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i. on V I. HAT-.-JiNiNGS
Short Items of News Gathered on the
Fly by the Chronicle's Reporters.
The ".layer milled much to tho tow n
tn-iteuty yesterday.
The Kaicigh Ico Factory will start t.:.
work Tor the K-aron inxt v tk.
The tobacco waa'ihousai ycsUrt:
weie flowing with great piles c: thu c -don
Buncombe county contributed three
mulattos to tho inhabitants of tbo "Pen"
Itu ronortnl that a S:ma?v night's
mail train will bo Fit on the
The joint committee on Insane Asy
lums left test night for Morgantoa to in
spect the Hospital there, and will return
Saturday or Monday.
Th members were glad to see ex
o rk eper Julian on the fWr ye:t?r
a. Lit; 1 --.a been doorkeeper eig5
v .rr, utl ilis vtar he was not a cndi-
'7 '
W. N.
'.' era up ;
e cruaitt"?
: ; .I ii : i
i c
nn Eduea'ion
ves't t day f:.'U-r
C. ruuroau
botwecu Urceniooro and
work of tii'i iu: 'itu-ion. They will re
turn fcsatn r J ; J v mor u i 'J ; .
Tiie CilROM'.'LE nrs hard mir.y com
p!immts paid ihi) t l fjUiint aid s i n
t of Air A. D. MJGlI, of Cu? iirr-
: ml, in tavor of ;ne So diors lI-mo
ilo is the only urMvo-boru r-otchma i
m the Iioue, acd -;.s :il.-:o a Uave (.,:;
f'c leratu soldier. liu speech will appear
in full to inorrow.
"We were in error yesterday in regard
to bills introduced by Mr. Davis, of
Franklin. One was to levy a special tax
to pay for repairing cells, fcc., in county
jail; and the other is to allow tho Com
missioners of h ranklin county, by a ma-
A special train will leave here this
afternoon at 4 o'clock for the Wake For
est Anniversary '.xcrcises and return at
midnight to-ni;nt. Faro for round trip,
a mncf PTfritinr' pamc of foot ball is on
wi-pt for Saturday morning after tho iority vote, to relieve Sheriff Kearney cf
Wake Forest Anniversary exercises. The loss sustained by failure of State National
'Varsity boj3 and Wake Forest will kick bank, which relief has been given to all
the leather Sphere. other sherms wno lost oy tne oiaie
The following is the aye and no vote
on the Railroad Commission bill in the
House on its third reading:
Ayes Messrs. Adams, Alexander, Al
ston, Bass, Beck, Bell, Biddix, Brake,
Bridgers, Brinson, Bryan of Wayne, Bu
chanan, Calloway, Coiheld, Cole, Cowan,
Cox, Currie, Davis, Denny of Guilford,
Denny of Surry, Dickson, Earnhardt,
Edmundson, Edwards, Foust, Franck,
Gill, Gilmer, Gower, Grier, Hall of Hali
fax, Ham, Henry, Hickman, Hill, Hol-
man, Hood, Hopkins, Johnson, Jones,
Kearns, Kerr, Kirby, Lineback, Long of
Columbus, Long of Warren, Lowe, Low
rey, Mann, Mayes, McCiure, McGill,
Middleton, Murdoek, Nash, Oliver, Pee
bles, Perry, Philips of Nash, Pickett,
Pigford, Prince, Kay, Reed, Scott, Skin
ner, Sormll, Staucill, Stroup, Tatom,
Taylor, Unchurch, Vestal, Walston,
Watkms, Waton or Robeson, White,
Home of The Folks Yon Know and
Their Doinss.
Hon. James M. Mauney and son, of
Salisbury, are here.
Civil Eu ginger J. L. Ludlow and W.
II. Snmmerell, of hustling Winston, are
in Raleigh.
Misso.! Sallie Mile and Maggie Bob
bitt, of Littleton, are visiting the family
of Dr. J. B. Bobbitt.
David U. Julian, Esq , Ex-Doorkeeper
of the House, is hero interested in cer
legislatiou for Salisbury.
Messrs. Paul Fleming, of Milton, and
C. Ii. Hancock, of New Berne, are on a
few days visit in Raleigh.
Mrs. J. M. Foust, wife of Representa
tive Foust, of Chatham, is in the city, WhitfUld, Vviky, Wilfong, Williams,
Wilson, Woollen, laucey 44.
