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VOL. 'VII. NO. 3.
Senator Examined a to Their Faith
ful net in Keeping Secrets A Demo
tint Permanently Seated in the House
Other Matter.
Illy United Pre.
Wasuinuton, March 7.-Senate In
tho Senate to day some routine business
was dispowd of, and at 2 o'clcck the
educational bill was taken up.
Mr. Wair ipoke of the delay in bring
ing np tho bill for pass ige. The Repub
lican party, he said, wa-j pledged iu
platform to the passage of the bill, and
if that party failed to make good their
promise, that would put an end to the
pirty. Like ruany other meu iu this
country, he owed no political allegiance
to a party that lied.
Mr. Hale opposod the bill. The South
at first, he said, had been tempted by
tho largess offered iu yielding up into
common school education, but seeing it
was not likely to pas3 promptly, had
turned to tho task of increasing its com
mon school system.
Mr. Blair denied tho statements made
by various Senators, that the South was
opposed to the bill. There were one
hundred and fifty papers in the country
edited by colored men, aud every one of
them favored the bill, lie renewed his
attack on the newspapers of the coun
try, contending that they were using
their influence to dtfeat it. Tho New
York papers poisoned the country pa
pers. After a short secrot session, the Sen
afj, at op. m , adjourned until Mon
thly. The secret session investigation com
mitten of the Senate summoned a num
ber of Scuators before it this afternoon,
and asked each one, under oath, if he had
ever violated the rules concerning the
li'isiues.s of executive sessions. Allan
sweriid in tho negative, but a number
stated that they placed a liberal con
st rue: ion on tho rules.
In the House.
In the House to-day the resolution de
cluing Mr. Clark, of Alabama, (Dem.)
entitled to tho scat now held by him was
Tno Senate Direct Tax Bill was report
ed back to the House to day from the
Judiciary committee, accompanied by a
majority and minority report.
Mr. Caswell, of Wisconsin, in the ma-
ioritv report, states that the favorable
report on t:o bill submitted to the House
last session meets with the approval of
tho Judiciary committee. The amount
collected and to be refunded, it is stated,
is 1 5,527,0 J3.
Mr. Oates, of Alabama, submitted the
minority reort in which he incorporates
the minority report on tho bill submitted
to the f0th Congress, aud the message
of the President in returning the bill,
with his veto, to tho Senate.
lie states that there are two main ob
jections to the bill: its unconstitutional
ity and its bad policy and injustice.
Mr. Culberson, of Texas, also submitted
a minority report to accompany that
hiihmitted by Mr. Oatcs.
He states that he is opposed to the
passage of tho bill, not because of auy
constitutional objections, but for tho
reason that, as it is intended as a meas
uru of relief from the unequal burdens
t tho war, it stops short of fair justice
to those who have been and are endeav
oring to manifest interest from the same
A number of private bills were taken
, .nmong them, one to tay $175,000 to
Albert II. Emery, of Connecticut, in
?M'ttL:uu;ut of his claim, and pending
nation o:i this, the House, atoociocK,
tookarece until 8 o'clock; the night
session to be cevoted to the cousidera-
lion of private Pencion bills.
Of a Fanner Candidate for Governor-.
t'roi to be llonded Railroads to be
Controlled by the Government.
I3y United Prc8.
Atlanta, (la., March 7. President
Livingstone, of the Farmers' Alliance,
ljois a candidate for Governor, puts
hiuui'lf on a novel and starthug plat
form, lie propones that all candidates
for Consrress be required to pledge them
selves in favor of putting crops iu bonds,
the government advancing 80 per cent, of
their value. He uuo advocates the gov
ernmental control of all railroads
Tin Inter-Ocean Telegraph Company
Hy United Press.
Alexandria, Va , Match 7. The In
ter Ocean Telegraph Company have paid
$2,000 tax to the State and has received
a charter Irom Judue Norton. The cap
ital is $100,000, and the officers are D.
II. Bates of New York, II. W. Garnctt,
li)lcrt Andrews and J. F. Hood of
Washington, and V. II. Smith of Vir
A li upturn in the Hungarian Cabinet.
