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Records Should Fall
From Indications of
Tha preliminary event whti h
J ,ru in th tat high
hnn mmmt at tht I nlvtraltv flald
"Jf ftaraooei i- i . ... that
rifMl will tha fall of
" 'ri ii nut many .f it., staia
n.ith lion mirk racord If the
"".iiner In cofKi
The track nd field war in good
p" yesterday, with very little
na Mowing ' Mif Him,, rer.u i
a fKuald. and vrul other
--iouly threatened. It.-) 1... i or
local high aehonl. ran m ?J0
1 In US 1-5 m m. which
the same an the friner - 41
record lit did nut tn.tn him
elf. und ran pndmhiy tvr off n
. of h l(r m tf , , PM-f,,
'n ihe fimil rnt fh fturapoa
John VmiMf, AlhuUrn,u
'it man who won fire place
i. the Mate mft nht ul 1 yr,
ramrod hi bark In the brood
jump yaatarday. and will proi.ihi
be unable lo rum pal, thl ufier-
' fl'he Nummary of tha prHlml
j (riea follow; firat and avennd
n'in aaeb hem ifuallfy.
ISM yard daah - -Klrt heal Tru
I jjlo. ttM, riret; Kullo.-k Ksian
I Ik. am and ; Olaaaman. Alhutiuer-
'. third, nine 4 i cunda;
IV thn-f men m lamIi ft1
rflet-ond lout ltnyul.nl. Alhu
4 flr-t. Moll Ho well affc
J. ct) tie, Artealn. third. Urn
(44(1 pa
tealn. m
P" I.IL.I-
yard run Klrt heat
t'lnvla. flrei. M i
ond: 4lln-Mi.n Atl.u-
li'r.Mi' ihir.l. (tiro
IJr-t Brook. Thou second ; HNner-
Aiiuiueriie, third; lime. 61
lllh Jump ThfMH- who quuli
i m iioiromh Hiurts, ziii
Wos Cimdrron: Havaiip, Rowwvll
) na Raton.
I Pfaiu v null .i i la II I... I V.. mi 1,1..
fnfro. Mtorta. aIuuuitiiu: Ha.
rfcmarion. Iitmmlit. llav-llp. itui-
I'ayne. Kiitun
nail jump -yuallfhd : W n-
Moylial tlttnet tuuer
I I'ltnairiMi. Wflili It on
I'ayn Itutoti.
1hu-up Mualtflad: Wimble Hol-
.II Alhuiieriie. ltd. imnr-
i!iii Dtinrnli t. 1 1 h nlin It. .
. hiu. 1. 1 K.
I , in .il "it i r . ventu there were
Mtti Drellmlnai lea, and ' )...- who
Tln final i-v tit- Rlarl Ml 2
K thle afternoon
' i n1 iiinrinn mr nit inn'i ii'-
Jin . . tU i,1 I mux .Infill-
Wilton; traeii Judsae- Hale, rira
ham Walt. Morgan. ohlf field
itlii lhn ( Iteuni. field ' U - -
hiw Jonea. liar r Inn ton ilren
leaf Bldf It llernand. U ller-
tiati1s TlmT I.uiImt V.m Hut.
tlrk Olen Rrland John I' Mor
ton rn ort-r r fir i - i
M!erk of ruurae- Clark; iim r iha I
kit r(irH- John PoMjkif
I At a meetma of the ru.trlo-N of
Mike Baca of Las
Vegas Will Pitch for
Old Town Team
The uke i'ity flrayn and old
Town Marn huvr d-flnlier
mntrhi'd up for a name at Han
la fifld tomorrow ftf.i-rnoon Thr
final denalon to whether Ihey
would play waa held up yeater
day tint 1 1 Utt HtnrH had e ur d a
Mikt- Main. n aouthfmw from !ia
VepraH. who handed the flriiyx n
dtMM Inat year, will hold down
ih' mound for the ffiam and try to
repeal the performnnre. ArooraV
ina to the fann, the Stan hava a
KMid fleldlna team, whlrh win
rompare favorably with elthar
lllrn or Hanta Ke. and the tamo
proinlea to lie elnae rnouah tor
-n itcment
Ha in t with Mfcd pn-nthle wa
eaption of Uraehopfir - ih
meanent left-handed twlrlei In lha
elate nnd the (lifts hut t ere ex
pert a lt of trouble from him.
