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, V.
Thnwday, August 31, iss.
Last day of August.
Mornings and nights are cool.
Chickens and eggs are scarce.
Cotton picking will soon commence.
The oyster season begins to-morrow.
Mr. N. B. Josey has gone North to
purchase fall goods.
Carraway's Liver Pills are safe relia
ble and gentle.
The next thing in the way of amuse
ment will be the tournament on wheels.
There was quite a large crowd in town
last Saturday and our merchants all ap
peared to be busy.
Several of Scotland Neck's fairest and
most charming daughters will leave for
school next week. Get ready to err.
The refreshing showers, which fell so
copiously last Monday, had 'a most happy
effect upon vegetation and all animate
creatures, -
Mr. W. T. Whitehead's wagon train
going through town makes things look
lively. He Is hauling brick for his new
residence near this town.
Carraway's Liver Pills sell for 25 cents
per box. All Druggists have them.
' An error appeared in the advertisement
i of the Vine Hill Male Academy last week.
Languages $15.00 each should have read
$5.00 each. See advertisement this week.
Debilitated persons, and sufferers from
wasting diseases such as consumption,
scrofula, kidney affections, will be great
ly benefitted by using Brown's Iron Bit
ters. A colored woman was before the mayor
yesterday charged with the theft of wear-
in" annarel. the DroDertv of the dead.
'O X L J
She was sent to the lock up to repent her
of her sins.
For rent or sale, in Greenwood, a small
dwelling house with 2 rooms, dining room
and kitchen attached, and 2 acre lot for
garden. Apply to J. T. Davis at Grimes
In order to make room for their fall
stock which will be in by the 10th of Sep
tember, Noah Biggs & Co. have reduced
the prices of all summer goods. ; Call and
get bargains.
We need another passenger coach on
our railroad. The one we have is general
ly so crowded that standing room is at
a premium. We trust the authorities
may give us another coach at an early day.
Just received at the old reliable house
TPNoah Biggs & Co., a nice lot of Miles'
Hand-Made Shoes, which are give up to
be the best shoes on this market. Call
and see the nobby styles and buy a pair.
Work on the side tracks of the railroad
has commenced in earnest, and work on
the depot will commence at once. The
daily schedule will be put on soon; but
no definite announcement to that effect
can yet be made.
Take Carraway's Liver Pills to keep
off Malaria.
A schedule of freights from this point
to all points North and South will go into
effect on the 11th of September. This
will be a great benefit to our business
men, enabling them to get bills of lading
for all goods received or shipped.
Our schools will open their fall sessions
next Monday. Th. Vine Hill Male Acad
emy is in charge of Prof. W. H. Bagsdale
and the Female Academy is under joint
supervision of Misses Lena Smith and
Sallie McDowell. Parents and Guardi
ans should enter their children and wards
at the beginning of the session.
The Postmaster at Whitakers, a Mr.
Taylor, we learn, met with a dreadful
accident Tuesday. He attempted to cross
the railroad, with a mail-bag on his
, shoulder, in front of an approaching train,
, stumbled and fell, and before he could
I recover himself the locomotive passed
overhim cutting off both legs. When
last heard from the unfortunate man was
still alive, but, being old and feeble, it is
feared that the accident may prove fatal
V e have always heard it said, "Be
ware of a mules hind legs," but a Mr
Riddick, near this place, has sufficient
cause to remember the front part of a
mule. We learn that a few days ago
while plowing in the field he stopped to
go in front of his mule, and the mule
being spiteful, caught him by the leg,
jumped a ten-rail fence, carrying man
and plow over at one leap. Mr. R. was
considerably bruised, but not seriously
injured, we are glad to learn. In the
future he will beware of a mule's strong
Chas Ria, a descendant of Ham, drove
into town last Tuesday perched upon
cartload of vegetables, eggs, beef, Ac.
