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The evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 1914-1922, May 13, 1922, Image 2

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Weekly Business Review
la M HT ftftl-AHT
MFVT ifpee .bo immn er
arn4aM areetre. farelSar l
Wlrm "I lha ..mm.. ml
Kant tog laraariaarnia f. r iftr
pnM ton i rram
I. m i AS
KiM-utnr of Wllln
Admtnletratur by Court p-
pmmm al re-auenl
Truatee urnler WIH Iteeaa
anil Voluntary Aerrrmrni.
Hlauani of 'he property of
1'ustod.lan of Herurltlee
Tni ur Corporal
1t.xH.trar and Tranafcr Aeea:
f.r .-nrpnnulune.
Witt, rwx-lvrd m Hair Krep-
Oiir pnticy in bminmB it to
a-1 1 Htamttiril Llnct. nt the
loMfi't Prift- I'osHibl.v . oii
atateot with u pswnatil"
If vein will examine imr
Furniture St. irk ymi ivili
be ronTrneed.
Strong Block
Reactionary Stock Market of
Past Week Does not Discount
The General Business Revival
CeaaBii Explains Relation of Financial Movements to Ocnrnil
Derelopn.cn' -Oi! anu steel BtocKt. are strong - Kaili "i
Manufacturing End of
Trade Is Lagging Be
hind, However
Earning! Show Improvement International Finn'.
Plant - Bold Movement la Heary
leSS Of ft NUrpflsi
i he 'iiilw irit mmi m
from Ust rails thl w
In about .in- million
(nporiaf I.. Tft. Mm .i.i
piifroN. May ll. The wool
in rk. i i" -etill l ' t Ml I nit i iwi , .! t
H five cent a pound clean lan
higher ihnn last weak M tin ti far
luring end m Ihr trade la still im.
ging behind worsted goads beinif
especially alow. Mnnufitr-; in hi
and ilMMVfi tSoctftf ihi .hiu.ni.i
Ioth not W1 rr.ini tn g-SoOMsffn llesi
fun and .... medium dip imltni
te New MMtnn nr- turntable nt Si
in 1 1 hi Ihr. Inn in ) t Mir.
try in ) foci eding stni.li h Hm
per oont nf wons wpii nt 'in- Mi
iseippl nrt- ."I.J rail- Would llki
to tJtrif t settled Foreign mar
kets tin very strung London I
fully ton i! cent hIhim' Mnrli
dosing Australia Is slightly
dearer, run in i slight advances
arc expected
Gallup Coal
Domestic and
Wholesale and
. II.
ion follow
mI'. frvnM. tin- 1 '
Zt . line
nri,m. California.
21 4J ll II; nuddh-
r. 4fl 10: outhi-rn.
ton lrn. Mo I.
tl Z&; fln. nl fin
ihtng. ft )&!. f.
IllliM. $1 k .i fi 10.
$1 Mr 11 irj.
MM VtABta hnjri
half hi" mhI i-ninbtng.
S fl nihing.
t i i limiting. v
1 1 " 1 1 . 1 1 A
i "UH-in. Vtfriiy
T. i i llnry
II OMl tl 1"
lOrtl Mir. ,
tr 7flr
I'uii. i MiM
A 1 I.
Mnholn, Ih-bI rirtOiM, !&:
' m car llnit. 0 ' ..u
Argentine Fine Wool
Markt b SaiH to
Have Been Cornered
ill K.Mifl AlKHl Muy 13 -T.
'nt fit nia Ka r iuh i nmiilM 4 th
i i t Hftll 'i.ruu nf A i ir ti i.
'. I in nmn W'itr Within ill
nat thru ni fiajr yi-arr iha hnw
strnr-Pfd nil rh nvnilnH- u
I Hahn Coal Co.