Jolly, the firal-alrina pitcher Tor
the (Irayn. will atari out the gKM
for them
For tomorrow' ffnme (he - . ii :
admiealon will i. rharaed at the
;ate bin no xtrn i'har- will Ih
mad- for the arnnilatand. Imn l
dllln announced y-cterday
I Sport Briefs
tNCOl'VKH Bobby Mb hi W
New York. Won tin iMMOw Otwf
t'harlle Houah Hou-e' Surwa,
iiahiwilahi ehamplon of ibito.h
t'obimhla in Ian Hiuml-
I V BNPOHT iMorrta H. hlalfer.
of i imntm. kwoeked out 'owboy
I'ndaeti of Doloraa in the i.th
HtiHTi n Harry flreb. I'ltta
hiirah. knocked out Al Kotn-rt.
Nrti ..rk. tn the Ninth round of
i arhadiulrd 10-round bout
MoNTKKAI, Hetmondey Well,
of I Hindoo won the i 'unit 'Han
welterwetahi title fmm Frunfc
Hnrrienu in ti n round
KIAH KAI'IIih Hamnta hinrb.
Hindu wrartler defeated Jack
Kcynotd Caatar Itapid. two out
of thra fall.
1'KTHHIT A wheduhHl in
round bout between iHinny Krimli
of Clrveiand and Johnny Iteialer
of New York w.t atopped in the
-- ond round by the honing rom -mlaalon.
who iharRed the box era
were MtulllliK
Toporcer Forges to the
Front in National
rifH'AOn. May il.- Ijtwtnn
Witt, New York outfielder. I al
ihe top cf the lift of batten ii
the American lau. ai'iawrdtai
to flRUrea relvaacd today whlh
Ineiude aame of laat Wedneadny
The aveiace are of player who
have participated in fifteen or
mote name
The pitrhlmj In the pa at week
baa been to Witt n hkln and he
iKH'Died hi averaae from Xlft tn
10. fnteher Hevereld for Ihe
llrown hrnuRht hi mark of .I1W
to 404. for the runner up nomr
fjaorae Hller. another member of
the Hrowna, who topped the hit
tar a week no luntped it little
ml I In third place with 40.V
With Hleve tl'Nelll m rati her of
ihe i'leeland Indian. pVaaaaa
hint with 4fto
Hlnb-r. however, rnnllr.ue to lie
the hel run aelter with 27 tallle
and la pel tin the pare for the
hwae atealer with an even doien
tUlefta Mi team mate Kenneth
Wlllmm I- on Hier' he) with
ton theft William added to hi
home-run mark yfterdav, puttina
him aanln ahead of the 1
rhedule of HuIh- Itnth. mheduled
for -elnatatenient next Haturday.
It wtt- Willliirn' i letenth four-bae
other Icadlnaj batter for fif
teen or more namer-: t'lark. i -troll.
Ill; Kamieon levelaml
179; Bd Miller I'hilnd Iphia.
171. Gardiner. Cleveland. S1 .
Pratt Itnatnn. tfi.1; William. Hi
Umla . Urt.tt N.w York. Ml
Q k ' Topi-i.i i .if th" Ht I ouo.
turdinal" hit t ruck n Imtilnff
Mtrlde win. h proinle to make the
butter of the National league
hu-tle to keep pare with him He
i t'M ki d out nine hit In hi laat
five anme. including; laai Waal MM
lay' content, and hoonted hi nver-uki-
from 1(0 to 4 a ltnbbit
Maranvllle of the IMrnte lout one
point hut with an hv niK of 411
la the runner up with Qaoraj
Kelly, the NhiRKlnR fltani ftrat
lM(eman who topped tlie tit a
week ago lost 41 point and I
ruwtlna; in ihird place with an even
Hotter Hornnby. Ihe Hi I.oul
tar hoj tied the Mluaaina Kail
V TIO . (. R
W I,. Jfi-t
New York .7a
Hi lul 4 0 iavt
llttburh ........ 14 It Hfl
Chiraao . it II .tf
I'hlladelphiA in n .40
Hrooklvn 10 II ,41
ijincinnail ... 0 t7 .1 7 f
Hoaton 4
Mi ilk y i RI4M i
W. I. '
New York II I .704
Ht Lout II t .4 :
- laveland . ....... II II ,I0
Ctiloaan iti 14 4"
Philadelphia 11 14 ,440
lloamn 10 11 .41.
