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Caort Items of News Gathered on the
Fir bf the Chronicle's Reporters.
The Democratic) State Executive Com
mittee will meet this morning in the par
lors of the Yarboro Hone.
rp.A BanohaU unit tho A. and M. Col
We clubs crossed baU on the ball fold
esterday. Thesoorowaa
0 to 3 in fa-
s( toy of the Shanghais.
Sheriff i J. V. Orowell, ol Wilson,
hmnoht two convicts to the penitentiary
on a waft J. P. Jovner. who was setup
two Tears for stealing an ox, and Henry
Peacock, (coL) for perjury.
Mrs.L.H. Adams, when returning
home from churoh Sunday night with
her daughters and little son, were sud
ely shoved by a negro on Edenton St,
opposite the Pullen place who caught
them by the arms. Their cries for help
brought succor from the neighbors who
quickly responded to the appeal. This
is not the first time that such an at
t.rtt has been made in this neighbor
hood, but It seems the police so far have
been unable to find the culprit.
Weather Report.
Baleigh yesterday; Maximum temper
ature 84; minimum temperature 58; rain
fall 0.00 inches. , , . . . . ..
Local forecast for Raleigh and vicinity
for to-day: Blight ly. warmer, cloudy
weather, with light rain in afternoon.
Washington, June 6. Forecast for
Virginia: Fair; continued high temper
ature; southerly winds.
For North Carolina: Fair; stationary
temperature; southeasterly winds.
The Canvass lor the Celebration
Fand-Cltizens Shonld Toe the Mark
Hetsrs. A. B. Stronach and James
Boy lan, of the citizens' committee on
"Fourth of July" celebration, began
work yesterday, and canvassed a part of
the city with such success as leads them
to hope they will be able to have a great
day. Other portions of the city will be
canvassed to-morrow. -
These gentlemen are undertaking this
wholly and solely for the good of the
city. They have a right, therefore, to
feel and think that in their canvass they
should meet with a general and substan
tial reception.
It is for the benefit of the citizens in
dividually and collectively; and if they
want a big, creditable celebration, they
must put up the funds to socure it.
If they do not put up the funds and
liberally, too the citizens' committee
will simply abandon ths project. That's
They are workiog hard, and they ex
pect that support. If they don't get it
they will drop the work. That settles it.
The committee's plans are on a very
handsome scale, and if these plans can
be effected, a great many people will be
attracted to Raleigh.
The people will want to come. It rests
with tbe railroads to say whether they
may come or not.
, A great display will attract their at
tention and low railroad rates will cause
their attendance.
' Now can and will the railroads offer
some very special rates say one cent a
mile. It would pay the roads and give
many people an opportunity to spend a
holiday in the capital city.
The names of the subscribers to the
fund and the amounts given wilt be pub
lished in Wednesdays Chronicle.
It Is
Beginning to Make Talk Some
Opinions About It.
It is gratifying to find that the per
sistency of the Cheonicli about anoth
er hotel Is taking effect and the business
men are talking about where it should
be located and how to build it
"The Exchange hotel site is the place
for it," said one gentleman, "and the
family owning that property eon do a
good thing for themselves and give Ba
leigh a gool start by puttlag up the
By putting It on that lot it would be
sufficiently convenient to the Union de
pot to bo erected and on one of the fin
est avenue to be found in this country.
f 'Another way to build it," said a
wide-awake gentleman, "is to form a
stock company. Let the ground be put
in for eo much of the stock, and the bal
ance be taken up in shares of $100.
At any rate, and anyhow, that hotel
b what we need most of all now, and
gentlemen looking for "snaps'' outside
ol mieigo can do Just as well here as
anywhere if they will give tbe city a
Rev. Thomas Dixon, Jr., ToNight.
It is a privilege we are to enjoy at
Metropolitan Hall to-night in listening
. to a lecture from this distinguished son
oi norm uaronna. He is still a young
man, but his fame Is already abroad in
tbe land.- We doubt if any other man
in this or any land has made the repu
tation in so snort a time tbat falls to
Mr. Dixon to day. As an orator, a bold,
fearless debater, an original thinker, he
uas oeen attractive from his first appear
anca before a public assembly.