()f course he was driving a mule, and
when said mule ncared Noah Biggs &
tVs steam millf he -seemed to object to
the close proximity to steam, smoke and
noi.se, and commenced to run. He took
an air line for Jacob Hill's hotel. ran over
the corner of it, upset the cart and out
rolled broken eggs,all kinds of vegetables
and four quarters of beef,burying the driv
er beneath the mixture. He managed to
extricate himself, however, gathered up
what was left in a saleable condition and
Went on his way rejoicing.
Roll of Honor The following pu
P'H in Greenwood School, have recited
thirty perfect lessons during the week
ending August 25th, 1882, Miss Speed,
Principal. Eva Allsbrook, Etta Allsbrook,
Me Whitehead, PattieDunn, Arlington
Ktebin,Paul Kitchin Matheas Cook. Sam-
j th
Mass msHifi . 0f
... a a I All a - "
mass meeting will WlHMWtH TJT
lUUf.T rtn n!dT; Sefltefflbef ih$ l&tb
Judg BethWri ; Ransom"; Varice,- Cole fld
other distinguished Mate Been
invited and will address the meiitltigt
Church Notes. Rev.; D. R. Bruton,
P. E., of this (Warrenton) district, will
preach in the M. E. church in this town
on Friday, September Sth at 7:30 P.M.
The fourth quarterly conference for east
Halifax circuit will meet at Palmyra on
Saturday, Sept. 9th at 11 o'clock A, M
Rev. D. R. Bruton will preside.
Rev. J. D. Hufham will preach in the
Baptist church next Sunday, morning and
evening, at usual hours.
Carraway's Live Pills will cure Bil
liousness Constipation and all diseases of
the Liver.
Mrs Nannie Cotten and daughters have
returned home.
Mr. and Mrs Noah Biggs returned home
from Panacea Springs last Friday.
Mrs L. W. Bagley arrived Tuesday, and
was warmly welcomed by her friends in
this town.
Miss Sallie McDowell, who has been
visiting friends in Murfreesboro, returned
home Tuesday last.
Hop. The young people of the town
and vicinity enjoyed one of the most pleas
ant hops of the season at Pittman's Hall
last Tuesday night. The Hall was crowd
ed with fair and charming girls and gal
lant beaux tripped the light fantastic to
enlivening stains of delightful music.
Scotland Neck can turn out the prettiest
girls and more of them than any town in
the State, and when we see them in the
brightest of costumes assembled in a Hall
we cannot imagine how our bachelor
friends, in their forlorn and buttonless
condition, can resist the merciless god of
love. If there were any present last
Tuesday night, when eyes looked lore in
to eyes, we are sure some of Cupids darts
must have pierced their callous hearts.
The Shooting Match. There was a
shooting match in this town last Thurs
day for a fine buggy and horse. The
entrance fee was $10 each, and twenty-
four chances were taken. The shooting
was the best we have ever witnessed and
at the close of the tenth round there
were ten ties, viz t B Englehard, 5;
Dr Clark, 3; J J Robertson, 1 ; J G
Shields, 1. These gentlemen then pro
ceeded to shoot off the tie, but when the
shells had all been exhausted and the
shades of evening fell around them, there
were nine ties. Seeing that it was im
possible to decide, the gentlemen sold
their chances to Mr Hassard-Short, he
paymg them twenty dollars for each
chance. We would publish the score,
but our columns are crowded this week.
Willottghby Reade. Prof. Reade
gave two charming entertainments in this
town last week and was greeted on both
occasions by good audiences. The Prof,
is master of the art of elocution, and as
an actor he has few superiors on the
stage. If hearty laughter and long ap
plause be any indication of pleasure, then
we would say the Prof, undoubtedly had
very well pleased audiences in this town.
All seemed highly delighted, and very
much enjoyed the humorous as well as
the serious selections. His interpretation
of Poe's Raven, we thought, was correct,
and he certainly read it as we have never
had the pleasure of hearing it read before.
