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Is it New Berne, New
Bern, Newberne New
burn or Newberh?
citizens left and the town for three
years was in the hands of the U .
S. troops; a large number of persons
came to Newberne du:ing the war
and went into business. The post
office, and every office both town
and county, the banks, the news-
An Offer to Sell the Famous and
Beautilni Mingnam scnoui
The famous Bingham School has
been moved to Asheville, N. C.,for
private reasons that can be stated
11 .1 i .1 m 1 iKWHHL 111 a ri)iii;i 1 1 1 m: iiiMri"incrp 1 - 1. 1 ;ii 1 ...
paper, were an in tne nanus 01 - on application, x win maciuic
those who had recently settled here. celebrated m Winston last disp0Se of all this desirable school
The stamps at the postoffice were J6"- tt"v property, famed for its beauty, the
News Items From Progressive Wins
Special to State Chrostccle.
Winston, N. C, July -22. :
the hands of Somewhat of a romantic marriage
Jackson SDrinos
WA r.
Interesting Correspondence in Ral
eigh to the Spelling of the Name.
How do you spell the name of
the Eastern metropolis on the
2s e use?
This question has been often
nsked, and variously answered. The
following correspondencs will prove
of interest:
Department of Interior,
U. S. Geological Survey,
Geographic Branch,
Washington, D. C., June C, '91.
To the City Clerk:
Dear Sir : I find great un
certainty in spelling the name of
your city. It is spelled Newbern,
iNewberne, New Bern, New Berne,
I take the liberty of appealing to
you to inform us as fully as possible
what the usage is in the official
documents of the city.
In case you have information at
hand I should be glad to know
under what name the city was
Very respectfully,
Henry Gannett,
Chm'n Ex. Com. on
Geographical Names.
to New-Berne, the newspaper was
headed New-Berne, the city and
county officers all spelled it New-
Berne. This change was made by
enmrmrative stransrers without a
x - G ..
scintilla of law or authority.
I enclose you a hand-bill just
issued by our city authorities in re-
card to some ordinances in which
adaptability to military or other
. .. . a i il
school pnrposes. onuaiea on me
Richmond & Danville system, htty
miles from the State Capital, in the
centre of the State. Nearly every
one who passed the location rem em
at this time changed from Newbern fr a position in a family as govern- eaithfuiness of its location and its
ess several monms ago. j. gentle
man in Texas saw the announce
ment and answered it. In his first
letter he stated that he did not want
a governess, but a wife was what he
was looking f3r. Correspondence
was kept up which resulted in a
union. The contracting parties are
Robert X. Cannon, of Texas, and
you will see that in a few lines the Mrs- Mary P. Guthrie, of Wins- chards? beautiful lawn, 380 acres of
name of the city is spelled JNew- rull . . . productive land. I have spent over
xiie nauwav vumuiissiun assess a . a. i -nrm
the railroads in this county for tax
es $322,941.
An effort is being made here for
the establishment of a chewing gum
factory, and the men behind the en
terprise consider it almost a cer
New Hotel.
An All-the-year-round
Health Resort.
bers it. Barracks, recitation rooms, For Dispepsia, Chronic Diarrhoea,
bern, New Bern, New-Berne. To
the eye of a stranger this must ap
pear not only inconsistent but lu
dicrous. -
Very respectfully,
William H. Oliver.
mess hall, furniture, professors'
rpsidences. bath houses, &c, or
$30,000 improving the placer Will
sell at greatly reduced price. Ad
dress, Mrs. Wm. Bingham,
Bingham School, N. C.
neavbern is adopted.
Department of Interior,
U. S. Gelogical Survey,
Geographic Branch,
Washington, D. C, June 30, '9l.
Wm. . Oliver j Esq.,
Newbern, N. C,
Dear Sir : I have to acknowl
edge your great courtesy in furn
ishing me information regarding
the proper spelling of the name cf
your city, and particularly in en
trusting to me a volume of the
laws of North Carolina 1793. I
examined the latter with interest
and return it to you, and trust it
will reach you safely.
