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Editor and Publisher. J
Vol.. xxxi. Ko. 45.
i PER YEAR, ftj.50.
-A tacturers with al! site3 of boxc3 at rock bot
tom prices. Consult ma for estimates before
pianing your contrfccta. - R. U. DABB3.
June 16, 1887-tf
Offers his Professional Service
surrounding country. . .JSS-Offick and res
idence at Bethania, Forsyth county, no 30tf
Atieraey-at-Law, Coilsctioa & Insurance
cafi. a- X3 isr a? ,sEa
aration of legal papers and the manage
ment of Estates
Judge Marbuc'x's Office, Main St., Winston, H. C.
BEAKD iET.V, never having been ueed a
day. Terms. 525 down, balance in month
ly instalment of $5 until paid for. Will be
sold at a bargain. Address J. K.,
Cars Sentispl, Winston, S. C
x :t n- x m a?.
Graduate of the University of Maryland.
Teoih Extracted without Pain
by the use of Kitrous Oxido Gae. OFFICE
CITY FLATS, Opposite Big Cofle Pot,
oct 13 ly SALEM, X. C.
Civil and Sanitary Engineer,
the erection and maintenance of Water
Municipal authorities wishing to introduce a
iter supply or sewerage system, will please
WissTox, is
address me.
rHE only shop in the city kept by a white
man. Everything first-class and kept only
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No 23-ly Opipsite Baltimore Clothing House.
iSJXE3 a clean shave at least twice a vreok
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the place! His towels are clean, his razors
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Next door to the Sextiskl o'flico. 24.
Town Let., Timber Lands, Miner:;! Interests
anu an kinas or neai estate som on commis
sion. Parties wishing to purchase real estat
in this and adjoining counties will find it te
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TheTAnner and Delany Engine Co.
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ah vuwocm inirusieu to mem will
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Offlce over Vaughn & Pepper's Store. i 80-ly
Nature's Remedy
Siaerdered '
linjMsIrecl : J
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'iid', ll-al.it.
remedy which quickly charms
he infant in the motlier's arms.
W hilc drooping age will strive to drain .
tach drop the gobiet does contain.
blessing proves to me and mine.
(Professional Attorney
11 erty on Commission Collect TUrt tw
pare Land Papers Buy JSTotes, Bonds, Mort
gagee and other Securities Hake Small Loans
on Good Security and Assume the General
Management of Estates.
S3-Th9 Best References.! ,
- m
WatQhmakir and Jevslsr,
Dane with Neatness & Dispatch.
i'y motto is THOROUGH WORK at MODER
ATE PRICES. Don't forget the place.
Opposite the Postodce.
November S J, '7, tf '
The Courts Agreed, the 3Iajosty of the
Law Has Keen Vindicated and For
eign Anarchists -Have - Met Their
Merited Doom.
Jsevcr m the history of .America
Las there oeen such a tremenduous or
a more blood-thirsty .crime than the
one committed in Chicago on Ma 4th
xooo, uy me Anarcnists Vfho were
hanged last Friday. The trouble first
began m a strike of hundred of hands
m the big McCormick Reaper Works
Company. Their places were filled
by "scabs", workmen net recognized
as such by the strikers. .
On May 3rd twelve thousand, more
or les3, workmen, chiefly of foreign
birth, and all wearing bits of red rib
bon in their buttonholes, met in the
Blue Island Avenue. They were ad
dressed by a man who incited his
hearers to take up r.rms against Mc
Cormick, and in behalf of their wives
and children, whose bread was being
eaten by the families of "scabs" em
ployed in the places of the strikers.
He was followed in a similar strain bv
Spies, whose speech was interrupted
by the "dougine" of the exeat bell at
the McCormick factory. The cry wa3
thereupon raised: "On to McCor
mick's," arcl in a -few minutes every
window in the front of the building
was emashed. A force of policemen
was hastily driven to the scene of riot.
Under provocation from the mob. the
officers fired, but, of purpose, too high
to hit. Then the anarchists attanlrpd
the officers wtth sticks and stones. The
jjolice, now reinforced, numbered
about a hundred men. Two of them
having fallen, their comrades fired in
to the howling crowd. The shots
were returned by such of the mob as
had weapons, but the great body of
rioters Dispersed, leaving six of their
number on the field of conflict It was
iound that two policemen had been se
riously hurt. Eleven of the mob ha
been arrested. - Spies returned to his
othce and wrote for his paper an arti
cle that appeared nest morning and
was oi a most violent character. Th
! - 1 1 f-
"cvt-ugB circular, aiso irom the pen
ot apies, appeared the next day. It
was most bloody, vituperative and
fiendish, and called for wholesale mur
der. Ihe widespread circulation of
this incendiary production was prompt
ly ioiiowea by the publication of this
hand-bill printed m big, red tjpe:
Attention, Workingme.v.
