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Aitor.M) Tin: c apital.
Short Item- f Xow Cinthcrcd on the
riy by the Chronicle' Reporter.
Tho public Pcbools the city will close
on Friday, My lOlh.
A noa: ccttage residence beiag
erected on Cottonwood avenne by ilr.
T's ttM-., r-.-i.-.L- Snnrtinrr Associa-
Some ot The Folks You Know and
Tkeir Doings.
Mr. A. Arricgton has returned from
! Mr. R. B. Glenn, of Winston, is in the
city, stopping at the Yarboro House.
Mr. Peter Yates, one of the choicest
drummers left yesterday evening for
, Mr. Frank Batchelor, of Chapel Hill.
; is in the city visiting relatives and
ticn are emulating
having a big
fish frv seme tiaie in May.
1 Mr. D. T. Swindell, of the big Ricket
I store, has returned from a northern
Greek letter fraternity at Chapel ! business tour.
the publication o t a : T ,T Trill? and lir-tleson have
AnnuAl," on tnc first j gone70 Athen9f Ga., on a visit to friends
and relatives.
book entitled
uf Jane.
Tuf anc-ling fraternity were out in
rrcitv f.i.l fore? yesterday. There was
more'll-king thanhYj, but tere was lots
of sj"ort alf the same.
James McFarland, a native of Scot
land, took out naturalization papers
yc-atf-rday, and became a citizen of the
Veiled States.
Mr. J. R. Dunn nualined before
Clerk C. D. Vpckureb, Eq.. yesterday ;
as administrator of the last will andtes-;
tament of Sarah Hunter, deceased.
The lodges of the Order of Odd Fel
loes cf this city are looking with favor
on the Chronicle's plan f:r a uniting
of all the secret organizations in the
crv-ct:' n cf a bir hall. Committees have
been appointed from each lodgeto look ;
into tho matter. i
The boys cf the sixth and seventh ,
;jra If? of 'the Centennial graded school :
met en the ball field yesterday and
played a lively game cf baseball. The
score .vas 21 to IS in favor of the sixth. ;
This makes the sixth grade the chaoa-1
pions of the school.
Messrs. Allen v Cram have teen 1
awarded the contract for furnishing
two dozen benches for Nash square. It
is proposed to put them in without de
lay. This is another one cf those
moves, male now and then by the
board of aldermen, which is so much
appreciated by the public.
The Durham Sun of yesterday says:
"Three youths from RaMgh came in on
a tramp'this mornicg. They were Frank
Perry and Joe Smith and one smaller
whorcfii-:ed to give his name. The
Ma or sent two back on the noon train,
and the one who did not give his name
could rot be found, and we guess he left
on foot.
Mr. J. W. Cooper, of Cherokee coun
! ty, who Ins been here in attendance
upon the Supreme court for some days,
i returned home yesterday evening.
George R. Phillips, of
I., are in the city, the
Mr. and Mrs
Providence, R
euestsof Charles M. Busbee, Esq. Mr
Phillips is one of the leading manufac
turers ot .New Lngiand.
Tor Two Thousand Dollars Uamases
A Divorce Granted in Wake Superior
Wake superior court met yesterday
iucr:.i"g. Judge MacRae presiding. Sev
eral causes on the docket were continued.
One caso of interest was a suit brought
against Sheriff J. R. Rogers for $2,000
The action was brought by Robt.
Gilliam who charged the sheriff with
A Lecture on Japan at the Church ot
the Good Shepherd To-3Iorrow Nisht.
Xo country in the world is at present
attracting a larger share of the interest
and observation of the rest of the world
thy EniDire of Japan. It is presenting
the strange and hitherto unknown spec
tade of "a nation born in a day," alnios
literally. Only a few years ago Com
odore Perry, of the U. S. Navy, had to
compel intercourse from it with the rest
of the world at the cannon's mouth, and
then for years no foreigner entered that
country farther than the "Treaty
Ports;" while to-day they are tak-
ing giant strides towards the
very forefront of material and educa
tional progress. They have, by legisla
tive action, discarded heathenism as the
Religion of State, and are rapidly adopt
: icg all the social, educational, religious
and governmental methods of the other
civilized countries.
