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Phone Your Sunday Herald
Want Ads Early Saturday
toning fief aid
Refftr Dor your Hrmld Travel Aeei
dent Insurance before you trt on that
Vlil.l'MK II
kive cm
Revolver They Didn't
Know Was Loaded
Is Discharged
Iceland Howtn i .(.year-old won
f Mr ind Mr Samuel M llowen
Ut U't'ftl 'oal UVsrilUf died at
MM hospital shortly after lo
lock this morning 11 result
being r ul ntnHy ho( by
luppoiedly unloaded IK calibre
The ddsntnl shooting Bt'rur-
ft date ystirilay nfierm-in after
he 1 low MB buy hud gone tit rhe
turn or Sam Kilmer. 1 4 yr
phi. to play The boy werr to
i i th pgr I of bandit at a par
y to be given at a later date and
In ided to practice their part.
The two were id i In a ppro
irlate coetume when the Kilmsr
boy la aald to hava - irted to
Strand ih the revolver Aa he did
Bo pointing It at hla playmate. th
I . v . Iv. r waa discharged, the hul
let striking tha Uowen boy Just
I (.. w the haart The hullet passed
! hmugh hla and omen a nd out
Phrough the hack
i After the shooting the Kilmer
Fioy went to the home of plav
' nnie and told tha lolierJ moih.ec
hat he had shot I--!und. ft waa
ald today that the Kilmer bov
Iv ix completely prostrated an a
Vault of ihe shooting llgrauee cf
I lav condition ha has hewn taken
t a hoapital Ha wu frantlr in-
(lay. ay lor continually timt he
vaa going to kill hlmaelf and he -
aoamng tha tact litgi he hud not
h hinissH inMead f hla play
Mate ii." wounded youth waa takan
i a hoapital shortly aftar tha ac
cidental snooting and a physician
uiiii ' Tha physician worked
m .-i two night la a lutile
ffi-tt to save the bn a life The
y conditio wa t oneldereil
frllh al rroni the fit-'
The hotly wa taken In Itlake
iwtore'a Mortuary hunt. pending
arrange men la.
Mr llowen fa'hr-r of 'he bov
A, a passenger conductor on HI"
.w Mi l ico dh Mlaa runninic ha
ween Ma and IsBi Vega
iiium nnniu
ltflNI5 UUrWN
os Angeles Prosecu
tor Wires Officials in
Poughlceepsie, N. Y.
romiitcKStwis. n v Hay
I tl .in. Ahlrltll uC
Mtcheaa ouaty tod recsdtad
i u itKM tn from 1 tt rot At lor -gyr
Thomas ae Wooiwlns of
a A line I-. nuking thai h state
nt ha . ..i.,i from the man
ho any hi name i Fiank lioraii
file la being hold here og a chargi
t in-! up a taal drlvar.
Acctirdirujt to the latter. T ran
dmltied that ha waa I. emu ouaht
or tha ihootfiui of Win eniond
nv"i the movie director Ihran
lanlaa having made the etaiament
IKrun ii'linltted having ba-en In
n Angvlea In Itl ami I I . lie
id he had hrtl "f Taylor and
ould ii ! dany having. . known
in, th- authorttlea aay
At tha rglvaraity
For 7 4 hotira ending a
II i g m a a 1 1
tami'tratu r a,
SO; luwill
tamperattl r f
as; dally
range gf
uidiwiiiu r a,
UtOi inaan dal
'Hy tentpara-
tur. "(. rat
i j m ' I v i humid-
kill; relaUvg
Kj humidity i g.
