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1 1. NO. 09.
;LAim;s health.
ir '..4Ki:
1(M II
I 1 1 : N .
Hoy About
i Getting in
. :l Si llOOl
. t I I n
,,n.i,ir '" ,,t,0,,e AKUn
l" . .i... if til isiin ijciierw,
that Trim are
With Which
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VotliinC to Do.
21. A very coal
ition just now in
i i k i. f
IS lUO uuanu ui
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i , n,i i no resun ui
has enhanced ma-
lential stock of the
who was unable
'l3illM mvrk-it for a birrel
K very bo ly -iucluding
i i.
1 the Hotel eiev.ti.ur
the fact that if the Re-
..,!.,! ii.,iti tn nimn
handshakes in you yet, Mr. Blaine," said
the visitor. And so there is. No friend
or admirer of the statesman of the State
Department need concern himself about
the present health cf the man who is
again made by tho logic of events the
active loader of the Republican party.
'"' i:-rii'r-citv.
r 3:1
week that
i i .... ii., i
in ! H.lir mil
ii. liiame. iNatu-
ical condition
;.r. ttliV.s
. nf r-ti. 1 nf
if ..mm f t i L'(! UIW30II
. ,l H-i'a l'rei leutial candidate,
,r.l;iU,rvo 1, cliielly "pon accouut
i (j ,m)iI" are naturally in
Will Mr. liiaine be physically
;Ql;otheracein 1892?''
';,r. t.,n in who saw and talked
u i aine for several hours re
T sls npM this point: "Mr.
jut as well as any man of eix-
ll-.'sh, and in this respect
Vlthe hotter. His eye is clear,
'.. iron, and he is as agile in his
U'its a youth of twenty. How
'.""(vumo he couhl bear were he
. jv JiK',1 upon Ls only a matter of
' "'' if:, ... ,,fnl oftivifv w enmo.
-1 1, Jin UllU"" wvm.vj - v
. i i i
,-irvJl.uis in one wno nas Known
'."J j trie burdens and the vicissi
. iill c life. Always keen and
Ve', hu mind is now buoyant and
T.rr.ui in its grasp. He moves from
onLVtrriatiou with tho calerity of
tia a clover-patch. Ho relates
-vla''s in reminiscences, dis-
.th- news of the day or quotes the
. vu'h t'i-.' alertness of a collesje
;u. N'j one can couverse with
; without bains? impress
'r..jtf!ia-.itv of his memory. And
:;i!!iLU active interest in all the
(;;;-. Mr. Uiaine says that ho
as he ever did and his ap-
y-ii He does a great deal of
o ; .e iK's it methodically, lie
, ,y..; .vuf his correspondence in
Iviurtmyat, bat when mat
4,! iTir vnv are bjfora him he
i iAiiw ia Lis library in the old
trlau n. lhis splendid, old-
iiKk'd UVungton house, with its
'.:i,!.a,'s an 1 spacious rooms, has
-:i:r;wij tirtea ana turnisned by
I: bxM, aal there is no comfort
Di.-iiu tnt his. Ha finds great solace
.'ibhttle uraadchildren, sons of the'
i'c Mrs Ooppicger. The deaths which
:o mdi grief to his family dnr
past ytMr have left no visible
The Distinguished Divine Passes Away
in Atlanta on Sunday Morning.
A telegram was received yesterday by
Mr. xjecKwiiu, oi inis city, announcing
the death, in Atlanta. Ga., Sunday mornj
iny at six o'clock, of the Rt. Rev. John
Walrous Beckwith. Bishop of the
Dioceee of Georgia.
Bishop Beckwith was born in Raleigh,
February 9th 1831, and belonged to one
of the most distinguished families of this
btate. He was a son of Dr. John Beck
with, and his mother was Margaret, sis
ter of the distinguished John Stanly, of
New Berne N. 0.
Many of the old citizens of Raleigh
remember Dr. Beckwith's affable and
agreeable manner, and his gentle and
skilful offices in the sick chamber or by
tho couch of suffering.
