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Blta of Fact and Oosalp Oathered by
The Sentinel's Representatives
Social and General Mews
What is Going on Here.
Evangelist Fife will begin a meet
ing in tbe courthouse at Lexington on
November 7th.
Mrf. Sarah Lindsay, of High
Point, mother of Mrs. M. J. Sstlpe. of
this city, died Sunday night at "the
age of 85 years.
Tri stump sales Monday amount
ed tc $4,909.71. This meant the ship
ment ft more than eighty thousand
pound of manufactured tobacco.
County Treasurer Kerner moved
Into his new home Tuesday morn
ing the office In the courthouse form
erly o'cupied by ex Sheriff McArthur.
The directors of tbe old First Na
tional Bank Monday old tbe former
People's National bank building and
other property It brought $20,000.
The prices being uc.atsfactory, the
sale will not be connrmtd.
Engineer Wells, who returned
from Cleveland this afternoon, says
nearly all or tbe contractors are now
at work on the Mocksville-Moores-vllle
road. Tbe present plan is to
complete tbe road by next May.
The Secretary " of State, Hon
Cyrus Thompson, sent Mai J G
Toung one of the large State flags
from the Capital at Raleigh and it
was floated to the breeze Saturday af
ternoon from the top of Pboenix Hotel.
Tbe Moravian Home Sunday
school is preparing a program for its
Christmas entertainment. This school
has a reputation for giving floe enter
tainments and tbe one this year will
do doubt be equal to if not better
than former efforts.
Letter Carrier Jones has a copy
of the People's Press, printed In
Salem. This number is dated Febru
ary 9, 1865. Mr L" V. Blum was edi
tor and proprietor. The subscription
price was $10 for six months Confed
erate money was used in those days.
Monday evening, Prof Shirley, of
tbe Salem Female Accademy, gave
a reception, complimentary to tbe
members of tbe faculty and pupils
connected with tbe music and elocu
tion departments. Tbe occasion was
greatly enjoyed by all present.
Fairview Council, Jr. O. TJ. A. M.,
will rise a flag over Shady Mount
school building on November 25th.
President Mclver, of tbe State Nor
mal and other prominent speakers
have been invited to make addresses.
Tbe public are invited to attend with
well filled baskets.
Same Couple Married Three Times.
There is a matrimonial case of un
usual interest near Huntsville, Yad
Kin county, says a correspondent of
the Statesville Landmark. One Alex
Joiner has just been married tbe third
time to tbe same woman. Some few
years ago be was married and be and
bis better half (or "wusser") lived
together for some time. They finally
could not agree ond separated. A di
vorce was obtained by both. After a
time Mr. Joiner began to pay bis re
spects to his former wife and after a
second series of courtships tbey were
married again. Ere long a second di
vorce was applied for and granted. A
few months ago a third courtship was
begun and ended in a third marriage
about three weeks ago. They are now
living in perfect harmony.
. A Fusion Magistrate in Trouble.
There is fresh complication at Ashe
ville. Magistrate Deaver issued a
warrant against the Southern Rail
way Company for issuing free passes
and cited Judge Ewurt, of tbe Wes
tern criminal circuit, as a witness.
Tbe Judge denounced Deaver and
Deaver served a rule on blm to appear
and show cause why be sbould not be
punished for contempt of Deaver's
court. Diaver, who, Ewart says, Is a
discharged employee of tbe Southern
Railway, is under indictment In four
cases in Ewart's court for embezzle
ment of public funds and was convict
ed in one case, tbe maximum puuisU
ment for which is five yeais
Received $100 for' Her Work Here.
The colored girl preacher and her
mother went to High Point Mon
day. The people there would not ex
cuse Lenora to go to Wilmington be
fore holding a meeting at the former
place. She expects to go to the latter
place Thursday or Friday, however.
During the meeting here there were
116 professions. Lenora received $100,
besides ber expenses, for her work in
Winston. She preached to three large
congregations at the courthouse Sun
day. Several btlndred were unable
to get in tbe building that night.
Charged With House Breaking.
Policeman Poindexter ariested a
negro named Paul Cosby, on the show
grounds Tuesday. He answers tbe
name and'descriptlon of a negro who
Is wanted in South Boston, Va., for
breaking in a house and stealing a lot
of clothing. Cosby had on some of the
o otbes decribed in tbe letter received
from tbe officers of South Boston. He
admits that bis Dame is Cosby, but
be knows nothing about the robbery.
A telegram was sent to the chief of
Police of South Boston to send after
his man.
Gored by a Steer.
What will probably prove a fatal
accident occurred near Jefferson, Ashe
county, last week. A farmer named
Ben Faw had been out hauling with a
yoke of oxen during tbe day and bad
come in borne. While unyoking them
a dog passed in front of tbem and one
of tbe oxen tried to born it. Tbe dog
was missed but Mr. Faw was caught
Id tbe right side and the born pene
trated tbe interior. Medical iaid was
Immediately secured, but tbe physi
cians say there is no hope for his re
Death of Mr. W. X. Thomas.
