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. A Progressive-Democratic Fam
ily Newspaper, issued every Thurs
day Morning by the Oldham Pub
lishing House, and mailed to sub
cribers at l5 a year.
Conducted. ty
Baltimore Office.
Ti B Siktisel Arts a branch office mt 2fo. $7
South Street, Baltimore, Md., where subscript
ions may It :eft, and adc-en'.ting and publishing
eontracts entered into.
Entered at Winston Post Office ax 2d-class matter
The New South, Wilmington, N. C, Established May
let, 1882, Consolidated with The Sentinel, April 1st,
The Winston Leader, Established January 27, 1878,
Consolidated with The Sentinel, October 1st, 1885.
Thtjrsbay Morning, June 3, 1886
Maoxoi.ia Balm page 3.
MrsTANR Likament page".
Brown's Iron Bitters. page 6.
R. B. Kerxer 'Land Sale page 5.
N. L. C01.LAMEK Patents page's.
Swift Specific Co. S. S. S. page 6.
J. Hoffmax Dry G00.I5 Stole page 5..
Wasted Situation as Bookkeeper page 5.
Hinshaw & Btncm Local Notice page 5.
C. S. IIausek Incorporation Notice page S.
1 here will be a convention of the
Democratic party of Forsyth county.
in Winston, on the 5th day of July,
1886, for the purpose of appointing
delegates t j the Judicial convention
to be held in Yadkinville, N. C, on
the 16th day .of July, 1886, and also
to the Congressional convention to be
held m Greensboro, on a day not yet
A tuh atteudauce from all the
townships is desired. By order of
the Executive Committee.
M. W. Norfleet,
This promises to be a lively politi
cal year and every man in Forsyth
and the Fifth District, wh wants to
keep posted ought to take the Sent
inel. We will send this paper un
til after the election in November,
next, and include a copy of our fine
portrait of Gov. Scales for only
sbvevty-five cents, cash.
Newspapers all over North Caro-
una are making serious complaints at I
t he constantly occurring loss of news-1
papers in the mails, and the general I
irregularity with which this class of I
mail is received. If the State Press
Association gels into a practical mood j
aunng tne coming convention, it might
be a good idea to take some action
looking to an investigation in this di- J
rection by the North Carolina mem
bers in Congress.
'v. iBiiuiars; xi as received a
twelve-hundred dollar appointment in the
T .. n ir t i i i
xreasnry uepartroent. He a citizen of
itoMsboro, and therefore one of Col. Green'
constituents, to whom he owes his new po-
- rrVn,o .o4. u Si ,
Washington correspondence. Mr.-
Denmark does not owe his appoint- I
raent to Col. Green or to anybody
-else through political influence. "-He i
stood a Civil Service Examination,
and came out ahead.
Ws acknowledge the receipt from
Air. George Allen, New Berne, of
a copy of his "Fifty Lessons in Boot
Keeping." This popular work is I
J,?,tMtt ,l J t... r ' i .i s
uuuiscu uy pruiuiiient ecnooi I
men in this and otlier States, nnrl iH I
rapidly gainine a foothold in our lead- I
'ing schools. The first edition sold in
aboutTsix weeks and was scat-
tered from Calais. Maine C which took
"6 copies for its , public schdbl) to
Texas. The second edition will nrob- I -
uMtt vi. .r;-u : i l ; : I
,J1 j in. - vt 1L.L1 a, TxiLLiiiaL cjLpcilcliUI. I
The hook sent postpaid for one dollar.
