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Tuesday, November 15, 1904.
I The Legislature.
The North Carolina election last
week resulted in a majority of about
45,000 for the Democratic State tick
et; and of the ten Congressmen, all
are Democrats save E. Spencer
Blackburn, the Republican candidate
who seems to have been elected in
the Eighth District. The Demo
cratic majority in the Legislature
will be about the same as two years
ago. Says the Raleigh News and Ob
server: "With but a few counties and Sen
atorial districts not yet decided, the
composition of the two Houses of the
General Assembly of 1905 is known.
"There will be but a small change
from the vote in the last General
Assembly. In the Senate there are
forty-three Democrats, five Republi
cans, and the Thirty-fourth District
in doubt. If it sends Democrats, as
it did last session, and this i3 the in
dication, there will be forty-five
Democrats and five Republicans. In
tho House there are ninety-seven
Democrats, twenty Republicans, with
three counties in doubt, two of these
returning Democrats the last session
and one a Republican, the counties
being Brunswick, Graham and Ma
IL Chairman Simmons' Claims.
Senator Simmons yesterday, talk
ing of the result as it would affect
the next Legislature, said that with
out doubt the Democrats would have
the same majority they had two years
ago in the Lower House seventy
eight there being apparently twenty-one
Republicans elected out of
120. "We carried," said he, "nine of
the thirteen counties of the Tenth
Congressional District McDowell,
Rutherford, Buncombe, Haywood,
Transylvania, Clay, Macon, Graham
and probably Jackson. We lost Polk,
but that is the only county the Re
publicans have carried that they did
not carry two years ago in the Tenth,
while we have carried Clay, Macon
and McDowell that we did not carry
in 1902. We have carried Transyl
vania, too, and Yancey, that elected
a Democrat by only seven majority
two years ago, seems to have given
Mr. Byrd a majority of 200 or more.
In the Eighth we have lost two
Stanly and Caldwell. That is the
only change there. In the east we
seem to have lost Brunswick.
"As to the Senate, up to the
Twenty-eighth District, we do not
lose a man. They get the Senator
from that district, Stokes and Surry.
They also get the Twenty-ninth, Yad
kin, Davie and Wilkes. We get the
Thirtieth, Thirty-first, Thirty-second,
and Thirty-third. I think they have
elected the two Senators from the
Thirty-fourth Alexander. Caldwell,
Burke and McDowell although we
may have one of . the two. They
have carried the Thirty-fifth Alle
ghany, Ashe and Watauga, and also
the Thirty-sixth, Madison, Mitchell
and Yancey. We carry the Thirty-
seventh and Thirty-eighth. The
Thirty-ninth is very close. They car
ried it before by about 225. I think
we have it. That is composed of
Macon, Clay, Graham and Cherokee.
"The Republicans certainly have
not over seven Senators at best, and
I don't think they have over five.
Last time they had six." Raleigh
HI. Chairman Rollins' Statement.
"We have made heavy gains in ev
ery county in North Carolina, and we
have every reason to feel gratified,"
said Chairman Rollins of the Repub
lican State Executive Committee in
reply to inquiry by a Charlotte Ob
server reporter last week. 'Tour
years ago Aycock carried the State
by 60,354 majority, two years ago
Beddingfield carried the State by 67,
631 majority, while in this election
we reduced the majority to about
35,000. In other words, we succeed
ed in cutting down the Democratic
vote over 32,600, while the Republi
cans have increased their vote from
68,209 two years ago to about 90,
000 in this election. Two years hence
we propose to carry North Carolina,
and we are going to begin organizing
now for that purpose."
"How many members have you
elected to the General Assembly?"
"We have elected thirty members,
which is an increase of nine over two
years ago, and there are fifteen other
counties that are Democratic by less
than 300 majority which should have
gone Republican. Yes, Judge Ewart
is defeated by 1,000 majority. We
made a strong, aggressive fight in
this district, but the odds were too
much against us. I have just re
ceived a telegram stating that Mr.
Blackburn has been elected to Con
gress from the Eighth District by
over 1,000 majority. He made an un
precedented fight and won a splendid
"How many negroes voted in this
"Very few; in fact, the colored
people took but tlittle interest in
the campaign, and I don't think 1,000
voted in the State, and of those that
did vote more than one-half of them
voted the Democratic ticket."
IV. Officers Elected and Other Notes.
The Democratic State ticket elect
ed Tuesday is as follows:
Governor Robert B. Glenn.
Lieutenant-Governor Francis D.
Secretary of State J. Bryan
Auditor B. F. Dixon.
Treasurer B. R. Lacy.
Attorney-General Robt. D. Gilmer.
Superintendent Public Instruction
J. Y. Joyner.
Commissioner of Labor and Print
ing H. B. Varner.
Corporation Commissioner S, L.
Associate Justices Supreme Court
W. A. Hoke and Geo. H. Brown,
Judge Superior Court First Dis
trict Geo. W. Ward.
Following the the new Congressmen-elect
First District John H. Small.
Second District Claude Kitchin.
Thir District Charles R. Thomas.
Fourth District Edward W. Pou.
Fifth District W. W. Kitchin.
Sixth District Gibert B. Patter
Seventh Robert N. Page.
Eighth District E, S. Blackburn.
Ninth District E. Y. Webb.
Tenth District J. M. Gudger, Jr.
The surprise of the campaign wa3
a Republican majority of 75 to 100
in Stanly. For years and years that
county has been reliably Democratic
by 500 to 600.
The Tenth Congressional District,
the only one except the Eighth in
which there was any doubt, appears
to have given Gudger, Democrat, 1,
000 majority or more.
The Democratic majority in New
Hanover is about 1,200. In Bruns
wick the Democrats were split over
the Watts law, but all the nominees
were elected, except Curtis for the
House, who was defeated by Taylor,
Republican, and McKeithan, Demo
crat, for treasurer, who was defeated
by Stanfield, Republican.
A man named Newman, at Mills
Springs, Polk County, Tuesday af
ternoon, shot and killed his brother
in-law, named Holbert, as the result
of a drunken quarrel. Newman and
Holbert quarreled, whereupon New
man left his companion, and, going
to his home, got a shotgun.
Governor Aycock ha3 appointed
Jas. J. Webb, of Clevland County,
Judge of the Twelfth District to sue
ceed Judge W. A. Hoke, who resign
ed on account of his nomination and
election to the Supreme Court bench,
and he appoints Mr. Heriot Clark-
son, of Charlotte, solicitor, to fill
the vacancy made by the appoint
ment of Mr. Webb as judge.
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