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" 1
(L. IX. NO .32
KALETGH, Iff. C, TUESDAY, 14, 1891.
: ?AI.L AM) THE A I, LI.
.l.iiii l Vriucit vile
i'tilk aittl Other
skk, PU , April l;i There
ui Alliance sensation hero
Pit 1 U gers. of the. Far.
The Annual Contest Tletxveon the Phi
and 111 Societies of the Univer.it
Special Cor. Stats Chkoniclk.
, CllAI'EL niL N- 0., April 13th.-On
baturday night the seoond of the Semi
annual contest between the Dialectic and
Philanthropic Socioties took rdae in
the Philanthrope. nu t m
( AU vuu previous
uee, cillel upon the Alliauco- C3ntest the Dialectic had been defeated
vi ;wuuiueemau. io this was an.
; '.. l a letter from N. A. Dunning, of
. N.iiinul Kconomist, stating that
.:it.r Call bad used tho following
! in their oflice at Washington:
. 1 ::i:u!e money ;that gold was tho only
tu wy in existence; that be was
.1 io paper money in any form.
ii -i
t the u2is.'.ure not to sunnort UOuce were more than anxious t.rv to
Call for re-election, but to unit their standard. The Phi's worn or,nau
, . - . viu vi uaiiv
wr.: L; :h:i The great
; r V , auesi in trio irrepressi
ble feelings of faculty, students, and
villagers as they assembled in the tm-
?lous ball of tho Philanthrope. Som
even the Ion? fold
-vvs UUU
Ben Terrell's SpeechResolutions of
Resretat the Death of the Govern
or and Secretary of State.
The Wake County Alliance held a
large meeting at Hollands last Friday
and Saturday. Ifc wa3 a regular picnic
occasion and the people attended to the
business in hand. Oc Friday the regu
lar routine work of the Alliance was tak-
Delivered by Dr. J.
(Col,) at St. Paul's A.
on Sunday Morning.
Discourse .
S. Thompson
31. E. Church
-An Eloquent
The Chronicle always rejoices in tho
feeling of cordiality and kindness that
exists between the while and colored
and the owner of the store, while in the
ting that of national bauks: that smiles Wnttnn t JL
i o v wuuuouv;o
black I remblingly banging from the por- act of drawing a glass of cider for a
v. wui. u.tuUUUI a iVLlll .1 I if') n t
, 0w U'UUt
was opposed to the Sub Treasure
k:i, and all ill'orts of like character-
i. ..... . i " '
thero seem 3d notbmcr in tho do
, cf tho Alllauce that he could ap
u t von to tho free unlimited coin-.-
r wilver."
till- N-.iafor Call renliel. in a eir.
1" t :"" linninsj'.H stateua);it
"an ui.tpjahli ii and iibsolu'e and
1 1
: . v. van laieiiooa, ana tuat nouch
, i iv.-Moii Aas ever usod by bim and no
opini us ever entertained."
The Nfciic .Made.
Tlie made created a sensation,
v .ii.'i intensifies the Senatorial contest
T;:o following telegrams were received:
W vitiNuros', April 9. A. S. Mann,
l .i'.l ih.nsee, Fla. : Senator Call did, in my
-:vence, state that gold and silver were
tiiL only safo basis for circulating mo
.1: v.:m, and that the present national
h.i!king system was a good and safe one,
leaving the impression that bo did not
!.ir the sub treasury plan.
J. II. Turner, Secretary.
Also the following :
A. v Mann, Tallahassee, Fla. : I heard
P i:t of the conversation, and my geueral
rec i
a hard taonev m in. Ho said: "God
mado money." L L. Pclk.
Dr. MRoune, A. Wardall, and It. J.
SI ie, leading AHiancemen, sent simi
lar tylfgrams.
Call'H Reply.
Senator Call's socond reply to the Dun
ntni; letter appeared in circular form. It
eovers euht pages of foolscap. In a re-
iti ration of bis denial, together with ex
ir.icts trum his speeches in the Senate
v, i.b? muc the interviesv with tho Alii
m' t'li'-f" at Washington, the Senator
v ht.- vhsvon tinan'-'o at length, and
Mi-- t i n l .f which is to favor thy Alli-
n policy.
