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The evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1914-1922, December 07, 1921, Image 3

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not $100
Runs Away Before He
Can Even Learn
Her Name
.1 I Unit r(Mn nf Culmdn prin
wan n down 1 1 i pinn ltst n'exhl
I. in i hi innrnlni hi lenrni'il h'i
w-n- hnncMl peopli hi A IIhim'I'imU.'
ltliriPon firrivnt! in ih div hint
nlKtit nnl rented n ntnre rimin un
Mouth Th'rd ulreet. Ilrfnrc Imifc M
HI Ihim'iI hlfl pink el hunk Willi"! rnn-
tntned xlx 1 1 ou hill i ii n Rwrt
i ' 1 1' II' i. .-I !. poeketlion . n
it pm-kcf of hi MlfMII H r-'Mrt--!
In ihe iMillif I tin I he blivit hU
MOflHty hn:l MM nloli-n
Thin mornlnic a, lilt ! irlrl whnm
Kuiici i -in -i ... no know wreni in the
ton room when- nil hint pekV up
I III' p kill k uiol KMVf II to Mr.
Itiitirrifton It tmiitttnt-il nil .h
money The owner of the pa i
book wn wo bIomMI i hoi ko nooU
! tt lion btU to the hlltr Kirl mm
leWnnl loll ihfj fOftt004 to take 'I Mr
HndMed Inn the girl r "i "l ntf.iln
nml r.m nwny RooottOOO OOOMI not
ii-ii ti'irn Iht it n in Hi- hud i!,- --l
IiIm OOOkotOOOli iin he won If.-' .iik
(hi Mtorr und loo little Kir) hud fm Mo
it in the iloorwuv
Open Air Sale of
Used Cart Plan of
Local Auto Dealers
Contractor Ready
To Begin Work on
Indian School Sewer
Tim ttrmiin CnimirtirUon mm pan)
of I-enwr. Which linn kOOfll nWArdttit
the I'rtOII OOl for the roliMlnirtlon of
the now ovwor tyatoi ut the Uoito
-fi.il' Imliiin school, htm n tii lom
poMiry h ''I ci un rt i t in the ito i h mi
lumlM-r nnitiaii) n ynrdsi north of
CoOOtrOOllOO of the '..... r M. -a
oyiOOJ will tofOOOOijI In-Kin by Mon
toy, -' it i i -1 r t -, - Itfuht-n l'erry of
tin- Indinn pu'hool. iinn-mm-ed lOwOy
Tlir ium linn Juiit completed ' he
InniMHItiK of n new water ay tent
ti Motoncki ami In now awnlilntf th
nrrivnl of noni- i ) - before beKinnttiK
work hen
Th new wtrr lln will OOOOOIrt
with nil th' ho i Ml nit m th" Irulinn
OVOOOl itmipu mill will i-nt'-r Hit' city
newer line mi Twelfth at re! and
Mouninlti road. It in believed that
th work ! Ik? OUnOlOta-d in two
hiopihn It will com about ll'.ilOQ.
Committee of Sheep
Men to Meet With
Tax Commission
A rnmmlt'ee of ahe.p men will 'ie
appointed to in I with tin- "tut' tn
romiiilHKion ii tut In ml commlMiilon i.t
Kiwil.t I V on Md iTiilii r l t m th
ni-Mif of the Moeutliro hnord of
ihr N-w ktosloo WMii Qroorwo .iii
edition whK-h will he noM ROTO AO
PMOkor 14 Thin Will lr OOO "I
UM import ti ut t hi me " to ! OffOOfflM
up in th mftinK
TkO bill covKrin : ,i : on biv
roMtool lu ml who It in now m rotl
irroo will otoo bo dptoyoootf, nml th'
qilfntlnn of OflOtp for Ihiim-h on itatO
OOTOjOS K'lllitiK liiniln will he IoJMM
At n inert I nK of th AlliiUiierUr
Ait timolol' I H-tih'tV utoMiciut Ion hint
tllftht p Itl tin were I'omplfteil for an
UMQlM tMih of um-il OOtO Which huvo
boOfl lOJKVO in OMluUOJpl on iuile of
nt-w i urn Twi lve ilcilern In nw
OOfO will OOftMOOlO- timl wilt put tiito
i OO "-"I lot to lull automohllt -
IVOtflOfJ Iii loice fiiitn up The
mU will In hol4 Kritho Hut unlay
ml Humlii, ! -'tntier I I nml lt.