I Phone 9 1
I Walter M. Cornell
I Ml n CnW Imne Jil
i iuaii iiaaii, m. am. -Wf
i a I;
I i
I Ralkirll. loom a Dbaald I
J Life inavrance Co.
of the Southwest
1 K i : "Tow Own Horn
nut O&OFfWtVf
i Always Leads
i AFav Mexico
hp "I - mi rinrtw u ml monnna
at rrwaa Wntrta fotlnwlnn tha Ifak
K nf tb- infnma'4n that HVMH'n
yaN hat) 1 - i -H irr- for
tflt t.jla of woola of Uiiim
tine firm hurt IxiiiKhf 4 " l n
rwiih' i
r ihr hl ami ihn : " m Mk -Miuh
ffht h(irgi.t rin.rl' 1 nwi n fi um in
npvrntl ftkm and MM ttnrlal"1
et't'n during the w;ir hHim The
othor hnuaa hnld. r.ouo.ftoo pound a
of wool.
It ih rwttmtd that thara art
fa War than 11 .bhO.QHu pminda of
f ne wool atlll in Mm 1 "ii'-.i 1 v jtti.i
nil .r it In th- mouwalndwi 4in
nt M4iiharn rataa'idu win it- the
pwrant NfMwa praani It -hintncni
to markat
bout 16 n ""n pnunda nf
ii"tiiim and cir-"e whi" nit aftM
nn-old. i.iit rtvaaa art- mtwitly .1
f rtor wftVrlnir
ll U t IH s
VKW VOH K . li t:i Tin rv
.itinnar nHiaaa tj prut., on ih
,iw Ynrh fttoi lt Km hnn- ifMfinj
Itea paat wak tin nntiirull) led hi
thi- moulry aa to whether aiork
arlcaa IBv tmin than dipcmint d
th ganaral hualttaaa rfvKal whlt-IT
nan thru for m-r-urrfd nr will o-eut
us fnr ita fhln yar la rnmarm-d 01
whether, aa now Mema prolahl
mm inicli tmmH 1 han th- rguiat
iiii .hm in I.' enn 1m
lookMl fnr until aftfr thr mid-aum
mar KHunn
Thtit th. atnrk markn bJmjwM
hnn fthown heaitatton at ih Mpw
thiii 1 1 if tnemmttlf ntnl flnani'im
iiltcnrkfa wert rfportlna derinth
cMili'tiri'" 't in. it- iflna trad- nnd
In nmliiii indnalry la tint la IH' won
derail at. fnr thr lmk markt-t 'ti
w.iv- pcerXlaa ;tmi for "hnd"- ;
Unntti-d linnni-lnl and l ommirt Inl
aHualrtm, alt his fm Hi- heller or
for thi wnraf In fTfremlwr 1 1
1919 in ahrupt downw.iril rfa-t.iTi
in th ninrk niai-ki't pointid ttnmia
lukaMy 10 thi irad. rMUoa
which did ol reach Ita ruliulnai.nK
ataite until llll wfit will nigi.
half t'lii Wln-lhi'l- ttnothor a
f. tnh .1 .if. In,' m (In- vfi-uriiy mar
keta In HOW to follow thi ii, ...
mnvetni'ni of prlt which ha Ceo
I u '1 1 hf !e mur kvt alnrf 1 tn- all -ter
iMit of tl 1 a. of idurw. Hob
h-mtttlenl and wtll di'pfml o,,on
the eOwSMMM ludanii-ni of thou
Mnd nf BrtHrw puriM'tpantN In the
niurkf t in rvery aectinn nf the
Tin- oil and llldependani aieel
ft tick n hutf of ruurti l-een iiiflu
1 nend by aperlal riictor- thai cnnhl
nwt bf aapftaj 10 ippi t fJiu
niariMla aa a whnrr Th- uil. I' d
halt in th- production of cowl,
leading certain or tin 1 . pi .Mi nt.. -live
InduatiiaJ eiiiiTpriafu of tha
i-iuntrv tn poiimiIi 1 Miiouwly ti.
atllailimtlnn of nil fm ctnil aa fwet,
the r-(Mat -d in a rk ing up ot prht
for gaanllne ami ntlvr nil priaturta,
the atlcifaaful exploitation of new
nil field. 1xth at home and tihrraM
and Mo- conHfiui'ni nut look fr
tarnirifja ot thi oil cmnpanUF
hn- ittraciM a UtrRi- ridlowinir to
the nil Nhan-s in the liated mr-
5wen a K.nfia ncvai.ca in th- .
nrlcna nf IheM ttocttf Then tiaa
ifvn more than Mtcrgef .talk nt
iUm ati-ady odwdlallucnt of the
market iiuotai daa fho In-'-;n n
rfciit t f-l flmrn, intai of w iii-l
hai ikm- up long way frnm tin.
