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WEDNESDAY,' - - April 0, 1892.
The lironiclc'M U'catlior ICeport.
Ualeigii, April 5 Max. tenr. 82;
Min. temp. 08.
Local forecast for Raleigh and vi
cinity: Continued warm; conditions
favorable for thunderstorm in after
noon. Cooler Thursday.
Washington, April 5. For
North Carolina: liain cooler; south
ern winds.
IiMli-x to AdvrrtfMi'ineiit.
- (Mice Space for. Rent.
J. R. Ferrall &"Co. Canned ( i6ods,
etc., etc.
City News.
The street preachers and singers at
tracted, considerable attention. They
Ifave good voices. Thpy claim that
they are not members of the Salvation
This afternoon at 5 o'clock there
will be at the residence of Mrs. J. 1
Batchelor a meet;ng of the ladies' me
morial association and its president's
council. Mrs. Batchelor specially re
quests a full attendance.
Supreme, Court.
Jenkins vs. Railroad, from Martin;
argued by Don. (Jilliam for plaintiff,
Jas. E. Moore for defendant.
Opinions were handed down as fol
lows: ' ,
Adams vs. Railroad, from Granville;
new trial.
Waters vs. Railroad, from Ashe;
Tucker vs. Tucker, from New -I Ian-
Attention, Sir Enights! ' -a-You
are ordered by the Sir Knight
nnfain tn mppt in vour armory to
night at' 8 o'clock lor business
drill. v J. 'F. Brojvn,
Sir Knight Guard
important Meeting.
1 he ladies of the city are earnestly
requested to meet in the parlors of the
Yarboro house Thursday morning at
11 o'clock to transact some very im
portant business pertaining to the
World's Fair Huildirtg in Chicago.
The members of the circles who were
appointed will please be on hand with
their collections.
Iy order of the President,
. Mrs. Ri S. Tucker.
W. T. Douglas has been appointed I over; petition to rehear granted.
a commissioner of wrecks for the first
E,al-igh to Have It
The Business Men'? Jubilee and Car
nival, which has been storming so
many cities and towns, is to be pro
d-jced herein Raleigh during the latter
nart of this month. The ladies' aux-
district. of Dare county.
t '
Mr. Weston R. Gales, assistant
State secretary of the Y. M. C. A.,
will be here this week, to lake cnarge
of the Raleigh association.
The travel on the street cars Sun-1 Uiary of the Younsr Men's Christian
d.iy 'vas the heaviest sin' e the cxposi Association have taken hold of the
tion. Six cars could have found plenty matter and will at once make a vigor-
to do on the yellow line' alone. ! ous canvass of the city. These noble
r r ,i li i.(. ln.,u uJwomen are fitting up in beautiful
One ot t lie old street cars tias been-
handsomely repainted and reiitted and , the Hay wood mansion at the head
has been sold to the Greeneboro street ! I" ayetteville street which is to be
c., ,.f .!., ,-, ,.r I occupieu oy lye i . ji. v.. auu iuc
railway company.
cars are being littel up for us,-: as
''trailers" here.
A special term of Lincoln county
superior court is ordered by the Gov
ernor, to betrin May '23, to continue
two weeks, and to be for the trial ot
criminal and civil cases. Judge By
num will preside. "
"lierc was a report yesterday that
a the railway west of and near here
a negro man had made a desperate at
t em lit to cut the throat of negro
woman, but that the wound chough
bad was not serious.
Mr. G. li. Allord, who was here yes
terday, gives a bad account of politics
in the Holly Springs section, declaring
that Third party men are plentiful
there. He knows of 45 in his imme
diate section. But he is faithful, and,
as he smilingly said, proposes '-to hang
on to the I) mocratic tree, even if all
the other fruit falls off."
Yesterday the Supreme court sent
down to Gov. Holt a certified cony of
the proceedings of thy appeal of John j
Cox. The lat ter was convicted of the
murder of William Sutton in Jones
county and was sentenced to be hanged !
December 17th. He appealed. The1
Supreme court sustains the court be
low, finding no error. The Governor
has issued a death warrant for Cox,
who will be hanged at Trenton May Yd.
Mr. Councill, one of ihe best farm
ers in west Wake, was here yester
day and says the farmers are planting
no cotton in his section, but are put
ting all iheir land in corn. In a
stretch of eight miles he did not see a
lield in which cotton would be planted,
but the planting of corn is goinglon,
even spare bits of l;tnd near dwellings
being used. There is a most commend
able disposition on the part of the farm
ers to "make every edge cut."
great carnival is in btualt ot their
The jubilee undertakes to represent
in costume, by tableaux, recitations,
songs, &c, giver, in a most strikii g
way, every branch of business and pro
fession in the community.