UU theme to-nicht is "PlavioGr the
Fool," and he comes to us at the earnest
request ot tbe ladies of bis former pasto
ral cnarge in tnis city the Baptist Tab
ernacle church.
We hope Mr. Dixon will be srreeted
with a large andienoe, and yre know we
can assure all of an evening of unusual
The price of admission is only fifty
Special Trains For Wake Forest Com
On Wednesday next a train will leave
Johnson street station (old B. & O.
depot) t 9 a. m. for Wake Forest Col
lege, and returning will leave Wake
Forest at 6 d. m. 7
On Thursday traits will leave Baleigh
at 9 a. a. and 8:40 pr m. Returning it
will Itave Waka Forest at 12 o'clock at
fiizat Ftra far the round trip, 85
of The Folks Ton Know and
Their Dbihgs.
Mr. John D. Creech is in the city.
CoL Paul B. Means arrived here yes
Messrs. Jas. J. Philips, of Tarboro, is
the city.
J. P. Martin, of the Second district, is
in the city.
Miss 8alliePotter returned to Wil
mington yesterday. ,., '
Mrs. Soier Whitaker returned from
Chapel Hill yesterday,
W. B. Rodman, Jr., Esq., of Wash
ington, is in the city on legal business
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Terrell, of Old
Fort left for home yesterday.
Misses Gertrude and Emma Johnson
are visiting relatives in Chatham county.
Messrs. Hugh Miller, Hal Wood, and
J. S. Ford of the University, are in the
Mr. Henry Johnson, of Tarboro, who
took the Wiley P. Mangum medal, is in
the city.
Mr. 8. F. Telfair, private secretary to
the Governor, left for Washington, N-
0., yesterday.
Mrs. Wright and Miss Wright who
have been visiting Miss Helen Fowle,
returned home yesterday.
MissLina Battle returned yesterday
from a month's visit to friends in Tarbo
ro and Goldsboro. , . .
Rev. Thomas H. Pritchard, of Wil
mington is in the city en route for Wake
Forest commencement.
Mr. E. 0. Clifton has returned from
New York, where he has been attending
the College of Physicians and burgeons.
W. B. Glenn, Esq., of Winston, is in
the citv to attend the meeting of the
Democratic Executive committee to-day.
Messrs A. A. Thompson. E. C. Bar
bee, W. H. Worth, J. A. Jones, M. P.
King and Dr. Everett left yesterday for
Kimball, Tens.
Mr. W. H. Thompson and wife of Wa
co, Texas, are in the city on a visit to
their brothers, Mayor Alf. A. Thompson
and Mr. Geo. W. Thompson.
J. D. Murphy, Esq., of Greenville,
passed through Raleigh yesterday on
his way to Lanoir, Tenn., where he is
largely interested in real estate. Mrs.
Murphy came with him and is visiting
friends in this oity.
J. B. Hussey, Esq., of Greensboro,
who is now connected with the National
Democrat, is the city in the interest of
the Democrat. It is a great newspaper,
and stands fair to be one of the greatest
papers that the country has produced.
Dr. F. M. Moye, G. W. Blount, S. 0.
Wells, J. D. Bullock and B.F. Briggs,
of Wilson, passed thaough Raleigh yes
terday, on their way to Asheville, to at
tend a meeting of tbe Grand Chapter
and the Grand Commandery of Knights
Messrs. W. G. Lamb, of Martin; Thos.
L Emry, of Halifax; D. B Nicholson,
of Sampson; J. T. Dortch, of Wilson;
and Col. Paul B. Means, of Cabarrus,
arrived in the city yesterday to atteud
the meeting of tbe Democratic State
Executive Committee to-day.
The Chronicle was glad to see Mr.
John E Ray in Raleigh yesterday. He
has won fame and position as Principal
of tbe Institution for the Deaf, Dumb
aud Blind in Colorado, and comes home
to recuperate, after an illness of several
weeks. His wife and children accom
pany him. They are at Wake Forest
commencement this weeP, and will
afterwards spend some time with Mr.
Ray's parents near Neuse. The Chron
icle is glad to welcome Mr. Ray home
again, and hopes tbat a whiff of bis na
tive air will restore him to perfect
The Sampsonians Have Got the Blues
Because There are No Blues.