(jrreat mass meeting to-night 7:30
o ciocic at tne laaymarket, Kandolph
street, between Desplaines and Hals
ted. Good speakers will be present to
denounce the latest atrocious acts nf
tlie police the shooting of our fellow
workingmen yesterday afternoon.
J. he Executive Committee.
The meeting came off as announced
on the evening of May 4, 1886. An
extra detail of police vras on duty ia
the JJay market. Spies was the first.
speaker. JHle was followed by Parsons
to whom succeeded Fielden. who was
speaking from a wagon, when a hun
dred and fifty police officers marched
through the crovd and halted near
the vehicle. Capt. Ward, addressing
the audience Jsaid : "I order you un
der the laws of the State to disperse."
Immediately" a ' dynamite bomb was
thrown. Accompanied with a d rem -
ful report it burst, its fragments strik
ing thirty police officers to the ground.
The representatives of the law were
dazed by the bewildering horror ot
the moment. ' Then, rallying, they
opened fire from their revolvers. The
mob broke and were shot down as they
ran. Sixty dead and wounded of th
anarchists lay near the rear of the
speakers' wagon. In all, at least a
hundred anarchists were killed nr in
jured, and sixty policemen, of whom
seven were rnartyra to duty in the de J
Hunting the Conspirators Down.
The first of the anarchists arrested
were August Spies : 'and ""MipWi
Schwab, "who were found the mornitio
after the tragedy, at the office of the
Ar beiter Zeitung. The capture of
Adolph Fischer was the next reward
of official zeal and dilio-enca - fJpnr
Engel, Louis Ling, Oscar Neebe and
Rudolph Schnaubelt were also arrest
ed, and all, excepting Schnaubelt, im
prisoned. Parsons, who had: balked
all attempts to find him, appeared in
court on the first day of the trial.' with
Captain Black, his. attorney, and was
promptly piacea under arrest.
At the end of -six davs' nnriBidArn.
turn the grand jury found Jnuills of in
dictment against the nine men- men
tioned. On iune 21st the trial
before Judge Gary, in the Supreme
Court, Chicago, Capt. - Black appear
ing for the accused, and State tf.rr.
ney Grinnell representing the people.
On August 20th Spies, Parsons, Fiel
ding, fcchwab, Lmee. EnveL Fischer
and Neebe were found guilty of mur
der. After the verdict had been ren dered
the" counsel for the condemned
men endeavored to secure anew trial,
but this was denied on October 7 th,
and on October 9th Spies, Parsons,
Fielding, Schwab, Lingg Engel and
Fischer were sentenced to be hanged
on December 3d, and Neebeto impris
onment for fourteen years. . On Nov
ember the 25th ' a stay of execution
wa3 granted, , pending an appeal to
the Supreme Court of the State, which
affiirmed the verdict and sentenced
the prisoners to be hung on November
the 12th. 1887.
Thk Case is the Supreme Court.
Oh November 2d, 1S87, the Su
preme Court of the United States, be
fore whom a petition for a writ cf er
ror in tne case ot the Chicago anarch
ists had been brought by Gen. Pryor,
assisted by other eminent counsel,
gave a decision excluding all hope for
the anarcbists excepting by the clem
ency of the governor of Illinois. In
brief, the decision Oi the court declar
ed the Illinois jury law to be constitutional-
Chief Justice Waite announ
ced the opinion, in which all the asso
ciate justices concurred. :
:Two days before .the execution,
Liang coram :tetIsHicide by blowing
his head to pieces with a candle con
taining dynamite. The sentence of
Fielden and Schwab was commuted. to
life imprisonment by Governor Ogle
thorpe, but though hundreds of let
ters written and a petition of names,
mik-sin length, begging clemency, was
presented, the Governor refused to in
terfere on behalf of the others.
Friday was the fatal dav and in
fall sight of the populace, the four
fiends in human form, Engel, Spies,
Fischer, snd Parsoas expiated their
direful crime by a dreadlul death.