To morrow (Sunday) night the Rev.
Harry D. Page, of Japan, will deliver an
1 address on this very interesting saoject
' at the Church of the Good Shepherd,
this city. Mr. Page is a young man
a college and seminary graduate a man
of culture, and has been for four or
five years traveling in Japan,
and is therefore thoroughly quali
qualified to speak on this subject. He
has made addresses in this country in
New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore,
Washington, Richmond, Charleston,
kc, and has been spoken of by the pa
pers irjthe highest terms wherever he
has been. He is the accredited agent
of the Board of Missions, and came to
thiscountry last fall as the delegate
from the Japan Mission to the general
Remember the time and place:
Ch'nrch of the Good Shepherd, Sunday
Complaint That Their Passage Up
Sense River is Obstructed--Arrangements
for Sluice Ways.
Some time ago the agricultural de
partment received complaint from
parties living on Neuse river to the ef
fect that the rassage of fish up the
stream was obstructed by the dam at j
There is a legal provision that the
owners of dams shall arrange sluice ways
for the passage of fish up the stream,
and when the complaints were made,
the agricultural department served no
tice on Mr. Jos. A. Haywood, owner of
he Milburnie dam, to make such an ar
rangement. The notice was served
under sections 3410, 3411 and 3412
of the Code which provide that
within sixty days of the receipt of the
notice, the owner shall construct and
place in proper position a sluice-way of
sufficient capacity, not to be less than
three feet in width, sufficient to permit
the free passage of fish over said dam;
and that he keep the same open during
the months of rebruury, March, April,
May, June, October and November, and
at all other times wnen there is sum
cient water to supply both the watei-
power and the sluice-wav.
The law also provides that the owner
of a dam on whom the notice is served
shall be subiect to a fine of one hun
dred dollars per day, for each day over
the sixty days mentioned in the notice,
that the passageway shall remain nn
constructed. The law prohibits fishing
in any form within two hundred feet of
these sluice-ways, and any person who
violates this provision is subject to a
fine of one dollar for each fish taken.
Mr. Haywood submitted the matter
to an arbitration board, the members of
which were Messrs. A. C. Green, T. F.
Tavlor, W. T. Hodge and Samuel
They met at Milburnie this week and
after an examination of the dam, re
ported that the construction of a sluice
way would injure the water power, be
cause there was alreadv a passage way
t m--. .vUsn TH AllAIAVO IJAWr" A rnnrN
icon boxea enouiaers l-z; longsj-w. -ltY
will "O to inston A. ne auu rlt,3 0w; sn rt clear tao i-z; tmauuiu yyi
Handsome Sam of Money Given.
(Twin City Daily.)
The Davis Military School will be re
moved from LaGrange to Winston. The
matter was consummated last night,
and to-day Col. Davis is looking at the
sites which have been tendered whereon
tn orprr the institution.
- . ...... -it t .
The necessary school buildings win De
erected at once. They will, ot course,
be architecturally both handsome ana
commodious, and it is proposed to open
tho fall session of the school nere, wun
everything completed and ready for the
accommodation of the several nunorea
youag men who wnl then enter as ca
?Pt An amount ample for the erec
tion of such buildings has been sud
scribed by our citizens
Eight different sites, of fifteen acres
(or more) each, have already been of
fered. Neither of these has as yet been
definitely selected. Col. Davis was to
dav engaged in examining them.
