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'.'..Kvlaiiilixp'-cts every man
""'iv" iUto murderer and an
uuin-witha:! ioefficea-
We havo beard of but t.ro counties in which
the candidates thus instructed have repudi
ated their ins'ructions or i itimated any pur
po.so to violate them nn.h r any possible cir
cunibtance. Thin rcteroocH is to Gaston and
Stanly." Ext: act irom editorial in Statesville
We cannot speak for Gaston, but with
reference to Stanly, it does Representa
tive Nash and Senator Shaukle an injus
tice. Both of these gentlemen are pro
nounced Vance men, both instructed by
the Co. convention to support Vance, and
both published cards in this paper de
claring themselves unqualifiedly for
Vance. Both are reliable gentlemen, and
no matter how the issue may be prtsent-
Speclal Cor. State Chronicle.
There is already sorae talk as to who
ought to be electe.l Speaker of the next
House of Representatives of the General
Assembly. The man to fill that respon
sible position ought to be a man oi: abil
ity, experience in matter of legislation,
a good parliamentarian, and one
whom the humblest member could ap
proach with confidence that he would b3
given a fair and respectful hearing.
We desire to nominate for Speaker of
the next House, Thos. H. Sutton, of the
tfood county of C umberland. For the
third time he ha:? bpen spW.fr.rl hv his
ed, they will carry out their pledges and people to represent them in the State
vfishes and vote for Z ;b Vance to sue- halls of legislation, eaeh time receiving
ceed himself in the U. S. Senate. Sena
tor Shankle is not a member of the Alli
ance, but he is an uncompromising
Vaiice man. Stanley Couuty' Observer.
The Landmark is also mistaken about
Gaston. The member from that county,
Mr. Moses Stuoup was not instructed.
a majority almost doable that of the pre
vious election, which attests the popu
larity of this bold defender of the right.
In 188G he carried the county (then
doubtfu ) by a m-j rity of 420. in 1883
he and Hon. A. D. McGill cariied it by
a majority of 630, and this year by 1,855,
thus showing that the farmers knew
The Chronicle believes and hopes that their friends and rallied to their support.
he will vote for Vance, but he is not or the last two sessions Mr. Sutton
committed,and if he should vote against w an acknwledged leader of the De
Viv u ... mocracy, and was known as the special
, w uuu w upu uu wusure. champion of the interests of the farmers,
IT. 1 J I . i i . . I . '
standing oy them at all times and sup
porting every measure presented in fa-
He would make a mistake, but wonld
not commit a crime as would an instruct
ed member who violate instructions.
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The seductions of
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ilton. Bat naii-cugrcs-
....e. to be nit y I am to speak
".VjVii'C The first exhibition
rt--cr.loT was when he utterly
i' on the armor ui cam iui
a.th the Philistine. Saul
.'X.'rt'i.my of the people from
''Vl.Winl upward, and his ma
'. L'randeur drew from his
iljects the urs; wonis ui
cniWion anthem, "God
K t,' " l'avul was not to ve
i',u,'l dwarfed and rendered ri
a,? ii-;uaii:i this man's armor.
.Mhi' Attorney General Miller
r.Ue to liimseu mis inosi
u-jxitre he attempt to oc-
. ix.x seat of his illustrious
i- tie h )Uld not yield to a
i ! ,ii..!'j:i because Mr. Harrison
i i.e. luai musi umusiug
Burgaw Herald.
The State Chronicle did more for
the redemption of Wake county and
general Democratic success throughout
the State than any other agenoy within
our knowledge.
Urged for the Piincipal Clerk oi the
House of Representatives.
(Special Cor. State Chronicle.)
"To the victors belong the spoils" is a
cold aphorism, and in its intensity,
perhaps, ought not to be regarded, but
it contains a deal of good common sense,
and "woe worth the day" to any political
party, from now to the time of the mil
lenium that entirely disregards it. Men
have not yet arrived at that aesthetic
and beautifully unselfish state when
they will work for a party from the pure
love of it and see the cihets all given to
laggards, men of doubtful political
opinions, and sometimes even to politi
cal opponents.