Wherever produced it has mtt with
the greatest favor and has afforded an
evening of splendid enjoyment.
The City Directory This Evening.
The "City Directory" is to be presented-at
the theatre this evening. It
is a great show. The company wajs
at Savannah last Saturday, and the
News says of it: "The play was seen"
for the first time in Savannah, and it
went with a rush. The audience was
one of the largest ever seen here.
From the rise of the curtain until it
falls on the last act there are amusing
situations which cause the audience to
roar with laughter. All of the per
formers are well up in their parts and
contribute to the fun with creditable
work. The music was bright and
sparkling, and the songs" were well ren
dered. For an evening's amusement
and an enjoyable entertainment,'the
"City Directory" is recommended.
The Street Car Schedules.
.Manager Huff gives the Chronicle
the following conveniently arranged
schedule, under which the street cars
are now running. It shows the fixed
time at which they pass and arrive at
given points on the lines.
Yellow line cars going east: . Leave
fair grounds 5'J and '29 after each
hour; due at St. Mary's G and 30 after
each 1 ';.;:: due at transfer station 12
and 42 after each hour; due at Centen
nial g"aded school 10 and 4G after
each hour.
Going west leave Centennial graded
school 7 and 87 after each hour; due
at corner Cabarrus and Fayetteville
streets at 7 and 37 after each hour;
due at transfer station at 12 and 42
after each hour; due at St. Mary's at
19 and 49 after each hour; due at fair
grounds at 27 and 57 after each hour.
Red line cars going south: Leave
Oak wood cemetery 1 and 31 after
each hour; due at corner Peace and
Blouijt streets 4 and 34 after each hour,
due at transfer station 12 and 42 after
each hour; due at depot 20 and 50
after each hour.
Going north, leave depot at 5 and
oo Mter each hour; uue at corner Ca
barrus and Fayetteville streets at 8
and 38 after each hour; due at trans
fer station at 12 and 42 after each
hour; due at corner Peace and Blount
Special Hate.
For the Republican State conven
tion at Raleigh, the Richmond and
Danville Railroad will sell reduced
rate tickets from points named below,
intermediate points in same propor
tion. Tickets on sale April 12, 13 and
14, limited to April 17: Charlotte,
$7.45; Greensboro, $4.30; Lincolnton,
$8.40; Rural Hall, $5.95; Winston
Salem, $5.60; Durham, $1.65; Golds
boro, $2.75; Marion, $9.40; Selma,
$1.65. For the North Carolina Baptist
Sunday School Convention at Winston,
the same road will sell reduced-rate
round-trip tickets at the following rates
Tickets on sale April 13tb, 14th and
loth, limited to April? 8th; Charlotte,
$.95; Goldsboro, $7.05; Henderson,
$6.10; Marion, $7.55; Rural Hall,
70c; Durham, $4.30; Greensboro,
$1.65; Lincolnton, $6.60; Raleigh,
$5.40; Selma, $.45.
.Market Reports.
New Yosk. April 5 Messrs- Hub
bard, Price & Co., in their daily cotton
circular to-day say : ' ,
"A decline in Liverpool was expected
this morning and was realized to the ex.
tent of 3 64. Snot sales were 6,000 bales-
Oar cables say, that no fresh activity is
looked for until after the Easter holidays.
Manchester reports the market for yarn
as vry firm a:d cloths in moderate de
mand. Here, rpenins prices were about o points
below yesterday but the market rallied to
within a point oy two of last night's prices
bef re the first hour of the session had
been passed and at 1 o'clock August
was selling at 6.81 There seems a very
fair demmd for contracts here upon
every recession ia values and ne
great; weakness is looked for, unless the
improvement of the crop again assumes
overwhelming proportions. LPiow uaj
there is no in ncation of such being the
case Keceiots ac the ports are 19 0(0
against 12.C00 last week and 18,000 last
year, but the large movement was plainly
foreshadowed in the heavy interior ship
ments last-week and had but little effect
For f he present week the interior move
ment and the plantation deliveries seem
hardly likely to exceed the figures of last
week, and in this case we are inclined to
expect steadier, if not higher markets.
During the afternoon, the market was
dull and without change of importance
closing steady at. withia bout a points of
yf sterdtfr's prices Port receipts for the
da1 exceed iO.ooo bales ard the movement
for the week -will be fully 70,0(0 bales.
Receipts at the interior towns of Memphis
St. Louis and Augnsa are 1,072 bales
a2ai ist2,02s last year "
il' ceipts of tne dy at the ports are esti
mated at 20,000 bales against la.ow Daies
last eek and 18.0 0 bals last vear. .
... The spot market is dull at unchanged
quotations. Middling uplands 6 li-iOc.
Sales 91 bales.
