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That Brings Results.
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Lexington Dispatch.
Mr. Thomas Lamb was bittea by a
spider Friday with what liked-to have
been serious results. A short time
after being bitten Mr. Lamb's face
was swollen to such an extent that he
could not see out of one eye, he could
uot open bis mouth and was in a
dreadful condition. A physician was
summoned and be did all he could to
counteract the poison. Mr. Lamb re
mained in this condition for nearly
two days being unable to , open his
mouth to take food. The Swelling is
gradually diminishing and he is able
to be out aain.
Worse Than inspected.
Charlotte Observer.
It is well knowiihat the Obfierver
yia kindly disoflSed to the colored
ice. It hac'er blamed the neero
jjetting (A he can ontof the Ile-
Cy, which is almost en-
.ified in the South of his
'he is not fit to role and
Ithat is responsible for his
ed in power must be de
legro, like lire and
servant, but an
ibserver had no
kf.o investi
id the condi
"Sppallirg as he
ry for Pie-Fate rs.
'defeat of the Hon. W. F.
rd and the nomination of Sheriff
Kibn& as the Populist candidate
Tor Corerees is a "complete -victory
for the Republicans and Pritchard
Populists. And it seems somewhat
strange and surprising that the
Pritchard Populists, who were in the
minority in t he last Legislature and
were then denounced as traitors,
should now be carrying everything
before-them in tha Populist party.
But is it eo surprising, when it is
remembered the slices of Pritchard
pie that have been given out?
The Very
the best that Loi. u'Jy'EI" uu u j
wonder that his Republican
lends were disappointed in his
speech. Did the colonel "happen to
be appointed Assistant Attorney
General? No. It was done because
he is a leading politician in his party.
It is for theeauae reason that negroes
are appointed to office in Eastern
North Carolina. It does not "hap
pen." It is done to get the negro
vote and the negro is ambitious of
the honor of having white men under
him as he works the public roads.
North Carolina Leads.
Wilmington Messenger.
North Carolina is the leading man
ufacturing State in the Soutb and
some idea may be had of the growth
of the cotton mill industry when the
statistics are examined. The statis
tics up to August 31, 1807, show
that North Carolina has 1,018,303
spindles in operation, the second
largest number in the South. South
Carolina has a few more spindles but
North, Garolina has more mills than
any other Southern State. She has
186 mills, including those under con
struction, out of 491 mills in the
South nearly 40 per cent of the
entire factories in the South.
Organ Iz-
Wilmington Messenger.
Again and again has the Messenger
nrged the White Men to organize in
every township. Let all the counties
be perfectly organized. That means
house to house work gettiDg all
who are against negro rule to unite
to save civilization, to secure good
government, to restore law and
order, to rid the whites of negro rule,
which means degradation, corrup
tion, oppression and if continued,
revolution. Organize! Organize 1 1
Organize ! ! !
For White Supremacy.
Bed Springs Citizen.
Reports are daily to the effect that
Populists are returning to the Dem
ocratic party. If there are any in
this part of Robeson county, except
two xr three old fogies who want
office they are ashamed to say so.
When it comes to the question of
white supremacy the people seem to
be all one way.
A Floral Weather Prophet.
The marigold is a little weather
prophet. If the- day is going to be
fine the flower opens about 3 or 4
o'clock In the afternoon; but if wet
weather is in store the marigold does
not open at all. "
mA I
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Is in the Daily Sentinel!
Subscribe and Keep
II to afford to do without
ipeets to be
hasing a
Tnd of world one
e's sell is the im-
iiid the world outside
truce, color and vulue
U. Lowell.
fin are weak in prayer bf
are uncertain as to their
tefore (iod. He who knows
G.jd's service has no hesita
in drawing on Clod's resources
tJirififfliljUTllHt live and triumph
as a system of reform, because it
goes to the root of things, and, bt
raue by so doing it proves itself to
be divinely and eternally true J G
The only faith that wears well and
holds its color in all weathers is that
which is woven ot conviction and set
with the sharp mordant of experi
ence. J. It. Lowell.