Uy United Press.
Vienna, March 7.The dissensions in
tho Hungarian Cabinet over tho ques
tion of the naturalization of Louis
Kossuth, have ended in the acceptance
of premier Ti.-ga's resignation by the
Ktnperor Ilerr. Szarpary will probably
succeed him as premier.
lt People Killed and Twenty Injured
in a Railroad Wreck.
IBy United Press
BuryALO, N. Y., March 7. A wreck
occurred on the night express last night
on the Lake Shore railroad, near here,
by which six people were killed and
twenty injured.
One Hundred and One Years Old.
By United Press.
Boston, March 7. Mrs. Eliiabeth
Sanders, widow of one of the "old de
fenders," celebrated her one hundred
And first birthday to-day.
More Presidential Nominations and Ap
pointments Ex-Congressman TauU
bee's Condition.
IBy United Press.
Washington, March 7. The Presi
dent to day sent to the Senate the fol
lowing nominations: Wm. M. Marine,
of Maryland, to be Collector of Customs
for the district of Baltimore; Wm. D.
Burehiuall, of Maryland, to be Surveyor
of Customs in the district of Baltimore;
Milton G. Urnrr, of Maryland, to be
Naval Officer of Customs in the district
of Baltimore; C. J. Karener, of Mary
land, to be Appraiser of Merchandise in
the district of Baltimore; Edward 0.
Duncan, of North Carolina, to be Col
lector of Customs for the district of
Beaufort," N. C. ; J. F. Patty, of Louis
iana, to be Naval Officer of Customs in
tho district of New Orleans.
J. S.Rawlings was to-day appointed
a fourth class postmaster at Powell, Ya.
The doctors report Ex-Representative
TaulUe'a condition as unchanged today.
He ha-i been delirious all the morning
and the doctors eay it will be impossi
ble to take an ante-moriem statement
uaU s there should be an unexpected
change tor the better. He may die at
any minute. Kincaid is under surveil
lat.ee. He will not be arrested until
Taulbee's case terminates fatally, when
he will give himself up.
The House committee on Indian Af
fairs today authorized the report on the
Senate bill appropriating $6,000 to en
able the Seminole Indians, now in Flori
day, to obtain homesteads upon the
public lands; the expenditure to be
made under the direction of the Secre
tary of the Interior.
Six Members of one Family Died in two
weeks Three Other Members Sick.
(By United Press.)
Zane-ville, Ohio, March 7. Hon. J.
C. McGregon Reading Clerk of the
State House of Representatives died at
half past eleven o clock this morning of
diptheria. Mrs. Mctiregon died last
Friday immediately after the death of
four children, making six deaths in the
family within a little over two weeks.
One of the four small children remain-
ing is now lying low with the disease
Another, and Mr. McGregon's aged
father are also lying low.
Nihilist Threaten to Outdo "Jack
the Ripper."
By United Press.
Moscow, March 7. A parcel contain
ing the head of a woman was recently
left at the residence of Prince Dolgoron-
kofl. The parcel contained a note say-
This is our first exploit. We will
S00n outdo Jack the Ripper. The crime
is attributed to the Nihilist, whom the
authorities believe murdered the woman
for betraying their secrets.
Scotch Crofters in a Desperate Condi-
lion and Making Trouble.
By United Press.
Glasgow, Mich., March 7. -Dispatches
. ii-ri i T " 1
from Stotnoway, on the Island ot Lewis,
state tnat tue crouers are in a aesperate
. t , ft " J A- - I
condition, rney have resolved to re
possess the Deer Park Forest, of which
they were dispossessed, which they mean
to cultivate without delay, lhey are
organized and provided with tents aud
baggage for a long campaign. Serious
trouble is anticipated.
Starvation and Cannibalism.
By United Press.
Winnipeg, March 7. Alex. Demedy,
wno nas arrived rrom uuvigan, states
that the Indians around that place are
starving, and that many deaths have oe
cured from this cause. It is also report
ed that cannibalism has been resorted to
by the famishing natives.
Insane Over His Daughter's Marriage.
By United Press.
