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San Francisco, Aug. 28.- Hopes lor early and radical improvement in the strike situation which virtually has paralyzed rail transportation
in southern and central California, were expressed late today.
irm York. Auk. m. lii.r illvvr.
M. I'optwr and n,n unr-hanK",!.
id eaalrr; h!, ft.as . t.RO : 8i
iilier, 1. low (.(; nH-llir, dull. rUil
l,onla iHlv,-, hmH dffrffl at
: u)lnil-r, 7 Al Immlcin.
I: l'ul.rr l.i. t i:. .l: altcr.
S7. irH; oltira llnrhutiffpil.
l 10, No" 152. D
m - - n ii i . ip nrrl unTraur
HTM H rill. KM
rhlrajr rinlr. flVTS to !:;
mflitra, to' IIS 7. Krrtipla,
Iwnvor-110 0 to lit . Utlpt
KttnMi I'llr U 111.10. IU
calpta, .
Albuquerque, New Mexico, Thursday, August 28, 1919.
Price Five Cents
rporation Must Grant an Interview to Commit
tee of American Federation Within Time
Limit Set or Steel Workers in All Plants of
.Great Industry Will Be Called Out Answer
to Gary's Refusal to Treat Is Offer to Prove
Right of Collective Bargaining.
tMHKin,Miw J yiNl'rl:iy, lull wlttilirlil until thi atr-l
inhitiictoii. Auk. -V - Aflrr a ron- 1 worhi-m" r,rt-,iiitttv-a i-,iultl i-onlrr
ii-. Ik. iu,i.v nh ii,. .....iit. muvi ..,,i,H'r, .r.Hi,i.nl ami
- .. . . 1 olhT ullU'lull of thr- fi-tlrr
utttee uf the Aiiirrliun fed era
u f laibor. reprenentatUe uf the
nlltee tinti the alee uiltl Iron
era' union, made public m letter
ii. uary, rhMiriniiit of the board
We have received uur iinnwer to
i'Ur rMii a for it conference on be
half of the employe (tf your corpora
tion." mm Hi th It-tier to Judge Uttry,
and We understand the llmt para-
Head of Grain Corporation Fixes
New Schedule Which Will
Mean Many MUltoni More for
Wheat Grower of Country,
corporation, announcing that the
for 11 ntrike of uutittt elect
.era would he enforced unlet the
line refusal on the part uf your cor-
pnrutlon to eoin-edc iu your employe i
II' nichi of collective oarjiaining. I
lou quentiun the uuthoiiiy oi our
! wt. Una terminal.
r fm MoCiTf Mill
Minneapolis, Mum., Aug. 2 ft
new et-ale of prleea for the lower
sxrtlM of wheat for the 1 t K crop
mm niinniinrpil Imluv hv .111 It tin H
li-ectnrs of lh I tilted Ktale K1lll,h of your answer to be an abso- Hurnee. head of the l ultfU Him
It nun torporrtlton Mini wre immi'i
toil.ty on tlm trudlUK floor of tlie
IoimI tlmmhff ttf toiiinifrt'd to bi-
........ A.ft... i I. A tu.lllmllF 9
oitimniev within Ihr time limit coniiiuttcv to r.p, Nc-tt thm hiM torltyt T1" prl for numhvrM 1 unil 5
, , your finployrn. TUf unlv wv bynorlhein ri-niim lh mmiiia u lit
letter wnfi -Lit-,! tit vw 1 ..rk ,., ..,. ,.r,.v- ,.i.ih r r..- i.r i
I lo put ihf Mtrik vottf Intti tTfct uml
we Htrit erely hope you vflil nut forco
in nki to prow tli in point.
"We iiHkl for h (-tiifti'ftire for the
I purpose of urrn mkimic n nteetliiti
I Hhi-ti' thf lUewlloiot of Wittft'tt, iMMit'tt.
cort'l'tlonH of emplovniMiit uikI rollet-t- tnuiieil to uv oriMlui-em not nm limn
I I vi burK'Uniiilf luirht le iHitt ui.el. , the propi-r rountr point telleciloli of
. Your unnwrr m a M.it refunul for Hiietllihe teriitlmfl icuarMntt-etl prli-e for
iniifeivnce. whent rfiuiilnrC No 1 tun Willi the re-
Voti a Uo mnile refen-nre to the-tulion (or oth'-r (trmlei mk followx:
MttltuUe uf our rrprHllon In not I No. 2 WhfHt. e ntM Uinlvr No- 1 ;
oppoNiim tr pieventtnir your etifl.No 3 wheMt. 3 renin uinlt-r No. 1, No.
ploym Itom JoinliiK l.ilior orKHtllKii i 4 wheut 4 eeutM oit'ler Nil. .1, ttllti No.