Noes Messrs. Bryan of Wilkes, Chap-
and is at Mrs. Beckwith's.
Miss Martha A. Watkins, of Rolcs
ville, is visiting Miss Alice Steele at Mr.
S. P. Pennington's on Davio street.
Mr. Jno. A. Boy den, a prominent cot
ton merchaut of Salisbury, is here visit
ing his daughter, Mrs. T. K. Bruner.
Ex-Senator W. P. Shaw, of Winton,
i3 in Raleigh looking natural around the
Assembly halls. Wo are glad to see
Col. Thos. B Keogb and Hon. Jas T.
-forehead, of Greensboro are interested
horo in tho amendment to the charter of
that city.
Prof. J. C. C. Durford, a member of
the faculty aud Assistant President, of
Roanoke Femalo College, Danville, Va.,
is in the city.
Editor T. R. Jernigan, of the Intelli
gencer, accompanied by his two chil
dren, left yesterday fcr a visit to his
mother at Tunis.
Capt. A. P. Connelly, master of trains
on the North Caroliua, accompanied by
Mrs. Connelly and Miss Mattie Coble, or'
Greensboro, is at tho Yarborough.
Capt. L. R. Exlino, of Pittsboro; W.
L. Black Eq., of Oxford; S. E. Wil
liams Esq., of Lexington and Mr. Sam
uel L. Adams, of Durham, aro here.
Dr. W. A. Lash, of Walnut Cove;
Jno. D. Sbaw, Jr., of Launnburg; 0. A.
man, cnappeii, uooo, liearicK, Hen
dricks, Morton, Phillips of Watauga,
Phipps, Pritchard, Snell, Sutton, Wat
son of Vance, Zachary 17.
The Chronicle is too full to print the
reasons given by manv when they ex
plained their votes to-day but we will
do so to-morrow. Some didn't like it,
but were instructed, and some voted
against it because their counties are
seeking to secure railroads and feared a
uommission would injure tneir pros
pects. All doubtless voted as their pnn
ciples and judgment dictated, and now
that the bill has passed all will unite to
secure capable and able Commissioners
A Jlr.iter of Considerable Interest -
the Tanners of the State-ow isU.e
1 irr.e io Have it Done to Save Time.
Mnoy hundreds of dollars will be lost
and much disappointment incurred this
spring by sowiug stale and poor seed in
lield and garden. Much of this loss aud
annoyance may be prevented by testing
the seeds before sowing them. The North
Caroliua Experiment Station has facili
ties for testing seeds, and if s services are
free of charge, at tho disposal of any
farmer in the State.
1 armors wishing seeds tested must
Spscial Cor. State Chonicle.1
Louisburg, N. 0. Feb. 12.- One of ih '
tnt br.ili ibts events which has gr-( -tin-
oeiil nnuals of our town sine-
i -yn of btr ante b-llum i,i u-y ws e L
br.tfed on if.,st WVen-sda. afternoon a
: tho cou- ty r-ience i-t M. S DavKE q ,
; wi-ore At R Z Kiv.rt-.ia Js-.i tho ny :
i H.("'i ;. :i :i-r S' i 7)u;s. tvidr.f
! b v. e;-ty c:$c;- s ?vn s ;t:-!y hiu
I rti h (1 .-eldoiu ftx, :.u nffair ..f VMs ka
I cxeiseu buuii luiivas-u m orsii and tat '
en i-iti-j;-? under t-uoti tiafpy and huspi
1 cioui circumstances &a tho cue wo no
j caionieb. !
The marriage ceremony was perform :
j ed 'M 5 p. m. f;y the Rev. E. H Davi.-, ;
; a 5 tnor oi tha bride, assisted by Rj.
! J U. Hurhy, of iho Metiioxiiet ehurc'i i t
ihi- piece. The bride waa inagrifice-:;
aud tastefully attired in cream mire
silk en traine, and entered upon the arm
of her father, carrying aboqust of white
japonicas. Her perfect blonde beauty
seemed to catch a new loveliness from
the splendor of her costume and the ex
citement of the occasion. The groom,
with the best man, Mr. Charles Blount,
of Wilson, N. C, met them at the altar
previously prepared, and in a few min
utes the happy knot was tied.