New York, March 7. A special from
Chicago to tne Uerald says: "Mr. John
T. Leiter. the wealthy board ot trade
operator, has become insane. Hi3 men
tal condition is attributed to worry over
his :anghters secret marriage to young
Phil. Armour."
Hanged for the Murder of his Daugu-
ter and Son.
By United Press.
Charleston, W. Va , March 7.
Felix Kampf was hanged at 11 o'clock
this morninz for the murder of his
daughter Mary, aged 20, and his
A Train "Wrecker Sentenced.
By United Press.l
Wabash., Ind.. March 7. In the
Wabash Circuit Court yesterday Wil
liam Marquis, the youthful train wreck
er, was sentenced to jail tor one year
for wrecking a Wabash passenger train
last Octob3r at Kellers.
Street Railway Sale.
(By United Press.)
New Yobk, March 7. A controlling
interest in the Twenty-third Street Rail
way Company was sold at the office of
Drexel Morgan & Company today for
$900,000 to a syndicate made up of W.
C. Whitney, Daniel Lamont, P. A. B.
Windner, W. L. Elkins aad other
members of the Broadway railroad syn
dicate. The price paid is equal to about
$300 per share.
A Life Lost in a Burning House.
IBy United Press.
Baltimore, March 7, --The dwelling of
Alexander Stokes, near Ridgely, Caro
line county, was burned yesterday. His
wife perished in the flames.
The Pope Indisposed.
By United Press.
Rome, March 7. It is reported to-day
that the Pope is again indisposed.
The Matter Settled by Shaffer's Last
Trip to WashingtonJohn W ana
maker Asked Him to Come.
A press telegram from Washington
last night announced that in the secret
session of the Senate the nomination of
A. W. Shaffer to be postmaster at Ra-
leigh, N. C. , was confirmed.
Thus the matter is settled, and the
ins" stay in.
It is probable that there was never a
more determined fight waged by Raleigh
republican politicians and their back
ers than has been carried on here
between Loge Harris and Shaffer
since the nomination of the latter
by President Harrison, to be post
master at Raleigh. A strong republi
can element here was dissatisfied with
the President's nomination, and almost
as soon as it was made there began to
crvstalize an effort to prevent his con
firmation. Shaffer fought for his "own"
with remarkable coolness, backed by
influential Northern republicans. Mes
senger after messenger, and delegation
after delegation, from both factions
have gone from Raleigh to Washington
to present their sides of the question,
and various reports, favorable at one
time to one side and then to the other,
have come back.
Last Tuesday Postmaster-General
Wanamaker telegraphed Shaffer to
come to Washington, aud he left for
Washington on Wednesday, where he
has been ever since. His confirmation
shows that he has successfully fought
some verv damaging charges which
naa oeen made against mm, ana won
Mr. Wanamaker over to his side.
and Stop Pirate Saw
Cause Much Excite-
By United Press.
Washington, March 7. Marshal Wal
ker and District Attorney Parsons, of
Alabama, have sent a report to the Attorney-General
in regard to timber de
posits on government land in Southern
Alabama and Northern Florida. The
report states that over $300,000 worth
of timber has been cut from govern
ment lands by private parties, several of
whom have been indicted. Four saw
mills worth $30,000 have been seized,
aud eight saw mills, through the efforts
of government officials, have been dis
continued. The action of the Govern
ment officers has occasioned much ex
citement in the community.
The Grand J iry Finds no ' True
Bills " Against Parties Under Ar
rest. Special to the State Chronicle.
Lexington, N. C, March 7. The
grana jury ianeuio nna any ouis against
til r 1 i ii I
the men charged with lynching Robert
. ..........
Berrier, who killed his stepmother here
o,,mp months ian
Trouble Between Portugese
and British Soldiers.
(By United Press.)
Mozambique, March 7. Serious diffi
culty exists between the Portugese offic
ials hfire and a body of four hundred
imporle J government soldiers. The sol
who are British subjects, refuse
to drill or to perform auy military ser-
vice for the Portuguese.
Real Estate Lively in Greensboro.
Special to State Chronicle.
Greensboro, N. C, March 7 T. C.
