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Get Set for Sunday
School Gonvention
Within the next month or so, the'
Ashe county Sunday school conven- •
tion will assemble somewhere in the
county—the place and date to be
named later. In view of this fact, it (
is urgently requested that every
Sunday school in the county begin
to make preparations and contribute
in some way or other to this conven
tion and make it the best ever held
in the county.
As I have heretofore done, I want
to emphasize the fact that this con
vention is under the supervision of
the state and that it is absolutely
“non-denominational,” Every church
organization in the county has a cor
dial invitation and is asked to attend.
I would suggest that each and eve
ry township in the county meet at
some convenient place and elect a
township president and secretary
and report same to Mr. Dell Good
man, secretary, West Jefferson, N. C.
It is needless for me to say to
thinking people that one of the best
known means to impress important
truths upon the minds of the chil
dren is in hte Sunday School, and
in view of the fact that our whole
civic and moral structure seems to
be tottering, it behooves us all to
make every effort possible to save
the situation.
Hoping that our county will put
itself on the map at this convention,
I am,
Sincerely yours,
C. M. DICKSON, President.
Scientists Study
Exploding Star
The exploding star in the noth
eastern sky last week mystified
astronomers by adding iron to the
blazing stuff it hurled out into space.
The iron appeared in the spectrum
bands—color pictures of the star’s
light—observed through Yerkes ob
servatory telescopes as the star grew
The metal’s significance was dif
ficult to explain, Dr. Otto Struve,
observatory director, said. Dr. Oliver
J. Lee, who also was watching the
star at Northwestern University’s
Dearborn observatory in Evanston,
111., added that Iron was not unusual
in normal stars but was not seen in
novae like this one.
If enough new date—such as the
appearance of the iron in the spec
trum—can be obtained from these
“explosions in the making” scientists
may get a definite clue to the cause
of the blow ups.
Exploding stars are a 4,000 year
old mystery. The ancients called
them novae in the belief they were
new heavenly bodies. They were
seen as early as 1155 B. C.
Rains in Carolina
Help Crop Recovery
Frank Parker, Federal-State crop
statistician, said during the week
end that rains general over most of
the central and eastern North Caro
lina since June 10 had caused “very
fine recovery of crops which had
suffered seriously from drought.”
’ After a trip into the Piedmont
section last week, and from reports
on conditions in the East, Parker
said he thought the drought had
definitely been broken except in
scattered areas such as a strip along
through Union and Mecklenburg
Stands of some crops were weak
but replanting of corn is underway,”
Parker said. “Cotton and tobacco are
coming out nicely. Late corn is do
ing well. Pastures are recovering
rapidly. Estimate of $50,000,000
drought damage in the State in my
• opinion are fading fast.”
Two World war veterans, Albert
Nichols of Sims, and Mark Timmons
of Piedmont, S. C., have their bonus
worries all right, but it’s not about
how they’ll spend it.
A neighbor’s cow took care of that
for Nichols by eating the check,
Nichols reports. It was relatively
paltry but pleasantly palatable.
Timmons saw his check and
bonds for $767 go up in smoke with
in 12 hours after getting them. Tim
mons left the bonds inside a news
paper he had been reading.
Mrs. Timmons used the paper to
start the kitchen stove.
There is practically no ice in Ice
land even in winter.
World’s Largest Insect Arrives ,
K i i / -'P K
■ • ' < ' kV 3
\ / Km |
■ \ ] 'ii—r
B \ \ I /
K i \W/ HI aDfEOpWj;
I MI ’ I
The world’s largest Insect, a 15-inch “walking stick” from New Guinea, ar
rived recently at the general science department of the New York University
School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance. Miss Vivian Walsh, a sophomore at
New York university, Is measuring the giant “walking stick.”
One Chance in Ten Thousand
feoff > jh IE
wOMw <. ijlilKii
’-J-' OTw'W-.- S
>sg? •x-.^'WiSx.ziE>?'
w ■ A Siii
tHI 1 'lllibrn.
■ ‘tMI? y Ms 118 r ®
WiilP ■ f
Pictured above, with the mother, is the second pair of twin Belgian colts
foaled in the United States. The dam is Lucille, prize brood mare, and the sire
s Dr. Crotti, .Jr., champion Belgian stallion and winner of the Yser cup sent to
■he United States by the king of the Belgians. According to records, the case
it twin colts occurs only once in 10.000 foals.