I will not trespass upon your space by
reciting the names and the costumes of
the attendants. Sufficient to say, tbey
were composed of the flower of Caro
lina's "beauty and her chilalry" and
were fitting and worthy witnesses upon
this distinguished occasion. The pres
ents were numerous, handsome and
costly, and we mention only a few of
them: A town lot on Elm street, where
an elegant residence is being erected,
Mr. F. N. Egerton, brother of the
groom; a fine carving set in plush case,
Mr. Charles Blount; silver fruit basket,
Mrs. C. G. Hill, of Baltimore, Md.;
Yeddo vase, Dr. Early Jones, of Balti
more, Md. ; silver ice-tub and tongs,
Miss Nannie Fleming, of Warrenton, N.
C. ; after-dinner coffee set, Mrs. Garland
Jones, of Raleigh, N. C; dining and tea
set, Miss Mary Davis; handsome crayon
drawing, Miss Mattie Harris.
Immediately after the ceremony, the
bridal party drove into Louisburg to the
residenca of Mr. F. N. Egerton, where a
rich and elaborate reception was tedered
them . A magnificent repast upon which
apparently no cost had been spared, or
pains foregone to render complete and
attractive, was served, and the guests,
after regaling themselves, spent the
"golden hours" until long after mid
night in converse and congratulations.
The high social position of the con
tracting parties, the universal popular
ity ot the groom, the renowned and ex
quisite loveliness of the bride, the ex
cited interest with which it had been
locked forward to, and the elegance and
perfection of the arrangements in every
detail, combined to render this occasion
(Special Cor. Statu Ciiroxicle.)
-hQ Railroad Commission Din,
rvi i f r some time engaged both
'eVJ of tbA Legislature through
c! : o ii.-? Senate and House,pas-
h one amendment
ia1. of
one to be long remembered in society
circles in this section of the State.
:S iro.ji .::cora V.
Roanoke Navassa Company vs. E jrv ;
argued by Hill and Day icr plainer! -Mid
Burton tor detenOant.
- w i joi
hV b ;tii bH s wi
. .-l nUannroQ in
trt an-: on'; or twu uciugvu -"
n ! i a The bill h
r.enera'.iy v-.U.-'i h srng one.givmf
:,e Coromisvou-tvi liiaub p -wer and con
trol over both freight mid passenger
ndes, as villas fall control over the
,-nerai mr.a?en:ent and care of
Jho ror-ds operated in this tate. Tho
law making power, fresh from
the people knowing their wishes,
..vivo boldly taken hold of me
matter, given every interest full
scope and opportunity to be heard
weighed well every interest and as the
result of their work present the bill un
der which the railroad business in the
future must be conducted. In reading
the bill closely 1 am impressed with the
power vested in the Commissioners, for
in them rest the result and effect of the
measure as to the good to be received by
the people as well as the effect on the
capital invested, and such, as may in fu
ture be solicited to come into our state
to enable us to develop our undeveloped
resources and to complete such develop
ment as may now be under course of
construction. The Legislature, for thus
having had the boldness to pas3 the law
in compliance with the demands of the
people,theduty and responsibility is not
complete until they shall seiect three
Commissioners to execute the law in such
a manner as will insure the best results,
and make the Commissioners a perma
nent good to the State. To do this will
require much thorough and good judg
ment of men and their fitness for and
adaptability to the work in hand. The
bill calls for three Commissioners, and I
think it is generally demanded and ex
pected that one should come from the
East, one from the middle, and one from
the Western part of the State. For this
central member of the Commission I de
sire to call the attention of the Legisla
ture to Mr. M. T. Leach, of Raleigh,
who is eminently fitted and well eqniped
for the position. Mr. Leach for fifteen
years was one of the largest shippers of
freight in and out of Raleigh, and for
years was the chairman of a committee on
transportation, having to deal directly
with the managers of our railroads and
especially with and through Mr. Sol
Haas, the traffic manager of the consoli
dated railways of the South, accom
plished much while in that capacity in
the way of reducing rates, and had he
had this bill to aid him in his efforts,
many of the abuses to be complained of
would loug siuce have been remedied.
Mr. L?ach has long been closely con
nected by direct dealings with the peo
pb?; is a successful farmer; a member of
t;- Farmers' Alliauce; has business
; .bl'ities d tho very highest order of
ii: is fL--:ur.-, quick, though thorough,
v.;e:;-: Ma method?.; is univer-
: i'1 1 s courteous and affable;
.-i ..: . - i -i
i-i: e.-i.-i-H nmg urmness ana ae-
New York, February 12. Messrs.