Bishop Beckwith graduated at Trinity,
Hartford, Connecticut, in 1852, and was
oid dned a priest in the Episcopal church
May 20th, 1855. His first pastoral work
was in Cavalry church, Wadesboro,
N. C.
At the beginning of the civil war he
removed to Mississippi and become Rec
tor of All Hallow's church, Washington
county, and at the close of the war be
removed to Louisville and become Rec
tor of Trinity church, New Orieans,
where he remained until his elevation to
the Episcopate.
He was consecrate! Bishop of Georgia
in St. John's church. Savannah, Ga.,
April 2nd, 1868, by Bishop Green, of
Mississippi, Atkinson, of N. C, Wilmer,
of Alabama, and Young, of Florida.
Bishop Beckwith was ono of the most
distinguished divines of this country.
He was eloquent in the highest degree,
and was unexcelled as a reader.
Those of our people who had the plea
sure of hearing him preach at Morehead
the past summer will not soon forget the
eloquence of this grand man.
In his death a great man is fallen, and
his presence is one that will bo sadly
It Will He a IIummerThe Snrazue
System Will Probably He Used.
Tho Curoxicle had an interesting talk
yesterday with Dr. S. W. Jacobs, who
has como here to build Raleigh's new
electric railway system.
lhe Doctor is a quiet-looking and
quiet-talkiug man, but when it comes to
business thinking and business work he
is "hurricanic." Anything he jzets under
or behind has to move
In his talk yesterday he said that be
had looked over the city and it
was a good place for an elecric
railway. From observations taken so
far, he thinks there will be at least
ten miles of track laid before the system
is complete, instead ot twelve, mere
HOW J VY fJOITT.l rnMnfws-n kit-
An Inigbt into the Causes of Current
Events in Wall Street and Other Fi
nancial Centres- Making Money
Scarce by Withdrawing: the Circu
lating Medium and Thus Causing
Lower Prices.
There's nothing the master with his
health, and he is in WaU street once
more, as large as life and twice as vin
dictive. After each of his retirements
he has reappeared at a critical moment
to tomahawk those who had incurred
his enmity, but never has he dangled at
his belt so many scalps as on the present
It now becomes clear that for a long
time past he had been accumulating
money. His friends claim that he has
an incoma of some 700,000 per month.
This, of late, has not been reinvested,
but kept on hand, and in addition he
has raked and scraDed together cash
from every possible quarter, foreseeing
that monpy was soon to be much scarcer
and more valuable than securities.
Hoarding the Needful.'
Moreover, it is contended that the dis
appearance of various large sums from
the banks, as indicated by their weekly
statements some time ago, were with
drawn by him and locked up until he
should be ready to use them. Aside
from this sort of thing, however, he and
his friend Russell Sage, personally and
through the financial institutions in
which they are interested, control a vast
amount of money.
While "the Wizard" was heaping up
cash, "the stieet" was in debt for the
mass of stocks and bonds it was carrying
on money borrowed from banks and
trust companies, and the debt was being
constantly increased by the necessity for
taking up and carrying the securities
tnat were being constantly sent over
here from Europe, where la honte finance
knew of the difficulties of the Barings
Money was meanwhile nowing away to
the West and South in a steady stream;
lenders exacted highest rates; it began
to bo difficult to carry stocks; prices fell
under forced sales; failures occurred;
distrust reigned supreme, and finally, on
Saturday last, came the news that the
Barings were in trouble-and that Europe
consequently would not be in posi
tion to help that market for a long time
to come.
Now is the Time.
Now was "tho Wizard's" opportunity.
What did he want? Certain properties
which he had formerly attempted to con
trol, but from which he and his son had
been contemptuously (as he thought) ex
cluded. He wanted these properties
much, but he wanted revenge still more.
He wanted revenge first of all on (ren
Sam Thomas. U. b. Brice and their as
sociates in the Richmond Terminal com
pany. 'The Wizard" more than a year
ago bought more than one thensand
shares of this company for his son George
and 10 000 shares for himself, and en
tered its directory. He was not permit
ted to have his own way, and soon re-
obtained control of the shares he will
resign the presidency perhaps to-morrow.
