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f ai-i.f t i- fljtd oi tLe state Unromcle. i ii me road to tne . i . a. i . v . it
the Wilmington Messenger, the News
and Observer t mid many of the papers
,u will liiid notices of it.
v iind numerous free and
II , at a discount of about fifty per cent
upon tb.3 guarantee of au extension to
aiu! y
will aiy linu numerous tree anu corn
plimtiiUry (?) notices of the "Honor
able John.'" This is too small an is
sue, too poor, pitiful and weak to
amount to anything, yet it is just such
little things that the G. O. P. tries to
wake. party capital out of. This
charge, weak as it is, is absolutely
lake, as the howlers would have found
if they had read the papers.
The brilliant address on "North
You ! Fayetteviile.-
To both propositions
the Governor . gave a refusal, for
which he is to be commended.
The F.'ew South, Wilmington, H. C, Established May !
t. 18S2, Consolidated with Ths Sentinel, April Is", j
The Winston Leader. Established January 27, 1879,
CcRsoiloaied with The Sentinel, October 1st, 1885.
The Southern Woman, Established June 15. 1883,
Conroiidaleci wiih The Sentinel. Oct. 7, 1886.
Advertisers icho desire changes in their
advertisements must send in copy net later the,
ifondav noon to insure chcr.cr. '
100 lines in one month,
2f)0 " " two "
3r. " " three "
306 " four "
10 vt
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20 "
25 "
- t.
ESfi- Adrertitetr.enfr. dUciKitinued befot ih
ime cmuracted for hi.', expired, charged tt an
ient rates for time actually published .
Heading notice.", inserted it the rati cf
Itl et a line for each ixsertiox. Ko notice
XMinleii less than three lines, for which 25 cf.i is
ck'nrpcd and which must be paid with copy cr
' inserted. We can not open an account for
this size advertisement. To permanent adeer
twers vec ofer tJ,e follov.ir.ti discount:
T iitTf:srAY Morning, Nov. 3, 18S7.
L. Klisk Watches mt Jewelry.
W. L. FBA5K1.IS A: Co. Merchants.
Jay Gould sailed fbr Europe Satur
day on the Umbria.
The Chicago Mail would apply the
surplus in the Treasury to the build
ing of a Government telegraph sys
tem. Says the Pilot Poiat (Texcs) Mir
ror : "The editor puts on his hard
boiled ehirt and scissor -tailed coat and
split the wind for Dallas last Tuesday"
Dr. McGlynn denies with ai! tne
secular emphasis of which he is cap
able that he has any idea of asking to
be taken back to the Church of Rome.
Last week we referred to Thomas
Cari'yle. and the printer spelled it
Carlisle. Probably he was thinking
too much about free trade.
Arrangements - are making for a
joint discussion in De Give's Opera
House, at Atlanta, between Sara
Jones, the evangelist, and Colonel
Reuben Arnold, on the Prohibition
There is a paragraph in circulation,
which may be true, but probably ii
not, to the effect that Robert G. In
gersoll recently wrote in the album of
a liquor deafer : "Wine is the fireside,
whiskey the conflagration."
3tlii. Julian S. Can's generosity is
proverbial. His latest proposal is to
supplement a fund for the erection of
suitable memorial in the North Car
olina niche of Statuary Hail, Wash
ington, D. C. The statue is to cost
Those Republican organs who are
.jeady- to saddle upon the Democratic
party every crime committed by an
officer of the government should not
fail to remember that many Republi
cans are yet in office, neither should
they forget to note that the paying
teller of the New York sub-treasury
who skipped to Canada the other day
was appointed under a Republican
administration, and should be a mem
ber of that party, if he isn't, and . the
presumption is that he is.
We return thanks to the author,
Mr. Harper J. Elam, for a Sketch or
the "Battle of Guilford Court'House."
The object as set forth in the intro
duction is a very worthy on: "No
pains have been spared to make the
sketch an accurate and reliable one
is. every particular, and to the present
generation, who keep green in their
memory the heroism and valor, chiv
aJry andbravery of American soldiers
on the field of battle, by looking re
trospectively over the pages of history
to tell the untold story of our gallant
ancestry, this sketch is dedicated."
