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W. H. KING & CO.'S
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NO. 47.
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Postmasters Appointed.
By Southern Associated Press.
Washington, May 12. The Presi
dent today appointed the follow
ing named postmasters: Henry
Reilelberg Coleman, Alabama, the
office became Presidential; Willis
l. Wjggin, Evergreen, Ala., vice
t rank bimmons, removed. Thomas
R. Jocoway, Fort Payne, Ala., vice
E. W. Godfrey, removed. Jones G.
Moore, Pratt City, Ala., vice A. J.
iTicce, resigned. J. W Bnan,
Goldsboro, N. C, vice John R.
Smith, resigned. Henry C. Yates,
Warr6nton, Va., vice Wm. H.
Strothtr, removed.
i u -
rf Delicacies".
. : o' Mr. hr.3. Bretstb,
d t i c:rlar reeoitr-in
ti k i'Kii proprewes
n lor the ppletiriid
, ; t .h. Iu addition is the
.!;. ', r'e-s, &c, can bi
. t unci.., fruits and
A Illot In Mexico.
,By Southern Associated Press.
Durango, Mexico, May 12. Dur
ing the Maximillian holiday cele
bration here, a desperaie affray oc
curred between a mob of intoxi
cated Mexicans and the police, re
fulting in the killing of live of the
mob and one policeman. The Mex
icans were parading the streets,
i . 1 1.. m
commuting depredations oi a se
rious character. When the police
attempted to suppress their lawless
ness the mob fired upon the offi
cers, killing Frederico Gerralvo, and
woundiug two others. The police
returned the fire, killing five of the
leaders of the mob. The others
were captured.
The Commissioner of Kat!roal3.
By Southern Associated Piess.
Washington, May 12 Gen. Wade
Hampton, Commissioner of Rail
roads, Interior Department, wil
start next Tuesday on an official in
spection tour of the subsidized Pa
cific railroads, lie will travel in a
car placed at his disposal so that
he can stop off at will. He will go
direct to San Francisco. Gen.
Hampton is not in the best of
health but has partially recovered
from the grip of which he has been
a victim for a year or more.
1 he Failure cf a Whisky Fli m.
By Southern Associated Press.
Louisville, Ivy., May 12. The
wholesale whisky firm of W. H.
Thomas and tSons suspended pay
ment this morning. The euspension
at first caused beme excitement,
which quickly subsided when it be
came known that thi3 action was
I trade and the tight money market,
i LUiihLU vin Tne different bankers with which
iprill, 18035
They Boai-d a Train, Blow Open the
Express Car With Dynamite and Get
Away with the Contents.
By Southern Associated Press.
Cairo, 111., May 12 At 10 o'clock
last night, as the northbound passen
ger train on the Mobile and Ohio
Railroad stopped at Laketon, ty.,
to take water, two masked men ap
proached the engine covering the
engineer and fireman with re
volvers. They compelled them to
get off the engine and go with them
to the express car where they com
manded the express messenger, S
H. Ray, and K. C P&atson, his as
sistant, to open the door of the
express car. xnis tne messengers
refused to do and began hiding the
contents of the safe and valuables
The messengers were informed that
if they did not open the car it
would be blown open with dynamite.
They refused the second time, when
a charge of dynaaaite went off,
blowing a hole in the side of the
car. One of the robbers put his
gun in and demanded that the
doors be opened. Under a promise
of not being hurt, the messengers
opened the door and robbers se
cured everything that was left in
tli9 safe, and then left the car and
escaped in the timber. The amoun
stolen was not over one thousand
dollars, rsone ot tne passensrers
were molested.
Gladstone's Danger.
Londox, May 11. William Town-
send, the man arrested on the
charge of having discharged a pis
tol in Downing street, and also sus
pected of having designed to kill
Prime Minister Gladstone, was
brought up in the Bow street police I From Sandy Hook to Queenstown in
court today, lownsend was also
charged with having sent a me
nacing letter to alr. Gladstone,
whicn was read in court. The let
ter is dated April 25, and is as fol
'Do drop that cursed bill. Say
U 1 1. OH I DA Oranges.
,lVt. ; , .! ",u stcre 73 boxes fine
Five Days, Seven Hours and Forty
Two Minutes -The Quickest Passage
East Ever Made,
By Cable.