Imitoin inrire tha unrgei m-rio-1
n.t inn-1 ;, 'it t i .1' rwriuUM anu"cl
Th" eieel iHtiip.inlea Iim-- lrtn
Mna-mg in their 1 fam-ctlve '11
I tcfa on a -tfady protfrtveai'in aim-e
h irn oi the year, actuateo mj
an inrreainB d.-mand iui thf ir 110 1
uH at prlcea Whn'ti compare iai -fn
v.irahiv with nnv pnateri ratea
aim - th 1 tiding of ihr war Th
roiink will raeelvr a auhata h
nef it 1 mm 1 h v p-ted
the ronvt. mm ihiit the ati-Mt 10
"tilnrra nick a pnRVy WtOLI ii
jannoir The hanker Who V.vn
taken ihu nn, maiat that 11 1- "h
hUMtlnn nf American Inveaini
f n mi - Ii he utnda with whit t,
foreign purclMaer wtmld pun nael
arruitte. and whereer he ple .tl.
lee ling atire that Ih Ifcu eml n-nttaj
would h- rti'iiv than ch-.. , ,0
ur. I
(.old Una in
Hlnc. the turn of the year, ihere'
ha Inn, gem-rul ! . urn in - ti- I
imporia'ion or Kuropean go!t t.i
Aimr' .. line liun le.-n due a
variety of iiiuava. amnag v
mn l.e iintt-d 1 he teniaorat'.
11. r ot ii,. K.Hul mining ftrldaL ne I
cnmiM-ihmn nf the aattogta of 1
1 opt '.a exiattng Hiippllaa utif 'n
falltnK of I ltitfrn.it loiia) Irn. I j
The enunlrwa nf irtv rr I-:.
In. ho iad ihittn In pnrilculur. .
' ridding for al.
Moid ihat hip, 1-ewN oMarofl tn 'he
London market at flight 1y rtti
prli-ra than n nffered hy Amei 1,
interest- In the gnat w-.i.
KiigliNh golri importN have I en
t0.40 pwundn
rtoweyar in the near fi.
larger shipment are tggajgHoal f -ti
Mnth African flelda and th
an uneonf ll tMet teporta In luun 1
thui aa Minn a theae ahlpmen'
rive more K'dd - M'ori- lu n
mmi ,'' ' vpeete.1 While nfithlr
known in New Turk to 00 m
theae ill mom. authorities con
11 1 c- innpi Ion nf gold fsflW tn m
I nltd Htales not al all unllkel
Warvcjuawoaa in tha cottog
lure mitrki t with extreme flu 1
atlona in prlee hr r" " fonet
uacnhid to th weather map. .
there iir other m ' nt In'
enefa at work 1 'areful esiiaji .
are now hflrm made of the fn
ahe gi raggti of 1 he wont hern gnu.
nnd It in urn rally net epteft
an in'-rrn.. of k to fi per cwtlt ' v
he look' il lot Hut thia will lu.
compensate lor (he tlef tctaitrtl t
r iher ittitton prodtirlng count' .