U..HJE oneioy aurora is one or our i
. valued exchanees. We are srlad I
its prosperity,
Durino- the I
, "r vv in June it proposes to pub- j
1-1 o edition of thre thous-1
a ' l"' ' our' esteemed friends, 1
J n i - . can hardly claim
a iition will be "the
t-atthis proposed e, w . .
largest paper-and the , 60
North Ctab-
!ina," in the face of the fact that The
Sentinel in December- last issued a
Three Sheet, illustrated ' issue of
16.488 copies. We call our friends'
attention to tnis tact and feel sure
they will make the correction due us
as a paper published in Western North
The record of" The Sentinel's
circulation for the month of . May
just past, shows an extremely gratify-
increas; oyer the same month last
year. Each week in May, 1886,
1 ,074 copies were issued in excess
of the number issued each week in
May, 1885. And from the way our
subscribers everywhere, Seem determ
ined to still further augment our cir
culation by kindly sending us individ
ual subscriptions, and clubs of two,
three, five, and often more, there is no
telling how many more copies we will
? 1 t w
issue eacn weeK in Aiay next year
than were issued by ,us during the
same month of the present year. The
editor feels deeply grateful to these
friends for the substantial efforts they
are making in behalf of . the paper,
and he assures one and all, that no ef
fort of his shall be overlooked in ord
er that The Sentinel may merit the
good wishes and opinions which have
of late been so lavishly bestowed upon
it. "
At Yadkinville, en July 14th, the
Democratic convention for the Ninth
J udicial District is called. : Judge
Graves' and Solicitor Glenn's sue
cessois nre to be nominated.- Forsyth
county is in thi3 district tegcther" with
Alleghany, Davie. Rockins-ham.
Stokes, Surry, Wilkes and Yadkin.
The Republican, published in this
place, said in its issue of last week,
f thes Surry,' Wilkes, Forsyth
Davie and Yadkin are Republican
Not quite so fast, brother. While
your party did carry' Wilkes and
Yadkin by good majorities in the last
Congressional election, (which is
fair enough basis), Dayie went by on
ly seventy votes, while Surry and
Forsyth gave large Democratic major
ities. Is it possible, Mr. Goslen,
that you have thus early forgotten the
robust majority of 1183 which For
syth, one of the counties you class as
Republican, gave the Democrats in
the last election ?
The counties forming the Ninth Ju
dicial District gave the Democrats a
ciear maiority ot UDwards of two
thousand, as the official ' returns will
show, yet in the face of this fact the
Republican, with great knowingness
asserts that these counties "will be al-
most certain to elect a Republican
Solicitor," arid th4 samepaper, wastes
nearly a whole column of valuable
space in trying to make somebody be-
lieve that the Democratic party is dis-
integrating, -and cites as practical
proof that a number of Surry county
farmers had been found who were
weak-kneed as to their Democracy,
and three of the number alluded to,
having actually subscribed for the' Re-
publican. (Why, brother,. The Sen
tinel enters up Republican subscri
bers every week.)' . ; !
It IS only the Same "old Republican I
Wl tUt Tin,nnroi. l,a'i;M.J , , J
, uo-vl
fore and are thoroughly ; used to.
They heard it ad nauseam when the
Liberal movement was on foot, and in
every campaign of recent years, this
same old wail, either a key higher or
a key lower has rent the political air.
The two thousand majority of 1884
will remain in tact in this ' Judicial
District, and the Democratic nomi-
nees Placed in the field by the Yad-
kumlIe convention will be elected by
maiontv even orpatcr bn thot f
J J o Uu
last election, democrat m North
Carolina know what Republican as
cency in otate means, they
have a Dltter remembrance of it, and
the7 are not to De hoodwinked into
Ytm2 agamst, their party nominees,"
be they good men,) by such disserts
tions tinon 1 9Pimnp.ra.tie nianrminwa . f
t - i
lion, a3 tne epuolican delivers. :
" o auswereu uy a voney
trom ry. Democratic paper 10 the
&tate ancl trom now until the election
n November next, the press of North
Carolina should come out vigorously
and warn the peoph against the pos-
8lblht7 of Republican rule in' the
State, and what the results may be as I
nno-vratrl v n..i
00 J tr wh.uwi
ever issued in Western
" General R. B. Vance has In prparatiom for
the pros a- volume of his own poetry.-, jr'
Col. Wi. Saunders, Secretary of State has
been engaged for a number of years in prepar
ing the .Colonial Record of North Carolina for
publication. . . , , . .