Transactions in lutures to-day 45,000
Futures closed steady as follows :
April 6 4445
May 0 53-f4
June 6 6263
July 0 70-71
August 6 7980
September 6 ss S9
October 08-00
November " 0800
December 7 1819
January 7 28-20
OATS-Options were fairly active to
day with prices firm, closing h
hisrher. Spot lots ciosea nrra.
of No 1 white S912; No 2 do m; ao i
mixed 35V.; No 2 do 35834; do April -33,
fid JtlfX v ut m v
PORK Dull. Mess 10 OOalO-o'J ior oia
and ll.OOall 5 ) f or new.
LARD Firm and slightly higher. May
6.52; July 6.63: August o 69
SUGAR Raw, quiet but firm; SO test
muscovado 2.; 96 test centrifugal 3V
initt- n rices unusually good.
cut loaf and crushed 5a5K; powdered 4? ;a
granulated 4a-r; c (.-
A 49 16a4lU5; confectioners A
ooi8F EE-Spot lots closed dull. Fair
Rio cargoes 16 Futures cUed ami on ii -steady.
Rio or Santos No, 7, Ai-ril s; ;
May 12.E5; June 12 20; July .... !
Baltimore Produce Market. ;
Baltimore, Md.f April 5. Flour clo?- j
ed dull. Western super 2.?oa.i.iu; extra;
3.25a3.85; do family 4.00a4 50;. winter wheat j
patent 4.65a4.to; spring wneat paisu
4.95; do straight 4.4ua.o. .
WHEAT Firmer. No 2 red spot l.a
; April 96a961; May 92l4a92H; June
asked; steamer No 2 red ir9 asked.
Southern wheat steady. Fultz 90a'j5;
Loneberry 92a96.
CORN Steady. 'Mixed spot 4.a4.-s:
April 4545:,i; May 45a45: June 4.V.
asked; steamer mixed 43a4Hj4 Southern
corn steady; woite 44a45; yellow 44a40.
O ATS Quiet. No 2 white western 36a
37; No 2 mixed do 34a34.
RYE Very dull. No 2, gfiaSS.
HAY Steady to firm. Good to choice
timothy 14 OOat 5. 50.
PROVISIONS Steady. Mess pork,
11.00 per bbl for old; new 13 50; bulk meats, i
loose shoulders- 5?4; long clear ribs ':
clear Tib sides 6 '1: suzar DlCKiea snouiu
ers 6; sugar cured smoked should
ers 1V hams, larg 10; small lo34; lard,
refined 7 1 2a8, crude 6.
BUTTER Weak. Creamery, fancy 27a
28; do fair to choice 24a2G; do iuiitatiou 22a
a23;ladie, fancy 20; do good to choice 18a
19, rolls, fine 20; do fair to g-xxl I8al9;
store packed lola.
EGUS Firm at 14a14.
COFFEE -Dull. Fair Rio cargoes 17;
No 7. 14.
SUGAR Firm. Granulated 4 9 16.
COPPER Firm; refined 11 i 2allS4
W HISK Y Steady at 1.22al 23.
t S&X II' N I
Me ropolilan HalL
Wednesday, - - - - April Gth.
?.F.Cnitn-New York 2-M ni-ht f .
1 . nigh s Ifc'ftton V2 vinhis i' .
adelphi-t 10 J nights.
The lit iguiag C ni-dy cucce of t 1 ;,
ionv )hriu nil the priiicipil c:i ;..
froiii New York to Sati Krauci-r...
Com ra tic G. W. Hammond
of Root Tost, G. A. K.. of Syracuse, N. Y.
Wounded at Gettysburg
"C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass:
" I was in the Army cf tlie Potomac and
In the great battle of C.ettysburff was struck
In the ankle by a minnie ball, which smashed
the bone. My leg was amputated in the field
hospital, and after a long time it healed. I
was discharged and went home. After 8 years
My Wound Broko 'Open
afresh. Pr. Pease amputated an inch of th
bone, and It healed. Pour years later it
once more opeued, and for eight years
Price i u, 7:, andS kts
on ala at Mcle"H.