Mr. Reade also gave a Bible reading at
the Baptist church last Sunday, and there
was a large congregation out to hear him,
He read several choice passages of script
ure and then delighted his congregation
with music. Mr. Reade has a very fine
and powerful voice and sings well. Ev
erybody present seemed well pleased and
went away feeling that they had not spent
the Sabbath hours in vain.
ISpecial correspondence Commonwealth.
Enfield, Aug. 28, 1882
Curiosity drew a large crowd to the
tournament. All ages of both sexes
were out. A greater number would have
been in the way of the skaters. The ages
of the skaters ran up the scale gradually,
from the small boy, to the youth with
caterpillar of an undecided hue on his up
per Hp. Hobbledehoys mostly. Except
ing the base.ball shirts worn by some for
comfort, there was no affectation whatever
entering the list when called by their
christian names.
Henry Cuthrell made the two best
scores 13 for himself, and 15 for Crawford
Branch, out of a possible 18, winning the
skates for Branch which was the main
feature of the occasion. There was so
much speechifying by the rink proprietor
just before the presentation that, the
somewhat confused and expectant recip
lent told him if he would "cheese it," he
might keep the skates. Then came the
coronation, creating no end of mirth and
laughter, because it was "too thin" on
the part of the young man. and something
of a joke on the astounded queen. Amid
continued laughter and bursts of applause,
the prospective queen would not alio
the crown to be placed upon her brow.
telling the young man to seek some "fair
lady" whose age was more comfortable,
but it would not work, for all saw him
approach her, and the "dog was dead."
His excuse was that he had (jokingly)
promised the lady to crown her in the
event of his success, hence, could not go
back on it. Suppose under the circum
stances his finer feelings would not suffer
him to crown the queen ot his heart,
which he has explained to her satisfaction,
ere now, no doubt.
The negro Burgwm who, some time
ago stole corn from Mr. G. W. Branch,
was sent up for two years, by the Inferior
! .
The first Brunswick stew of the season
, . - 'UJU XC1UISV "H
was had on Friday at the once favorite
place for such Dr. Ben Whitaker's old
f-i i killed cow b
loflgiag to Sno, ReyflaWs, the wer
TwtfoM lofflotives ffoffl fH If, Y. o.
& H. ft & K passed through here one
day last week, destination, Tarboro.
Suppose they will be put on the Seaboard
and Raleigh R. R. They were heavy and,
judging from the height of the drivers,
they can git up and git." On them
were the little smoke-stacks seen on coal
burnig locomotives which looked odd, as
though they were not well balanced. A
present (?) from Vanderbilt, probably.
The Sunday Schools had a pic-nic at
Bellamy '8 mill last Wednesday. The
idea of going to, and having a pic-nic
seems to have been the only enjoyment,
though some had a good time generally,
rhile one little fellow said it was
'mighty tame" because there was no
The making of cotton baskets has de
veloped itself into quite an industry.
They command a ready sale and a good
price. Another field is opened up for
inventive genius. It will not be long
before every farmer will need a machine
with which he can make his own baskets
Saturday was the dull ending of a dull
and uneventful week.
The Republican county convention met
in Halifax last Saturday and was called
to order by J. T. Gregorys chairman
Republican County Ex. Committee. He
stated the object of the meeting and that
it was gratifying to him to see such an
outpouring of the Republicans of Halifax
county. It showed that they had worK
to do and intended doing it. He coun
seled harmony and concert of action.
The roll of Townships was called and
the delegates passed their credentials to
the secretary, after which the permanent
organization was perfected by the election
of J. T. Gregory chairman, J. H. Ham-
mon and R. J. Lewis, secretaries. Mr.
Gregory on taking the chair stated that
he felt complimented by the honor the
convention had conferred upon him, it
afforded him pleasure to preside over such
a vast assemblage of the citizens of good
old Halifax county.
There was cosiderable wrangling as to
what part of the business the convention
should first take up, finally, however, it
was -agreed to commence at Superior
Court Clerk and come down through the
list of county officers.
It was announced that J. C. L. Harris
Secretary of State Central Ex. Commit
tee was in the Convention and wished to
address it for fifteen or twenty minutes.