'1,3 a'hu ";'.xll i.Vt- letter? from .Senator
rui tn, Coke and others endorsing his
. ..irao in tho Senate.
fnr K.-itVi
biaes were conhJent.
The meetina: was Drai.lpul rTr h Tr
F. II. Batchelor, who rapped for order
at 8;15, and stated that he had been re
quested before the debate should open,
io present air. k. S. McKae with a sil
ver service as a token of the students'
ana faculty s appreciation of his kind
uess to the societies.
immediately afterwards, the
was read:
The Deed Was Done at Midnight and
the Rascal Stole $230 and Redeemed
His Pawned Clothes.
Special to State Chronicle.
Charlotte, N. 0., April 13. Char
lotte is considerably wrought up to-day en up and .disposed of.
over a rtflafnrrilv mnrW or.rr.ua un batnrday. tne Alliance met with.
Saturdavnirhtfthnntii.?.nnvirtnv :T10J opened doors and there was a big turn people of JNorth Carolina. The friendly
.v.x, iu uu I nnf At nna rJntnr Bnn Toi-oll I oHatij that thoTr olr,-. .- i f
Italian fruit, ftrnrn nn WP9t. TmHd otfaot -.j i t . i I -
ftr, oa " I, , rtUU488? twe peoxe in a speecn ernor Fowle are well known to all our
and near the Richmond & Danville rail- one houtf and three quarters in length, ;H,a0 Tf , . v i i
roadnW .TnVin r t;. and nleased the oeoole. His wife ac- Cltizeus' U was emphasized by their
companieu mm. ne is a moaest and "u " aiv ' iu
great little lady and received a warmer print the following eulogy delivered b
welcome irom tne Alliance sisters even rev t h. Thompson Teol.v T at.t,.
worth a thousand argumests to prove
that there is no race problem here, but
the races dwell together in peace and
concord. The following is the a'.hlress
meeting of the Great are the dispensations of Prnvi-
negro, was struck on the back of the
bead with a freight car coupling pin and on the and singing, and it was an
his skull was crushed, and he was robbed occasion of rare pleasux??.
of $230. - ' Resolutions expressive of the regret
Act Discovered in Twenty Minnies. nd ,sorr5wQ at fe def ' gnor
So nniptiv wa th00of n aA Fowle Dd Secretary cf State Saunders
so stunning the blow that the mnrder mu. .
u - rm t ix v t 11 iinrrnpi r
was not discovered by the police until countv Alliance - the second Friday and denca and deeP are the PurP0Sea ot iu
twenty minutes thereafter, when Ser- gafenrrUvin .Tnlvwill he held aft Wake tiaite wisdom. They are high we can-
geaut Higgler heard the groans of
ine dying man from the street
and went in and found him prostrated.
113 was carried to his bed uostairs and
Resolved. That Greece has had mo Sunday morning at ten o'clock he expir-
inQuenoe on the civilization of the world ed He neve.r was conscious from the
tnan Rome:" and the debate, wa nnnnA llme ne receivea tne ratal mow. lhe
by Mr. Howard Randthaler. of Salem. asssin's name is Henry Branham, a
lie wished it to be remembered thmntrh. egro gambler well known in the police
out the debate, that Rome was a e.nnvii. coarta of Charleston, Savannah and At-
vireeue an orieinator. sine crave the ulu uno UCDU uaugiug
aroanu ima store au aay, ana a lew min-
world popular government. There was
the origin of our own Republican idea.
ine lutluence of Greece can only be
measured by our success. Scholars pro
nounced her language the most perfect,
her literature the most original and
8ao'.ime ever spoken or written by man.
Our schools and especially our univer
sities are models of the Greciai. ller
teachings and her teachers were sought
and copied from then till now. Greek
llectiou is that he was emphatically slaves were Roman tutors; Roman youths
I he (iripp- hai Recti the Cntee of
Srvcrul .Itcrioii Deaths ol Very
Old I'coplc.
Illy the United Press.