The Daily heartily congratulates the
people of the Twin City on the success
of this undertaking, which is but an
other illustratian of the energy and pro
gressive spirit which characterizes our
The Chbonicle joins the Twin City
Daily in congratulations to the people
of Winston. The town has not only
gained the acquisition of the school, but
also in securing Col. Davis as one of its
citizens. The school is prominent ali
over the south and west as a successful
military and educational institution, and
this prominence, as well as its large pat
ronage, was won by the energy and effi
cient work of Col. Davis,
The Date For the Next State Fair.
1-2: familv 13.12 1-2:
fi 7-SaT: bacon r-hort
regular 13 . 0al3.12
lard kettle dried
p1a.it eidp fi 1-4.
WHISKEY Sales 1,039 barrels finished
trooda on the bast- of 1 02 per gallon lor high
Naval Stores.
Wilihgto N. C, April 25. Spirit tur
pentine tteadv 35 1-2. Eosin firm: strained 115
gooa uo
1.55. Crude Tar-
yellow dip 2.2 5
120. Tar firm at
pentme nrm, hard 1.2a
virgin z.za.
CORN Finn. White 46: yellow 45.
New Yor k Spirits turpentine quiet at 42a
42 1-2. Rosin dull; strained common to good
si 15a?1.20.
Savannah Spirits turpentine 39c. paid.
Rosin firm at il.laa41.20.
Charleston Spirits turpentine quiet at 38c.
Rosin quiet; good strained ji.iu.
Liverpool Spirits turpentine 31s, 3d. Com
mon rosin spot 4s, 3d.
Raleigh Tobacco JIarket.
Reported for the State Chboxiclx.
Raleigh, N. C, April 25.
Market strong and active, with prices full
up to our quotation with 80 per cent, of crop
sold, and buvera. both on orders and for
speculation anxious lor stocK.
Smokers Common
Fillers Common,
Cutters Common
Wrappers Common
Medium to good
Goo d to fine, to fancy,
Buy Your Roasteh Con ee Of
: :A X 34 X B : :-
CO - LI - MA.
Our new Blenda ol Coffee for strength, flavor
and Aroma Lave no equals.
30 cent lb. A X 34 X B 30 cent- 11-
35 Cts. GO-LI-MA 35 Cts.
Canned Good3 10 t-t-nts. fine as eiik corn.
2 lb. cans lOctd. worth 15ct?. Beit brand To
matoes. Red, ripe, full picked. 31b
cans $1 25 per dozen.
Tomatoes. Peaches and Blackberries 10c can.
Snap Beans, Lima Beaii92Ib cans.
California Apricots, Bartlet Pears. 31b '-ans v5.-
Cherries, Datnsrn, Green Gages, Black -
berries. "Whcrli i rnes, 21b cans !'.
The executive committee of the State j
Agricultural society has set October j
14ih, loth, 16th, 17th and ISth as the j
dates for the next State fair.
The City Cotton Market.
Raix;gh, N. C, April 25 a p. ai.
GoodMiddhng 11 l-4a3-3
Middling 11 1-4
Strict Low Middling 11 1-S
Tinges 10 3-4all 1-8
Stains 10 l-2all
Market firm.
Bahama F'lie Apples,
Cans Slicf-1 or Grated
New York, April 25. Messrs. Hub
bard, Price & Co. in their cotton cir-
around the est end of the dam. The cular to-night say:
board requested that this passage vray j last evening found
be cleaned out and kept clear that the j Liverpool this
intent of the law might be complied
with, but did not think it necessary to
order the construction of a sluice way.
Our advance
a response
f il-e nrrest. Some time ago, a capias
was sent here from Granville county for
the arrest of Robt. Gilliam. The sher
ill' found a man by that name, arrested
him and carried him to Granville county
whtrp he was put in jail. It subse
quently transpired that the party ar
rested was not the Robt. Gilliam for
whom the capias was issued, and he was
released. He then brought suit for
damages against Sheriff Rogers for false
arrest. The jury decided that the sher
iff was not in any wise liable for any
damage in the action he had taken. It
was a ca-e of the man's misfortune and
not the sheriffs fault.