ltd export- ma . therefore, h 1
pei ted to ontlnue ni, nn Hit 1
Th .i.thi'in pin-
tin claim-) t tut t It 1 ist h tnore lotti
l( cents a Miuml to mi- the ti
la naturakHy gratified m th NttgaOilv
adiaocirai prpM . rf ..ilimi ' tW-
Whtcti have risen nearly two rln(-
a pound in aa many wewte
Naturalization Da
In District Court
Will Be on Monday
Hogs Finish IQc to 20c
Higher; Cattle Sup
ply Light
I" M. lilt In Hie llt'litkll
KANHAH t'lTV. Ml) II Though
-omewhat irregutai cattle price 4
eloaeil the Wek a1ewt With lllt-t
wn-k .tad a rinse elegranee aa
leporicd The lorn) market fanl
hetter than mure northern uml
eastern points on there was e
port 'h tn.-ind. Itecelpta fngfg light
and lornl killers are operating un
der fairly good orders
Mi. .!! . cattle Were higher
Tueda. th.-it was a Meak of a
M'l uter anil hy the week end the
lots Won ifgnined I'rlMie steers
sold up to (171, they were year
ii tigs Heavy iee t m sold as high
i- M ami ihi- Imlt. of the good
holce lolling rtaase In ought . T&
to Js fiT I'litm killing kinds sold
from 17 2.' up. and v r few wen
nf fared Cows rioted In to 2fc MtU
lowei Th hulk of fat cow
hi ought l&.aii to $t. an. cantiera.
II no to U.fl and .utters, 13 S to
i ... Heifers hmugiit .eti to
O f w 1miv It s;. Cal
w re In acttxr l mnnd al firm
IH i' ra Chop c feeders sold up to
f Von hut eaaetl off 2.'- centa he
e thin gt.liles W.. a- high .1
Hw York Storki
I.W Vi 'It K May 11. gtael
ea, n. 1 1 i.i ... iimny o. the
nr .riaties ni'iin dongaaterl the
t-iek market n.dny rftoag t'hif-
fl Id Uulf Hi ate.. 4oh Krotla
I Alloy. Itt-iiloich ami Vanu-
diuni were ? to almoat f. potnta
higher, irgnad Htatea Htial also
aiietrtriaamd on fairly t-xmnivo
ucciimulatlnn Oetmral l'lecirlr.
Ilom-h MHgn'-io Mack Truekv.
t'ntted Kruii. laivisnn h. tnhul
and Virginia f'arolimi hemieal
rose l tn i points im.) log of ol
unteri'd largely in I hi . hog per
raauea, nmalde tranaeontltientala.
Al ktaon Readtng nnd Mlgntlc
('oat line were among the tiotig r
-a l tlNlng 1 lt 2 irttintr- The
cloalng wns .irnng Hal-
limited arn) tioo share
Amor. Hmelting ami Hi f
A t-,t 1 1. an Hugar
Aitierimn T It T . , .
Amictmdtt t'oppe-r
Alchlsnn . .
China t'oppei
I i uhi ' A 1
ggplrt4ton I'nppt i- ....
Northorn Pgftlflr
Ht-uihei ii I'sr.f i. , ...
I'Blan I'aclflc
I'nlled Htales Hi-el
mind on grusinic "
..count- continues large.
Hog prices tilled lo to 20 rents
higher anil tosed within five centa
nf the week's top level, closing top
lin hulk Itn tti f hi., an .JKt
fold Ui In $10. (0.
Mit-.-p ainl lumhs declined iid to
TTi cents tin the elosr spring latnha
aolil at M Dn to 111.40; dipped
lamha. lil oo to lis :&.
I. raw- utile tn l runiMl
ii' hie el some rgltle thai
tr.i'i ei ( (tin A In in mil n ml I if Is
ami to Kalians grass there was
nothing pat ticulorty new in the
cattle altuallott There la a general
illNtotsi loe on l In im i of pOature
men who hove not gut their grass
un .'er looaa in scout around for
thin i.itlh- 'nr fin...- f..r ihat kind
ire m hiwh at ihr market ihat I nr
-nine have gone tnto southern i m :,4
n it-k nriu mane some inii ciiatsfs 4 Ia "h I'j't 'jli
Hueh cattle look cheap per ptiund j iiag'lO
hut the art of a iUgllt that even
t- n ma .Inw a very gimd .
prtr' The trade at all times Is
M U -tttltk l KM
M:u Viikk M i.i cotton
inline- rgaaad . teady May. Ill R
Jwky, ii'if,:, Qajtohar, 1 1 , i -nmtier.