Wiif.ei.ivg, W. Va., April 13. The
1 irippo has caused an extraordinary mor
tality amoug old people in this State
luring the pat week. From Green-
reported tne
studied in Grecian universities. When
the Persian hosts threatened to sub
merge Europe, beneath the waves of
Eastern luiury and effeminacy, the arm
of the Grecian soldier interposed an irre
sistible barrier.
Mr. F. C. Harding, of Greeuville,
followed for the negative: He admitted
Greece was great in her glory,
but her inlluence died with her.
A nation can only influence civiliza
Hon in one of tour ways 1 by conquest :
2 by colr.ouizatiou 3 byjeommercaand
by missionaries. Greece was deficient
in each, indeed, she conquered, but she
was assimilated. Home did all. Nations
must exjrt their inlluence either before
or after dath. Greoce's was great oolv
before death, and then only in a small
Rome conquered the world, sent mis
sionaries, and colonized it, and to-day
10,000,033 square miles of the earth are
people i by Romans of full blood; 8,
000,000, of half-blood.
Mr. F. H. Argo; of Raleigh, closed the
oflirmative. The Philosophy of Greece
is the Pnilosophy of the world to-day. It
developed our idea of God, and a future
life, By it the human mind was
prepared ior the reception of
Christianity. Rome received that idea
but under Roman care it was perverted.
utes, before he committed the murder
Mocco's son saw him in the store and
identified him Sunday morning. On his
person was found a handkerchief, in
which the pin was wrapped before the
murder. The handkerchief was soiled
with rust and a plain imprint of the pin.
Last Saturday night he sold the suit
of clothes he wore at the store to a col
ored porter at the Buford Hotel, and
Sunday morning when captured ne had
on a $7 silk hat, a fine biack cutaway
serge and a handsome pair of patent
leather shoes. These clothes were in
pawn, and Saturday night he redeemed
them with the money, and only $5 was
found upon his person Sunday morning.
The negro is suspected of the burglary
at the Buford House two weeks ago Sun
day night, when some one entered the
room of W. J. Johnson and took $209
and his watch and clothing. .
John B. Mocco, tho murdered
man, was an Italian, havingrtcsntly
come to America from Italy and directly
to Charlotte from Gaffaey City about
two months ago, since which time he
has been keeping a small fruit stand on
. Trn.fl street. Hf eonld peamr'.v
l-ricr county alone are
.1 . . ' nl a! .1 I t rr . 1 . I 1 .f Va. nttAn Al'tflllfAlmn
R'auis oi live women over vi. jears um wild mo uecay ui uot runou tnuanuu
as follows: Catharine Wilson, of Wil- it was buried, and.f or nearly onethous and
1: ttnsburg, aged 91; Mrs. Polly McClung, years, a hideous pall hung over the uni-
f MeadoA- Bluff, aged 93; Mrs. Polly verse. The mind of man seemed lost.
Flint, of Blue Sulphur, aged 93; Mrs. There was langour, stupor and lethargy.
U i.ibeth Frice, of Meadow Bluff, aged The curse of God fell upon man for the
'.n.and Mr. Elizabeth Wiley, of Antheny mis use and abuse of his religion. The
Civ.-k. a-ged 03. These deaths all oc- R nnaisance, which was tne revival
of Greek thought, according to Guizot
and Morris, to Greek influence, re
lea ed the mind of man, and thus gen
erated the influences that control the
world to-day.
Mr. Plato Collins, or iunston, ciosea
for the negative : Rome conquered
the world and then endeavored to
Christianize it. Her colonists amal
gamated with her conquered victims,
and thus she taught the barbarians how
to dress and live. She was practical
Greece was ideal. These barbarians be
came men, and hence came the German,
the Frenchman, and also the English
man, for the Roman conquest changed
the old England into a new, with Roman
life and thought. Thus has the Roman
hpen lastinsr.
The rejoinders were all happy and
telling, being chiefly a review of the
former arguments, but that of Mr. Col
Una esneciallv tine. He had re-
- t . .. , ,
tne ciose, auu
uru d within n few miles of each other
n one week. Mrs. Elizabeth Keyes died
i:i iMdiidge county, aged 99.