Hon. It In H MiHfttT of tumiiton 1 3 W lira I 4 centn under .No. 4.
Hliowleilk-e lht the ttirtt' eninloea
1 Mad Ptihlin Tnrlav MnliM by your rorpoi ntitin uml MtihMMtiurleii .MK XH M S Y M II.I.K iM
. . hve for yeyrn nio4l effertively pre-
Otg List Of Bequetle Iron-I vettle.l unv iittentpt ut orsjanixullun
MtrG.v. Awy $350,000,000, ".iXZ.'TZy. . .,, ., ,
UrinftT Lifetime lihpoiml of rur iiniiiutle before the
' i lime liitiii will buva KKiilrml whnii
' "7 there will be no tllNfrftlAi. left to the
York An 2 The will nf foiuitiitu lull lo Miftirte the decree kotw it ml aionlHim. re-ei
Send to CongreM Detailed State
ment of Coit of Maintaining
Peace Commiiiion Whloh Totals
Million and a Half.
' yenr-
I f J. 1 H for nuitttter
'Other pru-eM follow;
No. 3 turth'i n. $? !." 'i
'northern, I.M1S id No. $J T S
i I'tider the reKulHimn of the Km in
nor porn lion till ileti Icid Will
Shop Crafti, Letter Says, Would
Be Placed in Position of Fight
ing Oat Issne Alone for All
Railroad Employes.
Entire Sitnation Will Come to
Head in 80 Days, Men Are Told,
and All Rail Employes Must
Act Together.
Wiwliinirtciii. Aiiir. 'is. Accept-Hiu-e
of I'reniilnit Wilson 'h olTcr
uf a hihhII wayc incri'nsi pcmliiii;
till' Mlt MllIK- of lllf KOVPI'IIIIK'Ilt '
effort to ri'iliiw tin- rimt of liv-
illir Willi MllviNl'fl liy flip eXCOIIlive . of thr mir. lie itniNlituriMt Iho n-
mt tnc iciaT et)M
WftMhtnitlon. Auk. 2, lretldrnt
Wt'non neked rourxreMS tonlny for at
ndditlonHl approprlHtlon uf H2 5.01)0
for Ihe eviienaee uf the Amerlt-iin
pea a I'oiuiutMlon In Paris from litnt
Orders of Union Heads Served Today in Los
Angeles and San Francisco on Individual
Strikers, But With No Apparent Result in
Changing Their Attitude Los Angeles Still
Blocked With Only Limited Service for San
Clfvi-land, O., Aiiir. '2.6. 1'iiI-kh member of the four (1(
railroad brotlirrliooils uow on slriki on the .Pacific eoant ',
return lo work by Saturday morning; the brotherhoods will
support the frilt-rnl adiiiinintration iu i efforts to operate
the fi'deral rout rolled railroadit, it was announced here today.
VkIiiiiiMoii, Aiiir. 28. Haturdav morninir has been set aa the
10 ii.. end oc tin. cuimnar mf jmit by whieli all striking railroad employe on the Paeifle coast
The rireehlent tauld thnt on tn lulv mtiNt return to work 'or the hrotlirr.iootti will sunruirt the fodcral
i. i ha tomi ront uf the cumtutaeion adtii in iNt rat iiiii in fiulcuvor to oiwrate train wherever they have
h ia been 1 1 . B-' J end he "tlinaied femitraota "
This tilliiiiHtinn wn Kent todey from the Clt-vrlaiul headquar
trm of the foiie hrotherhtMulti to Htnkern and was communicated aU -to
the railroad adiiiiuiftlratioii. whirh ia uiuleratood to have completed
pi a ufi for ri-Kiiuiiiifr train wrvicc if the atrike ia not terminated.
It in tn tie rut mhI that union men will be employed" iu movinif
train if the striken do not return to work.
that by Ihe end of the yuar (be total
would rt-urh II. 50)1. 70. A part uf
IhlN dii in haa been upproprutd here
tofore. Anione; " lur;eat Iteina lip tn
Jt.lv I, were In liidei) 1 44. VI 4 for
eulMlMenre. Iiua.floii for aHlurlea,
tlojlMlU for extvennea of the com
liiiitelona we'll t Intn other rountrWe,
In iritiKMulltittK a ilelatled h mount
of the ixpeiiM-M. the prealdent auld
that In view of (tie 20 pereent In-
ireiim In pilrin tn I'Hrtw tm the reault
couu.'il of the railway hIioii
uuiotiN iu a letter sent today to all
union lorn!..
fTieiHlK of the uuioim also eon
MnaH of the Aineilcan vuntmlaalun
"Vi rv modeet.'