J.U- 1 y
Ulmum vekH'liy
ei hour it,
il Ion south Waal .
tha day, partly
jfj charai ter
HIM tVcnlhtr
Haw Matigw; Oanarally fair
f tonight aitd waturtltiy. cookr :a
if nwrtnwaai portion tonight
11 Arlgona: I'air laajlght gad
i Katuntm . roolar In north por
Mini i"M!iri iriin limpet
Urges Congress to For
get Soldier Bonus
and Pass Sales Tax
NKW Yt HtK. May !t nimrl
H. (lary In hla nddrcaa an preal
SMM gf th" Am-rttart Iron and
Haal Inalitute In aeaahm at Hotel
'"'i. i i . toita . adVo utnd that
cotlgTa lake th tariff toil of
loht!o that it play no favorite
In Its hewdaajcy to rrgulnie things,
that It auhwtitutr a aw let tas for
th" Income NW; und that It for
get the soldier htimitt until the no
tion tn n severely burdeneii ri
PrwgMviH Harding t 'an led any
intention of meddling III the Met I
buslnsm- I mi week, when ha a-ikfil
forty I'-i'f H n'.nr leader in
t ha t Industry lu i n vestlgat e t h
prartlcaidllty iff elimlnnilng the
I Z hour day Judge Clary aaltl
ll .llH'H.r.,.,1 th. While ll'U'
' t. i II- t- at length, aaylng th-it
tha president was relying on tha
Sl ee lite n 'he nisi v tn make "Hie
nJ just men t in working hour
which public sentiment now eem
tit demand "
Mr Uary said he thought n
committee of nine appmntetl by
the inalitute to tnvaatlgale tha in
dustry with a ilaw to readjusting
working hour would he necessary
in order to clearly represent
ery uhaae of the Industry In
stead or the commute .. fte prv
viuualy -, i
foi tH' lur neas fill nr. of
America. Mr tlary d lared him
aalf as still an opiimlat" "In the
Iron and steel industry." ha said,
'the proflta are not aatiafai igtyy
but few. if any. ought to he doing
business at a lose "
"Pity ihe blind, daaf and fo'-hah
peastmhtt of tha I'nltad fttates. '
gaj etljorei membars of tha mail
tuts l lwt'k Stivmmrt
"We ar turrytna; hitherto on
heard of financial hunisna To
bnar them gracefully and content
edly t he e must be not only lor
bi a '!'-. enrtiuraaemenl ami
aaaistance from eveiy department
of govern mv nt tn ihe limn of
propriety and Justice, but there
must also he entertalne.1 agajai ,,,t
iy by every Individual a apirit of
patlance pluck energ) gwgerowUl
loyallty and rharity fully up in hln
or her intalhgence
Mummai lalng his remnrhs on ihe
tariff quaatlon. Judge Uary aald
'Aa lietWeen parlies, the main
dlffi ranee, aa I see It. i that Ihe
repuhthan party has stood for a
protective tariff" and the d tm
ratit party fir a tariff for rev
in.. . The set t le m e it t h r this
controversy should include both "
In n plea for impartial govern
inenial rontnd whet it is under
taken he insifieil that "all line
and department of acoggigait
activliy of similar importancc
should be subjet ted to tha wtm
treatment '. Then- has been a dis
poalllnn in raceiit years, he de
clared, lo ' puss laws whii h
rmaeureahly eKempt latior organl
aathins and recently farmer ngag
i-tatiooa. from governmental in
veetlgation. supervision and con
trol against wrong
To permit audi organisations to
do a ihe result of combination
tilings thai tire claimed to he bene
'l-ml to them which are denied It
others is to cragte i la 1 1. to favor
some and to Injure the whole body
politic, Ihe steel magnate gg
c la red.