Hit Name wan Tuyleure and he Wrote
'Kit, the ArkunviH Traveller".
(By the United Press.
Nlw York, April 13. Clifton W. Tay
kuro newspaper writer, dramatist and
theatrical manager, was found dead in
"A yesterday at tho borne of his brother
is Brooklyn, where he has lived for a
month. Mr. Tayleuro wa3 55 years old. In
the war ho was tho editor of a newspaper
in Richmond Va. Ho also served in the
confederate army and gained the rank
? Colonel. Later he wrote the play
"h it, the Arkansas Traveller, and sold it
to Chanfruu. Ho was employed atone
and re-
?pi ak English, but was a quiet, well bt
haved citizen and his foul taking off has
greatly incensed the people of Charlotte,
and especially the twenty Italian-born
citizens cf the city. Knots of citizans
were gathered on the streets all day dis
cussing the propriety of lynching the
murderer Sunday night, ine plan was
to move on the jail while the people
were at church, but the plan leaked out,
and the Sheriff now has the jail guarded
with forty of the Mornet Nests reiflemn.
There will be no lynching to night, and
the intense feelings will cool down be
fore another twenty four hours. Sheriff
Smith assured the crowd Sunday after
noon they would have to walk over his
'dead body'' before they could lynch
this negro. The Sheriff is plucky, and
is determined to prevent lynching by a
mob however provoking ihe cause, me
criminal court meets to morrow, and
Henrv Branham will have immediate
The county commiswioners have made
the following appointments as list takes
and assessors for Wake county :
Barton's Creek-J. D. Allen, R. D
Honey cut and Dudley Reed.
Buckhorn T. J. Richardson, T. S
Booth and J. O. Judd.
Cary W. G. Crowder, J. B. Stedman
and H. B. Jordan.
Cedar Fork J. K. Gibson, M. L.
Carlton and W. M. Jackson.
Houses Creek S. H. Smith, J. T. Ed
wards and A. M. Sorrell.
Little River Eugene T. Jones. M. C.
Chamblee and J. W. Pulley.
Mark's Creek Averv Liles, Jno. W.
Smith and W. E Richardson.
Middle Creek - J. D. Ballentine. J. M
Griffis and J. L. Johnson.
Meu e River F. J. Hollo way, R. W.
Jfcffroys and E. S. Dunn-
New Light A. L Lyman, J. P. Beck
and D. A. Ray.
Oak Grove - J. M. Lynne, Q. B. Galley
and J. Li rugb.
Panther Branch James Adams, W
S. Turner and J. Wylie Jones
St. Mary's C. N. Allen, J. M.Baucom'
and P. W. Doud.
St. Matthews R. J. Buff aloe, A. It
Hodge and F. P. Williams.
Swift Creek-F. B. Gulley, F. R Gray
and L. D. Stephenson.
Wake Forest-Geo. E. Gill, J. A. St ell
and Dave Gill.
com ana a. u. Moore.
Holly Springs P. A. Norris, A. C.
Burt and N. G. Burns.
Raleigh List Takers -W. R- Worable,
C. S. Lambeth. Assessors W. A. Myatt,
G. M. Allen, T. B. Crowder.
not reach up to them; they are deep
we cannot fathom them; broad we can
not grasp them, and all His works are
incomprehensible. "His ways are past
rinding out." His is the greatness, the
power, the glorj, the victory and the
majesty. All of the dispensations of
God in the interest of His people are
attended with circumstances of dismay, neople."
tesy. On several occasions he de-eUirrd
himself as the friend of tho nero.'
did so upon one occasion in the rt
city or isew lor. lie nd th
here at his own home. Possibly r.o
and words of good cheer given by hita
on the occasion of the Emaueipiti.-n
Celebration the first day of this vear.
He spoke eloquently and earnestly the
convictions of his heart. He said it
would be his pleasure to aid us in any
possible way. With pleasure he had
watched the progrees of the colored
people and thought that they had
done commendably well. I thought
at the time that not a ruan
North or South could have been more
reasonable than he. I believed then and
now that Governor Fowle poke the real
conviction of his heart. Dear friends let
me say in good faith, we must make
friends with that class of men who are
able and willing to,aid us. We mast
here one people m interest, oneintHort,
haviog tne same aim and purpose i:i
view. I am satisfied that tho white peo
ple cf the State prefer us to foreigners
and strangers. We know them and tfccv
know us. W o need to come forward r.nd
. 1 J
present ourselves anu snow our upprc
ciation and identify ourselves wuh
great movements that interest and ton
cern us.