D. B. Nicholson, E?q., who came up
yesterday to be present at the meeting
of the Democratic State Executive Com
mittee, tells us that the outlook for a
crop of Sampson blues is very poor, and
that m consequence there is great
mourning in the State of Sampson.
He tells us that the crop of corn, cot
ton and rioe are excellent, but tbat
nothing compensates a Sampsonian for
the loss of his whortleberries.
Read jr to Win a Bis Victory in
November. .
The County Convention has been call
ed to meet on Saturday, June 25th. The
primary conventions will be held on
Saturday, June 21st.
The Chronicle hopes that the Demo
crats in every section of the county will
rally and go to work so as to insure the
great victory we are to win this fall.
Let Us Have More Lights.
Special Cor. State Chbonicle.J
Had the light committee of the board
of aldermen placed sufficient lights on
Edenton street, the outrage of Sunday
night would have been avoided.
This thing of lighting this thorough
fare has been repeatedly called to the
attention of the board, but so far it has
not been remedied.
- ' "
In Greenville, Tenn., last Saturday,
where the bride was on a visit a school
mate, Mr. Wm. Joseph Davis, of Wil
son, to Miss Susie Simms, daughter of
Mm. John Hutchinson. They are two
of Wilson's popular young people, and
though a great surprise to their friends,
congratulations have poured in upon
them at Warm Springs, where they are
spending the bridal tour.
W. II. 6c, B. 8. TUCKER & CO.
In Dress Goods.
Speeial department, near the entrance
oi our Jfayetteville street door.
We-are this week adding a few lines
that have heretofore been with-held.
These go in this week to be sold.
They are a wonder to ourselves for
good value.
. W. H. & R. 8. Tucker & Go.
There are 200 Delegares At The An
nual Meeting in Atlanta.
The Raleigh Typographical Union is rep
resented in the International Typograph
Union, in session at Atlanta, Ga., by
E. 8. Cheek, foreman at Edwards
Brouehton's printing and binding
establishment. One of the objects of
the Convention is to complete. the de
tails for the erection of a Printers Home.
A site has been offered at Colorado
Springs, and the contributions aggregate
An nan n ft - -
Another fund available for this pur
pose is tne unuas-Drexei donation or
$10,000, made unconditionally, iu 1886,
by George W. Childs and A. J. Drexel,
of Philadelphia. This has been accu
mulating interest ever since.
The Home is to cost $20,000.
The money now available for this pur
pose is very nearly or quite sutncient,
and the details for the work will be com
pleted by this convention.
Yesterday there was a carriage ride
through the city. On this (Tuesdayw
evening they will nave an excursion to
Grant Park. On Wednesday they will
take a grand excursion to Stone Moun
tain for a genuine old fashioned barbecue.
Thursday night there will be a banquet
at the Kimball House. Speeches are to
be made by Governor Gordon, Mayor
Glenn, Captain E. P. Howell, and Mr.
Hoke Smith, of Atlanta; and by Presi
dent flank; Mr. John D. Vaughn, o
Colorado ; Mr. August Donath, of Wash
ington, D. O., and perhaps others.
The Raleigh Eusinees College has se
cured the services of Prof. B. Marnex,
of Norfolk, Va., a thorough teacher of
commercial science.
The business department of this insti
tution hereafter will be under his entire
supervision and instruction.
Professor Marnex is a graduate of one
of the oldest colleges in Virginia, and
up to a few months ago was principal
of one the largest business colleges in
flew York state.
He is an excellent penman and teach
er, and has been associated with the
leading penmen of this country, and
will no doubt prove a valuable acquisi
tion to this school. He comes highly re
We have secured the services of
competent teacher to take charge of the
telegraphic department, and tliia.depart-
ment will reoeive students sday and
aight. .
The college has made arrangements
to ran a telegraph line of three hundred
yards down Dayetteville street for prac
tice for the students.
The Baleigh Business College is steadi
ily on the increase. Three new students
entered dnring the past two weeks, and
it expeots a great many mor$ during thi3
month and tne montn or July.
It extends a cordial invitation to the
public to visit the college. It is worthy
of patronage.
W. H. & R. S. Tucker & Co.
Concerning Printed Lawns.