When people go to the bad they
always commence wU.h slow, short
steps at first, but gradually increase
them until they 'hilly leap at the
last as they run 1 1 heir destruction.
Central Baptitl .
As ships meet at sea, a moment
together, when words of greeting
mui-t be pok( n, and then away into
tb dep, bo men must in this world;
and I think we should cross no man'
path without hailing him, and, if
neds, giving him supplies. Ueiiry
Ward Beecber.
Not Surprtbtpg.
Raleigh News and Observer.
It ought not to surprise anybody
that Populists in all sections ol the
State are renouncing that party. It
is not because they have deserted the
original princit les upon which the
Populist party was organized. It, is
because they see that, iuHtead of con
tending for ficaucial- reform, the
Populist irachinery is in th bands
of the Republicans and their party is
being used to strengthen the gold
standard and continue corrupt and
low government in North Curolina.
It is a surprise that any man, not
origii a'ly a K-publicai', except thorn
who make money by celling out thtir
principles, continues to affiliate with
a party t hat here in North Carolina
is controlled by the Republican
The Rascal.
"Henry," she said, disconsolately,
"yon didn't give me a birthday gilt."
"By Jove, that' so," t-aid Henry,
"but, you see, you always look so
young that I can't realize yoa evr
had birthdays."
Then she was happy, and he smiled
the mean, m.bth smile of a n an who
las saved money.
Properly Named.
Princeton Tiger.
"Mr. Johnsin, does yon know whar
de sailors got dot name 'tars' uj
plied to them?
"Sun ; in some pitched battle; of
course, jbuo.
i that when
i Santiago
am ot bpanit-h
ship to actual
of the men with
y sign even to nerv
ihip sank under them
man awaited hi order.
was t notice where the
ere strikiner, nor to pay any
ion whatever o any woun i be
t receive, and to the letter there
perfect obedience, when next
ay a Spanish lieuteraut asked one
the sailors, vv hat was tneobpet;
in cumiriK here?"' he answered, draw
ing himself up: "In the United States
nivy it is not the custom for a sea
man to kno or to ask to know the
ol j 'Ct of his superior officer." With
such i xampl-s from our sailors, and
the lieutenant sava those six reprf
sent the body of our navy, bow an
soldiers of Jesus Christ ever qu iillf
i he spirit of our sailors and soldiers
transferred to our churches and
preachers would take the heathen
woild for Uod in a short time and
t.'ien trans'orm its inhabitants in
likeness to Ghrist.
Paris has an official rat catcher.
Palestine's population is increas
army costs $9,000,000
Mexicopn3tibriKi church
sions. v
Eartl quakes have killed . 13,000 -
000 people.
Jarnu's coa-t line st retlshfs 18,000
John Bull uses 250,O00,O0Q bricks
Brooklyn has a four lepged hen.
Greece's Q ieeu is the only wi iuan
Racing pgeousis Belgium's natit n"
al pastime.
Some Abjssinia elephants are
German universities have 2350
foreign students.
Portugal married women retain
their maiden names
The British Empire embraces
10,000 islands.
Oaly one man in 203 is over six
feet in height.
Only 37 per cent of the inhabitants
o tterlin are uer mans uy inrtn.
In Ilmni-i the proportionate num
ber of births is nearly double that of
There are 27 roval families fn
Europe, two-t hirds of which are of
German origin.
Expressed in a Nutshell.
American Harness and Carriage Journal.
The way t gjt business is t ad
vertise the only w.iy to advertise is
to advertise right the only way to
advertise right is to study the needs
of the people iu your particular line
oi trade, and place the matter before
them in an honest, straightforward
manner pleasantly stated, and giv
ing due prominence to the good
points f the articles yeu wish to
sell prominently, persistently, and in
nn attractive manner. fortunes
made by judicious, persistent, con
sistent advertising are not excep
li nnl The largest business houses
have been the largest a.l vertisers,
and thfir rncss has been in keeping
with the amount of advertising.
"Large oaks from little corns
grow." Keep your name before the
popl. Ker your goods efore
their eyes. The only way to do it Is
to advertise.