On the grave of our Governor let us
stop and shed a tear and strew flowers
npon it. Let us say to all, wo have lost
a friend in Daniel Gould Fowle. Let us
onvoke Heaven's b'.essingson the family,
on his successor in office and on all the
T '1
A Young Carolinian Injured.
(Special to State Chronicle.)
Greensboro, N. C, April 13. It was
learned here to-day that a man named
F. E Short, living at New Market, in
Randolph countv, was seriously injured
in a railroad wreck on the Louisville &
Nashville line Fridav last. He ha3 sued
the company for damages
Itaiy Won't Do It.
His ways of dealing with man and with
nations cannot be fully traced. Nations
and individuals are called upon to trust
in His righteousness. Infinite wisdom
does not lead U3 into the way that seems
most pleasant and agreeib.o to us; but
finds the way best for us. Israel
would not have chosen the passage across
the Red Sea, but the way which 6od
chose was salvation to them and destruc
tion to their enemies. In every onward
movement, or grand deliverance, or
chastisement for the good of people.
Go:l accomplishes his designs without
the aid of mortals. His way is hidden
from the wise and great. Through s;ul
experiences we are often led to a knowl
edge of His ways. God's purposes are
fulfilled by the means cf agents. Indi
viduals, nations and governments aro
all agents of (red fulfilling His will and
pleasure. All of the contingents ncces
sary to the certain development and ac
complishment of Heaven's pleasure pro
vided for in tho concentration of God's
providences. Men of great endow
ment fitted for the peculiar
and specific work marked out by
the Divine hand, come into :.ositicn not
m an ordinary way, out in a manner
that stirs tne deepest sensation, breads
fit; monotony and n&rmcny oi oxd ana
long established usages. They set men
to thinking and investigating, the new
oider of things, and comparing them
with the old systems, till a better and
healthier order of things is formed.
Stewart Ellisou made some
ing remarKs on tne me ana
touch -charac
ter of the Governor; ho said that Gover
nor Fowle was a good man, a friend to
the colored people.
Mr. Ellison moved that the address cf
Dr. Thompson be sent to the Daily
Chronicle for publication. The motiou
was seconded by Noi fleet Jeffreys and
was unanimously adopted by the congre
Proposals lor Building a Handsome
Structure Advertised For.
Who will build the Union Depot ?
This i3 the question now ; the Chroni
cle contains an advertisement to-day
We trace the hand of God in ail ap;es
of tho world m tho revolutions and
changes wrought to secure tho advance
ment and elevation of mankind. God's
plan always makes man a party and co
worker in tne development oi every
scheme in the interest of humanity.
There is nothing on which the progress
of nations, societies, denominations
and institutions so much depends
or which enters
Apps from tho 11th District were
disposed of as follows on yesterday:
State vs. Austin & Brooks put to
end of District.
Stato vs. Stubbs, from Catawba;
argued by Attorney General for State,
no counsel for defendant.
Brown vs. Walker, from Mecklen
burgappeal withdrawn by consent.
Cleveland Cotton Mills vs. Commis
sioners, from Cleveland argued by W.
J. Montgomery and J. F. Sehcnck (by
brief) for plaintiff; B.itchelor iV Devereux
for defendants.
Brown vs. Miller, from Mecklenburg
argued by Gsorgc F. iiason for plaintiff,
Jonc: Sc Tiilttt (by brief) fcr deieLdam.
Beam vs. Bridgers, from Rutherford
submitted on. printed brief cf Justice &
Justice for plaintiff.
Pulps vs. Mock, from Alexander
argued by R. B. Burke for plaintiff.
Jones & Lerner ud n . 1.
brief) for defendant.
