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bill i-ass" is tiii: Hi-XT
Many Nations Considered and Dispos
,d ol JIany "Party Voles" The
House Filibustering and Frittering
Away Time.
i)y Unitod I'i tea.)
Washington, D. C, Sept. 9. The
donate rout at ten o'clock and resumed
consideration of tho tariff bill, tho pend
ing qms;ion being on Mr. Gibson's
amendment to reduce tho sugar te3t from
SO dogrveu by the Polariscope to 75 de
grees, R.-joctcd.
Mr. Carlisle moved to strike out of
the sugar nection all the paragraphs re
lating to bounty. R-jcoted, yea3 23,
nays 21; a pirty vote.
Mr. (Jibsoti moved to strike oat the su-
irtr weti.Mi and to substitute for it the
Buuar clauses of tho Mills bill. Rejected,
yeas 25; r.ays 35
Mr. Eust.is moved to insert a provision
in the sii'ar schedule mat tho bounty
shal l -pily to ad sugar produced in 1890
I lei- cied.
Mr. Aldrich then moved, on bohalf of
th- committee the reciprocity amend
me it proposed by him on tho 1st of Sep
Mr. Evarts moved as a substitute for
i . . i
as to allow an executive session to De
Oa motkn of Mr. Sho:nan it was or
dered that the daily si .vions of the Sen
ate shall begin at 11 a. m.
Washington, Sept. 9. In the House
to-day the Virginia election case of
Langston against Venable was called up
and much time was wasted by the Dem
ocrats breaking a quorum to prevent its
He Denies That He is Opposed rothe
Re-Election of Senator Vance A
Straightforward and Manly Letter.
Wilmington Star.
A report having gained currency that
Captain S. B. Alexander, the Democrat
ic nominee for Congress in this district,
was opposed to Senator Vance, a gentle-
The filibustering against the Langs- j man of this city wrote to him in regard
ton-Venable election case continued uu
til the liouse adjourned.
The Political Complexion of the Leg
islatureSome Election Returns
The President Congratulates his Boss
and Dictator.
By United Press-1
Portland, Me., Sept. 9. The Adver
tiser estimates that the Maine legisla
ture will stand: Senate Republicans
28: Democrats 3. House Republican
117; Democrats 34.
Lewiston, Me., Sept. 9. The Journal
has returns from 235 towns for Governor
which give Burleigh 52,150; Thompson
35,388; Clark 1,814; scattering 2G6. Re
publican plurality lb,7G3. bame towns in
iQiMt niaaf- nffioial " cave a ReDubli-
cau plurality of 12,721.
Washington, Sept. 9. The following
telegram was received here this morning:
Cresson. Pa., Sept. 9. To Hon. T. B.
Reed, Speaker House of Representatives
bridge across the river, the engineer,
Capt. Jack Allen, felt a sudden jar and
quiver oi his engine; a moment later
the forward or "pony trucks" of the
il,t r mnni monr HPfiTliKfill IIV II III n,'
, . i.,, . ... ' .i . i, romitr Washington.
Iil.-ti '"h"- , ..-..IT l,nnvtihr err at m Q r A
HIV A. .....v.. . . 11
auu vuur euneeiguco
to the matter and received the following
Charlotte, N. C, Sept. 6th, 1890.
Dear Sir: Your favor of the 4th re
ceived and contents noted. I authorize
vou to state that I am not opposed to box cars and a caboose car, came
the re election of Gov. Z. B. Vance to
the U. S. Senate. I accept the nomina
tion for Representative from this dis
trict with the full knowledge that Sena
tor Vance was the choice of the district
for his own successor, and I assure you
that if I had any idea of opposing the
wishes of the Democrats who honored
me with the nomination of Representa
tive I would resign. I have twice voted
for Gov. Vance for United States Sena
tor, and were I acain the -'Senator from
Mecklenburg" would vote for him again.
The personal relations between Gov.
Vance and myself have always been
friendly. I hope and believe that the
difference between Senator Vance and
the Alliance will soon be adjusted satis
factorily to both. Thanking you for
your kindness,
I am yours truly,
S. B. Alexander.
Under the above head, commenting
WRECK AT YADiaN TUVEP. Capt. J. II. Walsh deserves especial
mention ior tne untiring energy tie has
displayed in this emergency. The Cap
tain has been busy at work day and
night, since the accident, watching
closely after the interests of the road,
seeing to the wounded engineer and fire
man and supervising the work of gath
ering hands and clearing away the wreck.