Blasts from Itara'd Horn.
Omaha Bee.
It Is of a half truth thaf, a who'e
lie is bora.
Popular plaudits will pais no m: n
to Paradise.
No mala can kick an 1 draw a load
at the same time.
Too many aim at righteousness
with a telescopic Bight.
Peoplo always notice the spots on
the raiment of pride.
The bell of the fashionable church
awakens many sluggards.
Th man who lives for self has a
very small object to live for.
. Fortunes from Bananas. '
Immense fortunes have been made
ont of the banana business. Reve
nues accrue not alone from the sale
of the frnit, 4ot the leaves are used
Jor packing; the juice being strong In
tannin makes an indelible Ink and
shoe blacking; the wax fonnd on the
under side of ihe leaves is a valuable
article of commerce; manila hemp Is
made from the stems, Bad of this
hemp are made mats, plaited work
and lace handkerchiefs of the 'finest
texture; moreover, the banana is
ground into banana floor.
Impure blood is an enemy to health, and
may lea.l M serious diarase.
r lej
averU rilla conquers this
enemy and
anger. h.
y patriots in
Are thnv not
these in power.
be poor farmer, or
acy, or honesty or
the farmers are not
of these things; but we veu-
will think oi them when
go to seil their eott on. And
will hold Thompson & Go , re
ntable for it. I heee gentry told
he farmers that the Democrats
CHUei the low price of cotton in
1S9G, nud pror-idbd better if they
were put in power. Cotton sold tor
more than six cents in 1896, and
selling for five cents and l-ss in 1898.
The tanner can't bj fooled all the
H. Hoge Preaches
York City.
The New York Journal of Monday
"The Rev. p Peyton II. Iloge, of
Wilmington, N. G., whois regarded as
the probable successor of the Rev. Dr.
John Hall as pastor of the wealthy
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian churcn,
preached to the congregation of that
church yesterday morning. Tne text
of his sermon, which was essentially
doctrinal in its character, was from
Jeremiah xv., 10: 'Thy words were
found and 1 do.eit them, an1 Thy
word was unto uie the joy and rejoic
ing of my heart, for 1 am called hy"
thy name, O Lord God of Ilosta.' "
If Dr. Hall is replaced, the event
will be a climax ot troubles in the
church which began with Dr. Hall's
championship last year of Hermann
Warswiak, the converted Jew, who
under Dr. 1 fall's tutelage, conducted
missions among Jews in this city.
Dr. Hall was born in Armagh, Ire
land, July 31, 1329, and was edecated
at Belfast.
His salary as pastor Is $15,000 a year
besides the use of the tine hou-e ad
joining the church. His income has
been enlarged by bequests in ide in the
wills of his parishioners, and it is said
he received $j0,000 in marriage fees.
Mr. LUiney at Boone.
Boone Democrat.
Oa Saturday last, during the
Republican county t-onventiou, Mr.
Unney appeared and mad a char
acteristic speech ol about 40 min
utes. The best element of the
Watang Republicans and a number
of Democrats were in attendance ex
pctiug to hear our Congressman
d'seuss the issues of the coining cam
paign in a respect ful manner, but to
our disgust and a-itonisament we
were treated to the most vu'gar,
Slthy sarcasm that we ever listened
to. Why has Mr. Linney fallen so
low ii his morals? A man who has
been elevated by his people, to a seat
in Ooureaa ought to hate respect
enough lor his ovu party even, not
to engage in such low vulgarism as
Mr. Linney did. We have heretofore
had respi ct for Mr Linney, especial
ly his talent. We have never said
ny unkind thing of him.
U'iiounc'8 Republicanism.
Raleigh Post.
Newport, N. C S-pt 12 I wish
through your ex lellent papf-r to re
nounce m connection with thii Re
publican party. My reasons for
doing so are that I bt-lieve that white
men should rule North Carolina, and
I was convinced at the last Republi
can State Convention, which I am
sorry to say I attended as a dele
gate, mat the Republican party is
composed chi( fly of negroes and the
trend of this party is to place the
negrj more and more over the white
race. And now I plpdge tn.yself to
vote and use all my ii fl ience for the
success of the white man's party.
