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An Independent h amily
. vwv- . .... .. .. ..."
$ terest and to trie Industri- Q
al development hi Piecl-$
f)mont North Cardlina
. WUI I'tKEB,' Jr.. K'lltnr anil Hau-er
Case of Poisoning
Hood's Sarssparilla Drives the Poi
son from the System, Quiets
the Nerve?, Relieves Dyspepsia
and Catarrh.
" While in the army I was poisoned in
wardly with poison oalc, and I did not get
well for 15 years. My blood became bo
affected that I was taken with a hacking
cough, and I was thought to be goinjj
into consumption. I took many different
medicines without avail, and finally re
solved to try Hood's Sarsaparilla. When
I had finished taking the first bottle the
pimples beeran to disappear Horn my
bo J v- and af tt-r I Lad taken three bottles
I was well. I have also suffered with ca
tarrh in the head and have been taking
Hood's ParsapErilla for this trouble, and
it helps me. In fact I take it for all ail
ments and believe it has no equal as a
blood purifier. It quiets the nerves and
gives refreshing sleep. It has relieved
me of dyspepsia and built me up." J. I.
Holliday, Williamston, South Carolina.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is the best in f. ttlip (Vie True lilood Purifier.
Bold by all drup"4i.:ts. ?1 : six for ?".
I Ibbj S uAe. easy to operate, sJe.
Kan way.
THE . . .
The Direct Line to All Points
Cuba and
Porto Rico.
Strictly First-Class Epuip
rrjent on all Through and I o
cal Trains: Pullnran Palace
-cl?eping Cars on all Night
Trains: Fast and Safe Sched
ules. Travel by the Southern and you are as
snrni a Safe? Cpnrfariahieanit E.vpe litious
.Ion riieyX""
Apply to t:cket agents for ime tallies
Tales and general information, or address
T P A, O V A T A,
Charlotte, N C. Asheville, N C.
No Trimble to Annver Queslicns.
3d V I'te Gen Man. Traf Man.
Washington, 1) C.
HBosnm Schedule in Effect
May 1 t. 1 B9H.
ton-Salem 8 20a to. rally except Sumiay.
Arrive Koanoke 1. 10 p. m.
S.OJ a m. (mixed) daily except Sundsiy. for
tCoaooke and intermediate points
Arrive Koanoke li:40p. m.
Leave Koanoke 7:30 a. m. (mixed) daliy except
Sunday. Arrive W inston-'ialeni 6:4Sp.m.
J.eave Lfranoke 4:38 p. m. dally xc;:pt Sunday.
Arrive vtGstt n-. Salem 9:3 p. ?a.
7:40 a. m. (Vestibuled Limited) for Itristol anr
intermediate points, and Knoxvilic anr
Chattanooga, all points South and West
Pullman hieepcrs to Memphis at'd Ne'
4:25 p m. for Bluefleld, Pocahontas, Kennvi
Columbus iindC'hicago and ai! points wesi
Pullman Hleepers from Roanoke to Col
umbus, also for Radford, Hrfstol, Knox
ville, Chattanooga and Intermediate
:4rp a f0r Petersburg, Kichmona and No:
. loi.
1.40 m tor v. ashlnpton, i;ageistov.u, Hblu.
delphia and Now York.
ll:3fp. m. for Kichmond and Norfolk. Full
man Sleeper Roanoke to Norfolk anr
Lynchburg to Richmond.
11:00 p. m. (Vestibuled Limited) for Hagers
lown, Washington r od New York. Pull
man Sleepers to w astaington. Philadel
phia and New York via Shenandoal
Junction and H. and O Railroad.
DURHAM DIVISION Leave Lynchburg dailj
except Sundav, 4:00 p. m. (union sta
tion) for Durham and all intermedial
Leave Durham dally except Sunday, at 7:00 a
m. for LyncbDurg ana iniermcaA.t'
Cin 11 . 1 .1 4 1 innal tnfnrmatirtn ftnnlv At. . .
oDice. or to M F. HK'.GH,
vl B. I'.EVILLi Trav. 'as.. Awrt.
Five large buildings faculty of ten
:abl teaebers courses of study leari-
ioir lo degrees. Tuition for term $20
lo $25. Board and room S per month
In clubs $1 per month. Total ex
Dense fur year need not xwed $133
nnd can be easily reduced to W. Cor
rfspopdence eoliciterj. 'Jililosrue
;rrer. Address
- N. C.
Attorney and Counselor at Law.
Office S. W. CorneV 3rd and
Liberty Sta., Winston, N. O.
Will practice in all State Courts and in the
Federal Court. All business will receive
promot and earefull attention.
Tie Kortl Carolina
ColleiB of iiricnltnre
. Mechanic Arts
Will re-oDen September 1, 1898, with
Improved equipment in every depart
ment. Twenty-three experienced
specialists fn Faculty-- uli courses id
Agriculture. Science, Civil, Mechani
cal and Electrical EnnineerinK. Ex
penses very moderate.
For catalogues addressl
liaieiKh, N. C
Protest Azaiusr Uoinbardiiient of
f 'amlia I'ortc Refuses to With
draw Turkish Troops In Spile
of lcelsloii of the Admirals.