Cripples Ask Aid of Hopkins
yx- a ..... , %
MB *!£7 I physically aW •> 'M
h4 E ’ Habopped ß« 500oAu mkK
iill Wobs MsW
■ ;O. J* •
Protesting against what they declare to be “discrimination” and an “un
sympathetic attitude” on the part of WPA officials, a delegation of 33 New York
cripples, representing the League for the Physically Handicapped, journeyed' to
Washington in an open truck and besieged the office of Federal Relief Admin
istrator Harry Hopkins, to plead for jobs. He told them that if their complaints
were justified, which he doubted, the wrong would be rectified.
Lindbergh Estate to Be State Park
'■ S■. i <. > flMgiißll k » : ' ■' "''
” >.i
z wKBI.3KW : j^W.w ; '4
On the ninth anniversary of CoL Charles A. Lindbergh’s non-stop flight to
?ariß, WPA announced its final plan for the project to make the Lindbergh
jstate at Little Falls, Minn., a state park at an expenditure of $23,777, The
residence is shown above.
Cash Balance
on Hand Pleases
Officials of State
■ t
Candidates for Governor See
Surplus as Grounds for
RALEIGH, June 20.—North Caro
lina’s cash balance in the general
fund June 1 was $1,972,427.11, mak
ing certain a July 1 surplus is the
first year of a biennium which is
booked to produce slightly less than
the second year which ends the fiscal
part of the Ehringhaus administra
While a state campaign rages
about the governor and the gover
norship the sturdy overplus pleases
mightily and seems to make a solid
appeal. The cash balance fell nearly
a million from $2,918,687.11 as of
May 1, to the $1,917,427.11 mention
ed. Heavy warrant disbursements
demanded by the season carried the
surplus and receipts for May from
$4,981,135.59 to slightly less than
$2,000,000. The expenditures were
The fiscal year began with a cash
overdraft of $2,310,407.25 on July 1,
1935. That deficit has been absorbed
without resort to borrowing and
swallowed up in the healthy reve
nues of the succeeding 11 months.
The sales tax of course, has done the
work and the new biennium begin
ning July 1, 1937, unquestionably
will be financed without an exemp
tionless sales tax. The recent Demo
cratic state convention in its plat
form pledged repeal of the sales tax
on “all necessities of life.” There is
at present a terrific verbal prize fight
over “necessities,” the opponents of
the general sales tax contending that
“all necessities” means all things
that a poor man buys and the advo
cates of exemptions arguing that “all
necessities of life” means essential
foods. The legislature will have to
define “necessities.”
It may have to elucidate “life” it-
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self, for Dr. R. W. McDonald, a great
necssitatian, calls coffins necessities
of life, but the average man who
occupies one of these things regards
them as “necessities of death.” Dr.
Dr. McDonald also regards mules
“necessities,” because poor men have
to buy mules. Necessarily, the 1937
general assembly will have to enact
some law interpreting “necessities.”
But barring that loss of revenue
the state stands to make substantial
gains. It goes into July, 1936, with a
clean balance, probably less that it
had June 1, but a good one which
will grow, because trade picks up
mightily within the next 90 days.
The highway fund grew slightly
over May. There was a cash balance
May 1, of $14,476,555.69 and that
grew to $14,623,835.27, about $150,000
during the month. The cash balance
in this fund July 1, 1935, was $9,-
651,517.25. The state Democratic
platform pledged a further reduction
in the cost of automobile license
plates. And that will take a small,
perhaps a considerable sum, from
the fund. Receipts for the 11 months
of the fiscal year reached $29,151,-
966.74, and disbursements of $24,-
179,648.72. Cash in the treasury and
reserved for account June 1, was
$20,460,407.42. And the total state
debt has been reduced, without any
help from the accumulating retire
ment funds, to $167,368,000. The net
debt with these credits is millions
Rev. J. C. Swaim reports that the
work on the new Methodist church
at Nathans Creek is progressing
nicely. The foundation has been
completed and all the lumber sawed
and on the yard. The form work
will be completed soon.
Mr. Swaim is working hard to
meet the requirements to get help
from the Duke Foundation. $300.00
raised locally will entitle the church
to $525.00 from the Foundation. Mr.
Swaim states that he would be glad
to receive any contributions from
the public for this good work.
If You Subscribe to
This Month
june 25, me
SPARTANBURG, S. C., June 20.
It was 18 years ago, and in the
trenches members of the Rainbow
division were indulging in a fast
This week in the Spartanburg
post office, they met, to draw their
bonus bonds.
Said one to the other, “Here’s
something I’ve owed you for 18
years. May it bring you the same
dam luck you had that night in
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