As an example of how bad off the
Republican party is for issues, certain
of its organs are trying to make party
capital out f the fact thai the Demo,
cratic press of North Carolina paid so
little attention tff thcolored fair at
Raleigh ! Nay, "js charged that
the Democratic press refused to pub
lish notices of the fair because John
xftfiZiPmflli was there 1- Bv the blnodv
shirted ghofts of Ohio, but this is a
Bad thing, enough to make Tuttle
among us poor, almost uncared for
and possessing as their only reward
the name and fame of the staunchest
soldiers that ever answered the call to
arms. .
As we understand it, each disabled
North Carolina veteran receives the
almost contemptible pittance of eight
dollars annually, for fighting as men
have never fought since the days of
Marston Moor and Naseby.
Since blind Homer tuned his lyre
to sing the deeds of valiant soldiers,
poets have vied with one another to
pay ti ibute to bravery. Nations have
carved upon lasting monuments the
names of gailent men, and beautiful
woman has bedecked the graves of
fallen heroes with the fairest flowers
of the earth. Thus it i3 that in all
times higfi honor and gratitude have
been awarded to the men who, leav
ing aside personal interests, have
borne their country's arms to honor
able defeat or noble success. Every
rolling year brings the beautiful May
month and then the brave and fair, of
all North Carolina gather in Raleigh
to beautify the graves of our fallen.
This is a beautiful and fitting tribute
to the dead, and speaks well for our
State's gratitude, but it doesn't go far
enough. Yhile doing reverance to
the dead, we seem to forget that there
are lame soldiers, halt and blind, pass
ing in and out among us day by
day, with locks as gray as the jackets
they once so proudly wore, who are
uncared for and upon whom the slings
andariowsof misfortune are falling,
just when they most need the kindly
help of their countrymen those fel
low men whose battles they fought,
whose wounds they received.
At the meeting of the Confederate
Home Aisociation in Raleigh, during
Fair week, so little interest was mani
fested that Col. W. F.Beasely, resign
ed his position as chairman. Surely
this should not be. North Carolina
should hasten to cast off the stigma of
that basest of base things, ungrati
tude and erect a home tor her wound
ed soldiers.
It has been suggested that the Gov
ernor's mansion, at Raleigh be turned
into a Home. The Sentinel doesn't
advise either way on that subject, it
doesn't know whether the plan is
practical or not, but it does advise, it
appeals to the legislature that will ere
long convene, to give its "attention to
this subject, to make such an appro
priation that it can no longer be said
that North Carolina is ungrateful.
The National government pensions
disabled Union soldiers. .Ve pay a
part of the tax that goes to support
them. It is right to pension them
and we have no objection. . We do
not object to the tax, bnt we do think
that, ts'we pay a part, we should re
ceive a part. But this cannot be.
Unfortunately the war is not forgot
ten and human nature north tf Mas
on and Dixon's line has not yet be
came magnanimous enough to aid a
.wounded enemy. Therefore each
Southern state must provide for its
own veterans.
In the absence of a better plan the
Sentinee, to fctart the ball rolling,
suggests that the legislature appro
propriate as much for this purpose as
it can, and that this amount be sup
plemented by fundssolicited ; that
each county treasurer be authorized
and requested to solicit funds and
that these be paid over to the State
Treasurer,-who shall use it for the
benefit of thp disabled soldiers as a
committee, elected by the legislature,
shall order.
We propose this plan, not "because
we believe it cannot be bettered, but
because it is a plan and will probably
be improved upon.
In conclusion we most earnestly re
quest the State press to discuss-the
matter and we appeal to each indi
vidual citizen to do what he can for
the relief of those who so much de
serve aid at the hands of our people.