I mako these observations becausa 1
want to call to the attention of the pub
lic, and particularly of the members
v. t-j M-e a giaut's rebj upon elect of our next House of Representa-
f a dwarfish thief. Aiet tives, the name ot 13. C. Ueckwith, ,sq.,
i' m j n is to emulate the who is an aspirant for the position of
Chief Clerk of the House. Without dis
paraging the claims of any other, can
there be anv doubt as to Mr. Beckwith's
qualification for the place or of the sound
basit of his aspirations? A young gen
tleman of liberal education, an accom
plished lawyer, an easy writer, self-pos-
S3ssou in mauners, Dotn in opinions anu
fearless inhuaintaining them, he would
make a most excellent officer. But I de
sire to call special attention to the fact
that for six years he has done most ei-
r tlAt he alone cau array a fectivo work for the Democratic party as
r i . , tx . i
vor oi ineir interests, lie was tne au
thor of the resolution passed instructing
our Senators and requesting our Repre
sentatives in Congress to vote for the
upeal of the tax of ten per cent on
State bonds, thus taking advanced
ground in favor of what is now one of
the principal demands of , the Farmers'
Alliance. For his zealous work in the
interests of the farmers at the last ses
sion, he was presented with a testimo
nial, at the close of the session, by the
farmer members in appreciation thereof.
We believe he is the right man. Elect
him and he will receive your plaudits at
the close oi the session.
Cumberland Democracy.
Illinois L3mocrats are now springing
Springer for 1892. Worse m-n have
been sprung.
He It 111 Marrv Mr?. O Shea Who
Will Have a Snus Iuheiitance And
This Will Supplemeut Mr. Parnell's
Dwindling EstateAnd They Will
Live in Comfort.
Copyright by United Pi ess
London, Nov. 20. It is evident to
day that Mr. Parnell means to remain as
leader of the Irish party, and that the
mass of the Irish people are willing to
ignore his private errors in view of what
they regard as the necessity for his pub
lic services. One of the prominent mem
bers of the National League said to-day
in reply to a request for an opinion:
We cannot afford to drop Mr. Parnell,
and we will not drop him. Why? One
good reason is that we have no one to
fill his place.
Mr. Parnell's position is exceptional.
He is one of the Anglo Irish; that is, an
Irishman of Eoglish decent, like Wel
lington and Wolseley, and others whom
the Euglish boast as as belonging to
themselves. The average of Britons
will listen to and respect a man of that
kind when they would take no notice of
a Celt. Even with the divorce stain
upon him, Parnell stands better to-day
with the English than any member of the
Irish party, and if Ireland is to
be delivered it must be through English
votes. The Scotch we have with us
already. The leading Scotch tories have
had to go to England to get seats to
stay in parliament. Now we must gain
England over,and it cinnotbe done with
out a man like Parnell. To throw him
overboard, and put Dillon or O'Brien or
any one else in his place would simply
be to revive that old distinction between
the Celt and Auglo-Saxon races which
has been the. bane of Ireland in the past,
and which Parnell has done more than
any any man in Irish history to efface.
But whi.e the above appears to ba the
attitude of the Irish representatives,
liberal opinion throughout England.
hough not as rabid in expression as
the Pall Mall Gazette, is adverse to Mr.
Parnell. The silence of Mr. Gladstone,
is taken as an omnious indication of his
,m long worn his
Mr. Cleveland s
MY.rcumo the early Mauvais
J vised his pride
'v:n. and now liads
on nrst
it iu no
An editor is in luc now sure enough,
and be has the congratulations of the
Chronicle. Mr. Geo W. Charlotte,
editor of the Asheboro Courier, has been
elected Mayor of Asheboro.
The President Annoints Three Hun
dred Scouts to Look After Them.
By U iite l Press.
Washington, I C Nov. 22 Secre
tary Proctor and General Sohcfield called
at the White House this atternoon and
held a conference with the President on
the strength of dispatches received to
day from General Miles. An order was
subsequently issued approving the ap
pointment of 300 Indian scouts. The
law limits the appointment to 1,000 of
soch scouts. The remainder may be
called upon in case of emergency.