The fact which you have given
me will doubtless lead the board to
the adoption of the spelling f the
name Newbern.
Sincerely yours,
Henry Gannett,
Chm'n Ex. Com. on
Geographical Names.
He Must Have "Got Left" on Fu
Its Wonderful Effect on the Liver,
Stomach, Bowels. Kidneys and
Dr. Mozley's Lemon Elexir is a
pleasant lemon drink that positively
By The United Press. cures all biliousness, constipation,
Chicago, July 22 A man sup- indigestion, all sick and nervous
nosed to be insane Dushed his wav headaches, kidney diseases. Dizzi-
into the Board of Trade a little be- ness, loss ot appetite, levers, chills,
fore noon to-day and fired three palpitation of heart, and all other
shots into the crowd. He evidently diseases caused by disordered liver,
had no intention of killing any one
in particular as he fired recklessly.
The shooting caused intense excite
ment for a time until it was discov
ered that no one was hurt. The
man was arrested and taken to the
central station.
Our Navy.
Newbern, N. C, June 10, '91.
Henry Gannett, Esq., Chairman
Ex. Committee, etc:
Dear Sir: Yours to our City
Clerk has been handed to me with
request that I would reply to it.
From the earliest information
that I can obtain up to the year
1862 the name of the town was
jpelled Newbern. The name under
which it was chartered was New
bern. I send you a bound copy of
the Acts of the General Assembly
published in'1793. By reference to
it you will see the laws passed by
the General Assembly which was
then held at Newbern, N. C, while
under King George the II and King
George III. In numerous places,
in fact all over the book, reference
is made to the town of Newbern, N.
C. One among the very first acts
is in regard to Newbern, N.
C, dating back to 1715.
I send you a copy of the charter of
the town of Newbern, chartered by
act of General Assembly in 1723.
A number of amendment shave been
made but no change has legally been
made in spelling Newbern. New
bern was settledjand named in 1710.
Incorporated 1723.
I send you a copy of the Acts of
the GenerallAssembly held at Eden
ton, N. C, George I, the 23d day
of November, 1723: Whereas, A
certain plot of ground was formerly
laid out into a township by the name
of Newbern, same is declared, con
firmed, and incorporated into a
township by the name of Newbern.'
In 1866, General Assembly
"North Carolina: "That the corpor
ation heretofore existing as the
Town of Newbern, shall hereafter
be established and known as the
City of Newbern."
Refer to Hawks report, Supreme
Court of N. C, case, Vestry of the
Protestant Episcopal church o
Newbern vs. Trustees Newbern
Academy, argued by William Gas
ton and John Stanly, all through
the case it is Newbern. Judge
Gaston and Mr. Stanly doubtless
knew the legal name of it. A large
number of the old citizens have
always continued to spell it New
In 1862 Newbern was captured
by the forces under General Burn
side. At the capture nearly all the
The Electric Railway.
Vigorous work is now
pushed in regard to our street cars.
Mr. J. C. George, of the Raleigh
Street Railway Company, Mayor
Badger and Alderman Stronach,
chairman of Street Committee,made
an inspection of several streets upon
which Mr. George desires to extend
he line of the electric road yester
day, and no doubt this extension
will be made. This was one great
defect about the horse car line, it did
not go far enough.
A reporter made a tour yesterday
and inspected the work. At the
corner of West and Jonesmasons
are busy on the foundation to the
car sheds and motor house, and
fBv the Dinted Press. ;
Washington, D. C, July 22
The navy department has received
a despatch announcing the depart
ure of the Iroquois from Honolulu
for Apia Samoa, at which place
6he is expected by August 4th.
stomach and kidneys, the first great
ennsp. of nil fatal tlispases. Fiftv
cents and $1 per bottle. Sold by 4""-
all druggists. Prepared only by
H. Mozley, M. D., Atlanta, Ga.
This new health rpsnilTT
four miles from West End, on y
Aberdeen and West End iNiirr ,
about fifteen miles somLw ;
Southern Pines. The Abc-r.1
and West End Railroad is a W?
from the Raleigh and Auguta j l
Line Road, and is the Individ
enterprise of Mr. A. F. pare ul 7
rcw oi its caure construc
tion and equipment.
