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3 Months
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The ediwr will not be respond bis for
the opinions of ccraspondsnts.
Correspond 'ata of the Chromclk will
pleae-e bear li nind tht no communica
tion viil be puoltehed except over tae
author's real rame. Brief letter oncer
rent toxica will always receive attention,
and, If found available, will be nsrd with
the condition above named.
MAY 12, 1893
"i-Tis stated that the new Gov
ernor cf Oklahoma is a Johnston
county man, who served in a North
Carolina regimc-nt during the war.
Ilia nime ia 0. Renfrow.
Tuk cyclone that damaged Ox
f jrJ, hfour paesing through Gre
fitone, setma to have struck again
at Aureib-u Springs, where it made
considerable havoa It;? pi4h there
vra3 37o yards wide
In an a tide on tie forests of .
North Carolina, written by W. W.
Ashe, of Raleigh, and published in
the Southern States, the author
who has been a practical student of
our forests, says no Southern State
ha3 a larger amount cf soft wood,
uitable for paper manufacture, than
this State. In the mountains there
is an abundance of linn, the chief
material, used further north for mak
ing paper, also of buckeye and abb.
In the middle and eastern sections
there are large areas of three kinds
of ash suitable for this use and
easily accessible.
At present there are three large
paper mills in the State, one only
using ash entirely, and the others
a variety of woods. None are
making use cf linn or buckeye."
Here indeed are found resources
for a great development of this in
dustry, and there is to be an un
limited demand for our supply of
rw material. It was stated re
cently that it takes the timber on
five and a half acres of land to make
the paper required by the New York
World for each of its daily issues.
That one paper uses two thousand
acres of timber a year.
Htsr-EEsos, the colored postmas
ter at Fayetteviile, will at leas, ficd
hinisiilf one of the be3t advertised
negro ru3u in the Union bec&use of
the interview nith Bisttll, iu which
his removal whs registered.
Tue Gold Leaf printed in this
week's isue the poem read by Je
rome Dowd, E- q , at the Press Con
vention It is rich, rare and racy.
Its delivery at New Berne kept the
audier.ee iu a laugh until the gifted
author returned his eeaH.
The Medical Society adjourned
list nifjlit ufter a very interesting
session The presence in the city
cf 0 raany distinguish bed physicians
has been an occasion that our citi
zen have appreciated very highly
and have enjoyed to an unusual degree.
That is a rather bad showing for
the Geoi gia rail cads which is made
in an extract from the Charleston
Courier. Many of them are beiLg
run by the courts through the in-
strumentttl'ty of receive! s The
majority of these roads once made
money. So:m thing is the matter.
If it be that the Railroad Commie
tion has brought about this un
healthy state of affairs, the work cf
the commission ought to be intelli
gently overhauled.
The Southern States is an illus
trated monthly magazine, devoted
to the South, published by the Man
ufacturers' Record Company. The
last number is especially devoted to
North Carolina Dr. H. B. Battle
contributes a thoughtful article on
the climate of our State. President
Winston, cf the University, talks
about education in North Carolina.
Gov. Carr touches upon our re
sources. Prof. J A. Holmes has a
valuable article on the Economic
Geology of the State. W. W. Ashe
writes of cur forests. H. E. Har
man describes the tobacco industry;
and there is a fine article on the
State University
Taking these articles collectively
they present North Carolina in
beautiful shape aud they will arrest
the attention of any reader. The
State authorities might well pur
chase a large edition of this maga
zine for distribution at the World's
Fair. The number contains other
matters of interest such as the
paper on the Louisaca Sugar Belt;
the social and indus:rial conditions
of Arkansas; Liz a character sketch
&c. &c. Hut it is distinctively
a North Carolina number, and we
appreciate it as a valuable presenta
tion of the attractions and resour
ces of our State. It i3 profusely
and beautifully illustrated.
ing the interest on its bonded debt,
thus reducing its fixed charges. In
regard to the effect of unnecessarily
harsh legislation upon Georgia rail
road stocks, a correspondent of the
Savannah News shows that Central
Railroad stock is offered on the
open market at 25 cents on the dol
lar; Georgia Railroad stock, which
for many years stood at 200 and up
ward, is offered in open market at
1G0; Southwestern Railroad stock,
which for many years had a fixed
market value at 125, is today
quoted at about 73; Atlanta and
West Point stock, which for nrany
years has been above par, is today
offered at less than par, Marietta
and North Georgia bonds are of
fertd at 25 cents on the dollar; the
first mortgage bonds cf the Savan
nab, Americus vadci Montgomery
road are offered at 59 cents on the
dollar, and so t-n through the whole
chapter. The correspondent of the
News says that investigation will
show that many a household has
been reduced to penury and many
a cnantaoie institution nas oeen
compelled to close its doors to the
needy on account of adverse rail
road legislation in Georgia Nearly
all the old railroads in Georgia are
insolvent, and, with one exception,
every railroad built in Georgia since
the establishment of tha Georgia
commission is either now in th
hands of a receiver or nas been
through a receivership.
