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The State Chronicle the
only paper published in the
State that has a Special
The State Chronicle has th
Largest Circulation of any
Daily Paper published in
North Carolina.
Leased Wire.
;qual and ExaGt Justice to fill Men, o! Whatever State or Persuasion, Religious or PolitiGa'e Fhos. Jetferson.
Vol. IX. No. 126.
P1 flfir
Great Indignation Ex
pressed in Houston
at the Outrage.
Tl Lives of Women Plated in
Jeopardy Two Saloon Keep
ers Arrested.
(Atlanta Journal.)
Houston, Texas, July 30.
Some two months ago Rev. Sam
Jones held a revival here andetirred
up the town.
As a result of his work the gam
bling houses were closed up and the
Sunday closing law was enforced,
and a number of citizens formed a
league to see that the
Since then there have been two
factions in the city, one favoring
law and its carrying out, and
another element condemning the
law6 and denouncing Sam Jones
Last night he was secured to
lecture here at Ilutchins Park
lavUion and he had a large au
dienee, composed principally of
adies, who occupied the pavilion.
It had been given out during the
day that a crowd of toughs had
been promised ten kegs of beer to
but this was discredited.
However, just as he was in the
middle oi ins discourse tnelignt went
out and a shower of egS from the
outside was thrown in on the
pavilion, most of which
. Just then the cry of lire was
raised, and the audience began to
stampede, and some one on the
outside began to break up sticks so
that the noise would cause them to
think the pavilion was crashing.
At this juncture cooler men rose
to their feet and got the assemblage
quiet. After a lapse of five min
utes the hall got lit up again and
Mr. Jones
for a brief period.
But seeing the ladies were greatly
excited he soon brought it to a close.
There is the greatest indignation
orer the outrage and a reward will
be offered for the arrest of the guilty
Those who themselves are not
Sam Jones' disciples are indignant
because of the
in the city being jeoparded and
also insulted by being egged.
Two arrests have been made and
more will follow.
The parties arrested are Gus
oauter and John Roesalar, both
saloon keepers.
Protecting Behriac Sea Fisheries.
Very little has been heard from
Senator Vance since the cablegram
that he threw up everything except
his seat in Congress on the sea voy
age. North Carolinians will be in
terested in anything that interests
the junior Senator whether at home
or abroad. Rev. R. A. Young, D.
D., of Tennessee, is traveling in Eu
rope and met Senator Vance. We
quote from his letter in the Nash
ville Christian Advocate :
We are comfortably quartered in
London at an inn where we have
stopped twice before. At the table
adjoining ours we have the compa
ny of a friend of my boyh6d Zeb
Vance, of North Carolina. He and
I parted at Washington College
forty-five years ago. With no in
troduction or hesitation we shook
hands instantly. We are both get
ting old, fleshy, and gray. How did
we know each other at this distance
of time and place? Senator Vance
is accompanied by his wife and son.
In the evening he sent up the fol-
It is Believed that he will
Reduce the Strength
of Parnell.
among the "hillside
lowing card.
DbabYouvg: Knot We late when
you come in, let me know, and meet
me in the ladies' drawl a-room for a
talk. Vakci.
We did not talk about ourgelves,
but of the boys we knew long ago
of their history, successes, defeats,
death. Then we spoke of the
chances in religious history and
worship. At the close of this con
versation, he looked me earnestly in
the face and said : "Young, you
have read the history of the Church
and have now seen modern Christi
anity in all its phases. Is not our
good old country meeting-house wor
shin the purest and best?" To
which I replied, with emphasis, "It
is." And then I delivered my mind
on every species of Ritualism. This
is the germ and cause of all the
evils that have crept into our beau
tiful and holy religion.
Secretary Noble Has Not Resigned.
By The United Press.
Cafe May, N. J., July 31
Private Secretary Halford says that
Secretary Noble has not resigned
as reported in some of the New
York papers to-day, and that the
President has no knowledge that he
contemplates any such move.
The N. O. and G. Railroad Sold.
By The United Press
New Orleans, La., July 31.
Tbte New Orleans and Gulf railway
running from this city to a point
on Shell Beach which has been in
tbf hands of & receiver for some
lime was sold yesterday for $180,-
tOO. The purchase was made for
the English holders of the first mort-
gage bonds.