Jackson Springs Hotel is situate
in the very heart of what is kno
as the
Long-Lea! Pine and DeeD Sand
of North. Carolina, and which ha
been so well termed the great San.
tarium for those suffering from atL.
matic and pulmonary diseases. Tie
climate being one of the mot tl.
Balmy Breezes of the Long-leaf i lightful in the South, having nitn
Pine and Deep-sand Section tor j ral deep sand and drainage, anl
Pulmonary and Asthmatic balmy healing odors of the lon"i,.af
Troubles. pine, the invalid cannot Ik In l,m
improve irom the day ot his or W
Mcpherson & Thompson, arrival.
The neighborhood is settled lv
the descendants of that hardv
brawny and hospitable raiv,
Runninz far' back beyond the the Scotch, whose hearts are evw
, i i , ..-l 1 vuvii iiv.iv.uuib an lj rui:it-
Wo noo wkLi v, a, o ci;ri The.value of the Jackson Spring
rock-bed some sparkling springs, the a rm21r aa em !
flow of which forms a little rivulet
of clear, cold, effervescing water,
carrying in its liquid depths many
of Nature's remedial and curative
Cystitis, Kidney Troubles,g J
Cholera Infantum
and Debility.
proprietors .
West End, Moore County, N, C.
These have lonsr been known to
the neighborhood as
. For coughs and colds,
Lemon Hot Drops.
luuieMioii in an oi us iorms, rar.
ticularly dyspepsia and diarrhaitl
diseases, kidney and bladder trou
bles, dropsy, cystitis and all debili
tating causes is well known.
The healing influences of inhal
ing the odors of the long-leaf pine
and living in and breathing tl
pure atmosphere of this deep sand
drainage is not to be disputed.
"We desire to extend to all vLc
Killed on the Rail.
Lockhaven Pa., 22 The en
gine offast pasenger train on the
Bald Easle Valley railroad ran Prepared only by Dr. H. Mozlev.
over a cow, lb miles West ot this Atlanta.
city this
was thrown
from the track and "A word to the wise is sufii-
engineer Frank Wood was killed, cient" Bradycrotine relives peri-
and fireman Wm. Spiker injured, odic headaches and leaves no bad
C. E. Wait of this city, who was after effect.
riding on the engine was seriously
Jackson Springs.
For many years, that the waters
of .Tnelcsnn SJnrinnrs nosspsspd min. L. , :i i.. .1:
jtor sore throat and bronchitis, rni hTi wPrP wpr.L. n .r. t.c., ..t- .v
n1m T ti T r-i " r cases an iuc uenen i s which aiure
T7 i i i o uas cu uviiuicuusiy . ucsiuniu upun
x'ui pueuuiuuiH aim luij.igeu, fop indi;iestioni dyspepsia, CVStitis, Tn rtn'a .ml T,o
dropsy, diarrhceal, and, in fact, all the Jackson Springs Hotel, and in-
aeonitating anections, was Known vite the public to its hospitality at
oniy to tne lew wno naci locatea ana reasonable rates.
made their homes in the immediate For further particulars addres
neighborhood. But so remarkable
had been the effects uDon those who. McPHERSON & THOMPSON.
after finding their medicinal quali- West EndMoore Co., X. C.
lwentv-five cents at dru"fnsts. Li . . n , .
, , TT .fco, tneir mnuences, mat tneir reputa-
tion could not be confined to so
small a limit, and rapidly through
take Lemon Hot Drops.
tor consumption and catarrh,
take Lemon Hot Drops.
For hemmorrhage and all throat
and lung diseases, take Lemon Hot
An elegant and reliable prepara
Appointment by the President.