Minneapolis, Minn, Nov. 22. The
Journal's Pierre, S. D., special savs:
A telegram to the Governor from Get
tysburg, Potter county, this morning
stated that seven person hid hn kill
ed by the Indians near Libeau, and ask
ing for militia, A telegram from Her-
mosa. in the Black Hills, asked for 300
rifiss. No one here credits the reports
of the massacre.
After all the Phosphate Beds and Mills
in South CarolinaTen Millions In
volved in the Scheme.
IBy United Press.
Charleston, S. C, Nov. 22. It was
earned definitely yesterday that an Eng
lish syndicate was negotiating for the
purchase of all the phosphate lands in
this State, together with the machinery,
etc. Ten millions is said to be about the
figures involved. It is not improbable
that the legislature at its coming session
will also sell all the entire interest of the
State in the river phosphate deposit, the
idea being to use the money to pay off
the State debt -about $0,000,000 which
matures in 1893.
It is Quiet now While the Baptistsare
Doinsc Other Work It Will Have a
Showing After .March 1st What
Some Big Men Say About It.
The Baptists and their friends are go
ing to have a great femab aiiver.-dty in
Raleigh. It is a matter which has been
talked about for some time past. It is
like all b'g things moves slow. It will
be a big thing; for the proposed plan is
to build some very handsome structures,
and bea;in work with an endowment
fund of at least $100,000. But the whole
matter is baing left quiet now while the
Baptists are applying themselves to the
work of raising $50,000 for Wake Forest
college by the first of March. This will
b3 done. After that the field will be left
clear for some good advances and march
es in the female university. The univer
sity was talked about iu the Baptist State
convention, and below are some things
which some smart men said about it.
They are taktMi from the report in the
Biblical Recorder.
Rev. Dr Carter said: I am here to
plead for justice to the worn -u, and es
pecially tho Baptist women of the land.
Cnristiauity litts up women and benefits
all her relations to life. One injustice to
women is that often while she does as
much and as good work as men do, yet
she gets not more than half tho pay. I
believe woman is entitled to as good ed
ucational advantages as man. I feel
that she deserves ir, and for one I waut
her to have it. Look at the matter,and at
once you will see that even what little
education she does get costs her twice as
much as it does her brother. I ask: Is
this just? Our men have good schools
to which they cau go, and we have some
female schools, but they are not equal
to the schools for boys; and I
claim that this too, is unfair, and if we
keep on in this line it will not bo long
before it will hae to be said that in
North Carolina, aud some other States,
it will be a great misfortune to bj born
a white girl baby. Money has made
provision for the negro. 1 amgiadthat
you people have inaugurated this mat-
m,, wr.V.i' th y ignore the
0s trie nr.. at. Observ-
f.v :'C;1at ot his predo
r !n cieVdie to this ex
l i'-'a'h pmtiei ins and Cleveland
. r .: h -r ta ia great lawyers, he fol
the path of personal
f:tta .v) temptingly found opea.
1' pii-e, tkuh to "note a diver
"''.'fvfa Diai'flf and the Great Iia
r I' ijre lie rai.-es his weakling
' u vi.h perilous eminence. Let
I - T 1 I j
u ;c l.-j Of Wl.xloni iitid eour:ii'o
i'it fvo raise irriage3 may
' ti reg ir 1 them as venial. Well
Uior Hug: "A man who would
Ve H h Bruuiaire must have
a ;a Un ph". au I Austerlitz in his
Since the political cyclone whistled
through his hair Ingalls would make a
beautiful President of a chrysanthemum sentiments, and many eves are turned to
show. Hawardm for some utterance that coulu
ac2epted as oracular by the party.
It is reported at the clubs that Mrs
O'Shea has told a personal friend that
she will be Mrs. Parnell before July next.
Mr. Parnell, it is expected, will marry
her as soon as the law permits. This is
the general custom when there is but
Mr. E C Bjddingfield, Secretary of one co-respondent in a suit for divorce
the State Farmers' Alliance, is expected and he is free to marrv, as Mr. Parnell
to speak on next Friday at the Sampson is believed to be. Such a union would
fair. The peerless Vance is expected to help Mr. Parnell financially, and could
speak ou Thursday. Clinton Caucasian, now do him no harm socially, for his per-
Oue Man Dies in Four Minutes And
Another May Die From His Wounds.