Proceedings of the Body A Harmon
ious Convention and a Good Ticket.
Special Cor. State Chronicle.
Columbia, X. C, Sept. 8. Our coun-
bound freight train consisting of engine, I ty Democratic convention met here Sat-
tender, fifteen loaded and twenty empty I urday, the Gth, at 11 o'clock a. m. The
dash- election of C. E. Tattiu, Esq., of Gums
ing down the grade on the south side of I Neck, as Chairman, and B. W. Cohn,
Yadkin river, and was nearing the iron I M. D.. of Allieator. as Secretary, enm-
' w tj r r i
A Brakeraau's Fearful Fall and Nar
row EscapeAn Eye Witness' De
scription of the AccidentThe Scene
at Midnight- The Presence of Mind
of the ConductorThe Engineer's
Brave Conduct.
Greensboro Patriot.
Saturday evening as the North
pleted the organization, and pending the
report of the committee on credentials,
that veritable Stonewall in the path cf R.
R. monopoly, and extortion, David Al
exander, Esq , took the stand and enter
engine flew out to one side letting I tained us briefly though pertinently up-
the fore part of tho engine drop down
on the rails and cress ties. Capt Allen
told his fireman, Mr. John H alley, to
jump as it was impossible to stop
the train and that he knew no bridge
could stand the tremendous strain that
the one before him would be subjected
to in a few seconds. He reversed his en
gine, blew for brakes and kept his whis
on the issues oi tne day, the dangers
confronting us, and the great need of
harmony entire.
Nominations were then in order.
For Representative.
D. Alexander receiving 36 votes.
F. C. Patrick " 4 "
J. H.Thomas " 5 "
un motion Air. Alexander was nomi-
tle sounding the alarm, but on dashed I nated unanimously.
the engine with its heavy train ot cars I The nominations for sheriff being now
straight for the bridge tearing up the I in order, the name of the present incum-
raus ana crossues as it weuc. uaptain Dent, j. u. Meekms, Jr., was ottered.
Allen coolly stood to his post until with- Though there were several "Richmonds"
in a few feet of the bridge, when sseing in the field, yet recognizing for va-
that no human power could stop the I rious reasons, his strength throughout
Vr. Kvart'a amendment was rejected from Maine upon the generous popular 0n Capt. Alexander's letter, the Wil- onward rush of the train, he sprang to I the county, they deemedit best to not
yeas thirty; Days 31.
All tho Democrats voted in the affirm
ntiw, as did also Messrs. Dolph, Evarts
aud S indcrson, of tho Republican side
Mr. (V.hsou moved to insert wool in
Mr. Ald.icli's amendment. Rejected
ve ts 19; uava 38
Air. limy moved as a suostuuio ior
endorsement you have received.
Benjamin Harrison.
Kentucky's Constitutional Convention
TBv United Press. 1
Frankfort, Ky., Sept. 9. Almost
immediately after convening this morn-
Mr, A'drich's amendment a section ing, the constitutional convention went
dnectiuK tho President without further
inflation to declare tho ports of the
United Slates froe and open to all the
products of any country of tho Anien
rm ;iomis;)hero upon which no export
;irt,s:in5 imposed, whenever ana so
'; a ' a, tho government of such country
a i-;:it,tt:d it) the ports thereof, froo of ail
.i.Lti n' d. nroviiicial, municipal and
o ii.-r tixo., tlu Hour, orn meal, pro
.rved mt'u; tun, ve,;otables, rice,
lum'.HT. .'u-ruUaral implements, ma
.hi f.-. -v. vc.ols or boats of iron, steel
pro! acts ot
mington Star of yesterday says:
The letter from Hon. S.B. Alexander,
tho Democratic nominee for Congress
in this district, effectually disposes of
the report that he is opposed to the re
election of Senator Vance. We didn't
believe it when we heard it, for we knew
Mr. Alexander to bo a square.straightout
Democrat, and a manlv man. v.
7 r
the step of the cab, leaped off, and was I offer, and he was declared the choice of
sent whirling down a high embankment. I the convention urnmmously, thus pre
A second later the ponderous engine I serving harmony and cementing the fac
struct tbe bridge, lhe shock was too I tions
U j-etei
i.avs ;h
tho Uailod
u p irty vote yeas 20;
into an election of officers for the pur- ways plumbs the line and means yes or
pose of effecting a permanent organiza
tion. The following were placed in
nomination for President:
Proctor Kuott, of Marion; Bennett Li.
