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J '1
$ An Independent Family
$ Newspaper for the people. $
$ Devoted to the farming in- Q
$ terests and to the industri- Q
al .evelopment of Pied-$
Omon.t North Carolina. $
6 and
6 section
0 vcrtising
4 "1. V UriKR'?, Jr., Editor and Manager
OL.XLII No. 5.
mm n b v u
. "V
Great Improvement
Reports a Welcome Change
Her Condition
6tE Kment
by a North
" Vear!y all my lifel have had one cold
fte another and the trouble seemed like
ia rh in the head. There were dis
cha ?cs from my ears, and my hearing
me, me nffected. I took a number of
kiai s of medicine but I grew worse in
Btea i of better. One day I procured a
bof. !e of Hood's Sarsaparilla and bepan
taking it, and soon found it was doing
ti'f good- I gained strength and was
priiitJ r lenefited in many ways. I coo-iii-i
itu use and now the bad feeling in
Try head is j?oni. and the earache with
which 1 suffered l.as disappeared. I am
now able to do :cy housework without
help. 1 shnll keep Hood's Sarsaparilla in
the house lo:. as I live." Mas. T. Q.
liUYXK, Dallas, North Carolina.
0 .
Isthe !ist i:i f-.irt ta One True Rloort Purifier.
Hood's Pills
are the favor'te family
cathartic. Price 25c
Southern Railway
Condensed Schedule
i"? EFFECT AUG. 7th, 1S98,
Ditiy comoetinns at Greensboro for all
points North. -outh iinu east of Greensboro
At :ilwt'iry for all Doints in Western Nnnh
'aroiin;i. Knoxville, Tenn., Cincinnati and
Y.'esreri: poinf.K. At Ubarlotte for Spartanburg
Greenville, thfn-, At lac la ana all points
fcngllsh Soldiers Sail From Malta for
Candia Christian Families Flee
ing for Their Lives from
the Desperate Rioters.
LONDON, Sept. 8. A dispatch ftom
Candia, Island of Crete, says several
i foreign warships took part in the bom
bardment yesterday, anions; them being
the British battleship Camnendown.
Two hundred and fifty English soldiers
nave sailed from Malta for Candia.
UANKA, Sept. 8.-The President of
tne Cretan executive cfimmittw
notiiied foreign admira's that in view
ot tne massacres at Candia it is im
possible to continue efforts to organize
an administration until the Turks'
iunctionanes and troops are with
drawn, tie demands a convocation of
trie Cretan assembly. He proposes to
wimxs me xorces ot the Cretans at the
disposal of an international adminis
Canea, Sept. 8. Christian families
"om candia are arriving at
&uaa Bay.
Bon t h .
"''-ffls at Durli:-.ro for Oxford and Clarks
r'iie: at S u; for "Vyetteville and Ir.terae
diate t.ni. p d tie Wilson &. F'ayettcvi He
short -at an: tor '7iison nrl liocky Mount,
At Golds joro for Ne ljcr ana Vorehead City
daily :. eept und y. Ko: n'lln-lwrton and
Intermediate KU.tieo.v- on th VMlmincton 4
eld jr. Kii.i.-oad daily.
5.10 P M DAILY
connects at Greensboro with the Washington
ana souiu western Ve.itibuled Lim'tea, snd with
mv.n rain No. 12 for Danville and Ricn-
mon.i .i 1 .ov-ruie jisite local stations for
Norfoik, J'arhoro, lfKy Mount, Kiteitrn and
points :ist or Greensboro, and with main linf
train io. ;- 'ast iu:iil for burlotte. -partan-lur,f.
GreDilIe. Atlaataand all points South,
teo ohinhiii, Augusta, Savannah k Tckson
yilleaniUsil points fu Florida. SleeiiORcar
lor At,;m r.ir ; JsrksonvllJe and at Jiiarlotte
with s-!i'fi,ac csr 1 or Aurustr.
I0.30 A M DA!H
(Kxcrpt Sunday)
ts ai l.rn tisl-crotor all i o nts Norm
Uetween Factions of Silver Ropubli
cans One 31an Killed.
Colorado Spkings, Col., Sept. T.-
The political war between two factions
of the Silver Republicans resulted in
thedeathof Charles Harris, of Denver.
Gne faction attempted to capture the
Opera House, which was guarded bv
i t . .. . . . .
tne opraue taction. i.t 4 o clock a
rush was made by fifteen or twenty
men from both the front and rear of
the buildinjr. The Sprague men, who
held the position, fired a volley and Har
ris ieii. ine shooting occurred jti9t
oiiiaiue tne ujiera House. Several ar
rests have been made, including the
man who fired the fatal shot. The
shooting is the result of National
Chairman Town removing liicbard
iiroed from the chairmanship for al
leged disloyalty.
Suspicious Cases Turn Out Not to be
Yellow Fever The Mississippi
Board of Health Will Not
Remove the Quarantine.
Jackson, Miss., Sept. 8. Three
new cases of yellow fever were report
ed from Taylor last night. They are
seriously ill and show symptoms of
black vomit. No new cases reported
today. The suspicious cases at Water
Valley are not yellow fever. There is
no fear of a general epidemic by the
Hoard of i;ealth. The quarantine
against Louisiana will soon 1 re
New Orleans, Sept. 8. The Miss
issippi Board of Health will not re
move the quarantine, despite official
declarations by the State Marine Hos
pital and the Alabama authorities t.hnt.
the suspicious cases report-eJ by Dr.
wunn are not yellow fever. Quaran
tine against freisrht was modified Yes
terday to conform with the rules of
the Atlanta convention. Alabama
promptly removed all quarantines.