I leiroit 11 1 i4f
V. i-'n m 14 f .17(1
I Yesterday's Results
Rational Langne
Philadelphia. 7. Chhafo. 4.
Ptttabvrgti, I; titon. I.
' 'iin'innaii. 7; HriMiklyn. 4.
St, IjouI. 7; New York. 4.
AmaHoan Laatruo
Ht LotJia. II; Philadelphia. 4
New York, 10: Detroit.
Roatohi 1 . 1 'hicago.
WuhinTon 4; W eland. 4.
MI ltl W HiM TlON
K'inaM City. 10, I.ouievllle, H.
Hi Paul. ;. Toledo 4
MinneiipotiN 1"; folumbtl. I.
Milwaukee I ndlanapidin, rt"'
oAsi ii w.ir
Hm Kr. iih-Im 10. Hall Ijik',
Vai non Health, i
iiokland 4; tor'land. S.
Loe AnirliM W, Hacramer.to, I
1fMo4ne j. i imaha. t.
Hi Joaoph 3; nkiahoma City. '
Henver Htoui Cltjf, II.
Wl I l.l T H..1 M hedllK'l
Fast Track and
Clear Weather for
Kentucky Derby
ih II.i k Ky . My II.- The
I mote than 7ti,ooo pi r won who will
WUntao i lie runnina her thin
fternuon of the forty emhth re
newal of the K niu'-kj dfrby
awoke -if. lo find tha aky ktud-
I leaa and ihe early aunehine glvina
promt B Of n miner Heat A llfjlit-
nina; fal Lrai k la aaaurad. Imnlna
auddan and unfomecn chaiute tn
j waa the i onditton. Tb- aaaot
. mlnbie of the atari of the claaaic
rannol be delennlned but Ihe
j lairrier will be anapped between
I and 6 It o'clock, rentral atand
ard lime it Renerally I . i
Ho- derby batnc tha fifth race on
: the cm r d
HAI.TIHOIIK. May 1 1 A fat
track t proniiei for tha runnina
f Hit j.n nkne'N t hi- .if l i i i
I at Pimlhw, local iralflc offo ial
protlb'ted that 10.0UU . i-.-fj-
would wiine the lunnina of the
annual claaalc for the bc.?0
I purae
hUmm Joy a weniern rntry. ap
io Im the favorite amon
'In- many hra men who hava barn
bare eeral day for the bin
. event.
fir i
Hnatiluny !ri-ilun l hun h
' nrtni hioadway and (told
I Vv ... i . il..u . ..
Waller; phone i4t-W.
;41 a M.: Ittble M'hool and
Mother ay ! i ban
1 1 a m : Mornlna; worship
aarmofi topic. The Heart oi a
Mother '
Rwaaavor meei nn
1 nln mfetina at II.kIi
hool wiib Hddre by) o In
I -i tul r! t h
North I ourili Mtrm I.o-m Hall
UOo North Kourth atraat.
Hundajr achuol and Hibta claaa at
41 a. m. W. C. Kaabe. super
II a. m : llreakfna of llreni
in Iteiiiembranre of th Lord Acta
:'v;7 No praachlns ai thl hour
1 p m. : I'reachlOaT In Hpanlnh
hy Joac B. Kay.
7.44 p. m.; Pretvchlna of the
(ojh-I by i arl Armarditui. Hub
Jecl. Paradlae Loaa. '
Tueaday. 7.10 p m. Illbla
Hliidy In HpaniNh by Joe II Hey
Wedntaday. p. m . Meevin
for prayer at the noma of W. I
Usaam 7,11 Weat Honia avenua
t-'riday. 7.4b p. m Bible tadr
in i he hall.