Mr. W. N. Thomas, father of our
townsmen, Messrs. C. M. and Root.
Thomas, after a lingering illness for
several months, died about 4:45 Mon
day afternoon . at bis home near
Midway, Davidson county. He was
a good man and the bereaved relatives
have tbe sympathy of many friends.
The deceased was about 60 years old.
Judge Hoke to Wed.
Judge W. A. Hoke, of the Superior
Court, who bas many friends here hav
ing beldseveral terms of our court, will
be married In tbe Episcopal church, of
Llncolnton, on December 16th, to Miss
Mamie McBee, of Llncolnton. The
date of tbe marriage is the golden an
niversary of the marriage of Mrs. Mc
Bee's parents. - .- : :
Will Not Resign Now.
District Attorney Holton says it
Is not necessary for him to resign the
chairmanship of tbe State Republl-
. . n .... mk.
can JUxecuiive vommisiietJ uow. auo
reporter gathered from what Mr.
Holton said that he will not resign
the chairmanship until Just before the
opening of tbe campaign next year.
nrf Watterson to Boeak.
- President Mclver, of the State Nor
mal School, has secured Hon. Henri
Watterson, tbe brilliant editor of tbe
Louisville Courier-Journal, to deliver
a lecture at tbe Normal on Saturday
' eight, November 13tb.
Officers Submitted Reports for the
Month of October.
The Winston Aldermen met in reg
ulat session Monday night. Mayor
Crutchfleld presided. Eight Alder
men answered to roll-call as follows:T.
J.Wilson.Wm. Tavis, FrankCarter.A.
J. Gales, S. F. Vance, W. H. White,
Henry Pendleton and A. C. Snipes.
Capt. Mast appeared before tbe
Board and presented a bill for $95 for
Pleas Foy, a colored blind man, for
injuries sustained by falling into a
ditch opposite Joe Jacobs' residence,
June 7th, 1897. On motion the mat
ter was left for further investigation.
Chairman Gales, of Street Commit
tee, reported that tbe ditch on Fourth
street bad been completed and that
tbe force is now doinfc seme work on
the water works.
Alderman Tavis reported the im
provements being made to one of the
store rooms in the City Hall building
fronting on Main street.
The salary of sanitarv officer John
son was raised from $35 to $40 per
Alderman Pendleton asked the
Street Committee to do some work on
East 6th and 7th streets.
Chief of Police Teague reported as
follows for the month of October:
Number of cases before the Mayor,
breach of tbe peace, 56; nuisance, 15;
drunkenness, 7; carrying concealed
weapons, 3; total, 81. Number of
cases dismissed, 8; bound over, 7;
amount of fines and cost docketed,
$219 10; amount collected in cash,
$233 50.
Sanitary officer Johnson's report:
Amount paid out for street work,
$108 35: paid for sanitary work,
$111 30: amount collected for sanitary
work, $53 11.
Tax Collector Jessun reported col
lections as follows : 1893 taxes, $3 62;
1894 taxes, $15 23; 1895 taxes, $138 75;
1896 taxes; $832 97; special license tax,
$156.75. Total, $1,152 32.
Market Clerk Benton's report: Mar
ket limit license collected, $1.50; fees
from hay scales, $23 10; stall rent,
$145 02. Total, $169 62
There being no further business the
Board adjourned.
Over Three Million Pounds
Leaf Sold on the Winston
Market During October.
October was a record breaker
Winston's tobacco market.
President Bailey, of -the Tobacco
Board of Trade, furnishes The Sen
tinel with tbe figures showing that
3 082,303 pounds of leaf were sold here
during tbe past month.
Tbe amount paid out for the weed
was $221,033 31.
This is an average or $7 17 per hun
dred pounds.
JNotwitnstanaing tbe low price or
cotton and the fever scare in the
South, our manufacturers shipped
over one million pounds or iooaeco
during the month, and paid out $74,
974.86 for stamps.
Fries Goes to Washington Letter
From Chairman Hanna.
Mr. J W. Fries left on Tuesday for
Washington to attend a meeting of
the Monetary Commission. He was
accompanied by Mrs. Fries and his
daughter. Miss Addie.
Mr. Fries received a letter Monday
from Chairman Hanna, of the Mone
tary Commission, in wbicn ne says
that the Executive uommittee or tne
commission selected and secured ac
ceptances for service in such a Com
mission of eleven representative men,
and in doing so, effirt was made to
give proper recognition to geographi
cal, commercial and equal political
representation, me entire move
ment bas but one motive, and that
the eeneral good.
