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The evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1914-1922, December 07, 1921, SECTION TWO, Image 9

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Case Comes Up at De
cember Term of Court
in San Miguel County
1.AH V BO A H.N. M Dec 7 Two
homlrlri will iw tried at Ihe
Dtrimbtr lorn of tha district court
for Ban MlKiH'l niunly which Will
bajttn Momlny. Thome p. I'vnultiK
Inn will ha trloit for I hV kllltnat i f
Jnaanh BlfilBiM :i ranchman, hcra in
AuRUKt of " : eai 1'ilHlMtnn wli
wa tin aMiplnya nf tha office of Ihe
Yalmora sanitarium and k tovanor
miiloye of th Armour I 'aching
company, shot bleUeou in or ntr
IVnnlrufton'a rar, whlrh wh standing
In Hlsth str'i-t near Imuajln-, In th-.
It I'M it of 1 he u hi rivi wci Ion id
Ntateri thut hi' Hhnt n -.-If riXt-nM-
.lose lernarlo t .11 Inn will he trim!
for the kilting of itninnn Angel, who
I t after n fight with l.ujan n
Which It Im 11 1 lrK'(1 he wnk klrKeo1
lti I he MtoniMch
Th 1:1.1' -i Jury haa yet to art on
these rntw. hut I Ull K Armljo, i
trlrt attorney e 1 per t to try the ni-n
.n imi;i- rtf uiinplntiKhi"r.
Another rna of mm M Interest
thHt of Ignarln H Ininrte. oolite of
a Htmnlwh MMMpAfM?! 11 OMtHal Natl
Mr. Ira no. Who Im accused of rrlminl
l 1 .-1 riif.fi nrn to ho lnvf-
t I g a H 1 1 hy the grand Jury. rhu
it me in Han Miguel mmiy In tha
imnt mix month- lMM the last grand
Jury wit. ha, not I n plentiful Th-
(ountv uffh litis kiiv thul OffttM l d
r renal ng.
M.1.U0 Tn s I I I
SANTA KK. lnc 7 James I . - r
Ihe nritro nrrestcd In Wlnslow, Art
xon 01 tin- rharg of killing John
Krvem In i.nlliii M Kinl ount
OH Thursday night, wim hrixiKhi to
Hani it K Monday and lslgel In Ihf
state penitentiary for snf.-keeping
Further Revision of Tax Laws
With Cut in Surtax Rates,
Urged by Secretary Mellon
WAHHINOTON. Ikt ,. -further
rtvtalM of ihr tax lawn, with a re
duction of ihr maximum of Income
urtux rate tu ' or 2 per cnt and
adjuaimi-nt of t r- rate on hu sinew
profit and estate, la an waled hy
Hecretary Mellon in hit flrai annual
report, tra nam It tad today 10 iim-.
Thf treaaiiry secrctury alao an
noum ee t hat the treaaury'w poth-y
with reaped to tlf fft tnent of the o-
1 bonus i" unchanged, and urar
prompt fundlna of the ten hHllon uf
dollar'' of for. Inn loan aa "one of
th 1 ' 1 1 -1 ng imede of thf present
aconomlr Mttualloit"
Mr Mfllon alao Inform '-onffreaa
that (he urlty within thf nest
aUrhlfen muntha of $.75o ihmi.o'jq of
the ehort datrd l -id "makea It Im
pertfttw 1 hat thf K-tremmfnt pumua
bailey of no- utmost economy and
avoid nfw undo ri.iatniri that would
throw additional hurdf M on thf
irfnaurv and mtiarraas the fundlna
oiiarattons" with rape.-t to thf fhMit
inar dfht
nvanof revision ia th- auhifrt up
on wnirn thf pet-rftttr) layi tne most
slrfaa. He NayM the f-hanaiffi In tha
tax law voted DJf ' 'nsrri'Ma lam mouth,
"ttiiw nuhatantlAl ri'liff to liUNlUfaa
and itiiliBMry uid ratotf In pwinf
nifaMtitf th- fiifdom of huMltU'iin
tr:inaai tlons, hut our aTatein of taxa
tion "till reiiuirfH 1 ui and
thouirhiful ronRldfrntlon. ! hn
PMajsjsjSjsj to aay that If tha nH of
rOVWUl rrNOlfltiK" from Iht rfdurtlonii
in sort Ml and otlwr ratea aunitfNtfd
t-ttnnot tr madf up b "rlaitd ensjfloMy
in xof'nditurae." It van b met
'oilo-r by pliii-ltm 11 tux on OUftaM
sjjmotfle artlflea, nr hy a low ratf
Kilo-rnl lax on a hroad clana of nr-
tlrleej or IrsaMUrtleiu."