A third victorv for the little
'Wizard" a victory over the man who
enjoyed the confidence of New England
investors when they would not trust the
"Wizard," over the man who, years ago
in "Chanters of Erie." characterized
"the Little Wizard" as a modern pirate
Thus, like some savage beast emerging
from the jungle in which he has lain
CDncealed, "the Little Wizard," in this
ime of universal dismay and distress,
has emerged to seize UDon his prey.
Some Things Which may ppear in the
Queen's Speech.
I By United Press. 1
London, Nov. 24. It is expected that
the Queen's speech, at the opening of
Parliament to-morrow, will refer to the
Behring Sea dispute as in a condition
which gives every reason to hope for a
speedy and amicable settlement
It will declare that assistance from
he government has become a necessity
in Ireland, owing to the shortage in the
potato crop of certain districts.
It will also urge the necssitv of the
immediate passage of the Irish land
purchase bill or some similar measure.
The settlement of the dispute is earnestly
recomended, and some extensions of the
factories act, with a view of restrictions
in the employment of workmen in dan
gerous situations is suggested.
They Fight and One Man's Head is Cut
Nearfy OffOther Meu Hurt One oi
Them in a Serious Condition.
Special to State Chronicle.
Winston, X. C, Nov. 24. Saturday
night near this city, a crowd of white
laboring nnu gathered around Clinard's
stand, and after imbibing quite- an
amount of lightning rod, started over to
Centreville, a suburban town. On the
way they became involved in a contro
versy when Dave Younts insulted
Plunkett Daniels. The latter took
it up and hit Younts a severe blow,
when two of the latter's friends stepped
up and entered the affair. By this time
Daniels had out a big knife and making
a strike at Julius Disher, one of Younts'
friends, cut his throat a1 most from ear
to ear. Turning about in haste he made
A Schedule of the Preierred Credits
He Was on C. I). UpchurchN Rond
lor $6,500.
Yesterday morning Col. L. D Steven
son, of Swift Creek township, riled a
deed cf assignment for the benefit of
creditors, in the offices of Wake county.
The deed nominates Messrs. Armistead
Jones and John Devereux as assignees.
The deed of assignmeut sets forth that
L. D. Stevenson and wife, Mrs. Arabella
W. Stevenson, are indebted to W. H.
Pace, trustee, in the sum of f 5,000; to
E. B. Barbee, Raleigh, $2 G73.27; (sub
ject to a credit of sixteen bales of cotton ;)
to C. Dowd, receiver of the State Na
tional Bank, 8305; to Mrs. Arabella
Stevenson, $3,500 with interest at eight
per cent, from 18S5; and various ether
sums including $300 due R. H. Battle,
of Raleigh.
Mr. Stevenson conveys to the assignees
the plantation on which he lives, con
taining 1,500 acr:s. and tho following
a rake at Younts' skull, rip oing his scalp Personal property: Thirteen bales of cot
open tor a tew inches and stabbing
Younts' other friend, Will Hampton,
in several places on the arm.
Daniels has bean captured and lodged
in jail. Tho latest reports were to the
effect that Disher is dead and Younts
was in a precarious condition. Hamp
ton is considered out of danger.
Two Men Killed Another's Eves are
Blown Out and Another Serionsly
Special to State Chronicle. 1
Shelby, N. C, Nov. 24 The boiler
of John Cline's saw mill and cotton gin, Baum, of this city, last Thursday, re-
Dr. Koch's Marvellous Consumption
Cure Being Tested in This Country
It Promises to Cure an Advanced
Caseot Consumption.
(By United Press.)
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 24. Dr. Fritz
at Toalco, eighteen miles from here, ex
ploded to day, demolishing the machin
ery and instantly killing G. Cline, 1G
years old, the sou of the owner, and Jno.
Chapman was so badly injured that he
died in a short time. John Brill's eyes
were blorvn out and he cannot recover.
John Hoyle, another employee, is dan
gerously injured, his thigh being bidly
Expeiience of a Man Wrho Ruu Away,
from His Camp, While Delirious.
(By United Press.)
Old Town, Me., Nov. 24. Robert II.