The Charlotte Observer, noticing
the remarks in compliment of Judge
Brown made by the bar at the close
of his court here, remarked on the
proceeding as unusual. How far it
may be customary, we hava not in
quired; but in tbi instance it was
very appropriate.
Judge Brown had held four suc
cessive terms of court here at short
intervab, and had shown, himself
such an admirable Judge, and his
administration of the court pro
ceedings had been so pleasant, that
it was entirely fitting for the bar to
make some formal acknowledgment
of their high appreciation. If the
proceeding was unusual, it was yet
entirely justified by the occasion;
and the compliment was the more
Marios Butler, in his paper,
quotes what wa sail the other day,
advising the people to leave him
severely a'one, and asks if we don't
want the people to hear both sides.
We are not anxious for the people
to hear the misleading statements
of Butler at any time; but our
warning was particularly directed
to the fact that he was posing as
President of the Alliance, while
really he was covertly seeking to
advance the Third party. His ar
ticle seems to be a candid admission
that our suggestion was well
Henderson Dots.
Communicate I
Henderson, N. C s May 10.
People here are making much
criticism on the action of the Post
ome Department m reference to
the office at Fayetteville, and Mr.
Rose's reply .to Mr. Bissell, that the
"white people of North Carolina are
sovereigns," is much commanded.
The cencen.-ua of opinion here i3
that if the negro is retained in de
fiince of the wishes of the entire
Democratic element, it will largely
weaken the aiministration and the
Democratic party in this State.
The new board of town commis
sioners elected cn Monday have met
avid elected the following town of
fic6rs for one year: Town clerk,
Capt J B White; treasurer, James
M Young; tax collector, J. L Cur
rin; vhiei of police, R J Souther
land; assistant police, James H.
Mahone and Joseph T. Moss
The new fast train cf the Sea
board Air-Line now delivers the
New York daiiy papers before sup
per, which is much appreciated.
There is, however, some kicking
about the chmge of schedule by
people who ii-h to go to Rileigh
and return the saaie day.
A. Hatchett.
Thrown From a Car April 13, and Un
conscious Kver Since.
Orasge, May 8. The strange case
of Miss Mary McCanc, who has now
nn in a comatose condition at the
Memorial Hospital for twenty-five
days, continues to attract much at-
ention. On April 13 pbe was
brown from a South Orange horse
car, and since then has not spoken
nor had a moment of conscious
The last few days signs "of ap
proaching consciousness hive ap
peared, however. She now lies
upon her cot with her eyes open,
moaning and moving her hands
in an aimless, nervous manner
Dr. Stickler, the attending phy
sician, says tha case is unusual
but not unheard of. Her trouble
is concuseion of the brain, caused
by shock, and the extraordinary
features are only in the fact that so
long a time has elapsed before a re
turn to consciousness. It mign
take weeks or months for the brain
to become normal aud resume its
functions, he said, but b9 had no
doubt of the patient's ultimate re
Since her accident iss MaCann
has been examined by no less than
seventy five physicians ana hs uu
dergone the most critical and de
tailed examinations Her loDg coma
has not reduced her flesh, aud her
face appears as healthful as ever.
She receives nourishment in liquid
form, being fed by nurses much the
same as a child i3 cared for.
A Threatened Overflow.
By Southern Associated Press.
Memphis, Tenn, May 10. The
whole Mississippi valley, from Cairo
to New Orleans, is threatened with
the most disastrous overflow in its
history. The river continues to rise
at an alarmicg pace, and from pres
ent indications it will go to the
highest point ever reached. The
water is over a foot above the danger
ine at Memphis, and twj feet more
is expected. The levee below vem-
phis is intact, except in D?s.ha
county, Arkansas where the wucie
country is flooded, and the Missouri
Pacific track is submerged to a
depth of several feet Railroad
traffic in that section is indefinitely
suspende I. The river above Mem
obis has left its banks, and the
whole of Mississippi county, Ar
kansQ?, is flooded.
At Hhtrtvto make contracts, are Invited
to comrnnnica'e ith J. S. cole, Jr , sren
eralafent for the caroinaa ard Georgia
Of tne XlOme LtllV lusuiauuj uuiyc&uj vi
New Yor and Brooklyn.