There were loud calls for Harris ! Harris !
He arose and stated that he was sent
there by the Chairman of the Republican
Ex. Committee to impress upon the con
vention the importance of recognizing the
liberal element of the Democratic party
of N. C. He wanted the liberals to have
some position on the county ticket to con
tradict the assertions made in the west
that the negroes of the eastern counties
were drawing the color line. Jarvis's
121,000 would beat Buckston's 115,000
and unless something could be done North
Carolina would remain in the hands of
the Democrats. Mahone had tried this
plan in Virginia, had triumphed last year
and would triumph again. He said that
this element was composed of such men
as Reid, Clingman, Day and others, who
had renounced their allegiance to the
Democratic party. That they would all
be Republicans before the campaign ended
and in November, if the vote was counted
as cast, the State would go Republican
by 25,000 majority and Bourbon democra
cy would be buried so deep that the hand
of resurrection could never reach it. He
thought they could infuse new blood in
the party by this move and save the State.
At this juncture a delegate wanted to
know what action the State Ex. Commit
tee had taken in regard to the Hubbs-
O'Hara matter. He stated that they had
not taken any action against O'ilara, that
he (O'Hara) was entitled to the nomination
as a matter of recognition, those were his
views of the policy of the convention.
Nominations now being in order, J. T.
Gregory was nominated by acclamation
for Superior Court Clerk. R. J. Lewis
for Sheriff by acclamation. J. H. Ham-
mon and James Allen were put in nomi
nation for Register Deeds. Allen's name
was withdrawn and Hammon was nomi
nated by acclamation. He returned
thanks to the convention for the honor of
being the first colored man ever nomina
ted for Register Deeds in Halifax county,
W. H. Day, L. W. Batchelor, E. T. Clark
and E. D. Browning were put in nomina
tion for Treasurer. Day's name was
withdrawn, and on the first ballot Clark
was nominated ; but there was a motion
to reconsider, upon the ground that the
office "was worth but little to the Repub
licans," they could put a liberal in the of
fice and thereby gain the good fellowship
of their western brothers, without any
danger to themselves. And this is the
way liberals are treated by Republicans,
given an office that is net 4 'worth much."
There was considerable confusion when the
motion to reconsider was made, but it
finally prevailed and E. D. Browning was
nominated as the Liberal candidate for
Treasurer. J. H. Jenkins was nominated
for Coroner, W. C. Daniel for Surveyor.
J. T. Reynolds, John C. Jones, Andrew
Jackson and J. J. Goodwin were placed
in nomination for the Senate. Richard
Higgs in placing the name of Goodwin
before the convention stated that G. was
a white man and he wanted to send him
to Raleigh to show to the west that the
eastern negroes had not drawn the color
line. Goodwin was elected on first bal
lot. T. W. Hardy, H. J. Hulin, ' H. E.
Davis, J. T. Bailey, Ivy Hudgins, J. a!
Pittman, C. C. Baker and R. J. Mayo
were put in nomination jfor House of Rep.
resentatives. Pittman was declared elect
ed on the fifth ballot. By .this time things
were getting to fever heat, there being only
one other nomination to make, . and six
aspirants were in the field. Six ballots
were taken and no election, fc'jt it was evi-
dsfttthC.1 Hardy was the coming man. fi?
the tafcfag of tiC seventh ballot it wag
shown that Hardy bad r'Cpeived the re
quisite number of voltes to lect him, but
before the result could be announced,
Davis' friends attempted to capture the
convention, when a scene of the wildest
confusion ensued. For half an hour the
chair tried in vam to bring the convention
to order. Walking canes, umbrellas,
hats and handkerchiefs were waved in the
air. Desk and tables were mounted by
the delegates and aspirants with cries of
Hardy! Davis! Hardy! Davis &c.