Hon. John S. Henderson is working to get
an appropriation' for' " improvements pn. the
Yadkin river which will enable steamers to go
up uuruiseui Btioala. ., . , .
' Mr. Alex. Graham, of Fayettaville, will be
the superintendent of the State normal school
at Washington. Ha will also be a professor in
the Wilson normal school.
Dr. Henry E. Sheppard will be a member of
the Faculty at the Wilson Normal School this
summer. He may be Principal his election
would give assurance . that it will be a great
success. ",,. ,
Gen. Jehn C Fremont's memoirs are nearly
ready. He married a granddaughter of North
Carolina Jessie Benton, daughter of the emi
nent Thomas H. Benton, of Missouri, who was
born in this State, r
County Treasurer, A. D. Jones, has stuck out
his shingle at Raleigh and enters the legal pro
fession with more than fair prespects, being
already well and favorably known in- Wake
and adjoining counties. Thb Skntixkl wishes
him great success. ':, .
NorthCarolinians will be pleased to learn that
the condition of Hon. David . Davis, who has
been suffering from carbuncle is somewhat im
proved. His wife, it will be remembered is a
native of Fayetteville, and a kinslad y of Col
Wharton J-Green. .
T . a-ri l ' i , .. ..
xv Luau) fjuu jiuunse so retail liquor in
Statesville and $200 to wholesale it. Other
towns should follow the example of Statesville
in this matter. This plan, would s.hut up all
the little bar rooms and would pay as much
revenue to the towns as they now receitc.
Wilsen Advance. '
Judge Clark certainly believes in mak
ing violators of the law help the cause
of education. The amount of lines imposed bv
him last week greatly exceeded the amount
imposed by any judge who has held court here
since the war. According to law all fines are
paid to the public schools. Chatham Record.
Raleigh Knights of Labor denounce , the
socialists ana Anarcuisu. There is no more
sympathy between an honest laboring man
and an anarchist than there is between a pure
angel of God and the blackest of the devil's
imps. The man who sympathizes with an an
archist is unfit to be called a man . Wilson Ad
If Grover Cleveland would put himself in
accord with the party that nominated and
elected him, by giving the country an old-fash
ioned Democratic administration of the Aa
drew Jackson stripe, and then pool interests
with David B. Hill, all that would be left of
Republicanism in this country could be colon
ized in Vermont. Louisville Timet.
x he Durham .Recorder hoists the name of
Maj. John W. Graham for Congress.
The friends of Mr. W. T. Dorteh are pressing
his claims for Congress in the Goldsboro dis
trict, - -
The Chatham Record says that it is reported -
that Mr. John Nichols will be the republican
candidate for Congress in that District.
; The Monroe Enquirer Express . hoists the
name of D. A. Covington, Esq., as a suitable
candidate for Congress in this, the 6th distriot.
It will be of interest to our readers to know
that the Fourth Congressional district will not
have to go unrepresented in Congress. The
following are the candidstes thus far : C M.
Cook, of Franklin ; B. H. Bunn, of Nash ; J.
H. Abell, of Johnston ; John W. Graham, and
F. N. Strudwick, of Orange ; W. R. Cox and
John Gatling, ef Wake. From this list we
ought to be able to get a very good representa
tive. Graham Gleaner. . . . .
To the henpecked husbaad life is a fowl ex
istence. Philadelphia Herald.
The chaps that raise the most dust when
they strike are the earnest beaters. Boston
Courier. s
A Sioux Indian is in a college near Alexan
dria, Va., studying to be a tobacco sign Tid-
Bits. '
A Baseball player in New Jersey is named
fipuyder. He catches lots of flie3. Burling
ton Free Press.
Tht03e who paint the town red generally
manage to leave a trace of the carmine on
iV,; T.J., I.-, xr
vuoii 'Uoava a tn jjm: -i it ncwj,
Nantasket Beach was strewn with shingles
Wednesday morning, the result, probably, of a
spanking breeze. Boston Commercial.
A striker who was found with two cans ol
tomatoes in his pockets was arrested for carry
ing can-sealed weapons. Lowell Citizen.