(a an old lire company ana one oi ire
strongest in the world KaUg cf ass-its to
dabllities. to
The Home wa crgin zea in ana
Ith.uh 33 j cats Old, has only recently
ieclded to enter the South Atlantic fc tales.
Surplus $l,528.i)GG.54.
Wonderful Growth Last 5 Years.
Th3 policies ol tne ITOME and broad and
liberal, bota as to t rms and condition,
and contain all the advantages aud options
jf modern inenrno contracts.
J. S. COnRSS. .IK , oen. Agent.
Main office Columbia. S. C.
It affords us pleasure to pr esent
in this issue a brief synopsis of the
address delivered by Dr. Hodges
before the Medical Society. By
the agreeing voices of all who heard
it, it was a masterly production and
was no less entertaining than in
structive. Dr. lodges won fresh
laurels by its delivery.
Referring to the invitation ex
tended to Mr. George Davis to make
an address on the occasion when
President Davis' body ehall lie in
state here, the Charlotte Observe
thus speaks of him, who is indeed
the most eminent citizen of North
Carolina : "Nothing could be more
appropriate. Mr. George Davis is a
fine type of the matured men of
the cabinet of Mr. Jefferson Davis.
His soul was in the Southern cause
lie helped to direct the fortunes of
the Confederacy. He used to be
called our most eloquent citizen.
The Doctors.
The following are the names of the
members of the Sta e Medical Society in
session m this c;ty : J P. Kams&v J
B. iShainburger, O. II Lews kichird
II Lewis. Wm II. Cobb, Jr., O.Lv Mont
gomery. E C. Register, E. P. Goodman,
K, M. Furguson, J D Roberts, C. M.
Pool, W. B. Hullock, J J. Summere 1, J.
O. Grady, P.". Loftin, Willis Alston,
Francis Duffy, R. C. E lis, E H. Bowl
ing, II. II Dodson, Y"m fid wards, W.
L. Best. (i.T. Sikes, J J. Mann, Thos.
Hill, W. R Mayo. W O. McDowell,
W. R Wood. W. E Turlington, S J.
Montague. J. Ilowelwav, D. Booth,
W. J . Fitch, B. F. McMillan, P. E.
Hines, J. W. McNeil, J. A. Ho lges, J.
B. H. Knight. J. P. Fearington J. A.
Regan, R. W. Palmer, R. J. 1 elson, J.
M. Ilockler, John G. Fay, II. W. Lewis,
Duncan StClair, J. T. Keed, J. I . Mo
Mi-Un, L. A. Rutheriord, iV. Mc. 1.
Ttum, A. W. Knox. Edward Geer, A. v.
falUrd, W. J. Harrell, M. II. Fletcher,
W. II. Wakefirld, James A. Turner, L
J. Picor, E. F Strickland, T. B.
Williams, B B. Williams. H R Wins
low, R J. Grimes. W II McKimmon, Al
bert Houck, II. C. Wildams, George
Gilbert Thomas, John U. Chase G. C.
Edwards, Will B. Crawford, James
Morrill, M. F. Fox, Henry F. Lotg, r.
A. Matthews, M. F. Gibbons, W. J.
Jones, K. C. I aird, N. P. Boddin, B. L.
Long, T. S. Raster, G. A. Foote, 1. S.
Ridd.ck, F: H.Seawell, Root. L. Gibbon,
P. A. Nicholson, J. T. Nicholson, Henry
I. Bahnson, J. C. Jenkins, James R.
Wheless, A. M. Lee. M. F. Mo nhea. R.
Young Republicans lu Convention.
By Southern Associated Pivs.
Louisville, Ky., Ky , May 10.
Representatives of the young Re
publicans of the United States as
sembied in annual convention in
Maeauley's theatre this morniog.
Every teat on the main flwrss well
as in the balcony and galleries were
occupied. Several hundred Deonle
were content with ttanding roon
and fully a thousand were unable
to gain admission. The convention
was opened TVith prayer by Iliv. Dr,
Hey wood, of Unitarian church.
Mayor Tyler, who wa3 hfeartilv
cheered, delivered the address of
welcome. He said he wa3 glad as
the Democratic miyor of a D9mo
cratic city to greet so large and in
llaential a gathering of liepubiicin
brethren, and the city of Louisville
would do her most to give thtm a
genuine Kentucky welcome. Gen
J. L Crawford, of Newport, wel
comed the convention for the State
League, and Hon. Augustus E
Wilson for the Republicans of
Louisville. After tha addresses of
welcome Mr. Clarkson took the
chair. He looked pale and wttak
The official call read by Secretary
Humproys showed thirty-eight
States and lerritones represented
President Clarkson then addressed
the convention.
the female complaints" and
weaknesses that mako woman's
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Dr. Fierce s b avorite Prescription.
