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Editorial Cor. State Chronicle.
On The Wing, Aug. 28
"That's Sam Horne's farm," said
Mr. W. G. UrcnuRCn to me yes
terday as we sped by a good farm
between Cary and Morrisville. It
is a fine farm. This .brought up
the thought that no two men in cen
tral North Carolina have made
more money than Asiiltcy and
Sam IIornk. Ashley is worth a
quarter of a million and Sam's for
tune isn't less than $75,000. When
the war closed they were poor men,
and they have made all their money
"This doesn't look like starving,
said Mr. W. G. 'UrcurRCii as we
passsed through the farms, from
Raleigh to Durham yesterday. The
corn and peas are excellent, and
will afford much food during the
coming year. The cotton is much
better than I supposed and in some
places it is quite good. The tcbaccc
has been injured by the heavy rains,
but is by no means a failure. We
i . i.i ...i.
neeu nui gci uiuu ci inwmc. n"
I had a talk yesterday wjth one
of the wisest public men in North
Carolina. He is a man from and
of the people; a true Democrat in
the best sense of the word. Like
all patriotic men he is profoundly
concerned about the political situa
tion, and fears that by demanding
too much the farmers may lose the
best opportunity ever presented to
them to secure reforms that the
country really needs, lie believes
in the people and believes they will
yet act wisely. "There are two
things I will not doMie said. "One
is to lose my temper and the other
is that I will never become a pessi
mist." His example is to be com
mended to those who have become
so mad that they cannot listen to
reason, and those who think the
country is steadily getting worse and
going to the demnition ? bow-wows
th berth broke in, giving himf
a bad hurt V on the
head and bruising his face
considerably. He vas confined
several days, but there was no per
manent injury inflicted.
I came up on the road with CAPT.
J. M. Odell, of Concord. His suc
cess has been a marvel. Begin
ning a poor man, he is to-day presi
dent of five cotton mills two in Con
cord,onein Salisbury,one in Durham
and one in Chatham county. More
than 2,000 people are in his em
ployment, and in addition to his
other work he is president of the
Concord National bank, and con
nected with other enterprises. In
all he is a consnicuous success, and
illustrates what bruins can accom
plish. .
There is said to be no hope of ex
Gov. Scales' recovery. He has
softening of the brain combined
with heart disease. Mr; and Mrs.
J. M. Wiley (nee Miss Katie
Scales,) are in Greensboro. The
doctors say he may die at any time,
or may survive a week or more.
J. D.
Electric Sparks.
The Trustees Examining Sites and
Propositions. --Raleigh Does
the Handsome ThiiiR.
By the United Press ;
Boston, Aug. 28. Judge John
Dillon, of New York, was elect
ed President of the African Bar
Association at to-day's meeting.
The secretary and treasurer were
re-elected. A report was adopted
urgingall the States to appoint
committees on uniformity of State
Dublin, Aug. 28. Mr. Dwyer
Gray's motion to change the com
position of the board of directors of
the "Freeman s Journal company
has been carried Ly the stockholders.
The old board, mostly Parnell men
have resigned and the paper will be
published to-morrow in the interest
of the anti-Parnellites. -The vote
was 1200 to 900.
Little Rock, Ark., Aug. 28
Isaac Frauenthal, a merchant of
Conway, Ark., was shot and in
stantly killed last night by a negro
named Charles Mulligan. The
cause of the shooting wras an old
grudge between the men. The mur
derer escaped to the woods, but is
being pursued by a posse rith blood
hounds, and if caught will be
Dalton, Ga., August 28.---Nine
leading (citizens of Murray county r
nave oeen inaicieu ior complicity in
the assassination of Ilosea Jbnes.
They are Henry Fincber, George
.Mullins, Barlow Mullins, jrillism
Collins, James Bramlett, Lemuel
Bramlett, George - JFeleh and two
others. Twelve disguised men
went to the house of Ilosea Jones
last May and called him to the door,
shooting him - dead in the presence
of his wife and children, under pre
tense that he had maltreated them.