Hubbard, Prioo & Company, in tten
cotton circular to-night, say: "The
.meek to the decline, Liverpool brought
:ibout a little more demand from spin-
though their purchases have not
x. ended to this side, the Southern
markets showing an absence of buyers
by their sinl! reported sales. Our mar
ket opened steadier a, an at'-vanee of 4
to o i-cuTi!. in fty mrui 'ay with tne small
Savannah Cr t "
CTAP.LESTOX, 8 f , v ;U 1 -2,.
J '
good strained 1.2o
Richmond Tob-u
Richmond, Va., Fl. T 'l:
accoatau.-tion.,.! v'' U-f'::
.; oti, to c;vst
wink be
low last evening s quotations.
Receipts at ports Do-dfiy .mmated a;
19,000 osles against 21,0b) last week
and li,561 ba.es the samo vk bwt
The spot mfjrkfit. is qsa- " former
quotations; middling upuu.uc 0 1-4; suits
273 bales.
Transactions in futures to-day wtre
53,000 bales.
Futures closed 2 to 5 points lower,
as follows:
v i .
b&;co on the br:, - 1
poun-is; hiudief-t pri'.'-o zy"
"-ran, I hh u't A
t n;it revt'iin. n...... . v
I I ci.-:ar-rt( 3 .-4 5
1 r-
February . .
November .
8 S2- 03
8 93-Hi
9 11-12
9 10-20
y 27-28
9 28-20
0 10-20
0 15 -1G
0 15-16
9 lc,-16
iii tiltlj il tv- . ca i- ,' "
Feb. 10
If SI.
The buin??r
Galveston .. .
Baltimore .. .
aavannah . .
New Oriean !70;0
ilemphis . .
Augusta . . .
Louisville. .
St. Louia. . .
Charleston .
Cincinnati .
. . . . Steady
3100 Steady
a :i-S
0 1-1
8 7-vS
i' 3-4
b 1-2
0 t-0
8 7-8
9 0-0
9 1-8
9 1-i
9 0-0
9 1-2
9 1-4
iiect ; Exp.
292 31
G .i9
iue Damn"? v in k,. .
by the new imu McG ,
euutled toc,ht,ia;lmoi; :::y
aod who wul bt:o to the dd.C :-
Fee. 10,
J. A. 3I K'
1 -1
w'or Sal
A well-es'.Mb;is
and proressi- e uv
lina. Will 0 1 half i:
on reiHomible tei-mr
For particular-, ;-
In Liverpool to-day spot cotton closed
steady; middling uplands 4 15-16d; sahs
8,000 bales.
Futures closed steady, as follows:
4 f.0-61
4 00 Gl
February and March
March aud April
April and May. . .
May and June
Juue and Juiy. . ..
4 G4
5 03-04
5 07-
The City Cotton Market.
Raleigh", N. C, February 12 5 p. m.
Good 5'addling 9X
Strict Middling 9
Middling 8
Strict Low Middling S
Low Middling
Stains . . .
Market steady.
Q 1 .
Raleigh Tolmcco 3Iarket.
Raleigh, N. C, Feb. 12.
IJucklen's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Outs,
Bruists, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fe
ver Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chil
biaius, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no pay re
quired. It is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction, or money refunded. Price
Hunt, of Lexington; Geo. N. Ives, of decide early what kinds of seeds they 85 ceuts per box. For sale by John Y
Newbernc; F. O. Walton, of Charlotte intend to sow this spring, then procure -Vocllw
w. .V -UW lit i'.j Uli :llt'S3 aU.cUi IB
withal as unvviiiiug to have any inius-
tico practiced upon or. hers as to practice
himself that which savors of jobbery or
There cannot be found in the central
or any other part of North Carolina a
man better qualified, in every way, to
administer our new law and make it
successful than Mr. Leach, who, having
managed nis own ariairs successfully.
can safely be trusted to manage the af
fairs of the people. X. Y. Z.
FILLERS -Common to G
Good G to 8
Fine 8 to 12
SMOKERS Common b4 to 1
Good 7 to 9
Fine 9 to 15
CUTTERS Common 12 to 15
Good 15 to 25
Fine 25 to
WRAPPERS Common 15 to 20
Good 20 to S5
ifine 35 to 60
Hor.-e and Jersey c t-n
I Hi!
Fouryo.tn, re
Cows and Uuli.