Inns ends the tragedy of blood, and
all good American citizens rejoice
that it i3 over. The majesty of the
law has been asserted, and anarchy
and crime have been throttled in sin
cursed Chicajro.
Sot by Scott, but Almo3ta.s Good s
da Far-famed Poem.
Sad was the minstrel's sone. in the
light of the moon, and his voice was
cracked and his knees were sprung,
and his eye3 lar out of their sockets
hung, and he howled a dirge in a for
eign tci:gue, and his lyre was out of
tune. I softly unchained the brindle
dog, and loaded the old shotgun ; while
he scraped hi3 lyre m the damp and
fog, and sung of a fairy who drove a
frog, and held a court in a somber bog,
by the light of a midnight sun. "No
fairies for me," I softly said, "so, sing
er, you'll change your tune; you must
sing a ballad of death instead, of ghosts
ic red, of regions where wander the
phantom dead, p.ud there are no stats
or moon."
He tuned hi3 harp to a dismal lay,
that chilled all the blood I ownsd,
and he sung, "There's a land in the
far away, where never is gleaming the
light of day, where the goblins damp
and the spectres stay, and the wind
with their shrieks is toned. The ghost
of the pallid dude is there, bereft of
its gilded cane ; it ha3 no oil for its
yellow hair, it has no glasses to eye
the fair, and it cannot stand on the
street and stare, so the dude is bowed
in pain." I loosed the dog on the
minstrel there, and I. fired my gun in
the damp ; and pieces t harp flew ia
the air, and stogy boots - and wads of
hair, and all that was left of the min
strel fair Avas rolled in a postage
stamp. Ex.
X "MLscellaneons Mixture of Points,
Personal, Political Social, aad In
dustrial That the Papers are Talking
The Green county Enterprise, aided
by the Charlotte Hornet are "boost
ing" Hon. C. M. Cook for Lieut. Gov
ernor. The Progressive Fanner leans to
ward Capt, fcydenhara B. Alexander
oi iiieciiianourg as the right man for
our next Governor.
" a
Mr. D. E. Mclver, who represented
Moore and Randolph in the. Senate
branch of the last legislature is men
tioned by the Wilson Advance for
State Auditor.
We see it stated that the Republi
cans of this State are discussing the,
feasabiiity of nominatinsr Hon. J. M.
Brower member of Congress from the
Fifth District for Governor next year.
The Greensboro North State is for a
good Democrat for United States Sen
ator. We congratulate it On this turn
into the right way. It raav as well
shake o2" the dust of the
body of republicanism now as at anv
other time. News and Observer.
It is reported that ex-CoDsrreeaman
A. M. Waddeil, of Wilmington, is au
avowed canaictats for Ransom's seat
in the United States Senate. It is
well understood that Minister Jar via
will press his claims for that position.
Charlotte Democrat.
Price 5 Cents.
durance. H;e could frazzle out any
Republican ia the State on the stump.
Neither Saunders, Stead man, Ciark,
Holt, Alexander, Carr, Gilmer or any
other man rn State could make as
strong a canvass as Armfield, while
either might and probably would
make as good a Governor." Scotland
Neck Democrat.
i, ' "" . ."' :
Rev. Dr.' John R; Brooks preached
m Goldsboro last Sunday on 'Civil
Service Reform in Heaven." A friend
of tha Chronicle, upon reading the
subject of the sermon, said that Civil
Service" Reform might prevail in
Heaven, but as long as there are so
many hungry men anxious for office,
it will be a long time getting a strong
hold in these lower regions. iSfote
What Senator Eansoia Says.
Senator Mat. W. Ransom, the gen
eral manager of North Carolina nnii.
tics, whihp ia Washington for a few
hours recently, gave an interesting re
view of hia observations durino- the
summer in the South. He said:
"I do not think the South was ever
happier nor was it ever more prosper
ous. X did not tuink when we all
surrendered to Geu. Grant at Appo- j Fair.
Interesting Topics Gathered From Th
Sentinel's Exchanges, and Hoi led Ditrn
for It Bony Readers.
Bingham School has 110 pupils.
The Piedmont Press and Carolinian
have consolidated.
Wilmington has a new daily .paper
called the News.
Durham's Northern Railroad was
commenced last week. - - .
Durham laid the. cornerstone of her
new court house yesterday. :
Rev. R. Campbell, of Goldsboro,
has moved to Greensboro.