Pye, who, while delirious recently,
rushed from a lumber camp in the Cari"
bou lake region, some 70 miles away
from any settlement, was found three
days later, buried in twenty inches of
snow, with both feet and hands frczen,
and otherwise injured. He escaped
from the camp in his underclothing, and
when his senses returned ho found that
he was lost. He wandered about aimr
lessly, suffering intensely from cold and
want of food. He will live.
ceived from Berlin some of Dr. Koch's
alleged lymph, and yesterday inoculated
S. T, Austin, of Kansas City, Kansas, a
man in an advanced stage of consump
tion who had given up all hope of
life. The case is being watched
with a great deal of interest
the medical fraternity here. Dr.
Baum made the first injection of .the
; lymph under the shoulder-blade of Mr.
Austin The amount was a half drachm.
The effects were almost immediate. The
circulation was better, and in a few
minutes the cough decreased and the
expectoration of the patient was much
easier. Later in the day he found Mr.
Austin much improved in health, and
administered another half drachm. The
same good effects were noticeable and
circulation was increasing and breathing
became easier and the cough continued
diminishing. Dr. Baum had not seen
the patient up to a late hour this after
noon, but he has been reported as im
proving. Another injection will be
administered this evening.
ton, all the corn, shucks and fodder
raised on the land iu 1890, six head of
cattle, a lot of swine, four mules, one
horse, three two-hors wagons, log carts,
farming implements, household and
kitchen furniture, a yoke of oxen, &c,
fee. The deed-of trust is made subject
to the homestead and personal property
exemption allowed by law.
All the liabilities stated above are pre
ferred in the order named, and the deed
provides -that after paying off these, any
remaining assets shall bo applied to the
liquidation of any other debts of L. D.
No estimate is made of tho total lia
bilities or asstis.
Col. Stevenson is a bondsman of Mr.
Chas. D. Upchurch, Clerk of the Supe
rior Court of Wake couutv, to the ex
tent of $6,500. Tho full amount of tho
clerk's official bond is $15,000.
...v. v I . . , ... j. . , J i : v
. I .... . . n. ,.i mirribn cjuinrr rnnr. ina i lrpPTnrs- f ri
ww.nMr.U:aiuo.and vetthosannon will bo prooaoiy ntteencars, aua tney -j-B -
7 ml tT I . . t n a j-v V - k It I 1 If li T f WT VY T
. t I ' 1 1 1 A. 1 I A- I
m mcipliaihws have rested can will oa operated Dy mo opraguo eiectnc
d.viLiu the 1) Ueruessof his sorrow, system. On the main streets of the city
p ii ant weathor Mr. Blaine makes it cars will pass any given point every
niet) walk four or fU-H milfi.q kv. three or tour minutes, and at no place
r; Inasmuch as he c in in theopen air, will there be a longer interval than
ntteen mmutvs oetween cirs.
'ru', as all intelligent men know.
t 'hero is no medication that will
'spare with oxygen for tho man of
Iatlw cwurs i ion with the gentle-
erations were too much like town meet
ings, and his dicta were not received
with reverence.
Pacific Mail Too.
Again it was the Brice-Thomas
which in coniucction with Mr.
C. P.
n ri-rerred to Mr. Blaine is quoted as
.T!"e: '"I admit that at the close of the
H'liaof I, t I was pretty well fag
Joa;. I hid p.'if)rmed an enormous
01 Work. I litwl mv ynnh-
in congress, on mv
, v
12 w and it was necessary that I should
'-I'-' te It. This 1 did. and thon T saw
t'.c ru.it i t . i i i
.vo.. i wuiu uave guilt) ou
. V . ltaa viug myself to the end,
" uius passed the age of fortv I had
7"m':iau ofa physician. Ab
ae rest and recreation was what I
m tr myself. I wont to Eu
a:ul no American ever visited
nnre rationally, I am sure. I
!,. x:inS'l myself with travel.