Combination Sad.lu
fesrless "i bcc-ara: eoulwi
.1 i
For furtbe'r information" va ,
tie, address
Briggs'Sash, Door and ilrd
tory atR,-eiSh, K.c
This valusble bnsiuc-s p-,
for sale to make divi-i.-m
not eold priv.ttelv vail tv .
llou-e uoor in
at!2m Terms ma,'.-- kuu'A!1' .'.V,
" u1,Jo LJ jur;n
uress xi u v
0 !.,
..-(' ...
w;i; -
11. JJi;
Building Contra
LCt Oj
Kough aud Dressed Lu
Is prepared to do work in
and workmanlike nn-v cv
iicitcd. Orders may l,
Bouse of T. U. lir:-:'-.-j &
Notice i3 hereby Riven x't , .
be ma ae to to the Gei.cr: 1 'Y'.
eseiou, 10 incorporate 'l '-'r)- V " 'r'i
Oity and Weat&rn sUit Crtlf '' ' ''
Thi- Jan 3t, lb'Oi. . Y
Baltimore Produce 3Iarket.
Cotton closed nominal. Aliddling upland
and R. J. Lindsay, of High Point are all samples and forward to the Station
bucn samples should contain for grass
and simiiar field seeds about 2 oz.; for
tobacco and most garden seeds loz.
A complete tcotof clover seed requires
registered at the Yarboro.
Rev. Dr. N. B- Cobb returned from
Warren county on yesterday, where he
went to unite in matrimony Mr. Albert
L. Pope, of Scotland Neck, and Miss
Kato B. Fleming, daughter of Mr.
Thomas B. Fleming, of Warren.
Mr. S. R. Keplar, President of the
Ashevillo llaUroad Commission Club,
reached Raleigh yestorday morning
shortly after tho nassago of tho bill the
night before, lie has been an earnest
and consistent and enthusiastic advocate
of the measuro and h entitled to rejoice
in witnessing the consumation of his
Concert by the Deaf, Dumb and Blind.
A concert and entertainment was given
atlantic COAST LINE.
about one week ; most other seeds require
two weeks. The postage on seeds must
bo prepaid and costs i cont per ounce.
A letter of advice should be sent giving
namo of sender, name of seller, and
prico paid for the seed. The Station
advises, always, its friends that the best
quality of seeds is, as a rule, the cheap
est. Mark all packages "seeds' and
address packages and letters to North
Carolina Experiment Station, Raleigh,
in. u. Gerald McCarthy, Botanist.
"Seed Potatoes."
Twenty-five Barrels Early Rose.
jan28-tf. Ebeehakdt & Pescud.
Wanted By a first-class registered
pharmacist, a position in a drug store.
8iDgle. Address, "Senna," care of this
paper. feb-13-3t.
In Christ Church.
Ash-Wednesday, Good Friday and
last evening by tho pupils of tho Deaf, Sundays in the church at 11 a. m. and
Dumb an'd Blind Institution, comph- 5:3o p. m.
mentary to the General Assembly. The
exercises cousistod of instrumental
and vocal music, prayer, hymns
aud recitation in signs, calis
thenics, examinations of classes
in writing, geography, numbers, &c.
Notwithstanding the inclement weather,
thero were present more than a hundred
members of tho Assembly, besides a
large number of other guests. The
splendid entertainment from the open
ing prayer in signs to the closing lullaby
soiig, delighted the audience, reflected
tho highest credit upon officers, teachers
and pupils and moved the hearts of every
man and woman in the hall to a still
deeper iuterost and sympathy for this
m m,
Got There at Lnst.
Tho CnnoNiCLE readers will remember
tho attempt of Mr, Wiley Gibson, of
Winston, on last year, to take from the
Salem Female Academy Miss Lillie Rog
ers, of Oxford. At that time the attempt
proved futile. But now their love, un
daunted, has contrived another method
and they were happily wedded in Balti
more day beforo yesterday. Mr. Gibson
is a young business man, a clerk in the
Wachovia Bauk of Winston and his bride
is ouo cf the most beautiful young ladies
in tho State. We are glad to congratu
late them.
Vt'eather Report.
Washington, Feb. 12. For Virginia,
slightly warmer; southerly winds; clomli-
n ess and rains.
For North Carolina, rain; easterly
winds; slightly warmer, except stationary
temperature in the vicinity of Wilming
ton. Kalci;h yesterday: Maximum temper
ature i 5; minimum temperature 31; rain
fad, 0.07.