"The bonus iiueatn.n." he de-
laied 'is not yel ripe for de
termination Kven though there
may be IWo sides tn ihe ggwggggl
as to whether or not a aoldiar who
ear a pad d taa hi 1 1 1 y ph yalcal a nd
mental, ahmiid ha tiaid m ak pay
ment of a bonus. II would not tie
useful for us to consider or form
opinions on that uuestlon at
present. "
Of laiatlon he agid
' The fairest methori Is found In
tha agios i. ix au called it i- the
most eaally. cheaply and certainly
owtlscted It has been found in
other tountrtsa lo he practlc ubl.-sntUhfai-tor
and smceasfiil "
"The present '.m-ome tsa Is too
enpenstvsry collecteU,'" .ulge tli
aasartad "ami many who gra able
10 pay escape. Kor ihe good of
all the people a aslwa ta la de
sirable President Plays
In Newspaper Men's
Golf Tournament
Girl Reports Attack
After Her Escort
Is Slain
u i. Tagga, Mm -'.-A gawrw
hilt i I l i. i.. otorib nil llum I
'" in 'i uml ggasUMMal vir-. Mia.i'
Nays l i t ulglit, grga iwHwtwdl It.
I.i. iiImhiI iil, i. i mil. ultl lift
taf Uacti t 4'oMslahb- lash Mr.
1 gal ami I- In lull Inrgr croud
KMiht ring uroiiml tin1 all. Mm i
gasjgM'a on on bj nk dagagaWMH
WACO, Tax at Mny l. A mob
I- iii pursuit "I it tifgro. wno. ac
cordlng to a statement tn the po
lice by Mlsa Margaret Hayes, IWSt
ami kilb-il hei companioit. Ilniohl !
Iloltoil. uml then allui'keil her on
a ionl bear Hits last night
The negro h aald In have caught
a freight tram btiuml fur Pwll
1 Worth The iiegrn a orillng tn
Mlas Hayea atateioent stnpoed the
i couple While l hey Were ildlng in
I an nutomoblle and alHH Itnitnn
He then carried her to a aecnide.1
apot in tha wood accnitlmg to hei
si it temeni keeping her there for
i luce hours.
The negro failed In un nttempt
in kill M la-- Hay- t .- gun snap
plug tbrse tlmra but falling to
Miaa Hayaa manage-l to find ht r
wm back to Waco whera she re
ported the un blent to the authnri
Ilea. Miss Hayes and lanltnn Uolti
lived Ih Waco
'Prosperity Special' of 20
From Philadelphia For Wel GtHlto U.
It the
Young Woman Dead
From Gasoline Burns
i il . i i 'i:i I ill May
(Ily the Aaam'inled pg
hik peiinani- pi-iHimming
I'noperily Hpet-ial '. the large!
and m -haps ihe most --i.tik.il.
ingle tra l a of loctnuoiives aei
haMtad at rosa the cuuNiry was
.-hediiled lo leaw the Kdilvstone
plant af the Haiti win lxtonnoMv
works todajr Foi Kui Ht law
Hiinoi- f consists of twenty oil
burning engine of th nantg we
type ea h with Ma tender, nsghiy
tie hundred ft el inns in. i weaft
nig 431 ,wwt pouud
'Ihe Irani i purl of on nide of
f.o locomotive- nf thla type bwlb
for th Nouthern I'scific line. All
of them are ready foi delivery wgd
lo remainder will be tut wurwad
a- mpblly ac pnasibls
Se..-..l t-nsl burning englnsa,
tmllers snd pushers, will turwten
l lo- motive (Htwet fur th I WStlly
Mhaggggdlvag tusking tip the tody
nf the train, which a nearly half
ii mile and weighs mure than ,guv
The tram will travel only
the lift.' No attempt at ap
be made und al many of tha
nigh' snipping places and
numbei of itie ihtough whlci
will pass srrangementa have I
made by slate nint munblpal -
i In ntii commei dal and m-
t .-iii.il orgams.it ,..n and pirhllc
il.'S !i
arhool officials ti review ihe train I
Tin loeninollves are ni large
Ha utu I M Vaiicklaln president of
') Ik.i.iwin works, faid. that it
! fnNathle lo haul the train I
tin i. iik h Philadelphia Harrlaburs 1
"i I'iitiburgh It will retpilre al I
j least nli englueu tn huul Ihe tiln i
around Horseshoe "urve In I'enn- )
isylvania Neither Will it be pus '
ibte tie uddeil. foi the gr al train
in it.." the Mlaaiaslpp! rlv i at i
Ht lam.s over the Rada bridge
j Tliriithoul the journey each of j
the lis nmoiivea. which are in be I
used iii ihe freight ear vice on the I
heavy grades in the fau w. st will!