Your sympathetic co-operation is
fought. The work belongs to the peo
ple You are urged to express your
self candidly to the Monetary com
mission, Arlington Hotel, Washing
ton, D. C , without a special invita
lion. If in your judgment our finan
cial laws are inadeouate, please sug
gest promptly to tbe Commission a
DroDer iremsny. ir in conclusion ine
Commission, in your judgment, makes
a wise recommendation Tor legislation,
please communicate your approval to
the writer.
"This invitation is so general that
you are urged to bring it to the atten
tlon of your associates and general
business acquaintances."
Man Badly Cut Two Men
Brought to Jail.
Friday night there was a big corn
shucking fight on John Beck's land, in
Vienna township. There were four
men on each side and it is said that
they were all drinking. None of them,
it appears, escaped uninjured, une
man named Colbert was badly cut
with a knife and there is some doubt
about his recovery; The fighters were
tried before two Magistrates Satur
day and two of tbem were bound ovtr
to court without, bonds, uae is named
Padgett and the other John Gross.
They were brought to jail Monday
A Happy Celebration by Rev.
Mrs. W. L. Grlssom.
The celebration by Rev. and Mrs.
W. L. Grissom, in Greensboro, last
night, of their crystal wedding, was a
most elegant affair. Over two hun
dred guests were present, the rooms
of tbe spacious residence being 'artis
tically decorated, while the refresh
ments were of the most elaborate.
The nresents were numerous and
costly -cut ' glass abounding on all
Must Pay tne Policy.
Readers of The -Sentinel remem
ber tbe sudden death of William
Davis, in Henry county, Va., about
two vears ago: also tbat the man who
employed him, W. W. Lester, was ar
rested, tried and acquitted of tbe
charge of poisoning Davis for tbe in
surance on bis life. On account of
tbe charge the New York Life Insur
ance Co. refused to pay the policy
which called for $4 000. juoge wnit- ,
tie, at Martinsville, it is learned,
has decided tbat tbe Insurance
Company must pay tbe amount of the
policy to the administrator of tbe de-;
There la Nothing so Good.
There is nothing just so good as Dr.Kink's
New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs
and colds, so demand it and do not permit
the dealer to sell yon some substitute. He
will not claim there is anything better, but
in order to make more profit he mar claim
something else to be just as good. You
want Dr. King's New Discovery because you
know it to be safe and reliable, and guaran
teed to do good or money refunded. For
Coughs, Colds, Consumption and all affec
tions of Throat, Chest and Limes, there is
nothing so good as is Dr. King's New Dis
covery. Trial bottles free at V. O. Thomp
son's Drug Store. Regular size 50 cents and
S1.00- -
Dignity is one of woman's Barest
weapons of self defense.
Bishop Edward Rondthaler Became
Pastor of the Home Church.
Saturday marked the twentieth
anniversary of Bishop Rondtbaler's
residence in Salem and connection
w th tbe Home church, and that night
the Bishop referred to tbe fact and
preached an unusually strong and
touching sermon, using the same text
that he selected for his first sermon
as pastor of the Home church "Be
hold, I stand at tbe door and knock."
For a fifth of a century this good man
bad gone in and out among our people
scattering seeds of kindness and
preaching tbe incomparable riches of
the gospel of Cbrist.leaving an impress
for good upon the hearts of the peo
ple, and tbe whole community will
join us most heartily in tbe wish that
he may, in the providence of God, be
permitted to continue bis glorious and
successful mission for many, many
years to come.
Jurors Drawn for the Regular and
Special Terms of Court.
The Board of County Commissioners
Monday afternoon appropriated $25
to the Tobacco Fair. Several claims
were allowed and tax matters passed
Jurors were drawn for the regular
and special term9 of Forsyth Superior
Court. The former opens on Monday,
November 29th and the latter Decem
ber 13th. Those for tbe regular term
are as follows:
J J Robertson, J T Martin, G H
Dull, T J Pettis, A R Sides, E A Con
rad, J T Grubbs, J A Eflrd.J M Stoltz,
J W Hartle, P C Chambers, C A Jen
kins, Albert Cumbie, L M Poter, W
R Snider, E Z Hester, H L Beckerdite,
J M Hester, C P Hamleo, J S Lloyd,
H A Lewis, R L Alspaugh, J A Rao
dleman, Alex Crews, W H Harper, G
C Williams, Cbas Flynt, B J Doty,
Henry Shouse, D A Roberson, Julius
Lashmit, J M Guyer, J E Willard, L
O-Wiliiard, J R Wall, J D Wilson.
Eli E Hine, W E Lineback, J P
Sell, L B Wall, Felix M Swaim, Hen
ry Stafford, John W Smith, James R
Shepherd, FJ Shore, David Tesh.
Jacob Brinkley, H L Rigeins, J W
Bullard, D M Johnson, P W Dalton,
J W Warner.