Long vs. Oxfoid-
Hoiser vs. McGinnas. from Gaston
argued by George F. Bason and Jones
& Tillett (by brief) for plaintiff no coun
sel contra.
Twelfth District appeals will be called
much depends cn next Monday as follows:
more lully into ocaie vs. iseis; jnomas vs. iiunsucier;
wuoLin.i (oy
put; to end of Dis-
asking for proposals for the building of the great changes that mark the progress Lanning vs. Commissioners; MaBshall vs.
the bids to
this magnificent structure,
close on the 27th inst.
From Engineer Hood, who has the
work in charge, and General Manager
Winder the Chronicle learned yesterday
that the work would be begun as soon
thereafter as possible and that the depot,
or main part of it. would be ready for
use by the opening of the Great South
ern Inter State Exposition.
Bank; Plemmons vs. Improvement Com
pany; Wilson vs. Clark; Dover vs. Rhea;
Rumbough vs. Improvement Company;
Gudger vs. Penland; Meredith vs. Rail
road. Appeals at the end of the docket will
be called under rule 8 at the close of the
argument of those from the 12th Dis
trict (probably on Wednesdav. April
The Meetine at the Tabernacle.
time tho Baltimore Amoncan
entlv he edited the Lone Branch News. aat.waA hi strength for
J w m wx r- . .
Heart disease is supposed to have been wnen he na(j finished, many of the friends
thy cause of death. nf him and hi3 colleagues thought, the
(By Cable to State Chronicle.)
Rome, Apul 13. Nothing new is dis
coverable here in this diplomatic situa
tion. The dispatch printed by the Paris
Journal Des Debats is believed to refer
to a rumor current last week whioh has
no . been confirmed.
of civilization and culture than the
agency of great men of great comprehen
sive minds. Great minds are endowed
for great works. In this the wisdom of
God is manifested, in bringing upon the
stage from time, men competent to in
troduce changes and retorms, to give to
society and affairs a new start. By a
single act of a truly great mind the con
dition of a nation has been changed in 223) in the following order
a day and lifted to a higher level in the fotate vs. Hall, Joues vs. Cotton, Grant
scale of human excellence, and the work vs. Railroad, Whitehead vs. Whitehurst,
of a generation accomplished, which Emry vs. Railroad, Grubb3 vs. Insnranco
The revival at the Baptist labernacle ,winnmer,t.. He who endows and Linde. Wool vs. Secretary of State. Pow-
is increasing in interest with every day sends forth kaows tbe end and purpose ers vs. Erwin, Euliss vs. McAdam3, Bar
and night. Sunday was a day of power 0f His decrees. "He sees from the begin- bee vs. Barbee, Watts vs. Warren, Bai-
The church was filled at ning to the end." Heaven endows lard vs. Gay, Mitchell vs. Mitchell,
some men with great originality, acute- uavie vs. uavis, iatterson vs. uoocn,
ness and force, whereby to develop great woodlief vs. Bragg, Tunstall vs. Cobb,
principles; to give systematic form and tfiacKnau vs. Rowland, uogers vs. lianK,
order to the progress of education and Taylor vs. Sikes, 'Ihorp vs. Minor,
civilization. The force of circumstances
and conditions of society bring to the
front the providential agents fitted for
the emergency. Heaven gives the ca
pacity, then evokes it to give to develop
the inherent skill, energy, strength and
Ii iliaiiH Afraid the Amcrian Ports Will jne Dl'd are happy and rejoicing
be Closed to Them. a winninff ideas were these: An
negative had won the debate, out tne
committee decided for the affirmative,
v,a ?irinr thfl nra the victory, io
(By Cabled
Rome, April 13. Among the lower
order j the complication is having
aontrary effect. The people seem to
anticipato that tho gates of the American
paradise aro about to be shut on Italians,
and thero is a rush to get in before they
eio-uj. Tho ports aro thronged wuu in
tending emigrants and families, from
Patriarch to the bab?, can be seen xx&
King along tW .i;hways that leads to
'"tyl departure. The authorities
v 3 vking effort to discourage emigra
tut without effect.
He Ito&iwd 81,500 Damagei.