Nickel Steel Armor Plate Tested.
And ThM his Confinement in Prison
for Erin s Soke Will Have
Great Influence.
(By Cable to State Chronicle.)
London, July 31 John Dil
lon's accession to the McCarthyite
ranks is still the leading topic in
London, as well as Dublin.
Dillon will, it is stated, take ac
tive leadership at once, even though
his formal announcement as leader
may be deferred for some time. He
will be a formidable antagonist for
Parnell, as he is strong with the
"Hillside men" and other extrem
ists who form the bulk of Parnell's
"It will be dimcult," said a
prominent McCarthyite to-day,
"for the honest folks who have
stood by Parnell to resist the ap
peal of a man who has j ust come
trom serving a term in prison for
the Irish cause, and wh' has al
ways been fearless and c i awoken
toward the common enemy. For
this reason Dillon will be doutless
put oil the platform a.s soon
As for Parnell, his friends say
that he is as far from yielding as
ever, and that he will deliver one
of his most earnest speeches at
Thurles on Sunday.
On the other hand Mrs. Parnell is
said to be anxious for peace and
rest, the present situation mate-
j rially interfering with her social
duties and ambitions. Mrs. Parnell
makes no secret that she aspires to
presentation at court. In this she
will be greatly assisted by the
Queen's recollection of the aid that
Mr. Parnell s father extended to
Queen Victoria's mother at a very
critical period.
Mr. O'Brien does not intend to
go into the political struggle for the
World's Fair Committee Does Not
Meet With a Warm Reception.
(By Cable.)
London, July 31 A Paris dis
patch says the reception of the
Chicago Fair Committee was little
more than polite. The feeling
there is very lukewarm toward the
American Fair, owing partly to the
absorbing interest of the European
political situation, and partly also
to the fact' that the American dis
play at the late Paris Exposition
was considered inadequate, as
compared with countries vastly lees
(important in wealth, population
and industry. Again, there is evi
dence that the historic attachment
to America is gradually dying out
with the advance of time, and that
sentiment is supplanted by hard ma
terial interests. The move io re
peal the pork prohibition was only
undertaken under the apprehension
of the loss of the wine trade with
America and its success is not as
sured. Even should it Dass. the
pork would have to pay a heavy
Two M ardrrers Die on tke Gallows
W ith Hopes of Heaves.
By The United Press.
Helena, Ark., July 31. If ham
White was executed in the jail vard
here at 12:30 p. m. to-day. The
condemned man made a short speech
on the gallows in which he said he
believed he would shortly be in
?Fhite,s neck was broken by the
drop and he was pronounced dead
in ten minutes.
The crime for which TFhite was
executed was the murder of Prince
Malloy, a negro in good circum
stances, lialloy was murdered for
the money he was known to keen in
And a Long List of Americmn Pro- his house. The murder occurred
on the night of January 28th, this
He Proclaims Reciproci
ty With Cuba and '
Porto Rico.
ducts to be Admitted Free m
Cuba and Porto Rico.
Four and a Half Million Dollars
Paid on the Government Debt.
(By United Press.)
(By the United Press.)
Washington, July 31 The
treasury surplus to-day aggregated
$57,018,504, ofTvhich amount $20,-
578,113 is in depository banks
$19,311,755 is subsidiary coin and
$360,277 is in minor coin and frac
tional currency.
The reduction in the public debt
during July, treasury officials esti
I mate, will be about four and a half
millions; customs receipts during
the pnst month will aggregate about
fifteen and a half millions. In
ternal revenue receipts about four
teen and a half; miscellaneous re
ceipts about four millions.
This with five millions and a half
of repayments will swell the re
ceipts of the month to forty millions
against which there will be thirty
five millions and a half expenditures,
including $13,600,000 for pensions.
These figures point to an increase
in the treasury cash of about four
and a half million since July 1st, or
the equivalent of a reduction in the
debt to tnat amount.
Houston, Tex., July 31. Hm.