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vigorates tho entire system, and restores
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The lateet n 1
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T- T
t or i a :i..
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and everytlirj
a first-tin
Our stjles are c-tj
to give
Orders fiom h
projuj.t v.. .
209 FAVKii , V
v v
Resierr-s iac
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Our New Ulustrated
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NANZ & NEUNER, Loxtistille, Kt-
The Final Interment at Richmond.
A. Richmond special to the Wash
ington Post says: With the simple
burial service of the Episcopal
Church and perhaps an artillery
salute fired by the Richmond Howit
zers the remains of Jefferson Davis,
the Southern Confederacv's onlv
president, will on Wednesday even- B- Henderson. J. F. Nokay. F. Y. Fuller,
ing, May 31, be consiged to their K- A. Patterson, John L. Moore, G. M.
final resting place in one of the geile-A-J-Btle, J. T. J. Battle, J. T.
lg pia
prettiest sections of Hollywood
cemetery. The occasion will be one
of great interest to the Southern
people, especially those who shared
in the triumphs and defeats of the
our most polished orator. Old age civil struggle of 1861-1865, and hfter
has come upon him, but not of the four years of hardship and privation
form, they tell us, of 'the lean and
slippered pantaloons ' By all means
let him be invited to deliver this
address, and not only invited but
urged to accept."
Memorial day was observed at
Charlotte where Rev. Mr. Osborne
offered a prayer and the graves
were decorated; at Wilmington,
where Capt R. B. Davis made an
address on the events of the first
year of the war which i3 spoken of
very highly; at Goldsboro where
Rev. C. L. Hoffman delivered an
eloqiwnt address: here at Raleigh;
at New Berne where Capt. James A.
Bryan choso for his subject "The
private soldier," and says the Jour
nal "never was audience and
speaker in more perfect accord.
Nearly every sentence was ap
plauded." "It was a touching appeal from
heart to heart, an oration of thrill
ing eloquence and melting pathos.
"Captain Bryan closed with a
beautiful tribute to the patriotic
women of the South.
"Tho exercises at the court house
being over, those present formed in
front of the court house and
marched up Broad street and the
macadamized road to the cemetery,
and at the Confederate monument,
The Guard Around the Tomb' was
sang, and the assembly dismissed
with the benediction,"
surrendered with Lee at Appomat
tox The ceremonies will be modest,
though very impressive.
These obsequies, for which the
arrangements have now been pretty
well perfected, will bring to Rich
mot d the largest number of mili
tary organizations, active and vet
eran, that have assembled here since
tho evacuation, except at the un
veiling of the statue of Lee, May
29th, 1890. Secretary Thomas El
lett, of the invitation committee, is
daily in receipt of letters from
prominent ex-Confederates and
Rtinee, J. M. Monroe, 11. W. Thoma?. J.
b. liroughton, M. w. Harper, Julian A.
raker, YV. T. l'ete, It. W. Prince, li. D.
Jewett, C. Dalifirmy, A. 8. Jones. Jo 1
Hill, James McKee, K Q. Houston, Al
bert Anderson, P. I. Murphey. Tho?. E.
Anderson, William H. Cobb, M . 11
Adams, VV. D. Femberton, J. M. Hays,
. l. Uheatham, L. Y. borrell, J. M
I ynn, J. W. Whitt, A. F. Cot en, L. VV
Hunter, J. . Irwin, A. J. Patterson
VV. A. Monroe, J. P. Brown Samuel A
'"'i aj. j. ayne, v . . mc s,
J. J. Walton, W. H. Harrell,
W. H Fox, Henry F. Long, T. A. Math
ews, M. W. Gibson, W. J. Jones, E. P.
Laird, iN. P. Boddin. P. L. Long, T. P
Poster, G. A. Foote, J. G. Riddick F
H. Sewell, J. W. Chambers, R. xV. Moose,
J. H. Libbon, t. Clair Spruill, J. J. L
McCullers, J. F. Hugh smith, .' . II.
Hand, n, U. T. Chapin, J. M. Flipper,
U. A. Jul an, H . li. GoUn, L M. Bea
ton, R. L. Gattis, G. A. Senn, W". R
Hollinsworth, II. Haywood. M. P. Per:y,
Wr IT X.. 1 T T o -1. - i. . . r i
ii. L.agwc i, v . u. ivo'-erison, d oiuua
E. Gattis, N.
Protested Against the Action.