TJiere sre more than 30,000 Knights
of Labor in North Carolina.
Freshets have destroyed numbers of
mill dams from Orange east.
. Besaememer iron ore has 1 een dis
covered at King's Mountain.
Hon. Richmond Pearson will build
an $80,000 residence in Asheville.
W. T. Blackwell, of Durham thinks
Senator Ransom will Bucceed himself.
The Catawba Industrial Association
will meet to-day to plan for next year's
Three Things Settled.
The result of the election in this
State settles thres points as thorough
ly as any political event can be settled
in advance.
President Cleveland will be renom
inated by his party:
-Mr. Jtilame will not be nominated
by the Republicans.
Mr. George will not control the
election next year.
Hew lork is the pivotal State. Mr.
Cleveland's friends have had a com
plete triumph. Thev are entitled tn
the fruits of the victory.
Grover Cleveland is indeed a lucky
man: ami James, G. Blaine mav !.
aiu 10 pe a dead cocte in the
New York World. " ;
ins of Hon.
Speaking oi lion. George Davis for
G-overnor, the Wilmington Messenger
says that there is no office iu the gilt
of the people that he would not adorn
and that with his consent the Democ
racy of North Carolina would march
intrepidly on to the most brilliant vic
tory it has ever won in all its glorious
history. " .
uiaLLox iuki x would ever live to see
such a day of entire harmony of feel
ing and interest north and south. I
fought all I could from lieutenant col
onel to major general ia the Confeder
ate causo and knov something of the
earnestness of our people to sever
themselves from the union. At first
sectional feeling was strong, and was
cecravated and Perpetuated fir nnlit-
cal purposes. I nresuma the f.vWri. i I the past three months. 82.100.-
ences of the country from 1860 to 1867 ?as hecu capitalized ia gold iiiiue3
was pnrt oi the disease which had tak
en hold of the body politic, but I
-Methodist Conference at fcayette
ville on the 30th, Bishop Kev presid
ing. "Epsom" is the name of a new post
office in Vauce " county. Why not
add "salts "?
Boy in Fayette ville. Pest office
rubbed. Money found in boy's pants.
Jail. Good.
When doctors take wiiat thev give and law
yers give what they take, Grover Cleveland
will again be elected Presided, but nt till
then. Scotland Ntck Democrat.
If brother Kitchin's first name ian't
-bphraim, it ought to be. Did
ever see suca a ioined ai
t him alone. It the converge wuere "ut a trta of southern hospital- j well, of the Statesvillo Landmark is to
think the coijdjtion one of the proud
est aehievments of cur system of gov
ernment. !
"The southern people have now in
their midst the first President who has
visited their section .to any extent !
fince the days of Washington. That i
is a longtime to be overlooked by our j I
cniet magistrates, JPrcsajent Cleve
land will return to ln.3 duties with
nothing but ptensant memories of his
journey through the south. From
Missouri toVivgioia the people have
turned out en masse to bid him wel
come and have united ia jm-ing hira
not only., sweeping receptions every
m tui3 itate.
The next session of the Presbyterian
Synod of North Carolina will be held
in Goldsboro.
Mr. Pearson's revival in Salisbury
last week was wonderful. There were
over 300 converts.
The Asheville Advance has made an
assignment and will hereafter be run
ia a liepiibiicsn paper
Mormon elders are at work in ihe
extreme western part of the State.
Tar and feathers needed.
The increase in taxable property
this year is expected to reach $10,
000,000 in North Carolina.
It is rumored that Em. Joe Cald-
Woman Versus Arms. 1
The soldiers of a hundred
longed for Home. The - older ones
had wives the younger ones had
mothers, or sisters, or sweethearts
there.- The soft finsrers f our wompn
gentle, but irresistible as some force
of nature, drew their soldiers back
th sweet influence of the " Pleiad
were mightier than the bands of Orion
with his blazing baldrick and starrv
sword, and so loyalty to the constitu
tion and love for the ladies disbanded
the ranks -which no armed power
could break, and niide the bearded
veterans quiet folks at home. Happy
these "who thus received their own
again-! Juctractfrom Col. CWey's ad
dress at Lenoir. . - -
Why DotI't Toa Try It Yourself. Thad?