When It bKi,n Ita work In Pur la,
the Aiie?rti-Mn tlelestHlInu, the preal
dent wild, ron eli led of 1.300 pemona,
but on July 1. I bin nuiutser had been
reduced to four hundred, of w hum
only M were elvltlana.
i 'ni n ui iiiii.i. iiiibiu l.d.iv. ,,f einplt-a
uitea the itlue of tin- lion nut- i ''pr ent. '
eat me at between tnio.tKtii I
$10 unit m.n.
aliiteininl iMNiieif by Ullliti Itoot.'
Nil Vh llitlt .Mi I 'iil lietill ta pobM
and hti liiri tluriiiR It 1st hie..
exceeded t.'.O (Mill .0(10. !
.e Villi le.ivtn ihe fen I ewtiite ;iim'
he not k n of Kit mid lioiieh"ll
to Mra i 'tn nriii'- Thf fluaii . liit
oion l"f Alii 'at n'Kit" mid he i ;
l.trt. Mrt Miller, wnn liiude ilui-
Mi. I 'arneirie n lili t line
e ftmt h urlirh' of Ihe will rnn
, ii nerlt. of If ts. ifM to fh'irili-!
iliNtltUtloilH. III te I he flftJi in 11
ron tti ma it n no ii MH h to rrlittive-t
filetMlM The 1'iiriM'uie (orpot.1.1
ot New Votk ia the it nlit.ti .
we have the honor ' niliionu of dollura more ! r. iheiri )p. : . . .
Tfiim thlM eur. Uepreneniiittve TouiiR. J ueir leuer (if lite loeiim HHHI
I UtHHIItV Of 110 (Mill H.IH I it'
ll wd for fn tut r 'i im.h-til T-ift
Htmii tiea of mm iit'h to M'n
IT I r i;Liinl (iow .Mm Tltotn-
flreajton i, iHid M rx, Theothit
fvflt MldoMW of lionier pirn
r An unmiii of $U.ii(i'i h
:!1ihid to I'ti'iiilii l.lod tieuiK'
i ; m it in n ! .
ui'lic etM uta tn hide 'no per
hi. New Votk. $: o.iu: Mtibm
eialtv. Il'eo.iioii; e'lff Kund I
AlltllolH' tlllll Hi Nl W V'lk l.'llli..
I Iu nipt n 1 1 itilM'e. iminM.
hliir H" -lin Ilif.MtiMf. Moliokfi..
I 1 1 410 OOP : HI Aiotlftt'rt himuH ,
t Y tn k, 1 1 iiu.tHMi
iedrich Completes
a New Ministry to
Take Over Hungary
,trla. u fii phen Kriedili-h i
if is i lit it pieiunr uiHlff irhilukf'
ph'fi e'inie. Ii i loi nied u Pew '
met tot H unit. u y in v. hit Ii. be.
s the pi emlet Hlilp. lie aHHiiuuH the'
1 if liitliliitt-r o( the lllteilor. UP-
tine to ii Hit win dm-mIi h from '
.pMt tO'l.lV. '
her tn-tu be i H of t he nil duet ;i t e 1
lit 1'K.tkv inllllMef of f-iieiKll f-
M. Knltiiii-k. iiiiiilHtiT of nun 1
ure; lifiti'.il Hhintrei. ml n ImI-v
Iaim : M r.ifkv. iiiiiiih''!' or iooi.
I tlUMXlH. Ill I II in ir ot pllllht in- l
t Ion: lleoi ki n llolouhv . iiiiuIhu-, 1
iiiMlhe; lr Hiiletv. uiinmtt-r of i
th; M H.ill.i. m-nintfi of prop- .
1 1 l.t. and M t'liiii. inininifi' of
m' nit I niii Iih
nil H hnnfi iiii-l M r.olouhv.
Xil Hod llleij In- 1st Mlinthti pimti
r ihe win nun it i oi l'i t mu r
Hihh. J
it entire!) In tliorte four Mule thlM
yi-iir. Mr. Youmt mild. He udded that
the price of dour im not likely to he
BfTerteft, beeaue the mllleiM biiaed
I heir prh e upon nil m her 1 wheat,
Whirh reniHliH'd unehaUKed.
