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Thursday. June 7, 1883.
E. E. HILLI ARO. Editor.
The evil eye of the Republican
party is gazing on North Carolina,
and that party is eager and anxious
to lay violent hands upon her. The
Northern and Western States havf
grown weary of its sway and its en
ercohments upon the liberty of the
people, and, to perpetuate a rule that
has already survived its usefulness,
it must needs look to the South for
aid in the Electoral College.
Tins party has nothing to boast of
,-r. thi State its Dast history is in-
in a v
glorious, and its every page is blur
red and blotted with misdeeds and
flagrant violations of law. Having
no regard for right and justice, not
even the Constitution was a barrier
to its illegal designs. Whenever the
liberty ot the most distinguished of
our State's noble sons was an obsta
cle to the accomplishment of the un
holy purposes of this party, it was
wrested from them and they were
crushed and imprisoned. Uu ler its
malignant domination evil flout ished
and vice was propagated. Years of
peace and prosperity have not been
equal to the complete and effectual
eradication of the multitude of invet
erate eviis inflicted upon us by this
enemy of progress, morality and
peace.and friend of wrong.oppression
and injustice.
Wishing to envelop the "State by
the darkness of ignorance, it locked
its University and drove therefrom
educators who were an honor to any
land ; opposed to progress and the
development of the State's material
interest, it drove capital and immigra
tion from our borders ; a party of
greed and avarice, it bankrupted the
State and pocketed its money. When
the shackles that prejudice had forged
and envy had bound were loosed
from our people, peace was restored,
prosperity returned, immigration was
invited and encourage.d, mining inter
ests were developed, magnificent en
terprises never dreamed of by a gen
eration back were carried to success,
ful completion, institutions of learn
ing were born and reared to sturdy
manhood. And now all is peace and
quiet and happiness the races are
friendly. Schools for both races are
scattered all over the land. A more
desirable prospect could not be wish
ed. This is the situation now. God,
onir, Knows wuat it will oe, it we
allow the Republican party to again
take control of the State.
If the Republican leaders in the
State appealed to an intelligent
constituency, they would be hissed
from the hustings ; but they appeal
to negroes, blinded by prejudice and
ignorance. . It is true the "forty acre
and a mule" argument has lost its
charm, but the demagogue is as fruit
ful of expedients as he is of absurdi
ties, so another argument, equally as
powerful with the negro, is used
- . T 1l A f T-v A
"uoq c voce xor a jjemocrat. it you
do, you can't get any whiskey to
drink," is now the all-powerful argu
ment. Before and since Judas betrayed
the Saviour evil men have worship
ped Mammon. So we may always
expect to find white Republicans
enough in North Carolina to filll tlie
post-offices, revenue offices, and
other offices, but you will never find
there a native born white Republican
who loves the practices and teach
ings of that partj If the office was
taken away, white Republicanism
here would fade away as a snow be
fore an April sun. We have no idea
that the people of North Carolina
will evei be so forgetful of the past,
and so derelict in duty, a3 to permit
the negroes to take charge of the
State. We have powerful and ef
fective weapons of defence. They
are numbers, vigilance, sound judg
ment, work.
Many of our cotemporaries have
already mentioned the names of men
who would grace the gubernatorial
chair. We hav no fixed choice yet.
we are well satished, however, of
one thing, and that i3 we muse have
a strong man. We predict success,
but we will have no child's play. It
is bad policy to underrate the fight
ing qualities of an adversar3' ; if you
do, you are likely to be thrashed.
It is best to fight in a harry, and to
blow when you finish the job.
Another thing let us remember
and observe : When a man is men
tioned by oae secton, don't let every
other section begin to dissect him
i e I ? -
Deiore ue is nominated. If he has
any disease, or if any of hU ances
tors Drougnt any menmh with them
from the Ark, his opponent in the
canvass will tell the people about it
Every aspirant must keep, his
temper We nave any amount .of
splendid material out of which to
make Governors, but we don t want
but one Governor at a time, and
every man who wants the place must
be dissappointed, save and excepting
the nominee. Let all of the aspirants
bear this apparent fact in mind,
and make up their minds to support
willingly, cordially, and heartily the
nominee. Let their voices, pens,
and purses aid him. This is the
kind o support that helps.