CnxsTAXTlxoi'l.E. Sept. 14. The
Turki.-h roviM'timt'nt has sent a eircn
inr to tlx; powers iilletrinLr that thu
".ritish pi-.vokfd tin; disorders at
( 'and'ui, chiiinin the ptvsont Situation
km adopted by the powers in Crete
and proter-ting- against the bombard
ment of Candia. Finally the 1'oite
announces its refusal to withdraw the
Turkish troops from Crete in spite of
the decision of the Admirals that sueh
a stop is absolutely necessary. The
circular has made a bad impression in
diplomatic circles.
Candia, Sept. 14. There are no
now developments in the situation
here, which is peaceful. The Mussul
men say they have decided to accept
the ultimatum of Admiral Noel calling
for disarmameat of the populace if the
Admiral is sure he has suflicient force
to overcome the Uashi Hahouks.
Hherwistj they beg him to wait until
further reinforcements arrive.
Candia, Sept. 14. The Uashi
ilahouks have consented to disarm,
provided their arms are delivered to
the Turkish authorities.
Prevailing Opinion as to War Inves
tigation. Washington, Sept. It. Senator
Davis and Whitelaw Keid had a con
ference with the 1 'resident this morn
ing, obviously t talk over the mis
sion of the 1'caec Commissioners and
to receive orally an outline of the ad
ministration programme foi the Com
mission's work inl'aris.
I 'resident Tilman, of Johns TTop
kius, was an early .aller on the Presi
dent regarding the war investigation.
I f the 1 'resident's explanation of the
scoe of the Commissson's duties
nake it practicable -lie is willing to
serve. 1 he opinion prevails that the
investigation will fall to pieces of its
own weight.
Talk of Forming Offensive an.-l De
fensive Alliance.
I'KK.-Xii, Sept. 14. Marquis Ito, re-
conUy I'remier. of Japan, has. arrived
at Tien Tsin. It is believed Ins pur
pose is to establish an offensive and
defensive alliance. He is charged to
examine into the possibility of the re
coverv bv China of what she lost and
becoming useful as an ally.
No doubt there is strong bias lately
imong leading Chinamen toward
.lapan, whose reforms the Kmperor of
China is attentively studying.
Wi Crutr Iifield's Promotion.
William G. Crutchlield son of ex-
Ma vor (,'ruh-hlield, of this citv, who
has had charge of the transfer busi
ness for the Southern at Greensboro,
has been appointed agent of the com
pany at Salisbury and will take
charge on the 20th. but his wife will
remain in Greensboro until next
prinsr. The Kecord savs that Air.
Crutohlield started in the lowest round
of the ladder and has gone steadily
upward to his present position, one
among the tjest along the line of the
road, and he deserves it. for he has
leen a worker, painstaking and care
ful. He will le succeeded at Greens
boro by J. F. Morton, the night man.
In a Mudd e Over Tax Hooks.
It appears that the Commissioners
and Sheriff of Wilkes county are iu a
"muddle" over the tax books, which,
it is claimed, were irreurularl y turned
over to Sheriff Call. The delinquent
taxes had not been run up on the
books, as was ordered to be done sev
eral meetings ago. However, the
books were turned over to the Sheriff
and an order to that effect apjeared
on the minutes, though three of the
Commissioners say the order was put
on the minutes without their knowledge
or consent and they entered their pro
test on the minutes. There will proba
bly be trouble over the matter yet,
says the Chronicle.
Ilote liurned iu Danville.
Hotel Normandie was destroyed bv
fire in Danville Thursday nirht. It
caught about 11 o'clock in an unused
room on third floor of the building and
the flames got up under the roof ano
increased in volume until the twd
upper stories were completely gutted.
The building and hotel furniture was
owned by Frank X. Burton, John L.
Penn, and the Planters' National
bank, who carried $12,000 insurance.
E. H. and II. S. Ellyson, proprietors,
loss on furnature, etc., $1,000. No in
surance. Several of the regular board
ers owned the furniture in their rooms
and lost it all, but the value and in
surance could not be obtained.
Gof Club Tournament.
The Golf Club held a business meet
ing; at the Y. M. C. A. last week. It
was decided to improve the grounds
and get them in fine shape for a big
tournament to be given shortly after
the Tobacco Fair, before the visitors
leave. A club from another city will
oe invuea to taKe part in the tourna
ment. The Club here has twenty mem-
oers, an oi wnom are enthusiastic
Misses Bessie Gray and Frances Con-
arc! were elecled members last night.
A. D. K. Wallace Discharged.
A. D. K. Wallace, the chief clerk to
Secretary of State Cy Thompson, has
been discharged for drunkenness. Mr.
Wallace,- it will be remembered, was
in Winston several days during the
spring of 1897 .helping the Public
Printers distribute the laws and pub
lic documents. As an extenuation it
is claimed that Mr. Wallace is suffer
ing on account of his wife's recent
misfortune of having lost her mind in
so much that she has been confined to
the Central Hospital in Kaleigh.