Worth aud E. P. Warton have bought
the Bailey property to-day, paying $6,000
for it. It is snowing here. Real estate
is booming in Greensboro.
H. B. H.
Commerce in London.
By United Press.
London, March 7. The Board of Trade
returns for the month of February show
a decrease in imports of $1,320,000
pounds and an increase in exports of
$2,410,000 as compared with the corre
sponding month last year.
Destruction of a Village by Fire.
By United Press.
SnvnmirT Kv March 7 Th villnaA
bOMERsET, KY , March 7. Ihe vi.lage
of Liberty, Casey county, this State, was
i .1 riia ri u i iti wuu fiii i il t i i iiiu ."M u i u u
consumed by fire last night. Loss 40,-
000; no insurance. The village had a
population of 325.
Brad street's Business Report.
(By United Press.)
New York, March 7. Business fail
ures: Bradstreet numbers 215 in the
United States this week, against 190
lait week and 221 the same week last
year. Canada had 48 this week, against
114 last week. The total number of fail
ures iu the United Spates since Jauuary
first, is 2,758, against 2,948 in 1889.
Tire and a Fatal Explosion.
By United Press.
Evansville, Ind., March 7. The dry
house of the Armstrong Furniture Co.
was destroyed by fire to-day. During
the progress of the fire an explosion
killed three men and broke the leg of a
They Want the Earth.
An English syndicate is making an
effort to control the packing-houses of
It Means Success in 92.
The New York Democrats are jubilant
over their gains in Tuesday's local elec
tions throughout that State.
The Firm Which Began the Fight
Pays the State Tax Fifty-two Li
censes Issued to Date.
The back-bone of the fertilizer pool
is broken temporarily, if not perma
nently. It was never exactly a pool,
because the fertilizer companies never
joined; but such an organization was
recently information for the purpose
of testing the constitutionality of the
State of rive hundred dollars on each
brand of fertilizer sold in the State.
Some companies applied for license, of
fering the five hundred dollars for the
same under protest, with a view to
bringing suit against the State to re
cover the money if it should, at the test,
be adjudged an unconstitutional
tax. In all cases where protests
were made, the Commissioner of
Agriculture declined to sign a cer
tificate to the Treasurer to issue
a license. Without such license the
goods were liable to seizure if offered
for sale in this State, and the fertilizer
companies at once realized that they
must suffer greatly in the loss of sales
while the case for testing the tax should
be under consideration. Besides this,
it had been published that the loss of
this tax to the State would cripple, if
not break up the Agricultural Depart
ment a;.d the Agricultural and Mechani
cal College; bt cause both those institu
tions are supported by this fund. The
farmers did not relish the consequences
of the abolition of the tax, and they
began to resolve that they would not
buy fertilizers from any company which
joined the pool.
The fertilizer companies realized these
facts and hastily decided not enter the
pool, and also withdrew their protests,
sending back their checks for the
licenses without any conditions or
Allison & Addison, of Richmond, who
first moved toward fighting the tax,
yesterday sent iu an application, accom
panied by a check of five hundred dol
lars, for a license to sell "Acid Phos
phate of South Carolina Dissolved
Bone. ' This is the brand on which
they started the fight against the tax.
Other licenses were also issued by the
Treasurer yesterday as follows.:
Tarboro Oil Mills, to sell "Farmers'
Bonn Fertilizer;" Old Dominion Gnauo
Co., of Norfolk, to sell "Farmer's Friend,r
Fifty-two licenses have been issued so
far this year.
Civil Engineering Department to
Re-Organized Water Works to
Established Memorial Tablets
Distinguished Meu.
The executive committee of the board
of trustees of the State University met
in the Governor's office yesterday.
mi j . 1 1 j a i tt
xue iacuity oi tue university was
authorized to establish the Department
of Civil Engineering with an Electrical
Department, which shall carry with it
the employment of an assistant instruc
tor at a salary of six hundred dollars
'per annum.
A request was made of the faculty to
ascertain aud report the cost of all re
pairs need on the buildingsof puttiug
gas in Memorial hall, and of a water
works system for the entire University.