, m (!'Krtul hotels. When I
l UlllV.ll tV ViilTfnn Tl T
wrauties of the country
"J'.mi r iir, m,ig hao c,,.l
- - v. mo utuLkii auu
1 recall with keenest relish tho
An immense electric plant is of course Huntington last May acquired a majority
to be put up, and preparations for work of Pacific Mail Steamship Company s
are to be commenced at once. shares and deposed iieorge j. ijouia,
The plans and routes for the railway "the Wizard's" son, from the Presi-
have not been fully developed yet and dency. Here was another grudge. Still
cannot be given with any degree another old score was tnat against presi-
of certanity, though the line3 will be dent C. I. Adams, ot the Union Pacihcs
built to bo as far reaching as possible, Railway. As it happened, the "Little
and to give the greatest transportation Wizard " desired to control each of these
to the greatest number of people. properties and tnus ne naa a gionou3
Dr. Jacobs expresses himself as being chance to kill two birds with one stone
delighted with the people of Raleigh, gratify his personal hatred and at the
and is verv favorably imoressed with the sime time set noid oi enougu siock io
r tv itself. Hfl uavs hfi never saw a bet- nut him in power. The Terminal's lines
. , . . 1 r i i . a, i r: :
ter neon e in the world, and tho only touch nis railway sysiem at mo iuissis
1 . . . . .. . i I . . ..I TT - T , ' -
matter of surprise tor him is tnat sucn sippi, tue union xaumu ia a must impui-
good and wide awako people in every
other respect should have gone on so
long without an electric railway system.
Two Farmers Run Away With Two
Young Girls--Leaving Their Families
IBy United Press 1
Union, W. Va., Nov. 24 John W.
McCormack and William KersDer, farm
ers having large families, eloped Friday
night, the former vih Pauline Raines,
aged 16, and latter with Sophia Raines,
her sister, aged 19. The abandoned
wives and children are left destitute.
The Old Showman's Days Drawing
a Close.
tant factor in transcontinental traffic, and
the Pacific Mail is a natural competitor
for freights to the Pacific co;st and the
Here, then, is the secret of the devil's
tattoo that has been beaten on all the
stocks carried by the Brice-Thomas party
until unable to withstand the depres
sion. Somebody in that party the other
day sui rendered a big block of the Rich-
. -m . . T a 1 TTT 1 !
mond Terminal to tne "ljuiie wizard
at a sacrifice price enough, as Presi
dent Inman admits, to entitle him to
nam thrpfl directors. Here was a vic
tory for the "Wizard
"Victory Number Two.
Meanwhile he has been pressing Pa
cific Mail until it sold on Wednesday at
28 1 2 as aerainst 49 not very long ago,
anH n. hint, was drorjned that "the Little
" . . .
Hnncrresa on?ht to nro- Wizard" would put it down to -iU. iVl
l nmpndmpsnt makinc the same time, m order to more easily
bUUSUlUOUUiu CJ I , 1 l , 1
0rx5M rtnu TYinnth rrirr rn ilpnrpss that RtOCK. Others WUlCn IUUSO
rAWH J VUV UHivrkivu fw w I --x't' - 1
and drivers U i .i; f ita anrnpssnr. so that i control of the Pacific Mail were carry
for anv sriven n onantan nf Ipfrislation hv a remidi- mer were depressed to frightfully low
Stinulatinn lifting ... i ao cnant.nnlA whinh will fi cruras. Of COUrSO this SOrt Of thiDg was
' res shall cover only so many S00n be seen in Washington will be nfade possible only by the demoralized
. " mier a 1 mv Knrr.
(By United Press.")
Bridgeport, Conn., Nov. 24 Not
withstanding reports to tho contrary P.
T. Barnum is still a very sick man, and
his condition excites the alarm of his
family. Only his immediate friends are
admitted to his presence, and they are
pledged to keep secret the facts regard
ing the true state of his health. It may
be said with cer tainty tnat tne oid snow
man's days seems to be drawing to a
So Says the Supreme Court of the
United States In the Jugigo Case.
IBy United Tress.
Washington, D. 0., Nov. 24. Chief
Justice Fuller, of the Supreme Court of
the United States, to-day announced the
decision of the court in the case of Ju
gigo, the Japaneee sailor under sentence
of death by electricity at Sing Sing. The Wilcoxon;
court sustained the court below. It de
cides that the New York electrocution
law is constitutional on the grounds
taken by it in deciding the case of Wm.