To-morrow, June 9th, a rare bargain,
exclusively ours, a case of full 1,400a
Lawns, printed almost square to the
French. Price 10c. per yard.
W. H. & R. S. Tucker & Co.
Which is the Best Typewriter?
Iu purchasing a writing machine,
there are a number of important points
to be taken into consideration. Among
the most prominent are those of speed,
durability and price.
Speed In order to attain a high rate'
of 8 peed upon the writing machine, it
is necessary to become almoat mechani
cal in operating it. When once the op
erator has become thoroughly familiar
with the key-board, his finger should
touch the required key as each letter
comes into his mind without any con
scious effort of his mental powers, just
as the hand of the blind musician goes
mechanically to the desired key on his
piano. In machines with double case,
which produce each character at a single
stroke, this is possible. The 'Jaligraph
is the only type-writer that can truth
fully lay claim to this feature. On other
machines two . fingers and three .move
ments of the bands are necessary to pro
dace any capital or punctuation mark
with the consequent loss of the use of
one hand.
Can it be argued that two movements
of the hand can be made with greater
ease and more readiness than one move
ment? (Can a 'horse run a mile in less
time than half a mile?) What could be
more simple than one thing at a time?
Durability This is an important con
sideration, aswriting machines are expen
sive and subject to continuous use, and
in this respect we claim the CALIGRAPH
is far ahead of all other competing ma
chines. Its type-bars are adjustable,
and in event of any lost motion in the
journals it can be taken up instantly.
No other machine possesses this unques
tionable advantage.
Price This is another important feat
ure and here too, the caligraph has cer
tainly the advantage, as ic varies in
price, from 70; 85; to 100 dollars, while
its only competitors in the market have
a standing price of one hundred dollars.
No other machine can equal the Cali-
grapn in numoer or mamioia copies or
clearness of impressson. The Caligraph
io-aay "oiAJNua ai thjs head" as a
manifolding machine and is immensely
popular lor its advantage over otbev ma
chines in this respect.
Particular attention is called to the
New No. 3 machine recently gotten out
Dy tne Manufacturers of the Caligraph,
wuicn we claim, in mechanical excel
lence, fine workmanship, accurate and
easy adjustment, excslls all other type
writers. I tie object has been to make
the best writing machine possible with
out regard to cost or the labor entailed
and we believe this instrument will be
found to fully justify all claims made
for its superiority.
All writing machine users are invited
to call and examine this instrument and
compare it with type-writers of other
makes, either old or new.
The Caligraph is manufactured by the
.aartiora, uonn. T "
J. L. Seawelv
Agent at Raleigk.
: .
Tramp "Have you got something for
metouof jearmer jno, l guess not
there is not much work just now.1
Tramp "J don't need much. You would
be snrprised to see with how little work
1 could worry along." Ecbhange.
W. II. & R. S. TUCKER & CO.
Uil MM f
Black nets and lace flounces at prices
auvenista yesterday va. mv paper.
1 a. i i . .
w. II. & it. s Tucker dt Co.
Oh! Ella, Did You Ever
See so mnch Ribbon and such cheap
Ribbon as that lot we sw this morning
at Swindell's ? Why no, dear, that big
lot of Kibbon is one of Swindell's big
bargains which they have just received
from some big overproduce ve sale.
They are always on the lookout for just
such big lots as this, hence they are at
all times able to umlereell any other
merchants. Now, in this big lot of Rib
bon you can buy them for about one
balf what the goods cost to make them.
Are they stylish ? Yes indeed, they can
not afford to offer for sale any but sty
lish Ribbons. I tell you if I had money
to spare, I would buy all I could of this
lot and save it till I wanted to use it, for
I am sure I shall never buy Ribbons
again at the prices that I can this week
at Swindell's. Ob, did you see those
beautiful Satin Ribbons, one color on
one side and on the other another color,
and the price was so low at
Swin cell's.
A Pleasant Lemon Drink.
For biliousness and consumption, take
Lemon Elixir.
For indigestion and foul . stomach,
take Lemon Elixir.
For sick and nervous headaches, take
Lemon Elixir.
For sleeplessness and nervousness,
take Lemon Elixir.
For loss of appetite and debility, take
Lemon Elixir.