IIHfci January lit. 41.
Spot, MUtel; mhldlitig. II0.1&
I "II I l . N I i IHM.I
SKW TOtlK May ia K..rHn
"""Hi stt Hn ;i en t Hi it. i m
141, . (- 1 14 V
"dny hills on hi-., i i .
r rtim-e demand u I i, . n Idea
IX ttaiy demand. Vit, Bides.
: J. It. kjtium. deinami. a 31 .
. .iljien ll i.i tiei iiutnv denmnd
i .-iible- rt4 Holland, de
mand. II. CO, rallies. 31. Oft. Nor
Woy, ih man I I S .tig Ihgadag, de-
ni.in.i :s h; Ih nmnik .p-mand
SwImoi mmi demantl 10 2
teinan.i. : tin ce de-
i I I I'.tinr .1 ii. niand
Cagrho Htovukia h man.i.
Xigentim detn ihd VC.I7.
demand i i no Montreal,
Ihat trade.
m of wtteat
ek however,
busheli leaO
hla pronntdy
nffaets the imragan of two mil"
lion hmrttela out of the Argentine,
i . v i " " i sa If a of whawt yenterday
nmounted in between 300.000 ami
a :ti mm hushfls of wheat, and Urn
recetgia iwdoy were aald tn Ihi
!( hitsh I t tellve rle . on ..
rnntrarts flits mordtng were 24C,
000 hush Is of wheat. After atari
Ing unchiinged to I Hr higher,
values held r h m for a time, then
eased off slightly un ncmuul the
u.tion of May hut there was some
aellthg nf the Utter at II C S
which ehttkt-d tht advance.
( in and oata were goi-ernad hy
the action In wheat . the market
holding within rathe i narrow Ilmtta
with corn fum nnd mt t trilm
eaalei- Initial nuotattons whhh
re unchanged to ! high r with
July McWtn ISc04lc. -rare
foil. w. -1 hy slight additional gaim.
tlgta. after Marling unchanged
lu He lower. Willi July 3c to
40c. declined slightly further then
ahuwftt somewhat of i reai Hon
Hirengih in hog tandaai in lift
:i attiTe-l -Hin -it ,n lali I hut
the outside trad- remained light
land the wheat market lost all of
fo j ,! .ui iy advance The wa
' weak, valuen being 'g. to c und-i
') veat-rdaj finish, with May 1 4S
wnK ! to 11 43 4 and July II 15 to
9" Tiani in com was light and Hi
tnarket weakened with win at The
cloaa was weak. s- to Si hwet .
with Jul 04 Ut i .
i Togo
Wheal May II 43. July 1 tfr;
Sept., 11.11.
t orn Mwv. 0c; July. Off :
tfepi . R0 He
thi is- May li-gr. July, tttgc;
flept f0c
bt, s
I. ot.
I Hnisll
NKW TOliK May 11 L,b.-,ty
mis cltMged S's. $v.2. first
'00.70 hid: seeontl rp 111 r0.
fC'a. 101.70. secnml iL'a.
third I0v.lt; fnurih
Victory. 4 a
0tU or Mttd for
bssMkt, "BtsfegssJ
,no Vnur Psjgfl
Albuquerque, N
mi t he recent te
rgenttwe gggol
that the din ci
corner' on do
would probably b
tn the prolnhiin
mergefwy lurtff
f-reme with tmpor;
wgj kelh-vetl tht Ih
May Cl i oniiuettl
.eioUlliriP III 'he
niatfet imlleuted
i affect of t be
ght. due
iiios4 of in
ml their inter-
Howev.-r 't
t t SSw
influence iter of this
mlgyht he not it-entlle tew
strong pusplun which
hove- het-n greeting he
Thia Buenos Air--
that -ervt-s to u
steady th' demand nr
mmm '" and how near Hie time
guy he when th-lr s-.iriir iiajire
dirt. . I W'll hei oiiu i niphal n an.i
of mark , eff t on the generul
si uetar
t how
Tin distr.ct court Will .1 wit hi
nnturatlgailaf matter on t ndoy
nw.pnlng I Ii a special ht-rf
wtll be here from I c river Thore
are 20 patltlona for naturahrauofl
to tome hofor It
Hlstrlct Judge M. C. n
Hurry loe. olerk of the
court, are In Bernalillo today
:njc raturgllggllon pgflilon
Want Contractors
To Bid on Schools
In Torrance County
In i relghi ratea which
Willi the high -rah of wuges linw
pt i v mting in th- gic. , mduai. )
wow 'tigviitute the tiigh'-si item
eg pen- in the ni n nfa t tire .nd
dlatrihui.tiu of steel ptiulutts
Ii '. put.. I 'hai llitt
d at'h lie: . .u iinigg Of tin rnilrou In
Would he '1'flcleg to covet the (
l ' i r tin it lag li'titUtHe itlli
uin n anil Mi ;'i ldhi teturte m- .