L W. I'fciiKixs, M. D.
UnilloK lu Chat haui.
Chatham Record.
We are ple.ised t j stato that the
true white men of Chatham are
rapi-lly comin ; together and are
uniting for the supremacy of the
white people in North Carolina. Oa
last Friday Messrs. II. A. London
aud R. II. lles spoke at Siler Citv
and on Saturday at Harper's X
Roads. There was a good crowd at
acli place and much enthusiasm.
Not only were the Democrats mere
hopeful and determined than hereto
fore, Hut many former Populists are
uniting with them.
Would Mot Waste Time.
Monroe Journal.
At the speaking in Waxhaw Tus
day Governor JarvU said that he
would not waste time in trying to
jonvince th colore 1 men that he was
their friend, for it would ba a waste
of time But, he siid, that it they
would find cot all the good that all
the Dockerys and a 1 the balance of
the Republican party had done for
them in all their lives, he would show
them that be, Jar via, had done more
in one year for them than .all the
other shooting match put together
had done all their lives.
Hadn't Heard of the War.
Louisville Evening Tost. ,
A party of fishermen found a man
and bis family up the Tennessee river
who had never heard of the war with
Spain. The man wouldn't believe it
until a newspaper with reports from
the battlefields was produced and
read. The poorly informed native
said his lack of information was doe
to the fact that he hadn't "bin over
to town fer party nigh a year."
" .Triinc to Get Control.
Mr. John P. Kerr writes in a letter
from Newbern to the Asheville Citi
zen: "That the negroes have no
other object than to get control of
the government is manifested not
only by their actions, but by their
words as well. They openly, boldly,
poblicly and defiantly declare that
they intend to negro'za North Caro
lina." ,
dnck, cretonne and denim really being
the fabrics employed for summer wear.
In pillows used by fashionable. th:
applique cushion seems to take the lead:
a combination of different material
well worked either in complementary
tones or in tints of corresponding hues.
Among the novelties blue denim is ex
ceedingly attractive," a dark and lighG
happily combined, the tint of pale blue
appliqued on, and then worked in dif
ferent shades of this color with rope
floss in long and short stitch. As a fin
ish there is a deep rufflo four inches
wide and edged with two toued blno
ribbon. The back of this pretty affair
is 6imply made of plain denim un
adorned. Linen of every well known 6hadfl
holds a never tiling charm. This season j
light green is peculiarly the favorite. It
has a tender and inviting look, and if
well outlined or worked iu a good strong
floral ornamentation the plan is sure to
be decorative and pleasing. For good
tones, poppies and chrysanthemums are
excellent. Bold and decided patterns of
flower effects present, when completed,
all the necessary elements of good cush
ion making. Of course, for everyday
pillows the darker linens are advisable,
but when a mo-e delicate showing is
needed then th pure white should be
utilized, and ca.efully embroidered in
conventional foris, in which flowers
particularly take tbe lead. With whit
linens a finish can be given of lace a
raffle of deep hamburg or a plain liucy
slightly gathered in form of a ruffle, tha
edge prettily scalloped and in each scal
lop a tiny blossom. Denims are a great
resource for summer piilows, in what
ever tones preferred and of ornamenta
tion simple or otherwise, as desired.
For the hammock nothing is better
man a gooa substantial cretonne, a
flowery affair in which thero is bright
ness and tone, and in material which
will not fade, show dirt or soil. Cre
tonne pillows for this purpose are bet
ter when plainly made without orna-
mentation of any kind of medium
tints, yet with an all over design in
which an effective plan stands out and
looks well.
Serviceable pillows like the graj
linen are admirable admirable not only
as a fabric, but for good, steady wear
and everyday use in any place where it
fills a need. To mako this plan charm
ing in appearance the white silk ol
white linen floss can be given to thi
decorative scheme, either in strong
floral effects or in conventional forms,
big patterns in long and short etitch,
requiring but little trimming. Often
for pillows, plain for use and hastily
made up for the summer wear, the big
bow of ribbon on one corner can bo
used as the color bit desired, the selec
tion made to suit the simplo furnish
ings of any room.