For fevers, chills and malaria, take
Lemon Elixir.
Dr. Mozley's Lemon Elixir will not
fail you in any of the above named dis
eases, all ot wnicri arise from a torpid or
diseased liver, stomach, kidneys or bow
Prepared only by Dr. H. Mozlby, At
lanta, Ga.
50c. and $1.00 per bottle, at drug
A. Prominent Minister writes.
After ten years of great suffering
from indigestion with great nervous
prostration, biliousness, disordered kid
neys and constipation, I have been
cured by Dr. Mozley's Lemon Elixir and
am now a well man.
IUv. C. C. Davis,
"Eld. M E Qburch, South,
No. 28, Tatnali St., Atlanta, Ga.
till octlst.
Oxford the.ComiugTown.
. What four
great crops paid best last
Tobacco, cotton, sugar and rice.
What paid largest profits of
The golden tobacco of North Caro
lina. What did it pay?
From $100 to $500 per acre.
Thousands of farmers made this.
What can these farms be bought for?
From $20 to $30 per acre.
What is the great market town of this
Oxford, Oxford, Oxford.
Is it growing?
Has doubled its population in three
Is property high there?
Conservative men have kept ic reason
able. Can it be bought ?
Fifty by one hundred feet lots in the
most desirable localities sell at $100
to $300, and you get also two shares of
stock in the Oxford Improvement Com
pany, lor which you pay twenty dollars,
and the balance in eight equal in
stallments on call of directors.
What will make tho stock worth par ?
The proceeds of sales of other prop
erties owned by the company, bought at
very moderate prices first hand, and
worth' large advance; the enhanced
value of its town property ; the devel
opment of its property by new railroads
to go through it; the new warehouses
building; the increase on 10,000,000 lbs.
annual sale of yellow tobacco; its steady,
rapid growth, new factories and good
New York, Jnne 9. Messrs. Hub
bard, Price & Co. in their cotton cir
cular to-night say : The Liverpool
market this morniug plainly felt the
impulse of the passage of the silver bill
by the House of Representatives on Sat
urday, and advanced some 2 to 3 points
as compared with the closing figures of
last week. Spot sales 7,000 bales. The
result has been a f nrther advance to
12.19 for August here. The new crops
have sympathized but slightly, most
operators being disposed to await the
publication of the bureau report to
morrow, ine speculation in August
has continued narrow, out tne attempt
on the part of those credited with the
manipulations has been palpably toward
an increase of their holdings, and in this
we think they have been to some extent
successful. It remains, however, to a
great extent a waiting market on the
summer positions, ana tne course ox
Liverpool must, ultimately, be the .de
termining faotor.
.Receipts at our ports to-day esti
mated at 1,000 bales, agai.ist 548 bales
last week.
The spot market closed quiet:middling
uplands 12 1-4; sales 468 bales..
Transactions in futures 36,000 bales.
Futures closed irregular as follows:
June 12 2325
July 12 2527
August. : 12 1617
September 11 51 2 i
October 10 7S 74
-November 10 5960
December.' 10 5859
January 10 6162
February 10 6668
Liverpool the spot cotton closed
steady; middlings & 9-16 ; sales 7,000
. Cotton,
Sale Tone, i Mk't itct- Ex.
.... Nom'i lUS-' 145 777.
Quiet 2u-0 1 ....
.... Quiet 121-2 13 2
... 8teady 11 1-2
.... Quiet 12 9-16 .... ...
150 Quiet 11 7-8 83 1200
700 Easy 11 11-16 643 2919
.... Noml 11 3-4 3 ...
.... Nom'l 11 3-4 67 ....
.... Quiet 117-8 6 ....
.... Steady 113-4 62 ....
.... Steady 121-4 .... ....
.... Nom'l 121-4
Galveston, ,
New Orleans
St. Louis,
Chicago Produce Market.
Chicago June 9., Wheat opened steady;
corn opened Btaauy; oats strong; provisions
W BEAT June 90S)9l ; Juy9U: Aucuat
COliN-June 31U; July 3435;
OATS July 28: August 27; September
POBK-July 12.80; August 12JU
LARD July 5.97&; August 6,10; Septem
ber 5.32W. :
BIBS-July 5.12K5.15; August 5.22X; Sep- 1
lemDer o.3z$.