The Mocksvllle-Mooresvllle Road Al
most Ready for Regular Trains
Probable Schedule-TheYadkln
Bridge Completed Yesterday.
Mr. G. W. Hinshaw, of this city;
Mr. H. W. Miller, of Raleigh, Secre
tary of the :North Carolina Midland
railroad, and J. B. Munson, division
freight agent for t,he Southern, re
turned to their respective homes last
week from a business trip over the new
road from Mocksville to Mooresville.
Mr. H. E. Fries, of Salem, was a
uiciuuer or tne committee to go over
the road, but was prevented from
taking the trip by other business en
gagements. The Object of Mr. Hinshaw anrl
Miller's visit was to adjust the old
subscriptions made to the new exten
sion. Mr. Munson's business was to work
on a revision of freight rates which
are to jro into oneratinn rn thn
line and those affected by it on other
lines. The new road will make local
fares and freight rates, from Winston,
West and South, less than at present.
Mr. Hinshaw tells The Sentinel
that the new steel bridge across South
i adkin river, which is one of the finest
and strongest in the South.
pleted yesterday so that a heavy train
Many Reconcentradoes With Them,
Suffering from If tin ire r iwu,.
They Have No War-Like Inten
tion, but Trouble la Feared.
Havana, Sept. 10. Ten thousand
insurgents, under command of Gen
eral Mayia Ilodrriguez and General
Diaz, have surrounded Havana and
will attempt to enter during the stay
of the Commissioners here. With
them are many reconcentradoes suf
fering from hunger. Thus far they
have remained several miles from the
Spinish lines and have threatened no
demonstration, but persons in author
ity fear serious trouble will result if
an attempt to enter Havana is made.
The insurgents, however, declare their 1
coming is with no war like intention. I
inty nil uk. iney snouia be allowed to
enter Havana peaceably. The great
est suffering is said to exist in the
i u ages ot tne province.
An Interesting Address by Rev. Ir.
C. A. J. Thomas.
some Facts as to the Musterlnz
T. J. O'Brien, who returned from
Jacksonville last week looks very
much worsted from camp life. His
present weight is less than 100 pounds.
He received a discharge on account of
nis health and he is glad to gei back.
It is learned that Walter Houchins.
who has been in bad health for some
time, is expected home in a few davs
The Sentinel has it from rrn
: ,rj i.j ol I xne scneauie for punning i,.n!
raTMSJ h Winston and Chariot will
. , T ' " "'" I UrUDa ) V Ftp al-innr an. falls .
pan, uoes not want to s-o to Cuba and
consequently there is a hope autono
my men that that reo-iment. will annn
be mustered out of service. Rennrt
could pass over it.
As soon as the road-' ed is surfaced,
it will be ready for trains and
they will be put on as soon as this
work is completed. It is the lowest
grade, least curvature and best built
road, says Mr. Hinshaw, In the hill
section of North Carolina. After it is
thoroughly ballaat there will be no
danger of running trains oyer it at the
rate of one mile a minute.
probable schedule.
alio in!
nnd Golo&boro
Trains Arrive at Winstcn-Salem.
Frrv.-i. prj-w York, Washington, Richmond
L,yn-mnTa. Unovliie ard t.a.aigh.
-' l:30 P. M. DAILY
-t" (Except Sunday)
Vrr.iTi, Atlanta. Charlotte, and all point
South, 1 .irix'ioro Ruleieh. snd intcrroediatr
pom'-t, Cliatt-tnoofra and Ashev.lle.
8:3 p. if, DAILY.
Frrmi Nrw York. W:ishinrton and Danville
all points North Kb le hand Go'dsboro
Eetwsea Wlnstoa-Salom nd Wiftesljcra.
Pasierer twin No. 105 leaves Winston-Saleir
10a. m. daily except S-.intlav. arrives tWlliic.
boro 1:1ft p m. Mixed train No 157 leaves Win-ston-aiero
140 p m Mondays Wednesdays and
Fr'days. i-rivrs at W lkesboro 7:50 p m.
Passenger train No 110 leaves Wilkesborc
S-lo p ni. arrives at Winton-Salem at5.l5 p m
Mixed tra'a Ma. ns leaves Wiikesboro 8am
Tuesdays Thursaays and .Saturdays, arrives m-Winstrri-Sa!om3:45
p m.
Bet33a iissioa-SalsBi ami MocksYilla
Trin No 20'i leaves Winston-Salem 5:30 p tx
arrives Mocnsvil!e 7:50 p m. Train No 08
leaves Mocksville 8 a in arrives Winston-Salem
First sections of all schedu'ed fr icht trai-s
earryinK passen-rers betwrcn points at which
tdey are schedu ed to stop.
.il.GitwiS, J. M.tm.P
lien i vjp't TrafHf M''-
W. A. TURK Gen-1 Pass. Agent. M
v information in regard to
.laaxwK coecs etc., apply to
American Case Is Being Prepared
State Department.
Washington, Sept. 8. The Ameri
can case to be presented at Paris is
being prepared at the State Depart
ment. The French line offered free
transportation to the Peace Commis
sioners, which had been declined be
cause other arrangements had been
made. Commodore Bradford, Chief
of the Naval Bureau equipment, is
likely to go to Paris to advise regard
ing coaling stations. It is understood
the commission intends to limit its
military and naval staff to one officer
of each branch.
uu.; UUUU Ull UlA'Al A i rnp TTr. that n
large proportion of the men of the
regiment are anxious to do tm r-.-; k.
duty in Cuba, but some say that ex
actly the reverse is true.
Keferrinr to this siihiw.. Mm au.
ville Citizen says: When the call to
arms was sounded t.h m..n -f tv.