The case of Louisa Willis vs. Thos. J.
Willis was a suit for divorce, charging
her husband with abandonment. In
the evidence it was stated by Willis
that he had left home on account of
threats from lm wiife that she wonld
poison him with "rough on rats," or do
something else to him.
The court granted tho divorce asked
by the plaintiff.
Stealers Kept Books and Sold
Their Booty on Credit.
other things found among
the effects of Nelson Hines, colored,
one of the men who carried on the big
steal from Norris & Carter's store, was
a small ledger. An examination of this
book showed that Hines had been con-
business. That is to
a part of the goods
a credit
sav, he had sold
taken from the store on ciedit, and had
a regular system of accounts. Mr.
Carter called upon some of the parties
against whom entries were made yes
terdav, and found most of them cor-
night next at S o'clock. All the seats j rect. He collected the money due from
free and all cordially invited.
Brown is inter
Two years ago
Jackson county
the effect that
.Mr. I). S. Waitt .Makes an Alignment. 1
Last evening at 7:15 o'clock, Mr. D.
S. Waitt, clothier, of this city, filed as-;
signment papers in the office of the '
clerk of the superior court of this coun
ty. Mr. J. S. Wynne wa3 designated as
There are preferred credits amounting
to -,IjV2 divided into two classes.
The first class is as follows : Jos. G.
Brown, Cashier Citizens' National Bank, ;
$2,CU'J; Roval Arcanum, $319; W. B.
Mann A: Co.", fj; D. G. Holt, 100.
Second class : Mrs. M. A. Towles, SoS;
I. P. Wray, $100; G. N. Waitt, flTo; ;
L. Grief A: Bro . Baltimore, 8423; J. k
II. Mann A: Co., $1,823. !
All ether claims are private. The '
total assets have not been estimated, .
nor have the total liabilities
There will bo genuine .regret on the
part cf a great many people at the
above announcement. Mr. Waitt has
conducted a very popular business here '
for a number of years past, and has car
ried it through strained business periods ;
when other houses coald not stand the
pressure. The main cause of the as
signment has been a flooding of the
marktt with bankrupt clothing at sev
eral times during the past two years.
A Case Argued Involving Several Hun
dred Teouand Acres.
The following cases came before the
court yesterday :
Fanning vs. Commissioners of Tran
sylvania. Argued by Jones and Shuford
for plaintiff, and T. F. Davidson for
Zachary vs. Wiggins, end of district.
Brown vs. Brown, from Macon, argued
by M. E. Carter and T. F. Davidson
for plaintiff, and G. H.Smathers for
The case of Brown vs
esting and important,
the Superior Court of
rendered a decision to
grants issued for lands in said county in
1790 passed no title, for the reason that
that section of country was at
that time within the Indian
boundary, and the lands therein were
not subject to grant. ' On appeal to the
Supreme court, the decision of the court
. below was affirmed, and naturally much
excitement prevailed among the people,
j as most of them held their lands under
; grants for lands in that territory.
A petition was filed in the
Supreme court for a rehearing,
and at its February term, 18S9, the Su
preme court reversed its first decision
; and sent the case back for a new trial.
: The case comes up again upon the de
; fendants' appeal, Mr. Geo. F. Smathers,
; of Waynesviiie, representing the appel
lants, and M. E. Carter and T. F. David
son the appellees.
The decision of the court is looked for
; with much interest by the people of
1 Jackson county, and it is hoped that it
i will settle all the questions in contro
versy, involving, as the case does, the
. title to several hundred thousand acres
' of lan I in that count.
some of the parties and arranged with
others for the speedy payment of what
iney oweu.