Special to the Chronicle.
of Catawba College, oc of the students
aho was badly injured
The winning ideas were
presentation of the influence
Renaissance, and Rondthalers
summary, as follows:
The Roman idea was conquest; hence
his influence was physical. The Grecian
was liberty freedom to think and to
act; hence his influence was spiritual
and intellectual; and we must remember
civilization is the overcoming of the
physical by the spiritual and intellectual.
At the last meeting of the Historical
Society Dr. Battle gave a carefully pre
pared lecture on three of our Colonial
Governors who have been very much
misunderstood Johnston, Tryou and
They were here in the interest of Eng
land and for the enforcement of English
This Confirms the Statement.
(By Cable.)
Paris, April 13 The Rome corres
pondent of the Journal Des Debats tele
graphs that he is able to confirm the re
centlv published statement that unless
the Italian government receives a speedy
and satisfactory reply to its last commu
nication on the subiect of the New
happy I Orleans lynching, the American Min
ister will be handed nts passports.
of the
Barry Sullivan, the Actor, Dying.
(By the United Press.)
London, April 13. Barry Sullivan,
the famous English tragedian, is dying.
He is sixty-seven years old.
and blessing.
every service and at the night meeting a
arge number asked for prayer and sev
eral made a profession of religion. The
services will ba continued this week as
heretofore at 3:30 p. m. and 7:30 p. m
Mauteo Lodge No. 8 I. O. O. F.
Herndon vs. Insurance Company, Wil
liams vs. Neville, Hart vs. Hart, How
land vs. Farlaw, Stewart vs. Register,
Gilchrist V3. Middleton.
Meets in regular session to night and
will confer the second degree. Matters
of importance to every one will be pre
sented. A good attendance is desired.
By order N. G. Geo. L. Tonnoffski.
In the Episcopal church at Warren
ton last Monday Mr. Henry Faulkner to
Miss -Sarah White, .eldest daughter of
Oapt. W. J. White President of the
Warrentou Railroad. They are two
of Warrenton's most deservedly popular
The Pulpit and the Stage.
Rev. F. M. Shrout, Pastor United
Brethren Church, Blue Mound, Kan.,
says: "I feel it my duty to tell what
wonders Dr. King's New Discovery has
done for me. My Lungs were badly dis
eased, and my parishoners thought I
could live only a few weeks. I took five
bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery
and am sound and well, gaining 26 ibs.
in weight."
Arthur Love, Manager Love's Funny
Folks Combination, writes: "Atter a
thorough trial and convincing evidence,
1 am confident Dr. King's New Discov
erv for Consumption, beats 'em all, and
cures when every thing else fails. The
greatest kindness I can do my many
thousand friends is to urge them to try
it." Free trial bottle at John MacRae's
Drug Store. Regular sizes 30c and $1.
the recent
r.vcK on i'.io ,,..a oHWnd a
r ,,1 iiwt ) lOW NCWIUU, u .- .
rul just ' , u:,rnad company
, .nfomun Willi njv - .
! v wliuh ho receives fci,-
. -
law. . . . Mi young people. They are absent now on
To iudge their characters correctly, iJ&JLAriai
oc must place ourselves on the English
. . j
00 damages.
Son-in-Lav Dead.
(By the United Press.)
f.NGTON, Del., April 1.3 -The
I U Count Lowenhaught is announc
l . Jia vmtl7 married to Miss
' fi ih occurred this morntog The
f r 0f Count Lowenhaught too
a Northern bridal tour.
Citv Election Pollholders.
The following pollholders have been
appointed by the Board of Aldermen to
serve at tne coming muuiuipdi wov-nw .
First Ward C. C. Crow and W. W.
Second Ward B. F. Womble and W.
F. Debnam.
Third Ward M. B. Barbee ana J.
If you want to enjoy your meals
power to accomplish the end designed, strengthen your digction with Simmoua
This was most true of Adam. God
gave him the ability and then tested it
bv bringing the creatures beiore mm in
order that he might name them. There
is an inherent latent capacity stored in
the depths of a man's being like
the precious ores in the earth unless
called up from without it remains
passive. The culminating disorders of
Liver Regulator.
South Carolina Will Coin".
nt ten days ago.