First North Carolina were amono- th
first to respond, expressing- a willing
ness to follow the flag anywhere. Some
of the men left families at home, and
many of them gave up good positions
to take a place in the mnltu that. no;j
them next to nothing. So Ion"- as the
lira n-. .1 i "
uinuo yjn, tuese Drave men were
anxious to get into active service, but
now that hostilities hav? ceased they
say they want to come back to their
Ovir Preparations to Receive Return
ing Volunteers.
Washington, Sept. 9. The whole
city is demoralized by preparations
for receiving the District of Columbia
regiment of volunteers on thfir i.n.n
from the front. Public buildings
along the proposed line of marr h nT-o
elaborately decorated and private
property bristles with llars and
streamers. The populace is out in
f .. mi UTL !i I T .
vv uite iiouse entrance is
blocked, despite the efforts of the
Tjird V. P. .4 G. M. Ticket Ai ent.
Schedule in Effect
May 1st.- 1B98.
J ton-balem 8 2d a m rally except Sunday.
L n. Arrive Roanoke 1.1(1 p. ni "
p 03 a m. (mixed) dally except Sunday, for
Koanoke and interiacdi ate points
' Arrive ttoanokg"6:43p. m.
s,'V,aS:eA7:3!, a- S; (mixed) dally except
Sunday. Arrive w lnston-salem:45 n m
Leave iiU5anoite 4:&5 p.m. dallv except Sundav
7:40 a. m. (Vestibuled Limited) for Bristol and
intermediate points, and Knoxville and
Cbattanoojra. all points South and West
Orleans 1)61:3 Memphis and Ne
' 4:25 ?. fu fr Blnefleld, Pocahontas, Kenova
Columbus andChtcao and all points west,
v Pullman Mcepers from Roanoke to Col.
t umbus, aLso for Radford, Bristol, Knox
- Jjjf i;nttanofga aB.j intermediate
1:45 Pfoi 'r Petersbur8' Richmond and Nor-
1-40 m ror v .ishinton, naerstown, Phila
delphia and New York. "f-
11:36 p. m. for Richmond and Norfolk. Pnll
man sleeper Roanoke to Norfolk and
Lynchburg to Richmond.
(1:00 p. m. Vestibuled Limited) for Haters
town, Washington f ad New York. iull
lnan Sleepers to V asbinirton, Philadel
- phia and New York via Shenandoah
' Junction and K. and O. Kail road.
DURHAM DIVISION Leave Lynchburg- dailj
erceot Sundiv, 4:W p. m. (union sta-"
tioi) (or Uarbasn and all intermediate
Leave Durnam daily except Sunday, at 7:00 a.
'X . m, for LyavnbjrK and intermediate
; points.
For atl additional information apply at ticks
Offlee, or to , MP. BRAGG, .
W. 8. BEVILL, Trav. Pans, Aieit.
"in. Pass Aireiut. Roanoke. Va.
Five large buildinge faculty of ten
able teachers courses of study lead
log todeureeH. Tuition for term $20
to $26. lizard and room $8 per month.
Io ciufs $4 per month. Total ex
pD8e for year need not xieed $133
and can be easily reduced to f. Cor
respondence : solicited; Onalocue
tree. Address ,
N. C.
Soldiers Mjiy Parade In New York
Agreeable t Them.
New York, Sept. 7. Mayor Van
Wyck has received from the President
a reply to the request to permit the
Kough Riders and other soldiers to
parade in New York. The President
referred the matter to the commanding
Generals and medical officers in
charge, saying that if not injurious to
their health and agreeable to all, in
cluding the soldiers, it gave him
special pleasure to comply with the
patriotic request.
Lleutenat Shipp's Sword and Effects.
Saturday's Charlotte Observer says
that a large number of the friends of
Lieutenant Shinn. were at. t.he nt.a.
tion in Ldncolnton last night to meet
the train and receive from the hands
of the express man, the sword and per
sonal effects of the late lamented
young officer. These effects, as Ob
server readers will rimfimW u.0.o
taken charge of by officers of Lieuten
ant Shipp'a regiment, when he fell,
and were forwarded by them to Mrs.
Shipp yesterday. They were taken to
the wife and sisters of the lamented
young officer last night and were de
livered with the tender sympathy which
his friends in Lincoln have manifested
over his death.
BI Democratic Rally, Barbecue and
Tvev. Dr. F. 11. Wood returned from
Asheboro last week. . rie attended
the big Democratic rally, barlwcue
and picnic there Thursday. lie re
ports the biggest demonstration in the
history of the county. About four
thousand people were present. The
music was furnished by the Randle
man, Achdale and Liberty brass
bands. Governor Jarvia Ta c
Overman and A. Leazer were present.
I erfect order and enthusiasm char
acterized the assemblage. Governor
Jarvis spoke -with great earnestness
and held the attention of the crowd
Mr. Leazer enlightened his hearers
concerning the penitentiary, agri
cultural and other departments under
the present administration.
M. O. Hammond, the mayor, wel
comed everybody to dinner, which
loaded a table 500 feet long. After
dinner Mr. Overman reviewed the
work of the Russell administration.
W. D. Rush, nominee for solicitor
in that district, appealed to the people
.v,.Ui,ralure gooa government.
Negro Soldier Shot In Danville.