Hines, as had been stated, was in jail
under a $100 till vesterdav. During '
the morning some one offered bail for I
him, but before the discharge papersJ
could be fixed, Mr. Carter of the firm
had him re-arrested on additional char-1
ges. Lewis was taken before Justice
Haywood, and after a hearing was put
under a bond of f 250, making his total
bond $350. The firm say thay are de
termined that Hines shall not be turned
loose on the community again right
the hearts of the bulls, it being the best
cable advices received this year from
that market. A portion of this advance
was, however, lost at close, and nearly'!
the entire improvement with us was
due to the realizing sales by the longs
induced by a fair interior movement
which was equal to that of last year. A
portion of the decline upon the distant
positions was due to the selling by for
eign houses, who are greatly alarmed at
the passage of the Butterworth bill, and
prefer to desert the market for Liver
pool, where their interests would not be
in danger. Were opera' ors conivinced
the bill would not pass, the distant po
sitions would rule at higher prices.
Recipts at our ports to-day estimated
at 2.500 bales, against 5,094 last week.
The spot market is steady at one 16 ad
vance: middling uplands 11 7-S; sales
304 bales.
Transactions in futures 119,000 bales.
Futures closed weak and steadv as
follows: j
Apiil 11 86-87 !
Mav 11 !7 S3
June 11 S3-89 !
Julv 11 8990 i
August 11 S3 89 I
September 11 2021 i
October 10 75 7G ;
November 10 5758 ;
December 10 50 57 i
1 Januarv , 10 5359
; February '. . . . .-
! In Liverpool spot cotton closed steady;
midling uplands 6 7-lGd: sales 12,000
I bales.
City Produce .Market.
Reported for the State Chroxicle
Y. U. & A. U. btronaeh, Wholesale and
Retail Grocers.
Raleigh, N. C, April 25.
Geeae, 40c Sweet potatoes, GOc
Ducks, 25 to 40c Dried peaches.peeled,
Turkeys, 10c. lb 10c. lb
Chickens, 15 to 32 l-2c. Dried peaches, un
Egge. 10 to 11c; peeled, 3c lb
Pork, 6c ' Dried apples, 4 to 5c lb
Beef, 5c; Dried damsons, 10c lb
Hams, 11 to 12 l-2c: Dried blackberries, 8c
White peag, bush. 1.35 Dried whortleber
Biack and clay do. 1.20 ries, 10c
N. C. Cut Eerrirg, 1 Hav, per hun. 50c
$6,50 Bbl. j Fodder, " 90 to 1.00
" Gross i 2,50 Bbl.- Shucks, " 40c
" Mullets, 3,00 Bbl ' Wheat straw, 40c
Re Herring, Broom straw, 2c bun.
3,001-2 Bbl.i
Fresh Sliced Fine Apples
21b Cans 15c.
Pure Fruit Preserves
201b Bk'ts 12 l-2c. lb 201b BKt
Fancy Evaporated
Peaches tioc lb.
Fancy Sun Dried Peach e
5 Cents Per lb.
Paris Suits at Norris & Carter's, at
only 6.50, reduced from $12 50. $1.25
Serges and Henriettas, in beautiful
Spring colors at 84c. Great bargains in
.Ladies' and Gents Fine Shoes to-day.
Parasols and Cambric underwear at a
fraction more than half value. All
goods must be sold. Don't miss this op
portunity for bargains.
- 25 Cents -
lb Boxes lo Cents
Dress Silks, for Spring and Summer.
We are showing in blacks and colors
the most desirable weaves that are worn
this season.
We sell only pure silks that is all
silk face and back, both sides silk, warp
and filling.
We guarantee perfect wear.
W. H. & R. S. Ttckep. Ar Co.
Advertisements to be changed must
be handed in by 3 p. m. of each day. We
will not change advertisements handed
n later than that hour.
i I
For the City and
ready to start next Mondiv if
the weather be warm.
:tiUe lone, j la;t ;Kct- .x.
Dress Fabrics That Will
Interest. Our
Up is Not the
School Teacher ot that
St. Louis,
Local Base Ball.