That the South is making wonder
ful progress, anj' one who will take
time to think is forced to admit.
Thrift, energy and genius is visible
everywhere. One thing that has ma
terially retarded our onward course
was our reluctance, or our failure
rather, to adaot ourselves readily to
the changes whkh revolution had
wrought. As the active participants
in the war on either side pass awav
and their sons who only remember
the great struggle as a historic fact,
take their places, the less bitterness
and sectional feeling will there be.
There is no reason why the South
should not rapidly advance. She has
superior natural advantages her cli
mate is unsurpassed she has mines
equal to those of California she has
water-power sufficient to turn the
spindles of the world, and her agri
cultural advantages are not equalled
in any land.
The South must, ot course, vary
her industries; indeed, she is fast
becoming a manufacturing section,
but it will never, owing to natural
and economic causes, ;ease to be the
oreat agricultural belt of the world.
The farmers must keep up with the
times they must exercise common,
practical, business prudence in the
management of their affairs. If one
crop fails to paj another must be
tried. The tendency now is, if the
papers of the country arc to be be
lieved, to vary the crops. Varied in
dustries and varied crop9 ought to
enrich any country.
We know that the idea now pre
ils among the farmers that it is
cheaper to buy meat and corn than
it is to raise it. We are disposed to
join issue with them here. Such might-
be the case, if we cultivated none but
rich lands, such as would produce a
bale or more of cotton per acre, but
as we often times cultivate poor land,
the fact is otherwise. Complete
changes cannot be made in a day, but
our farmers must realize the true sit
uation. Those lands that are best
adapted to the production of cotton
must be set apart for that purpose,
and the lands of other sections better
adapted to grain, grazing, fcc, must
be given up to these purposes and
just here it may be well to say that
our farmers of North Carolina will
scarcely be able to compete with
Texas, and more Southern States in
tne production ot cotton, it this is
found to be true, our lending farmers
will have to turn their attention to
better paying crops. In our immedi
ate section we caa produce anything
Cotton, corn, tobacco, oats, wheat,
' I J . -
rye, pea-nuis, ana otner things are
now produced. Our Roanoke river
lands would produce fine clover and
grass, and stock raising could be
made a good paying business. There
are already some efforts being made
in this direction as an evidence, we
are sure that there are not less than
sixty colts in this section which were
foaled this spring. Some of them are
thorough-bred and we sae. too.
some very fine cattle on different
farms. Trucking here would un
doubtedly pay. Peas and potatoes
flourish, and asparagus is a sponta
neous production.
This is a fine field for enterprise.
We invite those in quest of good
homes, cheap lands, healthy climate,
desirable religious advantages, cheap
and first-class school facilites, and
remunerative incomes from limited
out-lays, to visit us. We will show
vou fine lands, fine timoer, good
mineral springs, public and private
schools in successful operation, kind
neighbors, churches in every neigh
borhood, peace, quiet, good govern
ment, and harmony between the
races. We invite citizens, not polit
ical adventurers.
It has been an immemorial custom
of Harvard College to confer the de
gree of LL. D. upon the Governor of
Massachusetts. It now happens that
U1 ueu ruuer, better known as
"Beast." is her Governor, and he is
a Democrat. So Harvard departs
from her .usual custom merely be
cause of a difference in politics.
e wisn me in or t a would re ,ice
what she preaches. She becomes
eloquent in lectnring the South for
ostracizing the negro. Then it is
right, yes, perfectly right, for the
Aorth to ostracize even her white
Governor. We move to send a lec
tnrer up there to learn her nennl
good manners and to teach them
their social duties
Raleigh Visitor: A new post office
has been established in this county
by the name of Shotwell,' in honor
of Capt. R. A. Shotwell, editor of the
Farmer and Mecliomc oi tais city.
Daily Review : New Hanover Su-
nenor uourc, duage a. a. iuun.uy
residing, convened at the Court
House this morning. There are 124
case3 on tne civil uockbi auu oe,
cases on the summons docket
The lighter Modoc, which has been
moored on the opposite side of the
river for several months, was sunk
during the storm Saturday and now
rest upon the nottora with her gun.
wale just above water.
