.., , , ,... I . I, , .-....,' n . i i-.v 1 1. 1 . I -- -
oi r-. t opiiuiiK prl i-. whi-ii -t.i..il ITriiiinnir ol or.itlo' - X Iw..r.l s..rh IMuti. , FOR SALE - Automobiles
IIIO'll.lllK.ll. Willi .Mil ,il tl. '.;'. were .luillie I'.trolt. MU'.. I ' KwxwwMwrux-.'ul.'.. lt. j--'-
t....we,l l.i ii li4lit downturn ..if' "i''"" fAl.i: I- -,. lo-,. .( wuli In. Hi I 'Hi f-AI.I' '. -n r I .-id M'-
then I., siiiiiethinx of a rnllv. FOR RENT-HoU8eS "I'd km Inn: I'm. I SioiHi I'h M.eit ; . Ii.i.,n ill.- in d. I:uimiii If ink.-..
. Mia .l.oiv.d I fi. .11 rTTT-'T, 1 . w.lv ... .. M:,ys ,l .lore. at ....... I'h. in l.'.'H .!.
, ,,,, , , . . I I l! I . 1 - 1 ll ec ' i i i ..ll llll lit. ,. .( i 1 1 ., I i, v,..,,,,. 1 - '
v' " hk' hl d of export bn-lll.-. ' mh o.,,, , .,' 70J K U . .... I II! ' I'oi: -AI.K - I,. ,..'!,. -nil. , -1. I
;v;":;::;;:,:; ' :.rv ;:rr 1:1::; t: ' ; j wanted Miscellaneous ; :
1;,.. -I ;:....UA.vn,. .'-mm r,.. ',.r.; 'i,t.,
I.nliiil mime HKla 1 1 ;."" v.. I. IHS-i-V-. im.M-r pl".' ''I -.pbe. twice il..il. ...i I :m.l I .."i Hi. I
.il.... I...... u.i.i.. ...-,1 i;.V.; iMise.l. tl'i : - : !'.; Iie.m. ; i.-i'V l-e. Hem. r. hhi fi. tun (Mi.ir- "
pi ..visions Tl ide'wi'w verv dull. S I o I ; .'". I.ui.l. I ..'.m '.. I '. I. ; . nl.-.-d Send ,.u.i- flushing I.. :i I.- ;wu'')uwuuln, 1
l-'..t..r.-H closed ,,t. a-, the -u 1'-- II :' I ";"''" -...l.-I.ed firm. II........ A , ,.,, ,,,.,, ,u.,, !
Saturday finn-l. t .elit l-wer. :t . n- -! :,c. : M.,,1., '."i' . "j"-"' .. .'"l'.'-".' h. us. .'nil at lu2'i Noi Hi Sixth. 1
Willi M.i lib .il I ; and M.i lit I linn. ..in-.i row l. .lic Me.-i -,
I . , .. -1 t ... i i i ( , ! WANTS".!" Aorent .... .
il-l - I-. r .... . j ..w.... li r ll.l'. I'l ii.i-i 111 - ' ,vtilt.
I 'ccltniH Hi 1 1' tin ti' in !. cln-i-U-.l I f . . 7" n I .' J ; row n .1 ... I. t- ; JuuuuumrL .ru-o-u-u-u-u-c u-u u-j-ltuuuu i ,,..mmi- Imu . I . oil, ;' . -
.h.. ..v - ..i . it v. ...i..- i- T-. m : . TAII...KI'.; Ai;.;"r-' .-VI ii...,. . ... .... .
I 111.- week wen he.nv sioi . Cecil. t- ' 1 rrow I toil d. -t. .-"1 .1. r Ite.iut,,--. I- t ' ' ..... tfJl)UWW
I ' ' " I l.ll.l'i.itr I', I,..,.., M.-ll . .', I', ill wl.l 1. 1.' I ... .ll ........