Dr. Kemp. P. Battle has written a
well-timed article to the Nev:s and
Observer on our National banking
system, that explains in part why it is.,
notwithstanding that within the past
60 days millions of dollars have been
let loose from the National treasury,
the financial condition ot the country
is little bettered. Monev is scarce-
Carolina Troops in the Late War," by j scarcer than s;,ice the great pajjjc jn
Col. A. M. Waddell, of Wilmington, j 1876 and according to Dr- B;Ut!e,
at the laying of the corner-stone of the i both itascarcety anj high rate of in
Lee Monument, at Richmond, is a j terest are (5recty chargeable to the
painful reminder that our North Car- present banking system. He says :
olina veterans, disabled while fighting j .A commun5ty iike North Carolina
the battles of our country, are to-day ; must send its currency to some mon
eyed centre, say New York city, buy
the bonds at a premium and obtain
only 90 per cent of their par value
thereof in notes. The community,
therefore, by the establishment of the
establishment of the bank, loses of
currency the 10 per cent margin and
a!so the premium on the bonds and
the amount of reserve necessary to be
retained by the bank under the law.
A few years ago the establishment ot
a 100,000 bank, caused to be Sctj t. to
New York 8110,000 in currency, of
which it leceived $90,000 in return,
part of which must be retained as re
serve, leaving for lending purposes
about $30,000 less than was sent
"Owing to the rapid extinction of
the government debt, there being out
standing only the 42s of 1891, and the
4s of 1907, by reason of which scarci
ty a $1,000 4 per cent bond cost near
ly $1,300, the loss now is much great
er, amounting to nearly $50,000 cur
rency abstracted from the community
in which a $100,000 bank is located.
"In this manner the South and the
West have, in the aggregate, been de
prived of large amounts of money to
be accumulated in New York, the
chief benefits the bank conferring' on
the community being collecting their
own money, partly capital, mainly
deposits, and lending the same at rates
I of interest so high as to throttle busi
ness enterprises. I he bouth has suf
fered the most because by the results
of the war it started in 1865
almost denuded of all currency. As
the time approaches when the govern
ment will exercise its right of paying
off the bond3 at par, there will be in
trinsically a constant j'early loss of
premium, so that many banks have
been paying off their notes, aud issuing
no new notes.
I contend that if the banks thould
be allowed to invest their capital in
legid tender coin, and to issue notes
not to exceed in value three times the
amount of such coin, the amount in
excess of the value of the coin to be
invested in negotiable paper running
not over three months, these desirable
ends would be attained.
To explain this I will give exam
ples :
"The three bunks of Raleigh have
an aggregate capital of $425,000. At
present they issue only $100,000. Un
der the proposed plan they could issue
if the wants of the business world
should require, up to $275,000. To
secure these notes the banks would
have coin, $425,000, and $850,000 in
short time paper.
"The banks of North Carolina had
in October, 1876, a capital of $2,376,
000, with a circulation of $860,800.
Before 1861 they had a circulation of
five or six millions. Under the pro
posed plan their maximum circulation
would be $7,128,000. To reduce these
notes the banks would have iu coin
82,376,000, and in a short time bills
"The advantages of the proposed
plan are obvious :
"1st. The new currency would be
elastic capable of expansion when
business is buoyant and the demands
for money are great, and it would con
tract naturally when business is dull.
The volume would seldom be equal to
maximum. Many of the old conser
vative banks never reached the high
est limits, because eligible borrowers
were net found.
"2nd. The rate of interest would
fall, owing to tne increased supply of
currency. bmce loop banks in the
South have charged as high as 18 to
30 per cent per annum interest. If is
cot at all wonderful that our farmers
and other business men have been
ruined. With money at 6 per cent
readily had, on the security of incom
ing crops, they could pay cash for
their supplies and avoid the ruinous
losses of working on credit, paying for
the use of the capital thus obtained at
the rate of 30 to 50 per cent per an
"Can it be o provided that the
bank notes will have full credit
throughout the United States ? . Can
they bewnade as secure as the exist
ing bank notes ?
: "I think these questions may be
answered affirmatively.
"Two plans suggest themselves for
the accomplishment of this result :
"1st. Substitute for the existing
system a great "Bank of the United
St&tes," with its branches in all the
States Iikehe Bank 'of France with
its departmental branches. ' Against
such an institution there is plainly a
a deep seated prejudice, which has de
scended from the Jackson deadly fight
with the second "Bank of the United
States ;" but there seems to be no
reasonable ground for concluding
that another institution in our day
would necessarily be unsound or un
fortunate. The Bank of France has
been eminently successful for years,
and the Imperial Bank of Germany is
moving on with similar pro periry.