; Under trn? he:id, parties can inseii
I advertisements stating their wants 5
! rate of ten vents line This I h v-r 1
' price, when it is rm1em!eivd th.ii ;
jt'ni:vH LK t;4- the largest circulaii.
any d:dlj kk : in North Carolina! : ;
tlTY. Sales. Tone. Midl'g. Rec.
ahetou.. 074 Firm fi 3-8 1310
Soriolk 112 Steady 6 1-2 1226
3altimoi e Nom'l 0 5-8
Buston Dull 6 11-10: 373
Wilminsou Xom'l 0 1-4 137
Phlladelp a Quiet 0 1-2 204
5avannaa... 325 Hteady 0 14 1 IO08
.Orleans.. 15i0 Firm 0 7-1G 11011
Mobile ..... 200jQuiet 0 1-4 406
.IeUipLiis . . . 700 (Steady 0 3-S 021
Augusta.... 44 Dull 6 1-4 382
Charleston Quiet 6 1-4 033
Cincinnati Steady 6 7-8 865
Louisville Quiet 7 0-0
it. I.oti:3,. .. 327 (Steady 0 3-8 327
) u !...., , . : r .1... o....
how I suffered ! I do not believe it possiMo , rtviwuw .uc.-uw.
i senainp, count six words to the line
No btti t'.iu ' .dverti'-ementcu m w
lhished'i:4 Adilress
! CnuoMci.E Pi b. Co.,
Chicago Produce Market. .
Chicago, April 5 The exchanges were
closed to day election.
Liverpool, spot cotton generally in buy
er's favor.
Middling uplands 3;Xd.
Sales S.'ooo bales.
Futures ta? y.
Just Arrived.
Holmes & Coutt's fine crackers, Sea
Foam, Social Teas, and latest novelty
in crackers, butter wafers all in 2
pound boxes; also l?nt & Co.'s ginger
wafers their equal not manufactured.
Thomas Pescud.
A few barrels left of the finest seed
potatoes on the market.
Thomas Pescud.
streets at 21 and 51 after each hour;
Mr. T. K. liruner says the trip of I due at cemetery at 25 and 55 after
Prof, llolmns, Mr. P. M. Wilson and! each hour.
himself to New York and Philadelphia
was very successful. They secured ; This Interests Insurers and Firemen,
the. co operation of some eminent Mr. v s. Primrose, whose views
Bcienusis, as wen as glass manutac- on pueh guWts art; of value, said ves-
Tine Oil.
Francesconi olive oil, imported by
Park & Tilibrd, in tin cans and bottled
by myself the. finest salad oil in the
world. Thomas Pescud.
turers, fruit packers, &c, in the work
of aiding in making the North Caro
lina exhibit at the World's Fair. The
States ae striving to secure novelties.
North Carolina will not be left in such
a race. A lot of gem stones have been
placed in the hands of lapidaries to be
cut for exhibition purposes.
Yesterday afternoon Eddii Dewar,
the 4 year old son of Mr. W. K.
Dewar, and grandson of Mrs. Hanks,
fell into a well in rear ot Mrs. Hank
boarding housy on Fayetteville ttret,
and gave the people a great fright.
The little fellow was walking on the
wooden top of the well. Part of it
gave way and down he went some
thirty teet into the water. As he
came up he seized the iron pipe of a
pump and held on pluckily. It
fully a quarter of an hour
Uufoj,e he was rescued. Poli
ollkier Willis -.was one of the crowd
which gathered ahd he senlown into
the well a young negro boy, some 15,
years old whom he knew. The boy
brought little Eddie up, safe and
pound save a few cuts about the head.
Several physicians attended the little
fellow. He was wet and cold, and had
lost some blood from the wounds on
the head.
- Gov. Holt yesterday commuted the
death sentence of Gilbert Dunlap, who
was to have been hanged May oth, at
Carthage, Moore county,' for the mur
der of Robert Hoover, August 14th.
1891. The sentence is commuted to
five years in the penitentiary, for the
following reasons: The Judge who
tried the case writes that the defendant
was technically guilty of murder, buc
, does not consider that the crime de
mands the extreme penalty of the law,
that the mortal wound was inflicted
under circumstances of great provoca
tion; that there was strong testimony
to the fact that the defendant acted
in the necessary protection of his
life, and strongly urges commutation.
The solicitor and jury, the entire bar
who heard the trial, and a very large
number of the best citizens of the
terd-iy that the thirty-eight leading fire
insurance companies doing business in
North Carolina had made a statement
of their business here in 1891, which
showed they "hud not made money.
I heir premium receipts for that period
were $-'341,979, while their losses were
$218,052 or G3 per cent, of the pre
miums. The North Carolina Home,
Mr. Primrose said, had done well, hav
ing a ratio of only 47 per cent, of losses
to premiums. All over the South the
companies have not made money and
as a result an advance in rates is very
probable. Tis will knock out what
are now known as the"excepted cities."
The rate will 'be. made on the basfs of
the eiliciency of the fire department
facilities. Raleigh l.cks a fully paid
tire department and a salvage corps,
out it is nop en may
list. Mr. Primrose said:
now has a partly paid department
which is considered the equal of any
similar one in the entire country. This
is due not only to the zeal and faithful
ness of the firemen, but to the admir
able work of Mr. Engelhard as
chief. He has the . depart
ment under fine control, he is cool and
understands his business. Such a man
is the life of a department. The best
investment Raleigh has ever made is
its present fire department. No other
has ever paid so well. It has reduced
the insurance rate 20 per cent on
dwellings. The rate is now the very
lowest in the entire South." Yet the
get into the best
The wonderful Tonic Headache Cure.