Clinton Caucasian: The first ship
ment of beans consisting ot 1U0
boxes was made from this place on
ast Monday. Since that time about
300 boxes additional have been
shipped. At last accounts of the
market they were commanding $2.50
per box We congratulate our
Methodist friends upon the improve
ments of their Parsonage and church.
nice coat of uaint recently ap
plied has added greatly to the ap
pearance of the former, and nicety
carpted aisles and pulpit to the com
fort of the church.
Torboro Guide : Rev. F. R. Un
derwood, of Hamilton, preached an
excellent sermon in the Baptist
church at this place last Sunday
Miss Martha Ann Powell, aunt of
Capt. R. C. i-rown, died at his resi
dence on Friday of last week, aged
55 years. She was a most estimable
ady An effort is being made by
some of our enterprising citizens to
erect a cotton seed oil factory. We
lope they will succeed, as it is one
of the most profitable industries in
the South, and Tarboro is a most ex
cellent site.
Smithficld Herald : We hear of a
good deal of sickness all over the
county Many farmers have set
out potatoes already ; that doesn't re
semble a backward spring Eli
Turlington lo3t a two hundred
dollar mule by colic lately We
earn that there arere four deaths in
Elevation Township last week
The Tow a Board of Commissioners
lias come to the conclusion that the
dogs of Smithfield must wear fi lu
cent collars Mr. John Fulghum,
fifty years old, near Pine Level, died
on the 20th. He leaves a wife and
three children and a host of friends
to mourn his death.
Biblical Recorder: There seems to
be a bright outlook for the coming
State Fair. It is predictdd it will be
the best ever held here. Secretary
Williams is a good officer Mr.
Isaac Rogers informs us that a Ger
man carp was caught below his mill
on uraotree, vvase county, wuicu
weighed 19 pounds Dr. Skinner
gave his congregation a "stirrin& up"
on the female college question. Some
were considerably "stiired" and let
us hope his faithful words will result
in establishing an institution in our
beautiful city of oaks and elms, like
unto those at Murfreesboro, Oxford
and Thomasville, which are a source
of laudable pride to every Baptist.
Economist : The Commencement
exercises at Chapel Hill are expected
to be unusually attractive. Tom
Manning, one of Edenton's 0038,
now of Louisiana, will deliver the
Annual Address There was an
attempt to fire the office of Dr.
White on Friday night. There is
evidently some evil disposed person
ong us itho wants to fire the
town. We .iave often asked for the
employment of a night watchman.
Let there be a voluntary night patrol,
if a night watchmen casnot be em
ployed. It will not do for us to lie
down and let the iacendiary burn us
Good for Greensboro. A mer
chant from Moore county, who bought
his stock of toons here last week,
says he never in hi life saw as clever
a st of merchants as he found here.
..The sermon preached before the
.Marvin Missionary Society ofGreens
boro Female College, on Sunday
night last, by Rev. Mr. Guinn, of
Wilson, deserves to be mentioned
with commendation The man who
can get up a plenty of locals here
next week will be a perfect genius
tie may una toe butt ends 01 some
old cartridges that have "been shot
afore," as Vance would say, bnt the
genuine article will be scarce enough
Greensboro Protestant.
Leaksville Gazette : A Missionary
Baptist church is in contemplation
and will soon be erected in the neigh
borhood of Berry For an assault
upon Mr. J. R. Stephens with a dead
ly weapon, Mr. J. A. Wade was bound
to keep the peace last Tuesday by
Justice Burton in the sum of $150.00,
Judge Gilmer presided this week
at Court in 'entworth, and the State
was represented by Solicitor Strud-
wick. Besides the local bar, Messrs,
Moreheadand Staples, of Greensboro
and Mr. Long, of Caswell, were
among the number of visiting lawyers.
The State docket was concluded on
Tuesday evening, and only one party
was sent to the penitentiary.
Goldsboro Bulletin: One of the
colored brothers returning from the
Smithfield excursion last week drew
a razor, and made it unpleasant for
his neighbors just a little while. He
wanted to whittle on somebody..