Special Cor. State Chsoxicle.I
DrEHAii, N. C, April 25. In con
nection with the stealing from Norris A:
Carter's store the Chronicle of this
morning savs that Cannon Lewis roomed
at the house of Chas. Hunter (col.). Will ! Galveston,
von do me the kindnpss to nnt in vnnr i u,wlJli
nest issue that the "Chas. Hunter" re
ferred to is not "Chas. N. Hunter," the
school teacher?
There are hundreds of people through
out the State who know cf no other
Chas. Hunter in Raleigh than me. I
try to keen myself and family clear of
all such affairs and would not have my
name in any way confused with others.
I shall be obliged to you for this favor.
Very truly,
Chas. N. Huxtek.
; 20 Firm
. . Firm
! 400 Firm
; 1150 Firm
1 1C0 Firm
! New Orleans i2500.Firm
. . . .Steady
400 Steady
. . j Firm "
. . 'steady
1ST Firm"
. . . : Firm
11 1-4 233: .... !
12 1C42 1617
11 3-8 09....
11 7-16 , 26; ....
11 1-2 : 17S ....
111-2 ! 9:1793!
11 1-4 i 13: ....
111-4 j... J,....!
11 3-S 12145; 4392
11 3-8 ...!....
11 3-8 639! ....
11 5-S 12! ....
11 7-8 195! 2205
This morning we desire their attention
given to our French Pattern Dresses,
additional novelties, late arrivals, just
added, and at prices that will be verv
These robes are ia the choicest de
signs that art can depict.
Ask to see them.
W. H. k R. S. Tucker A- Co.
Complimentary German.
Ticket to the Banquet.
The chamber of commerce banquet
i'omrnittee have made efforts to supply
all the members with tickets. It is
natural that some should have been
overlooked. Any members and any of
the tpucially invited friends of members
can K'A tickets by applying to Maj. E.
G. llarrell at A. Williams A: Co.'s book
store, or to II. W. Aye-rat the Chronicle
office. Tickets must positively be pre
sented at the door.
School Building Enlarged.
There has just b.-en completed an ad
dition to the Oberiiu graded .-chool
building Ccolorcd,) which gives enlarged
ana more convenient
new addition is 2(Wx34.
facilities. The
The Banquet Committee.
Tho committee of arrangements for
the Chamber of Commerce banquet will
hold a final meeting at the Mayor's office
this evening at six o'clock. Let every
member b3 present.
The question is being asked as to
whether the young men of Raleigh pro
pose that the city shall have a real base
ball club this season. The Chronicle
has made some inquiries, and finds that
the boys are disccuraged at the little
support and encouragement which the
Raleigh public has given to base b.ill or
ganizations for the past two years. They
are disposed to complain, and say while
they are anxious that Raleigh should
lead other clubs, the patronage here is
not sufficient to induce them to make
any effort in that direction. The boys
m-y think they have good reason to talk
this way, bnt let them recollect a thing
or two.
What kind of games have they been
playing lately. The Raleigh people
can't see any fun in going to the park
and seeing their home team "wiped up"'
by a score of 37 to 1, or 37 to 5.
The time has been when the Raleigh
club played the game well. The public
turned out. They appreciated and
cheered the boys and felt a pride in
their organization. If the boys really
, care to have a club and would like the
support and appreciation of the town,
all they have to do is to attain a degree
; of proficiency in plaving which will
! enable them to come out on the winning
side at least halt tbe time.
Just let the club try this, and the fact
will dawn that there is not such a great
want of appreciation as may be supposed
tinder present conditions. "
Last night Mr. Jas. G. Graham, of this
city, gave a very elegant german in
Henry hall, complimentary to Miss
Claude Holt, of Charlotte, and Miss
Agnes Gotten, of Cottendale. It was a
superb affair and was participated in by
about twent couples, and witnessed by
a large numoer or cn-iookers of the ele
ment elite. Among the visiting young
ladies present were Miss Lizzie Dortch
of Goldsboro, Miss Justice of Charlotte,
and Miss Wilson of Morganton. . '
New York Produce Market.