The order of the uruln enrponitlon
Wiit ltiued after ofti tula uml mem
here of eonarreen from the four mate
held appealed Mi Mr. !riie Mt NeW
York on Tuesday for a ru tiiK i-etah
llnhniK n lusrhei prue tha-i haa been
paid 4'onureMMtnen uml tflate othoiaU
Tired Out, Says Man Who Gained r."T..,nn'T.:r:,r.V!:r;V.rn;:
ItHilro.ld i 'oinnilxtsioiier Aainlahl, oi
North I ii kota. mt ut It would nave
1 1 w.ouu.oou fm- North 1 'akotu fat m
i r.
Hun Frnnrhu'o, Ann. St. Train ear
vice In aout hern California continued
to be tied up totny and In rentrul
( aiifornla tniina moved, Mt man
plarea by the aid uf men who had
returned to work, and at others by
the aid of officio la of the roada.
Ir.atruetiona received In I.oa An
Relea from the hearia of th four i
rl I roud tirot hr hooda t o ret ti rn to
work by Httturdev wtn met by the
men holdlna: meetlmra at whirh no
declitlona were rejiched. M.- K. Mont
ironie. y. naimnnl vice president of
Hrotherhood of txteomotiv Kn-
ituation hn
l ... ...ni:.... .i I riilruro Ana. Ia.--A fal of ho ' i nnvt own iiynn in K m wiirn
... j,,.,, in ,r iuovc- prpa, ,0 u a hundrcdweiKht wltiftntWHh l.al lejdere."- aaid Munt.om.
Iliellt. t three dnva e.aa f ore aat by renreaen- I "y. "wiw onn who could niv nie
"If the federated ahop li-Hilea atiike lattvea of the biK paekltifi eompuntea j "n tntelliajent Idea of wliut the men
now," the letter mild, "they ourry the
full burden of aeeuriua; the mime en-
fixed hv the l'nll.-d Htn tea 1 iniln tor- ' f erred tiMlllV with Skill Uf I LioUl
IHirution for tlie lower uia.len . piTH, preKb !int , II till other ItlCin-
wneat will reeuu in norinwewiei o r .i .. m -
wh.-.t ,rawm ,.rii.ui...i thr m , '"'rn of t he exeeut ive eoinutitt.-e of si Tlf TnmrtU in
v..rlh liuk.HM. K..ulh llH-.tli Ani..ri.an )..,. f " I UII1UW Ul
I oday s Market; More
x.inh i',ik..i,.. i.i t ufir r-1 if there whs to 4mi a xtt'ihe f vitv
crlvlnlf th imln rtrri,ilftii n orrtir. ' . i . .1
T nhi..;iii h.Ht ... .ro.iu.-i-lM f railway rmployes nIioiiIiI
willing tn jinn 111 tlie move
Reductions Forecaat
am m,,,. " 1 a,,,,r" Im:ohi1 htm. '
A lull of hoi' " lv bmn tiyln In
I rr;i Incrriii. fur tti 7 ifr rpnt of
; tlir raHnxiil iiiiiIm who Iiava tMit
jit ilft'Ktrit whiit Ht'lttin lliy rimiM.
1 In takiv We 1I0 nut hfllt-vr that we
I Hhotllil nllnw .Hireelv'. til ! ilHi'el
In thut pii.ltliiii. In our oiilniim ttie
, next 101 iIhv. will
HUUHtlnn to u hen, mid if n Htnke t.
nt Ihe to. k ir.l loiluy wlien rrminiu- plan to do, but I am -inutile 10 tur
tton of tin, linn .hnwril the rnilM of "" ineir win no or wneiner inei.
Wedntnlav'i lilllli ntlll prevulenl. "Y 'hiinte In the lorul tiltlill-
IIok. Ille.l at Wrrinvwlity'a rloa at "on a mult uX word from th.
ItT 110 u (Iron "f II R" I" doy. eu'"-"
w.re ofteied lo.lay nl IU OS with few I Th Holithern I'.rlflr al Ism An-
i humlna hn.l. The hulk of aalea ele railed nn Ida trlkera for duty
ut the opening of Ihe ni.rk.-l In tree 11.11. 1 manner from mnlnlahl
.1.. .,i,. around IIVoo roniuaied with l!l.S " o t-loi-a to.luy anil no uian I.
eaiiv line nionin. ,ie ve't.,-i. ,e.
