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Tuesday, Juiy , "-j
-r- oe inns 1
mm. J M. Ransikb, State President, Hen-
fiertonvuie. ,
Mrs. Ransier Has a Bright, Sunshiny
- ttr . -
Let the liranapas wme.
GranJmama's hair is snowy white;
It almost sparkles in the light,
I hope my hair will be as bright
When I am old like her.
GranJmama's smile is very sweet:
My papa says it "can't be beat."
I hope my smile will be as sweet
When I am old like her.
Grandma knows I love her well;
I love her more than I can tell.
I hope little girls will love me well
When I am old like her.
What are we going to talk about
to-day? Why we've started to talk
about "Grandmama." It's a pretty
good topic to talk about, and I think
we'll keep riht on. We occasional
ly meet a woman whose old age is
as beautiful as the bloom of youth.
There is a halo of white hair about
her head ; she is loved and consider
ed. What is the secret of it all?
Why the real secret is that she's a
Sunshiner. Among many things
that she did
She knew how to forget or over
look disagreeable things.
She kept her nerves and ailments
well in hand and inflicted them on
no one.
She mastered the art of saying
pleasant things.
She made whatever work came to
her, congenial.
She retained her illusions and did
not believe all the world wicked and
She did not expect too much from
her friends.
She relieved the miserable and
sympathyzed with the sorrowful.
She never forgot that kind words
and a smilo post nothitiEr. hut are
priceless treasures to the discour-
These dear sunnv old neoDle! how
they win our hearts and keep them,
How I do pity the little boy or
prl that has never known a
pamlmama! "Why prandmama are
greater than the Kings of England
w the President of the United
states in the eyes of the tots. And
aat fun to "-o to grandma's on a
JBrt. Don't I remember it ? Ah, as
m as hte is, so long are the sweet
iro n
. v o A. lil OUlllUlX V tt
cation spent at grandma's.
But grandmothers are not all like
!e ones y0ll ami i had 0h, no.
cvere are some that are not Sun
s. Here is what Frank Stan
jasays about them:
eU you, erranmother's a queer one,
Jakes your heart go pitty-pat!
iuu .just nappens to open a
Shell say there's "a sign" in that!
T,1 one ain't in a rockin' chair
rocks itself, she'll say: "Oh,
r Oh, dear: Oh, my!
lm aid at somebodv 5
mebody is goin' to
she makes me cry
makes me cry! '
On oS1 haPFneV to light
J.!Ltal chlPney top,
Ta- an' screamed in the
. dead o' night,
nuthlV could make it stop!
An gran'ma she uncovered her
An almos' f rigrhtened me out of bed :
"Uh, dear! Oh. dear!
I'm certain 'at some one is goin' to
An she made me cry
She made me cry.
Jest let a cow lean over the gate
An' bellow, an' gran'm she
Will say her prayers, if it's soon or
An' shake her finerer at me!
An then, an' then you'll hear her
"It's a sign wen the cattle act that
Oh, dear! Oh, my!
I'm certain 'at somebody's goin' to
Oh, she makes me cry
She makes me cry.
Skeeriest person you ever seen!
Always a huntin' fer "signs";
Says its "spirits," 'at's good, or
If the wind jes shakes the vines!
Always feel skeery Ven gran'ma's
An' think 'at I see things, 'an
jump at each soun';
"Oh, dear! Oh, my!
I'm certain at somebody's goin' to
Oh, she makes me cry
She makes me cry.
If any of our Farmer readers
know anywhere a grandma like that,
do tell them to not wait a minute,
but join the Sunshiners, quick.
Now, what has started us to talk
of grandmas to-day ? Why the dear
est sunshiny letter from one of
them. Here it is:
"My dear Mrs. Ransier: I have
been a reader of The Progressive
Farmer for quite a while, and enjoy
its columns very much nndeed. My
special attention has been called to
the Sunshine column, and I decided
to knock and see if you would admit
a Shut-in Grandmother, with head
white with the frost of sixty-odd
winters, into your Circle. I think
my mental faculties are as full of
energy as when I was twenty-one.
In other words, if it were not for my
physical infermities, I would be a
spring chicken. My sympathy goes
out for the less fortunate, and while
our Heavenly Father permits us to
stay in this world, I want to strew
love and sunshine. Enclosed you
will please find five two-cent stamps.
It is but a little mite, but the widow's
mite was not rejected. May God
bless you in all good works, is my
sincere desire. If I miss the waste
basket, I may be will come again.
"Love and success to the bun-
Dear, nrecious Grandmother, we
are so happy to have you come into
our Circle. Move uu close, have the
big easy chair nothing is too good,
nor quite good enough for Grand
mother. We love you. Indeed wo
do. and as for being old bah! sixty
years is just in prime. Many, many
years we trust you will be here to
shine into our -hearts and lives.
Won't you send us the date of your
irthdav? When it comes we'd iiKe
to give you a letter party.
Tvfi irot the- nicest poem about
grandpa's farm, and I want to give
t. trt vnu if only some o the grand
pas will only write to me, and give
Now we've had a
grandma 'chapter, I want a gra'hdpa
one, too. Who will write to mes
Listen through: Did vou ever see the
grandmas go anywhere that the
grandpas didirt soon go tagging al
ter them? But I'm full of expect -y-cv
as to which direction his Irtter
will come from and what he'll say.
Ain't you?
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