FLOUR Closed strong, superfine -winter
210a50do. spring lS5a225: extra No. 2 winter
240a275; do spring 210a250; Southern steady
trade and familv extras 310a465.
I WHEAT-Closed easv l-8al 4 lower: spot
firm: No. 2 red winter 95 l-2a6 3-4: No. 3 do
90 l-2al 1-2; No.2 red winter April 9d.
CORN Closed weak 3-8 lower; spot sales
! No. 2 mixed 42a 43 steamer white 42; No. 2
i mixed alav 40.
i OATS Closed active: 1-Sal-t lower: spot
; sales No. 1 -white 36; Nx 2 do 31a35No.
! 2 mixed April 33 1-2.
! PORK Quiet; me 13.75al4.00.
LARD-Closed firm; May 656a65S.
SUGAR-Kenned stronger; in demand; cut
loaf and crushed 7 1-8: powdered 6.44: Gran
ulated 6. IS.
COFFEE-Spot lots steady. Fair Rio car
goes 19.
To Various Important and Interesting
Celebrations and Meetings. B
Rates for Unveiling of Lee Monu
ment, Richmond, Va. The Richmond &
Danville railroad will sell round -trin ' hite 33
ucseis to nicamcna, a,, ana return
for the unveiling of Lee monument'
May 27th and 28th, good returning, un
til and including June 4th, 1890, at the
following round-trip rates from points
named :
From Charlotte, N. C, 3.50; Salis
bury, $7.50; Greensboro, S5.40; Dur
ham, $3.60: Henderson, $3.00: Oxford
Baltimore Produce Market.
COTTON Nomiaal. Middling 11 7-8.
FLOUR Moderatively active; Howard
Street and Western superfine 200a220; do.
extra 275a375; do do family 403a460; city
mills rio brands extra 537a 462; winter
wheat patent 475a525; spring do. do. 510
a550 do. dostraight 4G0a5O0; do. do. extra
berry yuayo; Jo. & l-aay Steamer No. 2
red winter b: western dull, No, 2 winter
spot and April 891-3aS9 1-2.
CORN Southern steady and quiet; white
45a47; yellow 41a42; western firm; mixed
spot and April 41a41 1-2.
OATS linn; Southern and Pennsvlvania
EAT Southern dul!, Fultz SSa95; Long
90a95; No. 2 89 l-2a89 3-4: Steamer No. 2
RYE Firm andxniet: Prime to choice 58a
PROVISIONS Quiet and steadv. Mesa pork
old 12.75; new 13.50; bulk meats, loos
shoulders 5 1-4: Ions: clear and Har hi
pickled shoulders 61-4;
sides 6 1-4;
e !
rib I
This Morning at Swindell's.
We put on sale this morning at Swin
dell prices, (which moans prices un
approachacha'ule by others,) the en
tire purcase of our buyer at the big
over-production sale, which took place
in Baltimore on Monday last. In this
lot there are white goods, millinerv
goods, of all kinds. Also a big lot o'f
ladies tan slippers, which we will sell
at 74 cents per pair, and a lot of opera
slippers at 50 cents per pair also. We
were fortunate enough to get two more
cases of those yard-wide satteens, which
we will sell at 8 cents per yard. We
consider this cne of the best bargains
we ever saw; an opportunity none
should miss. In our clothing "depart
ment we have some unheard of bar
gains. See our clothing and hats be
fore yon buy. In the - next we will tell
you of our wonderful Dreams at Swindell's.
Prof. Antonio Bellezza will open a
School of Dancing in Henry Hall
next Monday. The hour for ladies will
be four oclock p. m., and for gentleman
eight o'clock p. m.
Instruction is given in all the new and
elegant and graceful dances and figures.