Caldwell was executed at 11:30 this
JTashington. D. C, July 31. morning in the county jail. He
President Harrison issued to-day died without making a statement,
the proclamation announcing reci- but expressed the belief that he was
procity with the Spanish Island af going to heaven.
Cuba and Porto Rico under the He walked up the scaffold with
tariffsact of last October, which out assistance and in eight minutes
with a view to securing reciprocal after the trap fell he was pronouneed
trade, exempted from duty sugar, dead. His neck was broken.
molasses, coffee and hides upon their Caldwell's death probably sealed
importation into the United States, the lips of a man who could, had
Under the terms of the treaty he wished, have told more about
the proclamation states the fol- the origin of the fearful strife which
lowing articles manufactured in raged between the Jaybird and
the United States and included in Woodpecker factions m Fort Bend
what is termed a transitory sched- county than any other person,
ule, be admitted free of duty into He was a negro above the usual
Cuba and Porto Rico from and after standard of his race in point of
September 1st, 1891: Salted and intelligence. The warfare existed
canned meats, jerked beef evcepted; for a couple of years between the
lard, tallow; fresh, dried and two political factions, and extermi
smoked fish; canned oysters and
salmon, oats, barley, rye, and buck
wheat and flour of the cereals.
Starch, maizena and other products
of corn, excepting corn meal, cot-
nated whole families and scores of
men were murdered during it
Wreck Near Asheville.
(Special to State Chronicle.)
Asheville, N. C, July 31.
ww- t . i r I
present, lie intends, witn airs. Thi Vftninty whUft a mv train
O Bnen, to take a vacation and de- was backinr down a mountain near
vote himself to literature.
A World's Fair Cardinal.
(Br The United Frew.)
Chicago, July 31. Old rumors
have been revived in Catholic
church circles to the effect that the
Pope is about to promote Arch
Bishop Feehan to the dignity of
Cardinal. The story goes that
here on the W. N. C. railroad, the
rear car struck a cow, which was
on the track and several cars were
wrecked, killing one negro brake
man and wounding several others.
ton seed, corn, cotton seed oil and
meal cake. Hay, straw and bran.
Fresh, dried, and preserved fruits,
except raisins. Vegetables, woods
f 1 1 tTT
ot all kinds, wagons, sewing
machines, raw petroleum. Coal and
The following articles are to be
A Popular excursion.
On the 5th of August Messrs.
King, Lacy and Sherwood will run
an excursion to Richmond. The
fare is to be only $2.50 for the
round trip, and it will be one of the
pleasantest excursions of the season.
These gentlemen are three populra
and experienced railroad men and
they know how to run an excursion
I crk that it tri 1 1 ho rtlon z. nt ont orr
stated: Corn, 25 cents per hundred r A ri rr. i .1
1 . loriauie.
kilogrammes; corn meai, zo cents
1 1 1 1 ! 1 .
per nunarea Kilogrammes; wneat,
from January 1st, 1892, 30 cents
per hundred kilogrammes; and
wheat flour, $1 per hundred kilo
grammes. Butter and cheesej re
fined petroleum, and boots and shoes
are to be admitted at a reduction of
duty of 25 per cent.
From and after July 1st, 1892,
Two of these gentlemen
will accompany the excursion and
their presence gives guarantee that
will occur to mar the
pleasure of the trip.
The Telephone Berrice.
For the next few weeks the man
agers of the telephone department
will be adiusting the telephone
wirpfl an a tn mnVp rpfldv flip pIpp-
as a definite arrangement, the above tricgtrcet railroad. Telephone sub-
incuuuucann uu ttUm- scriberg maj expect some slight
uouai aiuciw auuu as pin;u lar ami trnnM Anr.n a,rtW w th
turpentine, goia ana silver com, pig considerate management of the tele-
uuu. niuu"uk 11 vn uiiu sieei uais
Yesterday's Record of the Clabt.
By the United Pree.
At New York: Brooklyn 0, New
By The United Press.
San Francisco, Cal.,July 31.
The steamship St. Paul from Ouna
laska, which arrived here last night,
reports intense excitement over the
sealing edict. Only two sealing
schooners had been seized up to
July 20th. The British schooner
V B. Marvin and the American
schooner LaNinfa. The North
American commercial company had
taken 750 seal-skins before the
news of the close reached them.
