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The progressive farmer and the cotton plant. [volume] (Raleigh, N.C.) 1904-1905, January 10, 1905, Image 13

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Tuefdar, Jununry 10.
Itemi of Interest Gleaned from Our Cor
respondent and Exchanges.
The State Penitentiary report
shows large decrease because of the
slump in cotton.
Mr. B. F. Keith. Collector of Cus
toms, at Wilmington, is quarantined
at his home with a case of small pox.
Bill Barnes, who killed Emmet
Bass, near Wilson, X. C, December
19th, has been admitted to bail in the
sum of $1,500.
At Greenville, Monday, fire de
stroyed two large tobacco ware
houses, and 1,000,000 pounds of to
bacco; loss $G0,000.
Greensboro is to have an Arts and
Crafts Club which will open a school
in which designing and various kinds
of 'handicraft will be taught.
The penitentiary directors report
a surplus of $132,S0S to Governor
Aycock and advocate the establish
ment of a reformatory for young
R. D. Bynum, the slayer of Deacon
James II. Alford. in Raleigh, was ar
rested in Sunbury last week, where
he had refugeed at the home of a
sister. Bynum is now in jail in Ra
leigh and will plead insanity.
Governor Glenn's inauguration
will take place the 11th as planned,
but owing to the illness of Governor
Aycock's daughter the reception can
not be held in the mansion, but will
be 'given under the capitol dome.
Salisbury Sun: Governor-elect
Glenn says he will lose no time in an
nouncing the appointments at his
disposal after his inauguration.
Judging from the fact, as announced,
that more than 1,000 applications
have been made for the few offices at
his disposal, it appears that there
are yet many of the faithful unfed.
Vice-President Frank S. Gannon,
of the Metropolitan Railway of New
York who receives a salary of $20,
000 a year, on the 5th of January
became Vice-President of the How
land Improvement Company which
has the lease of the Atlantic and
North Carolina Railway, and will
take active charge of the operation
of the road.
A prohibition election was held in
Scotland Neck in 1903; there was a
dispute and threat of a contest. To
avoid this both sides agreed that bar
rooms should continue unmolested
until January, 1905; that in Decem
ber, 1904, a mass meeting should de
cide whether the bars would be suc
ceeded by prohibition or a dispensary.
The mass meeting was held the other
day and decided for prohibition.
Amonfr recent temperance changes,
it may be noted that Charlotte and
Greensboro went dry with the new
year. Asheville aldermen grant dis
tillery license for another six months.
Rockingham, Richmond County,
went dry, January 1st, by the town
commissioners refusing to grant li
cense. Wilmington aldermen have
increased the price of liquor license
from $264 to $600 per annum. Sixty
saloons took out licenses.
Salisbury Sun: And the North
Carolina Baptists, too, have called
for more stringent divorce laws. The
churches appear to be a unit on this
question and since church members
are by an overwhelming majority in
control of the Legislature it is rea
sonable to assume that this matter
will be conspicuous among other
things that- are to Engage the atten
tion of our legislators.
GoDDage Plants and Sea island Cotton Seed.
Cabbage Plants, for sale, and now ready for delivery. "Early Jersey Wakefield" and
"Charleston Large Type Wakefield" two earliest sbarphead varieties, ani uead la rota
tion as named. 'Succession," "Ausmsta Tucker" and "Short Stem Flat Dutch," the 3 best
fiat bead varieties, atd bead In rotation as named. Price: ningie thousand, $1,50; 5,0O and
over, $Lk5 per 1,000; lO.OuO and over, $1.00 per 1,000. Terms : Cash with order; or plants sent
G O. D., purchasers paying return charges on money, i nr plant beds occupy 85 acres on
Month Carolina ea coast, and we understand growing tbein In the open air; tough and
hardy; they will stand severe cold without Injury. Plants crated for shipment weigh 20 lbs.
rer 1.000, and we have special low rates for prompt transportation by Southern Express Co.
know of otber plants you can buy cheaper than mine. 1 sell good plants. No cheap 'cut
rate' plants sent from my farm. I guarantee those that I ship to be true to type and name,
and crown from high graie seeds purchased from two of the most reliable teed houses in
the United States. I will refund punhase price to any dlsatlbfied customer at end of seaBon.
Our Cotton Seed. Lint of our Long Staple variety of Sea. Island Cotton sold this year
In Charleston on December 2 at 82 cents per pound. Seed $1.25 per bushel; lots of ten bushels
and over $1.00 per bushel.
My Hpeclaltv : Prompt Shipment, True varieties and Satisfied Customers. I have been in
the plant business for thirty five years.
Wm. C. GERATY, Young's Island, S. C.
Officers of the Legislature.
The following are the new officers
of the General Assembly:
Speaker. O. H. Guion. of New
- Principal Clerk. Frank D. Hack
ett, of Wilkesboro.
Reading Clerk. F. B. Arendell, of
Engrossing Clerk. H. D. Kins
land, of Haywood.
Door-keeper. John P. Kerr, of
Assistant Door-keeper. David
James, of Pitt.
President Pro-tem. C. A. Webb.
Principal Clerk. A. J. Maxwell.
Reading Clerk. W. L. Cohoon.
Engrossing Clerk. Jno. W. Simpson.
Principal Door-keeper. L. B. Pe-
Assistant Door-keeper. Robert M.
Berkshire RIGS
Imported English blood with best Ameri
can blood. Try one. Price 85.00.
Chapel Hill. N. C.
Cheney's "September Queen," 2 to 8 feet
high, 30 per 1,000; $5.00 per 100.
Cheney's "8-crate Liberia, z to 3 ieei uign,
$25 der 1,000; $1.00 per 100.
Cheney's "improved jsiDeria, z 10 o ieei,
From $15 to $20 yer 1000; $3 00 per 10.