Regulates the circulation, restores the
nervous system to its normal condi
tion. The' only scientific headache
remedy on the market. Relief prompt
and permanent. No bad after effect.
Price 10 cents an envelope (two
doses. Sold by King & McGee.
We aim a all times to produce the
best, both as regards style of package
and quality of contents alwys
fresh and wholesome.
The City Cotton 3Iarket.
liALEiGH, April 5-tiP. M.
Go-d Middling b
Strict Middling b
Middling 4
Strict Low Middling.- r
lieges oM
Clean btams
Deep Stains
Market firm.
Norfolk Peanut Market;
Norfolk, Va., April 5. Peanuts Mar
ket quiet: prime 2 5-8; strictly prime
2, fancy 3; Spanish 3.
Naval Stores.
Wiimtkgton, N. C, April 5. Spirits
turtentine steady. Rosin firm: strained
1 15; good strained 1.2). Tar firm 1.25
Crude turpentine steadyhard 1.10; yellow
dip 2.V5; virgin 2.25.
New York, April 5. Spirits turpen
tine dull with prices somewhat nomical:
quoted at 38c. tor regular and 3Sc""for
machine barrels Rosin in light request;
strained 1.37; do good 1 40al.42)i.
Charleston, S. C, April 5. l?osin
firm at 1.20; -spirits turpentine quiet at
for a human being to suffer worse agony.
iJming tliis time I had to ki on cnu.;lie,
being unable to wear a wooden Irp. hen
ever possiblo 1 relieved my suilcrlnirH hy
taking opiate, tiit whn I was utilized topo
without it. 1 sufkred fearfully and thought I
should garrniT. I tried everything! could
fetwith niv limited means- Fhvsician said
would never be any better. Finally my
Blood Docamo Poisoned
and it broke out all over my face and on soma
parts of my body so that my face is all
covered with scars now. One day I read of
what Hood's Sarsaparilla would do. The
first dollar I pot I sent and bought a bottle
and began taking; it. A week or two later,
my wlto in dressing my leir. saii It seemed to
be improving, and after taking
' I food's Sarsaparilla
a few months, thank God (and I say it rever
ently), the sores ail over my body had healed,
and now, four years lab-r, have never shown
any sign el reappearing." Geok;e M. I1m
moxd, 2iy Magnolia Street, .Syracuse, N. V.
Col. C. A. Weaver
Commander of Hoot Tost, 1. A. It., himself a
one armed veteran, fully confirms Mr. Ham
mond's statement, ami J. L. Delden, the phar
macist, also endorses it.
Hood Fills cure Skk Headache.
Raleiirh.N. r
at21. rjijctteviIW stn-rt.
YYT'AN'TKll Toard for jrfntUntJtn v
?V wifeinn'ce private family .i ,
price. Addicts -
Care Chton't le :!,
WAM II Hoard lor a vonth :
psivate fs njly: state prico. Add:.
"is" CareOi-t nicle.
iwLl'KKVIK t). Kl KM'OUIS n
i O .SALK I oiler ni volutins of ,
i Supreme 'ourt Keport for aiet a
a,H.iu. Add es
m us. v. h. nvtn.Kv.
I KHleich. N. (
J p.tyii-.i; iHitionK for t-HuvassT v.,;
i iu lu woik Write immediately
.LLt'AN;rttt& IiAUi:V
! .Mt. Mope .iirM rv
t m22 iatffl- KoclieHr. N V
t ar Halo CluNip.
Atlantic & North Carolina R. I
Time Tabic Xo. 22.
j One piir Hlnck Horses, One Roan II :
J j Four Wagons and Ilarnes- Applr .-it
ap.-.-t lltlilKMU l K I n
RaloiUh Stock and Bond Market.
Quotations of the liiter-State Trust and
lirokerage uorpany.
Raleigh, April 5, 1S92.
North Carolina 6's (ex- int.) 121 bid;
North Carolina 4's 1)8 1-4 bid: '.S3 4 asked.
North Carolina R. R. 100 12 bid; 10 IK
R. -fe Ct. Railroad 79 Did; asked
S & R R. R IPS asked.
City of Rsleigh 0's 1907, 100 bid; 107 asked
Raleigh Street Railway (i s 05 asked.
N. C Agricultural Society 6's .. bid;
3f asked.
Citizens' National Bank 120 bid.
Commercial and Farmers Bank 100
bid; . . . asked.
National Bank of Raleigh 119 bid.