Roanoke Female College,
Danville, Va.
Has no suDerior in the South. Rich
est Scholarship in Ancient and Modern
Languages, Sciences, Music, and Art.
nana Drawing, UalUthenlcs and Elo-
ByThe United Press.
Cape May, N. J.. July 22.
have nearly finished. When this is The President nominated Henry E. cution free. Terms very moderate.
aone tne irame worK wm pe quicKiy Nichols to be a commander in the
completed. The car shed is to be m. S. Navy to-day.
r. n r j a t i ..
uvxju ieei, ana me engine room in
Thirty-third Annual Session Onens
September 2nd. Send for catalogue.
... . J. T. AVERETT.President.
J. C. C. DUNFORD, Ass't Pres.
the rear where the dynamos will be Exodus ot Jews.
run is 35x50. There is a switch at
the corner of Hillsboro street, and By Cable.l
they are now busy laying the track Berlin, July 22. There are ar-
trom there to the car sheds, and riving at Hamburg daily about six
have it nearly conipleted. New hundred destitute Jews. A notice
rails have been placed on Hargett has been published by the British
and Morgan streets to replace the Consul there warning the Jews of
old ones. The company propose to the futility of their going to Great
use the present track as far as pos- Britain in expectation of securing
sioie, out whenever any new track employment.
!?!! ! "Ill . I
is iaiu neavier rails will oe put in
and this will be done when repair
ing the track.
Mr. G. T. Flan ders, of the paint
ing and ornamental department of
A Woman at the Bottom of It.
By the United Press.
Alexandria, Va., July 22.
the J. G. Brill Car Company, of Geo S Smith was shot and killed
Philadelphia, Pa., is in the city for
the purpose of repainting and orna
A- A 1 t t
meuung me nanasome new cars
which were sent here last spring
to-night by Jefferson Phillips.
Yesterday they had seme words
over a woman. Smith was one of
Alexandria's most enterprising
but afterwards sent to4 Charlotte to cozens and was for a long time
be used in the opening of that line. lieutenant of the capitol police force
Already tour cars loaded with " au&vih -
Tails have arrived. The engine and
machinery is ready to be put in as
soon as the house is finished and al
4 Al a! .1 1
togemer me ouiiook is very encour
The Collee Crop.
By the United Pre
Washington, D. C, July 22
The Bureau of American Renuhlirs
TT St -n 1 . A
orman, isq., a native has received word from Guatpmnln
of this city, arrived here last night, that the coffee harvest for 1890
to the satisfaction of his friends, will reach 7,000,000 quintals rep-
xi. uuimau utis m iuudo ior ine resenting $lb,UUU,UUU. In ten
1 i. C 1 i I .
iubt lew years,anu is attorney lor the years production has more than
Union Pacific Rpilroad in that doubled, and the price realized has
section, incidentally, ne remarked more than Quadrupled. Tho " I - .
Af a t ' i jl i s:i ip a cn rrnrr nnrtrt-n mn
imu unless a vouiiEf man was nt a h nrnnpan Tnoi-i-Dta r,nnr0 m:n i,
pronounced ability in some narticu. lnro-pW ,nl? J T5:i ance power cotton press.
i i J W V f M. A. XJ LAJ. nir. iiiax. Ill
lar lino he t Duld not hope to sue- harvest, which is nine millions ba-s L . R W Y A
ceea. competition mere is great. I this year. jiw oi iqqi
All! kinds of Grass and
Clover Seeds, now ar
' riving in store. Fresh
Crimson or Annual
Clover Seeds. Also
Southern Prize Turnip
beeds at 25c. per pound,
' ' j or by the bushel whole
1 gale. This is a valua
ble variety, producing
large white turnips, T
good quality, very har
dy and best turnip for
salad. Will stand cold
est weather without
protection. These seeds
-"j are all fresh, carefully
grown, and best selected
, .seeds "on the market.