Some one asks, "What does a man make by
getting married?" Grimsby, -a sour old bach
elor, says he makes a mistake. -Boston 'Post.
A new novel is announced with the title of
The Wind of .Destiny." Naturally there
hasbeea great deal of blowing about it.
White jersey shirts, warranted no: to shrink
are remarkable bargains. ... You use tlietn as
shirts one Summer and, as neckties the next.
Lowell Citizen. 1 ' , " ","
Just because an Indiana girl broke off her
engagement the fellow marriad her widowed'
mother. " Her rash step drove her to a step
father. Philadelphia Herald.
- . : T- , .
cuwer umauMiu ose Jieutonant xLean our
yachtsmen must not imagine that they are go
ing to have any, scratch races - with her.
DUtoritHl for Th Seutinel. ' .
"Prospects of Home Kule," is the heading to
an editorial leader in the Philadelphia Times.
We haTen't reul i but we'll wager our last
years uauung suit tuat it has some referenoa
to Frankie at the White House..
.ru-r-jiilGS OF THE WEEK A.T
lne oream of. tho Wire . caught
. , "J , x n sentinel's r Careful , Con
'. : . THE NORTH.
Philadelphia quarantines against all
Tcsacia lroiii sou in 01 uupe J?ear. '
. permanent ; headquarters of the
Jsjiights ol Labor will be opened in
ruiiaueipma. : .' --
f Th e cardinal's inrnVnia- will Ko
ferred on Bishop G'bbons the latter
pan .01 j une. , -
The House Committee is not favor
able to the admission of Dakota, in
wnoie or in part. . , . -
The two Samuels Jones and Small
continue to draw large congrega-
x'rejident Cleveland attended the
JJecoration Day ceremonies in New
or It andUrooklyn Monday. '
lhe General Assembly ol New
lork has passed another bill to pre
vent the sale of oleomargarine.
Sam Jones has fallen
He swore off from tobacco at Chicago,
out ne has taken to cigars at Balti
more. . . . v
' The Anarchists, Most. Braunsch
weig, and Schenck, of New York,
have been indicted and convicted for
inciting riot.
Commodore W. X. Mayo failed to
D&3S his exflininat.ion frit TwTvrtrn
X - - imu klvU
Rear Admiral, and so the President
at nis request retired him with rank
i ....
01 Vjommooore.
James H. Goodsell has recovered
$2o0,000 from the Western Union
taleeraDh comoanv for hrAao.h of mn.
tract to which Judge Spencer added
9 x t, wj ior counsel lees.
- Miss Kate Stoneman has been ad
mitted to practice as an attorney at
jaw oj me supreme court 01 jnew lork.
She is the first woman who has ever
been admitted to practice in that
otate.. .. .. ;
. ATtr tortv-snr miinHa in o Tri
-j " " . 'J . " w pting
fight near Pittsburg, Pa., had been
-J AZ --1. - .1
wmmcvsu a uispuLe arose oetween ine
combatants, when thev drew revolver
and opened fire, resulting in one of
A. 1 "1 ' 1 . "I
inem Deing snot aown.
Up to this date the President has
in all sent about 2,100 nominations
for civil offices to the Senate. Of
these 1.700 have been confirmed nnA
only thirteen rejected. The remain
ing 4UU will be disposed of in a com
paratively short -time, and it is not.
expected that the proportion of rejec
tions win De increased. ; ' - '
The reoort in Gonoreis imnn the
practicability of the Eads Ship Rail
way meets with favor. The enterprise
Will Cost S75.000.000. to be .sharer
between the United States and Mex
ico. Passaee from the Atlantic to
the Pacific across the Isthmus has
been a long-felt need for our growing
commercial' relations, and not that
alone but to -be a.hle to renrlAr aiA tr.
the Pacific coast in case of foreign
invasion. . .-
Wednesday eveninc?. of this week.
at 7 o'clock the President was married
at the White Aouse, in Washington,
to Miss Francis Folsom, the nuptials
being celebrated with as little disnlav
as possible, and only the immediate
members ol the two iamiiies and a few
personal friends being present. Rev.
