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3tht ..jpailg tate ontrtrmclc, gate. 18,1892.
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llf JQ U T C IcdSs
Hi nil I eX
The Chronicle's Weather lieport.
Raleigh, N. C, March 17
Maximum temperature, 32; mini
mum temperature, 27. Rainfall,
Local forecast for Raleigh and
vicinity: On Friday, continued
threatening weather, with rain;
warmer. Clearing and colder on
Index to New Advertisements.
Jotm U. Smith & Co Dissolu
tion Notice.
1130-1140 Caxton Building-Wanted.
Yesterday was the worst day
a had week.
Icicles made a pretty fringe on
the street cars yesterday.
Wilmington's electric street rail
way will be opened for business
April 16.
For two or three days past the
timua nave ueen somewhat
schedule time.
The cars coming in on the rail
ways from the wet and north are
covered with snow.
The revenue officials yesterday
made a sale of captured contraband
whiskey and brandy.
The sleet-lttden trees presented a
Drnnant appearance last night in
the glare of the electric lights.
Three convicts arrived at the
penitentiary yesterday afternoon
from Martin county.
There are nearly 500 water
takers in Raleigh who are served
from the city mains.
Rev. I. McK. Pittenger will go
to Pittsboro to-day and preach in
the Episcopal church at that place
Phalanx lodge, K. of P. No. 34,
meets this evening at eight o'clock.
The second and third ranks will In
conferred. Last evening about 8 o'clock
there was a thunder storm, which
came up from the west. There was
some vivid flashes of lightning.
J. U. Smith & Co
Three hundred young men will
be at the State convention of the
Y. M. C. A. at Greensboro next
No pains are to be spared to
make the next Stato fair a notable
one. The premium list will soon
be issued.
Only one day's work has been
done this week on the new depot.
The timbers of about half the car
shed are in place.
At Marion next week addresses
will be made by Messrs. Marion
Butler and Harry Skinner, and
there will be a division of debate,
as Hon. W. M. Robbins and others
will make addresses aLso.
Governor Holt has made requisi
tion on the Governor of Georgia for
John Stone, who is wanted for mur
der committed in Rowan count v.
The murderer is in iail in Georgia.
and a b pedal officer has gone there
tuner mm.
General Manager Serpell, of the
noriolk & Carolina railroad, will
Degm next Monday a survev of th
route for a branch railroad line to
be built from Aulander, on the Nor
folk & Carolina, to Avoca, a dis
tan op nf frntxr "vn : mi
v. .vt ,uui uuies. xne Jine
will pass through a rich and (level-
oping country and will be an im
portant feeder to the business of
Mention was made some days ago
turn, me oiaie world's Fair collec
tion committ e desired to obtain
some tree trunks to be placed in a
granu coiomids at Chicago. It is
now learned that nine trunks of
trees, each twenty-five feet long,
have been shipped from Asheville
to Chicago to form these columns in
the forestry building. They are the
gift of Mr. George Vanderbilt and
are from his estate near Asheville.
Yesterday the sheriff of David
son brought four convicts to the
penitentiary. One is Dick Hall.
whose offence was the killing of
rramc Uross, his uncle, last De
cember. The grand jury returned
a true bill against him, the indict
ment charging him with murder in
the first degree. He got off with 10
years. Another convict is Frank
Smith, who knocked Will Page in
the head with a jug, breaking the
jug but not the head; he was con
victed of secret assault, and sent in
for five years. John White was
convicted of attempted outrage on a
13-year old-girl, and was sentenced
to ten years.
A Summary of Its Admirable Work
for a Twelve- mnn th
- M W J l ij, 1
The people of Raleigh are justly
proud of the city's fire department,
and it deserves the high opinion
they have f it. The department's
year begins March 1. During the
twelve months from March 1. 1891,
to March I, 1892, there were 38
fire alarms, of which two were
turned in on account of fires outside
the city limits. During April there
were two alarms and the loss was
only $2. In May there were
also two, and the loss was $1,351.