1 hat Is the -way all drngplsts sell GROVE'S
TA&TELKSS CHILL TON1U lor thill and
Fever and all forms of Malaria. H ia simply
Iron and Quinine in a tasteless form. Children
love it- Adults prefer it to bitter, nauseating
i onics, t rice, ;.
Kapp i-nl Wilson Renominated Mil
ler and Kerner Defeated Ijinney
Made a Speech After Adjourn
ment of the Convention.
The Republican County Convention
was called to meet at 12 m. Saturday
but it was 12:.r)0 when it convened. The
delay was caused by the bosses havinr
to caucus with a few of the "faithful
in the witness rooms.
"Brother John" Reynolds was the
"ring-master" and chairman Jessup
received his instructions before calling
the convention to order.
There was a bir crowd present but
many were there as spectators Demo
crats as well as Republicans. A few
Populists were also in attendance.
The bosses and delegates occupied
seats within the bar. Several colored
brethren were on hand. This is all
the recognition they get in Forsyth.
Chairman Jessup, not feeling equal
to the occasion, called upon Mr. J. T.
Benbow, of the law firm of Benbow &
Hall, to act as temporary chairman.
It might be stated that Mr. Benbow is
a native of Yadkin and that he spends
most of his time in that county. He
stated the object of the meeting to
nominate candidates for General As
sembly and county officers.
The Secretary called the roll of town
ships. He then stated that all were
represented and that there were no
The Chairman stated that this being
true he did not deem it necessary to
appoint a Committee on Credentials.
On motion of John Reynolds, the
temporary Chairman was made per
manent, rxiitor Hall, of the Republi
can, was elected assistant secretary.
On motion of John Reynolds, Edgar
Lineback was endorsed for the nomi
nation for State Senator.
Messrs. W. A. Lowrcy, of Kerners-
ville, and James Carter, of Belews
Creek, were nominated for the House
of Representatives.
sheriff Kapp and Clerk of the Gouri
Wilson were renominated by acclama
Three candidates were put in nomi
nation for Register of Deeds I' rank
I'.verlv, J. F. Miller aud W. L.
Tea grue The vote stood: Hyerly 41:
Teajnie 20, and Miller 11. Byerly
was declared the nominee.
Iveson Crews and J. J. Kerner, of
Kernersville, were put in nomination
for County Treasurer. Crews got the
plum, he receiving votes and Ker
ner ;$.5v
J. W. Jones and Dr. Linville were
enominated by acclamation for Sur
veyor and Coroner respectively.
Ed. T. Linville, Joseph Ueeson and
A.Vance were "named for County
Shortly after the Convention met it
was discovered that the "bosses"
iixed the slate in the caucus held prior
to the Convention. The Chairman
appointed Lieut. Gov. Reynolds and
Edgar Lineback to escort Congress
man Linney into the Court-room.
the Convention was then declared
adjourned. While awaiting the ar-
lval of Congressman L.inney, some
one called upon G. W. Hawkins, col
ored, to make a speech. He respond
ed and announced that he was again
n line with the Republican party.
This writer has heard the "Bull of
the Brushies" make several speeches,
ut his effort Saturday was the weakest.
He labored hard but his sieech fell
Hat. Many Republicans left the room
shortly after he began speaking. The
Congressman made no direct allusion
to the insurgents. He stated that there
were not enough offices for all the Re
He eulogized McKinley and his ad
ministration for the victory won dur
ing the recent war with Spain. He
complimented Duke for giving $400,
000 to Trinity College, but he failed to
tell his hearers that Mr. Duke is a
member of a trust and the money was
made out of the poor farmers. He
also referred to the gift f Peck, an
other Republican, to the Vance monu
ment fund, but again he omitted to
state that the giver was a member of
the great oil trust.
" i ou may throw me out," said l.in-
ney, "but you may not get one who
will watch your interests so closely as
your humble servant."
Liinney rode his "old hobby" fair
elections and ballot box. Not a word
was said about 5 cent cotton during
his entire speech.
May Postpone Their Trip.
Mr. S. E. Hough, the photographer,
was arranging to take a trip in No
vember with his brother, Mr. E. K.
Hough, formerly of this city, now of
lew York, to either forto Rico or the
British West Indies. On account of
yellow fever in the first place and
cyclones in the latter they may post
pone their trip. Mr. K. K. Hough was
going in the interest of bis health.
A Sudden Death.
Mrs. Charles Reavis, aged about
seventy-eight years, died suddenly
at Hamptonviile, Yadkin county on
Sept. 11th. bhewas as well as usual
Sunday evening. The girl with whom
she was sleeping found that the eld
lady's feet were cold some time after
retiring and tried to arouse her.' She
drew only one or two breaths after
the discovery.
Death of a Good Man.
Mr. Allen Crater, one of Forsyth's
good farmers and highly esteemed cit
izens, died last week at Crater's, a
few miles west of Wiuston. He was
about 62 years old and had been sick
some time with typhoid fever. He
was an honored member of the New
Philadelphia Moravian church. The
funeral services will be held there at
11 o'clock tomorrow
Yadkin County Ticket.
The Yadkin Democrats held their
convention Saturday and nominated
the following ticket: House of Repre
sentatives, Aquilla Shore; sheriff,
SamjSpeas; register of deeds, F. D.