With eggs twenty cents a dozen
here, and the Star Route speeches
going on in Washington, the country
is being plunged into bankruptcy on
one hand and into lunacy on the
other Mr. Hal Shannon thinks of
going to Florida, but when Hal gets
out tiiere and observes a swamp full
ot igators smiling at hi in ou one
side and a garrison of mosquitoes
bowing to him on the other, a wild
yearning will seize him for the ; laud
of his birth.
New Berne Journal : The yourg
crops, except in low and stiff lands,
are weathering the cool weather very
successfully The Spring Term of
the Superior Court convened on
Monday morning, Judge Phillips
presiding. The State docket will
consume the entire first week, as it
numbers oyer seventy cases. Mr.
W. H Ernul is foreman of the Grand
Jury. His Honor's charge was ex
haustive and instructive Sylves
ter Lawhorn, who appealed from a
a judgment of eighteen months im
prisonment in the county jail of Du
plin county for the shooting of Her
man Bryan, has jumped his appear
ance bond to Spring term, 1883, of
the Superior Court for that county,
and taken to parts unknown.
Kinston Free Press : Lenoir county
boys have nearly all returned from
the University. Lenoir furnished
ten and seven of them were from
Kinston Some fellow wonders
why women are not more extensively
employed as local editors. They can
pick up more news in one hour than
the majority of local editors can in
two days. They have such fertile
imagination they can always make
news anyway The negroes gave a
festival at the Court House last
Thursday night and, we are ashamed
to say it, it was patronized by the
white men of the town more than by
the colored. If a northernor had have
gone to that festival and done as those
men did they would not have been
noticed on our streets. "Consistency
thou art a jewel."
Leg Torn Off in a Shingle Mill,
On Tnursday last Mr. Ed. Stire
walt, a prominent citizen of Cabarrus
county, and who is well known- in
Charlotte, where he does a good deal
of his business, met with a distress
ing accident in his new shingle mill
at Mill Hill, by which be lost one of
bis legs, from the knee down. He
was working with the machinery,
when, by some unaccountable acci
dent, his foot was caught in the saw
and ws torn to pieces, together
with the ankle and part of the leg.
Dr. G. G. Smith attended to the
wounded man and found it necessary
to amputate the leg below the knee.
Mr. Jacob Stirewalt was in the city
Thursday, and knew nothing of the
accident that had occurred to his son
until he reached home. Journal-
Uold Jjtaj : Mr. A. J. Kivett, a
well-known contractor and builder
from Durham, is here this week with
the plans and specifications of a very
landsome ten-thousand dollar court
house, which he will make a bid on
for Vance county. Let us not be too
sparing with the finances, but while
we are about it lei us have a durable
and creditable "temple of justice" for
our young and prosperous county.
In a difficulty last night, Alex.
Hicks was severel y cut in the side
and about the head by Haywood
Cook. Hicks' wound in the side is
of a serious nature, and it is tho.ight
he may die from it. George Floyd
and Stephen Cook were arrested and
ueid as accessories to tne anair. aii
colored The various Sunday
schoolsCof the town will have a union
pic nic and excursion to Oxford next
Thursdays June 7th. It is expected
that a large crowd will take advan
tage of this opportunity to visit our
sister town on a grand holiday frolic.
The Sunday school children are look
ing forward to a big time.
Wilmington Star: We learn that
our friends at Point Caswell are pre
pari 112 for a Fourth of July celebra
tion. Mr. Geo. M. Rose, ot layette
ville, is to deliver the address
Officer Everett, of the police force,
showed us a pair of spectacle frames
yesterday which he says are claimed
to have been worn by one ot the ma
ternal ancestors ot a family now re
siding in this city .who came over in
the Mayflower The modset but
welcome sum of $12, collected at
Waco, Texas, by Rev. Dr. Tayior.for
a monument to Rev. Elias Dodson,
was converted by the festive, frocic
some types, in our last isr,ue, into the
handsome sum of $1,200 to erect
similar testimonial to Rev. Elias
Dodge, whoever that may be Rev
F. W.E Peschau. of St." Paul's Evan
gelical Lutheran Church, of this city
has declined the Presidency of the
North Carolina College, at Mt. Pleas
ant. Cabarrus county, recently ten
dered him, preferring to remain witn
nis present charge in Wilmington
The storm of Saturday afternoon
last did considerable damage. A great
many fences were prostrated, and the
driving ram beat through a great
many houses, flooding them with wa
ter and in many instances damaging
furniture. Buildings that were never
known to leak before succumbed to
the combined assaults of the furious
elements. At the County poor House,
where the wind had full scope.serious
apprehensions were felt that the
building would be swept away. As
it was, a large portion of the stock
ade was prostrated.