, Baltimore Produce Market.
COTTON Nominal. Middling 125f.
FLOUR Dull but steady: Howard Street
and Western superfine 225275'; do. extra
SOOaiOO; do. do. family 4.254.85; oity mills 1
rio brands extra 4.75a5.00; winter wheat, pat
ent 500&5 50; spring do. do. 5.00&5.50: do.
do. straight 460500; do, do. extra 410a490.
WHEAT-Southern scarce and firm; Fultz
85&91: Longberry 86a92: steamer No. 2 red
8738; Western firm; No. 2 winter red spot 1
ana June uuSujl.
CORN Southern firm and higher; white
46; yellow 42; Western steady; mixed spot
and June 4O340V. ' .
OATS Firm; Southern and Pennsylvaani
3135; do. Western white 3335); mixed
3233; graded No. 2 white 85J.T,
KYIS Quiet; choice 65(268. ,
PROVISIONS Firm : mesa Pork, old
12.75; new 13.50; bulk meats, loose shoulders
ox; long clear and clear nb sides 6;
sugar pickled shoulder V; sugar cured
smoked shoulders i hams small 11
12K. Lard, refined, 7
dy; refined 78. 1-1.
COPPER Defined
at liU'
strong and very scarce
COFFEE Clotted firm
Bio cargoes fair
SUGAR Strong and active
WHISKEY-Firm at 1.17.
granulated I
New York Produce Market.
FLOUR Quiet at about previous figures;
Minnesota 250 J2 65; city mills extras 4.35
4.55 for West todies.
WHKATClosed firmer; spot sales No. 2
red winter 96a96; No. 2 red winter June
CORN C osed firm ; spot sales No. 2
41Ma42W; do. June 4 IV.
OATS Higher; spot gales No. 1 mixed 3d;
No. 2 mixed June 34
jruttii. jduu; mess I3.75al4.25.
LARD -Irregular; July 6.23.
HUUiB- Jtiennea active and strous;; cut
loaf and crushed 1 powdered 7.06; granu
lated 6K; cubes 6K
COFFEE- Closed steady; fair Rio cargoes
St. Lottfg Produce Market.
FLOUR Closed dull au4 weak:
2.50a2 60; patents 5 OOao.15.
WHEAT Closed lower; Juno 9a 1-2.
CORN Closed lower and firm: Mav
June 31. t ,
, OATS qioed lower and dull; May 57 bid.
LARD prime steam 5 3-4.
PORK Standard mess 12.50 ; dry meat
shoulders 5 l-4a5 !; longs 5 5-8a5 3-4; cribs
ang short clear 5 3-4a6 00; bacon boxed
Bhoulders 53-8; longs 5.80a5.85; cribs 5.85a
5.90; clear 5 90a6.25.
WHISKEY Sales 918 barrels finished
goods on the basis of 1 02 per gallon for high
Nashville Produce Market.
Nashtuxe, Tenn., Jane 9. Wheat steady;
No. 2 red winter 95. Corn quiet; white mill
ing 45.
Naval Stores.
WtLMDiGTox, N. C, June 9. Spirits tur,
pentine firm at 35. Uosin steady ; strained
1.10; good do. 1.15. Tar firm at 1.35.
Crude Turpentine firm: hard 1.25 yellow
Ji Cm O T . ! ft sv
tup t.oo, virgin z.u.
COKN Firm. White 51; yellow 50.
The Citv Cotton Market.
N. C, June 95 t. x.
Good Middling 12
Strict Middling jj
Middling 12
Market quiet.
City Produce Market.
Beported for the State Canosicw by
TXT n a T rL n- . I
vi kj. a iL. jL. crcronacn, wnoies&ie ana
Retail Qrooera.
Ralkigh, N. C, June 9,
Geese, 40c
Sweet potatoes. 60c
Ducks, 25 to 40c
Turkeys, 10c. lb
t. j - i : ...
Chickens, 15 to 32 l-2c
Egga, 10 to 11c
Pork, 6c
Beef, 5c
Hams. 11 to 12 l-2c
peeled, .. 3e lb
Dried apples, 4 to 5o lb
uried damsons, 10c lb
Dried blackberries, 8c
Dried whortleber
ries, 10c
Hay, per hun. 50c
Fodder, " 90 to 1.00
Shucks, " 40c
Wheat straw, 40o
Broom straw, 2c bun.