H i i -n-rs rS short of ihis
mark h) only IT nf one pet . ent
T.te mm! aril . that will i. he
anlved. until April reportM i . st U
mined two wvOk hepct i- whet hoi"
the April .. ning- record w'll moke
as lnorable n ahtrWtng t nior'li
ago h wits K nerally com edeti i. , . m, , ,' ,. fr.,v
htislncas in aniicipntlon of th p . .1 rllln Tex wtio
ftrlke km! grew fry inflate! Mn- h fAr thf building
enrnina 'tut prU Wn- ' In ret o - Th- hid will h.-
expl-i tftl to -hoW ii hetiv
With the pos hie egi -p
few of the naxds which o
Ollggquoriiu imraet
ti tl 1.. hid "' a
hiuhiingN which win
in Torrame cuunty ih
VacaHun la coming nnd then the
Imad tenehers will earn etinugh
shy to teach on again next year
in '- tanria on June Ther
ti a ffrvt small achm) huihtmge
'i in hid on
the liutriinlnn mil field
port on car kadinga r'i
these llni-i ha" not hoWe
in Ini" witii cxiiec luHnn. fnr most
of tin- western ami oiittiein lineal
lo.olini:- Ii.im not IniPM off in 'io-i
d.gi-. t.i.cpated. and la utilia a, ,4ofvuiN will be
ninnhei ri i -uses have continued to i.,.. ... ,a,.i, ..i,.,..
Scouts to Cook at
Rotary Club Picnic
Art thoroughly trnuiid mi
tvrit'Ti If you so deurr-. thy
wfll (Hoiily nnsift you in wortl-jp,r,h
off your gd.
Increase in canoauencf It I now
general!; x peeled Hint Itie .vpr.i
awrniug -tatementa will make -mn I
a n gaasd aftowing for a I
nomlM-r of vgrrtara. The lineal
which erva the ant brae, le .. . i
hffwmlnnuN -ml fields will, nf
course, show fhe eftect of the j
aVag In thO cil-e of these 1
held at I In Homi
In ' n-n.tr, . myon nn
Ohicsvgo Board of Trade
CHHWOii M.,t ta Hirengih in
ateai at LHerpooi todary tended
Whelp prh-es hen ag-fl the mar
Itot open, tl firm with a nithei
rtrona undiiiun in t vide nee .hir
ing the early trading, which, how-
er i more or less of a local
i hgractei Ite porta from I iv. -pi .,)
said the NUostaniliil ittcreoee In
the cleirnncea of wheal this week
from the Argentine more nr
tin loci eA-ed mot-emeiit of grating
awfltk from the aoufhwest and lite
hlgg ai earrlera igure that the
Imlk of them will n gru by
the middle of negt month Ro
purl- from all laxeture ureas, are
that grass la giod and early nr-
t 1 v ai- it . il'.lng well
In the sheep dlvla'n the general i R I.. Malone Plginview Teg
mm' iii"in u i . nil I to shorn 131 atcer l ilt pound-. '
gradt-s from railroad feed lia near; It I. Malone I'lainvlew Tex..