My special Grass and
Clover Seed mixtures
give spendid results
. wherever used. Prices
are given for quantity
sufficient to seed an
acre or more. If de
sired I shall also take
pleasure in quoting the
price per bushel of any
of.- the above named
Latest improved farm implements,
engines, boilers, saw mills, etc., for
Head carefully the following tes
timonials from those who have been
benefitted and cured lv the use of
. nr j a j : I
uuli,luulc auu xmu aujommg coun- the Jackg0n Springs Water:
A. ' A A 1 . 1 I 1
ties, went ine giaa names to tne
afflicted ones.
Visitors from the surrounding Iter. W. S. Lacy, D. D., Thinks iu
country became frequent and nu- Effects llarvelous.
merous, and their tay of longer Messrs. McPherson & TnoMrsox.
v. I West End. N.
UU1" WU 1110 fccb mat many Dear Sirs-I am verr hanov to be able
small cabins were erected, and often to grte vou my testimony to the excel
whole families would drop in and lenceof the Jackron Springs Water as
remain for a week or more; cooking cific, in all forms of dyspepsia, and as
in the open air, sleeping in tents or tonic when the diarestive powers haye
wagons, and caring for themselves case, or have been oVer-taxed and dis-
in the old-fashioned camD-meetinpr ordered.
More recently the reputation nd March. 1884. after recovering from
Jackson Springs Water became s peeks' confinement and much long-
a C3 I .r 1 1 m.ca ftnrlv A 1 with oi-knarita
much talked of, that very shortly a very poor and hard to please, and being
days. I drank the water freely and its
enectswere marvelous. Mystrengtn
rapidly returned, my appetite was re
stored, and my improvement was, even
ior so snort a time, very marted, ana
the effect continued long after my re
turn 1 iine. -
Mrs. Lacy was a sufferer from dys
pepsia In agravated form for two year,
so that she was much enfeebled and
confined for five months to her bed.
She first used the water bottled, and the
result was so satisfactory that as soon
as she could bear the journey she was
taken to the Springs, remaining three
weeks. The water has proven so ben
eficial in her case that it is a matter cf
wonder and thankfulness to all her
friends. She visited tne Springs a
second summer with like marked un-
.577 srrs.
and some 700 acres of long-leaf pine
and deep sandy land surrounding
it. samples ot the water were
taken to our State Agricultural
Experiment Station for analysis, the
result of which is as follows:
Ajtabtlis Ho. 6,147.
No. Ca. Agricultural Dipt,
Experiment Statioh.
Ralmgh, N. C, Jan. 3, 1890.
Sir: The sample of mineral
water sent to the Station for analy
sis, in a demijohn, marked P. M.
Wilson, contains an evaporation,
per U. S. gallon
Sulphate of Potash.
ftuipnate oi teoda i . ; 263
Chloride of Soda.!.. 825
(jarDonate oi Soda... .578
Carbonate of Lime 1.721 "
Carbonate of Magnesia. 833 "
Oxide of Iron and Aluminum .181 "
Sodium Phosphate Trace
Silica. 2.567 grs.
Total ....7.546 "
Your obedient servant,
H. B. Battle, Sbal.
To P. If. Wilson,
Raleigh, N. C
Upon receipt of this analysis the
vhwji una uiuscu, ana tne pur-
cnasers have erected near the
Springs a new and comfortable
hotel, fitted it out anew, and it is
now open to the public as
Jackson Springs Hotel.
provenent, and it is to b era ventaoie
Bethesda, a pool of healing, a Mecca
of health. Whenever jaded or inn
down, or whenever feeling depression
or suffering occasioned by indigestion,
a week or a month at Jackson Springs
is the potent remedy that answers all
demands. . Very truly yours,
Wm. S. LACY.
The Manse, 68 BoushSt ,
Norfolk, Va,, May 1. 1891.
The Fall Term opens September 1st,
1891. New building with modern im
provements. Electric lights, hot and
cold water baths, etc. Location on a
hilL Excellent climate. For cata
logue address,
7-Q-2m. Oxford, . C .

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