Every onth
2 many women suffer from Excessive or
Scant Menstruation; they acn't Know
who to confide in to get proper advice
Doa't confide in anybody but try
gmaSe Regulator
a Specific for PAINFUL, PROFUSE,
Book to V WOMAN " mailed free.
Sold by all Druggist.
R. B. BANEY, Proprietor.
Rates $2.50 per day. $10.50 to $15.00
per week.
T. G. AKBISGTON, Manager.
JacKson sorinos
Rooms, with meals at the Yarboro
House, $2.00 per day, $10 per week.
mSIPSpecial rates to lawyers attend
ing Supreme Court.
7 -"""v r
"T7? e-I vo rt?FAM nALM Cleanses the NaJSnl
Passages, AUavS J ain ua iniuuniuauuu, ncntsi rm- 1JcjV
the Sores, Kestores Taste and Smell, and Cures ) frSTARVt
ives Kelief at once for Cold, in Head.
ly into the Nostrils. It is Quickly Absorbed.
uggisca or dj mail. flrwo., wo w tuteu i
New Hotel.
An AU-the-year-round
For Dispepsia, Chronic IJ,
Cystitis, Kidney TrouM-s, S
Cholera Infantum '
, and Debilitv.
The trustees pf the Colored Ag
ricultural and Mechanical College
returned to the city yesterday from
their visit te "Winston, Greensboro
and Durham for the purpose of ex
amining the sites offered by those
cities as a location for the college. The
gentlemen were everywhere treated
'vith the greatest courtesy by citi
zens of the communities visited,
and each city is anxious for the col
lege, and made liberal offers for it.
The trustees in the afternoon
were shown over the elegant and
eligible site which is offered by the
. . 1 - i "r -1 i r , ...
peopie oi lsaieigu. 11 is witmn a
Echoes of the New Vok fJorror.
(By United Press.)
New York, August 28 Nine
unidentified and three identified
bodies of the victims of the Park
Place disaster were this morning
taken from the monrue and sent to
Jfoodlawn cemetery, where they
were buried three in a ijrave.
WILL. YXN IN 31 1?
His Flying TiipIIe Cives au Ex
bibition ot Bostoa.
Special to State Chronicle.
Pohti,.ni, Maine, Aug. 28
A ride of forty miles brought me in
Ask mv asents for W. Tj. Douslas Shoes.
If'iiot lor sale iu your place ask your
dealer to Rend for entalosiio secure the
asreccy, and aret them for you.
Will. Wynne.
The Old Dominion Disabled.
(By United Press.)
Atlantic City, N. J., Aug. 28.
mile and a half of the capitol and
Au. au nu u i mi Portland, Me. at 11 o'clock this
ciusuiuitj Lfiuun y oi i wo iiuncireti ivo. ,
acres 0f the very best farming land the rain. j leave to.ni,Tht Jy
"1 believe," said a bright rail- " . ie ota e. Hie proposed loca- Reamer for Boston and will give
road conductor, "that the accident of the buildmj:-is immediately an exhibifion there this afternoon.
was caused bv some' tramp's rascal- a 0,i? I . liien 1 lea'e lor nome-
" .iunii. lines oi railway, pos-
ity. Nearly every day we have to sessing every convenience for
put some tramp off the train who tne college which was con
has been stealing a nde, and not mplatcd in ; the statute creat-
r .1 i i i ino tne institution. In addition to
infrequently it has to be done in 4l , , 0 , . , , . ,
. , , -,-the land Raleigh offered in cash
T V T . ' 1116 ttCI; 01 lanu aml -Th dek, Old Dominion, of
"1"ttttU, uvm TCI- wju Wm aggregHie ?io,uuu to uie the Old Dominion line, ii drifting in
who are.meanest vent their spleen college, making this the best and a helpless condition about fourteen
by trying to damage the road. The larSf 1 offer to trustees. mileg off Absecom light house. The
le-islature ought to protect the pec . b "stees continued their ses- vessel waa disabled yesterday moin-
i biuii uiiLii iiiriiL. m. t 1 1 1 inpn npin nr nn .t 1 -. .. ,
nle and roads bv making it a m?s- i.i r n s -V Ii . b mS J iae oreaKing oi axsnait and
pie and roads by maKing it a mis- able to fully decide the important is drifti in a northeasterly direc-
dcmeaiior lor any one to at- question deferred further action un- tion. The first officer and four sail-
tempt to steal a ride." Without "i uctooer. ine colored people ot ors came-ashore here in a boat and
committing myself to the theory of fhety have taken great interest telegraphed the information to the
how the accident occurred. I a-ree J? , - T owners of the vessel in New York,
with mv friend that Surh fl kw 1V6- y work Jnwcunng from the The steamship has provisions
witn my mend that such a law business men of the city the liberal enou to last at least t went v-four
.would be a reform in the right di- subscriptions for the college. hours
rcction. stealing is a crime, and it
is as much a sin to steal a ride from Free Tl3ltlon at tJe Univertlty.