The Gold Lea hopes tnat r numl-
aut blessings may attend . Mr. and
Mrs. Mitchell throughout a long and
happy married life, and in after years
may they be able to say : -
"Though fools sparn Hymen's gentle powers,
ytc nua inijirove nig goiueu Hours,
'- By eweet experience know
Thut marriage, rightly understood,
ira wub termer ana ttiegood, -
A ... .. ,
- f: on git on Wllkesbura,
The current of immigration must
be drawn towards us. but how ran wp
do this when if they come there ia no
place lor them to stay till they can
build ? Not even a "patent sheet"
newspaper can hardly find where to
lay its head, , and is expected to lead a
consistept . and prosperous religious
life on "wind- and cusses." Wxlkes
boro Chronicle.
ot tne argn mentis true, doctors and
lawyers will soon be in a bad fix.
Tobacco Plant. ; '
Balti more elected Latrope, Demo
crat, mayor, by an increased majority.
it was thougnt that the coalition of
the Republicans and reform Demo
crats would win. The registration
books were purged of dead and fraud
ulent voters, and a3 this decreased the
Republican vote, it looks as though
our people lost by that house cleaning
operation. Gh-eceeboro North State.
The position of Assistant Secretary
of State ha3 not yet been filled. We
hope that Gen. Cox will be tendered
the place. This State appears to have
a strong hold upon Mr. Bayard. Ev
ery place" of any importanco that
North Carolina has yet received has
been in his department of the govern
ment. We yet have hope that Gen.
Cox will be chosen to fill the vacancy.
He is peculiarly fitted for the position.
Wilson Advance,.
Walking into the office r the Com
missioner of Agriculture this morning
the pleasant scent of pine flavored the
air, as your , correspondent observed.
The commissioner pointed t j a new
"Acme" carpet, and Iaughiugly re
marked ; "I walk on pine straw car
pet, sleep on a pine straw mattress,
use pine oil for sprains and burns and
phew rosin. That is like a regular
Tarheel." Raleigh Correspondence
Wilmington Messenger.
Let not haste prevent patient inves
tigation. ; Let no mistake be made. A
big fight is before us. Hurrah alone
will not do. f Our cause must be just.
Glory of the past will not do. Our
cause must be just Glory of the past
will not be a sufficient platform. Give
us a sound platform, and above all, in
preparing ther platform, : don't hoot
anybody's opinion, but carefully con
sider it. Let each man that goes into
the convention feel that he has had a
part in it Harmony ! Harmony I
Harmony I Durham Tobacco Plant
r) - ''-
It ia known by some that the Presi
dent at the beginning of his adminis
tration c-neidered very seriously the
name of Senator Ransom in connec
tion with a Cabinet position, but
events did not so shape themselves as
to render it practicable for hira to
make the tender to Geb. Ransom. It
is thought now that, if Mr. Lamar
leaves the Cabinet, another Southern
man will go in, and that Gen. Ran
som can have the opportunity if he
desires it His friends are inclined to
think, however, that a Cabinet posi
tion would have no attractions for
"Armfield is a great big-brained
man, and as true aa the needle to - the
pole ; and would whip on- the stump
any dozen men in ; the Republican
party. Old Armfield is a wheel horse
and could break down any man in
the State iu physical and mental en-
ity. Ihis looks like a restored Union revive the Charlotte Observer.
as it did m the old days ot struggle j United States engineers are ena--for
independence in the war of 1812 j ed ia the work of the river ship chaa
and in the campaigns in Mexico. The j nel at the mouth of Can Fear river.
auutii uu.v joins nanus wrui tne north
in conquests of peace. No one can
loreteil the luture oi tms country re
united, with all the issues that divided
it dead and buried and people ming
ling from Texas to Maine, homogene
ous in patriotism, interests and desti
ny." Turning to the supreme Judgeship
Senator Ransom, who was largely in
strumental in the appointment of Sen
ator Lamar into the cabinet, said :
"I have not changed my belief that
Secretary Lamar will fill the vacant
seat on the supreme bench. I think
we should have a distinctively South
ern man among the mambership of the
highest tribunal among the third co
ordinate branch of the government.
Some persons are disposed to critieizo
Mr. Lamar, but no more faithful offi
cer or sagacious counsellor ever filled
a cabinet place. No one ever Ques
tioned his integrity, aarLno one ever
douotod his ability. He will make an
excellent jurist Air. Lamar i also
the choice of the south in its entirety.
There are candidates from localities,
all able men, but none who- so fully
represent the wishes of the whole
southern people. I think there will
be no delay in hia confirmation."