Queenstown, May 12. The new
something about it in the House to-1 Cunard Line steamship, Campania,
night. You gave me a such a shock J which sailed from New York for
yesterday looking so cheerful and I .Liverpool, May Gth, arrived at
happy. I had never seen you be-1 Queenstown at 9:30 o'clock this
fore. Your appearance compelled morning, having made the passage
me to raise my hat out of respect 1 from Sandy Hook to Queenstown in
I had been waiting for you since J five dayB, seven hours and forty-two
morning. After reading the news- I minutes, the quickest passage 6ast
papers on Saturday I left home and I yet made by any eteamer. The pas- that the arrangements mad9 will
Return of tbe Produce Exchange Com
mittee from a Conference with Rail
road Repreentatlves at Atlanta.
Wilmington Star.
Messrs. Wm. Calder, G. J. Boney,
James C. Stevenson, W. H. Sprunt
and C. W. Worth, the committee
appointed by the Wilmington Pro
duce Exchange to confer with the
Rate Committee of the Southern
Railway and Steamship Association,
returned yesterday from Atlanta,
Ga., where, on Wednesday last they
had a conference with representa
tives of various railroads in regard
to discriminations in rates of freight
The committee met with a courte
ous reception, and all the requests
made by them w ere granted. V"hile
ro particulars were given newspaper
representatives, they were informed
wife and Tittle oneB. If you are re- I sengers cheered enthusiastically
moved the bill is as dead as I upon coming into the harbor, and
Queene Anne I was in Brighton I the crew of the Campania showed
on Saturday expecting to find you. much jubilation over their victory.
If it had not been for my sud-1 The Campania passed the Paris, of
den revulsion of feeling nothing I the American line, when 109 miles
could have saved either of us yes- east of Sandy Hook, and did not
terday. I could have fired six I sight her again during the voyage.
shots before any one laid a hand on I The Cunard Company has made ar
me. I will give you another chance. J rangements to land the passengers
I have a strong opinion of jour of the Campania on the arrival of
cleverness. I firmly believe that if I the steamer tonight This is un
you will the bill will become a law
despite Salisbury, Balfour, Cham
berlain and the lords; but it shall
not, it oy taking two lives, yours
precedented in the history of trans
atlantic travel The office of the
company was thronged with an ex
cited crowd of people betting
and mine, hundreds, perhaps thou- J whether the passengers by the Cam
-'.im to the box.
'.V I-HICEL5.-
the firm have done business place
the excess cf liabilities at from
$id'J,UU0 to $uu,uuu.
JiTcpiuI Boston,
y M ..ian-.o Ptffrlne, Mass.
ii VouUiful vluor r
' 1 m fl(rl fi'!:P ., or
tl' l'l.V
k'niiairator's Notice.
"!:. r.iirrj i. ut li ters of Ailoclr titration
," iftlie late Mrs. A. A. Perry, this
' " t 't8.H9 Lavliw claims
. . ... i..rtv'ei,t to i.ronenttheiu to menu
; '" M rs. : iki4; all pcrs"U8 indebted to
n.ako Imn pH"o rayntentto
A (Ufr,.r,,r f Mrs. A. A. Purrv.
k& aiufLot for Sale.
j,y- A f.',thority coufcrrtd in a
-. t..,yr-c r.u-d ia hook 113. page 10 i,
'?-i:rr(fi)t.0.ia officii J Wake coua
,,, t , . !!. oa Mouday, the 8th flay
w; u thf t-t y of Kr.leish. the house and
?a v' h,-n on the paid Vass now re-
-th '"lt,J ou ctuth lilouLtstrtet.and
PL cr:h' ,! in the SHid mcrtgage.
The Ireasury bltaatiou.
By Southern Associated Press.
Washington, May 12 The treas
ury situation shows decided im
provement, the receipts being larger
than for this time last year, while
the expenditures though large, are
not as heavy as anticipated. Most
of the heavy disbursements for
the month have already been made'
including eight million for pens
eions and other heavy payments
that became due about the first of
the month.
Financial Disasters All Over
Country Yesterday.
Portland, Ind., May 12. The
Dunkirk National Bank, of Dun
kirk, owned and controlled by
D wiggins, Starbach & Co., Chicago,
has failed. Their liabilities will be
at least seventy-five thousand dol
lars. The firm owns a number of
other banks, and these are reported
to have gone to the wall.