Kemmler. The Jugigo ca-e was argued
m the Supreme Court on Friday last.
Roger M. Sherman, counsel for Jugigo,
contended that the execution of Kemm
ler by electricity was cruel and unusual,
and therefore a violation of the Federal
Constitution. The decision of the Su
preme Court settles all questions as to
the constitutionality of tho electrical
execution law.
The following business was disposed
by of yesterday:
State vs. Gates, from Durham, and
State vs. Oxendiae, from Robeson, are
set for hearing on next Monday.
Ninth distrct appeals disposed of on
State vs. Lewis; argued by Attorney
General for defendant, and Battle and
Mordecai for the State.
Graves vs. Hine-; argued by S. F.
Gravis by brief, and Batchelor and
Devereux for defendant.
Bryan vs. Hodges; argued by R. B.
Glenn for plaintiff, and T. F. Davidson
for defendant.
Mitchell vs. Tedder; submitted on
brief of D. M. Furches for defendant.
Summerlin vs. Cowles; argued by D.
M. Furches by brief for plaintiff, and
R. B. Glenn for defendant.
Roper vs. Burton; argued by L. M.
Scott for plaintiff, and R. B. Glenn for
Appeals from the 10th District will
bo called on next Monday as follows:
State v. Herrell; State v. Hart; State
v. Earnhardt; State v. Witter; State v.
Goodson: State v. Campbell; Randolph
v. Randolph; Saunders v. Roberts; Ches
ter v. Deal; Jones v. Ekard; Waters v.
Railroad; McKesson v. Smart; McKin
ley v. Commissioners; Hunt v. Railroad;
Town of Henderson ville v. Duucau; Eiler
v. Worth; Asher v. Railroad; Ray v.
Oiborno v. McCoy; Murphy
Opinions were handed down gs fol
lows: State v. Berrier, Davidson; no error.
State v. Bagwell, Iredell; no error.
Aiken v. Gardner, Durham; no error.
Trexler v. Holler, Rowan; no error.
State v. Perdue, Davidson; erroi
State v. Ritchie, Stanlyr"or.
Roberts v. Lewald, Cumberland; error.
Drake v. Connelly, Iredell; new trial.
onaver v. nuntiev Ttowan- Prmr
Bobbitt v. Jones Franklin; no error.
Wr. II. & R. TUCKER Ac CO.
1 to have lived for and strnggled
cj-!rr rn.t,VL'r VVlH a method of se
'C.h -:uth entertainment, pastima
(Boston Globe )
If there is any sense or reason in al
lowing a defeated Congress to go on and
legisla'e for three montns alter tne peo-
pudiatea it, we snouia use to
plained. We see no sense in
Congress elected November 2d
could assemble in Washington on De
cember 1st, 1890, just as well as the old
Congress can. It would be iresn
ment, pastime fr0m the people, prepared to do
It would not ne dis
credited, with the stamp
condemnation upon it.
Fixed Myselt This Time" A
Suicide's Last Words.
' '-irlYtS thrmt,.V, i it- . t
! l-nr,,,, "1 ?V. ,v7 qu iae 80Uta pie have re
. uu mis tollowed by the have it ex
mV,T1u1" lr,fP through Eng. if. Tho
trip. ., ;? "t io mis coacning the people's will.
wtuvlvZ ii. imn' a I)artv 01 ten eracodand dis
,.a rxaiis can take this same Gf the people's
USft, ' . "7 8.ui?mer, driving thirty Some member of
,Vn, .. Vr , l0,Uas at a I' capita posea
Cud," ..T a,,out 30 per weekl rae.h Congress
"n ,11111 h.i.,.
By United Press.