' The senator disclaimed any desire
to succeed to the secretaryship of the
interior. He prefers to remain where
he is, which he can do, and thus pro
long his public career in highly conge
nial duties.
mt bacon arm.
Oh, good gracious,
Ignatius !
How you take on
About Bacon!
It a audacious!
There's not much fear
That Shakespeare
Stole his thunder
From a d under
Head like Bacon! ,
You're mistaken!
The fact that Bacon was up in grammar
By no meau3 makes hira daddy of the
drama; ' - .
And simply that' he pat in
Doesn't show 'at
He's a poet.
A fig
For lg.!
" . Then, too, Ignatius
' (So rapacious).
If Bake
Wrote Shake
Who's the swan --
' Of Avon?
You never heard
Of Bacon
, Being taken
For a bird, .:.
Did you, Ig ? f
Its infru dig
This theory, my dearyv
- . Pooh-poohl Taiscz vous.
A Solid Platform.
your wife, honor
your taxes and
scratch every scalaway on the ticket
Fall Hirer Advance. '. .
The colored debating club of Wilkes
boro recently debated the novel query,
"Will the Railroad Cheapen Corn on
the Yadkin?"
Rev. Thos. Dixon, recently of Ral
eigh has accepted a call to the pasto
rate of the Dudley Street Baptist
Church in Boston.
The new paper at Wilkesboro, the
Mountain Breeze, now mourns the
departure of one of its editors, A. W.
Frederick, for Arkansas.
It is reported that several hundred
negroes, from all parts of the State
will meet in Char.otte ou December
15th, to emigrate to the West.
Mr. E. T. B. Glenn, formerly of
Fayetteville has been presented by
Jeli'erson Davi3 with a memento, a
piece of worn necktie.
It is said that Judge James H.
Morrimon, of the 12th District, in
tends resigning his seat on the Superi
or Court bench in about sixty days.
The spindles are a-humming and
the rail-roads are a-ruuuing all over
North Carolina. There are no less
than thirteen roads being built in the
The North Carolina Farmers' As
sociation will hold its first annual
meeting in the city of Greensboro on
the, second Wednesday in January
A fall from a scaffold last week iu
Durham resulted in the death of C.
M. Van Nappen and serious injury to
John Van Noppen and C. H. Mur
phy. Col. W. L. Saunders spent some
j time in Salisbury last week gathering
materials lor his History ot North
Carolina. The first three volumes re
Trinity College has 137 students,
and the number if constantly increas
ing. The endowment fond now ex
ceeds 35,000. Hurrah for good old
Judge Clark says editors shall not
be imposed upon. While holding
court at Concord he fined Col. Paul
B. Means $100 for trying to whip edi
tor Sherri'l.
A man in Raleigh turned loose a
bull dog after a man by the name-ot
Williamson and was indicted aad
f iund guilty of an assault , wuh a
deadly weapon.
Cardinal 5 Gibbons was a guest of
Father Gross, at Charlotte last Thurs
day. Probably this is the first time
North Carolina has ever entertained
a real, live cardinal, ; .
Gov. Scales has appointed Maj. R.
S. Tucker of Raleigh, State Commis
sioner for the Raleigh Savings Bank ;
and Judge J. H. Gilmer, of Greens
boro, for the Greensboro Bank.
; Rev. Mr.' Clark, of Chapel Hill, has
been called to the" rectorship of the
church of the Good Shepherd, at Ral
eigh, made vacant by the resignation
of Rev. Robt. Strange.
J. A. Robinson has resigned
rus position on the Charlotte Chron
vie aad istucceeaed by Rev. Mr
iaw, editor, and Mr. H. A. Dea
as business manager.
Over 1500 ceonln worn at tj,'TA
etteville Fair las', week, and it was
such a day as old Fayetteville has
rarely enjoyed since all North Caro
lina aia its trading there.
Dr. Chatles Carter, a Northern
.can, uui lately a resident of Ashe
Tiiie, is at Blowing Rock mat;
rangeraents to move there next Spring
and establish a Sanitarium.
As a result of Evangelist Pearson's
appeal to wealthy men to give work to
the poor, Salisbury has already re
ceived subscriptions to a cotton factory
.iJo lKf ut;r -pOjUUU.
At Trinity OoIIacw o Cnr;..i
of winter lectures has been arranged.