Young, of Louisville; Henry D. Mcllen
rv, of Ohio; and lion. C. M. Clay, Jr.,
of Bourbon.
The first ballot showed Clay in too
load with 41 votes, Young having the
smallest vote. Young's uame was hero
withdrawn, and on the second ballot Mr
Clay Wis easily elected president of the
convention. This is a decided victory
for the farmer element.
Mr. Aid rich
amend mcut was then
iul t)f I'd yeas 37, nays '2$.
a'u tho Democrats and two Republi
c.icis -- Edmunds and Evarts voted
.i"itiat tho reciprocity amendment.
Mr. Allrich offered an additional
sec l'.m providing that the sugar schedule
and thD b)untv paragraphs shall take
effect on the 1st of March, 1891, and
thu. prior to the 1st of February, 1891,
sugars may bo refined in bond without
payuieur, of duty.
Mr. Gibson moved to change March
1891, into July 1st, 1891, and that the
existing suirar tariff shall bo in force
uutil then. " Rejected yeas 27, nays 31.
Tho committee amendment to tho
paragraph placing upon the freo list all
sugars no above No. 1G, D. S., which had
been passed over without action, was
takou up. Tho amendment was to sub
stitute No. 13 for No. 1G. It was agreed
t0veas 35; nays 25.
Mr. Plumb moved an amendment im
posing a tax of 3 per coat, on dividends
of corporations. Rejected yeas 26;
nays 31.
Mr. Plumb offered an amendment for
tho appointment of a commission of five
disinterested persons to bo Known as tne
"customs commission" with a perma
nent ollica in the city of Washington.
Agreed to-yoas 31; nays 30.
Ou this vote there wera no party lines
Mr. Daniel offered an amendment that
tho duty on leaf tobacco suitable for ci
gar wrappers shall not take effect until
July 1st, 1891. Rejected.
The bill wi;s then reported to the Senate,
nnd all tho amendments that had been
Minnesota Democrats in Convention.
By United Press.
St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 9. The Stafo
Democratic Convention in session hero
today selected H. R Wells, of Preston,
as its chairman. Tbe fight for Governor
is between Thomas Wilson, of Winona,
as the canduiato or Keuy ana uorau,
tho Democratic leaders under Cleveland,
and anybodv to beat him on tho part of
anti-Doran men. mo selection or w it
son seems probable. The platform de
nounces the force bill, Keect dictator
ship and the subsidy tax.
A Repudiation Party Probable in
no when he says it. He was the favorite
of the Alliancemen of this district for
the nomination; he went into the conven
tion with their solid support; but if he
had been defeated for the nomination he
would have accepted the result without
a murmur, and would have been
found doing full duty in the
lines. as he has always done
in every contest between the Dera
ocratic and Republican parties. A neigh
bor of Senator Vance for years he knows
him weli, and as one of tho moLt intelU-
geiit farmers in North Carolina ho knows
there is not in public or private life in
this or any other State a man who has
more at heart the interest of the farmer
than Senator Vance, nor one who will
go further in all defensible ways to pro
mote that interest. No reasonable Aili
anc6 D-mocrat should or would ask more
than this. In speaking for himself we
believe Mr. Alexander expresses the sen
timents of the Democratic Alliancemen
of this State who recognize the fact that
their interests aud the interests of North
Carolina arc identical. We didn't need
any assurance as to where Mr. Alexander
stood, but we are glad that he has writ
ten this emphatic letter, as it shows the
falsity of the reports which did both him
and Senator Vance injustice,
great for even that iron structure and it
gave way, precipitating the
Engine, Tender, and the 35 Cars
into the river fifty feet below.
The conductor, Capt. Scott, with great
presence of mind, when he saw that the
tram was doomed, sprang to the f aont
platform of his caboose and uncoupling
it from the train, applied the brakes acd
with th-3 help of his rla,gman, succeeded
Stopping the Car
before it reached the river. The crew
all escaped being precipitated into the
river except the front brakeman, who
was on the forward car at tbe time ol
the accident, He started to run back to
the rear end of the raiu, but the car
made the plunge be tore he had gotten
cle.ir of it, and he was
Whirled Through lha Air,
striking the water clear of the debris
and falling cars. He shot downward
several feet, but soon rose and swam to
the back, badly scared but unhurt. The
engineer and fireman were noz to fortu
u ate. w nen tney sprang ou uie eujmv
they were sent
Spinning Down the Knibankment
and were both verv muen bruised and
injured. Capt. Allen had both ankhs
badly sprained, and was injured about
the breast, besides numerous cuts and
bruises about his face and body. Mr.