Elkton, Md., Nov. 24. Dr. Joseph SUpassed any thing in the
Lort, who had been drinking heavily
and was just recovering from a long-con
tinued spree, in mistake for some quiet
ing drug, took a dose of carbolic acid
last night, and when he realized his
error he took another dose, with the re
mark: "Well, I've fixed myself now,
.. m t l-l. 1
sure. " A lew minutes later ue uruppeu
tt..l L.
ue I'r.d
, ' the
h After
all my Euro-
in as good phy -
rt 1
1 1 !"(,,. -" "uj "iiuui my year?,
,.rviL -o; .3 to keep it by simply ob
iaV. ',nt(-;11,,fQt regimen. So
tW ,', , sha11 tako at least three
' 1 tii1; sv!p m ' IT1 "n'l open-air life
I'V, , I'f'r' hvery man should, if
LlWtai V? euouu work in nine
V tr... . : h' Hint) to tnWn
rrr i i a. l 1 I j ; ; -. t im nni.nl mflrtpt nn
mnra V O nP I 1HVH I 1 1 H IlCUUitJ i: UU1LIUU Ul 1UC KCU&tat -" -
DCCU UiUlv. " I I i - I - . - U 1. 1 ,
f.nM rtifr snr.h an amendment witn body naving courage ana casu w uujr
practical unanimity
Sunday Theatres in Rhode Island.
IBy United Press. 1
Providence, R I., Nov. 24. Sunday
night performances were given in two
of the theatres of this city last night,
these being the first instances of the
kind in the history of Rhode Island.
W estminster,
Pine Mountain Almost a Solid Blaze
ol Flame.
IBy United Press.
Jellico, Tenn., Toy. 24. Mountain
fires have been burning here for the
last two. weeks, and last night they
memory of
the old3t inhabitant. The Pine
mountains are almost a solid mass of
fire. Thousands of dollars worth of
timber and fences have been destroyed,
and if a heavy fall of rain is not soon
experienced, millions of dollars worth
of timber will be burned. It has been
four weeks since rain of sufficient
quantity has fallen to hava any effect on
the fires, and now every land owner who
can employ a man to fight tho fire, has
availed himself of such help, and last
night there were numbers engaged in
this work.
In our Furniture Department may be
found more old, dd furniture than one
has seen since the, days of our grrand
fathers. The pres3nt tastes of our peo
ple seem to have gOne b ick many gener
ations, and now neari.y every one wants
old and odd shaped lumiture.
Old antique furniture can-?carcely be
found at any pricr within reason, conse
quently to satisfy the general demand for
such furniture; it must be manufactur
ed, and this is,' done at prices far below
those asked for original.
We cordially asK your inspection to
the great variety we carry of this class
oi iurnuure.
W4; h. & R. S. Tucker & Co.
A Hurricane
Slugging Match in Australia.
A Prominent Banker Dead.
IJ ably to tnkn th Vila mnnf Kcl
i . , . wuiuv lUUUtUi
".i niuuor last summer
iji r
Hi. ,1,;.. . "3 mull n pasmt wnthr
, ''UViw tl.. . M TIWlUV.
' iu vi. . .. ar.ti admirable and end-
M'tonr ..vv hat a fund of pleasure
4 'I'
lJ variety
i i irti.uii.ifn t
n n it
... ,
fck)'av UU lt'. with
"'SllUl snots there urn all
ever changing
iiij t-i -""uauu ucver mo-
lh nL u polboy, Mr. Blaine
1 vUitor Tu.m3 recreations. To
n-4r,i.luu abve Mr. Blaino said
l - .lay .
W. II. 4f R. S. TUCKER, & CO.
- a m
French Printed Caslimere ior xea
Gowns and House messes.
W hftvp. iust ooened a line of these
beautiful goods, in wide single widths
a new departure in tnis line.
Thn styles ara entirely new ana tne
printing is perfect, being done by the
best woollen printers in France.
They are in darK ana ngnt grouuu?,
and in three, four and live tone colors.
Price 75c. per yard.
Can scarcely be distinguished from
the $1 50 goods.