Holcomb; clerk of court, J. D. Ham
lin; coroner, H. W. Douglas; sur
veyor, T. C. Myers; commissioners,
N. S. C. -May, Daniel Angel, Wm.
Shermer. r
Valuable to Women.
Especially valuable to women is Browns'
Iron Bitters. . Backache vanishes, headache
disappears, strength take the place of
weakness, and the glow of health readily
comes to the pallid cheek when this won
derful remedy is taken. For sickly children
or overworked men it has no equal. No home
should be without this famous remedy.
Browns' Iron Kitten ia sold hr all dealers.
I Precipitated by Striking Plasterers-
Mounted Police Responded to Riot
Call and Were Met by a Fusl
lade of Bullets Arrests.
St. Louis, Sept. 1.5. Striking plas
terers precipitated a riot today in the
western limits of the city, in which
William Lane, a non-union worker,
was fatally shot and three others se
riously wounded. The mounted po
lice responded to the riot call and
were met by a fusilade of bullets from
the strikers. The police replied with
a number of shots and charged the
crowd, disiersing them and resulting
in the arrest of Nat Brown and Joe
Lee, who are thought to be the ring
He Makes a Fine Speech at a Big
Democratic Rally.
The Democrats of Pender county
had a big rally on Sept. 12, at But
gaw. Fifteen hundred people were in
attendance, many of them being Popu
lists. Eloquent speeches were made
by Messrs. John D. Bellamy, W. II.
Kitchin and Capt. R. B. Glenn, in the
order named.
The Wilmington Star gives an ex
tended report of the meeting. The
two concluding paragraphs are given
The best and last speaker was Capt.
R. B. Glenn, of Winston. It is need
less to say to those who have heard
"Bob" Glenn, or who know him by
reputation, that he made a rattling
speech.. It was characterized by every
phase of oratory. Eloquence, pathos,
argument, stinging sarcasm, wit and
humor made up a combination that
carried his audience tiy storm. Gray
haired men, beardless boys arid
charming girls all joined in the cren-
erous and, at times, tumultous ap
plause that shook the Courthouse
building "from turret to foundation
stone. "
Mr. Glenn said that there would be
no election this year for Governor,
but he wished to God we had a Gov
ernor to elect, so we could get rid of
the present ineumljent who had brousrht
disgrace upon the State.
Insurgents to Nominate Another Can
didate on Sept. licit h.
Mocks ville,, N. C,
Sept. 1"), 1S!8.
M. I. Stewart, Esq.,
Winston, N. C.
Dear Sir: 1 have called our Con
vention to meet in VVilkesboro on
Monday, Sept. 2(ith. Please notity
your delegates as I do not know either
their names or postollices. Same del
egates attend this that nominated Dr.
We must nominate a man.
Very truly yours.
M. D. Kimhkougii.
Chief Adams' Present.
Chief of Police Adams received a
present last week in the shape of a
little dog, named "Gip. it was
sent bv t friend in Greensboro and
Baggage Master Collins brought it
through without an accident. The lit
tle animal has some beard, but no
hair is to le seen on it elsewhere. It
has been sheared to the skin. A tag
around "Gip's" neck told where he
was from.
Predicted That the Committee Will
Name Him for Judge.
Judge Spencer B. Adams, who was
recently nominated by the Republi
cans for Congress in the Fifth district,
stated while here this week that the
Republican State Executive Comittee
would put up a candidate forjudge in
that district. This means that Mr.
Adams will resign as judge and ac
cept the nomination for Congress. A
well informed gentleman predicts that
Ex-Congressman Thos. Settle, who
was defeated by Judge Adams for
the Congressional nomination, will be
named by the Committee for Judge,
The question is asked: "Will Tom
my accept?"
This Is Good News !
A Southern Railway official tells the
Raleigh News and Observer that he
has good reason to believe that the
Reidsville-Kernersville link will be
built at an early day.
The Ga3tonia-Mt. Mourne link, he
thinks, will not be built for sometime
yet, probably several years. Con
struction of the Reidsville link will do
away with the necessity for a double
track between Salisbury and Greens
boro, and will make the through line
a few miles shorter.
Opening of Salem Public Schools.''
Salem's public schools opened last
week with an unusually large number
of pupils. In Wesi Salem 138 pupils
were present. Devotional exercises
were conducted by Rev. A. Liehten
thajler, after which appropriate talks
were made by Messrs. K. A. X nomas,
B. J. Pfohl, Rev. Lichtenthaeler and
Dr. Davis.
Tobacco Barn Burned.
A barn of very fine tobacco belong
ing- to Dr. W. L. Hill, of Arcadia,
Davidson county, was totally destroyed
bv fire Saturday evening Sept. 10th A
defective flue was the cause of the con
fl aeration. Dr. Hill was lust finishing
curing the tobacco and says it was the
nnest Darn ne nas raiseu wis year.
Democrats in Good. Trim.
Politics down in Guilford, accord
ing: to a gentleman from that place, is
getting red hot. Both parties have
nominated their tickets and the battle
is on. though the canvass will not
otien for sonae weeks yet. The Demo
crats are in better shape there than
they nave been In some years.