Koxomo, Ind., May 12. The State
Bank of Russiaville did not open
doors this morning. It was a small
institntion controlled by the Col
umbia National Bank, of Chicago
Some of the stock is held by farm
ers in the vicinity. Officers claim
that neither depositors or stock
holders will lose anything,
The bank of Greentown, has
closed its door3. Suspen Eion is due
sands, of loyal Ulster men will be
saved. Surely, that will be suffi
cient justification. I shall look
anxionslv in tnmnrrnw's nanarB for
j - tr t
I m
uu aiiawoi.
The prisoner admitted that Vo
had written the letter. Then sev
eral entries in hi3 diary were read,
of which the following are examples:
"I went to Downing street and
watched quietly all day, being afraid
cf raising suspicion by making in
quiries. There are five chambers;
surely sufficient for both."
"April 25. I saw Mr. Gladstone
emerge from his residence. I was
so surprised at his happy and cheer
ful appearance that I raised my hat.
I hurried to the park, and had to
weep for two hours."
The prisoner appeared greatly
distressed, and said that he would
leserve his defease. He was com
mitted tor trial.
pania would be landed in Liverpool
oeiore or after the passengers on
the Paris would be landed in South
The Gubernatorial Contest in Virginia
By Southern Associated Press.
Richmond, Va., May 12 The fight
over the Democratic nomination for
Governor of this State, has been
enlivened by the announcement to
night that Cel. A. S. Buford, of this
city is in the race. Lieut Gov. J,
Hoge Tyler and Congressman
O'Ferrall havo long been in the
field, but the three-cornered contes
that will be waged from now unti
the convention meets will rival the
Mahone Daniel fight in which
neither candidate received the nomination.
put Wilmington in as good position
and on an equal footing with other
ports on the Atlantic coast All the
railroads centering in Wilmington
were represented and heartily sus
tained the committee.
A special meeting of the Exchange
will be held today at 11:30 a.
Admission or the Territories.
Washington, May 12. Senator
Hill is to be a member of the Senate
eub-committee which will investi
gate the condition of the Territories
with a view to their admission into
the Union. The t-ub-commit-tee
will travel as far as the
Pacini frlope, entering not only the
Territories, but the State of Cali
fornia, Oregon and Washington.
All of the principUl citit-a and
towns of the Territories will be
Senator Hill ill visit on ihia
journey a section entirely new to
him. He has canvassed in tie F.a.t
auu oouiu, uui perftonaay r.e is a
stranger to the far Y.st and the
trip will enable hi;a toiaott ita peo
ple. In Oregon Mr. Hill will de
liver an address in nnponpe to ft
special invitation I; is intimated
that tho Oregon ftddrre will be fol
lowed by others of na informal
Death or Col. I noma.
Morganton Herald.
Col. W. H. ThoruHf, for mny
ro&ra Trillion irnnt ort.l n.aVl.i.lln
when the report of the committee chUt of the Chcrok' ln.liau tribu
Will ha QiihmiHi.l I .
in Western rth Carolina, died at
will be submitted.
The committee left Atlanta at
5:45 o'clock Wednesday evening on
the Seaboard Air-Line's new road,
Land arrived in Wilmington via the
Carolina Central at 9:15 a. m. yes
terday. They were pleased with
their trip, the reception they met
from the railroad representatives
and the result of their visit
to the suspension of the Chemical
National Bank of Chicago.
Charlevoix, Mich., May 12. W.
P. Brown and Company, bankers,
doing business under the name of
the Bank of Charlevoix, have made
an assignment to R W. Kane. No
statement has yet been made as to
the cause of the suspension.
Rawaw, Mich., May 12 Great
excitement prevails at Lawton. The
managers of the local bank there
did not open the institution this
morning, having left town last night.
The citizens have some $18,000 de
posited in the bank.
Toledo, O,, May 12.- -The Ottawa
The Nicaraguan Situation.
By Southern Associated Pretts.
Washington. May 12 According
! to infLLjci ion received by Dr.
1 he New York Stock Market.
By Southern Associated Press.
New York, May 12. There was a County Bank, at Elmore, a branch
Guseman, the Nicaraguan Minis
ter, a big battle will probably be
fought today between the opposing
forces in hia pertubed country. Dr.