lU-adjiiHt lliirih-ii
"It i f ltal lmortanr, - Mr Mel
lon dei-larf that adJllMtltO'ht !
hUlde In our whemf ut taxation
srrseroo) Um hurd-n will not fall un
duly fthT dlrfftly or Indirfrily. up
on, any parth ular olOM and at Ihn
srnmf time will ntit M-rluualy intarfrrf
with prodtirtlw mdintiy and ihf aten
ernl pro Uy of thf codHttr,
"It wmild not wk'hi t-ithi 1 wlaa Cf
sjoooaUMy to ihanaf IV-im tr prea
OlM system of takaiton t ntw .ind km
trtad i-iiin By rotSlii'Oaj ih 1 ammo
ta with r''aionahp set ix tn'Oat
which in nonce tim ultiinau ly
Hhmild not riff noovsj hen nor OOOt, lax
pnyera would ntill lf r - inn- I to oon
trihutf in proportion -n ihcr .thllity
I" pay: whlh- hy pi w n j n.ij.trt
amount of tax on apw I trtiiea. mt
1 Inftsen of artlrln, or 'lanMrllu'ia, a
o luw tali' that the) I '.-tnly la
horn without Injury, thf income tax
could Im- snalfriHlly Mlmpltfo-d the tux
Iowa eoult: mor" rMdi. M .inluts
tarad and at the nam lima th.- reed
I'd rvenu would lw 11 1 1 v.iiiimi
the ev!t effooti now ( 1 Ind ?r-nn
tha reaent eareaalve io'.i 1 uc taxa
tion." Mr Mallon Inform - -n.:i ihni
the amount r rovonnn Int Uvod it
the 'MUKfiNted roduetio't of ,nH-."
in not naarly na atreal no tt uonrrall)
UppOMI'd '
"To todure thf surtax ratOe'
maximum of 2S per ami ftmdU'
atlnat thi' rtolaottons ttr ntuu Iho
hrarkrtn," he aaya. woul l moan an
nppatf nt looa of abou f I M mmi,000
in ravpnua A 30 pi aal nvixitnum
ratf on the nam" baotx WO'Jld II roWo
4 revanua him of tbout 4200. "Oil. imo
t i ln-r adjunt inmi a '1. h rould h
rnadf would pmhahu iireoO en
amount "mh.i 1 1 o th 11 1 .ut till he
urtux ratea The io of 1-1-veni-.
however, would not be permotvnni
for the rOdUOOd ralt-n m .old ..lti
mat fly lf produfii e nr awt 1
niif than the haBheff raXei, flaej tn itn
Itierfaea In tuxahlo tnnw r.ci "
Itelteratlns; arsrui.if nm tunt the ' f
foct of huh surtax rt-a ! II n-p
new 1-apl1.1l out of it I'tUl'tiVt ei.i-i--prU"
and to praent toruul bael
ii--- iranaoi'tlon with the rooUil (hat
natural induntrtnt dQeolOOmm la re
tardad. Mr. Mellon add-
"Thf- Idea sei-ma to h" pro' 1 '
that In Ihxiuji larof lni uoe.i, 1 'y
the person recnlvlnfl toe I'll fin1, .in I
Vfho H to pay Hie .a t roatfy - on
frn?d Thin in ti mini il K.,r w. at
ovtr the Kovernmi-nt iA-:en. i- t'.-i
way of tux. out of any 'tiOOifl . hlh
would otharWIa- hf mi I and In
vented, and thfTfhy Hecome .. Dart
of the capital and of l h- v alth of
the nation affeetM not SB m i h the
indUldual from whom It In taken a
It diM the Urhole poofjio of 'he -.titi-try.