. ."2d . Assuming that such a scheme
will not meet the approval of Con
grees, I sugfwst that the pcesent sys-
cr more strict surveillance by the
government. Let there be even heav
ier penalties iurTicHul f ir misfeasance
liy ths officers. L;t there 1h frequ-snt
publications of the condition of the
banks. Tien let thrni substitute Itg
p.l tender coin for the bunds of th
United States, and have the privilege
cf issuing notes payable to bearer,
provided, as heretofore suggested, that
one third of the amount ha!l be rep
resented by "coin, and l- o third by
negotiable paper running not over
three months a large proportion of
the coin to be in gold.
"In order to make these notes uni
versally acceptable, the coin might be
deposited with the government, and a
sufficient tax, levied on the circulation
should be used as an insurance fund,
out of which the notes of insol
vent banks shall be paid. The pro
ceeds of this tax are not needed by
the treasury, and as the government
would have control of the same as
well as of the coin of the banks, it
could safely guarrantee the circulat
ing notes.
"Some may object that it would not
be safe to entrust the government
with the custody of the capital of the
banks, but that is done under the pres
ent system. A government certificate
for bonds deposited is no more sste
than snch certificate for coin.
"If the proposed system should be
adopted, there would be enough pa
per circulation without "greenbacks."
These relics of the great civil war
should be ealled in and cancelled.
Their retention will lead to embarass
ment continually."
A few days ago a committee, to
gether with a representative of the
C. F. & Y. V. R. R-, met Governor
Scales and made two propositions.
One ws: to put on a very heavy
mortgage, in addition to the one al-1 tcra
vv a Taunt
Chss we all ki:
tuit.T that we
v.o .cannot livo.
jDnl do we a.:
by c-atirg ? It is
t;ai i we dig o.r -Treves with our
teeth. How A o i;-h this sounds.'
Yet it i3 fearfuL'y tn-e. We are ter
rified at the arwoswh of tie cholera
13 a il:
and yeliov Teer, yr-t tbcra
ease constantiv at. our doors tin
our houses far. morn danid-ouB aiut
people have in
poison, moi'ts
as tae trenus
Scrofulous, Inherited and Contagious
Humors Cured by .
Through the medium of one of your books re
ceived through Mr- Frank T. Wray, Druggist,
Apollo, Pa., I became acquainted with your Cu
ticuba Remedies, ami taka this opportunity to
testify to you that theis use had permeneutly
rured me of o:a3 of the worst cases of blood poi
soning, in connection with erysipelas, that I
have evcrseen, and-this after having been pro
nounced incurable by s me of the beat physi
cians in our errantry. I take great pleasure in
forwarding to you this testimonial, unsolicited
as it is by you, in order that others suffering
tram similar maladies may be encouraged to
give your Cuticura Rhmedils atrial
1'. S. WII1TL1NGER, LeechSurg, Fa.
Reference; Frank T. Wray, Druggist, Apollo Ta.
James E. ltic-hardsonr Custom House, New
Orleans, on oath says : "In 1 370 Scrofulous
Ulcers broke out on my body until I was a
ma3S a maia ot corruption. Everything knewn
to the medical laculty was tried in vain. I
became a mere wreck. At times I could not
lift my hands to my head, could not turn in
bed, was in constant pain, and looked upon
life as a curse. No relief or cure in ten years.
In 1880 I heard of the Cuticuba Remedies,
used them and wa3 perf ectly cured."
TSworn to before U. S. Com. J. D. Crawford.
We have been selling your Cuticura Reme
dies for years and have the first complaint yet
to rec;ive from a purchaser." One of the worst
cases of Scrofula 1 ever saw was cured by the
use of five bottles of Cuticura Resolvent, Cuti
cura, and Cuticura Soap. The Soap takes the
'"Cake" here as a medical soap.