The jurors for tbe special term are
as follows:
G B Elliot, Jacob Swaim, R A My
ers, T J Norman, J E Craver, Wins
ton Rucker, J H Willard, Eugene
Johnson, J C Murphy, H T Waller,
Henry W E Brewer, J F Conrad, Wm
Reich, John H Pope, E P Heitman, E
F Coltrain, R W Davls.Lewis E Ellis.
E W Burk, E W Vaughn, J M Kapp,
J W Speas.
If Your Name is on the List Call on
the Postmaster.
The following is a list of dead let
ters remaining in the post office at
Winston, N. C, Oct. 30th, 1897:
Miss M M Baldwin, Miss Edna Brin
dle, Miss Fannie Brown, Mrs I W
Brown, Miss Ruby Brown, Bob Con
rad, W A Dean, James Dickson, Mrs
Mary Finney, Miss Ernes Giffin, Jno
Green, col, Mrs Elizabeth Giffey, Di
vese Harris, Harman & Reid, W D
Hampton, J H Huton, J W Johnson,
Miss Pennie I Jones, Miss Cinthia
Martin, Miss Liza McMillan, Miss
Laura J Miller, Miss Laura Muray,
Calvin Peddicord, Ben Pendleton, Miss
Mary Phillips, J T Pruden, American
Quilt Co, Miss Annie Roseman, R
Kobinson, i'ugene Simpson, Mrs Mary
Smith, Guss Smith, Miss Rosa Terrv,
Mrs Elvira Tesb. Mrs Lelier Tise, J D
Tucker & Co, Miss Lillie Vales, Char
lie Walker.
When calling for the above letters
please say they were advertised.
E. H. Wilson, P. M.
List of letters remaining unclaimed
in postofflce at Salem, N. C, atcl ise
of business Saturday, Oct. 30tb, 1S97:
Jobn Bell, H P Brown, Julius Brax
ton, Cbas Harper, J W Jackson, J M
Johnson, H F Laster, Miss N J Phil
lips, RG Williams
Parties calling for these letters will
please say they were advertised.
R. W. Belo, P. M.
Grew Out of Politics Four or Five
Fatally Wounded.
Frankfort, Ky., Nov. 2. -A Riot,
in which Frank Egbert of tbe Frank
fort fire department was riddled with
bullets, and Deputy Sheriffs "Tes"
Deakins, John Smith and Walter
Coins were fatally wounded, occurred
early this morning, as a result of an
attempt on tbe life of "Ren" Marshall
and other political workers.
About midnight Marshall and
others, beading a fight, started to tbe
country with a load of negroes.
pursuit. As Marshall and Smith
viptp rpttirnlnff f mm t.hft connfcrv.
Egbert fired, wounding Smith.
Friends of Marshall and Smith armed
themselves and started to hunt
Egbert. Egbert and Walter Coins
came down the street, brandishing
revolvers and firing recklessly.meeting
the opposing force and some deputy
marshals, with the above result.
More Exact Indications of Its Con
tentsFriendly in Tone.
MadridT Nov. 2 A semi-official
note bas been circulated giving more
exact indications of the Spanish note
in reply to the communications of the
United States on tbe subject of Cuba.
It is friendly in tone, makes protest
against filibustering expeditions and
hopes tbe United States will try to
prevent further violation of interna
tional law, ect. Tbe general feeling is
more hopeful of a peaceful termina
First Mortgage Bought by Reorgani
,. zation Committee.
Omaha; Neb., Nov. 2. Master in
Chancery Cornish this morning sold
tbe first mortgage of tbe Union Pa
cific to Louis Jb ltzgeraia ana Aivin
Reich, renresentlng the reorganiza
tion committee. Tbey got the pro
perty at tbe lowest price fixed in the
decree, nity million, six nunarea ana
thirty-seven, thousand dollars.
Died. While Making a Speech at Tam
many Hall. ..
Nkw York, Nov. 2. Amos J. Cum
mtngs, Congressman and well known
newsnaner man. drormed dead this
afternoon while making a speech. He
wna Chairman of the Democratic cam
paign committee and was making an
lmnromtu sneecn at ianimDy xiaw.
A Wonderful Discovery.
The last quarter of a century records
many wonderful discoveries "fin medicine.
but none that have accomplished more for
humanity than that sterling old household
remedy, Browns' Iron Bitters. It seems to
contain the very eleuents of good health,
and neither man, woman or child can take
it without deriving the greatest benefit.
Browns' Iron Bitters is sola by all dealers.
Contributions Made by Friends Dur
ing September and October.
The following are contributions
made to the Twin-City Hospital, by
friends, during September and Oc
tober : -
Mrs J P Taylor, one-half bushel
Mrs J as Gray, corn and beans.
Mrs Morrissey, 33 ears of corn.