Finally the chair succeeded in getting
hearing and the secretary announced that
Hardy had received 18 votes before the
contusion but that since that time several
had changed their votes and it was impos
sible to keep pace with them. The chair
announced that Hardy was the nominee,
but the Davis faction appealed and the
harangue, which was a disgrace to the
convention, continued. When our report
closed no .nomination had been made.
But we have learned since that Hardy
was finally nominated and the Davis fac
tion wilted and accepted the inevitable.
Mr. Gregory made a splended presiding
officer and we only wonder how he ever
succeeded in bringing order out of chaos.
The following is the ticket:
Superior Court Clerk J. T; Gregory.
Sheriff R. J. Lewis.
Reg. Deeds J. H. Hammon.
Treasurer E. D. Browning.
Coroner J. H. Jenkins.
Surveyor W. C. Daniel.
For the Senate J. J. Goodwin.
House Representatives J. A. Pittman,
T. W. Hardy.
A Cough, Cold or Sore Throat
should be stopped. Neglect frequently
results in an Incurable Lung Disease or
Consumption. Brown's Bronchial
Troches do not disorder the stomach
like cough syrups and balsams, but act
directly on the inflamed parts, allaying
irritation, give relief in Asthma, .Bronchi
tis. Coughs, Catarrh, and the Throat
Troubles which Singers and Public Speak
ers are suoject to. tor thirty years
Brown's Bronchial Troches have been
recommenced by physicians, and have
ways given perfect satisfaction. Having
been tested by wide and constant use tor
nearly an entire generation, they have at
tained well-merited rank among the few
staple remedies of the age. Sold at 25
cents a box everywhere.
Mothers! Mothers!! Mothers!!!
Are vou disturbed at night and broken of
your rest, oy a sick enna sunering ana
crying with the excruciating pain of cut
A V l Tl J . a
ting teethr it so, go at once and get i
lrJli sinUr, it will relieve the poor
little sufferer immediately depend upon
it: there is no mistake about it. There is
not a mother on earth who has used it.
who will not tell you at once that it will
regulate the bowels, and give rest to the
mother, and relief and health to the child,
operating like magic. It is perfectly safe
to use in all cases, and pleasant to the
taste, and is the prescription of one of the
oldest and best female physicians and
nurses in the United States. Sold every
where. 25 cents a bottle.
Contractor anfl Bnilfler,
Solicits orders from the town and adjoin
ing counties.
Satisfaction guaranteed. References
given if required.
Scotland jNecK, iN. u.
Aug, 29th, 1882.
T OFFER for sale one town LOT AND
ja. u w BiLiijiixjr on Aiain street same
square as W A Dunn's dwell'mg and the
Fostomce. lhe dwelling harg three com-
fortable rooms with kitcheu and dining
room adjoining.
xnis nroneriT is situauwi m tha vtrv
heart of the town of Scotland Neck, and
is generally conceded to be among the
most desirable property of the town.
Parties wishing to purchase or desiring
iurmer lniormation will confer with Mr.
Joshua R. Nicholls, Scotland Neck, N. C.
"Competition is the Life ef Trade."
I TAKE this method of informing my
Friends, Present and Former Patrons
and the public generally, that I am still
WOOD, where I am still doing all kinds
of work usually done in a Country Shop,
and at as Low Figures as any Good
ornmau will QO 11.
Fire Arms Neatly Repaired.
1 mean business, if you don't believe
me just call and see for yourself.
Very respectfully,
Scotland Neck, N. C.
A carta eat Ibr Barwm
DtfelStvL Seminal Weak-
aw m
Hew Store! Hew Goods! ! New Firm ! ! !
James Forbes & Co.,
Scotland Neck, N. C,
A N i'S-
Best Brands of Cigars and Tobacco.
A full line of
Emfield, IV C.
Sample Room For Commercial
Livery Stabels.
First-class Board by the day, week
or month.
Bar and Billiard Room attached to the
Hotel. The Bar is stocked with the
choicest Whiskies, Brandies, Wines and
Laflinfe Rands Orange No s. F 2 and
3 Sporting and Ducking
Shooting Material
on hand and for sale by
W. n. McGWIGAJf,
at Enfield.