44, due to the fire which originated
in Aufrecht's paper-bangino- estib-
have dissolved lishment, on Fayetteville street Tn
co-partnership both in Raleigh and June and July there were n
llilisboro. Mr. Sirith will continue alarms. Jn August there were
business in Raleigh and makVs an four and the loss was $6,925.15
announcement, in t.n-d.. v'li flliwrw. ttiia l'nnlmlln. 1... 11
w u vulval- .uict uivAuuiiig nun. on me relate ice
1C1E factory. In September there was one
I he street cars run with most alarm, but no loss. In October
commendable regularity. The ser- there were five, with $3.50 loss,
vice was not at all interrupted by I" November there were eleven, of
tne sleet yesterday. The trolley which two were for fires outside the
wneeis tnrew out vivid green flashes C1IJ limits, at tne exposition grounds
last night as thev touched thf u'ir and the cotton mil s, nnd tha Wo
oil I coated with sleet. was only $33.75. In December
Militarv mmmiinna inere were lnre, one for the fire
terdav issued fm J wh,ch originated in the Denton
office as follows: Co. F, 1st regi- !)uildiR "ear the city and the
ment, Warrenton. Cant N. M l0S3 Was $2!G0: In January there
Palmer, 1st Lt. B. D. Moore. 2d TT ?.1X' llh. 2084-25 loss, this
Lt. M. H. Palmer; second regi
ment, A. McKinnon major and
surgeon, N. Anderson captain and
assistant surgeon, T. J. Burbank
first lieutenant and assistant sur
geon, H. H. Mcllhenny captain
and adjutant, W. N. Harris first
lieutenant and adjutant.
Boys' Conefrenee at Y. M. 0. A. Con
vention. A conference of Christian boys
will be held in Greensboro, N. C,
on Saturday, March 2Gth. The Y.
M. C. A. State Convention will then
be in session there and some of its
delegates will conduct the confer
ence. The railroads will all sell
tickets at reduced rates and the peo
ple of Greensboro will entertain the
The Committees Appointed.
Mayor Badger yesterday an
nounced the committee of "about
200 citizens, whiYh the Aldermen
directed him to appoint to represent
Raleigh at the launching of the
cruiser "Raleigh." This lis; will
appear to-morrow. The following
compose the committee on the part
of the board of aldermen: Messrs.
Frank Scronach, S. V. House, C.
K. Lf e, A. Bowes, B. F. Wombl
r t
j. rj rogue. I). M Kincr r?
J - - A I Ik A. l
It is learned from persons who
including the loss at R. D. Robin-
son a publishing house, $1,881. In
February there were four alarms,
and the loss waj $20.50. The to
tal loss for the twelve months was
$13,021.59. The value of the prop
erty at i isk was over $250,000. The
insurance on the property which was
damaged, was $30,450. It must
be borne in mind that ihv
s was
have examined the boiler which of the fires were in bad locations.
r1 m' Stephenson's and that at one, that at the ice
lum inal me two upper rooms of factory, over half the total los
tne nues and the crown sheet were incurred. The risk was
not covered hv wot., of v., r .. .1
.,j ...nvi n ilic nine ui ixuu ru were me lires
the explosion. The burning of the During the year ' ending Jnrch
flues and crown sheet is plainly 1,1891, the loss was $18412.25,
hown I he dark portion of the there being 25 alarms. Of the loss
boiler show what was covered by $17,500 wa, on the round-house
tne water; those light red the parts and engines of th Senhno.,1 a .v
not covered There was not, ao Line, making the loss on the other
cording to the statement now made, 24 alarms only $912.25. The in
even uone ffaurre1" nf w.toT. 0.,.,., '
' v i w w i&wi.fi.iiv iii inn irnii uru a
. O o
$9,600, and the value of the prop
ertv at risk was $177,400.
During the year ending March 1,
1890, there were also 25 alarms
and the loss was $1,530.50, with
$VJju insurance.
mere are now 23 fire alarm
" m. m. uiiicB ui w ti c, mere
are 39 bells on the circuit. There
Lurasdeu, J. Lewis, John R. ""er
itdl, M. A. Packer, F. W. Hun
nieutt, L. B. Pegram. The com
mittee appointed to solicit subscrip
tions for the gift to the cruiser isjeom
posed ot Mayor Thorn is Badr,
chairman; E. G. Harrell, Sher
wood Haywood, R. J. Powell, C.