Dr. Sunderland.' Pastor of the Preshv-
terian church,' performed the cere
monies. ' IHE DENTIN J!L 'Will next
week contain a full - account of the
happy event, and accompany same
by a reliable portrait of the bride.
-. . .." ,: , THE WEST. , .
An Iowa newsDaner savs that , a
brother of the late A. T. Stewart is a
rag-picker, at Cherokee, in that State.
The Valley Citv Mills, at (rrnnrl
Rapids, 'Mich collapsed from , the
weight ot grain and machinery. The
loss is. over $75,000. ...
The busy aud progressive citv' of
Chicago handled last year 2,000,000
cattle, 7,000.000 hogs, and 132.200.-
000, bushels of grain, v
The subscription raised for families
of policemen killed and injured in the
Haymarket riot," Chicago, nov ex
ceeds $70,000 and is still increasing.
Mr. Lawrence Mooney sacrificed
his life at : Akron, Ohio, in an heroic
effort to save fQur of his brother's
children from being burned to death.
They all perished. ,,- ,,i. v .
, . ) , : THB SOUTH.
Deputy U.1 s. (Marshal Hishis was
shot and killed at Carthage. Tenn.
The -bent-wood furniture tai-torv at.
Columbia, S. C. has been closed by
the sheriff. . -,
An elonins' '"couDle in ' K"ent.nlrv
rode thirty miles on horseback in hot !
naste ana married on .horseback.
The Revenue cutter. Die -seized a
S Danish fi shiner vesspl nnrl farrjoA lir.
into Key West, Pla for violating the
nsning laws.
Mr. W. K. T 'errv. who was severfilv
and it' was thought mortally, wounded
in the recent fight at Martinsvills,
Va.is still improving. ';.-.";V.'; " -
Hon. John S. Barbour t ill o&ii for
Europe with a smaii party, of lrieuds
early in August, and will spend three
months in England, Ireland, Scotland,
ana ranee.
Both the "Northern and Southern
Presbyterian General Assemblies were
in session last week. The .Northern
represents 600,000 adherents : the
Doutnern 1Z3,U0U. -
Heavy rain in Richmond,- Virginia,
interfered with the - decoration - day
ceremonies : the militarv anil man
people, however, visited HoUy wood
ana aecoratea tne graves of the Con
federate dead.
The First Brigade Virginia Vohn
teers will hold and encampment this
summer either- at Virginia Beach.
near Norfolk, or at the Greenbrier
White Sulphur Springs. The State
pays the expenses.
Acccording to the plan of visitation
arranged by the Bishops of the M. E.
Church, South, at Richmond, Bishop
vjrranpery will preside at the JNorth
Carolina Conference, November 17th,
108b, at iSeideville, J. C.
Mr. H. G. Dulaney, a wealthy Vir
ginian, has brought suit in the United
States Court at Richmond, claiming
neavy aamages rrom tne State officials
for selliner some of hi mtt.lo nfVoi- ho
had tendered coupons in payment of
Minister MdLane is spoken of by
the American colony in Paris as the
probable successor to Mr. Manning.
" Greece complains that the Turks
have, not evacuated positions on the
Greek frontier which they agreed to
The European question has put on
a very grave aspect. News from Lon
don is to the effect . that a war is not
improbable. '
Six hundred British peers own one
nrtn ot the .British .Kingdom. They
own 14,UU0,U00 acres valued at
$2,000,000,000, with an annual rental
of $66,000,000.
One of the most pleasing incidents
that attended the recent visit of Oueen
Victoria to Liverpool, was the singing
of "God Save the Queen" by 50,000
school children in mass, upon her ar
rival in that city.
To the first lady sending us one dol
lar and fifty cents for a year's sub
scription to The Sentinel, during
the next week, we will send the House
keeper one year. The Housekeeper,
the price of which is one dollar per
year, is one of the best household pa
pers published. -
To all new cash annual subscribers
to The Sentinel received previous
to May 25th, we will send Country
Homes, for One year, without extra
charge. i "."".