,1 Verdict for $3,000.
-' J. C." Buxton returned from, David
son court last week. 'He appeared
for the plaintiff in a suit against the
Southern Railway for killing John
Mendenhall. at Thomasville, last De
cember. The jury returned a verdict
for $3,000 against the railroad com
pany. ' ......
First Reports Were Not Kxaggerated
Impossible to Aggregate Dam
age at This Time Some Por
tions Completely Devastated.
London. Sept. 15. Advices this
morning show that the first reports
regarding the destruction of life and
property by the hurricane which
swept Barbudoes, St. Vincent, St.
Lucia and other Islands of the
Windward group, were not exagger
ated. Iudeed, as appalling as the de
tails are, they fail to present an ade
quate idea "of the terrible havoc
wrought by the storm. The estimated
los of life is believed to le far short
of the actual number killed, while the
number rendered homeless is greater
than at first stated.
The aggregate damage to property
cannot he estimated even approximately-
as the winds, rainfall, tidal
waves anu landslides have completely
devastated the country. It is believed
the dead at Kingston, capital of St.
Vincent, which was totally destroyed,
will reach three hundred and the num
ber of homeless will reach twenty
thousand. The British man-of-war
Alert went to sea to escape the storm.
There is heavy loss to shipping Guad
eloupe suffering intensely.
Irviii Royal and Jim Patrick, Who
Broke Jail.
Irviu Royal, one of the four negroes
who escaped from jail Monday night,
September 12th, was arrested Tuesday
near Dan river, beyond Walnut Cove,
by Constable Joe Lewis, of the latter
Rom Lewis, the assistant jailer, who
was knocked down in the jab by
Royal, went out to the Cove on the
N. & W. freight train Tuesday after
noon and returned with his prisoner
on the passenger train at H:4l). Royal
made several attempts to get away.
Ollicer Lewis found the pistol on Royal
which he took away from the assistant
jailer. The negro tried to pawn the
pistol yesterday to David Boyles, of
ft is said that Royal, as soon as he
;ot out of jail, took the road for Ger
lanton. He went down the C. F. &
Y. V. road to Walnut Cove yester
He will now have three charges to
answer for at the next term of court
tealinir a bicycle from Mr. Swink.
breaking jail and assaulting the as
sistant taller with a deadly weapon.
Constable Lewis found another
negro with Roval and lie arrested
both of them. He found pistols on
bot.h of t.liem. Rovnl's nrtrtner was
sent to Stokes jail to await trial for
arrying a concealed weapon.
Sheriff Kapp received a teleirram
Thursday from Martinsville, in
forming him that Jim Patrick, one of
the negroes who escaped jail here
last week, was arrested by one of
the policemen Wednesday night, Sep
tember 14th. Jailer Masten went after
Patrick on Friday and returned with
the prisoner that night.
Only the Olliccrs Wuiit to Go to
Cuba Their Reason.
One of Winston's business men re
vived a letu r last week from a sol
dier bov at Jacksonville. He savs
that lie is like !). er cent, of the First
North Carolina regiment ready and
anxious to come home especially
Company C and the members don't
feci that their patriotic principles are
owered the least bit by such a wish.
The only men who wish to go to Cuba
are the officer i and tins is on account
f the big salaries they are receiving.
The writer adds that they get very
poor meat. Their ieef comes from
Texas, a istate noted for raising "hair
and hide," but very little beef. Con
tinuing, he says: "I want a chew of
tobacco so bad I am afraid I will
chew my tongue off, as stubs of Pal
metto are too drv and hard."
Most of the boys are quite well;
some are looking badly, while others
are as fat as pigs but all are longing
for home and the soil of old North
Carolina, and a good drink of pure
water. The water there is sulphur.
Onexf the soldiers caught a big
possum in the swamp on Sundav.
Such is camp life.
Why Not Invite Sportsmen from the
The bird hunting season will soon
be on and it is reported that there are
more partridges this year than usual.
This means that the sport promises to
be fine when the season opens.
If people who have comfortable
homes in good shooting sections
would let the fact be known through
out the Northern States, they would
attract sportsmen who would beard
with them, to the mutual advantage of
all concerned, bportsmen are good
fellows, too, and make the best of
good company. Some of these North
er men, wno come down ssoutn dur
ing the bird hunting season, with their
fine guns, can hardly hit a barn door.
It is the outdoor life and novelty of
the thing that catches them, and they
don't mind paying for the pleasure
oi it.
Surry's Enthusiastic Convention.
The Democrats of Surry met in Con
ventien at Dobson Saturday and nom
inated the following ticket: For the
Legislature, W. F. Carter; Sheriff, J.
E. Dobson; Clerk Superior Court, C.
H. Haynes; IXegister af Deeds, J. A.
Thompson; Coroner, N. B. S. Hill;
Surveyor. W. M. Norman; Commis-
ioners, A. G. Click, A. L. Bunker,
Stephen Venable. S. P. Graves was
re-elected Chairman of the County
Democratic Executive Committee. The
Convention was the largest anu most
enthusiastic ever held in the county.