I.- nt, i lined by ati efesrlen-ed engi
neer Many db tingrttished men and of - j
flilals nf the Mouihern 1'scirti ami
Other ritllmalls attended eeil-e
ma kins- the aygjarttrw of in-
gfnsgsriiy apessw.
"Tb. M Ip haa been minle pus
ggah Mi vnii'-klsin aald "by tin
inUlilRe nf The HntMhern I'u.ifn
ulid rinr' i.-tnia tallntads ti
mark the return of prosperity to
tne iiii"ri mr pi MBiri n iriiir ne
to the milioada sftsr everything
it al-.. demonstrate the safety
and effitienry of Ihe mttdern
transportation aystem, and it will
detnoiif.1 rn te that t he i rail
road bfldifaa nf thla country art
the rsjjggl m the world
Eight Meet Death,
Three Others Are
2 1 iy the Associated I 'rasa i
K gbt men ware Igajtanlli kllld
and ' hrse o there "lightly hurt in
a '-rtes of eiplosi-m" whn-h today
blew lo pi i" thre.- loading
houses grid hasjfher building of
Die uraaaeili Ohaaalcwl t omfaany
plant hare Tha cause nf the sg
plosions will pruiMbly nevai ha
determined as sh the men In tha
hui id Ins where the piwder firt
Ignttsd were killed
The plani is built In the hllla
Just back of the village Th Con
u as tnt i was so grest hnt build
ings here were d linage.)
The fir .t i'iiiiii ... t d
a packing house on the .ge of
'he plant Immedately w,..-kmen
In the other building ran for
thir lives snd none to,. aWAV for
they hail ararcsly tea he. i places
of aafety when two ol her explo
sion followed
Much blasting p.wdi wsnt up
in th- eiphiaion
Go Out and
See Ball Game
Tomorow at 3:30
The K i warns - Rotary baseball
leiim is tn play ita second gume
with the leiint or the I'nlverally
tomorrow aft.-rnoon at the Ita
palga field the game starting
at Ml) otlmk
The gun.t will gtvs an opp r
tunny for peraoggi seckitig Hat
urday afternoon recresiim not
only lo gajve tm afternoon of
enjoyment but gjgasj i apt m a
fSMJ i uusc
The game Is l-ing played for
ihe bensfit of the rmvsraftj
ihletie fiNSix i mil also for
the benefit of the Hi.y Kajonta
r plenty of grgndatand
rtM-in and auto parking spars to
'icronimodate ihr crowd
Daugherty Sends L et
ter to Senate Regard
ing Morse Case
7 1 Others Escape From
Shaft At Birmingham
HI It At I N OH A M, Ala May tt.-sft
w re k illed teat
night in an eiptoaion in Anntr
No. 1 mine of the Alabama FL
and Iron oompany. St. Chair aaHiaC
i .niordlng to mpttrte reoelvsat'
ioda :t tiu- lilt anlngms nt statiow
of ihe bureau of mines
highly two mad wars wormlavL
in the mine at tha time of tha aav
piosiim but all, agi spt the etevaai
who ware killed tamped Ten o
the i-odles have bsag recovsrsd
The explosion waa attributed tar
mine gas
May 2
WAHH1NOTN May 34 Warrn
11 Harding took hla old litis, Mdl
Igg of the Marion gtar today in
order la tee off with three score
Washington newsuapsr men tn th
first annual lourwsment of Ihs
Washington newspaper golf club
The president some time ago
joined the cluh. psylng the annu
al duea nf ona dollar and after
turning In hla average acore was
glvag g handicap nf It atrohas for
play In today's tournament
l ines contested for by Mr Hard
lag) and tha golf playing nswapa
sst corraspondanta included a run
arSe r. sd by Kilward It ( . ! . .n
piihiuhsr of the Wuahins-ton I'n-
and other awards contributed by
I'KWKH Mny Mr- Jghg
Itichsrds. If years old wns burnt.;
I ...1., li.llitIN aulilu. .