In the dlrei t low of pr Hltutive
"Afmr all. tha wealthy of h in-
try. upon whleh all the aOtlvl losj 110I
the) pronperlty of our petmh .e, n...
la made up of the private property of
the Individual ritlFrna of ml Iho
pfople- nd anyth
aarlty tnkes awoy
lated property oer
afferte Ihe eoplf
UlsruanlnK the t'
of the tax on hi
Mellon sudnraU nt
calls attention tho
excaao profits ta
nn ineraaaf of 2
Im 1 h'iim
il nt thf
it in the
itrixiratlon income u and Hist thin
with the capital rtook tax makes the
total levy nn eocpnmtions approxl
mately l.v pr cent.
"When wa eomemher." he wrltcn.
that tha creat hulk uf the tmlnenn
of the tounir. hoth i.iree .ind -mall.
in carried on undei corporate form
and that the net Income mutrt lnray
he dlrtrtbtftod In dmdendx. nnd that
ihcc illvldendo are then in turn sub
ject tn surtax. In the hand of per
anna ensnared In prodiieiiv.. hunlnesa
In very heavy, for instant- a atock
holder subject to surtax at 10 par
cent really paya about 2S per rent on
his dlvldanda; wliilr a stm-JUinldor
-uhjei t to a "t sr uent nirtax w-mld
lie taxed ahnul per rent on such
profit " ,
in-clarlna; that tnors were two
'chief ohJcctlomV 'to tl ni hloh
entate tax ratea, rwnmnK up to Sft nor
fnnl on the lOlal value of atalen
Mr Mellon anyo in a h of what he
ha aald. .eni.eeUn: the hloh aurtaxen
nppHeo dpially to 1 he tato taxen
Another idijectlon 1 n-t'. forth. Is
that In many Insfame- , forced Ho
nidation of astatea in olitnin the necen
nary money to pa) the taxan. ranult
In loan tn tha eatotfn n- well OO "to
averyona elae Who In lu'erented In
theae properties. eaecaty if at tha
name time they doolro to or must
Itfferrlnar to the oft repeated
ntatemant that tha tux lawe need
nlmpllfcatlon. Mr. Mellon declare"
"that the mtnient imiIlflLatlon that
ran l-e made la In the reduction uf
the rales."
.HF tl s ( l 1 1 tM
HANTA KK, Der T 'I aim lha SO,
11 Nn mjo ronvlcted ..f ml de -
It re e mm dt-r for k I Ulnar Tat Htnlth.
fnanaamf of a trndltut p nt HU'da
To, and nentnncetl to nerve from II
to 1". yearn In the penitentiary muat
M'lu- his wntence, Ihe Mipremc court
f iiickrn imaatlitnai nd Snllidn.
I Ml Sxirin thioi-lmc I OjJISSJSj Ion
Vro thoroughly t:am.- ad writern.
If you no iloairt. tliry will gluU
inaisl vnu in wrnnlinr voiir arl
Women to Assist
In Elks' Christmas
Tree Festivities
The derlalon to take part In the
K I k a 'h rlst max t rea actlvUlea was
made at a met tine of Women, da-
ter, Wlven, and frlendn nf Klkn. Jiehli
at the Klka' club yeaterdav. A Sn,
porary oromnkMtlon wan made, and 1
It vita decided that the women would
make clothlns for hoyn nnd adrln in
t (Ivan out at ihe tree Thy will
alno fill stnekinars to be arivcn to ISO I
Mm V. J. Strumtibl wan eelectod
aa chairman of th" women's orarnnl
aatlon: Mrs. Frank Mindlin wan j
choncn vh e prewld ii
pold Uoyoy, iwcretni
women who attend
yeoterday agreed t
Other Woirn-n
Tha I'hikstmne tree which w.ll
ntnno" a ihe corner of I "ifth Htro t
and Oold avoinif will I tie of th?
are;f een In the ity It will lax
si runs: with flat t rlr lis hi . it ml will
bo liarhfed ft few nhxhta hrforo
Kuril of th'.
the nieeltnti
Internet four
USE Sloan s frctly for rheumatic
a hM. aiutia, lumbago, ovrr
Krkrd muacK. nruralgU. back
Arhra. still joint aiul Ur aptaina and
trains. pttultotn n ilheut rubbing.
The very ftnt lime )tu uae Sloan '
Liniment you will winder hy yon
never uael it Lefor u 1 comforting
warmth anil : r.'icf from pain
will delight lully au-pri you.