markei- and spring lamlm Chi fleers I ,okb t ()
ri-pt. rt--l inn v y arrivals oi , tirownriuiii Itrownf irf tv
Ti ' e la in ha early thia IrOOfc 1 4 I steers 1.04. fx
and the southern movement' Hrooks Hai) j'Uinvtew Teg. lx
itirough i.ouisviiie gateway is wen eiocgers. 840 pounds. 17. on.
tnrled Arltona lambs were in Mrook . Ihi I ClainviHW TVs tsi
Kama Cut ami aim.her -nli-n,- ut -liekii r4ti ..m.i ii
of twelve douhla decks are A L lohnaon Huymon. Okla .
eape. leu nt'ii sevsi i diiiormii i i -tot'sers ..04 pouinls.
tit nn are m h iree iy n iouk t
rtlieru route to Omaha and hi
gn None ha- been offered in
Kansas city
Thia Wf.'k A J. Oawfortt
(?.irlslaiil . M who has fed and
rn a Urge numm-r of eihn- at
item lie Knit sold ...ono fie n
Iloaton wool buy ei - in Kansas
I'll al in cenls per pound .1 J
Iiunrnn of le lth Tex who fed
gt Morrt Kan old 1 "ion rime.
tu the on.e firm at :t cents a
pound The laiter fteecea were atg
M'tnlhe wool
Millie- t.f W'il - -nb -
Mime aal' nf -uulhwe-t catlle
ihls week were:
Kldd Hoy V M 2t atoekers
(6 1 poiiuda. $4).iO
Kldd. Ho N M . : hull. lo
pounds 93.01
C N Harris. Iis ..gas K. M..
40 ale re, 000 pound ',
A I. Johnson t.uvmoi
ix sim-aer xi pound 7 0o
A L Johnson . iiuimon i kl,-
II atockers. .Ml pounds. IT.OE..
Ill Pi H ft H h ...wa Ofcla .
i3 feeders kOfi pownria, HIV
Cwrter Hrolfn Arrow. Okla. 1
KofNer mo pounds. fT.ltV
" Mink. tt orlahdo. nklit..
at ret r I 1 8 pounds. fTtO.
John fye. Tyrone okla, 1
osTdvwa, 37: pounds. i;.oo
John iryc. Tyrone nkla . 3 hulls.
Mn p'liinds, "i.78
J times Dallnn. tfunlau okla.,
siockers 04ft pounds H lot
W If Nhavetr Duymon Okla .
11 'lock era. 014 pound 17 00
W It gbav e i Wtit iimn ikln
lo e gives, ion pound. M.m
K V Whiinoy Prriy. Okla 13
rotVoO, StM pounds, .TI.
to. Y Whltnwy. I'erry okla
lookers, ton pounds, m oo.
i'HK Ado, May IS- Cattlo- itc
celpts, boo. Market compared wiib
week ago Beef steers and ofc
stock, largely ategdy; bullf. 2i to
f o cents lower; vent alve. 7f
enie to 1 00 higher, Hookers anil
feeders. 1" to ; n-ni low i .
wook's tri. beef steers. .2
hulk of pines beef steers. 7 TT
ttl .i stockera and feeileis. 17 Si
ftl7 li buichers. Sft-Sb It 17 TV
tanners Hnd cutters .tttJIH.tk:
bologna hull- 4 '.'Hi 4." 10-
ll'igs Heettpts. 4, Sou Market
closing active, light ahout rtoady
with Friday's averagt . lop 110 1"..
bull:. I10t30lj Sin 75; noif-nver
Ughl. plir.. weak to lowor. pink
ing sows, about atealy.
Hheep Iteteipts 2.000 TmI-s
I'BCaiPta il1ri.e to pAcgerw Mark'
comiiMifd with week ago: Price
mm.il ahout SI 00 lower: wrek'n
hulk itrlce. sptimt lamhs lit o0 4i
lift f.o. shorn lamias llj &atf
13 76: ewes. i "0JS7 fo. w th
x :.nt so up yearlings ll no4(
411. ft; few wooied fed Umlw. up
to Sla. SO; idiorn feeding lamha
nn "Hy Sio O046S1O.I0.
h WnV- cit-1-
K A H tM CITY Mo . May 13
Cattle Reci ipi ItU Market fot
woak: fleef leers and yearling
stegilv tn lb tenia lower: she stock,
steady to strting. canne-s and
stock ctilves -tcM.lv hulls stronit to
it'- higher; calves rtead) !