Leaf Tobacco Sales. -
' North Carolina makes a fair show
as to leaf tobacco this year. The
sales on the 34 markets are reported
to aggregate 125,000,000 pounds. There
are 87 warehouses and 330 leaf dealers
in the State. North Carolina grows
much more than half the bright to
bacco produced in the United States.
No Kseape From it and Conditions
are Such There Is No A'ternatlve,
Says Judge Day Peace "Com
missioners iu New York.
Washington, Sept. It;. The im
pression is growing that when the
l.'i'ms of peace with Spain are finally
concluded they will lx; found to in
clude provision for the practical own
ership and certain control of the Phil
ippines by Ameriea, although nothing
official can be learned further than the
statement of Judge Day last' night to
a memiier of the administration. He
said regarding the control of the
Philippines: "There is no escape
from it and the conditions are such
there is no alternative."
Senator Fry said the idea of holdinsr
all the land secured by conquest is
It is Ix-heved the instructions to the
Peace Commissioners sire not hard
and fast, except, as to a general pol
icy. They have discretion to deal
with unexpected developments as they
occur, t.enoral Merritt will meet
them in Paris. It is ex inn-led he will
irive the commission much informa
tion which will largely determine their
Chairman Dav and Senators Davis
and Frye go to New York this after
noon. There thev will join Grav i-nd
An Account of Ilis I r.ivels in F.ng-
land and Scotland.
The l'u st of a series of lectures to le
given monthly before the high school
department of the Winston Graded
Schools, was delivered last week iu
the Y. M. C A. audi to ium bv Prof.
Chas. L. Raper. late professor of
history in Greensboro College.
Prof. Raper is also well known in
the State as the author of a book enti
tled, "Church and Private Schools in
North 'arolina."
Ih' is a pleasing and impressive
;ite:i.ker and delivered a most excel
lent lecture, taking as his them.! an
noeount of his travels in hn rl and ami
After narratintr the events of the
vovaire from N;w York to Liverpool,
the speaker geographically deserilied
thu il i (Terent, F.m-lish towns and cities
he visited, including Liverpool, the
present hom- of the distinguished
wi'iteiv Tom M :iol areii. tile 1'itv of
Oxford with its 20 colleges, Windsor,
made Tamous ry won college anu uie
royal home of the King and Queen of
England, and lastly London, the
greatest of all cities in the world.
Tt, is lnterostimr to know that the
present population of London equals
that of North Carolina, South Caro
lina and Georgia combined, and ex
ceeds the combined population of
Paris and New York.
Mi- I In r tolil of Ills visits to tile
old homes of Milton, Dryden, Shake
speare, Carlyle. and other distin
guished literary men, and of the
places raaJe famous in the writings of
Dickens and 1 haokerav. 1 le descri lied
the old tower built by William the
Conqueror, Westminster Ablx-y, with
the tombs anil monuments, and the
Iti-it.ish Museum, containim' the sec
ond largest library in the world.
One of the most interesting parts ol
the lecture was tin account of the
'Queen's Jubilee" on the tiOth anni
versary of her reign, the jnu nay
f J line, l!S'.M, was the great day, and
Mr. Raper was fortunate enough to Im;
in London at the time. It is esti
mated that seven and one half million
people were in attendance upon this
jivut event.
Next, a line account of the sw-aker's
rip to the highlands of Scotland was
given, in which were doson Ix-d Ah-
tott's Ford, the home of Walter rjcott,
the famous lakes, rugged scenery and
well known battle fields. Of all the
nl aiios visited, the speaker remarked
that Scotland was the most charming
nnd inspiring.
The lecture was highly annreciated
by a large, and intelligent audience.
Mr. llapei- expects to sp'iid the
next fo vears in Columbia College
in New York city, having l(e.n
awarded a fellowship in that institu
A Little Girl In Lexington Oil Can
Kxplndrri. .
While building a fire in a stove
with kerosene oil, iu L-xington, last
week, the eight-year-old daughter
of Mrs. A. L. S:nitii, was so badly
burned as to cause her death Wednes
day night.
The Dispatch says the little girl was
pouring oil on a blaze when the oil in
the can lH-came ignited and the can
burst, catching her clothing on firo
and almost in a moment she was in a
mass of flames. The little girl ran
out of the house and her screams at
tracted the mother, who rushed to her
rescue. Her clothes were enterely
burned off, her body badly scorched,
and her hair was on fire when Mrs.
Smith reached her.
The mother's hands were severely
burred in endeavoring to extinguish
the flames, and the little daughter was
found lo be in a horrible -condition.
Greensboro Soldiers Hurt.
The Third North Carolina Regiment
passed through Asheville last week
on its way to Knoxville. The second
coach in the second section jumped the
track and fell on its side, near Azalea,
a few miles east of Asheville. Corpo
rals Watson, Law and Wm. Milton
and Private George Jones, all of com
pany E, of Greensboro, were injured,
but not seriously. About a dozen
others were slightly bruised.
Kvangelist Gales In Atlanta.
Evangelist Weston R. Gales, who at
one time resided in Winston, is now in
Atlanta, helping Dr. L. G. Brough
ton, another North Carolinian, in a
meeting that is being held at the
Third Baptist, Dr. Broughton's
Greensboro to Have Street Cars..