Mr Bugber, 4 watermelons and 4
Mrs A Miller, one-half bushel to
matoes. Mrs J 6 Moseley, 1 peck potatoes, 1
peck sweet potatoes, 1 pound butter
and 1 peck beans.
Mr John Fogle, 1 gallon butter
milk. Mrs Morrissey, fruit and eggs.
Mrs W E Franklin, 1 quart milk
every day.
Mr Bugher, watermelons and to
matoes. Mrs N G Stockton, one-half peck
tomatoes, bread and corn meal.
Geo A Letford, (Jones House) SI. 25.
Miss A Van Vleck, I pumpkin.
Miss L Van Vleck, 1 pound rice.
Mrs Sam Blackburn, 1 gallon but
termilk. Miss Minnie Nance, one-half peck
Mrs Buxton, 1 gallon buttermilk.
Mr Frank Meinung, sharpening
A friend, 1 gallon buttermilk and
one-half peck apples.
Mrs C H Fogle, 100 pounds flour.
Mr J F Shore, 1 bushel apples.
Tom Horlick's Food Co, (through
the kindness of Dr Babnson), one
dozen sample bottles of Horlick's
Malted Milk.
Mrs Burke, 1 pumpkin,
Calvary Christian Endeavor, $5.00.
Mrs Mickle, newspapers.
Mrs J A Bitting, 1 pound butter.
Mr C H Fogle, work and lumber to
the amount of SI 75.
Calvary Christian Endeavor (2nd
donation, $5 00. .
A friend, 3 bushels potatoes.
Mrs John Young, 1 barrel rosin
Mrs N G Stockton, 1 peck apples and
1 peck potatoes.
Mrs P N Bailev. 1 Deck beets, 1
package buckwheat and 1 basket
Dr Babnson, one ornamental palm.
Mrs J Jacobs, 15 pounds sugar.
Mrs G E Webb, 5 night gowns and 3
A friend, 4 packages farina ana s
packages rolled oats.
ATrlend.Ji gallons DuttermiiK every
An Appointee Sbould be Acceptable
to Patrons.
New York Post.
The principle that no man shall be
named for postmaster who is objec
tionable to the patrons 01 the office
ought to be the fundamental one in
the consideration of the applicants
for th& position. It makes no differ
ence whether the objection to an
aspirant is based on his color or his
race, his extreme youth or his great
age, his reputation or his temper; the
fact that he is disliked by most ot
the people who must have relations
with the postmaster, should dispose
of bis ease. It is the most astonish
ing feature of the craze for office that
a man sbould be so anxious for a
place that he will take it when he
knows that the people whom he must
serve hate him. The rule wnicn
ought to govern in this matter of
borne postomces is the same which
governs as to places in tbe foreign
service that the appointee shall
always be persona grata to the peo
ple to whom he is accredited. The
Mi'Kinlpy administration has just
had a consul to Cologne, Germany,
turned back upon it because the ap
pointee was offensive to the German
government. Every postmaster who
is offensive to the community which
he must serve ought also to be
turned back upon it or, better still.
nobody should be appointed, either
abroad or at home, who Is not
wanted in the place for which he is
Some Texas Wisdom
Galveston News.
Even the hand of a king smells of
If Solomon lived in these days the
bright young man would ridicule him
No one is absolutely free. Every
person has at least a few strings to
The longest pole does not abpays
get the persimmon. It is so long in
some instances that nobody can
handle it.
An empty laugh sometimes has a
great deal in it.
No man makes good resolutions
for himself alone.
Many a poor man smokes enough
cigars to support his family.
Do not waste bait fishing for com
Life is called a river, but there is a
deal of dust raised.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best salve in tbe world for cuts, bruis
es, sores, ulcers salt rheum, fever, sores, tet
ter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, ana
all skin eruptions, and positively cares piles
or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give
peri eel sausiaccion or monev reiuuueu.
Price 25c per box. For sale by V O Thomp
son To Leave Winston.
Mr. W. B. Allen went to Greensboro
on Monday to arrangs to move to
tbat city about the 15th inst. He
will open "The Allen," lately the
Morton Hotel, at that place. Wins
ton's loss is Greensboro's gain. The
Sentinel regrets to see Mr. and Mrs.
Allen leave our citv; however, it com
mends them to tbe good people of the
"City of Flowers" and those seeking
home-like hotel accommodations.
Thirteen Firemen Seriously Injured
Some May Die.
Philadelphia. Nov. 2. Daring the
progreesof a fire atGeronotz's Dying
and Scouring eetaDUsnment; roaay, a
large can of benzine exploded.
Thirteen firemen were seriously In
jured. It is feared some will lose
their Uvea. ,
Mew Cases at New Orleans and Mont
gomery. New Obxeaks, Nov. 2. Twelve
new cases and six deaths from yellow
fever were renorted this morning.