(By United Press.)
Chattanooga, Tenn., Nov. 22. John ter, and that it will not be loug before
Pichatt killed his wife several years ago,
but was acquitted after a trial. Last
night as Pichati was crossing the river
here on a ferry boat, T. C. Allen referred
to the killing of Mrs. Pichatt in a way
offensive to Pichatt, who began an at
tack on Allen with a knife. Allen : lso
drew a knife, and both fought like
tigers. Allen received thirteen cuts, one into Jordan, aud baptize you if you be-
of which may prove fatal. Pichatt was neve m the L.ord.
cut four times, one of which caused his Dr. Hufham: Some were opposed to
death in a few minutes.
the school will be started. 1 have not
been with you long, but I learn that you
Baptist people are in tho habit of lead
ing all other denominations. You lead
them in starting Wake Forest and the
Orphanage, and other enterprises, and
I want to say to brethren of other faiths
to come on. Come on, we "will lead
you, and at l ist we will lead you down
i t0Uy H ENTITLE!) to fill thrS
Ji'jr the prerogative ot fitness and
In the tltss of
?m; the attention of this
tw is facile Pit in c eps.
nt app)iut him, and
real lawyers of the
vi'hout regard to nartv.
t I . ii . O L ml 7
'eu d thriii diminutive
but much over-
of the
i v.i?'
v.V, '
i -vt
'-t of u famous
:;aad da lly
Secretary of the State Executive Com
mittee, that he has served without sal-
ary, ana that tne party owes mm a ueoi.
If he had done no more than in the last
campaign, in which tho politics of the
State and of Wake county were so
skillfully handled, he would deserve
honorable mention, and reward
at the hands of his party. And the
Deraocracic party through its Represen
tatives in the House, will not, we feel
t 2
sure, tail to recognize sucn service as
Mr. Beckwith has rendered it for such
active, unselfish services far too valuable
to any political organization to be ignor
ed. They fought to be rewarded.
Mr. A H. Hayes, of Swain county,
will be a candidate for Engrossing Clerk
of the House of Representatives. A
prominent ciiizen of Macjn county writes
the Chronicle; "Macon county presents
the name of Hon. A. H Hayes for En
grossing UlerK ot the House tie is a
member of the State Democratic Execu
tive Committee; a member of the Execu
tive Co-.Dmittee for tho Ninth Congres
sional District; has served twice in the
Legislature; and was an efficient worker
for the Democratic party in the last
campaign. He is now Vice-President of
the State Alliance
He Receives the Largest Majority Any
Man Has Ever Gotten in Johnston.
The official majority for E. W. Pou,
Jr.. for Solicitor of the Fourth district
is 5.181. His minorities are as follows:
Johnston, 2,2G5.
Wayne, 1,150.
Wake, 981.
Harnett, 785.
sonal means are limited and have been
dwindling for years, owing to his liberal
treatment of all employed by; him,
and his expenditure in the interest of
the Irish cause.
Mrs. O'Shea will receive a handsome
share of the estate of her aunt, the late
Lady Wood, however the pending con
test as to the will may result; and this,
with what remains of Mr. Parnell's pat- great feature of the day was the proces
Rousing Celebration at Fredericks
burg, Maryland.
IBy United Press.
Fredericksrurg, Md., Nov. 22. This
city is in a whirl of excitement to-day
about the great Democratic parade and
jollification over the election of Gen.
Wm. McKaig, of Cumberland, to suc
ceed Mr. McCommas in Congress. The
rimony would support them in comfort.
Numerous Enterprises and Great Ad
vance in Property.
(From Pittsburg Press.)
E. W. Lyon, formerly of this city, but
now a resident of North Carolina, while
in the city this morning, and in conver
sation with a reporter of the Press, gave
a very glowing description of the pro
gress bsing made in Kileigu.