"J,"1": me series will be by Ma
o- m. j? inger, btate Superintendent of
x uuiic instruction, m December, prob
ably. r
Immigration Agent J. T. Patrick
reports that everything is ready for
the buildiug of the silk factory at
. xire vuuiracc requires
lai-Lury fcaau oe completed bv
Three cars, direct from s;..., A..t
Qio, Texas, arrived ia Fayetteville
ulonday via the C. F. & Y. V. Ry
loaded with Texas ponies. There were
oi ot t jem. And it was Fair week,
U o i Fayctteviiia is to be envied.
Mr. T. H. Battie, a prominent vouno-
a.torhav ot Kooky Mount, and Miss
Vu,u avia, tiuo -ji me most ticnuti
r-3 ia iorth Carolina
w3ro nuirriod Ja3t Wcilneaday evenin-'
in ta;; h.pucopal ciiurth at Wils.m.
The State Agricultural and IWprhn.
n:cal College i to be built at R.tleigh,
without delay. At a meefin ' ofthn
executive committee of the board of
trusses in Kaleigh last Thursday,
p were aaopteu and instructions
g.v-ju to pusn tne work forward.
The Sentinel is glad to note that
Uavidson College is making aa e!Prt
te raises lOO.OOOas an endowment fund
Contributions and subscriptions will
be taken in April and Oetohar. 1SHS
for the Endowment of the Chair of
liibie btudy and Presbyterian History.
Kr.n Jno. S. Long, of New Bt rne
lecture i ;a L-hapel Hill last Saturday
on a College Graduate in Pursuit of
a Living. ihe Sentinel hr-pt-s he
told the students how to get it, for of
all the green thing.-;, it is a college
graduate. W e speak from experience.
The report made by the Richmond
& Danviilo Railroad to Labor Com
lEiseoner W. N. Jonc.i states that it
has 303$ nules ot railroad in operation
in this Slate and employs 746 persons.
Its average price paid for skilled labor
per day is 2.27, and for unskilled
seventy-five cents.
Here's The Sentinel's hand in
congratulation to a college friend, Mr.
W. Augustus Self, formerly of New
ton, now of Charlotte, who" was mar
ried in Atlanta, Ga., on last Thursday
morning to Miss Mary Robinson, an
accomplished young lady of Catawba
county. It was a runaway match.
Papa objected. Daughter didn't.
Daughter goss to Charlotte. Daughter
and Mr. Self both go to Atlanta. Our
very best wishes.
Abolish the Tloiueseud Law.
The homestead law is a curse to ev
ery honest citizen in the State of
North Carolina, be he either white or
black, rich or poor. It hits long since
outlived its usefulness a:id the purpose
for which it was created. It is a duty
that the people owe to themselves and
the business and iudustriei of the State
te see that the law is abolished as soon
as possible. The abolition of this
odious law would have a marvelous
effect for g -od on every branch of bus
iness in North Carolina and would
work a wonderful change in business
relations. It must he plain to all
that the law protects the rascal and
at the same time harms the honest cit
izen who regards it his duty to p;iy
his debts. It is the policy of ihe En
ttrpr'use to condemn in the strongest
tf rms every bad law, and among sev
eial bad ones with which the people of
tit is Stuie are afdtcted, it regards the
homestead law as the worst. While
it is the duty of a good citizen and a
Icyal newspaper to respect the laws of
his country, it ia equally their duty to
condemn and seek to abolish & law
when the died ia for erd instead of
for good. High Point Enterprise.
. A rsit at Sortli Carolina Htotury.
We never knew, or had forgotten
it, until within a few days, that the
late Hon. John A. Gilmer, of Greens
boro, father of the present Judge Gil
mer, one of the cleverest men, was
tendered a place in the cabinet of Lin
coln. This we learn from theNovember
number of The Century. Wil. Star.
Mr. Gilmer was the Whig candidate
for Governor against Thomas Bragg,
in 1855, and was defeated. He was a
gentleman and a good man in every
respect. It the serious difficulty be
tween the North and the South had
not occurred, Mr. Gikner would have
anorned Lincoln's Cabinet with honor
to himself and benefit to the South.
Charlotte Democrat. , -
Bumptlou Brother Kltehan.
We think Governor Scales ought to
have a me to the Weldon Fair, unless
ho wiw sick, handcuffed, courting, "or
attending a marriage or a funeral.