TAYLOR & TAYLOR, Druggists,
Frankfort, Kan
And Coutagiou3 Humors,, with losa of Hair
cad Eruptions of the Skin are positively cured
by Cuticura aud Cuticura Soa"p exteml!y end
Cuticura Resolvent internally, when all other
inedic-E63 fail. Send for Pamphlet.
Sold everywhere. Price : Cuticura, 50 cts.
Cuticura Soap, 25 cents; Cuticura Resolvent
$1.00. Prepared by Potter Dbuq asd Chemi
cal Co., Boston, Mass.
.SS"-Scnd for "How to Cure Skin Diseases,"
6l'pages 50 iliustrations, and 100 testimonials.
PJAPLES, Blacuheads, chapped and oily
I skin prevented by "uticura Medicated
And Weakness instantly relieved by
the Cuticura Anti-Pain Plaster, a
Perfect Antidote to Pain, Inflamma
tion and weakness. A new, instan
taneous and infallible pain-killing plaster. 25
A. Woodorful Food d Merticlne.
known and used by Physicians all over the
world. SCOTT'3 EMULSION not only gives
flesh and strength by virtue of hs own nutri
tious properties, bat creates an appetite for food
that builds up the wasted body. "I have been
using Scott's Emulsion for several yeare, and
am pleased with its action. My patients say
it is pleasant and palatable, and all grow
stronger and gain flesh from the use of it. I use
it in all cases of Wasting Diseases, and it is
specially useful for children when medication is
needed, as in Marasmus." T. W. Pierce, M.
D., Knoxville, Ala. "It is palatable and easi
ly assimilated, and children take it so readily
that it is a pleasure to give it." M. L. Eield
e, M. D-, Electic, Ga, '
fintili'f . sill xt ysr' a V r.voTn
ready on the A. & N. C. R. R., (from modifications. Let there be the same,
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve In the world lor Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt It!ieum,Feve Sores
Tetter. Chapped Hands, CMlblaiDS Corns and
nil Skin Eruptions, ami positively cures Files,
or no pay required. It ia gnaranteed fc cive
perfect satisfaction, or money ref node i. Price
is cents per box. For sale by V. O. Thompson.
In Brief, and to the Point.
Dyspepsia i.s lrea:lf ul.. JDisorilered liver is
misery. Indigestion is a foe to good natnre.
The human digestive apparatus isonc of the
most complicated and wonderful things inex-
latence. It is easily put out of order.
Greasy food, tonsh foo l, sloppy food, bad
cjokcry, mental worry, late hours, irregular
ha bits, and irany other things which ought no
be, have made the American people a nation
of dyspeptics
But Green's August Flower h s done a wonde r
ful work in reforming this sad business and
making the American people so healthy that
hey can enjoy their meals and be happy.
Remember: So happiness without health.
But Green's August Flower brings health and
happiness to the dyspeptic. Ask your druggU :
ora bottle. Scventv-five cents.
Consumption, Scrofula, Grncral
Debility, AVasting Diseases of Children, Oh.on
ie Coughs, and Bronchitis, can be cured by the
use of SCOTT'S EMULSION of Pare Cod Liver
Oil with Hypopho3phite3. Prominent physi
cians use it, and testify to its great value.
Please read the following: "I n?ed Scott's
Emulsion for an obstinate cough Hemorrhage,
Loss of Appetite, Emaciation, Sleeplessnes 4e.
All of these have now left, and I believe your
Emulsion has saved a case of well-deveioped
Consumption." T. J. Fisdlkt, M. D., Lone
Star, Texas. "I have for several yeara used
Scott's Emulsioa, and, find it to act well in
Consumption and Scrofula, and other condi
tiens requiring a tonic of that class." J. B.
Bcetos, Valdosta, Ga. , - . -
All infections of the blood are removed by
Ayeis f?arsajarilia. Sold by all druggists.