By Cable.
Vienna, May 11 The Austrian
government has form -illy protested
against the action of tue Russian
authorities in expelling from Rus
sian Poland Herr Rosewadowski, a
member of tne Austrian Reichstag,
and tne owner of land in Russia
Poland, where Rosewadowki vas
living temporarily, looking after his
interests, when ordered to Wvethe
country by the Russian officials.
and how to attain it.
At las', a med::a! work t Vint te!!s Ine causes,
v:!iT!bes tne eiiects, jvti:its ;i:e remedy, il
l.s scictHliic::Ilv mos-t vn.uasi.;. ari:si".ttiiy
t :: m.st heautiiiil, ni-iit.d J k that has ap-
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s:if juits treated aie Xervous IK-l...Ky, pnr
l.-n v, Sterility, Dewl pme;.!, Varicocele, I he
ii .-nana, 1 nose inemi.n' aiartiare. etc.
Fverv man who v.-ouid k:i.v,v tile ilth d tr'iths,
'!ie p'ain facts, tr.e old secre'ts, :-rr. :tje iie-.v
nscovrrics ol medicn! science- as appi;ei to
rnnrned !ife, wl-.o woi:!l ain:is fu- past ollies
ani avoi'l iutt're ' itfails, slumld write tor this
voncierliil titt e tM.k. it v!l he setit free.
mucr seal. A!ii' - -s ihc pnb'i-'ieis,
I-.'-e i-'i. C,., P .rt.ilo. N. V
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f AtDcrhani. forOx.'onl tl?a w
I son. aud a A ooiaw vjO. C
8.15 R It , and IVich ja-.n i, Va . vs
A. M. Keysvllla.
Dally J At Greensboro for a!l roiit-
ucrtu and sonth, aaa rcr vvin
ston-Saletn, and polnTB cc the
Korthwestem N C K H
At Charlotte. for8rartanburt
Greenville, Athens, Atlanta and
all points South. This tiala
docs not connort at Charlotte
for point?, on C C& A li K,
between Charlotte ami Ausr'.wt
j At Durnam for Oxford, iL'Jlj
t excert Sundays.
4.40 I At Greensboro, with the Wr t
P. M. I la-3"tonand S.utliwes:era V-cr'
DaJiy j bulod l:inltel train for ail po!st
iorth, p.na with main line train
: 11 for- 'o I-1 T- rry-T orwi In
U:rmed;ate l--c&l t-tat'.on. Also
t;at connection for Wirston
I Salem, daily except Holiday,
aDd with miin line train Xo
V for Charlotte, Spartan hurj?
Granville, Atlanta and al)
points aoutii oleepln oars llal
-jlghto Greensboro
ThLj tr.tn connects at Cair
lotte with C C & A R K trtn
No 'J for CIuinbia. ChaTlcston
Savannah and Anzasta; a!eepe
t Danrllle to Angaria
I At Selnia. for Fayetteville. kq1
intermediate statlona on the
Wilson aud Fayetteville ?pnrf.
cat, diiy except Snndiva
At Otoidsocro, for Mewbern
and Morehea1 (ltv2 daily as
cpt Sandays. fo V tlmiatot-,
i and intrmedip.te srstlus on W
l&Wiiit, ds'Jy.
8.45 ( t SInia fjr V. ileon, Koefey
A, li. 1 ilonnt, Tarfcoro and local sta
Da'.ly j tlons on Norfolk and Carolina H
5x Sna. L K; arrives at Gotd)ro. 12 0T)diq
1.C9 pm ( From Greensboro arid tdi ooinv
DcJIy. North and Sctith.
6.00 a m Fi-om Greensboro aad ail uoluts
Dally. ! North znJl Sonth St if pin ? car
(Greeu'ijor-j to Ralfih
Daily. I From Goldtoro and all nolnts
11.10 pm in Eastern Carolina
Ex Sun. L
P. M.
Double daily trins ltof";, Tli5eih a: fi
Charlotte. Qnick time !
Til. . 1 1 1 4 i
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(Treeiidtoro. N C. VahlT,trt..n. 4 t .
W. H. OltiiEN. H. li. HAtiDWICK,
isaersl 'Atat.bT, itit'j,B t'i
A"-hiaitcrj, D.'O tlanU.
rOL HAAM, Trfcfi-o Manner, Wnhic-Voa.
WilmlDKton&Weldo R.U.
una Branches.