From Saturd ay 's Danville Register it
10 it "'at Aioert McClellan, a
colored soldier, was shot and mortally
wounded by a policeman in that city,
about 7 o'clock last night. The negi-o
resistedrrcst. For some time after
the shooting it looked like there mirht
be serious trouble as several hundred
negroes gathered around the officers
and some of them demanded to be al
lowed to see McClellan. There was
excitement until midnight and a large
ui ciira policemen
sworn in.
n.knt1.. 1. . 1 . .
pi uunui; ue auout as ioilo s
Leave Charlotte at 6 a. m., arriving
in Winston at 9 a. m.; leaving Win
ston at i:.0 p. m., arriving at Char
iot at 9:30 p. m., making close con
nections at Charlotte with through
trains to and from the South, and with
uie train at uarber junction going
It is also probable that a local
freight will leave Winston in the
morning which will carry a passenger
coach, and a similar train comino-
f ....... -I ... . . . . - . .
viiariuLte to vvinsr.on in t h..
evening. This will make two trains
each day.
As soon as the road is opened the
Mooresville people will run an excur
sion to Winston. Mr. Hinshaw says
that Mooresville is not only one of
the best small towns, but is in one of
tue oesi sections of the State, and is
growing rapidly.
The committee found the Mocksville,
Cleveland and Mooresville people to
be good business men and gentlemen
and it had no trouble to settle all mat
ters satisfactorily to all parties concerned.
Opposition to Llnney Will be Carried
on Until Election lay
The Charlotte News says it is in
formed by a prominent Republican
from Winston, whose name is withheld
because he wishes it, that the opposi
tion to Congressman Linney will not
be buried with Dr. Wilcox, but will
continue and, furthermore, the insur
gents, as the opposition call them
selves, will in a few days call a con
vention to nominate a 'candidate to
take up the fight and carry it through,
he hopos successfully. "
Since the death of Dr. Wilcox the
Linney faction has been usin- everv
.i tY , . : r . , , " i
...yiu iu yuvny auu oring aoout good
feeling between the warring element
and the Linney faction. So fat these
efforts have proven futile. The insur
gents say that they are in the fight to
stay and nothing can be done to bring
them to terms. The defeat of Linney
is what they desire and this, they say,
they will most assuredly accomplish.
Colored Normals Unsatisfactory.
ibe Superintendent of Public In
struction makes sweeping recommen
dations to the Legislature for the regu
lation of the colored normal cu-hnola
Dcveu ui tuese scnoois in
the State, and Superintendent Mebane
iiuujuicuus bliab I lit- n imnp. ho
duced to three. He aslr fnrihoiok.
jisnment or one eacn at .Elizabeth City,
Fayetteville and Winston. Dr. J. L.
M. Curry, general agent of the Pea
body fund, heartily endorses the rec
ommendations made bv Surorint.n1-
ent Mebane.
C. A. G. Thomas, of Va
ville, delivered an interesting and in
structive address at the court-house,
last week, his subject being 'Junior
JewelsAmerica's Glory. "
He was heard by a large and appre
ciative audience many ladies bein
present. Dr. Thomas was happily in
troduced by Mr. O. B. Eaton.
The speaker announced that he
never talked over two hours and a
half on a warm night. He spoke first
ihu greatness of the old North State,
saying that no man can travoi f-,,.,.
the east to the west without being con
vinced of her richness in resources.
bhe is richer still in her people "
continued the shaker, who then
touched on the recent war with Spain
referring beautifully to the part North
Carolina took and of the blood shed
by Bagley and Shipp.
.,RrT,homareulo"ized the Masonic,
Odd Fellows, and Pythian orders, but
said the Juniors went one step ahead
of them all in its "Patriotism," stri
ving to lift men nn. Tho : ,i
i - " v i , ndiil
nc, comes not as a youth, but as a
strong, vigorous man to help give to
every man and institution help. It has
been in existence since 1853 and has
members even in Porto Rico and the
i hilippine Islands. The order wants
manhood" above everything else.
Manhood" is the watchword of the
Dr. Thomas, in eloquent words, dis
cussed the three links of the order
Virtue, Liberty and Patriotism."
He said that "Virtue is the root; Lib-
" y "ue -ree ana fatnotism the fruit. "
It is a three-fold cord which cannot
oe Dronen.
Tho speaker reviewed the various
principles of the order. The first one,
he said, was Religious Liberty, with
out which the people cannot have Civil
Liberty. He denounced Catholicism,
saying that the Roman church was
using all its power to crush out Reliir
lous Liberty.
The second principle taken up was
entire separation of church and State,
n ii)e of Rome today, continued
Dr. Thomas, is the head of the Roman
uurcii m America. The Priests are
unmarried men. Referring to the ap
pointment of commissioners to adjust
the differences between Spain and the
United States, the speaker said that
Spam selected five Catholics and.
i resident McKinley was persuaded to
appoint one Catholic of the five to
represent tne United States. This
makes six Catholics sigainst four
Third principle Restricting Immi
gration. "We need laws restricting
immigration." He gave some figures
showing the number of foreio-ners in
New York and several other States,
adding that North Carolina hj the
most American State in the Union.
rourtn principle Public School
system. Education in North Carolina
is at a low ebb. Statistics show that
.09,000 children in the State, of school
age, did not attend any school last
year; 4u,ouu attended from 0 to 8
weeks. The Junior order favors four
months' schools.
Fifth principle Reading the Bible
in the Public Schools. West Virginia
is the only State where the Holy Book
is read in the schools. "We want it
read in all the States," continued the
Dr. Thomas concluded his fine ad
dress by waving a small flag of three
colors. The white, said he, is for
virtue; blue for love and liberty; red
for blood. "Let us honor and stand
by that flaar."
President Has Not Yet Ind eated His
Derision-It Would be a formida
ble Task More (Jlntlo Than
Any Kver Undertaken.