It was ordered that additional appa
ratus be purchased for the Department
oi Jfnysics.
A memorial tablet was ordered to be
nlaced in Memorial ball in hnnnr nf fh
late Rev. Dr. Chas. Phillips, who was a
professor in the iustitution for nearly
fifty years; and permission was granted
to the friends cf the late Prof. Ralph H
Graves to place a tablet in the hall to
his memory at the cost of erection.
Usually, a charge of one hundred and
twentv-nve dollars is made for the pviv
ilege of erecting these memorial tablets.
A 3Icsnge to the Senate and House of
Representatives,,--IIe Urges the Rp
monetization of Silver And Plead
lor Free Coinage.
(By United Prss.)
Washington, D. C, March 7. Ex
Congressman Clicgman of North Caro
lina, to-day distributed to members of
the Senate and House a neat pamphlet
entitled "Message to Senate and House
of Representatives," giving his views on
1 c v mvoco6c
Clingman reproduces extracts from a
i - - . .
speech made by him in Hen-
aersonviiie, jn. u., m j7t urging
the remonetization of silver, and
adds a brief argument in favor
of free coinage of silver, and placing that
metal on the same basis as gold in all
respects. Of the probable result of the
adoption of such a law as to the flow of
silver from Lurope to the united States,
Gen. Clingman says; "Of course it would mon, everyday, neighborly sort of van
soon cause a rise of silver, but before it dalism. Mine is more fastidious, confin-
got up again to gold by our standard
we might obtain two or three thousand
millions of silver. We could then have
a broader basis of coin, and by supplying
certificates, increase greatly the money
of our country."
A Sub-Committee of Investigation
Appointed To Determine the Re
suit of an Election.
Washington, March 7.
committee of the House
-The election
to-day adop
ted resolutions providing tor the ap
pointment of a sub committee of five
members to investigate the circum
stances attending the death of Col
Jno. M. Clayton, and to ascertain
whether Clifton R. Breckinridge, the
present representative from the Second
Arkansas dis'ncL, or t-oi. uiavton, was
elected to Cong res. The sub commit
- tee will proceed to Arkansas late in
I Spring.
A Cumberland County Hoy on the Stage
as Support A Day in Washington--A
Greensboro Plan's Promotion.
Special Cor. to State Chronicle.
Baltimore, Md.. March 7. All hail
to the new-born Daily State Chronicle.
May the glory of Lebanon be given unto
it, the excellency of Carmel and Sharon!
But what can I, a lean and slippered
student, contribute to its value or inter
est ? Nevertheless, I'll try to stand yoa
one or two rounds, Marquis of Qtieens
bury rules.
I have just returned from Holliday
street theatre, where it was my pleasure
for the first time to hear Edwin Booth
and Helena Modjeska play Hamlet. We
impecunious Hopkins - students only
4 'take in" the best performances, and
sit, moreover, in the gallery, thus get
ting excellent views of the scalps of the
actors. Occasionally, when, in apos
trophe to heaven, Booth would turn his
face upward, we could catch glimpses of
tho lower features, such as forehead,
eyes, and nose, but rarely. It is no un
usual thing for the Hopkins boys to ap
pear on the stage in the high-toned
performances, taking the part of
attendants, officers, soldiers, &c Ham
let was no exception, even staid old
Cumberland county being present on
the stage in the person of a student
whose ease and grace almost took the
palm from Booth. In my opinion Booth
is far inferior to Salviui, simply because
the Italian nature is more passionate
and emotional than the American. Add
to this nature years of stud v. Datient
discipline and training in expression.
gesture, pose, and general bearing and
you have a sum total which no other
nation, save exceptionally, can reach.
ooth is the embodiment and acme of
pclish.scholarshiD. of utmost re ft
but he does not and cannot lose himself,
merge himself in the characters which
he impersonates. "A genuine thrill,"
said Goethe, "is in itself a culture."
Under the sway of Salvini one is
thrilled to the last fibre of his beinj? :
not so with Booth.
About ten days ago it was mv pleas
ant privilege to spend a day or two at
the jhome of a Xorth Carolinian in
Washington' D. C, Mr. It. G. Callum.