Guseman said he received a dis
patch from a friend showing a state
of affairs directly opposite to the
way they were pictured ia the mea
Rftpr rrr.fivf-d vr.stfirdav bv Sacre-
n j i
tary Gresaara from Mr. jSewall, 1
I Consul at Managua. So far from
the government forces being de
moralized, this dispatch represnts
that the army of the government
was in good order, and would meet
the revolutionary forces today in
battle for supremacy. Dr. Guzs-
Two Men Hanged.
By Southern Associated Press.
Sherman, Texas, May 12. Charles
Luttrell and John Carlisle, who
murdered William T. Sherman, were
hanged here at 2.17 p. m. today.
Both died instantly, their necks
bairg broken. The widow of the
murdered man witnessed the execution.
Nichols Tells About His Place.
Cor. Statesville Landmark.
Washington, May 8, 1893.
Mr. John Nichols prepared the
following statement this morLing at
the Treasury Department for the
Landmark in response to my inquiry
about his reported 1,800 place:
"Mr. Nichols resigned on the 30th
of March. In consequence of the
pressure of business in the office in
which he was employed, and aleo
for the puipose of instructing h:.
successor in his new dutie, Mr.
Nichols was requested to remain for
a bile in the same office ia which
he Lad been employed. He has
been paid al the rate of $1,800 psr
annum for this service. Mr. Nichols
has not yet determined what ho will
do after he leaves the Department.
He ha3 several matters in contem
plation, but has come to no conclu
sion as to what he will do."
This is all I know about it. You
have it in Mr. Nichols own words
the State Hospital in Morginton
Tuesday night. Coh Thomas was
more than eighty years of agt. For
many veara he was a prominent
figure in Western North Carolina
political and bueioeps circles and he
accumulated a lirge property.
hix point, out of many, nrh. re lr.
Pierce's Pleasant Ptlle'a are K-ttcr
t' an other pills:
1. They're the emallftt. and ra-i-t
to take little eugar-coaN-d j'.ranulat-
that cveiy child lak t rrailily.
2. They're ierlct!y easy in tLtir
action no griping, nu ditui hain .
3 Their ell'eot lasts. 'I In rn no re
action afterward. Thy regulate or
cleanse the system, according to tic of
4 They're tL cheajxet, for they're
guaranteed to give hatii'aoti n, or the.
money returned. Yo'i jty o:ily for
the good you get.
5. Put up in glass arc alw. fu-sh
6. They cure Constipation, I r.-l. ejec
tion. Bilious Attacks, Sick or B.lioon
Headaches, and all derangement of ti.i
liver, stomach and bowel
j!jUtll t"Tir n- : u:i
down from overwork "r 1:-'im-I at-.
Hro'.vn's Iron Kit trr- i: '-ui -M!
rystetn. nHsrtiifi-Mion. r-iii-. s rx'- .f t i.e.
Hurricane in New-IIebrides.
Stdny, N. S. W., May 3 1. The
mail brings details
of a hurricane
which swept the New-Hebrides.
The whole settlement at the port of
Sandwich was obliterated, and half
of New-Caledonia was submerged.
At Tchio the floods washed 10,
000 tons of nickel ore into the sea
and filled the mines with water and
The American UapUst Society.
By Southern Associated Press.
Nashville, Tenn., Miy 12. Yes-
J terday the American Baptist Elu-
nu ti rin 1 1 SirvAi ai T qti.1 K "11 it li t r i liar.
tist Educational Conference met in
this city. The Educational Society
elected the following officers:
President, Edward Juleson, New
York; Vice President, D. W. ltoth-wt-11,
Missouri; W. J. Northern,
Georgia, Recording Secretary; H.
M. Wharton, Maryland; Acting
i Corresponding Secretary, H. L.
I Moorehouse, New York; Treasu
Ladles' ll.tts.
Ladies' atra v Lata vvill e s..M at
10. Monday i.ext all tho lateht
shape woth fxnni fiOo to $1 e uch,
will be bold f r onlv Kk. f jre ne
day orly, at
D T.
hWlSMl L:
A leath.-r truHthm b u orgm'z
cd. It promts to be ti.e t-;-igbet
of ail moucpolits.
iUW,1, u' T' i 7. : oumy aua, u-u jaiiuort, , maQ ft80 receiyed a dispatch from
general tnougn sngnt improvement 0f the nicagoijoiumoia, nas ciosea p . Antral and
South American Cable Company, in
New York, stating that the rovolu- j
tionists were not victorious.
in prices at the Stock Exchange
this morning, notwithstanding the
reported failures on the London
Stock Exchange and the further
rise in discounts there. The strength
of the dieconnt market in London
its doors and the bank officials are
not to be found.