G. Lutta and H. W. Ayer.
iNot Claiming he Karth.
It is in the mouths of people where
erer Panacea Water has been tried or
heard of that in dyspepsia, in Chronic
Diarrbcea and Scrofula it has all in
ail no equal. Now this is not claim
ing the earth, but it is what we can
get some of the best and the most
distingnished men in North Carolina
to underwrite. Ask your druggist
or send your order to King & McGee,
druggists, sole agents Raleigh N. C.
Messrs. J. F. Jordan & Co., cf
Greensboro, have made their third
large shipment of tobacco to Mar
seilles, France. This is one of the
foreign places where some of the
large quantity of tobacco goes
which is sold on that market, the
Record savs.
It is now proposed that Raleigh's
centennial celebration shall be held
in October, during the State fair
and that it be made in all respects
wormy 01 tne capital of North Car
olina. The people here wili take
hold of the matter with enthusiasm
and earnestness. There oiicrht.
-uv v
be a notable parade, illustrative of eea 01 a repeaier, go the city
V, -.:. i loan a A.y. A .. J
luc iy a me and progress, with UIMUru IIUO circuits,
floats. &c and the people of all the ynvwiwF
State ought to be made welcome and W DRUGCISTS.
asked to join in the celebration of A Lady is Among the Successful An
the occasion which i8 of State as J IL HI bUCcesstul AP"
1 llm,not0,i Messenger states of pharmacy held here Tuesdav and
that the business of assistant United Wednesday, the following candi-
jio uu-'iMUt aiinrnpv I V 1 Klntau naA c i
ftfD.., V J '-"c-r-; pcu uecessiui examma-
j Avai.clu wno arrived there tionB: K. V. Howell, Wake Forest-
. . 0 M xcgaiu lo'ineciaim "irs. jr. jj. Hyser, B. K. Kvser P
of thp. TTnWd r. tt- v -yser, tr.
government on o. jvyser. elma; H. S. Sedberrv
bmith s island. A year ago suit Fayetteville; F. W. Parker, Rab
was brought by the United States eigh; Thomas N. Hall, Mooresville
in the circuit court at Raleigh This is the first instance in which
against the heirs at law of the late a lady ha8 made applicasion for U-
l. t . Devereux, one of the origi- cense to practice pharmacy in this
pV seT Pngrandfather f thG StatC; End MrS Kyier is to be con!
Htl! nl' Devereux t0 wcorer gratulated on the excellent style in
IV t nthC pert7 at the mouth which 6he Ped examination.
of the Cape Fear river, now known
as Smith's island. The nresent T
he nrfisont. T Mpptino nf TlvonJ n in.
xr. evereux was appointed trustee Congressional District,
or the government under the orig- Memhprc
that the trustee will brincr a;f 0 ? V? ?iei8h9 N on Thurs-
the April term of th U i ed State 7 &t 3 m-for the
court against th Their at law nf PTT dytermininS time
James Alvis WerSrtto o don P tT C'
Wilmington, to establish the gov' Congres- & CaDdidatG fr
ernment's claim. ingress.
. Ane committee is composed of
Masonic Notice. Messrs. B. R. Hargrove, Chat-
A special communication of Hi- amfu W- rris, Franklin; C.
ram Lodge, No. 40, will be bpld flrby Johnston; S. C. Ed-
this evening at 7:0 o'clock. Every YNash; W. C. Brewer, Wake;
memhpr ia x Jo, ri. Dunn. Vance nnd .
member is requested to h npMO
uuicbs oi importance. By order
W. M. 7 r
E. B. Thomas,
Randolph county.
N. B. Broughton, Chm'n.
Abbott's East India Corn Paint i
cur g all corns, warts and bunions.
Officer A. H. Braley
of th Fall River Pollco
Is highly gratified with Hood'. Sarsapariiia.
H wai badly run down, had no appetite,
what he did eat caused distress and ho felt
t.red all th tiraa. A few bottleg of Hood's
Sarsapariiia effected a marrelloua chan2o.