Raleigh Savings Bank l:$0 bid.
Raleigh Cotton Mills Id bid; 92 asked.
Caraleigh Phosphate Milis iU asked.
N C. C r Company 98 bid; 100 asked.
North Carolina Wagon Ccuipany icorn-
.mon) 10 asked.
North Carolina Wagon Company (pre
ferred Ot asfeed.
Peace Institute 75 asked.
Kaieisa ijana ana improvement to.,
Raleigh Gas Light Co. 67 hid; 75 asked.
W. .N. C. R. R Co. 6's &5; bid; 90 asked.
51 EAST.
p.m. p.m.
- 3 au
Our line of candies embracef all
that is best in eating quality. We
display the most extensive assort aient
and can supply your wants.
New York Money Market.
New York, April 5 Monev loaned st
2 per cent ; closing at 2 per cent Ex-
ctmnge cir sea quiet;, r'osten raws 4 fSOSa
4 sy; actual rates 4.S"Ka4.80K for 00 day
bills, and 4 8Sa4.k81 for demand. Govern
ment bonus cu sevt steaay; currency b s,
10!) bid; 4's (coupons) ll4; exteuded 2's
registered) 100 bid.
department needs some appliances.
needs a repeater. Raleigh should see
that its needs are met. "The chief
knows what things are necessary. The
Chronicle is ready to back his judg
ment. It is certainly hoped that the
local rate of insurance can be kept
down. The local board of under
writers has done good work inthis
particular up to this date.
Diocese of North. Carolina Bishop
Lyman's Appointments.
April 1st, Friday, St. Mary's, Edge
combe county.
" 3d, Sunday, Scotland Neck.
' 5th, Tuesday, Enfield.
" 6th, Wednesday, Ringwood.
" 8th, Friday, Halifax.
" 8th, Friday evening, Weldon.
44 10th, Sunday, Jackson.
" 12th, Tuesday, Gaston.
" 13th, Wednesday, Littleton.
. " 14th, Thursday, Ridge way.
44 15th, Friday, Middleburg.
44 17th, Easter Day, Williamsboro.
" 44 19th, Tuesday, Henderson, Con
44 20th, Wednesday evening, Oxf ord
44 21st, Thursday, Goshen,
44 24th, Sunday, Kittrells.
May 1st, Sunday, - Christ
44 1st, Sunday evening, S
tine, Raleigh, v
44 8th, Sunday, Church
Shepherd, Raleigh.
44 8th, Sunday evening, St. Mary's
School, Raleigh.
Holy Communion at morning ser
vices collections for diocesan missions.
L Augus
of Good
Stocks and Iloiul.
New York, April 5 Oregon (imported
ists) km; Aiaoama (V) lu: bid: Ala
hami iB 10 asked; Alabama Ct 9til-2
asKe J; Louisiana (consols) 85; bid; Ten
nessee (old) b'3 bid; Tennessee (new set)
0's 105 bid: lennessee u's mi 1 2; Ten
nessee-S's 09a70; Virginia 6's 50 bid; Vir
ginia Ex. Mat (coupons) 40 bid; .North
Carolina -4's 98 bid; North Carolina G's
120; fcoutn Carolina browns 93.
., Baltimore, April 5 Virginia 3's 7
hiri: Kaltimere and Ohm sinflr mairwi
Not 'heme entral stock 09a09;; Baltimore
& Ohio Southwestern firsts I04al05; do
first income 08 bid; do. second incomes 31
asfced;io. third incomes Sm asked: criiisol
uiajea gas oonus asked; do stocks
oo titeKeu
New York Produce Market.
JNEWT YORK, April 5. Flour closed
steady; fine grades of spring 1.80a'2 5?
do winter 2.00a2.6.; superfine spring
2. 25a 2. 75; do winter 2 60a3 10; extra No 1
spring 3 00a4 50; do winter 3.00a4 50; No 2
spring 2 G0.i3 30; do winter 2. 90a 3 35. Citv
mills extras 4 75 tor West Indies. South
ern flour closed quiet; trade and family ex
tras 3Xi)d4 00.
WHEAT Options were string on cov
ering bs, the shorts, owing to a decrease
in tae visible English fcupply and the
amount of wheat on passage The foreian
houses were buyers to a considerable ex
tent, out during the aileru;.on there was
some easing otf. Prices closed Jac.
higher. Spot lots closed firmer. Spot
sales of No 2 red winter at 99; No 2 red
rftinirTi7prilwJ3; d0 May''J; do June
89; do July 89.
CORN Options were firm on a fair
amount of trading owing to the prospect
of smaller receipts, cjosiug to c. hiah
er. Spot lots closed steady. Spot sales of
No 2 mixed at 50a5': do April 48; do
May 46;; do June 44; do July 44"'
LaG range
..Falling Creek.