"The place,7 said he, "is growing
wonderfully fast, and has been making
great progress for over a year. It is at
tributable largely to the great mineral
wealth of that section of the country,
sion which started shortly after eleven
o'clock. The parade was a monster
affair for this section. The procession
moved through the principal streets,
with Congressman elect, McKaig, Mayor
Grant, W. Bourke Cochran, Senator Ives,
John W. Cockrell, of New York, and
other prominent men in
About 4,000 persons were in line.
Knit Underwear.
For gentlemen, ladies, misses and chil
dren. Our endeavor to keep fully abreast
of the times in everything, leads us to
pay especial attention to this department.
We offer a line of knit goods, iu all
weights, which includes every desirable
1 h ill pronound nn nuest.ion
,";3-ry when I a-k, Is a man entit-
:,;'.;ro,il1. for honesty in holding an
u,mit,n formed, not only in
rmunof th, facts, but without
- ti.oit to know them? In State
C ':.um;.Uw. 312,13. ourSu-
, "k"Ul MM hv I. hi, I,, T,l it,
8ear to a matter of which he
-'ow.ee, although he believes
and to its development by eastern and grade. Ladies will be charmed with our
; tri!n i . r-. . .
E t,, p lJ Al-rU0l OH IT TURNS OUT
n i ', ! lx P'-iury; for where there
" IIUU L'Ul I lllll lDN.
4 ,
'fi'h's malice."
tit f two 1 Tfes th;it 1 somewhat
,. ;,' l'x , mind would acnui-
" '"H UeCl.-ilOtl nrrr:.i,. . .
tf,..: ( 11111 Ninety-lime men out
t .
Emery vs. Raleigh and (iaston Rail
road Co. A hole Week Trying the
Case Four Hundred and Fifty Dol
lars Damages Given the Plaintiff.
Tne suit brought by Col. Thos. Emery,
of Weldou, vs. the Raleigh and Gaston
Railroad Co. for damages resulting from
water ponding on Col. Emery's "model
farm" caused by an inefficient culvert,
occupied the attention of Halifax court,
beginning last Saturday week, until yes
terday. The jury gave a verdict of four
hundred and fifty dollars
Trv a bottle of Roval Germetuer, it
will do you good. A. E. Jordan, Ag't.
A "Young Fighter"
Looming Up as
Probable c-
northern capitalists, lhe ore in the
western part of the State is as rich and
of as good quality as found in any of
the southern states. There are two very
large furnaces bsing erected in Greens
borough, which is west of Kaleigh, that
will have a large capacity and employ a
ereat number of men, In Kileighnu
display, and pleased, wo know, with our
reasonable prices.
Norris' Dry Goods Store.
Cotton Steamer Burned.
By United Press.
New Orleans, La., Nov. 22. The
merouB new enterprises have been pro- steam boat Tributary, with her cargo cf
Hii't ... , ?u yn iuh so iorm
What oVw.ll
rca;;r"vV1Inonbo "taken up,"
" 'Uete t ou, to the nreindiP
't'Vof ti,1,V0si,iT0 Wition to the
Mr. si Suy for Stance,
Jones or somn lova
Diessenger of the
spend three
r in a eer-
"s Vird....i.i
l'f. "i'voted labo
, misoaie resident, tt,Qf
b.t ! Sbt of Mr. Jones!
v UU
By United Press.
Columbia, S. C, Nov. 22. It is ru
mored that Governor-elect Tillman will
reward one of his strongest supporters
during the recent bitter canvass, John
Irby, by having him elected to
L. M.
damages. Hampton's place in the U. S. Senate.
Col. Emery gained a similar suit for the irby is a comparatively young man with
same cause about two years ago. ine the reputation of a hghter.
iected, and many industries are being
tstab'.ished. All this results m tne
annreciation of property. Rale'erh, at
the rate it has been progressing, is des
tined to become a very much more im
portant place within a few years.
- i , A l J
case created consiaeraoie interest auu
was tried before Judge Whitaker, some
of the best legal talent of the State be
ing employed on both sides Capt. W.
U. Dav. of Weldon. and Col. Jno. W.
Clearing Out Moonshiners.