a railroad as it is to steal $500 from (Special Cor. State Chronicle..)
the president of the road. I hope w. e are authorized by President Durham, Aug. 28. Between
this mattPr will h Wf L llU8to1 to the benefits three and four thousand people, it
nn?nnnffhp rln i a M T at UT&li? is calculated, were at the Alliance
micnuon oi me general Assembly, wil be placed, as far as possible; rany here
to-day, i Exercises were
within reach of everv deserving a u-u , u t w
Ti.ia ,'n 4t. vouncr man in thft StatA. Thi fnl- t . -r -r. i i.
io jiut mc lirst x . , , . : . iee. iur. v. n. ijreen delivered a
time that Auditor Sanderlin 10W;inS" eip is ottered : - cordial address of Welcome. .Hon.
railrond ree T 10 :lh. 80ns ot A. II. A. TTilliams, member of Con
v i mi iiiui ur'j iir nil rt rT r i
o . . gress trom the oth district, was mas
l. l?ree tuition to anv vonnw c tt. .
..whUe he.was go.ng from Yorktown man prepanng to be a minister. duted H(Jn. J. F. TTOletts, of Kan
to Greenbrier White Sulphur, on d. ree tuition to bona fide sas, who spoke for half an hour, dis-
the li. & U., the sleeper became de- w bcuoois. - cussing the banking system, sub-
.,ua C r. t. 4 ong time indulgence on tui- tnW on Afw .i xr
down crude and the keener went on J?.?' P00r bo. to be Jerry Simpson( ihe feckless states-
. icpiu. wucu tiuie. mm '
wwU5 -u, fcU DiCcpci otuuidiwup io tne neeay, up- about an houn Col L L polk
was dstachea, the train went back gi;i ana xaientea. next held forth fop nearl an hQur
lor it at lull speed, expecting it was vl muu.w lu ve7 The audience was mostly good,
standing still: It was still moving u,.vx U, sol(1 farmers, with a good sprink
and a collision resulted. Dr. San- , ling of ladies interspersed. The
,W15n wn. ,iv5w' uh T,o,i . . " . , TT I speeches, crowd and everything
" v-D "7- i. .:eate xaaies are always relier- connected with the affair showed
"war'd the engine, arid the back of ed from headache by Bradycrotine. j well for the farmers.
It is a seamless shoe, with no tacks or wax thread
to hurt the feet; macM of the best, tine calf, stylish
and easy, and because we make more shoes of this
Qrurle titan any otltcr -Manufacturer, it equals hand
sewed shoes costing from SU.OO to $5.1)0.
SC" OOKenniue Han!-sevetl, the finest calf
. shoe ever offered for Sr).0); equals French
imported shoes which cost from $S.0 to 12.00.
f?, 05) laaiKl-owod WtU Shoe, fine calf,
'Vi stylish, con:f)rtable and durable. The best
fcuoe ever, offered at this price ; same grade as CTTa-tom-made
shoes costing from $(.00 to $'.).U;.
C; 50 Police Shoe; 'Farmers, Railroad Men
zphJu and Letter Carriers ail wear them; llnecalf,
seamless, smooth inside, heavy three soles, exten
sion ed.:re. One pair will wear a year.
t!5ni 50 fine calf; no better shoe ever offered at
this price; one trial will convince those
who want a shoe for comfort and service.