The wind was from a point which
is termed north-north-west, and there
fore blew nearly directly off-shore,
which renders serious disasters at sea
less probable than was at first sup
posed. Charlotte Journal : Tne young fire
men cleared $100 by their recent fes
tival. Miss Julia Taylor was the
best rifle shot and was presented with
a silver cup as a trophy. For the
laziess boy, Joe Fmory received twenty-seven
votes and Leroy Perdue two,
Rutherford court adjourned yes
terday, but at too late an hour for
Judge Shipp and Sol citor Osborne
to take the train for home, the court
being detained by a hung jury in a
murder case. The case in question
was the State vs. W. L. Ross, for the
murder of bis father, about four
month aeo Constable Orr yester
day arrested a colored man named
Andy Barnes, who anves a Gray lor
Mr. R. M. White, on the charge of
stealing 150 pounds of hides from the
Richmond and Danville depot. The
colored nan was arraigned before
Justice. Davidson, but stoutly denied
me cuarge, even nueu wrucssch ncmi
nroduced who saw him load the hides. I
school Graduates from the Greensbo-I
at a T 1 T 9 A. I AH A a as I
ro Female College on their way home
from school. A number of the young
. ...
ladies spent the afternoon in the city.
They stopped at the Buford House.
A gentleman who arrived in the
city yesterday from Lancaster county
gives us the particulars of a shocking
tragedy enacted in the family of
Turks wlio were recently in this city
with their bears. I he lurks were
encamped near Lancaster, and last
.Thursday the big black bear killed
and partly devoured one of the chiid-
ns r-w-m ft a.
ren. ine xurKisn women were not
noticing the child, and it got too close
to the bear, when the savape animal
knocked its brains out with one blow
of its huge paw, and then tore its
flesh off by the mouthfull before the
men could beat the bear into subjec
tion. The body of the child wa
buried by the Turks, who then turn
ed in and gave their remaining two
children a good whipping each, to
make them keep away from the bears.
News-Observer : Next Thursday a
special train will be run from this
city to Chapel Hill and return, so as
to afford visitors an opportunity to
attend the interesting commencement
exercises, that being on "commence
ment day." The assessors of pro
perty are busy inthii city and it will
be ten days ere they finish their hard
task. Some valuations have been
made higher and others reduced.
There has been heretofore considera
ble i-regulari y in valuations here.
....To day wuat may be called the
first through train from Raleigh via
Salisbury. Asheville and Warm
Springs to Louisville. The elegant
Pullman sleepihg car "Kentucky,"
will be attached to ihe first train. It
will be a fast freight and psssenger
line with direct communication
A few days since one of the gang of
convicts employed at Auburn cutting
wood for use at the penitentiary at
tempted to escape but was caught.
He was being carried to the quarters
by the guard, when he made another
break for liberty, wouldn't halt when
told to do so, and was then shot. The
bullet went through bis body near the
shoulder, making a painful, though
not a serious wound Lovers of
the beautiful in form and color should
avail themselves of the opportunity
of gratifying their taste by visiting
the Peace studio. The display of the
young ladies work is much larger
than ever before.andthe quality finer.