Montgomery, Ala., Nov. 2 No
deaths and six new cases this morn
ing, -..yy-- : .
.Young Woman Found Dead,
New York, Nov. 2. A refined
looking unknown young woman
Btrtnned at. Hotel Manhattan last
night and was found dead this morn
ing, having shot herself.
will cure well, have a bright,
rich color and flavor, with good
burning properties, if liberally
supplied with a fertilizer con
taining at least 10 actual
in the form of sulphate.
The quality of tobacco is im
proved by that form of Potash.
Our books will tell you just what to use.
They are free. Send for them.
93 Naaiu St., New York.
Original Observations.
Orange (Va.) Observer.
Spare moments are the gold dust
of time.
It is the cooper who does a staving
A crop report can be heard a long
When a dog is muzzled his bark is
on the tied. -
The leaves are blushing and taking
a tumble.
The matrimonial rnce generally
ends in a tie.
Only whisper scandal and its echo
is heard by all.
The mantle of charity is buttoned
with kind acts.
The sorest political appointment is
The most important section in tbe
code of love is tbe writ attachment.
A frown is the shadow of ill temper
which shuts out the sunlight of t.hn
Perfect devotion in t.hft niwinna
perfume of the full blossomed flower
r n .
or anecrion.
SUCCPBS is full of nrnmiiin until enn
get it then it turns to a last year's
nest, from which tbe bird has already
Fashions Which Will Be in High
Favor Dating This Season.
Philadelphia Record.
Knife plaiting has pushed the erst
while ubiquitous accordion plaiting
quite to the wall and will be ex
clusively used this season for frill
The feminine mind is pretty well
assured by this time as to what shall
be the smartest fashions in crowns.
coats and hats this winter, and the
modish girl has resolved to have her
gown much trimmod, her hat much
bfeathered and her jacket a fly front
or a Russian blouse.
Tusked yokes and fronts are much
used for waists, applique figures cut
out of ecru lace and put on either
colored or black silk are very effec
tive for these styles. Three waists
made for one of our leading society
belles were cut square neck and front
and filled with plaited chiffon, fancy
velvet and guipure lace.
Women with flat figures will find
the little knife-plaited or gathered
frills used so much nowadays, more
becoming if put on crosswise, while
the short-waisted, stout one will do
well to have band trimmings put on
lengthwise. The slender woman may
wear a soft, crumpled girdle, while
the stout one must have hers
pointed in front, boned and fitted.
The garnitures for dresses are
shown in any number of styles and
designs. Whole fronts for waists of
braid applique, mostly with a little
quare or V at the nee; yokes of
8ilK cord or spangle embroidery on
mousseline; colored and jet gimps;
bands of the dress material; black
and colored velvet: black and white
satin velvet ribbon; rows of design
braid; tiny frills of knife piaiting all
thes are popular and will be much
Did Yon Ever
Try Electric Bitters as a remedy for your
troubles? If not, get a bottle now and get
relief. This medicine has been foand to be
peculiarly adapted to the relief and care of
all Female Complaints, exerting a wonder
ful direct influence in giving strength and
tone to the organs. If you have Loss of
Appetite, Constipation, Headache, Fainting
8pells. or are Nervous, Sleepless. Excitable,
Melancholy or troubled with Uizzy Is pells,
Electric Bitters is the medicine vou need.
Health and Strength are guaranteed by its
use. Fifty cents and il.OO at V. O. Thomp
son's Drug Store.
Can't Gather Fl from Thistles.
Raleigh Xews and Observer.
List year when the air was full o
promises of reform by the gang tha
is now mismanaging the State, thi
paper warned the people that th
very evils that have come upon them
would necessarily follow the return
of the Republican party to power.
The scandal and public disgrace have
come out sooner than we expected.
Now that the Populists see the re
sult of their co-operation, thoe who
are not Republicans at heart will
come out irom among the Fusionists,
join their old neighbors in making a
manly, determined and straight
from -the shoulder fight to redeem
the State from the disgraceful rule
that now makes every honest citizen
hang his head in shame. Those who
expected clean government from Re
publicans and men who allied th m
selves with them now see that "yon
cannot gather figs from thistles."
The duty of honest men who have
been deceived is plain. They must
return to the old home, put on the
old armor which many of them wore
when tbe State was redeemed in
1876, and fight once again to restore
white supremacy.
1 u uv
In all the world there Is no other treatment
ao pore, so sweet, so safe, so speedy, for pre
serving, purifying, and beautifying the skin,
calp, and hair, and eradicating every hu
snor, as warm baths with Ctrrioo&A Soap,
- and gentle anointings with CtmcoBA (oint
ment), the great skin core. .
T. mrAA thromlimit th. mid. Sanaa
XBO tCnn.CoiP., Hoi. Prap, Boston.
ST'ill About th Skla. Solp. nd lUtr.-fr .