Few men deserve greater credit than
he ; from a telegraph operator in Golds-
boro, N. C, he has steadily climbed, bv '
s rict attention to business, till now he
is uenerai buperintendent of the Mu
tual District Messenger Company and
Superintendent of tho Mutual Union
Telegraph Company, having full control
of the Washington offices. Mr. Callum
is a son ot Dr. Callum, of Greensboro,
and brother of Mr. James .Callum,
of High Point. With his charmincr wifo
(nee Miss Dixon, of Savannah), and the
only original "Preston Dixon," they
make a household which all North Car
olina emigrants would do well to model
after. Tom Evans, of Reidsville (this
is the real brand, all others are base im
itations), was also there. If there is a
single family in North Carolina with
whose history and traditions Mr. Eyans
is not familiar, they will confer a favor
by notifying me. To hear him "adorn
a tale" with some sage quotation from
old Burton's "Anatomy of Melancholy,1'
would make one think that Sir Oracle
himself had the lloor.
Of course I visited the Senate and
House. According to my notion, Ran
som is the handsomest, most stately and
imposing Senator in the whole body; and
Vance the liest, but "a man, for a1
that and a' thai." In the House I heard
Carlisle make some palpable hits in re-
1 A- "I i 1 -w
gam 10 revismg me cocie or rules, l re
cognized him by the instantaneous hush
that feii upon the House whenever he
rose to speak and by the punctuations of
applause with which his ringing para
graphs were rounded off.
i passed Sccratary Tracy's house and
found it hard to realize that it was the
scene of so late and terrible a tragedy.
The window from which Mr. Tracv fell
is very near the surface of the ground,
and this surface is not a hard pavement
but a grassy plot. Ihe window and
house were but slightly scathed by the
fare, so slightly indeed, that in passing,
unless your attention were directed
thereto you would
notice nothing un-
usual, urowus visit tne premises every
day and carry off some relic. Isn't this
1 .
sort of vandalism peeuliar to Americans,
or at least more inordinately develop
ed in them than in persons of any
other nations ? I confess to it. for mvself :
not, however, to the indiscriminate sort,
such as the American believes in who, as
a memento of me, shelters himself under
my umbrella, with my name looking
loDgingly down on him; this is the com
ing itself chiefly to tombs, hallowed by
genius. A little relic of this sort from
Washington Irving's grave at Tarrytowu
is valuable to me net only as a memento
of Irving, but as a memento also of the
Tar heel sleight of-hand which could
chip such a souvenir from a marble slab
while lour cemetery wardens stood guard
not farther than a stone's throw from
the grave.
Bat enough rounds for the present,
must seek the tender ministrations
of Eponire aud smelling bottle, so as
- be able to meet you again.
C. Alphonso Smith.
Executive Reward Offered.
Governor Fowle yesterday issued a
proclamation offering a reward of two
hundred dollars ror the apprehension
and capture of LaFayette Ramseur,
colored, who murdered Galloway Smith,
colored, in Rockingham la3t December.
the 1 Ramseur's victim was a respectable and
motzeosiTO colored man.
Mr. W. Duke Ie to Make a Cor.
rectioB-IIe Hill Do the Generoa,
Yesterdaj 'a Chronicle announced that
Mr. W. Duke, of Durham, had oflfered
to give S.,000 to Trinity College if the
Trustees of the College would locate it
at Durham. It was stated that his offer
was conditioned upon Durham's giving
$175,000 including Mr. Duke's offer. It
seems that this was an error. Mr. Dake
makes his offer unconditionally.
Mr. Duke's Telegram.
lie yesterday telegraphed as follows:
Durham, N. C., March 7.
Editor Stats Chronicle:
The statement published in to-day'a
Chronicle, regarding the condition of
my offer to Trinity College, is entirely
incorrect, and does me, as well as the
town of Durham, great injustice.
W. Duke.
In response to this, a telegram was
sent to Mr. Doke, expressing regret at
any error, and asking him to state
wherein he had been done an injustice.
In response, he writes as follows:
Mr. Duke's Generous Olftjr.