No fictitious certificates, but solid facts, testify
the marvelous cures by Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Hood's Sarsaparilla is a purely vegetaLla
preparation, being free from injurious ingredi
ents. It is peculiar in its curative power. 4
N'OTICE.- Having drily qualified as admin
istrator of F. B. Burkhnrd. deceased, all
persons indebted to said deceased are requested
to make payment to me at once and all tlioso
having claim airaiost the estate of tne sid de
ceased, are hereby notilied to present tucm to
me duly authenticated, within, twelve months
from the date ot this notice or the same will he
plead in bar of their recovery. This the Bin
dav of October, 1SS7.- L. 1. Hike, Adm'r ot F.
U. MuikhanJ. . . 39-0t , .
destructive, llcht
their own stomachs
slo-,. but tmite ii.s f ital
of those maladies which s- eep men
into eternity by thousands without
warring in the times of great epi
demics. But it i3 a morcy thct, if
we are watchful, we can tell when
we are threatened. Tho following
are p,mon the symptoms, yet they
do rot always nere-jsarily appear in
the wme order, nor ave they alv. avs
the same in clifleront cpsos.' There
is a dull and sleepy feeling; a bad
taste in the mouth, especia3y in the
morning; the appetite is change-
able, sometimes poor ar.d again" it
seema as though the pciient could
not eat enough, and occasionally no
appetite at all ; dullness aud slug
gisimes of the mind; no ambition
to study -or work; moro or lees head
ache cjd iieavinesa ia the head;
dizziness on rising to the feet - or
moving suddenly; furred and coat
ed tongue; a sense of a lead on the
stomach that nothing rouoves; hot
and dry skin at times; y.' low tinge
intli3 eyes; scanty and . if.-h-colored
uriac-; sour taste in the vucuth, fre
quently attended by palpitation of
the heart ; impaired vision, with
spots that seem to be sw-iurming in
the ail- before the eyc-y ; a cough,
with a greenish-colortd expecto
ration ; poor nights' reii ; a sticky
slima about the teeth sv.id gums;
hands and feet cold uu; clammy;
irritable temper and l.-ovwls bound
up and costive. This din-rasa has
puzzled the physichiu s r. :-I till puz
zles them. It is th.i co'nioiiest of
ailments and yeb
cated and mysterioi::.
it is treated as cou3a5ipricn, some
times as liver ecniphvm, and then
again as malaria and evenhrart dis
ease. But its real nature is that of
constipation an d dyepep si ".. It arises
in the digestive organs find boon
affects all the oil :ptf. through the
corrupted and jMiy-.ned blood.
Often the whole? body including
tho nervous system- is literally
starved, even when there is no
emaciation to tell tho sad story.
Experience ba shown that there is
pat oiia l'atuady thai .wn rtRinly
cure thia disuse in a i its stags,
namely, Shiker Fxtra-vr. of Roots or
mother Soigel's C'nrr-t.iro ftyrup. It
never fails but. ;. . the" ess. no time
should be lost in trying other so
called remedies, for they will do no
good. Get this great vegetable
preparation, (dis-.-.t verec! by a vener
able nurse v.'hooo v. hug is a house
hold word iu G rf-jtny and be sure
to get the gouuh-e. JM'ticle.
give: up i-v tsvEx ioctors.
Shaker Extr.-u-.t of Hoots or Sei
el's Syrup ha.-; raised me to good
Uealth after sc-vi.: doctor.; hftd given
uia up to di with consumption.
So writes II. F. Gra.ce, Hirkman
yiiie, Todd Co , Ky.
he he.v'.-d of it jutrr IS TIME.
"I had fceeri about given up to
die with dyspepsia when I first raw
the advertisement of Shaker Extract
of Roots or J- Syrup. After
using four bott'x I Avas able to at
tend to my I - ishitri'S as well as over.
I know ofWi-ei id of chills and
fever that h.. e Lttii cured by it."
So -writes Mr. Tho. Pullum, of Tay-
As plain as the noon day sun
The T
SIorME Holiday w E E
Amazing and Rapturezs RsYelaticns In ths Realm cf Entertainment i
Two Magnificent Exhibitions, Rain or Shine at
Winston, Thursday, Nov. 10.
Most positively the Only Tented Show that will Yisit this Section this Season.