Hatley, the fireman, had his right wrist
shattered, his right hip badly sprained
and was very much bruised about the
face and shoulders.
The wounded were' at once taken to
Mr. Meekin3 is a oung man of mark
ed individuality, talented, genial, of
broad and liberal views; energetic, has
the courage of his convictions, and will,
in the future, as for twelve months past,
discharge the duties of of that high office
with impartiality and ability. The nom
ination is but half the battle. Demo
cratic vote rs, let us do our whole duty,
and keep him where he ought to be.
For Superior Court Clerk, T. L
26 votes; Ed Hopkins, a talented, aud
rising young man, received 19 votes.
The "old reliable," genial, efficient, pop
ular, and whole-souled William Henry
Harrison, Bsnjaman Cooper, ps he was
affectionately styled by the chairman,
an inimitable humoiist, felt his hearD
go cut in unspeakable love and grati
tude to the people whom he has regis
tered for so ably for the past fourteen
years; and when he heard the mighty
shout, which went spontaneously up
when he was unanimously chosen, he
became so affected that he stole awav
aid copious tears attested his apprecia
tion, tno' he could find no words.
For Tieasurer,J. A Spruill, Columbia,
received 20 votes ; J. B. Combs, Alliga
tor, received 25 votes.
For Surveyor Arthur Leslie?, Gum
For Coroner T. A. Armstrong, Col
umbia. No opposition.
His friends feel that the reputation
won by Mr. David Alexander in the last
House was deserved, on account of his
The Two Senators From the 20th Dis
trict Instructed for Him.
The Senatorial Convention of tho 20th
District, composed of the counties of
Durham, Orange, Person, and Caswell,
was held at Prospect Hill on Saturday.
Messrs. Robt. G. Russell, of Durham,
and Robt. S. Mitchell, of Caswell, were
nominated for the Senate.
Executive Committee.
The following Executive Committee
was chosen. H. A. Reams, of Durham:
Jas. W. Terrv. of Orange. EzekielSlado
of Caswell; and J. A. Long, of Person.
Instructed For Vance.
Tho following resolution was unani
mously adopted:
whereas, our Senator. Z. B. Vance.
has always been the friend of agricul
ture and the laboring classes, and has
oeen raithtul in the discharge of his pub
lic duties, we therefore recommend that
our Senators give him their unwavering
support for re-election to the United
States Senate.
Mr. Robert S. Mitchell, one of the
nominees was present, and in accepting
pledged his hearty support to the great
Vance. Maj. John W. Graham was
chairman of the convention, and Julius
Johnston, secretary.
The Candidates.
Referring to Mr. Mitchell, the Milton
Advertiser says: "Sam Mitchell is a
quiet, conservative, level-headed man of
affairs, who has made a success in life.
Ho is well posted on all public matters
and will make a wise Senator. He is
well known, popular, and will work hard
to make his election sure. The only fault
to be found with him is that he is an old
bachelor." In Raleigh that is regarded
as a virtue with legislators and adds to
their popularity.
Mr. Russell is a successful, wide
awake and intelligent citizen of Durham
county. He "totes his own skillet" and
does his own thinking. He is a promi
nent member of the Alliance and is for
The People of Rowan Cannot Defend
Mr. Price.
The Salisbury Watchman copies tho
Chronicle's report of the speech of
Chas. Price, Esq, of Salisbury, at tho
Republican State Convention, in which
he made a plea for the negro vote that
was unworthy of an aspirant for judi
cial honors. After copying what tho
Chronicle said, the Watchman remarks:
Did you ever read the like 1 Now it
goes "mighty hard," as our fclks say,
to sit by and have a newspaper " aj off
vonder at Rih u?h vunr. or o; our
townspeople n t'r,- ? r:,; h in
to fold our liii! a i k'- u B. '
trouble is tb-a. Cap I'i . e Is n-im a .
at fault, lie is an astute lawyer, a ban -
some man, a genial companion and 2j.a
popular manners. But ho is on tho
wrong side of the political fence. There's
the rub I It it were not for that fact,
the way we would lay it on Joo Daniel's
back would be a caution.