Yine 11 Me Acatay.
AT the last meeting of the board ot
Trustees the time of openining this
school was changed from the first Monday
in August to the first Monday in Sep
tember. In consequence the next session
will begm on
Monday, the 4th of September,
and continue forty weeks.
This change was very desirable, since
it insures the health of the students, and
enables us to do good work from the
We propose to do careful and faithful
work, and we ask that you will give us
your boys.
Board may be had under the direct
supervision of the principal at 910.00 per
Tuition. 415 00 to 417 50 per term of
five months.
Languages, 45 00 each.
One half of tuition due at the middle,
the balance at the close of term.
For other information, address
Scotland Neck, N. U
Aug. 15, 1882.
Dissolution Notice.
FTHE copartnership heretofore existing
JL between James Uotten and S. P.
Brinkley, under the firm name of James
Cotten & Co., is this day dissolved by
mutual consent.
J. R. Herring having purchased the
interest of S. P. Brinkley; the said
Herring and James Cotten will do busi
ness under the firm name of Herring &
Cotten, and the new firm assumes all
liabilities of and collects all debts due
the old firm. S. P. BRINKLEY,
Aug. 4. 1882.
We have this dav formed a copartner
ship for domg a general mercantile busi
ness. j. it. Herring naving purcnasea
the interest of S. P. Brinkley in the firm
of James Cotten & Co., the new firm
will be Herring & cotten, and said new
firm assume all liabilities ot and colle ct
all debts due the old firm.
the Superior Court.
Halifax County.
William Scott
Jane Scott.
In this action the plaintiff seeks a di
vorce from the delendant and it appear
ing by affidavit in the cause that the de
fendant cannot, after due dilligence, be
found in the state.
It is ordered that publication be made
once a week for six weeks successive in
The Commonwealth, a newspaper
published in the town ot Scotland JNeck,
notifying the defendant to appear at the
next term of the Superior Court of
Halifax at the Court House on the third
Monday in September, 1882, then and
there to answer or demur to the complaint
or judgment will be rendered according
to the relief demanded therein,
Witness, John T. Gregory, Clerk of
said Court at his office in Halifax under
seal of said Court, this 7th day of
August, 1882.
Clerk Superior Court,
Branch & Bell, v
E have one hundred town
lots for
sale in this town. Some of them
are very desiraoie. xnis is rpiuiy
growing- town, and persons wishing to
secure good places for residences and bus
iness stands, and to mak$ good invest
ments will do well to call on us.
July 5th, 1882.
Bryan & Whitehead.
Cor. Main and 10th St.,' opposite Post
Stafinnoitr Mil Tnilflt Articles.
IsAoulder Braces, Trasses, Faints,
'OUs. Varnishes, Dje Staffs,
V Glass, Fatty, Carbon Oil,
Lamps, Chimneys, &c
State Agents for J. W. Weakley, Jr.,
& UoV
Electro IMc W.
Country Merchants will find it to their
interest to call and examine goods and
prices before buying elsewhere.
Physicians Prescriptions accurately
compounded at all hours, day or night,
and orders answered with care and dis
patch. Wg otocK Kept complete by frequent
arrivals. .
The Place To Buy.
has a large and well selected stock of
General Merchandise,
which he is offering very low for
If in need of
Give him a call.
We keep in connection with our larce
stock of goods,
Don't forget to call in and see me when
in town.
Dr. R. M. Johnson,
Sr Office over Bryan & Whitehead's
Drug Store.
Scotland Neck, N. C.
Office hours from 8 to 5 o'clock.
By Plasters claiming to be an improve
AT.tnnntns PnpnTiS PLAS
ALLCOCK'S is the Original and
only Genuine Pokous Plaster ; all
other so-called Forovs rumen are
imitations. Beware of them.
See that you get an
which we garantee has affected more
and Quicker cures than any otner
external Remedy.