Hentenre aer mon contrtbutad bir
( arl A rtnerdl ng loape I iya i . .
The Truth I Not Chrlat Sll
Chriel la the Truth. You Can
Have the 1 ruth Without Havlna
I'hrlat. but if You Mftvi i hrlat You
Muct Have the Truth All the Ih
fluioa Thai Flow Kioto RM
Truth. Hcfituae He la tha Truth.
t intra I laaaaac Mi .loallet tliurcb
Central nnd Atno
llav Char lea C HlRbee. paatnr
leftidenre ilh H Walter. plume
I 14 a. m I'hurrh arhool. Mr
J M Major, auprrlnlandant.
I I ii m Mornlna worhlp
K. i m-f aubyact: "Kalth It
tltowth Anthem, "ln line Thin.
Har." W' Htmmel. tfolo. ' JuM
a VHWOH of Mother' llurdetle
7 p in Youna leople'n niaet
itill Mt H.nii (Iroea. prenident
Thei- will le no evenlna preach -it
a a w will unite in the Joint
hervlre at the Hlajh Hch'Mil audi
Mat mm
CaOM thou with o and Wi- Will
do lltaa Rood Bible
Pi ea -bina 1 1
in and 7:41
Y P S: I 10 p m
Prayer meatlna. Wadneadav,
7:10 p. m.
You orr a airannir ham hut
I RtJ Haptlat Cburcti
cornei of Uaad and Hriuidway
There will be the ifRiilar morn
lna and evening Woiahip Bible
acbiMil leRin ot 4b in tha morn
lna followed with a Mother' Pay
pfoaram at the II o'cineli hour,
The Henior and Junior B. Y P U
mcof at 7 p. m
The reaular prearhlna; aer vice
la at H p. m
Prayer meet ina; lb 'he church
parlor at b p. m. Wednday
I M RaaaaTatMM l RRkraRRl Cburcb
Qornar Mouth Third Htreat and
W eat I h d Avenua.
Hev K f: Mcflulr. Mlnlaler
.1 b'. Bowyer. ffunday H hool Hupl.
I. II Tbonipon Muicnl Ixrecior
.4I A M Sunday Pa hool
1 1 A M 4brvi with rmn.
Italhti Treaaari 1
Anthetn Mother". Adam
NnbV Little Mother of Mine-,
Ro ' venina aorvlcea.
birt Chun h will unite with
other churrheN In n maaa maataf
at thr High achoo) auditorium to
heoi I nr. Ira Injitfrtth.
Imrmimicl b angt-lb-al I.MtlM-ran
1 hand
Corner ttoid Ave and Arno St.
Carl Hehmid, Paator Raaldenee;
too HionK Arno fhreet
I A M Hunday echmil
in a. M -4krvr
language Pubjec
lrd With OUdnea
Hervlcee in the K
are held every Hi
at 10 ON U
lanauage on
Humlay of the
vtrw In tha Knalih
-jVci "m-rva tho
I Knaliah language
Hutobty morning
n.l In th- ilrrmtn
ie firat and third
omh at 1 1 "clock.
EMPIRE Cleaner
wnmm una h tvmm
Hi G ti.r.ANINO
I -chc
for tha honor- in home run hi'
tlnR. Oat h having li.
M i f n doaen player are In Hta
race for bae MajiliWg Marattvllb
who wa howlng the way a afnah
i.ro with five ihefla. failed to ajayell
hbi total while ItuwIlt'Kn and
oaaM ,f New York. Myera id
Piooklyn. Carey uf Pillvburgh. aim
Htata of I'hlrago caught up wtui
the rabbit
other kaattlng battafl f"r flftem,
ot more game tfKarrell. Chi
eago. ,lr., T tlrlfflth. Hrooklv
IIS. Hornb Mt Looia, It...
He.. Plit-boiRh. .174. Pow H
Ptwlon, 171, Walker Phlladelph
P.I Meimel New York. 111.