Another texture of equal quality bat
thicker is the colored duck, which for
coolness is unrivaled. The same treat
ment either in embroidery, outlined or
in long and short etit;h, can be given ;
or in a good make np, devoid of all or
namentation, as a useful necessity for
warm weather days, says The Decorator
and Furnisher, from which tho forego
ing timely suggestions and illustration?
are reproduced. v "
Tomatoes a la Carolina.
Select a dozen round tomatoes of the
some size, says the Boston Cooking
School Magazine, remove a pioce about
an inch in diameter from the blossom
end of each tomato and take out all the
seeds. Cook a cup and one-half of Car
olina rice in a quart of well seasoned
broth, with half a green pepper cut
fine. When the rice is nearly tender,
but not broken, add half a cap of but
ter. Mix it in well, but carefully, so as
not to break the rice. Fill the tomatoes
with the rice. Put back the pieces of
tomato cut out. Set them in a baking
pan, brush over the outside w ith a lit
tle olive oil or melted butter and bake
for half an hour in a modevate oven.
Remove them carefully to a platter and
pour around them a cup of tomato sauco
highly seaarnod.
Strategic Move.
"I remember, I remember" tho
little boy on the country" schoolhouue
platform began, and then ho stuck. Th
poem had gone completely. The boy ha
hated most began tittering. The occa
sion was becoming critical. The littl
boy, with a grand rally and a flash of
inspiration, pulled from his pocket hi
red, white and bine (and black, more or
less) handkerchief, shouted and wound
up with "I remember the Maine. " In
dianapolis JournaL
' - Paternal Forethought.
"Bliggins fully believes that hia boy
is the most wonderful member of the
whole human race.
"Yes. He's thinking of having his
name copyrighted now, so that when be
grows np and gets famous people can't
put it on cigar boxes without paying. "
Washington Star.
Too Commercial.
- "Papa's mind is full of business aU
the time." - -
"How does that trouble you?"
""Well, when Harry asked him tot
me, he said, 'Yes, take htx along, and
if she isn't , up to our advertisement
brine her back and exchange har. ' "
Bv nrone.rlv ITtili7ino-
The Advertising Columns! SeiiliflBl
You can do vl
p.h. iow
(Jet an earlv
Ntart for
Tell what you
iiiii it.
It Will Pay You
Time tetn the meritN of all tilings
Htnnms itH approval or disapproval.
Htampol approval lum heeniveti this pajier
ana valuable advertising medium. If veai
want the patronage of the people, make
our wants known
Tnroiian i,ti Medium mat, Reson&s tin? Pfinpifi.
Cu ban
Commander Ohi'-ols
SANTIAGO DE CuiiA, Sent. 1:5. An
uncontradicted report was received
bv Major General Lawtnri lasi. niifhi
that Gen. Maximo Gomez hit ter.d-r-
ed his resignation of 1 he i-mmaml
the Cuban army to the Cuban Unv
ernment a-u Camairuey. and that it lias
beeu accented, tecause of the Cuban
Government's yielding the control of
tne allairs of the ishiud tollis Arueri-
K Some Cubans stiy Gomez regents the
purging or me uunao armv otmer t he
auih ritv of the American Generals
and claims the Cubuus should resist
even by force of arms.
So It MeaiiH lio.
Etatesville Landmark.
Failing to t fleet a fusion with 4-th
white man and the wliiU- niif il''
crowd, Mr. Dr. Thompson and Mr
Dr. Ayer have fused with tin. bbn-k
man and the yellow inetnl. Consist
ency doesn't go for much with that
gang. The girl in the ntory sa'd sh"
was willing for auy color i,t dress, h
it was red. Thus, thes gamblers in
ollioe are up to any trade, m ii
means pie.
Unique Marriage Contract.
Maury, Tenn , Democrat.
A unique marriage was ronhum
mated a j Tudahoma the other ilav.