The distress in the stomach Is entirely cone
he feels like a new man, and can eat anyl
thing with old-time relish. Tor all of which
n h thanks and
RfltW cordially reconv
U Lffi U ll mends Hood's
Is very important that during the months of
March April May tha blood should b
thoroughly purified and the system be given
strength to withstand the debilitating effect
of tlio changing season. For this purpose
Hood's Sarsapariiia possesses peculiar merit
and it is the Best Spring Medicine.
13 The following, just
'QPI U rec8ved, demonstrates
purlfyinsr Dowers ;
-u. i. nood & Co., Lowell, Mass.:
"Gentlemen: I have had sale rheum lor a
number of years, end for the past year one- of
xny legs, from tlis knee down, has been
fcrolcea out recy badly. I took blood
xnadicinefor a long time with no good results
ana was at one tima
obliged to walk xritU
wit W crcstcI8 I finally con
Jff eluded to trr Hnnd'a
Sarsapariiia, and before I had taken one bot
tle the improvement was so marked that
jl conunuea until I had taken three hot
ties, ard am now better than I have been
la yecrs. The Inflammation has all left
my 1c.t sit. 1 it 13 entirely healed. I have had
such benefit from
Hood's Sarsapariiia
that I concluded to write this yoluntary state
ment." F. J. Temple, Eidgeway, Mich.
H CCD'S PILL8 acteaslly, promptly and effl.
tJnder this head, parties can insen
short advertisements stating theii
wants at the rate of ten cents a line
This Is a very low price, when it i ?
membered that the Curoniclk lav
the largest circulation of any daih
paper in North Carolina and "that ii
goes into every section of the State. Ir
sending, count six words to the line
No standing adverti-einent can go
under this heading.
CnRONiCLE Tub. Co.,
" Raleigh.. N. C
1 wiuk,. iil5 .
esiJiw.;..!. . . " Ml,:,,
Wan teil,
halepmen on Salrv or CVii
handle the NPiW PaTKVT P Ff
uiv-rJai'i vlj XJIiv. The
.-einng noviiy evtr produc d.
vicwc nits, luurorgn'y in two - ec- nd
no abrasion o- p.tpe-; 200 to 5(M)
cent, profl-. Odp agent's :,rnf?- unw.LV
Use At 5
linn. 1!rII c :
mm m specie
1 iffi:,:,wnor
T" 1 "!-s
td tofbSOin six das. another .iin
Lu noura. we v.anr one eiie'Ltir
central agent for each Shk,i ?V.;
r t- . V 1 '""Hi
. rur lerms ami rn n.jrr?ii
acMrass .T:B VONROR 1 FrXskr
WAN T E D -For the United States
Army able-bodied, unmarried
men, between th ag.s of 21 and 30
years; good pay, radons, clothing nnd
medical attendance. Applicants roust
be prepared to furnish satisfacrr.rv
vidence as to tge, c'raracter and
habits, apply at 15 West AJarut
cvxcu, uicrusuoro, iN. u. mr!2-8t
": c-.v.
Next Door to r
mers Hhi k.
HOUE FOR RENT -I offer for
rent on Wpst. .innoa of
ifKts rr tHimn s'x room, nice lot
vith garden attached. ipnv to
T. T. kAY,
Raleich,.N C.
mrlO 2t
OAPER HAN GER.-Having re
I signed my position with Fred A.
Watson, I offer mv niM 0SL
ties desiring paper haDsrincr lidt
erences gjven. Apply to
Li. C WhMTTivnc!
WANTED Man of business abiiiry
t travel. Pprni 4Tn-nf a',t,,ti .
Send stamp for particulars.
iido-inov axton Building,
Chicago, Illinois.
Stockholders Meet in
There v ill hA
holders of the rrhnr1-
Company at the olhce of the Companv
Saturday at 8 p m , March 19th
-uoarnus JJANIE! S,
T).. .