Nation Wide Fame for Strong
Stand in Great February Labor
e TN .OCirttt "
Ss'iiltle. Wash. A tlf. 2S. "Me ll.m
: noli, Keilllle'rt iiiiniu. li Kailieil n"l-
. Uon-wiil' fame at a rrtilt ot IiIh Mt.ind
i for AiihtU uiiihih durinit the peiieral
, utrtke h-re lant r ebru.ii y, pre-unieii
1 hi rn'Kiiatiii:i to the eltv rotnu'il nt
, I .'Pi iMiliii k today. It Han a i- pled
I "I Hin Hied oil! uli.T inn KoliiK iKh
, InK " h' Hind In a nfuli-iiietit ut rtmi-
p.in not the lexiuh.ition.
V l KMziri'ialil. a I'oiiiieKnian. Ii.im
' lieen ilelecled h .Mour HaiiHOll Utltl
1 five meii'i'f in of the i oUnril to bv
, collie (he neil miinit-ipul exeruTive.
The Keuttle eentral labor rouiu'll .
; aiuioutiee'l it ititeinled to itsk tb
fit v i-uiiiieil t" liiime W. Ii. l.aiie. I
pri'-oileiit of the counell, im Mnor'
1 lliaoii'H ttio-fi-hhor 1ane .tit u union 1
: Itil-or tiieinl't r of the i'ouim H.
Mayor MiIIinoh iiH-aii'ted he did not 1
, f.ivor ihe nppo.litmeiit of l ane lie .
mi ul be was thmfcini! of r-Miuiuiitf In
Mteail of l.ikniti a Varatiotl Oec.iUNe If
1.. tub t.U.-a. ai-iv rlaaa ,.t imI li'diail I IIIMlliert Otlt Of the lliarKel anfl live-
etnpb'vea Mhoilld he wllll'iii to join In 1 nlw k experla piedli ted the blKktettt
the movement, share their foil nietta- i nln mp alm-sj. the "ltuaevelt fiami:" In
f-t'Httltiuei oil TUo tmi.i 1 tV'7. i
Bonnie Brothers, Louisville Firm,
ported. It waa announced
A atrike uf yard and awltehmen
of the three htK Iruna-rontinentul
1 1 nee had ended it Huktatid, I'allf.,
and trnina were lea vt liar on normal
erhedulea there, but the atrike con
tinued here, aft hone, h niiMt of the
tratna weisj betiiK ds'Hputched out. of
lieiala of the t'nlted Htniva railroad
adinmiatiutton annuuneed hero tu
day. ,
three Counts in Federal Court
at Santa Fe Today.
niton. I.ane,
head of
be tni.k
the eouhi'll.
INK Nll l
"If I "leppi-d out and let line he
eon e iiiiiuir, 1 would not he llvina up
in in v p lei !(." .Ma vor I la tmon nahl
"l.aiif sin. weil bin hand refeiilly wlu-li
he atti niletl n hiiiMlie UlVen h HlHet
Wi-IU jul heloie he left fur the pen
itentiary to Kfi-U' il term for attempt
IKK to l-loi k the Kovei uiiii-iil'a war
pi ol uill,"
Plead Guilty to Six of Sixty. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Told That
"Black Man Has Given Notice" That Oppres
sion Suffered in Past Will No Longer Be
Tolerated Spokesman ' for Equal Rights
League Says There Can Be No Compromise
and That Trouble Will Follow if Demands
Are Refused.
eg ci aw oiaeTCM to tmi hciO I
Hiint.i l-'e. V M . Auk - Ihuinle
Itrolhern of I .ouiHville, Ky., lorhH-r
illalllliiN of u well kmwu und wulely
uld heiume m ting uct I udvertlaed bianu uf rye wtilMke.
pleaded utility 111 federal court heie
loday to nlk of lxt -Ihrec eounla In i
ail indirtmeiil t-hjiiKinir t h-m with
llleual ahlpuient uf Ihitiur Into Neu t
Mexieu, In violation of the Heed
uiuendiueiit. The court uHeeaaed 'i
fine uf 1 1 ,hiu on euili pliading, a
tutitl fine of HiiO,
Church Burning Raids
by Georgia Mobs Ends
in a Negro's Murder
ftha, Premier of
iSouth African Union,
Victim of Influenza
'eel ni In I ' n ion of Houth A frlra.