Washington, Sept. 9. -Secretary
-.si request, tor an investigation
of army affairs during trj war is
likely to be complied with, though it
is not true that the President hsTs as
yet indicated his decision in the mat
ter. There have been signs of his
purpose in this direction. The Quar-
ster yneral, Surireon General
and Commissary General, upon whom
the greatest Ijlame would fall, have
been anxious for an inquiry, each as
suring himself he will emero-e vindi
cated. The task of such a" commis
sion would be a formidable one.
Nothing so gigantic has previously
been undertaken and many fear in
quiries would accomplish nothing.
Stabbed to the Heart, With a Stiletto,
y an Italian Anarchist Foul
Deed Occurred Today at
Geneva, Switzerland.
Ceneva, Switzerland, Sept. 10. The I
empress or Austria was assassinated
A TT .li-
at notei ueanvage this afternoon by
an anarchist, who was arrested. He I
stabbed Her Majesty with a stiletto.
It appears that the Empress was
"a,"uK 'rom me notel to the land in?
of the steamer, about 1 o'clock, when
the Italian anarchist suddenly ap
proached and stabbed her to the heart,
ihe Empress fell and then arose, and
was carried to thesteamerunconscious.
1 he boat started but seeing she did
not recover consciousness the captain
returned and the Empress was carried
to Hotel Beaurivage, where she expired.
Tfca Roral ia the highest grade bekieg pow
Mcum testa aaew it oeee oae
third farther thaa aay ether brae.
k Mil
Absolutely Pure
otu. muuma fowdcii eo.,
Wit hlii
Contracts Will be Awar.le.l
tn Next Kcw ly.
Washington, Sept. . The Navy
Department will make during the next
few days an award of contracts for
battleships and torpedo boat destroy
ers. The Cramps, the Newu.,i t
Company and the Union Iron Works
will each build battleships on th
plans adopted bv tlu . r),.t,.,.t.
templatinir shi
than that called for by the Department
specifications, of sixteen thousand
k power anu twelve thousand live
hundred tons of displacement.
Sapp, J, II.
M. W.
U Inst on lo
Kro ReMsvllln via
It has been talked for some time
that the Southern Railway would in
the near future build a short line from
Reidsville to connect at Kernersvjlle
or Winston with the Mooresville
ususion. Ihe News ami mi
brings the matter to surface a
tne xoiiowing:
"The Southern Railway has com
pleted its Mocksville-Mooresville
branch and within the next two weeks
regular schedule trains will be run.
umg on it.
"This makes the Southern indepen
dent of that part of the North Caro
lina Ra. road let.wen Grwnsboro
and Charlotte-the part that has al
ways hitherto been most valuable to
absolutely indispensi
tin in
the State and
ble to the Southern.
"it was the fiht
over the lease
yurauV" la "ie last legislature, it has
been alleged, that caused the Southern
to decide to complete this link of 2H
milis. Since the settlement of the
lease question, however, the line is
"W..U1HUB ,or anything other than
local traffic but already the Southern
officials are contemplating completing
the : links from Reidsville to Kerners
ville and from Mt. Mojrne to Gasto-
nia. lhls would then l.wx.,,.. .1...
.1. U ! . .. HIC
...uugu aneanumc Worth Carolina
, y l',"ensOoro, Salisbury
and Charlotte will be only a local
nuu ji, is mis, i am informed, that
is the most powerful reason for build
U,S .e Iieidville-Kerners ville and
Mt. Mourne-Castonia links. If thev
are not built, then the Southern will
be compelled, if the Legislature will
permit it, to build a double track at
least from Salisbury to Greensboro,
bo enormous has become the freight
and passenger business on this sec
tion of the main line that one track
will not accommodate it. Only one
night last week on this track of 40
miles there were 22 trains."
Mr. J. R. Poo', of DhvIo County, Says
tne soiaiers Wunt to Come Home.
AT T 1-
air. j it. i-ooi, a privats in the
oucoi-u company, r'lrst North Caro
oua regiment, arrived in the city Fri
day afternoon. He left last even
ing ior ins nome near Mocksville. H
ten jncKsonville Wednesday night
uu ia uu on a iiiriough for thirty
days on account of sickness. He says
that more than two thirds of the bovs
iu Liie reffiment are anxiou
nome. One member
st of Appointments Hade by
soara or Commissioners.
Th. Democratic, Republican and
Populist registrars for the precincts
of Forsyth county for the November
election were appointed last week by
Chairman Vance, of the County Com
missioners, Superior Court Clerk
Wilson and Register of Deeds Miller.
Ihe first name for each precinct is
Uepubhcan, the second Populist and
the third Democratic. In the precincts
where there are no Populists, Repub
licans are appointed. The list is as
foi lows:
Abbott's Creek Klina
Whicker, J. A. Holder.
lielews Creek J. L. Crim,
. an, rawiora Marshall.
Bethania J. L. Kapp, J. C. But
ner, R. . Butner. .
i ,,V;ull'.i.Sv, No- F- Hominger,
J as. M. Wilson, J. I'. Charles.
,1.,,,;Vat,',av No- -w- L- Gook, J. L.
Phillips, .1. M. McCuiston.
'leminonsville H. E. Boner, Y. S.
Lawrence, T. W. Griffith.
Kerners ville No. 1 G. V. Fulp, J.
A. U.wry, J. R. Nauce.
Kerners ville No. 2-fJ Xf
...v,. ,,,,,, ,,,miii vv . warren.
Lewisv-ille I. O. Hart, J. P. Bink
iey. W. R. Waggoner.
Middle Fork No. 1 W. A. Beeson,
W. H. Cox. R. J. Morris.
Middle Fork No. 2-J. E. Uedge-
,'0;'. W- w"on, J. H. Hester?
i n rWnr?;.E- Shamel, J- L. Mar
shall, W. M. Hinshaw.