SI Paul - I HRlUb I ntl.. ran t hu ch
Cornel mitfi and Hllvar
j Arthur M Knudaen. paator
I a oi Hunday aaSool
j A W Kraeiner NUpi-nntendeni.
lli in Morning worship
M other I a y miaage by i ha
i paatm Theme The Wage o(
a Mother choir anthem. Ilm t
Hi. I- M Hon I iHhelley) I-low
aja are to ! dietribuied to all
1 moi.orN in attendance
I 4b p m ChriRtian Kndeuvnr
ataatlaaj Topic. Hmw an w
ll. lp i mr i 'hurch. and f let Molp
I r -m i Leader A. t John
p m I'nion ervh-ea of I'm
I teaiam i hurche at Utah m hool
audltomim. to be addti eei by . r
Ira i ' I ondrlth
I ir-t t ongrx-gationHl ( hun-h
c.-im-i CaaJ. and Houth Hioad
way. NaroM h liavidaon. Ph .. mln-
tater realdame 414 Houth Walter
I Church m h-.. i tomorrow morn
Ina at 4f inatead of at 10 J P
Jnne uperlntendeni t O cheair.l
lehearnal at I 10 4- in. abarp.
Morning arvloa at 10 o inataa.l
of at II o'clock MpecUl Mother
I'nv proRiam by the church achwd
aj fdtotr The addreaa will le
gjaaa by In Ira I Jindrllh. th
noted lecturer
CbrlalJan Kndeavor al 7 o'dwk
Pobyaai " How can We Help Oat
hurch nnd (lei Help Prom li I
(Paalm 111:1-1. )
Thl r hurch unite with the
other churehe f 'he cty in the
union peivbe in tha High Kch at
aSHortaag at i o'clock, to be ai
dteaaed by tr Ira I jindrlth N
one ehoiild ml attending thi
louaing un'on meeting
Raaaavaaa lYiurcb
1. I. Gaince pant or telephone
170 W
Sunday acheool I K in W li
Kinewnrlhy upei tntemlenl
Bakery Good
Let Ui Put Up Tint Lunch foi
That Picnic
520 Weit Central
Phone 767 W
4 R'himW mathrt. yaa
T For nwta live awhila jSt
i anil til s
T af
4jj jf
V c can ' eeod !' w ' -bJ
mk lPHONt ' 73?' JBr
Haa hlRh arhoila reprepen'. .1 RajM
now. and of the faculty rnemlHir
1 Ihe 1'nlverHy In clot IK- of to
track meet held late yeaierdtiy,
Wa decided that the 131 Plate
aaaal ahould be held at tha Vnl
veralty here naaln
A temporary orRaniaatlon for
the foiefiHtc league of high achonle
waa formed, nnd the following of
ficer elected Mt Cuopert ider,
of Han'a Ke. preaident. ice preal
dent. Mr. Kaneion, id Imwaon. Mr.
Hhenkel. of It now 1 41. and l. B.
Jonea, of Iak Crucea. Ml Phil
Up, of AlhutueiiUe wa aelectad
a aecretary and trcaiirer.
Having dlcontihued our P.ernal Ho to Brb-n freight trucl line.
We wiah lo art! the following
Theae have been run about 1 000 mile each, guaranteed In flrl
claaa rondhlon in etery reaped
The above 1 equipped with eolid oak body, and ha been run a
few hundred mile ..nly Wa tnirhned by ua for ipecfal run
wh cb we later decided not : oparate. Thla la one of the l ent
faaaah of carrylna lmo-i any weight !' P Army pattern!
The abate wilt be aold eeparately or togather. at bargain prtira;
eay tatm If daalrrd
Thla i an arelient opportunity for aoma man to tari In ihtt
transfer hualnaaa with complete outfit
For Saturday, May 1 3
Rosenwald's Special
$5.00 Hats
An excellent stock of up-to-the
minute styles and popular "
colors in novelty felt.
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Ajarir'a irr..t.'t nil r. mini
sHirtktnHii II.. t.'llx nf many
'linlliiiir .'XM'r.eMpi in u wricx
Twelve Interview for Lover
of Out of Doors
MonJay, May I 5, in
The H
Saturday Evening
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