Scotland Neck Democrat: -
The Carolina Caroet-linger Has His
Little Say About Fools of the North
and tno ITnconisere.l Men of the
The rfanie of Albion W. Tourgea
is familiar to all North Carolina
readers. Just after - the war he came
to North Carolina, remodeled our State
constitution, was defeated for Con
gress by Gov. Scales, was elected to a
judgeship and has since written the
"Fool's Errand," the vilest misrepre
sentation of our people ever penned,
lie finally left us, went to Massachu
setts and lost over $50,000 in Our"
Continent, a literary magazine. He
appareutly finds more fools in the
North than the one who went on the
"Errand" and we believe his opinions,
as expressed to a reporter at Pitts
burgh, Pa., will prove interesting to
North Carolina readers Ed. Senti
nel. "What do you think of Geu. Jack
son's speech at Macon, during the
Confederate reunion ?" was asked.
"I think Gen. Jackson's speech the
best thing I have read siacc Lee sur
rendered." "That's rather a novel view of it,"
suggested tho reporter. "Very many
northern men regard it ag highly -treasonable."
"Very many Northern men ma
fools, consummate and irremediable
fook. They are everlastingly pro
claiming that the South has accepted
the arbitrament of the last argument
of kings, when they ought to know, if
they d:n't, that they know nothing of
the South and very little of the South
ern people. Gen. Jackson's spoach
is the m st truthful, tha most manly
utterance which has bean giveu to tha
real sentiment of the people. I ad
mire him for it greatly. The people
of the North do not understand tho
Southerners. They cannot be under
stood, becauc-o the Southerners are a
people a? distinct and unique as two
pc-plt; can be in some paiticulars.
Thej' are two peoples and always Lave
been. Some imagiuo that slavery
was the cause of the war. It was not.
It was only the excu!, - The peonla
of the South have always demanded
the Bovereignty of thnir States, and
ti:ey demand it yet. Logically and
considerately they have followed up
trat idea ever since tho ievlution.
They have character, individually
and pride. They roseut interference
with their affairs. People talk of the
dyisg out of the old si ntimeut. It's
all nonsense. The S-uth has not
changed. The North uas changed a
dozen timos tiacethe Revolution, bat
the South does not t.-ian.je like a
weather cock. The South is solid be
cause it is a united people, pojejsinsr
some sentiment in common sufficiently
strong to keep them solid. Why, look
at their conduct during the war. Ihey
v.nre united. In tho North they were
divided, and only by the skin of our
teeth were they defeated, not conquer
ed. They submitted to poace and
surrendered only when hope of suc-
ceis had vanished and they were
famished and suffering for tho acta!
necessaries of life. Th. New South n.
it is called, is only a few Northern
men who have gone there to make
monev. They welcome capital. So
d ies every people, and they are right.
The New South is corning, however,
and when it comes, the people and
world will bo able to recognize it
without being told. They will show
t by that individuality, competence
and hon'j3ty which the times and n w is
of ourcoiutry demand."
Whoopee La I
Another native of North Carotin
comes to the front from Monroe coun
ty Ind. His uamo is Riley Smith.
lie is seven loot bi incites tall, an I
wears a jno. Li shoe tn;it win hold a
quarter of a peck of corn. Once a
year he orders a pair of plow sho
fni r.u . I . l i ..
xuey vfigti ten jjuuuuj n ut uavu wry
broad hesls. They are 16 iache foiu.
He was bora in thU State, went to
Indiana iu 18G0, is 4 yr:ara old, ii
married and is the father of two chil
dren. Verily are none of the products
of the Oi l North State to ba saaoxe 1
at. Neivs- Observer.
The pills are all clcwod and the rotes .re all
But I'm counted out, by tha latent a-ino,
I would that I nover the hunting lint
My caao is forlorn, now I'm orr tha crlais.
For ray five thousand dollar j I spent in tha
I haven't tha first bignrs f-trtiiiu t- vi." ;
And the wonrt is, I felt so confoita-iadty cer
tain, That most of the money is money wa.
$3.50 For SO Cents.
It will pay every iutelligeut ttW
and mother in the land, and of ery
lover of little children to ctrefully
read our "Trial Offer" on. the second
page of this issuo of The Skntinbl.
A Poullr PnitHl, ;
Howard Cobb, the leather lunged,
fancy tongued, ring fail snorter at the
Acree Warehouse, Danville, Va., ia
still making things howl' in prices at
the s amo old UncL Websters Wekh

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