' ."' I .'.'"i" Market etc... -imp. n - . . -
''on. - March . :. M.i l i'.'t. ,,,,'S, :nj ,. i ; s . ," allow i. I..n -fling out t t ti - . , i:i ... . 1 1. -. h.,,. 1:.: V .: 1 T,.
"'.il Ahirih t'1 '-c: M.iv M" 1 . c 1 Leeds Wo,.:, n Mill". I'hleouo. Ill or,. '
...... .... - - - rtocma 1
1 I'll. -.o;l l- ..... Ivllll-lla 1 in ri.nl"". 1 -
u.r.i - Ma :ii.i.; .iui.1 : 2. k.,,,..,, i-iiy. M...'i ... !. n i:..i.-ri WANTED Female Help 1 --m.i: wi'ik'n i" - ''"'
, . .' Y.'n'eilliiy.ilv. j VVAXTKI ' Waitress nnd loanl lit l;..in.i. j
I knM I'M l instock. l-'tii; - l'.r-t S2-. ' Hotel ' Iii. Apply at office
K.i..-.. fitv. Mai-rh II - I'..- .,,i ri Koosti 1 1 h- -.-t I -1 ) " ,ult H.l.i: UoomlliR liouse. ko.h1
ri-.pt 1 I loin. Marliet lower. Hulk. , WANTKl Woman for general lions.- LuMincyx, Kood loi alion. liuil.an.l
: ii; I.; hiavi. I 11 1 7. '.'": .. work. A ly IPX South Walters'- drafted. Must sell. I'lione l.t'.i. j
I'Kbt. !; .il7.:.. puis. I. I. lean., l'1-..ducr. i'hono W. - . "" ,
l IH.;T.. ('hie iL-o March II llult. r M.ii - LOST 1
fattl I:.,-.,,.,. M-.tl.t k-' lower . ',' -au.e, i I '. - 4 ' . e WANTKU-SIrl to assist with hus, - w !
w.ak IT. I, d t..r. I. '.:.:.'. M no. i-.M-irkct low. C.'c-.pt- l- work. No ...oklt.K or washlnr:. 1S0I l.osT -Man's Muck o.re. Hewui.r
!drc-e.l be, f twrs. I ... tr I ,.w .-.HtM at'.. !l',c: ,,1'dii.ai'. West femrul. for return to Kwn.nK ..tf.ce.,
'r?c;;:;r,,..'f:rr'V;Wn:r::; :!;;,-;'; " ,k w:" ,,7'..;:.,..: -osT-:iict:n,.N,,,i:;,v;,,h17;ke,l
stock.-.. tee.!,,-, S.M.o 1-' - ,.,,, lthf ,s run. work M, h..,v a, ,Khl. 0 , "' m,J' , ' 'T ,r""
l.nl 7 .'.' I "."ii: caKee. $;.:i"'o Vi-,,Mn. M l.-M :Kn n ..ml M.nn.-n'a North Twelfth Mreet. I I Inl mi: t o., . 1 1 I ... I ent ral
! 1.! -oiiihern ste. r. .- c.( II 1"" . k. l. '-:., ..:!"; .H'to. -acks. M'.f - - - l.isT HI... U li.in.M.iu;. Let w I ;ik-
Mie.i. Ilir, i,t- '""''!';, !',''.',"' 1 :ir' ll"ISI.IO:i:i'l.i: Al.l.. lo i nr- fm clul. and I ' ' .num.. li.liini
J il.oiii 7J-; i .11 liii.:-. t 1 !""'' I nltiN Km. -Hi - s,. i. v. VoiliH. . ., , , ... , '.' I
, ,,, ,, 1 1 " I'll" I 'n III. If I" d patient. III private to I .1 Illlfll.tW H Stole
withers. 1 : in' 'a I '. mi . cue-. ll " -'s,. ...... , ,
. , -. , , , i . von '.i lamllv ..I two. no 1 1 1 1, 1 it-n . no w.imIi- - - -
; ' ' K '"' " v mi.-. :. ,., month. ai-.ii... per- I ' T " 1 "'" "I ' ' " '
N.iv , i dale., ; I M.ic -'"' n."l ..-I IS. ........ n..n,.--K r-.iv
,"..n-r I.HCi.M-k. " , '; ..ai: -tc u. -.Ms I '' -! . ml ..... e leva
li.nv.r. .'..!. March 11 '"' ,.,v IdlN. I .".':-, per . ot . ""'" r. I . s n.i-a ns-w a vgy.. aj
l:.-.-,,.ts ...... m lit,. : -i.-a.H ' i ' u. a.,v u,v . .,...K- i:.''v I". Npotl Help? TTT a Want Ad.