TTi'f Ir.liVh,nODli-c- C. Spainbour,
... ... .i.i.c,-, j. r leming
iwurai llall VV. A. Stoltz, C
ouiner, j. i Co.:.
South Fork A. R.
Jones, Win. Transou
Salem Chanel It S;
Marshall, Joe F. Grubbs
Vienna J. C. Doub, J. H
Geo. W. Hauser.
VVinston 1 G. Z. Poindexter,
II. Vatkins, H. W. Barrow.
Winston 2-Wm. Tavis, Elwood
..loi-fjan, .j. a. I.,. Miller
pfaffinyT irn- v- Sapp -
winston 4-v. H. White, N. F.
wooun, J. vv. Byerly.
winsum ;-n. v. Harwood, D. C.
ni iiri.1 x. t'. styron.
Salem, E:ist L. B. Brickenstein, J
H. Tise, C. E. Crist.
Salem, West-A. S. Jones, Nat
i eierson, ni. x. Shore.
is the
The Southern to Have a Double Track
or Another Main Ijlne.
The Sentinkl is assured that the
Southern Railway will either build a
v,u n-oin lieiusvuie to Kernersyille,
I connecting with the line to Moores
ville, or double track the present
main line between Greensboro
Salisbury or Charlotte.
a gentleman who holds an impor
tant position in the maintenance de
partment of the Southern is in Win
ston. He was in Kernersville vester-
wl i maKlnj-T. 80mo investigations.
While he declines to talk for publica
tion, enough was learned from him to
woik uiat me southern officials
now investigating to see what
uie oest tning to do.
ihe proposed line from Reidsville
via Winston would shorten the line
from Washington to Atlanta several
miles. While this is true, the present
main line, via Greensboro, has so
many side-tracks that it, would not
require a vast amount of money to
connect them, thereby making a
double track.
The present situation is such that
something must lie done and that at
u cany uaie. me Southern is hand
ling so many trains on the main line
that some of them are delayed almost
r?11Y'uS:mNKT' advised that the
Kaleigh News a-i.l Observer will pub
lish an article in a few .Invs, in which
some corrections will l. i,,;id.i in the
article published last Tuesday regard
ing the Southern's main line'etcr
THK K.'Of 1. liAWN l'AHTY.
Stoltz, C. B.
Sides, Thos. F
Crews, J. J.
walks Were Ilie
fifteen of Winston'H voun
ittended the K. of P. lawn i.awv
atBethauia Fridaynight. They arrived
home at 2 o'clock Saturday morning.
Among those who went out were Joe
Lee, S. W. Apperson, E. W. Lehman,
Harry Peterson, Walter A. Shore, T
E. Shore and C. R. Call.
The greatest attraction of the party
were the "cake walks." There were
two cakes and the committee decided
that there was a tie in both contests,
hence the cakes were divided lietwceii
the following couples:
S. W. Apjierson and Miss Bessie
Lehman; Allie Hege and Miss Ella
Iehman; Thomas Shore and Mis-
Pearl Transou;
The boys report
and say the lawn
J. D. Lee and Misa
an enjoyable trip
party was a great
Examining Teachers.
County Supervisor Davis is examin
ee, eignt white and thirteen colored
teachers at the courthouse last week.
The white teachers are in theourtroom
ana me colored in the grand jury
room. The names of the white teach
ers are given below:
Miss R. J. Crewa. nf O
Miss Crissie Johnson, of Archdale;
Miss Minnie Nance, of Clemmons ville;-
uoHiJi vi xvernersviiie; a. X.
onS.r'.OIi?ural HaU; s- H- Miller,
of Elkm: T. B. Sides, of Salem; J. m!
Gatewood, of Donnaha. Twelve of
the colored applicants are from Win
ston and one from Kernersville.
C3; oore.
Attorney and C!ouii8eloratfjaw.
Office S. W. Corner 3rd and
Liberty Sta, Winston, N. 0,
Will practice in all State Courts ami In
Federal Conrt. All biisinos will receive
prom Dt ami carcf a 11 attention.
A Fifteen Mile Bicycle Race.
The Wilmington bicycle enthusiasts
are to nave quite an interesting meet
for a big fifteen mile handicap race
sin CAntAmWr.. 'V A X
"tKiuiuci ijru. uig supper is
to be sei ved after the race. The entry
sheets will be open from until the
evening of September 20th, and the
races are to bq under the auspices of
tne Lt. a. w. itacing Board. Valuable
prizes are to .be offered. The league
" " open ior cnanenges for relay
bicycle races, and claim the , State
Going to Michigan.
Tom Hege is arranging to leave
winston-saiem ior 'Battle Creek
Michigan, the mecca of the i Seventh
Day Adventists. Me will be accom
panied by John Hampton, the blind
musician, and Tom will take his as
sortment of quaint and peculiar
mechanism with him for exhibition
along the way.
Letter From Dr. Thomas,
Mrs. Dr. H. J. Thomas received a
letter last week from her husband,
who is at Montauk. He writes that
he has been transferred from the 7th
to the 8th regiment and as there are
so many sick soldiers in the latter
regiment he does not know now wheD
he will come home. He tendered
his resignation some time ao-o and it
was accepted by the authorities at
Montauk, but it has not been accepted
yet by the officials in -Washington:
Traveling Man Drops Dead.
Mr. A. Moore, of fayetteville, died
suddenly at Pilot Mountain Tuesday.
Hi WOO a nn.nllnn. ..1 .
""- woicuug tooacco salesman
and was in a store at Pilot Mnnntoin
talking business when he was suddenly
stricken and fell to the floor and died
almost immediately. A special train
was run from Fayetteville to Pilot
Mountain after the remaias whichwere
sent home yesterday for interment.