. (By the United Piese )
Washington, July 31. The
Navy ordnance department has I pQe Leo will mark his recognition
made a very careful test of the 0f the opening of the Forld's Fair York 6. Batteries, Terry and Da-
nickel steel armor plate and ob- by giving the red hat to the Arch- ly ; Kusie and .Buckley, umpires,
lumeu sausiauturjr xcbuiio. jq-o a. i jjisnop in JLOUZ. - a uwcib uuu xiaiu".
At Fhiladelphia: .Boston irnn
adelphia 2. Batteries, Clarkson
and Bennett : Esper, Cassian and
Clements, Umpire, Lynch.
At Pittsburg: Pittsburg 8, Cleve
land 7. Batteries, Baldwin and
Mack.: ftruber and Zimmer. Urn
pire, McQuade.
At Cincinnati: Cincinnati 4, ni-
oflorn ft. "Rntteries. Mullane and
and beams, nails, steel wire, books
and pamplets are to be admitted
free. " ! 7 "7 7
Glassware, plate and window
glass, tiles and tiling, stoneware,
phone service will mininize the in
convenience as much as possible.
result of the test the department
has decided to order , ten three inch
plates for use On the upper layer on
kthe protected deckof the cruiser
Newark, and if the plates can be
obtained at a satisfactory price they
will be used on cruiser No. 2.
Fell Under the Cars and Mangled.
Tan Vranken Court-Martialed.
By United Press.
Roanoke, Va., July 31. A
special to the Times from TFythe-
ville says: Mr. A. P. Blair, a son
of Capt. Frank S. Blair, while at
tempting to board a freight train at
Max Meadows enroute to Wythe- Hrrin Gruber and Kittredge.
vine, leu uuuer me cars aim a
By the United Press
Washington, July 31 The
Court of Inquiry appointed to meet badly mangled. Both legs
at the Norfolk Navy Yard to inves- crushed. Physicians were sum
tigate the alleged theft of goods by moned from Wytheville but he died
paymasters clerk Van Vranken at 2 o'clock this afterdoon. The
has recommended that he be court- remains will be brought to Wythe
martialed and a court will be ap- vine for burial. This community
pointed to meet at the Norfolk is jn on-eat gloom over the sad oc-
yard on Tuesday next to try him. currence.
Umpire, Hurst.
No ffames to-day. All the clubs
are traveling.
Take Simmons Liver Regulator
after your dinner. It prevents dys-
1 !!! 1.'
j pepsia ana inaigesuou.
Death of Mr. Orrin A. Smith. -
At his residence on the corner of
Har?ett and Bloodworth streets-
earthenware and porcelain, iron last evening at 6:50 o'clock, Mr.
and steel axes, needles, pens, rw; a ..QwQ;. ;
cutlery, tin plate, copper, furniture, tis 69tll year
Mr. Smith was an old and es-
si 1 1 -
rice, nour, oread and crackers are
o be admitted at a reduction of 50
per cent. itennea petroleum,
manufactured cotton goods, ink,
soap, perfumery, medicines and
drugs, leather, boots and shoes,
watches, clocks and carriages are to
be admitted at a reduction of 25
per centum.
teemed citizen of Raleigh and was
a native of this county, having
been born twelve miles south of the
city. For years he was a farmer
and then a merchant in 1872 and
'73. and had a wide acquaintance.
He was for years a consistent
member of the Baptist Church and
It is understood, the President at the time of his death eld his
says in his proclamation, that flour membership at the First Baptist
which, on its importation from the Church of this citv. He leaves a
united states nas oeen tavorea witn wif-e an(1 geTeral sons and daughters
drawbacks, shall not share in the to mourn his death.
former reduction of duties. The Afr Smith wn n. nrul ritiypn. a
provisional arrangement as set forth devoted father and thorough chris-
in tne transitory scneauie, tne proc- t;an. ne lived ta a good old ae
tarnation states, snail come to an an(j was twice happilv married.
A. A.
end on July 1st, 1892, and on that
date be substituted by the definitive
arrangement outlined in the proc-1
The interment will take place
near his former home in the south
ern part of the county this after
noon at 3 o'clock.

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