' jilonloti .n her h.oii- in I'hnuqss
I qua t'snyon. It mile smilh n la
Junta, rolo., yeaterday gftsrnmtg
It la annotinred In a dispatch
rereived by the IkSilVOT I'oel Idaf
m ' lib hard hsd tieen sttsmp
tlng to burn out a neat of red ants
with kerosene, tha diapalcli stales
N'ot sallaflad With the reaulta she;
'Kcuieu to use gasoline An ex
plosion resulted and her clothing
inatantly as same a ma-- of flames
The gii 1 a mother Mr Kuascll
received Ia4ly burned hamls al -templing
to eitlnauish the flames
Her brothar finally tots the burn
ing doihea from hei body Mrs
Itlcharde was rushed to I ,.t Junta
hut wu daad before oe could b
taken Ui tha honpli.il Hhe eaea
a four mouths old liahy.
Two Killed Whan
Car Hits Auto
American Savs
Thinks Report Is In
al t.i
l.i ' . IlKAi'H ca.nr May :
Mi and Mra. T W I'alawi. ra
ently of SI. I -out- Mo. were
Killed today when an uileriirbaii
electrn car of the SVwpori
Angeles itns crashed into an 1
b inolUKhed their gutomidjdlo Tim
grate M faara of age ami I'ehue
uled a rug aales room here
Climatic Conditions In
California May Re
store Her Health
Hanna 1 'haplin
I'hapbn. ihe irn
may be allograi
lotted aHaiea t
period aa an a
tnent fur ments
ling to gn opl
rtecreiary nf l -
The oplnl
ui peimlt
i djge tint ailtorngti
Mri t'haphu in re
main at Mania Monica, t'allf .
where aha haa heen II tog far a
year undsr eapai t medical ogre,
out It altogre Hat retary Lavia to
use adgflnlafratlon dtecrethm.
Mra CaaUkSn'a legal repreeenta
tlvss hava waag asked tn furnish
evidence that war treatment undet
American climain , unltti -n has
ban of nhyaiciU and pyerhidogiral
value. Asorataiv will make
final determination of the matter
YY,xiriiTiiX. May tl - A
resolution tin ih ling net rstnry
HuaheM i,i make Immediate la
uoiry of the frenah government
u to tin- correctness of reporta
i .interning impotttion of a twenty
year sentence upon 1 '
I'tane by a French milltarv . ouri
at I amaacus was intrtaiucej m
day by Hepreanntativ raitnth,
gg I' i 1 lllinoia.
PARM May 1 t Ily the Asso
ciated lress The I'rem h for
eign nfflce has tin knoWleocs of
the reported conviction of Oharlaa
ft CrwPa former American tnig
later to t'hina. by a Krench null
tary court tn thimgscua on u
charg ol inciting a rtoi. sa ra
ported in preptr dispati he?- -t was
stated todn
Troubles in Hyrta were provoked
by injurious talk bv Mr
foreign office offkrlahi aald hut
up t ihe present they had no In
foiio.ii. ti reganling formal rog
iletitnatioii Mi i'tane aitl he waa confidegg
th port of his conviction waa
an error
In ukplninlng hla visit tn . mi.