Greensboro, through its Industrial
Association, is moving for an electric
car line. A meeting held there Sep
tember 15th took action which will,
it is believed, have a practical result.
This is the Opinion of Chairman Day
Thinks American Terms Will be
Regarded as Reasonable and
AV1II be No Useless Debate.
Nkw York, Sept. 17. The Peace
Commissioners have boarded the Cam
pania and will sail this afternoon for
Paris. Secretary Day said: "We had
a conference with the Cabinet before
we left Washington. We hold our
first meeting aboard the steamer this
afternoon. We all understand the
wishes of the Cabinet, and believe there
will 1m practically no change after our
conference with the Spanish commis
sioners. We think the American's
terms will le regarded, as reasonable,
and, therefore, we lielieve the work of
the commission will not be impeded by
useless discussion."
President Alderman, of University,
Will Make Opening Address
Winston's coming Tobacco Fair is
growing daily in importance and mag
nitude. Secretary Webb says that
great interest is leing taken by the
outside world as well as by home peo
ple. The commercial and industrial
display will 1m: the most magnilicient
that has ever be-on in North Carolina.
Special efforts are bei ng made to make
the leaf tobacco exhibit the lest the
world has ever seen. Tobacco men
are exjieeted here from all sections of
the country. The list of amusements
for the week will le varied and exten
sive. There will Ih: a great Midway,
bicycle parade, horse and live stock
pa'-ade, balloon ascensions, horse run
ning and t.-otting, football, fire works
and free concerts, three special bands
of music, etc. The Forsyth county
Fair will lie in progress on Friday of
Fair week.
Brown Brits. Company was the
highest bidder this morning and
secured the center space, in Brown's
warehouse for au exhibit. Their bid
was $".".
The University foot-ball team will
play here one day during the fair.
President Edwin A. Alderman, of
the North Carolina University, will
deliver the address at the opening of
the Fair. An invitation was sent to
him several days ago and a reply was
received today notifying the committee
of his acceptance. Dr. Alderman is
an ornate speaker and his address will
no d on lit be a gem.
The Tobacco Fair Kxoutive Com
mittee held an important and interest
ing meeting last week. Nearly all A
the members were present.
Messrs. I). H. Blair, F. M. Roberts
and Wingtield Young were appointed
a committee to get up the bicycle
Secretary Webb was instructed to
employ the Salem Cornet Band on the
same U rms as last year. 1 he Secre
tary was also reques od tit act with
President M. D. Bailey, of the To
bacco Board of Trade, in securing
other bands.
It was decided to have the white
Graded School children give a parade
one day during the I-air.
Messrs. F. A. t'oleman. W. 15.
Carter and Col. G. E. Webb wore ap
pointeil a committee to seliN-t judges
for the leaf tobacco to lie exhibited by
Iarmers lor pri.i-s.
Messrs. G. A. Follin, A.
and Secretary Webb were
get up the program for the
15. Gorroll
chosen to
Mr. John Mel'reary was
suiterintend the live stock
elected to
-xhihit and
The committee discussed a numltor
of points along the line of now feat
ures for the coming exposition.
Rev. Howard I; omll haler to Wed
Miss Horiug, of Phildclphla.
Invitations have boon received here
for the marriage of Rev. Ilowaid
Rondtiialer, of Salem, to Miss Kath
arine Boring, of Philadelphia.
The happy event will be celebrated
in the First Moravian church, in
Philadelphia, at six o'clock p. m.
on Thursday, Soph-miter twenty-ninth.
The ceremony will tte performed by
the groom's father, Bishop Edward
Rondtiialer, assisted by the pastor of
the Philadelphia church, Rev. Mr.
After an extended bridal tour
through the North, Rev. ami Mrs.
Rondtiialer will Ih- at home iu West
Salem after Novemlter the 8th. They
will occupy the handsome new par
sonage near Christ church.
The groom-elect is one of the ablest
and most popular divines in the
Southern Province of the Moravian
church. Miss Boring is said to lie
highly cultured and a most charming
young lady. Thk Skntinkl, in ad
vance, extends congratulations to
this popular couple for the brightest
and happiest married life possible.
Will the Postal Come Here?
Last vear
Postal Tele:
it was talked that
jrraph Co. wanted to
tend its line from Raleigh to Win
ston-Salem, but that the Southern re
fused to allow the Postal a right of
way along its line. The telegraph
people entered suit and the Asheville
Citizen says that Judge Simonton has
hied his opinion in the case in whicn
he holds with the plaintiff and directs
that commissioners be appointed to
assess damages in accordance with
section 1W4.J of the code of xsortn
The plaintiff sought to condemn
right of way along the line of the
Southern in certain counties of the
State in which, the Postal Company
desired to erect poles for a parallel
telegraph line. It is presumed that
the case will be appealed.
Will Not "Sport" With It.