Mr. William Smith
Sterling were united in marri mm Ken.
k tne nome oi tne bride
in Mocksville. . The ceremony was
performed by Rev. Mr. Tidball,
pastor of the Presbyterian church in
Mocksville. The groom is a success
ful merchant and tobacconist at Farm-
mgion. ine Dride is a sister of Mr.
R. M. Sterling, who holds a position
with the Southern railway.
Stanly County Case.
D. Schenck, Jr., of Greensboro, has
received notice from Judge . Simonton
tnat nis appeal in - tne now famous
Stanly county bond case had been
granted and that November the 7th
had been fixed as the date of the hear- !
ing before the Circuit Court of Appeals 1
First Regiment to Stay la.
Specials from Washi
j that the Second North Carolina Rei-
mani nas Deen ordered to Raleigh tn
be mustered out of service. There
has been some indecision in the mat
ter, ana tne report was current which
found its way into print on Septem
ber 4th that it was the First and not
me aecona .worm Carolina that. w
to be mustered out. The two North
Carolina Regiments which are to re
main for the present are the First and
Third North Carolina Volunteers.
Doubt Fever In New Orleans.
Officials ot the Southern Railway
state authoritatively that there are no
quarantine restrictions which will pre
vent persons from entering Of nuaainir
tl,,.,Al, "NT V.,
iuiuuru new uricaua, or onreveport,
La". They do not believe that there is
any yellow fever in New Orleans nor
in me vicinity of Shreveport, and in
dications, they say, are that all ap
prehensions of spread of yellow fever
in the South will be allayed in the
nexs iwo or mree days.
Death of Rev. S. A. Woosley.
liev. S. A. Wooslev." a Moravian
minister, died about 12 o'clock Thurs-
oay at his home near Friedberg, sev
eral miles below Salem. He was
aoout oo years old and had been in
declining health for some time. Rov.
J. H. Clewell attended the funeral ser
vices .which were held at Fried berg
Aug. Total for Fifth North Carolina
District, $l!).158.0o.
The monthly report of Cashier Bre
nlzer of Collector Ilarkins' office
shows the following collections of in
ternal revenue in the Fifth North Car
olina district for the month of Aug:
Tobacco $104,494.31
Spirits 37,160.42
Cigars i.iM.n5
Cigarettes ' 1,400.00
Snuff . 15
Special tax 2,465.17
Miscellaneous 18,661 37
Documentary.'. :t.29n m
Proprietary 43. 67
Another Soldier Goes Home.
C. a. Crystal .-passed through the
city last week en route to his home
near wanes boro, from Montauk, sL.
I. He is a member of Comnanv C. TT.
S. Regulars, and only returned, from
Cuba a few days ago. He secured a I
lunough ror thirty days on account
01 sickness. - - ,
Aotal .$169,158.95 I
lhese amounts were collected at the
various offices as follows:
Winston $105,895.70
Statesville 29,707.75
-".suevnie 29,861.13
Mt. Airy 3,o94.37
Tobacco Barn Burned.
While curing a barn of tobacco
Thursday, Mr. George Glass, who
lives about si miles northeast of
oreensporo, stepped , to the house a
few minutes and while he was away the
barn caught fire. The tobacco beinir
&uu iiui, iu a moment me names
enveloped the whole building, destroy
ing it in a short space of time.
Mr. A.-Ij. Brooks for Solicitor,
The executive committee of the Fifth
Judicial district met at Durham Fri
day to fill the office of Solicitor
toouu uj iuo 1 emanation Or L.
B. Boone, who, on account of his
health, found he could not make the
canvass.' Mr. A. L. Brooks, of
Greensboro, was chosen.
to return
wrot, t.o lii ,,rir..
here a few davs ao t.liat. !. wo. ,1,1 ,11..
if the order was changed to retain
them in service. Pool has been sick
for some time. He first had the
measles. The boys are receiving kind
treatment, but this does not satisfy
t.ntiv riuuiiu . . 1 1 ...
1, nome anci relatives.
Another soldier wrote his wife here
a. few days ago that he believed the
rst regiment would refuse to go to
Cuba, if an order is issued Tor them
to go there to do garrison work.
The Late Dr. .1. O. Wilcox.
Dr. Wilcox was twice married, the I
first time to a daughter of thn 1 , I
David Worth, of Ashe
this union one child was born Mr
W. W. Barber, of Wilkes boro. His
second wife was a Miss Henry, of
Raleigh. Six children blessed thi
unionthree girls and three boys. All
the children, with their mother, sur
vive. '
Dr. Wilcox was the leadin"- physi
cian in his part of the State and his
practice extended over several coun
ties. He owned a magnificent farm
and was considered quite wealthy.
He has represented Ashe county in
the Legislature. He was the regular
ivcpuuutau vaaaiaace ror Con
six years ago, but was
Hon. W. H. Bower.
I . . ...
jw ine nrst North Carolina Regi
ment icecclvcd the News
A letter from one of the soldier bovs
.. . T....I .,. . "
b .Jacksonville says that orders were
received at corps headquarters between
1. . 1 .
tne iiours 01 it and 12 o'clock Tues
day, to the effect that the First North
Carolina Regiment would lie retained
in the service of the United States and
remain in the seventh corps
uicu would be sent to Cuba. The
i.es was leiepnoned to Itegimental
li;iilnii.ii.t..i.J .
o mm spieau nice wild lire
nu-oujrn ine regiment.
fMi. -1
ine order was welcomely received
"v some, wnue others were sadly dis-
aiioinusu Dy the change being made
xuv maiuer nas brought the entire
liegiment to such a state of excitement
tud,b mosi ot the men have enttrelyfor-
triit.hin -1 .....,.. 1. : .1 , . .