Fortunately for Capt. Price he spoke be
fore tho "colored brethren" had warmed
By United Press.
Washington, Sept. 9. A Star special
from Richmond, Va., says: It is learned
from a high semi-official-source, that if
Raleigh Will Have a Tremendous Con
course of People to Provide For Dur
ing the State Fair.
It is the desire and earnest wish of
to their homes in Danville. Both men
will recover.
Mr. B. F. Cobb, a drummer of Rich
mond. Va.. was crossing the ferry belov
the Olcott committee and the legislature those m charge of the coming State fair the bridge at the time of the accident
fail to settle the State debt this winter, to b0 put in possession of the knowledge He says: "I was crossing the river in
tne 1! armera Alliance ana anti-aeDD pay- . tfo, ;ou,.0 the ferryboat and had reached the mid
ing people will start a vigorous out ana die 0f lbe stream when my attention
UUUUB ia" ncca- w.ik attracted to the train bv the uaus-
While Raleigh, in her hotels tnd board- Ual noise. The engine seemed to be
ing houses, can comfortably take care cf Plowing or Bra
thousands of people, it is expected that its way along the crossties. 1 eaw a man
the next State fair will draw such an im- spring off the engine and go headiong
mense crowd that the good city will be down the embankment. As the train
put to her utmost to accommodate them; neared the bridge another man, who I
hence it is suggested that proprietors of suppose was tne engineer, sprang on ana
t . . i i i i "lit . j i i i j xu- ; ' : a
an tne hotels ana Doaraing nouses win wem wairnug
out repudiation party. It is understood
that the Governor will convene the legis
lature in extra session in January.
A Monarchy For a Dukedon.
talents and earnest efforts, and confi- up, and at that moment his allusion to
dently look for even a better showing, the Kilkenny cat fight was inopportune.
Lexington on the engine of the material j I hope that we all, feeling the necessity Later on the fur flew, and the aforesaid
train and had their wounds dressed, and I for united action, will do all we can for Kilkenny cat hght was merely a "pass
on yesterday (Sunday) were sent through I the ticket. ing off the time of the day" in compar-
The Democrats are thoroughly organ- ison with tho event now humorously
ized and the prediction of the Republicans alluded to as the "harmonious Ropubli-
that the party would be badly split, can btate Convention."
proveel groundless, and you may expect Our people here in Rowan will not
from "old Tyrrell" its usual Democratic take stock in this proceeding, however,
strength. but will go right along and vote for
General health good. Crop prospects Hon. A. S. Mernmon for Chief Justice
better than for eight years. and we shall poll a rousing vote, too.
(By Cable to State Chronicle.)
Paris, Sept. 9. The anti-Semitic
thor. M. Drumont, declares that
Comto de Paris ha3 in his possession a
letter from General Boulanger in which
while minister of war, offered
adopted in committee of the whole were to rPstore'the monarchy on the condition
grecu io in iue oouuLu, iaw iuub uu that he bo uromoted to the rant oi
which separate votes were demanded.
Tho first of them wa3 Mr.Plumb s amend
ment for a "customs commission" on
which Mr. Gorman demanded a separate
vote. The amendment was agreed to;
yeas 31, nays 29.
Tho commission i3 to bo composed of
five disinterested persons to bo appoint
ed by tho President by and with the ad
vice and consent of the Senate.
Tho commissioners aro to continue in
office six years; but any of them may ba
removed by tho President for inefficiency,
Marshal, and be created a duke with an
allowance of 200,000 francs yearly.
The K. of L. Want the Accused Tram
Wreckers in Open Court.
IBv United Press."!
Albany, N. Y., Sept. 9. The execu
tive board of Knights of Labor has se
cured writs of habeas corpus, demand
ing the production in open court of Reed,
Kiernan and Cordial, the three Knights
inform Mr. J. T. Patrick, the manager,
the exact number they can entertain,
also the prices to be charged.
In addition to this, it is desired that
all private families let it be known
just how many they will receive and at
what rate. This is an important matter
and should be attended to at once. Send
your address and desired informa
tion to Mr. J. T. Patrick, Manager.