- lhis is a four page, 16 column pa
per published at Asheville,. JN . C and
is devoted specially to the interest of
the farmers, industrial pursuits, and
J.V. - .1 1 . ' . 1 .
tne ueveiopement oi tne natural re
sources of the State and South. Print
ed on good paper, clear type; stitched
and trimmed, and the subject matter
properly arranged in departments
thus masing it an attractive and val
uable paper for any family.
This offer is open only until Mav
zo. vvnen you send your subscript
ion, say you want Country Homes.
The efforts that are made from time
to "time to give' our readers new at
tractions cost money and we look ' to
them for the "wherewithal', to. defray
these extra expenses. Notwithstand
ing this has been a very dull year.
The Sentinel is to be congratulated
upon the promptness with which its
patrons have come torward and paid
their subscriptions. There are still a
few who have neglected this impor
tant duty either from force of circum
stances in some cases, and others from
force of habit. These readers are
just as. warm friends of . The Senti
nel, as. the more systematic ones, and
can at almost any time cancel their
arrears. It is our desire that all our
subscribers stand on the same footing,
and . to 'bring aoout this . resnlt. we
make the following offer :
We will peesent. one of our hand
some lithograph crayons of Governor
Scales to every subscriber who , be?
tween now aud the 1st of July pays
up to January 1st, 1887. We want
to begin the new , year of 1887 with
clean books and we make this early
start to do it. ' After each account is
settled up to January 1st, it will be
no dimcult matter for all of our sub
scribers to make their annual payment
hencelorward as they become due. JJy
this adherance to business method, we
will be relieved of the unpleasant task
of reminding our readers of their ai-
rears, and it will allow us to expend
more time and money and energy in
improving The Sentinel, and mak
ing it even a more popular newspaper
than its present increase in circulation
would justify us in believing it to be.
, In next November elections are to
be held in this State for
1. Nine members of Congress.
2. Three Supreme Court Judges.
3. Six Superior Court Judges.' -.
4. Twelve District Solicitors.. '
5. Members of the State Legislature
:--l"20 members of the House of Rep
resentatives and 50 Senators.
6. All county officers. ..
., ..stbat shots. - . ;
A justice of the peace in Lenoir
county has been arrested, hauled up
before another justice and bound over
to court in $300 for accepting a bribe
of$l. -, ; ... -: .
Mrs. George Simmons, of Mont
gomery coumy, is 75 years old and
weighs 329 pounds. The Troy VidetU
supposes that she is the largest woman
in the State, but probably not.
j.ne southerner says a five-year old
child, from Pitt county, was brought
to Dr. L. L. Staton, of Tarboro, to be
treated for catarrh from which it had
KaAn' n m..v.vxaa.J - L'. C .
oujijjuocu u.uerer ior tnree
years. Dr. Staton probed its nose
and - extracted a button that been
therein lodged for just three years.
A dvertiMimjenlm . . . t .
. . . w CVCTJ
ether ueeh and having tpeeial position trill be
. t&'.AdvertitemenU discontinued before the
time tontr acted for has expired, charged tran
sient rates for time actually published. .,
S- The patrons of Thb Sbntinkl -while
"--"y iiw x otk can jma Mis paper on file
in the Newspaper Boom of Messrs. George P.
Bowell & Co., 10 Spruce Street.
B&T The Sentinel desires the name and ad
dress of every North Carolinian neva living in
other States, and it earnestly asks of its read
ers to forvcard to us all they know of, beside
mentioning the matter to their friends, and get
ting them to do likewise. Our out-qf-Stati exchan
ges art respectfully requested to assist us also in
giving publicity to this paraqraph. All of our
tar heel readers abroad know of many who were
formerally from North Carolina. Please send
their names on a postal, y K
I If you receive this copy of The
Weekly Sentinel without having order
ed it, you will understand that your
name has been givenus as a wide-awake
representative citizen of t your " section
who would be likely to aid a worthy
newspaper in reaching the intelligent
readers of his county, and of the entire
We ask at your hands a careful in
spection of the paper, ' and when you
have done so, hand this copy to your
neighbor and then see if you can't get
us up a club ef subscribers in your
Mr. E. B. Yancey, Ridgeville,
vyas wen county, xn. is 9 auiy ac
credited agent for The Sentinel at
that place. - ; - -
sentinel, club rates.