.. '. H llineiiil l.oulh I lot ha. prt in
tind niuilbti't o nut lenll in e of Ihe
mi of K-"iih Al'Ka. ilMil Hiiddeii
i oday IoIIowiim nit iiiia k ot Minna.
I ileath in il
tin , liflll
Th fhim
( Mher nee
C.iHtmaii. en . Aim Kh
e i'ooht. a muni, una hhot lo
huii hall ikinuluee. :
hi iv lodav b i moll.
h I bin waa hill tied
hiiifl.ee it ml a
h'il!f Iu the vninit were burn-
1 i'ii iriti-rd.i v at let' repot tn bad
been i-itriil.ited that th- lie-
K'oea Mere plaiintnK tn "line up
and wipe out the while ifiple."
Order to Turkey for
Armenian Protection
From Headquarters
av Mf .oci t to
Wahlnittoit, Aiiir. -1. In wariumi
Turkey that inaiwarreK of A riiieuiiiim ;
m i t atop. Meat- A dm 1 1 a I Mark I .
lit Into!, n nimaiiib r of llu. I iiMi ! '
Htaieit iiiiMil foti'i'H In Turkey, w.is
Hi'tniff under iitttti iii tn.na from th
tale depiirtnu'iit. TIuh waa ati- I
HUH need Iim lay of fir la ll . j
r tMt fjaoit so eeass
Wanhl mt ton, Ana, -V - Ankllilt for ,
an amendment tn Ihe peaee treaty an J
,: to provule lor rartal ei(UHllt. a
I'eletiatlon f m-vrtieN, Mpeaklna f'r
the Nationnl Uiiiti tn leUKUe, told thai
Heiiute I ore i if ll ti latloiiM toniitilt tee to j
tin) that NenuiM trouble UilKht he ex- I
peeled Ulllena lul tr Heul me lit W ere ,
at- onli-d nevrot n in the 1' lilted (
'The hlai k man It ad RiM'ti noli.e."
enld A- W Hale a New Vol k tn-aro. I
"that what he hata Mtilfi-red in Ihe,
pat will not he i iolurefl In iie future !
lie mean hum-M now. Thei c can
be no i illiiiin
William Mom
H. I. fttMYttl" to Tnifem.
VA 1'aeo, Tnus, Auk. Zl. Throuih
traina on the Houthern t'urltlc and
were heiita run tu Tm aon. Aria., to-!
aerretary of the leaifue. vui-lnie a aim-I y. HUih lialna were riinninir be-
M.ir tipinlmi anid ihe "oppi eaeioii" of iw-en mkiumi ami mnui. Aria., u ,
the neuro m Anient a waa rea.tiinit a, waa antmuneen ut tne ulllcea UI lit , ,n
ptdnl where no one roukl he aure. nuuinern laeine nere,
"that our la lid will ! u, Una uf
Trotltr of ItoMton.
Enjoins Government
From Prosecution of
Livestock Brokers
Neilher wit new nn (iientloned a tn ,
'what he had In inllid by tbeae deelar-
I atmiiki. Oulv tlve of the aeveutaen
! eoinmlttee inemliera, all of them re
puhlli .inn Mtiended the meetlitK
i An tinii-miuient tu five the t'nlted
j Hlati'M a m.imlatory over the Kalli- 1
ei un. a ilei man colony In .tlriea, w.t
reiiut-tth-d h Jtmeph T Thomua. a i
1 .. ... . ..r I 'I..vhLiii.I I llllfi r-iil-KU-hl.
line the national raee eunifresw. Anier- t HprinK.
1 lea n to'irroeN. he am ill, eould be re
ruitt il io poll e the temtoiy uuder
; W hile
mr tmi ociis
MiaaoulH. Mont.. Auk - With
the except loll of the I'owell dtatl lei.
acroea thu unmntama from l.obi Hot
In Or Hi. Joe foreat u(
northern Iduho, the foreat fire altua-
tloti In dint net ituuiber on, aeemed
ronalderubiy improved tod y, acconl-
pi'iiiion that all Afrlran rolonlea ln lo foreat aervte tf(iciula at dia-
tiiken fiom iletiniinv be "dMded be-I tih t heabuartera ncre.
tween i:Kvpt. Ahymonia and l.tberlu," I The Maude t'reek fire In th row
wan Hi .1 iy ihe )iHue of darker peu- i ell remon i aprradlnr rapidly, ad
pic- of the world I vuni ins; toward the Montana ataie
Two iiniemtmenta wero proponed line at a tatsn which tntllcatea it will
lontenegrins Run Amuck in
General Uprising; Serbians
Unable to Control Revolt
umi v i rni it m iMiitr
At tin t lilt-r-lt nf New .Meviit:
l-'or ?t hum- eiidniK n
lhuhii teuiperutiue .....