Cl& -- -and $'-.00 Woi'kinsrman's shoes
are very strong and durable. Those who
have given them a trial will wear no other make.
ISTaW 2' '..00 ami SI. 75 school shoes are
0 3 worn by the boys everywhere; they sell
r-u their merits, as the increasing sales show.
J Qfiiac '' llniul-MPwetl shoe, best
Stella CS I U oJ Dongola, very stylish; equals French
Imported shoes costing from $iM to So.ih).
ladies' t.5U, '-.00 uini 81.75 shoe for
Misses are the best fine uongola. stylish and durable.
I Hiinsn. bee that W. L. Douglas came and
orice are stampel on the bottom of each shoe.
W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mass.
For bale by
7-3-5m. Raleigh, N. C.
i. G. HH0DE.-J S. V7. HSYvIN.
9 E. artin Street, 20 Ex
ohanse Place,
Furniture, GlocKs,
We are contiouaiy receiving
ISTew Goods-
We extevid'to yru a cor-Msl itvitatifn to
call and look at
Which re sell irom
$28.50 to 125.
Onr Chamber Sets from J20j 0 to $1?0.
Rattan CJhairs from 2.15 to $15.00 each.
We a! so keep extra
in fact everything to be found in
B3 auro to t?ae s,nd examine before buy
ng eltovvho e.
A. G. UHODEf? iz CO.
Balmy Breezes of tl j,l,.u
Pine and Deep-snnd Strtion T
Pulmonary and A i Lt ::. : ; '
Mcpherson Ti3o::iov
West End, 3Ioore Comitj, t r
Running far back v :i.ie
memory of the earlier n' uI,,;
Moore County, North (";;,..
there has bubbled forth fn m a ..,'v
rock-bed some sparkling f
flow of which forms a : v ; .
of clear, cold, eUervcsvir, -t
carrying in its liquid depth n.;
of Nature's remedial an. I ejr.;:
.These have long Ixen k:.,v ;. ;c
the neighborhood as
For many years, that tlic v. ,: -of
Jackson Springs pes-. . ;1
eral .properties which v iv j , w,:
ful remedial and cunciu
for indigestion, dp-piu, ov.;:;
dropsy, diarrhocal, in.d, in t: . t. ;
debilitating affect ions, v.-;h ;.v,
only to the few who hal . ;
made their homes in tl V. :. ' a
neighborhood. But
. 'J - .
The P'all Term opens September 1st,
1891. New building with modern im
provements. Electric lights, hot and
cold water baths, etc. Location on a
hill. Excellent climate. .For cata
logue address,
7-9-2m, Oxford. N.O.
Mtmm 6oiieg6.
Burke County. N. C.
Alliance Mass Reeling at Duiham.
has suffered ia a
accident. About six years ago,
Having qualified as executors of
the late J. J. P. Pernell, we will sell on
Wednesday, November l&lh, at pub
lic auction all- the following property :
The tome place of the later Fernell,
deceased, located one mile north cf
Wake Forest, M. C, on the R. & R.
R. It contains 175 acres of land, on
which is a large and convenient dwell
ing of eight good rooms, and all neces
r sary out-houses Also farm orchard,
r vineyard, and an excellent well of wa
. ter. Will sell on same day and place a
lot of two acres with four room cottage
thereon. Another lot of five acres
cleared land. Will sell corn, fodder,
shucks, etc., belonging to estate.
All the places' and plots mentioned
in the above are situated one mile
above Wake Forest, and are suited to
those who wish to educate their chil
dren, or wish a country seat with town
;and city privileges. All three places
are highly situated, and the R. & G.
R. R. runs parebl with main tract for
two miles. In the larger tract are 35
or 40 acres of original growth, and as
much m0re of field pine. Farming
land Is well adapted to the growth oi
clover, all kinds of grasses, grapes, etc.
Terms of sale; One-half cash, bal
ance in twelve months. Legal rate of
... interest will be charged nntilall of pur
chase monev has been paid.