Mi i 'rant ld-
"My re-rptlon by tin peopli uf
I turns at to- was emir ly friendly
They ashed why their wi-haa
i ade known lo the ii. untie- on
inantlatea tn Turk)' thi- rs
ago ne i-1 had I n heat d 1 1 ta
They anld that since thai lime on
annum of evee French i
ship they had not lieen a l
make then voice tii-aid by tin
lib- world
1 Whatever demonstration
made Waa to make me undet
that their feehriga agaimn
Front h mandate ware ati
than evei They hnp ! I
gal then message "U(
I- nliowing S Street
linn ' Mr 'rane aald
chief of police a naiive
bsen terrorising Hamasi i
sun- the French oiiuplsd
mat hine guns mi.un.
ltd some of the leading gJVSS of
. - i. were sent to prison far
long tetm without trial
"Alt these incidents were forw
raen and Indicated in (be report
on mandate and great IgJiiaUSt
has been don.. U.lh In the g rlgM
and tn rnnaarvative KrssM h peo-pb-
aa wsll ga to our un misaaon
arlee and elm ator by ihr eaja
plea Ion of that report t.s aajr
atate depart me ut "
Wife Held For Murder
of Tulsa Physician
Ut i hay
i. id
demonni ra
thi French
n haa
r- pla.
WHIM PtJitnm M) M
(It the N't ft it lre Mi. j
pi- in ' o.i .lnlbi lining ihl
ificruooii iti-ntlw-sil tin writ of
lutls ti- t-orpii- taken out for Wat-'
tr J Ward iiotislre hakcr ami
ocntml figure In tin -luHdlng of!
i In'- nil laanasn, i -na man
ItuiiHtllati-y aJtgg Jualhs Voung
, lis iwb il dovtn In- dciUton, Vllau It '
t 4iniib. l . sgaygs tor W ud
rasl maa m an a pp. )
M-oiiw i. il 1 nrd o no una re-1
iim -iol L,il night, sun i.ik. n hack
to j ..I
ilt tli- Aaawointad IHwggJ
ghiptrenie t ouri J usti r Young lu
day reserved )- Ininli nil A inollolt
tn release Wallei f Ward, weal
thy baker Hit release was sought
ON the gl on I it 'hat ' Here to as nu
legal chargt prsfeired fgnfnti hint
in Conner l ion snh the shooting uf
Cgretic. I'eters of Haverhill
Mauw. gSjgJ the KnlC reservoir
about two weeks ago
The writ of hsbcai gorpgaj was
arved on gheriff Uenrge Werner,
ngrly today directing him to bring
Wmd Into court for a heating tsa
tha question oi wax Iher be waa
again io in i. i.
A ImiII bond ot i U"ii atcep
ted shortly aftei he suit, rub red
Inst baiiirriay stattliuf he hud ahui
Fstel- i ii self defsnaa I ft at oet'u
hpgnkmalled by turn was .ancsllsd
ysstsrday when Irtstn.-t Aitnrnsy
Week had told the conn there
were i ertutn diss-repsni i - to hi
atory Wife lltnr of rr. t
Mi ' Ward who had I.. .T
pawling hei husband home for dim
ner la night diti not know of hla
nrrasi until informed by ragajtlari
She surd lltal -he would Ogggg here
fiom her hums in New Ho
do what she could for
Mexico Secretary of
Treasury to Confer
With Foreign Bankers
Kl. rAaV Texns. May II After
e peeking In vain Seirsiary of tha
Tie ury Adolfo lie i llusrta. of
Mexico, to arrive in Juareg yea
terday. government officutla in
h,.t ti Kl I'aeo snd f uareg today
aaiil t h ey fell ra rtn i n he wtu PI
arrive hers late Hit sfternoon. al
though I hey hao no offarMU notice
ol ii - ongftlna Tb . rsinry looh
precautions In-f.a ht left to
thai no publicity was glv n to his
trio In NW Vo k tbt officials
auid Thare he in li . .-nf. t With
nvricgn. Herman Kngbsl! and
gl each b:tnh r t gat ding the
htiubtation of Mexu o's for tgn
in th.