The groom promised that he would
draw the water, cut the wood, and
do the farmwork, and in turn the
bride promised taut she would mend
her spouse's clothes, darn his socks
and make home happy. If the con
tract is thoroughly curried out the
married lite of this coup. hIiouM be
one long blissful dream.
Too Dirty to Print.
Raleigh News and Observer.
. A prominent citizen of Newton
writes that in the speed) of Chairman
Helton 'Mie said things too dirty to
print." lie was met at "Newton by
some of t he sorriest fellows unhun,
and yet, Holton said. "the meanest, low
clown Republican 1 have met is better
than the best Democrat." This is a
sample of the speeches that Republi
can orators are making this year.
Three Lava Streams Flowing Down
the Mountain.
I oy. k, Si-jit. It;. The eruption of
Mount Vesuvius continue to iuei-.ase
in volume and intensity. Part of the
roadway from tho' mountain leading to
the observatory and the lower station
of the railroad have been destroyed
by a lava stream. Lava is Mowing
from the volcano in three streams, one
along the foot of Monte Somma, one
in the middle of Yetranuzone, and a
third along the Monte C'roeella.
The stream along the foot of Moutu
Somma is burning the chestnut forests
and nearly reaches the observatory.
The central How is close to the. liar
racks. The Monte Croeella stream
passes close to Cook A: Son's build
ing, and is likely to threaten the ob
servatory. important branch
of all. What does
it profit your son
if fi line 1 11 inti.1.
...... ....
. 1 1 ; 1, VT
-ana is mentauy an
Admiral Crichton,
eg ii nc uas a wcas
and puny body
and not the re
motest idea of
how to care for
his health? A
boy should be
taught from the
start that hi
health is his most
Tjrccious endow-
tnei.t. Without health, all the talent, ajl
the (fenius, and all the ambition in the
world are worthless. A boy should be
taught that success in any walk of life, that
happiness, and life itself, are dependent
upon his care of his health.
When a man feels that he is losing his
health and vigor, when his cheeks no long
er glow, his step is no longer clastic and
the sparkle of health is no longer in his
eyes, he should work less, rest more and
resort to the right remedy to restore his
bodily vigor. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery is a natural medicine a scientif
ic medicine. It does no violence to nature.
It works with and not against . nature. It
promotes the natural processes of secretion
and excretion. It imparts vitality and
power to the whole system. It gives
plumpness and color to the cheeks, sparkle
to the eyes, steadiness to the nerves,
strength to the muscles and the animation
of health to the whole body. It makes the
appetite keen and hearty. It is the great
blood-maker, flesh-builder and nerve-tonic
and restorative. Medicine dealers sell it
and have absolutely nothing else "just
as good." '
" I was afflicted with pimples and boils, and
running sores on face and neck," writes Robert
8. Wert. Esq., of No. 615 Calloway Ave., Colum-
f" is, Ohio. ' I took Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
iscovery and 'Pleasant Pellets,' and was cured."
Constipation is the commonest beginning
and first cause of many serious diseases and
it should always be treated with Dr. Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets used in connection with the
"Discovery." These are the most perfect
natural laxatives ana permanently cut.
f""522EO"iS?S T,,e p"bJ
schools teach &1-
.,, ?'f y most every known
; , branch of study
K: I 1 but the one most
L ill
of The
h the tinietj
time t liegin.
rtHOii'H 1rnie.
nv doinir and why on an
a nd
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lies II. Adams Was In Iti.tllo.
of San .lnan Heights
Mr. James 11. Adams, of this county,
a private of 'oiiicin.v ( ', Second
Pnited States Regular Cavalry, was
in Danville Thursday. Tin Register
says that Mr. Adams' time of enlist
ment expired some weeks ago. 1 1 1 he
has enlisted again, preferring the ser
vice of Pride Sam to that of other
employers, lie is a veteran of the
battle, of San .luan Heights on the Is
land of Cuba.
To a crowd of drummers in a Dan
ville hotel lobby Thursday night, Mr.