I'lK liU"K bm
n in Mouieneuru
in In u at a
omli'ii. Ana .'
ken oil) e l'i W II'
I the whole cotinll)
i vol ul ion. ai i "id m: to new a re
ed In- e. Th S'vbians. ale liMllitt
"1111 lllr-li ul i N HI ,111 iltlelllpl to
ipreaa :lte uioInIuk
yVe fii-ni to ti in for tec n--cuie
ul the JJaikau liuuhU,"
made to
I r mi a
lain t at ti'tnpei a till
i ri 1 1 V railKe of till! pern 1 Ul V L'7
Mean ti.nl ti-m m-iiimi t e ... "
ltelalte hiiliihlin , ii pttn . -lie
lain e b n m Pit I . a.m. . l'
Precipitation Vone
HMiitUlii velocity ot wind
in m i)e p.-e hour I 4
l'ieaillna direction .... Smith
hal'uclei of the dm . . , .Clear
Male Weal Iter.
New M-xio Ktii toniaht ind
ul are hot meet in it w i' Il r'rit1a , 111 I le Iih nge in t :iper -eir
efloita tn put down ature.
ttuneMlii'iil, ai i old- '
Mta l( yn-nl
1'irix a Sdil)
Wllll't ,tt
Thef(l -intfiMui inn ha1
.'all jflv i 'ip.izar
'.V.' U-yull
II 'Inn aie teci'
llie AMi't.itei
i iiuthoiltattve ; 4
A nit- ' i
iv init rein- :
i ml
by the Initial ItiKhta league.
wolllil provlile III the eu(ue of nation
covenant that ihe member would
iittree and voii-hnHfe tu their own cit-
I he poanennion uf full 1 1 her t JP,
rtifliti of oeinia rai y. and piuteciion
uf life, wilhoui rfMtrietlnna or die
llncti-'ii I.Hised on race, color, creed or
itditlonM." The other
annular Uai'iiiee ua a
aM-pai ile a- tlnn of Hie tif.tiy.
t i liartit tntuin Tmile u -lay.
t han man !Uce put inlo the coro-
id a ntuteineiit by I r, W
kiln, formerly of Nankin
I -..' h toulHniuenU
f'hlcauu Auk - l'''d- itil Judw" ,
Hiiuborii lodav tunned a lempoiary In-!
nimtlon rexiiiilnma Necreiarv uf Au-i
L.r.. it. ....i.sii .it. I r Uen
tmnt offtclala fiom revukiuu Ihe .11- I
cen nen i.l m u ii 1 'lib ao hv etocrt
...I I U I... 1. I V...I
hv the govei anient with iolii1lna llu-
l-renldei.t in I War time p'ocia mat Ion of
.lime. luix. m icx-ild to the fesMlum
of llvento.k in liannil and belme
nine hi me picae-rn. wnn n h'iuif---. mm,.
Hint the neivuc lis- perfoi nied tor thei yt (
nlnpper tit toMt. The kiv ei nineni i u t,lvernit. declarliia that throouh
ihaiKea lhat the roiiiiiilnmn htiiieee , (, mM,. in HhantunH and hv ion
have btfcn niakinir a profit on HiUj ( ai 1 4 -ter i Hoi lal pilvleKen. (be
mi vice Th m in notion tioiiet-H f .i,,,,,,. a-v niiwnt waa reuiJ.t.h -
claie II ia ltiipoaMbl. under their ic thtoutfhoul I'hinu the opium and
biMtkkeepina' evalrin Iu keep nn uc tiioiphtue Hade whull I'hinene -Caien-
cur.me record of Ihe cotl of feeding' men had Wiped out after yen If of f-
j fort.
Audlenoei In Dovglai Court Koorn .
Edified by Explraatioa of Ad-
vantaftt of Soviet Over exa-
ocracy More mita Due.
t aj aeeaaiaveeaaM
iHiuflaa, Arls.. Aua. William
Bent ley, an arowed 'I; W, 'W. and
furnterle delete u and - organiser at
Ulabee, orcuplM tha witneaa aund,
for th mat during th greater pert
uf the aenalon yeaierday afternoon of
ihe preliminary haa ring nf t Iou-
laa and Hlebe me charged - wltli
kidnaping aa Iho reault of their at
leged purllflpatlun In th deporta
ttona that ended the alleged reign
of ihe I. W. w. In th Warren qua
lug tllatrlct two year ago laal July.