boioi oi Blstk Mrooi 004 OooAnsJ oo
nu- It will kt In the. op-n nir
"It In n c Ifii n ui u of ull r the
lliM-il earn which the loi-ul ilenleri Hi
new i-nrn h" f t.iken in exclmnne in
.nil.. ..f iii. 1:1 -11.- mini .1 -piikt't
mini for IkO OOOlOfO todny. "It It
uniuui' in nut only tko OOOffcvfOilOO
tyf Mi" dO0kM0i hilt In the fmt Hint
II will Im' hfhl In th open nir We
do tun koUOT iHofO un' muny citler
in iko Vottod ojaloa lo which un open
nir nutumohih' Bttow nnil mjIi OOVM
In lo-Id out of dOOW In tko nihil Hi
01 DoJOOlbr ; nml thin fuel proe
the rxtrn tit- IhOl nui) 1- had from
an ootOMtootfO in NOW HoSJoo in Hint
opi-h wOotOOr nml DUtdOOfO wootkot
Hint 11 plenwtnt for nuiomohiliun a
t nr roinnl "pe-liituin "
Two Clobe Trotters
Trotted to Jail and
Draw Sentences
Our yean in the lumber and
building materinl business
have taught us that the
wisest, moat economical way
to build a house is to employ
a first class architect, have
the plans drawn and specirl
cationi written.
td- Willi. in' nml Will II ln-
rortoted Ik poin' nt I n'eloek thl
tip mi tu; H In' 11 1 In' v i ii' 11 1 ri-Hl ) on
th- miii ' 1l1.1i tlo y wrri ' prof"iiin -nl
kIoIm irottooi "
IIoiik'h i nrried a revolvor nml n flnnh
lihi Th- polo did not like tlo-lr
look nml trot ted lhm to tin- ity
jnil Wilmim witK Kit rn ii'it dn)i
on th hu rite or tinirum v in poUoa
roiin ihi- uinrninir nml Honn wan
VOOtOOCOd lO t t-n dm 1 for mtm m y
nml twenty dnyr. for i.ttryuiK . "ii
k d Wi-iipnii
Arli.i i'ollntil, mitrii ilLiririit wilti
kornlot pita of oooon on ,1 windy
rtnv nt Third ol root ond Oopooo ovo-
no' ihOO OBOBtOg I'lirmuit OOpOft to
fiv aroond th otroota mu flood tin
Ihla morninu A compimnt hud boan
kMMl MOP lot htm by Kir' 1'hnf Wl
no ii- CoTltatar
Albers Nomination
As Postmaster in
Old Town Made
WAdkHTNOTON por 7 Pootmoo
lorn nomlootod lodoy by ProoMonl
Nordlnp loeludod Moohord L olboro
1 id Aikoooorqoo N M
Muny iippolnn-eM nnmtOOtod Inn not
ronf it in 1 d .it l hi' In nt wsmhii of run -
irr' wi ti nomlootod nitniti SpvoooI
hundred nrmv promotlOOO OOd poot'
mnxlei'H iilnii wen- uirlinli'd in the lintn
Bond Storm Jnux 01 th- Cottopo. Inn
For Liiwii9 and for Filling
350 Monuments
Family Monuments, Single Grave Monu
ments. Markers and Statuary; everything to
be sold at cost.
$(). 00 Markers $ 14.50
$85.00 Markers 44.00
$1 35.00 Monuments 65.00
$250.00 Monuments 137.00
$500.00 Monuments 265.90
$950.00 Monuments 605.00
$ I 500.00 Monuments 900.00
Lettering and Erection Charges Extra, at Small Cost
G. E. Fletcher Monument Works
Albuquerque, N. M.
Not all people will do this,
and we can advance no rea
son for their decisions It is
am after of personal opinion
For these people who have I
firmly made up their minds I
not to employ an architect J
we offer a series of plans and
specifications free of charge '
Anyone contemplating build
ing is welcome to these plans
and specifications All we
have to sell arc the mate
Phone 402
105 423 South First St
The Silks on this table sold from $3.00 to $4.50 a yard before the fire. As far as their quality
and desirableness is concerned there is no reason why they should not be selling for that now.