F,r Raleigh and vicinity: Forecast:
Threatening weather with rain at inter
hb. Warmer,
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
in the cuapei, at 7:30 a. m.
Wednesdays and Fridays in the
church, at 5:30 p. m.
Wednesdays and Fridays, Litany and
Lecture in the ehanel. at. 12 m.
Holy Communion ou every first Sun- fer to Pav more? Are you going to get
dav in the month after the 11 oV.look a pair ot Misses' rubber shoes while you
service. On all other Sundays during mav at 20 cents or wiU you wait 'till
Lent at 8 o'clock a. m. tll8y are all gone? Will you waist
Spring Carpets.
We have received some very beautiful
Spring carpets, Ingrain and body Brus
sels, ana we nave placed a low figure on
them. We have some wonderful bar
gains in remnants of carpets in Moquits
ana Jbrusseis.
We have just gotten in our new line
of Spring scarfs and bows and fore-in
hands, and if you will see them you will
aamit that we are ottering th(
scarf for 2o cents you have seen. Will
you ge one of those nice shirts for GOc,
or will you wait and pay one dollar for the
same thing?
Are you going to get any of those
seamless socks at 8 cents, or do you pre-
Wilminsrton and Weldon
K. K. and Branches.
Condensed Schedule Trains going South.
Dated June 15,90.
xTn 9r, No. 27. No. 41.
io. . FagtMalt Daily ex
Daily. Daily. Sunday.
Lv Weldon 12 3 p m 5 43 p m G 00a m
Ar Rockv Mt 1 4 fir. 7 m'o m
. J " . i i iu urn i , n1 ,,ii ,
Ar Tar horn -2 17 n m miuiyyo
Lv Tarboro 10 20 a m iSUGAK Closed strong ; granulated G.
Ar Wilson 2 20 p m 7 00 p m 7 43 a m
Lv Wilson 2 30pm
Ar beima., a 30 p in
Ar Fayette ville . . 5 30pm .
jV tioldsboro. . . 3 15pm 7 40pm 835am
Lv Warsaw 4 10 p m 9 34am
L.V iuagnoiia 4 21pm 8 40 v m 9 40 a m
yLOUR Closed dull: Howard b-reet and
Western super 3.03.50; do do. extra 3.70
4.50;do. do. family 4.60(5.00; city mills
ltio brands extra 5.15(a.5.37; wint )r wheat pat
ent 5.005 50; spring do. 5.3-3(5.75; do. do.
straight 5.0005.40.
WHEAT Southern closed quiet; Fnltz 1.00
1.08; Longberry 1.03 1.08; Western dill;
No. 2 rod winter spot and February 1.02X(5
CO.tN Southern closed dull;; widte 61C2;
yellow 6l62; Western closed quiet; mixed
spot Gl6iK; February 606l.
OATS Closed dull ; uugradod Southern
and Pennsylvania 5052; Western white 51
52; graded No. 2 white 52.
HY $5 Closed lairly active; choice 8lS2,
PROVISIONS Closed dull ; mess pork,
old 10 50; new 10 75; bulk meats, loose shoul
ders 4; long clear b olear rib sides o
sugar-pickled shoulders h, sugar-cured
smoked shoulders G; hams 9j10.
LARD Refined 73.
vjui cjii uiosea nrm; iair mo cargoes
OO i
i "is .
i. t ,
WHISKSY Closed firm atl.i 1.24.'
Baltimore Bond JWftrket.
Baltimore, Md., February 12. Virginia
consols 44; do. threes G4 .
Ar Wilmington. . 5 50 p m 9 53 p m 11 20 a m
No. 40.
Daily ex
No. 14. No. 78. cent
Daily. Dailv. Sun dav.
Lv Wilmington. .12 01 a m 9 00 a m 4 00 p m
ajv iuagnoiia rzi a m iu m am o 3u p m
Lv Warsaw 10 48 a m 5 53 p m
Ar G.ldsboro 2 23 a m 11 45 a m 6 53 p m
juv rayeiievnie.
Chicago Produce Market.
Chicago, 111., February 12. -Whoalj opened
higher. Corn opened dull. Cats opened
dull. Provisions opened weak.
WHEAT Closed February 94: May 975
July 93).
ORIs Closed February 50; May 523
July 52. ' '
OATS Closed May 4546; June 45;
July 42
t9 20 am " P PORK-Closed February 9.25; March 9.35;
1 - - ........ ii au i Kr,
May 0.65.