; r- vi : .-..-. lo...'. ,. , 1 ... ...... i ,v.; ii.. i ..it.-. y.y!y 1 1
v;.. ......kv.- ..ml ' t--, ;r ,,.,',' .i. ,...... t - I ' Relieves CATARRH Ol I
it i .v.; ,-.,p .. t . .... 1 1 i n ' , , ;,; .,, , . , ,,t J tho I Chicngo Mill & Lumber Co. I
ii i... iv, -vt .,-t. ' -It. ni annrol I . . I
.:::irJ;:,::: -.i.,-.-: j ;:;;;:::-1,:rt,l-s.;; .',,HlDiscin i 1 arg a mrqucu rMM 9
1 I .'.'..I 1.' ',li,v, ,,,.1 -,x in.i'illiv. .'. !' , I JVi Jj i fM""Pft
' '': I'..-" ii". WloltTSl f - . .
.'!....,,. M.u.'h 11 II..,.- Kc'l'-'eent. .l,..'lnK hl.l. t', .e, cen': ..ff.-re.i: i XL S i
rn. ion., tone ur.. '. I". i Mark . I on-I., i 4',, .(- , , i , V t . .... I , per I ...i i., ,.. i '
m i tied a, Saimdai ., i .- are to I .,.,. j eWeVVVrVyVVAerVrWArVs T"'' "'
CJl" Undo Sum Neexis a Lot of Bread
II Cr sll alJ"i V4 li L CSwcSi , I and tho Food Administration Suva
UiJ :r:0Xfefflfty fv ,0 S;lvc Whc,lt Flour-
ssesit out ail 'S,(lii3i 33
Help! Help! Help! We needed it! We cried lor it! With
out it we should be lost. Help was hard to get. So many
young men had joined the colors. But we knew that
there were women and older men to take their places.
How were we to let them know that we had jobs for them?
We held a conference. Two beads are always better
than one. And luckily we decided to use
The Herald want ads found the men and women we want
ed. Our S. 0. S. was heard
if! Kis-h
I 'Hi
"Jf?I i,'-i
4 room furnished houac, near
Firnt ward school ; only $12.00.
511 West Central Phone 308
'1 " ... , I - V . II ' I - I 1 11 I ' I' ... I . I ... I .. I
!, , , i i . i . .ii - 1 .inn. i, i i i .-iiiiiii ri'i ouu ri.
I j l.l.e oik hi fin. f.iiniii i o-i
I WiKTED-H Hi. Wnln i TVPFAVPtTPPS ' .nu i ml ' -ion I m i inirnl i. '
wo stare did
To ''Read ihe Ad for Profit" Means
KUll lil:.'T- Modern roomi, no Hlrk.
Apply i'lil W. Moir. I'll i It .!.
I'oi: hunt -nffeu
liUlliiil.v , Mi .mi l.i . I ,
the i 111 i ui.iui.i; u.itei
Ml I .o It. i - Me I o
oeit ol I l.'C-l III !
the i In iui.iui.i; u.itei in i ,o li i ti
to Anwr Those That Appeal to You.
V i II K WAVI'KU Wlute lo.iii .uita
W"tk v' any kind I'.iluler dy
trjile. II. ix viek wile to tupp'i I. 1 " 1
West Tijei.ia, ur pliunu l.itmiiB
I lei ii Id.