Fs the People's Grand
1'.-- l.tl'tlf rt-.TV.,-l 1
' ''i
Eviiiib, of tho firm
ic-roliiiiitis, Hom-
lar, Gesiavii C o.3 I
wor.ni t:s io:
Mr. Thomas I .
of Evans Uro .
town, Accincijk Co., Va., writes
that he had Loen. sik with digestive
disorders for many years and had
tried man.y physicians and medi
cines without boueii t. II a began to
use Shaker ilsliiiel of Itootd or Ser
gei's Syrup uhoul Ujo Isit of Jan.
1887, and w& i- ,.mcl; hotter in
three week t-ta j . o ;.-tirii..ored him
self pra;'iicu.'l;. v,'jh iniiru He
adds: 'I h.iv..- u LhU tluo one bot
tle on ban t, i-.; i u I could not gel
any mor" T wni not tolm a l?r
dollar hUd for it. '
All dru: V-'.-jts, or Address A. J
White, Liru.lod. 54 "Warren St. N.T.
An 1 ?u 'h an avalanche of
suitable for everybody, was
Want to know where to get
New, Sty'ish, High Grade Dry
Goods, Dress Goods, N.'tions,
Shoes, Hats, Trunks, VatUes,
&c, at a scale of prices that
will give you real and not im
aginary value for your hard
earned dollars. Our stock this
season is immense and we have
made the boldest adventure of
modern times, that of retailing
goods on a Jobbers profit. We
show what we advertise and
mean what we say and could
give you a list of bargains as
long as the moral law but space
prevents. We show courtesy
to all, whether they wish to
buy or not, and our constant
aim is to benefit the people by
offering bargains that will
make your eyes snap when you .
sec our goods and hear our pri
ces. Don't be biased by the af
fidavits of high-priced concerns
who shout big things. But re
member, we will show you the
brightest, the newest, the hand- .
somest stock in the Twin-City,
, with new goods arriving daily
at prices that are positively be-
- vond the whisper of competi
tion comparison or monopoly.
Give us a call, it will be time
well spent. Respectfully, -FULLER
Winston, N. C.
Administrator's Notice.
- Havinc; qualified at Administrator of the es
tate of William Long, Dec'd. all persons hold
ing claims against said estate are hereby noti
fied to present the same to the undersigned fr
payment duly authenticated on or before the
2Cth of September, 18S8, or this notice will be
Tilo&il in i.ar of recovery. Also all persons
owing sail estate are requested to make ,im- I
mediate payment. It. B. KEKNER, Adm'r If
Sept,l?-6w. of William Long
In Winston.
No use in asking the question
"What shall I wear? or
where shall I get the
very latest styles
and designs ?''
Thres Bint Oircus HuodTheatreSlio6 Knntmi
Pffsewn Classic Racing Carnival and Jo Jo. $2,000,000 Invested forth
rubles Delectation ! Actual Daily Expenses, .$3,500. Notably and
k'l Triumphantly Reinforced this Season with the Old World't
most startling Human Phenomenon,
Ryttonborg Bros
By placing right under your
nose a First-Ch ss stock of
Dress Goods
Wraps, Shoes, &C!
Also immense stock of
RUGS, &c, &c,
Winston, H7C.
The Human Sky-Terrier!
A Canine Carved Head Framed in Fleecy, Shimmering Hair In his reality outstrips exaggera
tion, and dumbfounded science pronounces him the most wonderful ard inexplicnbk mystery
of life! Not an insipid Idiot, but a bright, alert, vivacious being I Your only chance
to see Jo-Jo By command of the Czar he returns to St. Petersburg at anearly.day I
Am Unparalleled Red-Letter Circus Festival!
Astounding displays of Acrobatic, Gyinnic and Equeetrien Ani.nzeinenfs in 3 Separate Star Ring.
Scotch Athletes, Russian Skntoriul Artists, Arabian Heroes, Japanese Marvels and a Gigantic
Vaudeville combination in thrilling and fascinating performances on the grand theatre stage I
Stirring Pictures of Life in the "Wild West!"
Ever GAT HE I? ED and EXHIBITED Under Tents.