0 centa hlglu i
Hogs Kecelpls. 1 f.00 Market
active to packers and shippers.
Mi-i : u , rid- strong, others tn
in i ents htghet Imlk good and
chadec inn to loo pounders. Iio.'.n
Olio Oi; tup. 110.06 , mixed
Sio inftf io 16. hulk nf soles
IO.10410 06. pgcklng 0040,
CHICAUO. May IS - Mutt, i
l.oWrr: cr- an.. r extras i:t .
! i 3Oe0)i3i . wcmrl- 27eti2j.
Kgge I'm hanged Itecalpts 32.
i:46 rasoa.
Poultry -Alive lower: fowls 2;
broilers 30c 4 40r; roosters I Ii
potat'..-- -Mark t lull lleooipio,
57 . ait . total 1'iiHed Stales ahlp
menta. 00T ears v imin. hulk
and sacked r iund Whiles. 1 1 4640
s ao rwi : Mtnewoti.. aaek! t'tuml
j Whites II 26011 0 cwfe. t'nlorudo
j aaekeii in own tHSMUtiea. Si 16 cWt .
I Canadian, agckotl. whites, $ i 4
I cwt now etfsrk Meoriy on barrels
weak on sacks, rittruht HpHuldtng
I Ho. dtMihle-uestletl Ita. . eb. Wo. I
j 0l'4 l :'l. Nn I' 64.0041 to i,
AlabAina. sn. ked laurels T.'iurila
Nn 1 Sao6S.2b cwt.: Wo. j
11.76 cwt
m km men
that ihr
A Whole
ti April
I "I lll- !
March 31
quarter troop of -coOOa hav le4gH
se lee let I to rook and otr tit
Paul Hammond, froftp le3
will an aa heat) chef
Landrith to Speak
At Congregational
Church Tomorrow
Vr Ira 1andriih who in to ,HaJi
at ties High nehool aiidtforniu igg
morrow night will spenic hi
Cmtgregatlnngl church nt the .
Auto Springs
Guaranteed Not to
Break nor Sag for
One Year.
rtarvy "Solium" Ami..
Hprina en tha reeult of
yjmrM of . prrl.;nr- In an
.'t:.....e th ihuhi nf .itrlns
Wr aa.r tfwmw "Sou
ana.' mn -mlaaa for
avapy a aaa al'a R
Albtssastfata, M M
1091 1034.'
The figu
lasu aa t
I toad alas
i mat!
roepepa i p
. ilrvel
nine ha I fit
fn Nrv.r Too Weary', antn- A
Jpiaeper I'ar y.m. Mnttier ih
in. Mr. ' Jrnkln.: aaihmi
COMM. llHt..l IXIU .
1 nef.r Wanton Vn Th. hlfh aral.r.
haaan In rirla al atarhl Waving
thf ..reel, rov.rnl with ovt.il.
The f-ourth Street Garage has changed hands and is now
operated by men who are highly proficient in all kinds of
automobile work. We have storage 'space for rent and
cars for hire; a full line of oils and gas; a first class car
washer and the best mechanics.
For any kind of repair work, call Wr. Jennings, the shop
foreman. For manager r f the business, call Mr. Malone.
Work Guaranteed.
406 North Fourth St. Phone 1 58
We Are Living in an Electrical Age. Why Not Electrify Your Shop
or Place of Business?
"At Your Service" Phone 9ft
Ask for
Glass Jar
Canned Fruitl
High Grade I
Uniform Qij
Gross, Kei
I Now is the tit
get nice clean
for the KIDf
play in.
The Moderi
Business 0f6
206 West Centri
Established 164
nniffirPF l
nuv r.rr
all,.,.,... w
S GeoBse

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