3. W. JACKSON, SecjetaJyr 6
We are now recplri,.
which are beautiful
J ; Partnership heretofore existing
between J,hn U. Smith & George Over?
mnVmg 5U8iness in Raleigh and
u Smith & to., has this day been dis
solved by mutual consent The busi
ness in Raleigh will h r Wr be ?r
ned on by ohn U. Smith, and the
business at Hillshnv. nnJ "".e
Hker. Partis iieMed to iViS
branch will nav Mr- omui, Vu'rD
dj. btjd to the Hillsboro bmnVwiu p
eien tor past Datrnrifl an -k a.
vv,uuuuoute oi ine same.
mrl8 tf jhw v tt "i"t VVr
Vsl.?1 Ohoantbnms. Bob?
wumjg no?a? m many sorts
Choice overerc-fcnR anrt
house nd Oat-door Ryr
SvSSS qnete and Floral Designe
Tomato, Cauliflower, Oabbace and Pol
grown Egg-plants, bweet Potato ph.
ready about 25th of Athi fj.'rr
in June and July. Houd f"or Catalog"
MarB-tf. Raleigh, N. C.
For Rent.
effects, to be usp.i
as wii as jinn.
-rioters, s aces, etc., He.
ve are addinjj
!li 1
ai"" vt iai nave t.e ;j
Miss Maggie Resa
219 Fayette'.iSk -
Two Nice Hordes fur Mle.
A pair of fine five Year r.!
wiil work double o- rl'lc
is a haods:?!e buirr ror-e 'IT?i
very tine sadd e he r.e'i'cr i.S o::
tleman. Aiplyto
mrl6ecd-tf Ka igL .V4.'
For Flec'rin Telepbores fr:rr:?;'f
purposes, write to the Sorters P:i
Telephone and Telf trrapli "-J.
C. E. McCLUKK, Hist-icr
mrG-lm RK-hnjond, i
AVanted to Sell.
Five good young Mnles aDdfvrj
Horses for csh or on tiirew:1;
China Pigs, ten to rif enrielkr'
owing to ace L. R V.'YATT.
No. 21G Fayttteville
ja27-lm Hdlm'--1-
Larere. comfnrf
u"He' ix roonr, i; garden snnt :md
wSntfi ' Celrnt' v.ter,2miles
west or the citv. dsirQ
T3i . j
station and rosffi ;- "7u
itv Will " " - umj 1UIJ LU
ioa west Kdentonfct,
Raleigh, N. C.
mrl7 lw
nicest VirZeJ v ?r. Repositories the
nicest Jme of Vehicle nnd tv, kc.
louthwf h F arii5 in be
we can fjnfc haDdle noig but what
we can fully gurantee. We have
prices to on j f -.- i j i
Carts $io to tTsTSnSaaT
Pb8Bton t&5 tn 17:. ' "
UUPllCate fflftnrv .- . .
Sto and paric4d examlDe c' ''
we carry a complete line cf Ukt-
Yancey & Stronach,
Agents Tptti
' OjJUU,
Becluction of Stock
For removal. Goods wi.He
reduced prices uiinl the 1st oi -A;'TJ
consequence of rem oval to tie A lc--
-L of a mcrtc-tge rrr.m li .
ard wife a? recoii'oi i ok ''
516 Itenisfer of Dee i'? t-.'hee M
county, I wili on
Monday, Cth o
at 12 o'clock ni. at l' c
loor of V.'ke couiity,
highest liid''-r fcrcar
andlofoa Ka?t Davie r--X.
C. ad j- ii irjgt.e h:r'i; , :.v.
ford Unchurch, Betti? ? 'rr
ers. front- Davie f-.tre-t i :Jt
south 210 frer, ana is r'r::c y
oribed in th aforer'l : ;-!;'r ' r:;;.,T.
For Salt.
The church buildic-'1
. parate or both tc -'e thH o- -;i
' ,-.r?eet Second Pr: rvn t
! rt -e in the hands of ChEto.. -
Z. G. Keade. trustee.- i - r ,
?icn,for private salefiTt r
Idiys. Terras easv. V-,11
" 1
S both. This VI b UHrcn, i - qv:
E. tr. HKADK..
St!j tb. Utt and Be.t n yUlm I No, 319, 321 and 323 Wilmii , g ton
and 130 More in Stress?. mar-11 lOd.

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