AnO of the above trees at $1.0o a dozon.
All of my Btock budded. f iom tae best bear
ing trees. Send for circulars.
References: Exchange Bank and First Na
ttonal Bauk, Rome, Ga.
IV. T. CHENEY, Rome, Ga.
Send your business direct to Washington,
saves time, costs less, better service.
My office clou to IT. 8. Patent Office. TREE prelimin
ary examinations made. Atty'i fee not dne until patent
ACTUAL EXPERIENCE. Book "How to obtain Patents,"
etc., sent free. Patent! procured through . Q. Bigger
receive special notice, without charge, in the
illustrated monthly Eleventh Tear terms, $1. a year.
918 FSt.. N. W.f
7 I
THE YORK Improved Weeder
The flexibility of the teeth is the important unng in a weeaer. i ne m orn iraprcu
Weeder nas teem oi square spnuc sicti wim iuuuu i"w.
great flexibility, and being narrow in the body they do not whjp or bruise the
crowing plants as nat mem au. "
prevents clogging. Onr square teeth do not break. The frame is made of
strong flexible angle steel and bandies and shafts are adjustable. Send for
free circular. The Spangler Corn Planters and Grain Drills are the best for
you to use, SPAN GLER MFG. CO., 600 Queen St., York, Pa.
Johnson County Alliance.'
The Johnston County Farmers'
Alliance will meet at the court-house
in Smithfield on Saturday, January
14th, at 11 o'clock a. m. A full dele
gation is requested
Chairman County Executive Com.
Planet Jr. Oarden 1 OOIS youi work. Write to-day for a free copy of our finely
BcriDes enure rianet r. uuc, uitiuumK ktcud, v- - ,
itire Planet Jr. line, including seeders, wheel hoes, hand and
- - ia almnat nnlimitPa
No. A Combined oeeaer 80wsin drius or uns
- - ... . 1 1
Ha 4.
ninm. Attainments chaneed instantly. Sunpie,
thoroughly dependable. .
No. 12 Double wneei noe
Is a wonder in hoeing, cultivating, plowing. orasvo
plants, oeiweeu ur wlhuc -
Be sure to gtt the eatalos;.
S. L. Allen & Co., Box 1108 0
Philadelphia, Pa.
cultivates, marks.
in its usefulness. It JKr'
ultivates, marks,
strong, durableP1
jQr So, 18
Jr Double
i i j -4.a. J s n n n-nA Knv tVhA fAnninA ISrt
AvniA imitntnni And infrineera aDd buy the Genuine, baw
Mills. 4 H. P. and up. Shingle. Planing. L8inna wra
Mills; four Stroke Hay Presses. Water Wheels,
natnloa frpfl. We nav the f reisht.
DeLOAClI MILL M'F'tr. CO Box 90S, Atlanta, Ga.
3Jr. T. B. Parker, Secretary of the
North Carolina Farmers' State Alli:
ance, will address a mass meeting of
Robeson County farmers at Lumber-
ton, N. C, Saturday, January 14th,
at noon. Immediately after the ad- i
dress the County Alliance will meet,
and opportunity will be given for
those who desire," to connect them
selves with the Order. Mr. Parker
is an effective speaker and the attend
ance should be larn-c.
Co? 1
r3 rr
Syracuse (Shilled tFEotv.
For General Purpose Work.;
chilled moldboard, sloping chilled land
, chilled share with shin piece combined.
5 type suits the man who wants a plow
Lieht draft and easily handled the kind that suits the farmer's bioy. A special
favorite in light soils, but does satisfactory work everywhere.. Both right and
left band, .before you buy a plow, talk
with the Syracuse agent or write us for cat
, alog, showing every style plow for every
Washington, Va., Jan. 27, 1904.
The Lawrence-Williams Co., Cleve
land, O.: I have used GOMBAULT'S
CAUSTIC BALSAM on four horses,
one for enlarged ankle; one colt, as
absorbent; on third colt for hard
lump on bone from kick, used as lin
iment and blister; and fourth, on a
horse for sprained ankle and tendon.
Have been pleased with results and
expect to order more soon. Jno. A.
Syracuse Chilled Plow Co,, Syracuse, n.y.
Begin Right, and Begin Right Now. Don't pay
hundreds of dollars for fertilizers and let the rain wash
them away when yon can bay a Uostbom Improved
Fabm Spirit Lbvel with Telescope for $10 (one with
out Telescope for 55,) and 8 A VJfl ir ALL by properly
terracing your farm. For Irrigation and Bice Culture
Ditches, Tile Drainage, Road Building, Laying Out
Orchards, Obtaining Angles and Foundation Level?,
there is no better Instrument made. Write for descrip
tive circular, also Treatise on Terracing,' etc., Free.
BoitromBrady Mfg.Co.,23 W. Ala. 8t.,Atlanta,Ga.
U&IV&rf Will jrrow in the house
i-s rr-w mrttr onioi aoon.
mlVf-yj Hyacinth. Tnlipe,
25 Cents.
I -" J Tnberoeos, Gladiolus, I
I I Chines lily, Bejconl. I
I J Dln-riniA- IJllM of the
I 1 Valley all postpaid, 5e. to i
rith these Boll
s we will tend
nXS r1nt collection of flower aeeds OTerSOOTarieties.
The only perfect machine for hulling and cleaning field
peas from the pod in one operation. They are made of better mate
rial, better built, better finished and do better work than any other
Huller. Four Sizes at prices to suit you. Don't be fooled into buy
lngan imitation. Have nothing but the genuine Gardner Pea Hul
ler. Catalogue free.
Gliattanooaa Implement & Alanufacturlng Go.,
Hast Chattanooga, Tenn.
Free catalogue will be sent if you will mention this paper.

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