- v . , c..l i J
side His lecture siiowea careiui aiuuy
and 'thought, and brought out some new
and interesting facts concerning those
officers. v-
TakeTsimmons Liver Regulator to
keep the bowels regular. . One dose is
worth 100 dollars.
T.t w,n the New York Tribune
iAPt. . nana was nn T Watts.
o?toXTOwttirwi Fourth Wabd-F. M. Lampkin and
tlUltViwtYot Wm. Mitchell. w
S? roSl to that of the President- Fifth Ward Ed. Dobbind .G. H.
"r;n,y;flar i wuiiams.
This is what you ought to havo in
fact, you must have it, to fully enjoy
life. Thousands are searching for it
daily, and monrning becaute they find it
not. Thousands upon thousands of dol
lars are spent annually by our petela in
the hope that tney may attain tms Doon.
And yet it may be had by all. We guar
antee that Electric Bitters, if used ac
cording to directions and the use per
sisted in, will bring you. Good Digestion
and oust the demon Dyspepsia Elnd in
stall instead Eupepsy. We recommend
Electric Bitters for Dyspeysia and ail dis
eases of Liver, Stomach and Kidneys.
Sold at 50c. and $1.00 per bottle by
I John i . iicttae, aruggiau
A letter to Secretary J. T. Patrick
from Mr. S. A. Brown, edi jr of tho
county paper of Marlboro county, South
Carolina, assures him that there will be
societies, nations, denominations bring a mo3t creditable display at the great
forth the revolutions, changes ana re- Exposition from that county and section
forms, which give opportunity for tho 0f the State. The main exhibit will be
exercise of ready skill, in store for the 0f beautiful and hard wood,
emergency. Thy way ii in the sea and Patrick also receives letters daily
thy path in the great waters, and thy fr0m railroads all over the North, South,
foot-steps are not known. and West, assuring him that they are
The Providence that calbd the chief readv to make reduced rates to the Ex-
of this commonwealth, so suddenly irom position.
us, from the head ot a fetaie anu a ioeu
family is shrouded in mystery. By this
many may be brought to consider Him
who worketh all things according to the
counsel of his own will T-t us humble
ourselves before Goa in great reverc-nee
and bumble submission, r'cr paith lie,
"Be still, and kuow that 1 am God.
We may bo asked why do we interest
ourselves in a memorial rmeurg? v ny
are we moved with sympathy and mourn
the loss of t"e Chief of t:.i.-: cornm n-
wpalrh? 1 will 11 vou the reason t- Our
grat-.men and rulers are ihe common
property ot all. Tine grea-; men o
nations live in tho ht.-.rts e: it.-- p-oj ie.
Ii is the pride of the Stnte ro boast ot
their great men. We assembbs ourselves
Porty Dcuths Pioin La-ripie.
(By the United Press.)
New York, April 13. There were
forty deaths from grippe in tin's city
during the past forty eight hours.
A Scrap of Paper Saves Her Life.
It.was just an ordinary scrap of wrap
ping paper, but, it saved her life. She.
was in the last stages of consumption,
told by physician.3 that she was incura
ble and could live only a short time; sho
weighed les3 than seventy pounds. On
a piece of wrapping paper she read of
Dr. King's New Discovery, and got a
satnfsio bottle. It helped her, she bought
a larwbottle, it helped her more, bought
another and grew better fast, continued
itstise and is now strong, healthy, rosy,
plump, weighing 140 pounds. For fur
ther particulars send stamp to H.
rsnlfi. Drasreist. Fort.. Smith. Trial bot-
sary, but .usually pleasant and affable, tle3 of this wonderful Discovery free at
treating ail WHU CJuaiuertiuuii auu wui- i u uuu j.. wMnwv w wtt-m
to do honor to our
to express our high
with all otsers. v
we, as a peopi, a
emrt-M Chis-ftHi-il
regard in
b ro show that
unmindtul uor
,va;: a Chiisti in,
a jcaa' ofrccllent parts. '.He was a
nn'mhve Riyiractcr. severe wnen neeas
e Wl;
; not
r. m ' . VI I
ungrateiul. uov. rom
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