Weekly Market Report.
Winston S". C. Nov. 4tb, 1897.
Lugs, common S3 00 to 4 00
Good, 5 00 to 7 00
Med.u n. 6 00 to 8 00
Fine bright lups 10 00 to 12 00
Cutters,Uommon 12 00 to 15 00
Fine, 18 00 to 20 00
Common Leaf, 4 00 to 6 00
Good 7 00 tc 10 00
Fine, 1200 to 14 00
Extra ripe leafy tillers, 12 00 to 18 00
Common wrappers, 15 00 to 18 00
Medium, 20 00 to 25 00
Good, 30 00 to 40 OC
Fine, 45 00 to 50 00
cabbage per hundred. 75to 1 00
Honey, 8 to 12
Sorghum by the barrel 20 to 23
Beeswax, 22
Tallow, 4 to 5
Dry bides, 3 to f
New feathers, extra good, 35 to 40
Unwashed wool, good, 16 to 20
Washed wool, good. 24 to 27
Flax seed, 75
Chickens, nrice in t.r 1
tjountry meat, sides 7 to 8
Country hams, 10 to 11
Country shoulders 7 to 8
iVg8, per dozen 10 to 12
orK, 4 to 5
Corn, 45 to 50
Clay Peas, 50 to 60
colored Beans, 70 to 75
White Peas 60 to 65
" Beans, 75 to 1 00
Bulk meat, sides. hi to 7i
Hams, canvass sqgar cured 12 to 15
bait, large fine 1 40
halt, small fine 50 to 56
Salt, coarse 50
Coffees , I2i to 25
Sugars 4i to 6
Molasses, per gallou 25 to 40
Syrup 20 to 40
When I say I cur I do not mem merely to stop
them lor a. time and then have them return again. I
mean a radical core. I have made the disease of
long study- I warrant my remedy to cure the worst
cases. Becanse others hae failed is no reason for
not now receiving a cure. Send at once for a treatise
and a Free Bottle of my infallible remedy. Give Ex
press and Poetoffice address.
TningH Worth Knowing.
That a tired or nervous headache
can be helped, if not entirely cured,
by gently combing the hair.
That mahogany can be cleaned by
rubbing with the following mixture:
Mix half a pint of spirits of turpen
tine and half a pint of vinegar to
gether, and rub the wood according
to the grain; then polish with a soft
flannel cloth.
That five drops of tincture of
myrrh dropped into half a tnmbler
of water is a p'eaeant wash for the
That a few pieces of zinc placed on
hot coals wiil remove soot from a
That a teaepoonful of turpentine
put into the tub in which clothes are
soaking will aid greatly in making
them brilliantly white.
That everything necessary for
mendiDg should be kept in a basket
apart from the ordinary workbasket.
That water should be drained from
vegetables as soon as they are
cooked; do not allow them to soak
for ten or fifteen minutes.
That every child should have a bed
or crib to itself, and sleep in a well
ventilated room.
That thorough brushing is neces
sary if one wishes to have beautiful
and luxnrlant hair.
That a tablespoonful of vinegar
added to the pot in which a tough
chicken or other m?at is boiling will
help to make the meat tender and
give a sweetness of flavor which is
otherwise lacking.
Some Odd Facte.
The cravat was originally a large
shawl worn around the neck, not for
show, but for comfort by a nation of
Eastern Europe called Cravates or
Watches originated at Nuremburg
as early an 1477. They were at first
called Nuremburg eggs, which they
resemble'! both in shape and size
They were often fitted into the tips
of walking sticks.
The Smithsonian Institution is
about iHHuing a report of 750 pages,
royal octavo, settiDg forth the work
of the first half century of its exist
ence. All the leading scientific men
of tbe country have been invitod to
prepare articles for it, setting forth
the progress that has been made in
their special fields during this period.
The first ue of Niagara's power
vas made in 1725, a primitive saw
mill beiDg operated. Nothing more
vas done until 1842, when Augustus
Porter conceived the plan of hydrau
lic cannln, and in 1861 one of them
was completed.
Murder and Suicide.
Worcester, Ma-s , Nov. 2. Ed
wrd Hamilton, who was employed
at the Wore -titer Nat ional Bank
killed his wife and daughter this
m irnln? and shot himself. Tbe cause
is unknown.
are subject to
peculiar ills. The
rltrht remedy for
ables' Ills especially
I worms and stomach
disorders Is
Frey's vermiTugo
7 has rared children for GO years. Send
' fur iUus. boolc about tbe ills and tbe
I reined V. On. bottle m114 tor 25 wnta.
I K. A 8. FEET, Baltimore, Sid.
1 -1 "1
Notice of Sale.