The Reidsville Weekly says that the
stealing of Rev. Dr. H. A. Brown's
baptizing suit and a collection plate
Irom tne .r irsi uapiisi cnurcn, recalls
the experience of Dr. B. F. Dixon,
when he was supplying the pulpit of
the Methodist church at Statesville
several years ago. A suit of clothes
was stolen from him and the genial
divine announced that if the gentle
man proposed to enter the ministry it
was all right, but if he took his clothes
to sport in he would kick. It may
afford "Mr. Brown some comfort to
know that the thief will hardly attempt
to sport in his baptizing suit.
kama. Actual testa i
Absolutely Pure
A White Man Named Puckett, for an
Attempted Assault.
A drummer from Mt. Airy informed
a Skntinkl reporter Wednesday, the
14th inst., that a white man attempt
ed to assault two white ladies in that
town on Tuesday and that a brother of
one of the girls got a crowd of men,
followed the assailant and shot him
dead. The drummer could give no
further particulars.
A telegram was sent to the Mt. Airy
News and the following- reulv was re
"Lee Pickett, ( white ) who was recent
ly released from jail at Stuart, Va.,
attempted to commit a horrible crime
upon the lterson of two respectable
young ladies in Virginia, but failed.
On Monday he was taken from the
officer and shot todeatn."
X gentleman who form all v lived in
Patrick county tells Thk Skntinkl
that the trouble occurred near Friend's
Mission, about ten miles from Mt.
Airy. He says onlv one man has
I teen hung in Patrick and the slowness
f the courts, he thinks, is resnonsible
for the action of the men who killed
From another source it is learned
that Puckett, about a year ago, was
discharged from a prosecution for
house-break ing upon the pica of lunacy.
He was sent to au insane asylum, but
oscaiK-d in a short time, and has since
m-on going at large.
While he was ou trial for attempting
to assault the two ladies Puckett, was
taken from the custod y of the deputy
herilT by a mob, carried a short dis
tance, and shot to death. It was all
done in the day time and no altemnt
was made at concealment. The names
of the partie'irTfTils are well knijwu. No
arrests naye. been made as vet. Tim--
pubic sq'iitimeiit in Patrick county
str.gly tpproves of the action of the
A Danville Taylor Who Visits W!n-
plon Frequently.
David .loni-a Danville tailor who
was in Winston recently and who
pays frequ.-nt visits to the Twin-' ity,
soliciting orders, wan. shot in Dan
ville Thursday aftornofvn by Ed ard
Rush, a journeyman tailor.
Jones was shot in the mouth, t he-
ball tearing away a part of the upper
lip, two upper teeth, a part of the
tongue and lodging in the throat or
nook. The ball has not yet I teen ex
tracted, and Mr. Jones' condition is
considered vorv critical.
The cause of the difficulty dates
back several years when, it, is alleged,
Rush had a difficulty with Jones in
Lynchburg, assaulting him, for which
ho was fined in the courts of that city.
Rush was arrested, but he declined
to discuss the affair.
It Is
Believed That Many Vessels
Were liOBt.
1 'III LA DF.Ll'll I A , Sept. Hi. The hur
ricane which recently swept the Wind
ward Islands was encountered Sunday
by the Norwegian steamship A vena,
which has arrived here. ('apt. Fi-e-stad
said the storm lasted twelve
hours, then a calm, followed by a re
newed storm of twelve hours. The
Captain Itelieves many vessels were
unable to live in. the sea ami found
ered and will never lie heard from.
Between Winston and Jocksvllle.'
The Davie Times is reliably inform
ed that there is hardly any don lit now
but that considerable worll
done on the road between Mv
and Winston and that the
tween Koruersville and Reidsvi
Ih; built and that the line will be
an important one;. Considerab
tie timlier is now Using placed4
Mocksville and Winston. Wli
impossible to find out railroad
and business yet we have good grounds
for b-jlieving that the above work will
be done at a very early day.
Left for D. D. and B. Asylum.
The following white children left
here Thursday for the deaf, dumb and
blind asylum, Raleigh: Ara Conrad,
Carrie Bittting, Lillie Ilairston, Col
man Hammons, "Nora Ogburn, Selah
Conrad, Evan McKnight, John Dan
ley, Carrie Bumgardner, Louise
and Catharine Conrad. Wallace
Wishon went to Morganton.
Only One Issue Says Bradshaw.
A gentleman whose veracity cannot
be questioned tells TlIK SKNTINKL
that Mr. G. S. Bradshaw, who was
nominated by the Republicans in
Guilford county the 10th inst. for the
legislature, stated in Asheboro on the
8th inst. that "there is only one issue
in this campaign and that is the white
man and the negro and that there is
but one side to this question."
Brower In the Race for Congress.
Ex-Congressman John M. Brower,
of Mt. Airy, has announced himself
an independent Republican candidate
for Congress from this (the Hth ) dis
trict against R. 'A. Linney, the Repub
lican nominee. The death :f Dr. J.
O. Wilcox does not mean that the In
surgent Republicans will have no can
didate. If they fail to endorse Mr.
Brower they will nominate another
To Gieanaelna System
Effectively yet eently, when costive or bill
llouj, to permanently overcome habitua
constipation, to awaken the kidneys and
ing or weakening them, to' dispell headaches
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the UaUlornia r ig By rup u j,
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