- uuuuui wuicu is usually a
very important one about this time of
the month "Pay day" is not thought
uiuuurn 01 tne men will apply
101-uiscnarges, Out as to the number
to oe granted, or upon whatconditions.
is-not made uublic.
Mp. W. A. Walker Onlnn-1 i,-...i
ton to See Ills Sons.
Mr. W. A. Wall...... , !,....t ..
last week from his son Fred, , who
Is in t armin-'ton. W;ihin,r.., it..
gives a report of the liiarriaTr., ,,V hi-
brother. Wilev E. Walken t... m;
Carrie Shaw, which event was cele
brated on the 1st inst. nt. t 111 II Mllln of
the bride's sister, lU:v. Mr. Bushnell
officiating. The counle were the re
cipients of a number of handsome
presents. The irroom Iim.I lii i,-..,..
furnished and he and hi 1 111 (la Wi
house-keeping at once.
iwr. VV. A. Walker expects to leave
on or about the 2(lh inst. for Farm
ington to visit his sons and dau.r,u-r-
n-law. He will 1 .1, ,.,.,.,. ,.,;.,. i 1..,
Miss Frankie Jones.
ty, who will go to Idaho to visit her
Col. Cowles and Daughter.
ine many inends of Col. W. TT tt
t owies, ot wilkes boro, will be glad
to learn that the Pasteur treatment is
having the desired effect and that.
Colonel and his little daughter will re
cover irom tne mad-dog bite and will
be able to return from Baltimore in a
snon time.
defeated by
Want Vincent Pardoned.
A petition Is beina' o.imnlati
asumg jov. itusseiito pardon Thomas
Vincent, colored, who shot and killed
Fred Sherill, a man of the same color,
in Winston, six years ago. The peti
tion claims that the shooting was justi
fiable; that Vincent has been a good
prisoner and is in bad health. His
sentence was for ten years.
. Came to See Dr. Bahnson.
Mr. J. R, Newell, of
I Guilford county, who got one of his
arms badly burned last January, was
here Saturday consulting Dr. Bah
to see If it would be necessary to have
1 his arm amputated.
Mr. Newell went to the noanlt.ai .
I evening. Dr. Bahnson cut off his arm
on Monday.
Dr. Wilcox's Funeral.
- i'"w icLoei- receivea nere says
mat, over 1,000 people attended the
funeral of Dr. J. O. Wilcox in Ashe
county, ine writer adds that the Re
publicans of that county have lost
tneir leader and that his death is
mournea Dy an who knew him.
Negro Regiment Going to Cuba.
.1 . u. Harris, who returaed from
Washington Friday, tells the Ral
eigh Post that the Third liegiment of
negroes will be sent to Cuba; that the
LKgiuicui is uruerai io Jvnoxvllle,
j.euu., ior me purpose or oeing brigad
ed ana mat after it remains there
awnne, win oe sent with the army of
occupation to cuoa. Mr. Harris does
not mi uk mat tne f 'irst liegiment will
be mustered out in the near future. He
states mat me order Issued for mm.
tering out the First Regiment was due
to a misunderstanding.
How'a Tbia t
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
iOT f.11?.,0"8 Catarrh that cannot be cured
by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F.J CHKNBYAOO. Props, Toledo. O.
We th; underaiKned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all btuinesa
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by their firm
WasT aTbdax. Wholesale Druggists, Tole
Toledo! O 'r' Kl Mabviw,
Hall's Catarrh Cure ia taken internally
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
snrfaces of the system. Price. 75c mr hm.
Election or Magistrates.
The question is frequently asked,
how many Justices of the m
iTn-fA'51 ,at thu Iwtin this
rail.-"' The law says: "That at thj
next general election and everv two
years thereafter there shall be elected
in each townshin in the si.at.. in......
Justicjs of the Peace and for each
township in which any city or incorpo
rated town is situated one .Inuti,... ..f
the Peace for every one thousand in
habitants in such town or city who
shall hold their office for two years "
Under chapter 5th of the nuliii,. 1,,...
of 1897, the terms of .Inti.
Peace commence as soon as they
qualify and hold a term of two years
from the first Monday in December
after their election in November.
Washington-Gettysburg Excursion.
Rev. S. F. Conrad writes Thk Sw.
TINEL that owing to the late rains and
the setting back of the tobacco harvest
and wheat sowing the excursion to
Washington and Gettvshm fT wi II rtt.
occur before about the mhhii.. f m.
tober. Mr. Conrad says he is jier
fecting all the details to make this
the greatest and most attractive excur
sion ever run from North Carolina.
He hopes to carry manv of the .nl.ii
to ee the greatest battlefield of the
great war. Don't get out of patience
as the date will be duly announced in
the Daily and Wkkkt.v si'vnri..i
The excursion is a certainty and will
be run at the best time.
A Native of Forsyth.
GOV. RuSSell hft ninlnrunl TK
J-5' native of Forsyth county, who
fourteen years ago, when only fourteen
years of age, killed & Ulan in ( )ril.nir
county and was sentenmH ti. i
years' imprisonment in t.n mnii...
tiary. By an explosion while he was
working on the Western North Caro
lina railway Lee lost an eye.
May Change Hands.
It Is reported that a man .. 1..
is negotiating for the purchase of the
Mount Airy Vhito Sulphur Springs
Kiuvcmj, 11 tuu sale im mnii.. if
Mian uih new nwiwr will o,mn,i
TestimoDiala J thousand dollars improving t

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