Greatest, grandest, most famous and best trained herd of elcphaut3 on American soil including
"Bismarck" and "Juno," the biggest wedded couple extant ami tho Colossal, all-oversbad-owinzcentral
iicurcsof their nice: "Doe" and "Bun Butler." rnlliiOin Pnwwlm,.
Elephuntine clowns and the only baby elephant on the Continent!
lOSP-Peerless, Poetic, Sumptuous Spectacular Parade!
Appearing on the Public Thoroiigiifares at 10 o'clock every morning.
Adiuisssion to the Entire Combined Shows as Usual!
Children Under O Years Half Price. No Extra Charge to see Jo-Jo.
Reserved Cushioned Opera Chairs, with back and foot rests, ot the usual slight advance.
Twb Exhibitions I'aily Doors open at 1 anj 7 p. iu. Performances becia ma kow lar..
Jliap round trip excursions on all railroads. Se rtatlon gents for particulars.
GREENSBORO, Nov. 9th. SALISBURY, Nov. 1-ith.
Fumitur eMan,
Main Street, WINSTON, M. C.
1 1 IT0 1 mmi
a sample of bis LOW PRICES:
liED ROOM SETS from $i5 up ;
PARLOR SETS from $35 up ;
WARDROBE SETS from $8 up.
Mirrors, Picture Frames, Paint
ings, Engravings, &c, in fat. any
thing you jvant in that line.
In the Carpet he handles, made
from the fibre ot the long-leaf pine
neat and cheap.
MertaUii and UpMsteriBi!
When your wife wants a NEW
COOK STOVE, remember the
Don't DPorgot
that be keeps CROCKERY of all
descriptions at bed rock ptices
the cheapest in the city.
August 13 ly.
Wholly unlike artificial systems.
Any book learned at one reading.
Recommended by Make Tvtaim, Richard
Proctor, Hons. W. W. Astok, Judak P. Bbs
jamih, Cr. Minor, Ac. Class of 1G0 Columbia
Law Students, two classes ot 200 each at Yale ;
400 at University of Peun. Pbila., and 400 at
WeUesIey College, &c, ana engaged at Chau
tauqua University. Prospectus post rric from
PROF. LOIETTE, 237 5th Ave., rew York.
Writing and Copying Fluid..
n- . .1 nnM-a.iM. drip, nulrklr. irlll cop.
.JtiXll i Winston. N.C.. or
so., sr. Lwuiai
Tobacco Flues!
ta, Timre, Tcbacoo Flues, Flue Ires,
at bottom prices, Wholesale ard
Retail. This year we will take
special pains in cutting, fitting and
swedging- our Tobacco Flues, mak
ing the joints to fit perfectly tight,
allowing no smoke or sparks to es
cape. Besides swedging our Flues
we rivet tags or loops on the ends
of joints and elbows, enabling the
party using them to wire them to
gether alter they are placed in the -barn,
which is a double protection
against their coming apart.
Always remember the Bio Cof
feepot !
WlirLE! "VClHm !
For hanging tobacco on is found at
the Big Coffee Pot. Don't fail to
call and see us before purchasing
elsewhere. Very Respectfully,
Main Street, Salem, N. C.
Sign Big Coffee Pot oct 28tf
A Rare Opportunity
AT LOW PRICES. The undersigned is
cloiing out his entire stock of Light Brah
mas, Plymouth Rocks, Langshans, Brown and
White Leghorns. Also 300 young chicks of the
above varieties. Eggs for batching at reduce
prices for balance of season. Write for what
you want to
22-tf. Elizabeth City, N. C.
For Sale
Or exchange for property ir. Wtetcii. Xurth
Carolina, a valuable plantation near Mackey's
Ferry, Washington county, N. C Place con
tains 300 acres. Beautiful residence- dwelling
r.cw and stylish. Gin house, barn. st k house
and all necessary out houses and tenant bouses.
Wfthia one and one half miles of Albcrmarle
Sound and one mile of A k P. R. R. lias eve
ry advantage for a man who likes farming and
trucking. Owner wishes to engai in other
business, hence desire to sell. Vot further par
ticulars address Editor Wcstihs tmsTiURL
Mackey's Ferry N. C.
Sept 22-lf.

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