Couiiftzed t?chedrdt Dated January 3
Tli&iNH GOING fiOV'lH.
No. VS. L-o. -i7. Ko. 1.
Pily. FMtM&il. Daily eS
Oai'.y. Hunday.
. 1 30 pm 5 05 pm fl 15 am
1 L-y pu 6 1-3 pm 7 23 ie
2 35pta
1-58 pm
.1 19 pm
25 pin
Ar T&rboro
Lv Trboro
Lv li'y MocLt . .
Ar r lorence
Lv Wilson
Lv Gol'leboro. . .
Ar Nilrairjjfion
6 03 piii 7 2i
6SSpm 7fS fm
Blew His Brains Out.
By Cable.
Vienna, Mav 10. In a fhna.fr a af
Locuberg, Capital of Austrian-Qa-1
licia, last niht Herr Dalezuk, one
of the actors, walked to the foot
lights, drew a rev lver, aud, in full
sight of the audience, plaod the
weapon to his bead and blesv his
brains out Jealousy of a yt u.ig
aetress was the cause.
. Herring, H. T. Cox, Oscar McMulIsy,
D. T. Tajke.T. S. McMullan, J. M. II tS,
camps of Confederate veterans, in
aicaung tueir intention of corning I Tayloe, D. H. Harris, M
10 participate in tne remtr; mut I
It is expected that verv liearlv w- R- eTcr, J. G. tilount, Joshua Tay
all of the Virginia camps itl be ,oe' J- w- c 8mbe 8 w- E- Headen, R
. ... . 0 I K M T IT 11 n .. 1 .
nere and that numerous delegations
will come from other Southern
States, joining in the funeral train
en route from New Orleans. There
will also be a number of Virginia
troops in addition to those in Hich
mond. The local committees will
provide free quarters and cheap
meals for all visiting organizations.
Railroads in Georgia.
Charleston Xews and Courier.
Thirteen railroads in Georgia are
today insolvent and are being oper
ated by receivers. Three Georgia
roads have recently been sold at
public auction by the United States
Marshal. Another Georgia road
only escaped a receivership by scal-
A. Moore, J. II. Gibbons, G. C. fed wards,
E. G. Moore, A. H. Stancill, Jr, J F.
ilier, J A. Griffin, C G. fsi bols, J. A.
Wise, C V". Courts, F. B. Harris, i.has.
J O Hagan, John II . Tucker. R J ss0
bles: W. I. Roystcr, W. H. Bobbitt, J.
B. Dunn, J. U. Wolf, E L Cox, C. J.
O Hagan. D. A. Stanton, Ihos. S:ampf,
J W. Long, H. Johnson, W. E.
Powell, John W. Taylor, Arthur
O Jonee, W. G. Freeman, J M.
Manning, J. B. Powers, R. L. Davi-,
John B. Gaither, K. P. Battle, J.
A. Faifon, D. V Parris. P. R. Iltch,
F. I. Wynn, W. II. Nicholeoo, J. M.
Had ey, L. L. Sapp, T. JL. Faucette, II.
B. Marriott, M. W. Gibson, A. li. VVhit
aker, R. W. Tate, D. P. Whitley, J. M.
Chicago, has 30.0C0 unemployed.
Bota the method and re3ult3 -when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and act3
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers aud cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs '13 the
only remedy cf its kind ever pro
duced, pleasing to the Uste and ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt ia
its action mid truly beneficial in its
exieets, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 00c
and $1 bottle3 by all leading drug
jrts. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it oniand will pro
cure it promptly for sny one ; -
wishes to try it. Lo net accepi 31 j
0 $Orn
... b 34 rra
I! 2" pm 10 4)pm
.2 25pai 6 48 pm 7 58 aia
8 2) JV2 7 95 pm 8 4 i rzi
4 Sil pra 8 7 pra fc5 am
W pm 10 J5 cs 11 5 a-r-
xaAJ8 ao;r o noxitu
Mo. 40.
Vp. 7S. Ko.l. iwlyex
L.iy. i;aiiy. undy
5 10 am 7 30 pm
9 34 am
S3 SHOE hoTlbVp.
,.ptCall Shoe to th world for thprlo. I arries Washington &.0. m. Dally exceut
W. L. Douglas Bboesara sold everyVkera. I Sunday. Connects with trains on Ale-
Lv Flore cce...
Lv 1'avfcttevilie.
Ar Wilson
v VtiSnnrzii
L Goldsboro. . .
S.T Wileon
Lv W'lli-on
Ar R'y Moniit.