...Core Creek...
Ttu-carora ...
Clark's .....
...New Berne...
.. ..Riverdale
Croat an
... Wildwood...
.Morehead City.
..Atlantic City..
Morehead Depot
50 WEST.
A.m. a.m.
11 30
10 30 10 43
10 22 10 SO
10 00 10 05
9 48 y.'o
9 39 9 3H
9 28 9 25
9 12 9 if
8 55 8 58
t Salesmen on Salary or CVtmm" i
handle the NEW PATKNT I1E.M '.,
I celling noveltyever produced. Kra--;
i thoroughly in two t-rcomL-; no!ir;i'l' ;. :
1 OHneri'JXito.VXtner cent, nrofit. ln-3-, .
l'ranco American I oo:l Company' profit atnountd to h&tin hix U j :
i ntlipr in t un Vinur Wo n-ut.i ..... .
.-. 1 1, i . rr:ijni, i"firee oi damp
and call your attention
3 53 3 56
400 409
4 21 4 23
4 35 4 40
4 55 5 55
5 05 5 05
519 519
5 31 5 35
5 41 5 41
6 00 6 0S
6 39 6 39
6 44 6 44
6 56 6 56
7 13 716
7 24 7 24
7 28 7 23
7 38 7 43
7 45 7 50
7 53
Trench Itouillon , .1Iot-k Tur I ,
llf t hieken. C4Minim
i r''ii Sea Turlle, I'iik'
Clam .luicr,
Territory. For term and full twtrti :
WL., X2". .$ .
Can Lobster,
S48 842 j Imported and
Ml 3fc
fc Iiriinp,
Closing Out Sales
Canned Vegetables and Fru Is.
W. G. & A. B.
7 47
7 31
7 10
7 03
6 58
6 42
7 5S
7 17
7 03
6 53
6 4S
0 27
Domestic Sardine, j Q f p A H QpH
toSChips.;dl)I Ullubil
a.m. a.m.
6 30
57 7 0)
20 7 30
8 48 7 53
811 8 30
9 50 8 55
10 15 10 00
1131 1Q36
11 00 11 05
12 17 12 41
3 15 3 0(1
. . GoldslKro . . .
.. LaGrange ...
.Falling Creek..
.... Kinston
... Caswell. . .
..Core Creek...
.. Tuscarora ...
.... .Clark's
..New Berne...
3 42 ....Riverdale
3 50 Croaan
4 13 ....Havelock....
4 42 Newport
4 55 ... Wild wood . . .
5 01 Atlantic ... .
5 21 .Morehead City.
5 28 .AtlLtic Hotel.
Morehead Decot
Train 50 connects with- Wilmineton &
Weidon 'I rain, bound "Vorih, leaving-GcMs
boro 11:50 a m, and with Richmond & Dan
ville Train West, leaving Goldsboro 2:00 p
Train 51 connects with Richmond & Dan
ville Train, arriving at Goldsboro 2:55 p m,
and with Wilmington & Weldon Trai2
from the North at 3:10 p m.
Train 2 connects with Wilmington &
Wei-ton Through Freight Tram, leaviDg
Goldsboro at 8:50 p m and with R. & L
Through Freight Train, leaving Goldsboro
at 5:10 p m.
S. jDILL. Snpt
3 37
4 4S
4 08
5 37
5 01
5 16
5 23
p.m. p.rn
7 20
6 24
5 54
5 24
4 Sr 5
4 00
3 25
2 54
2 24
2 02
10 32
9 28
5 59
8 17
S 00
7 47
7 17
7 05
6 34
6 01
5 30
5 00
4 05
?. on
2 (JO
2 (n
1 3o
9 40
9 33
9 04
8 02
8 57
7 52
7 27
7 10
7 00
Fresh Canned Asparagus
Of b?st qu ility, and a full line of
Cannad Fruit and Vegetables.
f?3 Colrhrl-r' EnfftUh IMamond Brut
Pennyroyal pills
W --VV. HrtnI nl Only Crnntae. A
mvifi i'ron i in Hrd nil !lUo
(inuaniim:widiu. Ai lrucci,or (ml 4.
!U, f for fdlwOWn i,Jl?JZL
U.ll t ........ .r . ' " "
Cbli'hralrrl.hrniii.Ml l'a.l. :
Bold tj all J-acl lrugguu. t'kll.H-
IliIi Point anil C!iinifM
t North Carolina.
Packing Go's Extra Dessert Peaches.
:Ubcansl;c. 2 25 pr lr z u.
IM;clinmit X. C 81atitlarl
SlbcsnslN:. 12 i pt-r !. ).
Ialt'iiinr) Ktaiulanl Talit-Peacln-,
.". lb car.s 15 ceuts. 1 .Vt p-r 1.