est. de
rney Oeneial I k
Iter to Senstnr
-an. Indiana r
mate at the Igyft
a thai he tofcf 1
thai i.e had no connection wnii
he prut uriug sf a pardog of
t'li trh V Mt'lae as stgisd b
Swrntur Wataisa. in ths a nata on
afaV) What .'i. a tor faraway
I leuiiM rat. Ar Kaiuaxs. oe ned hi
i ihe Attorney leneral
uglisrty said ie regraiieii
o Watson mir undersimxt
Eadmund Leiffh Ac
fused of Kidnaping
And Wire Tapping
ft K
Hei ulor Wi
wise was tv
r (" esc nl utl
i flat
Prehmlnury medical reports In-1
I dlratnd that Mia. i 'haplin had im-
nguvad greatly mantslly and phy
I slcnlty during her year in 'altfir
nit Adequate provlslous for her
ionra warn guaranteed by en r i 1 1
haplin. ao car ding lu affid lie I
n Jsrganaen was ahot to death
ig hla homo hast night atra.
Jergenasn mads a cnafaaalon ac
coidlng to Pollcs Chief Horan
"I don t know why I did II " ha
tab I neigh bars aftar the ahonttng
In- Jergenaen apifllad lor a di
tares teat Tuesday
Wat 1
Michal Moiii'tin of Salem. Maaa
gg attorney reptsesint ing the fam
ily of I'etsr. WS also eectsd
hare tmlay and M Waa raportsd i.e
win led t he blsr k mall story sa
' Imp-,1,1.-
The effort of Ward allorneya to
anrurc the habeas corpus writ was
agpei ted to make public the new
avid ni on who h the auihorltlss
wsaad then 1st ihs) action bwdrlgt
Altorro Wek- nnl hi was pre
pared in push the case entirely Into
ths ofsea
'We will hae to -how our hands
If Ward i i tsa a writ he aald
Ward seemed to he a favored pris
oner sfter ha re-arresl He druvw
up to the sheriff offlcs in his own
ngr about Mr n riot k taal night ami
laughed and Joked with his attor
ney and the officers lo the aher
ff - private nrf lr
Hla supper was brought tn from
fl.e outside and he hi around un
Ml nearly 11 o elm k itef.-re hi- gav
up hog lhaf his legal luiiteriss
would effect his freedom
When all hope was gone for lbs
night Ward i" hurried serosa
the court from Sheriff Warner
office In the Jail Where he w ut
far-sad la watt for five minute un
til the door waa opened by the
warden The only time Ward
ami led was when s reported asked
What a ths mattsr Mr. Wsrd.
won i thwy let you In"
The sheriff stated that Ward.
until he was released would gel tha
snie treatment and eat the aama
food aa all the other prlaunsra In)
6 More Federal
Aid Road Contracts
To Be Awarded
th. .
Aasi-rtlng that he
there had been an
lion by the Indu
t 'araway said ant
senator had told
nu-ne general hu
denial to him
KVNT FF. N M Mav -
Tin highway department will L t
eoutrat'i for six fwdafml aid pro
tert June They are Isiswn
1 Hgunri and f'ubero Vsinci i
rgajntJ l mile, between rlrncho
and Hordct Hitl. Lincoln omnh
2 miles; lietwrcn Santa Hit i . d
San tirenso (irni.t eount
ndlea. bet we. n Ias Crue and
Barngg latn.x Alia county m ! -between
I'ecoa anil HoWt H i n
aitgtiet county v mi lea bet are a
SHver City ami I'hff fJrnnt nl)
II miles
Two Army Aviators
Injured in Crahh
.i;vi;it May Two at
i tors a plain Mi Ilea u and I a i
tenant aackhnuae of Rnrt
dk la were slightly IttJured whet.
their neNavland-4 airplane atr.o k
a dlleh ami unncd turtle as Ihey
were landing at Kelfcer aviation
f, PI -iv mile south of t'nlorailo
Hpiiiut fdlng to a dispatch
tu the lenvei Post today
HUhi I'VUhuM i.