L.T Tartc.ro. . . .
ijV Tarbo-o. . . .
Lv R'y Mcunt
.r weldon 3t6am
Trains on ScotUri.-i Vp-ir rrr,.i nr..,-
" ' - a- 4, . . u Lilian
leave Veldon 6:20 p m: Ra!if&J f-pm,
arrive Scotland Neck at ::0 p m GrW-.-yilieS:iSpm;
Kington 9:2f. pm. Retnrn'na
leaves Kiseton 6:i0 a m. Greenville 7-47 a tr.
AwiviuK nwuax at u:w a m, Weldon
1045 h m, daiJ-: except Sunday.
umuis uk wasnington liranch 'era
Washington 6 40 a m, arrive ParmeleblO
a ro.. returning leave Parrn'A ?(tiri,
... 1180 pm
y w rr, c 4j pa
li 23am 6 t9 pra
1 1'1 am 7 48 1 to
1 10 cm 11 SO pm 7 4S am
1 57 am 12 OS pm s 11 am
2 f r-:n
Vi W am
1 r7 am 12 1 8 pm 6 'id via
jri.'uu7 buoqiq wear mem. Itlaadotv
yoa owe yoarwslt to ret the beet -ralae tat
J 2 ,0?ey; . EponoxaUe In your footwear by
purchasing VV. L. Douglas Shoes.wbiob
Frtr.Tvt: at me pnoes aa
auuvo, txm laoaianae can testify.
JT Take No Sabstitnte. 9
neiw'are of franrf. Kone frenolne without W. T.
toWhe turf" Uunpcd oa
W. 7. I)oQjlBj Hrci-liton, Meee. Sold by
v. -iuawro, si. aaiiy, except r'nndav.
fi:00 a m, arrive Smithfteld, c, 7:0 a rA!
riefcuraini? leaves smltr.Leld. N c.
In eHei-t Not. 27th, X3SS
Le&te P.Ueigh,
Wnrren Pi.-ii-
o. 8.
Tly ex. Bua,
8 00 v tn
6 14 p m
6 ?S p Til
5 S3 p rr
6 14 p w
C 0 p m
V 05 p m
7 14 pm
e i.' t m
ii 04
li i.'. i r.
IS 4: r b
li 69 p n
i p -
3 ir . p
S o. 1
12 25 p ra
1 Upc
1 21 p tt
'i i5 P ro
2 43 p Ui
3 00 p Pi
il p ia
4 44 p m
4 05 pm
LOUISE mf i biii tr.n.
Leave Loulsburg at 7634a aud u 80 a i ,
Arrive at Fi-aiiKUcDon at 25 am anl 1 ue.
Arrive at Louisburi? at 8 45 P m ma 10 10 & li
Taking eSect oa Sunday, Nov 27th7 1 S-"
aiujT Aug,lat AJr Lle Ballroals wf'! r.u
LcAr? Welduu,
Warren PlaJaa.
Mllbrof k
Arnre BaieRh.
O'iy ear. s'ttv
7 on a a
7 18at
8 34 1
S Sis. n
8 45?r
fli S 2
V 45 A ft
j ton raUroaa will run daily except Sunday
Gen'l Man. an'l Bupt.
. . , ' . r - - -. . . k u x
s:oo am; arnv, itocfey Motu-t 9 15 a tr
G.iiiv. exefeii- Sundav.
via riay line. aji;o at riocxy
cii.cpu;uiiuay. Wild aSOIICi
itailroad for Norfolk and U
vr. i. si
V-iari.ttT,anrl P-aleUsh R. li., tin.1 Scotla'i5
Train leaves Tarboro, N. C, via AUe-
Gar, t:00 p m., Sunday 3:00 p oj;arrie
Pl mouth iO:lX) p to, 5:2C p m. Retnrn'.ta
leave3 Plinoutb daUy, except Snnday.
.Tri a m, .Snnday !0:00 a in, Arrlvinf Trr
boro 9 45 a in, 12:0 a m.
x ram on MidJand. . C.. liratch lf-vf
in; arrive Gold'dK'rr , N. c., 9:30 a rn
'i rain onyashviUe Branch l-av. iiocky
MuUEt at C:!5 n m. arrive . Vshriv
Trains on Latta Branch Klorno R R
leave Jatta at 7 3-J p rn, arriving at Dnn
bar at 8 40 p m; returcinyleavf- Dvlq arat
6 00 am; anivint? at iatra at 7 15 a m
Dady except Snnday.
i iTrain on Clinton Branca lea ve V.'.-5aw
for Clinton daily, except Knnriny p.t r, (Q
? m and 11:; a m. Rcrtnrnlnc leaves
Clinton at S:2"a m .nd 'J:lo p na connect
m;? at Warsaw with Noh 41, 4;- 23 aud 79.