White peas, bush. 1.35
Black and clay do. 1.20
n. v.. cut jberrir
6.50 Bbl
Gross " 2,50 Bbl.
Mullets, 3,00 Bbl
Roe Herring,
$3,00 1-2 Bbl.
Two people who are willing to occupy
the same room can find summer board
at a cool and pleasant place in a private
family. Terms reasonable. Apply at
the Chronicle office. tf
Wanted students who desire to learn ste
nography, type-writing, book-keeping, tele
graphy or writing. Special reduction offered
to students entering the month - of June.
Apply at once if you desire to take advantage
ot the "Special Reduction." Bend for circu
lar giving terms, Etc.
5- ?2E2SPN- PrasrMNT.
J. E. MATHENY Manage.
Hon. E. G. Beade, Pres. Nat. Bank, Baleigh.
. Maj. E. O. HarrelL Sec. N. O. Teach. Assy.
Josephus Daniel !,Eaq.,Ed. Stats Chbosil.
Dr. H. B. Battle; Direo. N. C. Exp. Stationt
Greatest speed; best for manifolding; 100 -000
daily users. Price 85.00. MuhinAa
rented to reaponsiLle parties and sold on in
stallments. Our New Special No. 3 has recently been
brought out to meet the demands oi those
who require the best that can be produced.
Priae $100.00: Has six additional commercial
keys, extra platen lor manifolding and other
valuable improvements.- For acoounts of
speed contests and circulars, address
" " GEtnmAL Aqehts,
junel0-8mo , Washington, D. O.
-Ice Manufacturers-
Having recently completed a plant, with the
most modem and improved machinery for
the manufacture of ice, we are turning out the
ureiuens, clearest ana nnnest ice tbat has ever
oeen manuiacturea in tnis eonntrv.
1 .
jsvery block being of uniform ze, it packs
m vie cr cioseiy. ana wiu niSdap lea Inn in
transportation than either natural ice or that
manufactured by the old prooeaa.
ah vj puniy, we onauenge comparison.
Every gallon of water we use is first evapor-
kiu uuuor pressure ox one hun
dred pounds to the square inch and con
densed before freezing, thus insuring water
as pure as it comes from the clouds. Car-
load quanta ties on short notice. Full weights
and careful packing guaranteed. . .
Address, . " - v -. : '
Raleigh, N. C.
Boneless Pigs' Feet,
2!ff 2 LB. CANS OCi
Green Tur-tle Soup.
Boneless Scotch Herbing,
Broiled Brook 1 rout
Plain akd Divilled Cbb Mevt
Alexis Godillol's
Brandy Peaches.
J Pitted and Slutted Queeu Olives.
17. G. & A. B. STRONAUH.
a.g. Rhodes & company;
. ..: ....... . .
uwMuug ixsuiuts uappy every dav by Uitr
liberal tei ma thev ffer on all kind .
Fancy Chairs!
Hall Racks!
Chamber finite, complete, in rreat varietv
Broken Suite provided if desired.
jrua wmi let ns, we have too many things
- r, - i wu uuit wit-
to talk about. Come and see thm :
.mm. vume ana see tne
It will bo like going to a fair.
r .- i b . I .
No. 9 E. Martin St No. 10 Exchange Maoe.
'i'Z Fayetteville Street.
Evaporated California Aprieote...
Peaches, Prunes, Baspberries, 6cc
N. O. Dried Apples and Peaebea.
New York Medium Beans.
California Dried Lima Beans.
Imported Parmeaian Cheese, grated for
Edam and Pine-apple Cheese.
Tarbell Ckeese.
Hazard's Strawberry Tomato Ketchup,
best in the world:
Smoked Salmon.
Yarmouth Bloaters.
Boneless Cream Codfish and Fine
- Mackerel.
New Catch N. a Boe and Out
' Herrings.
Stop at Eotd llerriam !
- . At Depot. Largest in City. .
Steamers sad Cart lavage Hotel every day.
Ufiliimi l U, JtTOpTlSlOT,
, WasamraTox, H. C,

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