W. H. & 1C o. XUCKEK OC vu.
,r nimt imnnoQitiip tn 0ft nn One ot tue theatres, tne
t)UU Uiuuc! aiiuuijii jujuuouiv - - o , , . , ry
. e , i I . . A. 1 , . . 4.V.j ncf-vrv r .tm
mixed collateral; the time was cneeriuny FiuPo&ua to Keq. uP .u,
ehosen. The result ot this pqueczmg uay eveuiug
"s lef
e ft hr.r.,1 . J"" rt
. . :.w.l..miQe- Then fol
R. M. Furman has purchased the Alex
ander hotel and the surrounding proper-
Drocess we recorded yesterday; the res
ignations of the president and two di
rectors of the company were tendered
and accepted, and Geo. C. u-ouid was
installed a8 president and his father and
Rnssell Sacre as directors. Anotner vie
tory for "the Little Wizard."
Still Another Victory.
Meanwhile the Union Pacific stock has
been persistently pounded and ham
and here. too. the "Wizard's"
opponents, short of money as they were,
could not stand the pressure and must
sell their holdings at frightful sacrifices
in the market, and the "Wizard" buys
them in. Then, through his Wall street
organ yesterday morning, he calls on
entertainments. Whether
the authorities will interfere remains to
be seen.
A Peculiar Mania.
(By United Press.)
Wilkesbarre, Pa., Nov. 24- John C.
Farrell, ex-superintendent of theWilkes-
birre water company, i3 sffl'cted with a
peculiar mania He has not eaten a
morsel of food for two weeks, insisting
that he is dead.
(By United Press).
New York, Nov. 24. Mr. August
Belmont, the banker, died at an early
hour this morning.
Mr. Belmont contracted a cold which
developed into pneumonia and caused
his death, while attending the recent
horse show. Had be lived until the 8th
of next month, he would have attained
his 74th year.
Wr. H . & R. S. TUCKER & CO.
' Sl r ffi i mlh llko 8"P from both erty, consisting of 168 acres for $10,000.
tal&r,:. .ril nrm and nroi r. 'vu. nta nnntainn fiftv rooms. Mr.
"tan i.iii Would Kiir ; rr PnTmon ia nroramzinff a
Of V ..... l . i Kcu a 0 . -
e thpr nf thnoo imnrova the Drooertv anu me uuiu
a cood manv be rented. Asheville Citizen.
Infants' Cloaks.
A grand showing of "Little Folks"'
outer garments, comprising plush, silk,
and all the new effects m woolen stuns.
Styles and materials not to be found
Drr .0I health
Mr. Adams to resign, and the assertion
is made that
friends have acquired a controlling elsewhere, and at prices less than you
amount of the shares. Mr. Adams, who can have the same garments made at
is in this city, states that if he stouid De home
convinced that an adverse interest has w. H. & R. S. Tucker & Co.
Two Brothers Drowned While Skating
IBy United Press. 1
Plattsburg, N. Y., Nov. 24 Two
brothers, Sammy and Eidie Weller,
were drowned in Moody pond, Saranac
Lake, this morning. The youngest, aged
19, went on the pond to skate against
the wishes of his brother. Sammy sat
by the window and saw hi3 brother
break through the ice. Rushing to his
rescue, he reached over to seize hold o
him. but the ice crave way and both
were drowned.
I By United Press. 1
San Francisco, Nov. 24 The steamer
Alameda, from Australia, brings the
news that Peter Jaeksnn and Jno nn,t.
' v -r w
dard fought before the Sydney Athletic
llUO UClODer AL. JacfcSOn was tn stnr,
Goddard in eight rounds, but failed to
do SO. The fight Was of tho hnrrir-an
order, the men going at it hammer aud
tongs from nrst t0 last.v It was tho
general opinion tht Goddard had far
the best of the faght ail throui
i r9 r
Remarkable Ilescue.
Mrs. Michael Curtain, Plainfield, 111.,
makes the statement, that she caught
cold, which settled 'on her lungs; she
was treated for a mpnth by her family
physician, but grew wprse. He told her
that she was a hopee)ss victim of con
sumption and that nfp medicine could
cure her. Her druggist suggested Dr.
King's New Discovery fpr Consumption;
she bought a bottle ana; to her delight
found herself benefited from the first
dose. She continued ills use and after
taking ten bottles, foundl herself sound
and well, now does her'owu housework
and is as well as she fcver was. Free
trial bottles of this Gre.t Discovery at
t v M. Rae's drugstore. Large bot
tles 50c. and 1.
- 4

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