To the Editor of the State Chronicle.-
Dear Sir; Referring to my telegram
to you of this date, I desire to say that
no one has had authority from me to
state that my offer to Trinity College
was conditioned upon any amount which
the citizens of the town of Durham were
expected to contribute, but I am quite
sure that if it is decided to remove
the college to Durham, all of her citi
zens would do their full duty. I do not
care to say more on the subject at
present; but the proper party will
at an early date receive a formal
proposition making known my offer In
writing, which he will bo at liberty
to make public if he so desires.
I am sorry that anything has been
said in the newspapers in regard to this
matter, for in tho absence of facts they
have published many statements which
were incorrect.
Wishing you succcs with your paper,
the Chronicle, I am, dear sir,
Yours truly, W. VvK
A Citizen to be Prou.c 0(,
The Chronicle rejoices that in Mr.
Washington Duke, an honest man who
is the architect of his own fortuue,
North Carolina has a man.of such large
hearted liberality.
The Raleigh & Gastoii Railroad Com
pany Ordered to Make Deposition-.,
Of its Earnings for Past Years.
Court met yesterday morning at 9:30
o'clock, His Honor Judge Macllae pre
siding. The following cases were li.
w - '
posed of :
Low vs. Rand; judgment for plaintiff.
Ellington ys. Lewter; iudement for
O Kelley vs. Alexander; iudement for
xearby vs. Robinson; judgment for
J. M. Broughton & Co. vs. Quinn .V
Smith; judgment according to compro
mise. This suit was brought by Brough
ton & Co. to recover fifty oonts each for
laborers supplied through their agency
to Quinn & Smith, tho, contractors of
the Raleigh water works. Tho judg
ment of the court gives Broughton &
Co. the sum of fifty dollars.
State Treasurer Bain vs. Raleigh &
Gaston Railroad Company. This caso
was taken up again and the company
permitted to make depositions of its
earnings for the years from 18Q7 to 1885)
inclusive, with a view to determining
whether the earnings of the road havo
exceeded eight per cent.
Trustees of Rex Hospital vs. W. J.
W. Crowder and wife; judgment for
foreclosing mortgage. This judgment
demands the payment of $3,404.04
from the Crowder estate to the trustees.
Fleming vs. Flowers et als. ; referred
to B. C. Beckwith Esq.
Owen W. Bingham vs. S. W. Whiting
et als; judgment for plaintiff against
defendant for $10.50.
Bledsoo et als. vs. Bledsoe et als;
ordered that the county surveyor make
a survey of the lands in dispute, known
as the Bledsoe property.
A. L. Ferrall et als. vs. Charles H.
Smith, ordered receiver to make allow
ance for board of Larkin Smith; appeal
by defendant to Supreme Court.
John H. Crawford vs. Pattie D. B.
Arrington; judgment for Crawford.
J. A. Bailey vs. John Bobinson, judg
ment for plaintiff.
Jones & Powell et als vs. Thomas
Pence et als; C. B. Boot made party
plaintiff on his own motion.
Barbee k Barbee vs. J. H. Massey et
als; judgment confirming report of salo
of land.
J. C. Pool vs. William Pool; case
under consideration by jury.
The jury for the term was discharged.
The summons docket will be called this
The Prize Poems
It will be remembered that some time
ago Messrs. A. Williams & Co. offered
through the Daily Call a handsome pre
mium for tho best original poem on any
North Carolina subject, no poem to be
less than sixteen lines, nor more than
twenty-four lines in length. The pre
mium is a Boydell Gallery edition of
Shakspere in seven volumes, with one
hundred and seventy steel line engrav
ings. Tho competition for the prize is
open to the world. Quite a number of
poems have been received, and the
proposition was to publish them in the
Call, but that paper has been discon
tinued, and the publication will be made
in the Chbomcle.
All competitive poems must be in by
March 15th.
Westward the Coarse of
Its Way.
Trade Take
Francisco Gonzalues, of Portugal,
now in New York to obtain machinery
formerly obtained in England, says the
Portuguese will cease trade relations
with England in oasequenw of the re
tent troubles.

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