-On. it-
207 South First Street
1 1 1 i' li.-r Hi' ..i.r v. , . 1 1 . ,- i- M , ,- j
I t.ri a.i i-i, in i ! . . i, l, it,,. ..,.,1
ml ration '.v l'..rini,lu.
218 North Second Street Phone 783
fiahn Coal Company
Ccrrillos Lump, Gallup Lump, Gallup Egg, Anthracite, all lizog.
Kindling' and Mill Wood, Brick and Plastering; Lime, Smta Fe
Brick. The best in fuel of all kind :: :: PHONE 91
J. C. Baldridge Lumber Co.
Phone 493 423 South F.riit Street
rKDUM.l . TIKE CO --Yrvs. Tulcso
lalng an t actesiicrlee. ot'ra nlgMa
and Hundaya. T re eervbo 'nvwhvl
Hhone H, 139 North KourlH .
Professional Cards
Spes-tells.s l.re, rr M.aa. "Tim"
Star National flank IUI
t. r. Far. Noee a est I brtiai
alt. i; Ml I tttKll.
f'rscil.-e l.lii.t! to iliiUlren
liffl. e i:.."-i.s " '. V"W Ann j i UlU.
"tl. 1 '.. W ('en. i 1 1
Hours .Vail III !:.'
I!s I'l ol.e .'"7',. ' ir.'icn MCI.
Special DiHCtses of Children
Ifcs.. (ill! S. W, ilt.T. I'lii.ito I'.Hl.I
Ofl'icf, Suit- !. r.attictt I'.utl.lititf
I'ii-.in' ;i7
If,, e II on . '.' : ami t'l . i ll . i . Dt
.1 I n in tt I'-l'ii:
Kit. J. Hlt AIT
iH-nial harery.
and t. Harnett Hldic v-
"H" Theater
t Appolntmenta na.le bj uia.O
I'hoon 111
IT-1M rtarw-tt in. !(. Al' i-rjna
ItolH V Itnl'KV
Attirnes at I -aw.
SnlUi S, law library MutlitlM
M.'VHV TO l.u.W In kvjiiis to salt, on
reil eslate nicurity. J. I'. Kldei',
2:i West Hold
HndorwoiKj No. I 1 0
ItemlnKton No. IS I". oil
oilier No. I J 00
U P. Bmlth No t 55 ')U
Smith rremler No. 1 J5 00
All are In atrlctlv firs, class .rder
Itlhhnns for anv nisehtne 10 eena
es-h Al.m'f'VEUQIT. TII'J':-
WHtTI'.'lt KXCIIA N ! K. 1 ZZ Pouih 4th
l.re I'hnn. st t
l .eiv ii.v iii::i.7Ti WANT AIM
no loneer nee, sit rent tionsi-s. ria.'i.
f ml help; ic aire i .. n : !: art . t"s
irii 'inents st.-r . and re'il e.into: fie I
the hiMt. sett Iioii-.m. .., am! f-irr.s
t iwiIkmjiiiI
7 lp
I The Scout
:: alir.iin,a I. in;, '.
7 I niKe l-sst
'1 lie Na a io
a 3ii
I I :.T)i
1 I
(i. i a
. hi ii ... i :.i in.....
Ml HI I'a... -;.X,re ....
I a-llioniid , . Dallv.
I'l The ..ont
3 Tli" N ' Ho
I 'a I ifi.rn a l.inrt.'d 1
S .11,' i I . IviMt . .
I'ri.ni m.ii lie
HI'. I a- K . . ' I ' n ii a-o
v !'! l or lv '. li.i.n'
M ill lat.t n!eeM r f' r
Ci.h.tcll lc.lM-s oil No -
n. la ! n t Hi tr i n So
I t ii a I :' i.'i n. in.
No, 7 him .t uno . a
vt. -.i r
No. M ,.,! Mai
It "in II .' I 1 1 .in t r .
la I, n.
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I'll I
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fit -I'l
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