Indianapolis, May 12. The Bank
of Columbia and the National of
Greenwood are eaid to have failed.
The Farmers' and Merchants' Bank
leads to the impression that further 0f Geneva, Ind., closed its doors at
gold exports from New York will be noon. It was the oldest institution
Morl? Sale
of Land
'45,;:f?wrere was burned out this afternoon, the
'hh i 'ti(t,ri-h unr4 -(V .v,,.v. I VmiUinna Violnn nrin Ct fn .T. O. Whitv.
' HIT, V II .1. II flAlU I IlJ U11U1UU J W V W - b w w - - - ml 9
and were insured. The factory put
n truck barrels from ehooks
l?lre in New Barne.
New Berne, May 12 Special.
The barrel factory of Jones and Co.
of the kind in the town.
Convoy, Ohio, May 12. The
Bank of Convoy, Ohio, closed its
The Y. M. C. A. in Indiana.
By Southern Associated Press.
Indianapolis, Ind., May 11. G. N.
Bierce, the newly-elected President
of the Young Men's Christian Asso-
The coffee ulantations were swept i moorehouse, JN&w lort; ireasurer,
clean. The natives are shelterless JJOsnua ivencg, j;uimore, auui-
and destitute. tor N- lassac, New York.
The Educational Conference cln
cers are: Dr. W. B. Roth well, Mis
souri, re-eleeted President; Dr,
Thomas Hume, North Carolina, re
elected Secretary.
The Southern Biptist Convention
meets in this city today, and will be
largely attended.
By Southern Associated Press.
At Pittsburg Pittsburg 3, Louis
ville 0.
At St. Louis St Loui3 8, Cleve
land 7.
At Washington Washington C,
Baltimore 7.
At Brooklyn Brooklyn 8, Bos
ton 3.
Fresh Air and Exercise.
Getnl! that's
posslb'.e of
both, if in
need of flesh
st rc n t ..
and n c r v c
force. There's need, too, of plenty
of fat-food.
-r.r- ry
Soofl s Emuisinn
Wfe1et'l!,.'luy "corded in registry of ftl
stTcM'aui wvV0"?1 hou?e door in the brought here in a prepared state,
'orr: and a number of barrels and shooks
tir.ru, .. 7r . ! -. I
doors today, caus.d by its relations Bajton and assumed the gavel at 8outhern Associated Pres..
witn tne vjoiumpia jxauonai dmih "v ' " .77, . I w V 19 A ...i,
r Bfo0m0T,f nf fbo Mr. liierce expressed gratitude lor . r I . J i on, niceiy pamteu anu iuuy guaran
w. I . . - ... . . ... I mo ft-nm I .cnnhhnriT a a to 'ino I . n ttr i ..
teea r ve are mamng mem every
The Best Wagons to be Had Itlght litre
in Raleigh.
Do you need a new wagon, built
from dryest of timber, which has
all been thoroughly saturated in
ct Chicago, sso statement oi me -CnV,v T I rJeW from Lynchburg says: The
oanK s conaition nas Deen maae. a. - rflro whoasBaulted Mrs S F At-
card on the door states: Thi. opening convention and promised ?f8
that the duties ot the position , . : J. T T ,
bank has suspended.'
U:1 rh T ! u ueiun a tracb oi
rrjvf l lws Dar the town Mor
cf jit St:',1'4 county, adjoio. tbe lands
law p4dtlliji. F. AIONTAGUE, v?ort--'jtjj1''''
May g' 1893' 4'-
were in the buildingj A warehouse
with fertilizers in it was burned;
also insured.
should have the most efficient ser
vice he could render. The morning
programme consisted of Scriptural
The Sunday Opening Quettion.
By Southern Associated Pre.
Chicago, May 12. Alexander H. I reading and prayer; announcement
Bevell, Lyman J. Gage, Edwin I of standing committees by Presi-
Walker, Ferdinand W. Peck and I dent E. L. Shuey, of Dayton, and a
Henry B. Stone, of the local World s I paper on "Educational work in as-
Fair directory, held a protracted J sociation best form and methods.'
session yesterday to formulate a
Utlon Rlyt to
md riinting.