(By United Press.)
Charleston. W. Va.. Nov. 22. U. S.
Hinsdale, of Raleigh, appeared for the Marshal White and his deputies have ar-
road, and U. B. Peebles and C. J. Bar
ton for the plaintiff. The arguments on
both sides were able and spoken of as
masterly efforts by each attorney.
,!ruri''h T,r temPion to lay
" ''UOti him n , ",v'Mi ouuuiu
'nJ Z avenal impostor, not
vms, fWvy as to such ante
!,, after actually stop.'
" ,U 1110 Ollt Sdt !.., ct-
'',5i?,WitM ? "wousthau Red
'"1 Mlch YtT "''Wd grandmother?
i'Ui0.1' hi apoligiste,
ltXca or , Ijameof "honesty"
fjrttp: . ' Wise such
"-''Olir.t,... .. .:wuV ues;
mode of life, fi-
Strong Accession to The State Press.
ttl' fckillet.'
-ervo a
Jones and his
5 hav.. :.. .
"-Hirjp i,uueu nats in
'tu ""apes and
'?He? ,factlon w this line to
Xoa bnv Goods Store.
The press of the State is to have an
able accession on December 1st, in the
person of Rev. Baylus Cade. He has
t iken the associate editorship on the staff
of the Progressive Farmer, the official or
gan of the State Alliance the paper
which has the largest circulation of any
weekly publication in the State. Mr.
Cade is a student of economic questions.
He comprehends them clearly and deals
with them lucidly, and his views on
questions touohing economic reform will
prove wonderfully interesting He is a
man who thinks.
rested fortv-three "moonshiners" in the
mountain counties of this district. Mar
shall White is doing much towards
breaking un illicit distilling in this
O t
A Railroad President Dead.
His Election as United States Senator
Almost Certain.
Albany, Nov. 22. There is an an im
pression here, growing wider as the days
go by, that D. B. Hill will be next Uni
ted States senator. It is impossible to
give a reason for this. None of those
who may fairly be presumed to have the
confidence of the governor will speak at
all upon the subject. The absence of
any combination or a candidate in oppo
sition to him is taken as meaning that
the honor must come to him.
cotton for New Orleans houses, was
burned to the water's edge on the Bayou
Darbonne this morning. The loss is
Hanged for Killing a Peddler.
(By United Press.)
calling this school a University, but this
is just what it is. We have Colleges in
the State which are doing good work;
and we want to take the ju-ls as they
leave these and carry them on to a high
er plane of intellectual development.
The Baptists have been here for long
years, and there are no tombstones to
mark the graves of their fallen enterpri
ses. We have never yet looked back,
and God helping us. we will not do so
in ttr's matter. Much has been done for
the boys of the State, b it the girls have
not been aided. A change in their fa
vor will take place after March. Then,
God helping, the girls shall have a
Dr. Skinner: We hava passed through
various stages, all of which had their
peculiarity ; but none of these ever sur
passed the practical turn of this age.
We have seen strides in our work, and
we still propose to go on. If a child will
study, give him a chance to come to the
front; but if he won't study, then put
him to work. The girls will apply them
selves if you give them a chance. We
want to educate our girls to help us in.
the work of life. We used to fix Jhem.
up to look at, but we havQ gotten be
yond that now.
Causes a Fatality oiu the Illinois Central
fBv United Trees.
Kankakee, Til Njw 22. The South
bound fastmail on Vbe Illinois Central
was wrecked at this voiace this rnornicir.
The engineer, E 1 Backer, had one of his
legs cut off and one aim badly shattered.
The fireman was crushed to death. The
accident was caused by a misplaced
switch, which seat the iait mail train
train into No., 5 pasenger, train,
which was side traroked to allow the
fast mail to pass.
We have in Utock a full line of Bed
Weather Report.
W. II. & R. S. TUCKER & CO.
Infants' Cloaks.
A grand showing of "Little Folks' "
outer garments, comprising plush, silk,
and all the new effects in woolen stuffs.
Styles and materials not to be found
elsewhere, and at prices less than you
can have the same garments made at
W. H. & R. S. Tucker & Co.
(By United Press.)