if sueh can be. Every piece shows
care in design and execution, and the
exhibit covt rs quite a wide ranee as
regards variety, from the noble land
scape in Winter to the decorated tin
dust-pan Rev. Dr. A. D. Mavo,
the distinguished New England edu
cator and editor of The Nationul
Journal of Education, is expected at
the Wilson State Normal school dur
ing the last weak in June, and will
deliver several of his celebrated lei
t ires on school economy, etc The
general health of the people of the
city continues quite good. The usual
disorders incidental to the time of
year are prevalent, ot course, but li
tie serious sickness is reported, and
none of a conlagio-is character
Yesterday afternoon the Oak City-
Blues (Co. A.) and the East Raleigh
Guards, (Co. F.) of the Fourth Battal
lion (colored, N. C S. G., were inspet
ed by Col. F. H. Cameron, Inspector
General, the ceremony takes place in
Moore square. The companies look
ed fairly well but ranks were not at
all full. Company A is much the
better drilled and disciplined, and its
marching is superior. The two com
panies were in command of Maj. Geo
L. Lane.
T SHALL sell for cash in front of the
JL Court House door in Halifax, on
Monday the 2nd day of July, 1883. the
following tracts of land to satisfy the
State and county tax due for the year
1882 s
One tract lying in Palmyra Township
containing Fifteen Hundred and Fitly
miie acres, me properly oi n. it. .tsur
The interest of Frank Toodle in Three
Hundred and Ninety acres lying in Pal
myra Township and listed by William
J oodle.
J. T. DAWSON, Collector.
B. I. Alsbrook, Deputy.
June 2, 1883.
40 4t.
The great superiority of DR.
all other cough remedies is attested
by the immense popular demand
for that old established remedy.
For the Cure of Coughs, Colds,
Hoarseness, Croup, Asthma, Bron
chitis, Whooping Cough, Incipient
consumption and for the relief of
consumptive persons in advanced
stages of the Disease. For Sale
y s.11 Druggists. Price, 25. cents.
Mouldings, Brackets, Stair Rails, Newels,
M Ola,,, , ana BuiMln, .Material of ef Descriptm.
Nos. 16 W. Side Market Sqr. & 49 Roanoke Aye,
mar22 29 ly.
Standard Fertilizer Company,
6, 8 & 10 ROANOKE SQR., - - NORFOLK, Va.
mar22 293m
R. R. BR1DGERS. Pres't. .
H I G H G R A D E c
We beg to call the attention of Planters to the above
Which have stood in the Front Rank for the past 12 years.
We manutacture the HIGHEST GRADES OF FERTILIZERS, and their Relia.
bility and Uniformity have been tested in the soil, in the States of North Carolina,
South Carolina and Georgia, to the satisfaction of all who have used them.
We append analyses made by Prof. White, of Georgia, and Prof. Shepard,
of South Carolina:
Prof. White, of Georgia State Chemist.
Phosphoric Acid Soluble 2 00
itevertea m uu
" " Available 11 1
" " Undecomposed 1 56
Ammonia - - - 3 03
Potash - - - - 1 78
For Sale Bv
Feb. 15, 24 3m
77 Water Street, NORFOLK, Va.
Strictly a Commission
Liberal advances on Consignments on hand.
Produce held subject to order of shippers.
Orders for
Standard Fertilizer s and Chemical s
filled on most favorable terms. Weekly papers with market report mailed
to our patrons.
IY1. L. T
South East Corner Water and Commercial Streets, Norfolk, Va.
Always on hand a large Stock of MEATS, FLOUR, FISH and SALT, as well ag
A General Grocery Stock.
of AIXPLANTg. (or
Grain ana
iA i e.. aii are
If culture of Grains Boot
'"2iF5L 5- P,y lvcxm.
. several thoutand varipti.
99 Water St. & 18, 22, 26 & 30 Rothery'a Lane,
ni will eoatplsuly
i for Fsaiala Oasulaists tkes
i mm mm mm mm
OF 1883.
C. L GRAFL1N, Sup't.
W. L. DeROSSET, Gea'l Ag't.
Prof. Shepard, of S. C, State Chemist.
Phosphoric Acid Soluble 5 34
" Reverted 7 72
" 44 Available 13 06
44 44 Undecomposed 3 07
Potash - 89
House for the sale of
tewed: only
mt out.
Crops. Grasses, Fodder Crops
Annual Catalogue and Prict tut of MBit f III.
Xtnw. TWW sua.
& CO. Rochester. N.Y. Chicago. III.
HOWE'S s n j r. n s
P!S for
tne best bc
tod mm mfi n
$Jm r 1 1
mm mml u u 1 II I
hfiirUIlBi ntMkiU saubMlth. if saaa
uw mmym mm mmmm. nrMIIN a IS WW PTMHH
mm to aakit. . m. jotow m oo-

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