.,;.,i..r.t. nf dntv nr malfeasance in office, charged with wrecking tne train last
..vft j ... . . -r, . , . V
No more than three of tnem aro to be naay nignr.
appointed from tho same political party.
They aro to have a salary of $7,000 with
travelling and other necessary expenses.
They aro to bo provided with a clerk,
stenoiiraper and mes;nger, and such
other clerical assistants as they may re
quire. The permanent effieo is to ba iu
the city of Washington.
Mr. Daniel demanded a separate vote
on the committee s amsndment striking
out the internal revenue sect ions in rela-
. . a t. mi
tiou to tooacco. mo ameuumeut was
agreed to and tho sections wero stricken
out yeas 36, nays 25.
lhe next voto was on tne reciprocity
amendment offered by Mr. Aldrich for
tho finance committoe. It was
to yeas 38, nays 29.
The next vote was on the amendment
to the paragraph lowering tho sugar
standard to do aumuteu ireo ot duty
from No. 10 to No. 13. It was agreed to,
yeas 39, nays 24.
No other amendment having been of-
ferod tho question was, "shall tho bill be
oncrossod and ordered to a third read
ing?" On that question the yeas and
nays wcro taken and resulted, yeas 38,
nays 28 -a party vote.
The bill wa3 icad tho third time and
tho question was stated to be: "Shall
tho bill pass?'!-. d fun..
Mr. AfcWdJ klToft.
journment, bu j, w noLDihiotion so
I Mortft
A Stage Held Up and Robbed.
By United Press.
Auburn, Cal., Sept. 9. The George
town stage was stopped yesterday near
Greenwood while on its way to Auburn
by a masked highwayman.
A Tragedy iu Court.
By United Press.l
Hameiisville, Ohio, Sept. 9 During
A Man Stunned--And His Two Mules
Killed The Man Not Expected to
(Special to State Chronicle.)
Shelby, Sept. 9. During a heavy
storm, which passed over a part of this
county late yesterday, County Surveyor
A. M. Lovelace, while driving to his
baru, was struck by lightning and
knocked unconscious. Two mules which
he was driving were killed. At last ac
counts Lovelace was out of his mind and
not expected to live.
down the incline. A
second later the engine struck the
bridge. I then saw that the caboose car
was loose from the train and slowing up.
I also saw that the engine and several
of the cars were off the rails and on the
crossties. The next instant the
Bridge Gave Way
and I tell you the splintering and crash
ing as the bridge and cars went down
was awful to hear. I have been travel
ing on the road four ycars and this is
the first wreck I ever witnessed and I
hope it will be the last."
A special train was sent rrom this city
Twenty-Five Dollars in Gold to the
Party Making the Nearest Guess
The Prize OHered by the State Fair-
Some Points and Facts About the
Guessing Match.
Where aro tho guessing ones? Must
North Carolinians import a lot of Yan-
The Chronicle is Ready to Write Re
ceipts Every Night at Twelve O'clock
Walk in Gentlemen Don't Let
Salisbury Get A head ol Raleigh.
The Salisbury Watchman says: Last
night, a few minutes before twelve
o'clock, while we wero at work in the
kee3 to guess how many people there are office reading proofs and directing wrap-
in North Carolina?
Thus far eighteen persons have sent
in guesses on the population of the
State as shown by the last census. Of
these eighteen only nine have complied
with the conditions required, ana are
registered as liable to draw the twenty-
five dollars in gold which is offered to
the person making the nearest guest.
The following persons have not com
to the scene of the wreck on Saturday plied with the condition?.-, hich require a
night. A reporter of the Patriot took ac
pers, wo wero surprised to have a gen
tleman step in the office. He said he
was passing by, saw the light, and came
in to see who was keeping such late
hours; and when we assured him that
the twelve o'clock business was the rule
rather than the exception, he promptly
pulled out his pocket book and paid his
subsaription for two years behind and
one in advance, at tho same time re-
An Attempt to Wreck a Train.
IBy United Press.
Boston, Mass., Sept. 9. An unsuc-
tho trial of a will ca3e hero yesterday John cessf ul attempt was made last evening
Hilor, in open court, shot Constable
Allen dead, aud shot Geo.
fatally. Hiler escaped.
W. II. & R. S. Tucker & Co.
Ladies are specially invited to visit
our carpet and furniture room this week.
It will be well worth a visit just to see
the new things in these departments.