Prof. Bellezz?. is at the Yarboro ar,rt ia
Persons who wish ice at
their residences or places of
business will please notify
vis and equip themselves with
tickets, and we will be
pleased to resume the business
-of serving them with ice
of best quality. At present the
following will be the
Price of Tickets:
lb tickets
for shipping
$ l no
$ 4 3
15 h
per 10
sugar cured smoked shoulders g 1-2: hams ; ready for calls or for correspondence
large lOall 3-4: hams small 11 la'l? l-"- i aorl2
20 5
50 10 "
40 25 "
40 50 "
Special rates on large lots.
Not less than two tons can be shipped
Agents Raleigh Ice Factory.
Having had nineteen years experience
m working Sheet Metals, I feel that i
am able to do work in that line in a
workman-like manner. I therefore a.4.
a share of the patronage of the citizen;
of Raleigh. Wrork done promptlv and
or the best material. My plate ot bad
ness is No. 112 Fayetteville street, un
der Winetrob's tailoring establishment.
Charles F. Lumslu.n.
Magnolia Grandiflora.
,. For the next thirty davs I will sell Ms--:-- -nas
three to six feet high lor one a -.liar ::..
f,Lomeei hed 3 to 6 inches, five dolors : :
uaan with order.
fi.50: Raleigh, $6.50: Selma, $6.00;
Winston-Salem, $7.40.
For parties ot military in uniform
and existing organizations of veterans',
in bodies of twenty or more on one solid
From Charlotte, N. C, $5.65; Salis
bury, $4.80; Greensboro, $3.80: Durham,
$3.25; Henderson, $2.85; Oxford, $2.60;
Raleigh, $3.75; Selma, $3.60: Goldsboro,'
$3.55; Winston-Salem, $5.35.
Lard, refined, 7 3-4; crude 6 l-4aG 1-2.
PE TROLEUM Steadv: refined 73
COFFEE Closed dull. Rio careoea
fair 19 3-4. b
SUGAR Strong and active.
COPPER Refined 12 5-8al3
WHISKEY Firm 1.09al.l0.
517 Polk SL.B&Ieish.
A soft 6 1-8.
Sam Jones Meetings, Charlotte, N.
C. The Richmond & Danville railroad
will sell tickets to Charlotte, N. C, and
return for parties attending Rev. Sam
Jone's meetings from points between
Greensboro and Charlotte at four cents
per mile one way for the round trip.
Tickets on sale April 24th to May 1st,
inclusive, good returning until and in
cluding May 5th, 1890.
Chicago Produce Market.
Chicago. April 25 Wheat ooened s.rtiv !
VvHkA.1 May S3: June 87 5-8; Julv 86- :
3Sal-2. " j
CORN-Hay 32 1-4: June 32 3-3; July 33 l-8a !
14. j
june 13.75; Julv 13.70. nncL , , ' " u fe "auasomeiy trimmed and finished and their actual
LARD May G.32 l-2a35; June 6.37 l-2a40 I ?st,to manufacture is not less than $15 00 ThwZi m i t
July 6.45. m Cheviots and nthpr hh iv'j"- consist of the largest zq-y
ELBS-May 5.30: June 5.40: Jnlv 5 xi i.o i nprt W m-n. " " curies. inese SU11S Will be sold duil-g
Five Hundred Sack and Cutaway Suits
May 5.30; June 5.40; July 5.47 1-2. i next few days without refers fnr xaurics
St. Lonia Produce Market. j inanwSli ffit?01TUb? tMV3 he BIGGEST BARGAIN SALE ever
FLOCR-Firni hut quiet; XXX 240a250; ' maugurated m thl3 Clt?' at our Neckwear Department,
wrA xxmer, Jiav sj.
OATS-Quiet, May 25 bid.
LARD Prime eteam 6.
N. C. Leading Clothing House, Andrews Building, Raleigb, N. C.

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