WISHING to devote tny attention to
other business, t offer for sale that
valuable farm known as the old Green
wood place containing 268 Acres, 180 of
which are open and in a nign
state of cultivation. 195
acres of as good cotton land s there is
in the State. The soil is also adapted to
wheat and clover, with low grounds to
make sufficient corn for the use of the
plantation. There is a fine dwelling con
taining 8 Rooms, with Dining-room and
Kitchen attached. The whole farm is
under a good fence, half of which is plank
walling. It has all necessary out build
ings, all of which are comparatively new,
including 6 tenant houses, four of which
are plastered and white washed. Will
sell the farm with stock, crop Ac, or
separately. This place is adjacent to the
town of Scotland Neck and partly with
in the corporate limits, a live and thrifty
town with a branch of the W & W R R
just completed and to which place trains
are now running, regularly. There is
also a eood school on the premises un
der the control and instruction of Miss
Sallie Speed, whose last session closed
with 44 pupils, and has iust opened with
very flattering prospects. Also in sight
of 5 churches, viz: Primitive Baptist,
Missionary Baptist, Methodist, Episco
palian and Catholic. Anyone wishing to
invest in such property will do well to
come and examine the premises for them
selves. I invite inspection of the present
crop, xernis wiu De niaae iioerai ami
2 2in f Scotland Neck, N C.
Administrator's Notice.
HAVING quali fied a administrator of
the estate of J. Albert White, dee'd,
I hereby notify all persona havms ciaime
...inct U irl M,U . .1 Mlt the MllDe
th day of
Aucust, 1883. All persona 'ndebted to
the sstate will nlcn.se make na. n,,,f;
DPVI fl It A n it,i - tliii r.
ttv If. II. Ktnitl. . v -
EataMlalM IHr.
-: o
TITB have been before the public for
f fifteen years, and have always en
deavored to give satisfaction both as to
goods and prices, and can say now that
enlarged facilities enable us to do more
in both respects than ever before.
Returning thanks for past patronage,
we wish to say that we will self goods for
cash as low as they can be bought else
where, or we will quit the market.
To all responsible parties, and those
who will make us secure, who wish to
buy on time we will sell goods as low as
any house in North Carolina will on the
same terms.
BOOTS 1 8H0E0;
and all other goods usually found
in a first-class establishment.
w also make a specialty of Miles
celebrated Hand-made Shoes for Gentle
men, Ladies and Misses. ... .
Any article not found in stock, and
wanted by our customers will be ordered
by us at a very email advance on New
Vorkcost. ' . , n
We are also agents for Brown's Cot
ton Gins, Feeders and Condensers, which
deservedly stand first in the catalogue of
such implements. n--w.
In our office may be found Catalogues
and Designs of Toralwtoitr, whicn
we will order for parties wishing them,
at Designers prices
W e are agents iwi
brands of Fertilisers, among them
We sell the above either for cash of
Cotton. , ,
We always endeavor to nave aieioi
of character and politeness.
At present we have wr n us ABtmn
McDowell, Wiixib Josky, and Jimmib
Pittman, who will be pleased to wait
on customers at all times.
About two years ago we P1
large brick Corn and Wheat Mill
rZJL w w- H. Kitchin. and at con-
:j Kl AKtnn to the first COSt
have put it in condition to make
Meal and Flour, and thia we guarantee to
do for all who wiltgive us a trial.
At the Mill we constantly keep a sup-,VJl1wi-
.." MmL which will be
piyoi iresuij "- . ,
sold at the lowest cash prices or
AmonTo our grinding facilities
we run during the Cotton season,
Two Sixty Saw Brown Gins,
with Condensers, and will gin for thf
IavmI market price.
We also pay the highest
for Seed Cotton.
Th whole Milling Department
der the Superintendence of W. E. Wbit ,
tire country for hie good fellowship M V
fair dealing to all. v . -v:
nnm. Bisar.. mvwi mjivukuvh uiu t-
Noah Biggs Co.
Car. tOtb and Main
is un
is eaw
i ' : ':;
IV'. V -v -

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