In Jubs of 5 subscribers, $1.40 each.
" " " 10 " $1.25 " 'i
M i tf 1 K tt A1 i r t.
" " 20 " $1.00 "
Get five of your neighbors, not now
1 " j. X t n '- ' ?
uui nou, iu vx i uc, caul lVJt uub
year, to The Sentinel, and we "will
send you a copy free for the same
length of time. - - , . .
Office over Clark A Ford's Store.
Strict attention given to all business, espec
ially to tbe collection of claims, Will practice
in Federal and State courts. m'ch. i, '85-ly.
COUNTY. I, C. S. Hauser, Clerk ot the
Superior Court for said county, do hereby certi
fy that J. M- Ropers President, J. W. Fries 1st
Vi' TAD;IAn vr A u-i. : ... i .j v: -n -
1 - ' ' ' .-i-i-.iiv i - . A, 1 1 niLither 1 1 t in; presi
dent, and George Corrie Secretary and Treasur
er and others have dulv entered into articles of
agreement to become incorporated under the
name of the "Chamber of Commerce of Wins
ton and Salem, North Carolina," which articles
have been acknowledged before me and record
ed in my office, and said parties having fully
complied with the law, as prescribed in section
677 and 673 of chapter 16 of the Code, and aa
amended ii chiipter 19 by the- General Assem
bly on the 27th day of January, A. D. 1885.
Now,- therefore, in consideration of the
premises, I hereby declare said premises rfnd
these who executed said articles of agreement,
and their successors to be a Corporation for their
purposes and according to the terms prescribed
in said articles.
In witness whereof I hereunto set my name
and the seal of our said court at oflice in Win
ston, this 27th day of May, 18H6. . C.S. H.n
seb, Clerk of Superior Court. It.
On Sycamore Street.
BY virture of an order of the Superior Court
of Forsytu County I will sell at public auc-
; .. 1 1 I TT .I....- TI' - . T . .
mim tin mo II'IUW Uliuriu VVlUsbOU, it. o.,-
a vacant lot oi land lying ana being ir the1
town of Winston, K. C, being a full lot tmd
known on the plot of the said town as Lot No. 1
210, on Sycamore street and extending to Vine
street. - ' . . . .
Time of sale, Saturday June 12th, 1886, 1
o'clock, p. m. Terms of sale, credit of six
months with bond and approved security, with
interest i.t 8 percent, and title reserved until
whole of purchase money is paid. Place of sale
at Court House door. P. A. WILSON.
May 12th '86.-4t Commissioner.' .
or riNE
N ubediance to a compromise decree madeat
I.'.. f ; TV.-... Htfi t" O . . i : 1 1 .i-
ior saie to we nignest Wilder lor cash, on the
premises of N. A. Boyden
On Monday, July 5th, 1886.
Some 800 or 900 acres of very excellent tobacco
and er in lands, divided iu tracts to suit pur
chasers. These lands, now occupied bv X. A.
Boyden, known as the Surry home tract of the
laie Hon. N. Boyden, deceased; situated in the
folkof the Yadkin and Little Yadkin rivers near
the foot of Bean Shoal3, in the comity of Surry,
some seventeen miles from Winston and only
about five miles from the Yadkin Yalley Railroad-
a good public road passes through them.
And they are reckoned to be among the very
best lands in the State for fine qualities of tobac-
- -..-j j- ii'i;. a i hi; urvuiiu lltTUOW
and daughter will join in the title.
n.. Sola .uu.;;... rr: , L .1 . n i
May 14th, '86. . Com'r of Court.
, P. e!. N. A. Boyden will take pleasure in
showing the lands. 4t

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