Better Feetlng in London.
By Cable.
London. May 12. The rate of dis
count has been rai-ed to 3J. The plan for Sunday opening to be sub-1 Mrs. Elizabeth Tayloe Dead.
computation of accounts absorb the mitted to a full board of directors at j Winbsor, N. C, May 12. Mrs
attention of jobbers and brokers at the regular monthly meeting today. I Elizabeth Tayloe, widow of David
the Stock Exchange. Thus far in It was decided to recommend two E. Tayloe, died at her late rest
the course of settlement seven small propositions: dence, near Windsor, Tuesday morn
brokers failed. A better feeling 1. That the Worlds Uolumbian mg, aged 63. Mrs. Tayloe was the
prevails in the market for American Exposition be opened to the public j daughter of the late Dr. Joseph
railway securities.
tiptop Kf or ty
on every Sunday from this date to Outlaw and the granddaughter of
October dl. the late Hon. David Stone, who was
2. That the World's Columbian Governor of North Carolina, United
Exposition return to the Treaeurer States Senator, member of Congress,
of the United States $2,500,000 ap- Judge of the Superior Court, and
of wrfc eollcited.
Kdward O. Leech Resigns.
By Southern Associated Press.
Washington. Mav 12. Edward O
Leech, Director of the Mint, today propriated by Congress, the govern- J represented Bertie county several
erfs nnawbia handed his resignation to the Presi- ment to become responsible for the terms both in the State Senate and
dent to take effect at the end oi payment oi tne juries oi awara ap-1 iouse of Commons,
y r May. jjeech will tate a position as pomieu uy iuo uai,iuui wmiuioaiun.
Ail WOfk Guirailteed cashief of the National Union Bank, Wake For ' ; Ball Teanu
Wake Forest, May 12.
The foot ball team of '93 held its
last business meeting this evening
and elected Mr. Tom H. Crudup
captain of the team for next season
To be
as reprowra-
and eprIws kept in stock
to be opened June first.
Ihe Atlanta Leave9 for Nicaragua.
r m m . . i
AlESSF Southern Aoci.ted Pre88
'II -t, A. WBB mi a
rt. 5s.
Wasmington, May 12. A telegram
Rend fhr
Schenectady, N.Y.
aad Brockvllle Ont,
TXT Q a ITLirtCll -X7
ment today from the commanding Crudup is one of the best athletes
officer of the Atlanta stating that in the State and will make a good
she would leave New York for Grey- captain.
town, Nicaragua, today. eo vv. .manum, wuo ao auiy
CapiamtJU luo icm inou J cai , hod
World's Columbian Exposition. elected honorary captain. Mr .man
Will be of value to the world by il- ton will probably return next sea
lustrating the improvements to the son; and with him as our captain
mechanical arts, and eminent phys- and ' Baby" Fry in the center "we
icians will tell you that the progress will fear no team extant" Riddick,
of medicinal agents has been of the famous half-back, will return,
equal importance, and as a strength-1 and the entire team, except two, will
ening laxative that Syruy of Figs is I fee composed of men of from two to
in advance of all others. i four years experience.
husband was absent, was lynched
last night.
See Them at the Raleigh Stationary Co.
Use the Pomeroy Duplex or
Pomeroy Automatic Duplicator and
you have economy, simplicity, rapi
dity, cleanliness, durability, type
writing adaptability. The ma
chines are so well made that one
will last a life time. Neither the
Duplex nor the Automatic have
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stand and use them. Originals
are written as fast and as
easy as one can write on
a typewriter. Five minutes will
suffice for fastening the stencil
sheet in the Duplicator, five min
utes for preparing, and then the
office boy can run off 300 impres
sions an "hour" on the Duplex, and
an expert can do between 500 to
800 on the Automatic. This speed
can be doubled or trebled. The
Pomeroy Compressed Ink dries so
quickly that copies can be mailed a
Fayetteville's Nw Bans.