W. H. & R. S. Tucker & Co.
to wreck the westward bound Rockport
train of the Boston and Maine railway,
at a point several hundred rods from
the West Lynn depot, by placing a steel
rail on the track.
Winston Glories in the Baseball Cham
pionship of the South.
Special to State Chronicle. 1
Winston, N. C, Sept 9. Five hun
dred people witnessed the most exciting
game of ball to day ever played here.
It i3 said that Boss Reed desires to
change the rules a little. He will frame
them and read to the House before long. Winston won by a score of 7 to 6 through
He does not object to a man using pro- the fine batting of Farrell and Lanier.
fane language, but he wants to know it This makes two victories out of the
in time to clear the galleries of ladies three games against Richmond for the
and to dismiss the official stenographer, l championship of the South.
John P. Madison, K. Vann, S. E.Wilkes,
i I 1 i J i - i. J
vantage ot tne opportunity ro visit tue
scene of the accident. The train arrived at
the river shortly after 1 o'clock, a. m. A
drizzling rain was falling and the
moon was obscured, but with the aid of
tho fiwa hni 1h alnntr thft hanks and thfi
lanters, a very good view of the wreck Mrs. B. Mann, J. E. Duncan.
was obtained. Two spans of the bridge
nrp rlown. and two abutments are com- FOR THE SOLDIERS' HOME.
pletely wrecked. The telegraph wires
were entangled m the tailing timbers
and broken. The rails are twisted and
marking that, never would he again
two cent stamp to accompany the gues3, keep the editor, who had to work until
name and post office address. The guess midnight, out of his pay. Wro merely
must detinue; not Detween two aiuer- mention this little incident in hopes that
ent numbers : all who are behind will see the noint. aa
Miss M. A. Guldens, L. w. .Madison, he saw it, and come in and do likewise.
Miss SL. w. uuioreth, wiikcs aiaoison,
St. Mary's School.
The Geranium Valley Sewing Society.
Mis3 Bessio Mordecai, president; Miss
doubled in every direction. The engine Mar pescu(3 vice president; and Miss
Annie Stronach, treasurer, turned in to
is lying near the middle of the river with
a Dortion of one cylinder lust visible
above the water, lhe cars are pnea up
in an indiscriminate and indescribable
manner and are mostly a total loss.
No blame can be attached to the com
pany or the crew of the train, a3 it was
purely an accident -one which no human
being could foresee or prevent.
The cost to the company will hardly fall
far short of 200,000.
The railroad authorities with their
usual promptness, have a large force of
hands at work clearing away the debris
and traffic will only be interrupted for a
few days. The Richmond and Danville
Railroad Company are sending their
through trains around the C. F. & Y. V.,
the Raleigh and Augusta, and the Caro
lina Central roads until arrangements
can be made for a transfer,
Later. As we go to press we learn
that the authorities have set fire to all
of the wreck that can be reached.
the Soldiers' Home fund yesterday the
sum of six dollars.which they made dur
ing their summer vacation by doing
plain sewing for the inhabitants of the
Valley. They still retain their organiza
tion, but don't propose to do any more
work till the executive committee of the
Confederate Veterans' Association show
a little more activity in the matter of
the Home.
Eight Cars Smashed in a Train Wreck
IBy United Press.
Shelbyville, Ind., Sept. 9. A west
bound freight train on the Big Four,due
here at 5. a. m., was wrecked this morn
ing some miles east of here
cars were demolished.
The Advent term of St. Mary's School
begins Thursday, 11 inst. Pupils are al
ready arriving, among them a number
of young ladies from Texas and Georgia.
During the vacation there has been a
liberal expenditure in additional ar
rangements for the comfort and conven
ience of the pupil3. We note also that
the beautiful chapel appears in a new
slate roof, and that its interior ha3 been
repainted, Tho Chronicle rejoices in the
evidence of the continued prosperity of
thi3 fine old institution, and wishes it
many year3 of continued usefulness and
W. II. & R. S. TUCKER & CO.
and eight
Cairo, Sipt. 9. The cholera is spreading.
Dunlap's Hats.
We are showing the new fall styles of
these celebrated hats, for which we are
the sole agents in Raleigh.
We are also opening our stock of other
grades of hats in all the new shapes.
W. H. & R. S. Tucker & Co.
Portland, Me., Sept. 8. Speaker
Reed left for Washington at 9 o'clock
this morning.

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