Irain No. 7h makes close connection at
weloon for all points corth da!ly, all rail
via Richmond, and daily except Sunday
-Mount daily
ana Carolina
Tiointfi nnri U
via Norfolk. JOHN . LIVING, .
Gen'l Supt
J r. KKN'LV. C.n'i
&XKtUT01i'-4 NOTICE.
having this dny rjualiled a? exectitor of
tha last will and tetannt of Mm A. K.
Montascne, I hereby notify persons having
claims agairst said dtcedeat to vittent
ice cmetora on r r refore jrrll . '94.
or this notice will be plead iubir of ntir
recovery. All rtrrcnn owin: stid trtaie
will please maie iminedsHte teitlement.
ti.if. MONTAGU K
. ecu tor.
Raleigh, N. C, Aprtl 14, 1101.
This ; ont ol" tl..
round rcsor:i in t! .
beart of tie :(?
1 ION Of es.v ,
tern reports lv ra-1..
to lcca'.e for the t-.-,:
fine air, wat r. :
fare for hi- !i Mr
reputation ol" yn ,
riRE insura:-;:
ii it
nome insurance
Oriijui:- ! . - -
CI. AWES l'V ! i;
T)wlhnt.-M, ier. n
Schools. Conn H
aud Mablea, tw k :. ...
Ry ?n a'reep ,.; j.
CO. of NKW UiliK
Assets of i'tl.;-- '.
with the N. C i: .:,
II, C Horn
AgiWH m all prii:c'i
w. .s. ihi.i it '::,
tv. a. J ;( :u ?: j?
ciia. , .
P. VUW ;'; .
jrrht- r-
H. L-
K A IjKJf .
Itj , . - -t
lvri (t-lars.
J' 1'.
ice! Ice! 1c
Pare Hyjr-'rj'.c lie :."-' '
odor of cben.lca:. h' - . . . :
per lf(0 pounds t el ven-i
w jjx. m. m tn,'t uu'. '
210 five pen n l t: ' '
110 un
r. twenty
SiCfly '
igienic Plate
Tern;-; Hirit Iv '
N. ii. Willde.lv rr :-
Vann-r i
Ailaniic & North
Alt. LV. r -
p.m. p.m.
3 30 .... ' ' '
3 53 3 56 i'r.r
4'f, fi ....;..,, r
421 42.5 ..;-;: 1. -
4 3f K' .-
4 55 4 55 f '!!-. .
5 05 5 05 1j-
5 19 5 19 ...fV.r- ( "r
5 31 5 35 ....rn.-t-.r-.
5 41 5 41 )t;V-
0 00 e,(fi .. Ww : r
6 39 6 30 ...Jiiv'r--.
6 44 6 41 (V,.
6 56 u.v, ...h';:'.-
7 13 7 r . ...Never-. -7
24 7 24 ...W:!..-
7 28 7 ... At!:.
7 r-irf 7 4-i .Vor(M'i
.. At if't'r '
7 53 :orehw-1 '
MIX Eli Fi4SHiiT .: i A
a. in.
6 57 7 05
7 20 ?)
7 4! 7 5-j
8 11 Stfj
8 55
-i 10 02
il 10 3
11 00 11 Of.
11 17 1241
12 15 3 0.
: r 1
... ..tyt-i-
... i-.(,T"-
..i'zll'.v.J r
. . .('ore C.'i't '
... Tn-.. -
Cl.-ir-."- .
NVw i.r-
....K!v. ! '.
. . . . ( 'fiH'-i .:
!!:v-l. -
... Vi:.-!vr.-'
..More.1!-! r.
.Atl.-Llic I' "
.V!orhe:l I'-
3 37 ZAi
3 4S 3. Vi
4 OS 4 1'
4 37 4 42
4 51 4 55
5 01 5 0i
5 16 5 21
5 23 5 2S
5 31
p m p. m.
Tr'.iu .Vj conL''-vr.'.'.
WeidonTrain.U'iiwd V -r":
Irtro 12:10 p tit, n;s -.vith
vlile Train Wfni, !en 'u- ' -
7rin 5i conn-cvs w.h.
ville Train, arrivlni :tt ' J
and with Wilmington v ''
from the North at 3::" t-'
Train 2 connects with Vv
Weldon ThronK'h FreU-ht -
bonnd, Ieain? (ioltrloro t
S. L. DH.I.

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