Fatetteyille, May 12 (Special)
-The Co-operative Bank of North w ftffcer inting. Both
iviuiui, uu " ruu'" u fim" machines are made of the best m
oi nve nunarea mousana aoiiars,
day at our factory on Fayetteville
street. Also if you want your wag
ons, carts, buggies, kc, repaired we
can do it quicker and cheaper than
any one else we know. When your
tires get loose you can't afford to
have your team and driver stand
around a bhop all day waiting for
a tire to be put on. We make spe
cial efforts to do our work with dis
patch. vVe make eingle trees,
double trees, wagon tongues, (and
will soon make) axe, pick, hammer
and other helves; and we knowwe
can supply )ou if you will give ua a
trial. We trade wagons for good
timber. Don't forget now that you
can get any thing in our line when
1 TT-
you are in neea. we soucii correi
pondence and guarantee satisfac
tion. Mills lira Co.,
Raleigh, N. a
Female Weakness Positive Cure.
To Thk Emtob : Please Inform your reader
that I have a positive remedy tor the tboueaad
and one lila wnlch arise from deranged femal
organs. I snail be glad to send two bottles it
my remedy rn.EE to any lady It they wtil send
their Express and P. O. address.
Toura respectfully,
Utlca, . T.
of Cod Liver Oil builds irt. flesh
and strength quicker thaa any
other preparation known to sci
Scott's Emulsion is constantly ef
fecting Cure of Consumption,
Bronchitis and kindred diseases
where other methods fail.
Prpard hy Sent t A ftinnm. N. V. A II Irtrri.
On what? Why, my tahle. V.MJ, how
do you keep them o!F? Kay i-ncugh. I
went to
and bought me a fly fan. Ihy are the
cheapest things I ever aw. They are
only 81. 84, and sell every where for 82.50.
Milk Coolers from 18 to 3c. Tin ware
and hardware of every description. Fit-h
Hooka 2c. doz. Fit-h lines 1 an 1 2c.huncb.
Colored Lawns for He, I know ells at
15c. India Linens from -: up. China
Silks 50c per yard, worth 15c Paranoia
and Umbrellas. Bird Cage and Fai-a
for every body. Hammocks fcr T4e. t
16 Martin Street.
with headquarters in this city,
opened its doors to the business
public here today. John P. Coffin,
President; Hon. Geo. W. Sander
lin, Vice President; H. C. Snow,
Cashier. The corporation was
chartered by a special act of the last
General Assembly.
Deatn of George Victor.
By Cable.
Berlin, May 12. George Victor,
sovereign Prince of Waldeck, died
The Hawaiian war cloud was
terial, on true scientific principles. I nothing but Sprekela on clear tky.
They will last a life time by follow
ing directions and using our stenc 1
i rr t t
preserving sneeta. xne romeroy
Duplex process can be used with
any typewriter, and the results so
closely imitate typewriting as even
to defy experts. Anything can be
printed, from the smallest card to
legal size.
Raliigh Stationary Co ,
W. G. Separk, Man'g'r.
If there i good in us, it will be
sure to ine-pire good in other-.
WOOD'S xiiosnioiifviX
The Great EnglUh Remedy.
Promptly and permanent
ly cures all formsof Arrtxu
i Weak rexa, hmiMtionx, fr'prrmr
atorrhta. Impotenry ami au
efferta cf AbvevrExctm.
Keen prescribed over 85
years In thousands cf caes;
isU.eon1 'liable and Hon
est .vif in ntm. aei
k Il'-Tr.rm n -? Jitter Ihoi:.e; u lie on en some
ejore ana Jljier wortiliecs medicine in place
r,r Ma loava 1lithr,Tif st store. IncUj&e Drlce ia
letter, and we will send by return mail. Price, one
The lower Mississippi will be ail
today at Marienbad, Bohemia, of right if the upper rivers let their I f aekg tit UTrt'
pneumonia. I water down gently. I aSm tSi e wood chbm ca ig
We take pleanure in ttinjj that Maj.
n. II. Roger, State Agent of the United
Banking and Building Company of
Richmond, has organized a Board in Ral
eigh with the followirg officer ard
Joha C. Drewry, r lent; FrankB,
Carpenter, Vi nt; Henry p.
Litchford, .ud Trea'urr; J.
. llol'" -rriey; r.v.rard H.
Bake- J"nt.
J. A. ilollomon, John V. MacRae, P.
II. Bradl.y, Wil Urn 8irnp-on, H. P.
Greason, William E. AfchelM-, P. H.
Hughes, W. H. Uolloway.
W. K. Athley, H. B, Grea-on, John
Y. MacRae.
Maj. H. H. Rogerr, Sta'e Agent.
! 1
; 1
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