X Carolina P
i b caa 1 :'., 2 for 2.. ;
Supar Loaf iHU
it IVac-Ii-,
for time and t ben bare tbem r t arn aain. I mean
radical cum. 1 have rnale th.d.ie eufFITS. EPI
LEPSY or FALLIJ-'O SICKXKSS a l:fe-1mi atad. I
warrant mj remely to c:re the Worst cases. Ilecaose ! A 1 11 TfffVffl " ' r- !
others have failed U no rnrn for not now receirin a ! M'" 1 ..H-U
care. Rend at or.ee for e. tn'stise and m Yni I'ottle of
my infallible remedy. O'.vo Y.i?Tews and Post Offioe.
II. . ItOOT, M. C, 1S3 Prarl St.. N. Y.
dec-H-d i w-f.m.
. H. & R, S, TUCKER & CO,,
Alumni Address at tlso l uiverslt y.
1'rof. Charlps D. Mclver will de
liver the annual alumni address tbis
year btfV'ie. the University alumni
:ountyull Strongly ure commutation, association, at Chapel Hill. Tueeday,
In fact many favor the idea that the
prisoner acted in self-defense and
Headquarters for the world; all rr &kts,:
don't PAY manufacturer's exorbitant
prices; we ship anywhere, giving thorough
examination before accepting; absclutelv
lirst-class condition guaranteed; positively
all makes at about or less than half pne;
exchangicg a specialty; instruments rent
id anywhere; largest stock in the world:
two entire floors devoted exclusively to
typewriters; see commercial rating for our
responsibility; illustrated catalogues atd
specimens fre
31 Broadway New York, lsj Monroe ht ,
Chicago. Hp:J
With the Approaching
Easter Season,
21b CMDfi lc
2 lb ca.ns2"c.
A' I'J,E,
2 lb tiuK Y'.z , ' lor t'-. ..
North Carolina Caniirti
.1 lb cars 1:jc., 2 fr ;.
Itl:if klr-rri(-, borlh lM-rri at. '
2 lb cans VI ct-nt. ' for t .
X. Carolina String llvuu
: lb. Chuk luc.
Early June Prsii,
2 lb cans l'J ceiits , 2 for Sk.
TAMSY - piLt
Dr. Caton's Reliable Remedy. Saf,,
prompt and effectual. The onlv guar
anteed woman's salvation. Price tl,
sent direct, sealed; advice free. DR.
R, F. CATON, Boston, Mass.
Near at hand, we deeni i
- Kvfr:i Sifrml f2 i
to the elaborate prrparsi-( aibcarwicenta.-jfory-
tion we have made to sup-1
ply our customers with sea- j
Petit Pols Dfdii iux,
2 lb cans 'S'.z
should not be punished at all. After a
careful review- of the ease the sentence
is commuted."
May 31, is Alumni Day. President
Mclver is a forcible, original and
pleasing speaker, and his work for ed
ucation in North Carolina has been
very successful. -.
"I have had catarrhfor twenty years.
and used ail kinds of remedies without
relief. Mr. Smith, druggist, of Little
Falls, recommended Ely's Cream BalrnT
The effect of the first application was
magical, it allayed the inflammation
and the next morning my head was as
clear as a bell. I am convinced its
use will effect a permanent care. It is
soothing and pleasant, and I strongly
urge its use by all sufferers George
Terry, Little Falls, N. Y.
Highest of all m Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
sonahle troods, and iii ever; Sl Hih; Slwir;orn.
departmental, re 18 bright- ; wtit. Ten r, .st.
ness and sunshine. j 2i!icau i:jc,.'firsc.
Such an array of Dres) -FINEST PACKINGS I
Goods is rarely Feen, aiidCallfo;nh Peaches IVar? an,, Al.r
the wool fabrics lor praeti-1
cal use, are intermingled j California Evaporated
yith Ihe rirhest novelties j l'eaches,
fjr dres i wear. i to :'- Jr -unr.
Wv have t just opened iCalifomia Grapes Vtuu
many new things in ladies' an1 nixLui
jackets, coats, reefers ndl "aisins.
Un tlli
Kee.o:i'f floor
now open our latest itnpor-j
tutions of decor hi, d China, rth
in sni il! pii cesas well as!
liirse s,-ts suit fi.'
c B,-ts suit nh I it fur
Kaster Prevents.
" -W. H.& R. S. Tockerft GgM
, 123 and 125 Fayettelle St.
j Evap rated and Sun I)i i
Carolina Sun UrU
The room. over Sincer M.i 'ir.' "
recently oocnpiel y . 11- hi--- "
Photojjraper. -.plyto
ai3-l m LA IT A & M Y A i

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