But this is a Fire Sale, and they all go at $1.95. Included are the finest Crepe de Chine in sev
eral colors, beautiful Satin Charmeuse and Dress Satin for afternoon and evening wear, and
fine Chiffon, Panne and Silk Velvets in more than 25 colors. And remember, the Fire Sale
price is only
, II injUbl ;
AND $4.50
ill Per Yard
Women's $65 to $85 Coats,Suits and Dresses, All Perfedl
At the Astounding
Low Fire Sale Price of
Not a Suit. Coat or Dress in this assortment sold for lets than $66 00 before the
fire. Many of them sold for as much as $85 00. Many of them were in transit
during the Are which would have sold for these prices had they not arrived in the
midst of a Fire Sale. There are plain and fur trimmed suits of Yalama cloth,
tricotine, checked velours and novelty cloth. There are plain and fur trimmed
coats of beautiful rich black broadcloth, various colored velours, novelty cloths
and checks The assortment of dresses in this lot are of poiret twill, Canton crepe,
crepe de chine, and charmeuse; some tailored, some fancily embroidered and oth
ers high class beaded models, all at the Fire Sale price of $30.00.
Women's & Misses $7-50 to $12
Undamaged Boots, Pumps A gg
and Ultra-Smart Oxfords
All nf Iheas Sinn's. I'uiiipv nml Oxfinls sN pMflSt NoM WH damaged
by either Br r watsr. In tin' swmrtwsnl sn nil leathern, mod all stylos, Th.'
Singly low nr i partly dm- tu the fast tliat sec now sliirlulv
lirukrti, IiVum-miIm
r now trv
.11 all hIki
Undamaged HAND BAGS A QQ
and GRIPS Fire Sale Price
Tins" lii and Handbag were considered wonderful burguiiw at tkaif t!4
price of $10.00, Tln;.v an- all (riiiiriinti'ed genuine lest her. They arc well made
and IrimidMd with gnoil lra- HUiiiiih. Tiny wri- nudaiiiairi'd lij tin', water
nr smoke ami are going fast at the Fire Sale prirc of I ihi.
$17.50 Canvas Covered
Km i
kmI ami itrong if 1 T
Km1 ShIi prifi- i
50 Trunk. eov6rd with Ihhw
Theae $4fi.00 Wardrobe Trunks were in transit at the time
nf the tire. They would be coaaidered extra g I values
at Iheir old price, but fur nbviinix reasomi everytliiujt
must be sold, Therefore theae wonderful VTsrdf otw
Trunks are being SoU at f.M.IKI.
Our Jewelry Department Offers at Fire Sale
Prices a Vast Assortment of Diamonds, Solid
Gold and Gold Filled Jewelry, Watches,
Sterling and Plated Silverware, Cut Glass and
Two of the CORSET BARGAINS In the Fire Sale
$1.50 and $2.00 Corsets
Tlir Ooraptl in tli Im nl Ma mild at $ I
mid tM tifiir' III1 lil'. They itrt h
i imi. mi . W.irm r ttltd I n ( milM innkiM um
Win UntflMNMM ir''- w.ili r, nr xtimk
$5.00 and $6.00 Corsets
Jimt think nf tin opporluntlv tn In uti
in buy t'i und $ii ooraMi (iiNiiiiiii'iy psrtvtt,
mil hiirin! In any way, nt Ihr fir mil1
prin' of l.50. All nliea; ull myhn
Men's $6.50, $7.50, $8.50
In tli
( 1 1- S.i If
Thf t-hlrta In th Miirln'Mfl
i 1 wir irlc"il nt .0.
i: :o und in. to hfor m
nr All rulurf and d!"-.
lii'H him) nhnilf-t Tli'V
11m nil per ff - t
Men's $10 and
$12 Silk Shirts
Theae are Bimie nf the tines! Silk
Shirt n that have ever ennie intn Al
bnSjDcrqtie. The very best lattsfMi
all coliirs, stripes and designs A
real gift suggestion. They are all
perfeet ami the Kire Sale pries is..
Our second floor Gift Shop offers Women's
Silk Hosiery, Women's and Children's
Gloves, Silk Underwear, imported and do
mestic Perfumes in gift sets, Silk Kimonas
and Breakfast Coats. All perfect and all at
Fire Sale prices. Think what this means to
A Table of Embroidered
At Fire Sale Prices
55c to $1.75
ThttM embroidered Gift TnweU told fnun
1 W tn fUl before the fire. They are
uiiilaniageil, are guaranteed tn be fast
oolor, sad are one sf the big hsisiM si
the Kire Sale at Ha t" H.Tlh There are
embroidered I. men Towsla and eiuhnml
ered Turkish Towels,
The Fire Sale off ers the
Fur opportunity of a
lifetime. Fine Furs and
Sets, none damaged,
for as little as $5.00.
Just a Few
A Phonograph for
Fire Bale Prices

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