All persons indebted to the estate
will make immediate payment, and
those having claims against the estate
will present them on or before Decern -15th
1891, or this will be plead in bar of
their recovery. J. J. PERNELL,
Wake Forest, N. C. Executors.
Fire Insurance
Real pEstate
Money Saved by Giving .yonr Busi
ness to us.
Telephone No. 77,
t No. Fayettevilla St.
The Rutherford College is situated in
Burke County about one mile from thcJ
W. N. C. K. K. The bealthfulness of
the place' is remarkable. . The climate
is bracing and cool m summer, and
protected by surronndicg mountains
rrom severe com m wim-er. No epi
demic has invaded the village in its his
tory. Within ten minutes' walk are
the famous Connelly Springs, the
waters of which are shipped to Europe,
ana wnicn are inrongea in; 7warrouua
with invalids. Young ladies and gen-
icemen wuimg uj me uouege rrom ma
larial districts so Improve in appear-
u.uw uurm ine college rerm that the
place has become proverbial as a health
resort as well as for its educational fa
cilities It is a moral nlaca Tt ir thA
centre of a lev al option township, and
all the towns within forty miles are
under prohibitory restraints Boanl
can be had m full for $8 to $9 per month:
in messing clubs for $3 to $5. Tuition
ranges from $2, in Prepratory Depart
ment, to $4, in College classes.
R6v. R. L. Ahempthv A at n r
President and Professor of Pnysicai
Arthur T. Abernethy, A. M. (Johns
Hopkins) Professor of IiAnmiAraa
L. Berge Abernethy, A. is'. Professor
of Mathematics.
W. E. Abernethy. A. M., Professor
of History, English, Elocution, and
Instructor in Law Department.
Col. George N. Folk, Lecturer on
w- Scott D., Lecturer on
Rev. Charles H. Wissner. Ph. D.,
(Leipsic) Manager of College Extension
Prof. M. Boekbinder, of London, a
graduate of Berlin, will give-lessons in
music, on piano, .organ and violin:
voice culture a specialty.
The old buildinera were ApstmveA hv
fire August 9th, 1891, but have been re
placed by one of the most handsome
and commodious college buildings in
tn? South.
The Fall Term for 1891 will com
mence on Wednesday, the 5th of Au
gust. Let all attend first dav, if possi
blS.V R- Jt ABENETHY, Pres.
had been the effects :!. - ,
after finding their nie.-!i--ii ;1
ties had subiected tl.-: - - :
their influences, tliat . - i ;
tion could not be c;;" i :
out Moore and into a!j-!::!:-j ''--ties,
went the glad ti l:: :. :
afflicted ones.
Visitors from tin- sr.;:i 'I
country became fre;i; -nt I l
merous, and their tay f ! :'
duration, to the ext. nt t; t : :)
small cabins were cr( ;!.:: : :'
whole families would drcp i.i
remain for a week or n!; ; "
in the open Mr, sleeping in M"-'-wngohs,
and earing for lL - -in
the old-fasliioned tv.n:
More recently the rc-nut; Ci
Jackson Springs Water ' a!.."
much talked of, that very urti &
party of gentlemen sought for aL.
obtained an option upon tk Spring?
and some 700 acres of long-lcut p:
and deep v sandy land surrounciLZ
it. Samples of the water
aken to our State Agriculture
periment Station for analyse. -
result of which is as follows:
A::eyli3 No. CI'"-
No. Ca. Agricultural
Raleigh, N. C, Jan. Y .
Sm: The sample ot iw-
water sent to the Station ior ana.
sis, in a demijohn, marked .
Wilson, contains an evaporatJ--
per U. S. gallon
Sulphate of Potash..
Sulphate of Soda
Cbloride of Soda....
Carbonate of Soda..
Carbonate of Lime..
Carbonate of Magnesia.
Sodium Phosphate
i r.
.V'7 r-
Your obedient .-TV.r'
II. 15. Rattle,
To P. M. ilson-,
Upon receipt of thi -r--option
was closed, ft""' 1
chasers have erected '
Springs a new ar.-i
hotel, fitted it out ar
now open to the pnW
Jackson Springs Hott

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