KeepSloan'a oni. v.m at the first
sign of an a he or i, uc it.
At all druggist. Ha, 70c, tl.tO.
Liniment pj)
I r TT-1 t.
l eczema v-zuauueot
IM.aHaa facial arusllaM mi
uuir.ir hfcdi.ir Hota., . Bisstaa
I 'intm.r.!. ijsea far pimply hm.
. t aayajvatsjan
ShrSaluTom Manualo
i I ihr liaer-l'iatm ihat ,.i tapluied every prise at every ea.ptaU-
Inm ri the la-t nfieen years.
Our ituletitcd
an the planlnl
at ore. friable a vi'J
of tha pedal, Ju
Ccme in and Lot U On - You a Demonstration.
Easy Payments Can Be Arranged
Riedling Music Company
I'llOtH ttk"
t'il Went i ll Avriiuc.
iYou Will Find It In Our Classified Columns
'Peace on All Fronts' in Russia England's 'Miracle' Cures Meet Diki Diki, the Midget Ruler
i . jftTaafflialf m&J
itiar ''in nil avboti! il al the tcoai nVisioiwtnilinn 1ii m Hoaocyaj in mH
fblwn ''(m-iicc OB oatl IV-tnls m HuonM A RmJ ,n ni n-virw li-jiltii !
Mir erlphration. Kor thi iral Hnw sincf tlie Botdhvvili Imjdera csjim
into nor nn ItoNhcvik army is Asxhtiug.
vu wiitM'ifil Into tin' Hofnb Coiigf'eywtiuMi cluirch in laoutlon uIm-it
Rev. Stephen Jeffrey! i holding bmi utmlitic i ttng. After the
prngihlir pnyad fur him tha hoy mIIim trust ii' nitmh. That's
Perej Itiehing mi high. Knulmul itmttly h r 1 1 I nvrr lh' nnr-
ssle ' cum nt theae nveatiosK
Laa a
" KamasHBaaaaaaaaMB&
s aP
? SSajaS- IJJlv.
I aaam aaaw ''f a9naUBftanss)
'aaaaVBaaaaa3KVaVaana trmMf aasaTvanaaaauKS
Jaaata! dayUHDB
' 1
i 2ft 1
32 INCHES TALL BUT MIOHTY -Datu 'agiilM Ink, l).k,. ih
i-alletl liniii Silii Silii, is :IT. Mrctgiuj S3 pound ami is 88 InQw 'all,
tun lie . a u-ii-m man. I ! "s In nil Mom ehief of the laland of I 'liian,
iwiir Join in tlie aouthern l'ltilipineti. llin wortl is law in hia tribe.
Oeofgo, takintr a vsoatlbii in mi
tieipation of liis early viait tn ihe
I nil il Siati's anil tu real from the
atrenoona aeaatona mi thr Irisli
M Hon III' 's aeteeting Imm
rinlis for a Kami' Otl'tha I'alkslnni'
links nt Itnurueuiuuth.
Miimiiu Mivii t and one ni' tha skmH poarerfnl mas In tin' UnUlirMk aould do nrithoul poatrr, ninue ami mi imi !i iouldn'1 do withoui
govenaant, apeahlng al Sia Mn'n " iw n all fronis" ilrnmn- food. Bo the London county council haa endowed Weaaninater Ti eh
Htralinii. lie pradiaiad llial tesda wit It Aim inn anil mini rmiiitries aiasl Institute Willi n three month' courae i ilain conkinir. Th
wniilil gaaaaUl) CogWn the Mai at Iffhttnfl nu thi RaaSM bsfdaa, chief UjigfH a.' i tla luudebt ihiut to i-ach is how to boii a potato.
' ;.N PEACE ADVOCATE FROM JAPAN strut Martnr I ,s ,n
ileoorated with six Medal fur her Waahlngloii fur the arms parley as a iiienilx r nf Ihr xeunlive i nm
wink as preanle f the I'mte.l ,;,,, ... f , . W I', are HKii.iei.iti,,,, in .lapaii. She i a il. s, ..I4(.
siai.s eree Milk For Italy organ. , . . ,,
iHl she r i ved the epoatolic ""l """i"'"'" rranhlin, her father being a I'hiladelphian, wlidc
Lr s iuj( of Pop Heunln t, hajf mother lu J ipaurac,

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