Adams made himself very entertain
ing, lie is full of the love of d'eneral
Wheeler, of wlioe command be was a
part, lb related among other brave
deeds of the old Confederate soldier,
an incident of a shell bursting outside
his tent, part of it entering the. tent
ami the remainder tearing in various
directions, killing two men just at tin?
tent door, and all the while the tlen
eral wrote a letter, not even stopping
to look up when the shell lore through
his canvas lodging.
Ruckled to this young veteran's side
was a blue steel, ten-inch cavalry pis
tol, which he took from a dying Span
ish ollici r the battlefield.. This and
a Mauser bullet were bis ouTy-relics
of tho battle which made him a vel -eran.
When asked if lie hail ever killed a
man, Mr. Adams laughingly replied:
"Yes, one. perhaps more. I lired
plenty of shots at the line, but only
once I saw a man fall under my direct.
In- ' ' ' -1 while filling as a tele-g:-;-uger
for my (ieiieral that
I saw a Cuban robbing the dead and
dying men on the Held. I stopped
long enough to kill him and rode, on
with my message."
The Kast Chapter.
In the S'Miteiuher number of tin?
Wachovia Moravian Miss Adelaide
Pries concludes her "('hips Prom His
toric Timber," of Porsyth county.
Her last letter refers to Porsyth 's new
court-house. The concl uii i icj para
graph reads as follow.-:
Standing on a slight eminence iu lh?
heart of a busy little city, this hand
some si ruelurc of granite, bull' brick
and hrownslone is as great a contrast
to the modest building whose place it
t(,ok as is the present county seat,
with its wiile-spread suburbs, to the
three streets anil few houses of thtf
'county-town" of Isp.i, and both speak
elotjiiently of the great strides that
Porsyth county has made during the
lifty years of its existence.
Fire N"iir Ijexlngtoii.
The Holly Crov - Roller Plouring
Mills, owned by Seving Rros., of
Davidson county, were burned to the
ground last Pi'iday. The origin of the
lire is not known for certain, but, is
supposed to be incendiary. Tho mills
wort located about four miles east of
Rc. ington and began oporat ions a bout
one year ago. Loss about $.1,001': in
surance, !jl.."(MI. Tho owners lose
everything they own, having mort
gaged their farms to raise money to
buy the milling machinery.
icn. Clay's Divorced WITo.
PlNKAHl). Ky., Sept. lti. Today is
the day set for the marriage of Dora
Richardson, the divorced wife of (Jen.
Cassins M. Clay, and Riley 1 5 rock, a
farm hand. They lieeame sweethearts
before Brook left Valley View last
spring to join tho army then assem
bling at fjexington. She followed him
to the city and remained there until he
left for Chickamauga. lie was sent
home on account of a defective throat,
and when Mrs. Clay came here to keep
house for her single brother, loonard,
Brock came along aud has lnt-u
boarding with them.
Moravian Calendar for September.
10, 1SS8. First eight converts in Alas
ka baptized.
IS, 1!)2. Death of Bishop Spangen
berg. 18, 18!)2. Corner-stone laid Memorial
Chapel, Theological Semi
nary, Bethlehem, 1'a.
22, 17:14. Landing of Geo. Boelinseh
tho firdt Moravian evange
list iu America.
IStanly Bond fuse Again,
Another move has been made iu the
now famous Stanly bond suit. A
copy of the order made by Judge? Si
mouton, appointing lion. Kerr Craige,
of Salisbury, receiver of tho funds
now in the possession of County.
Treasurer Snuggs, of Stanly county,
was served upon Mr. Snuggs Wednos-"
day by a deputy marshal. The money ,
will probably be turned over to Mr.
Craige today.
New Deal by the Southern.
Louisville, Ky., Sept. 16. A rail
road deal of more than ordinary In
terest iu rapidly progressing to a suc
cessful termination and iu a short'
time the formal announcement will be
made that the Southern Railway has
acquired control or possession of the
St. Louis Air Line (L. E. & St. L.,
and of the Kentucky & Indiana bridire
crossing we uuto ai jiouisviiie
1 .

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