LARD Closed
5. 5734; May 5.80.
RIBS Closed February
AU1 . -
.i oeima II 18 am ..
Ar Wilson 12 20 a m
Lv Wilson 3 03 p m 12 37 p m 7 47 p m
Ar Rofikv TTnn Tit. 1 1fln m (1 18r. to
Ar Tarboro.;:::: 2oopm F Ky.my2.
lt w eiaon 4 3U p m 2 45 p m 9 30 p m
Trains on Scotland Neck Branch Road
leave Weldon 3:15 p m, Halifax 3:37 p m,
February 5.50;
4.47 ;
New York Produce .barket.
FLOUR Closed steady and unchanpd
fine grades cf spring 2.G53 23 ; hue
your money somewhere else, or Will you ville 6:00 p m. Returning leave Greenville Rrades of winter 2.90 .S5; superfine soring
Ash-Wednesday, Good Friday and
bunaays at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
at o:6) p. m.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at
iu a. m
Wednesdays, Evening Prayer and Ad
dress at b p. m.
Communion on first Sunday after 11
go to
Stock Feed.
Hay, Corn, Bran, Oats, &c., at
Eberhardt & Pescud's.
On January 1st we will remove our up-
o'clock service. On all other Sundays town offiee to No. 107, FayetWille
Favfittpvillfi st.rfiet nffirA fplpnVrrQ A .
XT I 1 T71 , V. t n J ' 7 --v-wtiwuu n , -i
, v., xeu. x, yi. dfinnk offip tplonhorifi 71- lin ctKi Viusuulu naiiy, except Snnday.
an interest in the city telephone 95. ' ' rZlTSti
the Legislature can Jones & Powell. m: arrive Goldsboro, N. C. 9:30 a -m
i i
The City Charter.
Special Cor. of State Chronicle.
Mayor's Office,
Rale ig ii
Persons feeling
chartar now before
secure copies at the mayor's office.
No extension of the limits is contem
Alf. A. Thompson,
At the residence of Mr. T.C. Fleming,
in Warren county, N. C, Feb. 11th, 1891,
Miss Kate C. Fleming to Mr. Albert L.
Pope, of Scotland Neck. N C. Thy
marriage ceremony va3 performed b
Rev. Dr. N. B. Cobb, of lUleigh, a'd
the happy pair, aeoompanied by several
of the waiters and friends, took the
afternoon train for Scotland Neck, via
street, next to the Raleigh Savings Bank.
Uur warehouse and coal and wood
3 ru lemmua uwr tu central aepot. 6:00 a m, Sunday 9:00 a m. Williamstn'
urders tor coal, wood, grain, forage N. C, 7:10 am, 9:53 am. Arriving Tarl
&c, received at either place. boro 9:30 a m, 11:0 a m.
lrainoniMiaiana, jn. u., Branch leaves
':aiam. Arriving Halitax at 10:10 am.
Weldon 10:30 a m, daily except Sunday.
On Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Local Freight leaves Weldon 10:30 a m,
Halifax 11:30 a m, Scotland Neck 2:00 p m.
Arriving Greensboro 5:10 p m. Return
ing leave Greenville Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday 9:30 a m, Scotland Neck 1:00
p m, Halifax 3:35 p m. Arriving Weldon
4:00 p m.
Train leaves Tarboro, N. C, via Albe
marle & Raleigh R. R., daily, except Sun
day, 4:05 p m., Sunday 3:00 p m; arrive
Winston, N. C. 6:30 p m, 4:20 p m Ply
mouth 7:50 p m, 5:20 n m. Retn miner
leaves Plymouth daily, except Sunday.
filOflfl TTI llTlflftT Q-nO a m Willin,n:'
a.l4d bo; supernne winter 3.25fS3 75. South
ern closed steady; trade and family extras
WHEAT Closed steady; spr.t sales No. 2
red winter 1.03U0; spU sales No. 2 red
winter February 1.10.
CORN Closed dull; spctealesNo.2 mixed
6264; spot sales No. 2 mixed Februarv
OATS Closed steady; spot sAles No. 1
white 56; No. 2 mixed February 52.
FORK Closed dull; mess 'b.50ll.25 for
LARD-Closed quiet and unchanged; Feb
ruary 5.83.
SUGAR-Refined closed strong; rut loaf
and crushed G- powdered 6.56; granulated
b; cubes G.