Uentley'a teattmonr he id. for. in or
than threa hour, th Interest cf ti
defendama, the greater proportion of
whom are miner, who appeared to
enjoy hugely th theories lor the ad
Juatiuent of labor and capital put
forth by th witness, lien t ley delar
ed that thsre wa nothing In common
between en pi ia I and labor and that
there could be no pear between th
two until th "wurker" took over the
Induatriea nf the nation. Thi would
be arcompliwhud. ha aaid h hoped,
by th ballot but. If not toy th)
menu, the work ere ahould organise)
to tak over the Induatriea any way.
The Watae avatein wa all wrouej.
aaid Hen 1 ley, and ahould to ebotmhed.
although he aaid "he didn't under,
aiand the plan," by which lbu wuUI
be brought about.
Heut.ey declared that h had com)
to the I'nlled Mtalea from Canada in
Ittl. and had taken out frin ttrat clt
laenahlp paper eeveral inontha atto.
when civil null Were niwti nataineC
sMJii.e or the defeudunla In the kid
napina; ranea by the men aliened tn
have been dtturted. On th day that;
the demand were presented to th
-,Vrf ?o.iVl- ln lh Warran diatriet by
and Houthweetern ra I roada I ( h . w w Mld benlley. he joined
the I. w. W. principally oecaua thJ
"ileniH nriV' had been lanored.
attended eeveral meetings oc
W. W. during th atrike, eald
1 tent ley, and waa later completely
taken over by the Industrial w yrttera.
' He nt ley declared that tn hi opinion.
! the "direct aotlorr" atrike methods of
the I W. W waa much better than
the Weeient Feneration nie'hoda, be
cauee he aaid. 'h did not behwva tn
living any concern el months or
year to consider Uemautta," pieecnietl
by Ihe worker,
Althouah having served as a del
gate snd an oraanlaer. Hrntiey aaid.
1 he had never read the coiutuuUun r
I preamble uf th I. W. W.
t. ounly Attorney iioueri rrw. n
Intimated, during the examination uf
itentley, that furtlter wholesale af
renta In the deportation i-atars nuaht
be expected. He had eerured evi
dence against ftieny mora cliisena f
the .county not already under rreet.
-aid ihe rounty attorney, since th
depQT'utlon hear I hue had been start
ed. Ite did not siate, however. tnV
tlm as to when notion would b
taken aaaliiNt theaa men.
Onler Hervtl mi Kir Ik era.
I a Ana-flea, Aug. ! Htrlklng
1 trainmen will tie served with copies
f of orders from their chiefa, directing
them 11 teturn to work, and will
1 then tie governed by their Individual
I decision a aa to nleylng. accenting to
M. K. Motiigoniery, vice oreaident of
I the llrothei hood uf locomotive Kn
1 Montaomery inaile thla stutertient
after an ull-niKht eeaaion uf leudtrS
uf the four broiberhoode here.
At 7 : M0 o'cloca thla inuriiilig no
men had reported altlioiifxh the rail
roads be mm culling crews early to
day. The railroad official took this
cum e to prevent deluv 111 re - eat a b
Imhing aervice If the limn decided, to
Forest Fire Fighters
Report Gains Against
Great Montana Fires
reai h the l-olo watershed, rontahiln
much valuable Umber, unite stopped
President Leaves Wednesday 1 : 1
on Speaking Tour in Behalf "? t f
oi Peace Treaty. RatiBcation
ary. but eVeretary ffumulty annoAin
cHl th peeaident seoulti apeaa at
Indianapolis. Aoonmpanviws; th
preelde.nl will b Mi-, Wiieest. Ad
miral Cary T. OrayaOP, toeresr
Ttirniilty snd a erp of ecrsia.rte
And stenogrmnhrs.
Among other pleea at which th
presloent sriil apeak will ba Intuver,
Colo., ant Cour i Aieq. 10a,
st tm AMoeiAfie neaes
Wunhinston. Aug. II r.ealdsnt
Wilson will leav Washington pt
Wednesday on hi pech making
tour In tbs Interest of thn pear
treaty, and will deliver bis first ad
dieas In t'olumbua, t'hio, neat Thurs
day probably in th evening, fin
'Hinati is nut Imiuded In th lllnar-

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