Collectob's Offioi, 1
ffST DlST. OF N. C. J
By virtue of authority vested in me. in
Section 3460 of R. S. of the U. 8., I will offer
for sale to the highest bidder, in the c ty of
Greensboro, N. 01, on
at the seizure warehouse, at 12 o'clock m.,
the following personal property, forfeited
to tbe United States, for violation of the
Internal Revenue Law:
Near Winston, N. C, 8ept. 23, 1897, from
unknown by Jas. 8. Smith and John H.
Chapman, deputy collectors (date of Form
117. Sept. 25' h, 1897). one bay hone, wagon
and harness, on keg and one empty stamped
Mizpah, Stokes county, N. O.. Sept. 28th,
1897, from W. H. Kiser, by Jas. 8. Smith
and John H. Chapman, deputy collectors
(date of Form 117 Sept. 29, '97), 7 gallons ap
ple brandy in keg and jug.
- H. 8. HAEKINS, Collector.
ByC Mebane. Deputy Collector.
AsheviUe, N. O., Nov. 1st. 1897.
Best Cough Brrup. Tutea Good. Vt
in time, nota py oropgwts.
r 1
-I I
J i
Tlfcxe Tobacco Pair !
We Have Some Specials to Show You.
500 pairs Curtains, at less than half price.
Ladies' Coats below coat.
Capes in Cloth and Plush, the latest "cuts."
Collarettes, from $3.00 up, in Plush and Fur.
Drees Goods, direct from New York. LOW PRICES
Shoes, newest and cheapest in town. -
Hats, prettiest m Twin City for the least money.
Ladies' Extra Heavy Fleeced Vests, 22 ic.
Gente' Underwear, full line.
Schouler's Racket.
406 Liberty Street,
Dry Goods, Shoes, Groceries, Etc.
Dr op in and see myjnew stock. It ig bound to please you.
AT -
For MoQth of November, 1897 :
FIRST SALES Mondays, Wednesdays aud Fridays of eash
SECOND SALS3 Taesdiya, Thursdays aud Saturdays of
each week.
We tane pleasure in reporting that all grades of tobacco are selling
for very satisfactory prices, and especially the Common and Medium and
the cood workincr Tnhapp.na anrl Mpilinm rWwl on A tftn
o 7 . . , muv J i u u fcjuivra.cio auu
Cutters. Our daily averages far exceed any that we have made in the
past five years.
KKMbMBER When you come to market with your Tobacco, that
FARMERS' WAREHOUSE is the nla t n
prices for every grade of your tobacco.
p j-uausiug you very &inuiy ioryour many past tavors, we remain
Your Friends,
A. B. GORRELL & SON, Prop'rs.
Single Barrel Breech Loading
$4.50, $4.95, $5.50, $G,
Doable Barrel Breech Loading
$4.75, $6 75, $7.50,
$8.50, $9.50,. $10.50,
and upwards.
Yours for business,
F VY. Roberts
45 Liberty Street, near 5th Street.
The Sun.
Tbe First of American News
papers, CHARLES. A. DANA,
The American Constitution, tbe
American Idea, the American Spirit.
These first, last, and all the time,
rally, by mail, $S a year
Daily & Sunday by mail 8 a year
The Sunday Sun
Is the Greatest SundayNews
paperin the world.
Price 5c. a Copy. By mail $2 a ye&r
Address THE SUN. New York,
North Carolina.
The Fifty-Second Session of This College
begins Wednesday, Sepv. 8, 1897.
Advantage? of College and Conservatory
offered at moderate co.st.
Catalogue on application.
DRED PEACOCK, President,
Don't Read This,
But if you have any Local, Confed
erate or old U. S. Stamps, used before,
during or shortly after the War.lt will
be to your interest to look tbem up.
If you have any send tbem to us for
examination and prices, or write for
particulars with enclosed stamp.
Twin-City Stamp Co.,
No. 1011, W. Fifth St.,
Winston, N. C.
Notice of Seizure.
Asheville, N. C, October 1, 1897.
Notice Is hereby given of the seizure of
the following property for violation of the
Internal Revenue Laws:
Near Winston, N. O., 8ept. 23, 1897, from
unknown, by Jas. S. Smith and John U.
Chapman, deputy collectors (date of Form
117 Sept. 25, 1897) one bay horse, wagon and
harness, one keg and one empty stamped
Mizpah, Stokes connty, N. C. Sept. 28,
1897, from V. H. Kiser, by Jas. 8. Smith
and John H. Chapman, deputy collectors,
(date of Form 117 Sept. 29, 1897) 7 gallons
apple brandy in k etc and jug.
Any person claiming any of said property
is hereoy notified to appear at my office, in
Asaeville, N. C, within SO days from the
date hereof and make uch c aim in the
form and manner prescribed by 'aw, r aaid
oroperty will be forfeited 10 the United
States. H. 8. HARKIS8, CoUec.or.
By C. Mkbahk, Deputy Collector.

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