COFFEE-Spot closed steadv; fair Rio car
goes 19.
r Jo ri 'm. it
35c. lb., 3 fu.i. 1' r il
For Drip CoilVe I'ots.
(liar Xo-jf-i
1 lb. priuts, .j'jc. 1"'.
ID VB 111 1 SE
Compound L;ird cr Ni;fflt
Grocers, Jlakers -'.. .'am! )
Thero is more talk of building a rail
road from Poratsmouth, Va., to Rocky
Mount via Winton.
Imperial Table Jelly. Fruit Pudding
Candied Ginger Chip's, Spiced Waf-i-,
in 1 'b boxes. Canned Peaches, Appl, .-,
Apricots, Cherries, Pears, c., at
Eeeruard & Pescud's.
frain on Nashville Branch leaves Prw
Mount at 3:00 p m, arrives Nashville 3:40
Cincinnati Produce Market.
PORK Regular closed 9.75&9.S7V; fam
ily 10 G010 12. 2'
LARD Kettle-dried fionv.
BACON Short clear sides hVttV
p m. Spring Hope 4:15 p m, Returning WHISKEY Sales of 604 barrels fini.V ed
-vesbpnar; 10:00 am, Nashvill? goods on the basis of Llper gU?n fo? bilh
'.:. a m, arr:-c Rocky Mount 11:15 a m wines. y b-on lor high
Merit Wins.
We desire to say to our citizens, that
for years we have been selling Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption, Dr.
King's NTew Life Pills, Bucklen's Arnica
Salve and Electric Bitters, and have
never handled remedies that Sell as well
or that have given such universal satis
faction. We do not hesitate to guaran
tee them every time, and we stand ready
to refund the purchase price, if satisfac
tory results do not follow their use.
These remedies have won their great
popularity purely on their merits. John
Y. MacRae druggist.
except siiddav.
1 r.vai o Cliuion Branch leaves Warsaw
for Clinton daily, except Sunday, at 0 00
p m and 11:10 a m. Returning leaves Clin
ton at 8:2 a ra and 3:10 p m, connecting at
W arsaw with Nos. 41, 40, 23 and 78
Southbound Train on Wilson and Fay
etteville Brancn is No. 51. Northbound is
No 50. Daiiy, except Sunday.
Train No. 27 South will stop only at
Nashville Produce Market.
i.iah"Cloaed firru; No 2 red winter
CORN closed at G567.
Naval Stores.
ar??!HK Feru.ary 12.-The stocks today
are as follows: Rosin. '9 3ir i,,.! oni,;;a
turpentine, 2,2-38 barrels; tar. 9tT
fino 78 makes close connection Spirits turpentine closed Sat40YTents
at. eldon for all points North daily. All for regulars and 40c. for machine T barrels
rail vi Richmond and rlailxr o Prta, r- , . yJl mAtmuo uarreis.
day, via Bay Line
All trains run solid between Wilming
ton and Washington, and have Pullman
Palace Sleepers ottached.
Daily, except Sunday.
Gen'l Supt.
J. R. KENLY, Supt. Transportation
T. M. EMERSON. GenT Pass. Agt. -
irA , frKet lor rosin eady : We quote:
Sa nc.edr good strained 1.45; L 1.55;
l.iO: G 1.82U: H 1 Or,- T o tro an. i o nnl
iJ.bO, window class 4.50 and W W 5 OO.
tnrnfTo:fr?- c- February 12.-Spirits
fi.e-neei.edetead-vat 37. Rosin closed
m "f1"60 i-io; good stramed 1.20. Tar
io. tin 45'1.Cnide Turpentine firm; hard
urm; wmte 65; yellow 67.
tut -rtfc. mm. i r '
Fresh Bakkd Evr.
Nicest Lot of r.v-r.
C-iocolate Iced Jelly R -. - -: f
Lauge, ii;i'f-. i - l:-
J." j. do;:e:j.
Florida Oranges,
25, 00 to o'JC. - 'r
50c. le&- , jt
Pineapples and Grapo I n
25 Bos'-s
;J.50 Box.
Goodins's OintnuMit.
Will cure chapped bauds a.u ,: .
flamation cf tbo skia. i1,10'1. V- '-
shaving and will euro ?- T;r.V -
soreness Hai rroveu ex'l1-1. 0
ners. This is an arucle o. ,
tria' On sale at the uruy

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