HEN VIC II May 24 Harold
Frank Htnwond. aarving a Uf
aen'i in t in the Colorado State
penitentiary for the murder of
George K t'opelamt pmmteam
('r iipl , esk mining man. was
pardoned todsy b
H Shoup
Richest Man in
Belgium It Dead
At Age of 84 Years
t Ay ann
Assaoetaiad I'rsssi Kdr uug Ixlgh
private aateotlre who figured is
i he -1 1 11 man case, imtay waa In
Mad for kidnapping sad arirn
tapping with hi assuetaul. I'star
lnrsnii It: om . with thw
' bargs by August 1'iohst. Snlgg
hglJer. that an atl- iupl had bsen
matb lo rn U oad lum out cf th
- -Mititry beiaue of a )pvg affair
wuh a 1'iitsburgh "srlciy gin.t
la-lgh tsallfled revenll) ihst ha
re present ing Jamaa
York banfcsr,
paid Feed Ktauvais. Indian es.
rtt I I to suit
M r nn gtlllmsLn
1 for four luV4 letters pur
to him been writUau bs
i Hy the
' SI - .tv J f
b Vaft
nit: sheIjh M.,v
xasociatt ,1 press i Kr
thg iRVeutor, rsputi'd
gium's richest man d
ly today
He recently nas4jMfatad his 14th
( birthday and wa frequently aty
ied "the I'nrii-if of Ib-gfium
Hi prominent.- in nventgag ami
mdusiry en no- from hi urtg. dat
ing the solvay grneews foi tha
"i .nufai infg uf sods
Comprehensive Plan
For Development
Of Muscle Shoals
U VSIHStlTt IN May . i
An" tated I 'renal A mi
Mve plan for the developm
all govemment prop, rtn
Muerte Shoate. Ate.. Sroaah
be reported lo .ongr.-.
house iniPtao ctimmi"-.
weak. It was said tutlsy i
aut horn aftar 'he commit i
dlat use- t p -a;- for
Shoal- di itipment In e
Ht.v Oliver !
I M I lot.lt mi MiMl
WASHINOTO, Max ? The ad
ministration is expected rhortly it
h p prot e legislation for the nn
nient of a percentage nf royaltlci
at-i tuing to the regit of ih
I'nltad Slates from the ante of gdj
front naval reserve to Imtt vidua
states in which aui h reserves an
lot a ted
M oil slsi n Ism I
IhiVKK Hal . May 21 The
j Shell t "nlon (V; i-orporn lion t day
filed a certificate in Ihe off - of
War Fraud Probe
R esol ution Ruled
Out in House
WAHMIVUT' i Mav ? a.
t icht i lohnson,
! akta tn fores
he house io take up hla resolu
invssiigstion of h urges g
lak-ity i , . Do -tensrt-
ki uilag wsjgv
w hen hxieafcs r
ruled that his Igflrt VJgaj
olui Ion wu 'rggs-
I nag-e
Killed in
Blat in Austria
HAM, Mnv .f (Ily ins
isted rresgi Th d-ath thrt from
he iliwMlr in Ih- s tn munition
Hlumaau near Vtlan
. -i -i di. was g-
reass-d lo 1 9 ngS V
of I tela ware at one billion doltera
lor tniatinn purposes
tmg th up rvr
b.vrkl up r.vor
f I...'. . i-
w. r.- MmiovmI
rorn llrMo
rld. ItkUn.lMtMt
.iuiiml w
d l ''ii
nual flM
MSanetiiM' .
lr Whl
I'h nriti
Will htlp to
Mill UU
Hppir for
Htrald Kouicrt
"The Birds
I View "
n gggr
Sunday's Herald

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