Palatka, Fla , Nov. 22. Mayor
Sherman Conant, superintendent of the
Florida Southern railroad, died last
night of pneumonia. He was about
fiftv years old and widelv known in the
State for the past thirty years.
Hrs Partington" Dying.
I By United Press.
Boston, Nov. 22. B. P. Shillaber,
the humorist and poet, better known to
the world as "Mrs. Partington," is dy
ing at his home in Chelsea.
Raleigh yesterday: Maximum temper
ature 64; minimum temperature 47; rain
fall, 0 00
Washington, D. C , Nov. 22. Fore
cast for Virginia: Fair till Monday night;
no change in temperature, except slight
ly cooler in southern Virginia; souther
ly winds.
For North Carolina: Fair till Mon
day night; slightly warmer; northwester
ly winds.
Savannah, Ga., Nov. 22. Henry Blankets at prices from fl. 25 a pair up
to $i.ou. we can lurnisn any weight
and siza in an quality at most reason
able prices. o one can sell blankets
cheaper than ve do.
NorfRts Dry Good3 Store.
Moore, colored, was hanged at Jessup
yesterday for the murder of a peddler
last year. Moore confessed to hring tne
fatal shot, but claimed that he pulled
the trigger by accinent.
The New Hampshire Legislature to
(By United Press).
Concord. N. H.. Nov. 22. Governor
Goodell has issued a proclamation sum
moning the legislature to meet on De-
(j w
cember 2d.
A Coal Strike in Brazil.
Dress Goods.
Taste is a most variable factor, espec
ially in dress, which we have been mind
ful of, in providing a stock of Dress
Goods that leaves no taste unconsidered.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
"the Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcere, Salt Rheum, Fe
ver Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chil- It is our pleasure to please the buyer
hlains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, New patterns and fabrics in rioh variety,
and positively cures Piles, or no pay re- pleases the eye and brings forth enco
auired. It is guaranteed to give perfect miums, but the low prices arrest the at-
satisfaction, or money refunded. Price tention and makes bartering a pleasure
25 cents per box. For sale by John i. indeed.
MacRae. 1 . Norris' Dry Goods Store.
By United Press. 1
Brazil, Ind., Nov. 22 The strike of
drivers and day men employed in the
Block coal mines continues. Over 2,000
miners are idle.
In th3 Bethel Methodist church, near
Denver, N. C, Nov. 20th, 1890, Mr. J.
Clyde Johnston, of liowesville, N. C,
and Miss C. Addie Webb, daughter of
the Rev. R. S. Webb, of Denver, N. C.
the Rev. J. W. Clegg officiating.
Childrens' Dresses.
i beautiful line of childrens1 made-up
suits, in the very latest designs, and the
most fashionable material.
Prices very low for the class of goods.
W. H. & R. S. Tucker & Co.
RaleighBusiness College.
Prof. G. P. Jotfes has accented a po
sition with the RaMeigh Business college
ana win nave charge oi the department
of book-keeping, penmanship etc etc;
rrot. Jones has haP cnarge of of tho
business department oSPiedmont Semi
nary, Lincolnton N. C, tor the past two
years,and for some time past has been
with Evangelist Fife a director of his
choirs. He is a plea-nt and affable
young gentleman and is quite an ac
qusition to Raleigh and the Business
college which is prospering finely and is
a credit to the city.
Happy Hoosiers.
Wm. Timmons, Postmaster of lda-
ville, Ind., writes: "Electric Bitters
has done more for me tian all other
medicines combined, for tP-at bad feel
ing arising from Kidney and Liver
trouble." John Leslie, farmer and stock
man, of some place, says: "Find Elec
tric Bitters to be the best Kidney and
Liver medicine; made me fee like a new
man." J. W. Gardner, hardware mer
chant, same town, says: Electric Bitters
is just the thing tor a man who is all
run down and don't care whether he lives
or dies; he found new strergth, good
appetite, and felt jnst like henau a new
io lif Onlv 50c. a bottle, at
John Y. MacRo's Drug Store.

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