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Thundaj, Jnly 19, 16S3.
Local Items.
We're in trouble again.
Bead our Louisville letter.
Soda water and lemonade.
Do you think it is hot now f
Ice Cold Beer always on hand
at E. Peyser's.
Crops are looking well, and
every body seems hopeful for a year cf
Does anybody know whether
Cute Carraway" saved his scalp among
the Indians ?
We heard one of our physicians
say that Scotland Neck is a distressingly
healthv place.
j. Nicholls & Bro. have jnst re
ceived a large lot of Fancy Toilet Soaps.
Call and see for yourselves.
See our advertisement of Vine
Will A.ademv. Catalogues may be' had
at this office or by addressing the Princi
Mr. Harry M Lowborn, Vance-
hure-. N. C. savs : I have used Brown s
Iron Bitters and was greatly pleased with
Rain fall for the week ending
July 14th 1SS3, 1.45 inches. Highest
range of thermometer, 90 ; lowest range
of thermometer, 68.
C. R. F. Edwards, Newberne.N
C, says : I have found Brown's Iron
Bitters te we an excellent tonic and appe
tizer." Have you pot in yet, Thad ? The
Gold Leaf is all O. K., but you
bavn't said much about the Pre. s As
sociation yet.
Now, Brother Jo. Daniels, why
did you do us the injustice you did in
claiming to be the one among the unmar
ried editors of the Press Association who
didn't have a sweetheart?
For Ice Lemonade. Claret
Punches, Sherry Coblers, and cool drinks
of any discription, call at the Central
Saloon, E. Peyser, Manager and Pro
prietor. With all the beautiful girls of
Waynesville and Asheville. and the South
Carolina girls of the Press, who could
blame some of our young brethren of the
fraternity for making a mash?
In passing through Weldon a
few days ago we noticed some improve
ments there. The shed has been newly
painted, the railroad tracks haye been
raised, and we understand they are to be
We call attention to our new ad
vertisement of W. T. Blackwell & Co. A
word to the wise is sufficient. We believe
it is said that this is the largest manufac
turing establishment for smoking tobacco
in the world.
Ourcolumns of'Here and There"
news this week is crowded out with edito
rial matter. We hope our exchanges will
not think we have slighted them. We
have seen much to notice but the want
of space keeps it out.
Some young gentlemen and
ladies whom we see semi-occasionally tell
us that it is real fine amusement to play
croquet in the moonlight. We suppose
they enjoy it very much from the occa
sional burst of triumph we hear in front
of our window.
We think that Mr. Jas. Hancock,
who lives about four miles ftom town has
the best cotton we have seen in the com
munity. Farming is a paying business
and we are glad that some men in every
community learn it and make their farms
exponents of the same.
We noticed quite an improve
ment in the way of buildings at Wake
Forest College. The institution is flour
ishing, the town is improving in business
and enterprise. This is the place for the
young men to go who wish to learn im
provement in morals as well as intellect
See adv.
There was a hop at Pittman's
Hall on last Friday night. There were
many present, and the "we sma hours"
warned them more than once that it was
time to depart, before they were willing
to quit the pleasures of the evening. We
are told that it was quite enjoyable.
An entertainment of a moral and
pleasant character, by sfline young gentle
men from Ohoccowinity. Beaufort Co., is
expected at Pittman's Hall on next Friday
evening, the 20th inst, at 8 o'clock. The
proceeds are to be applied to a religious
object in Greenville, Pitt Co.
Since we met at the Press Asso
ciation brethren, Eldridge, of the
Davidson Dispatch, Lyon of the Ker-
nersviue xvews, jfirvin of the Morgan
ton Mountaineer, . we have received
copies of their papers and like t.hm
very much. We onter them at once
upon our jl. list.
tt"7T W..WE Slad to see brother
nan m me w eioon News in town the
other day. He failed t . .
ress Association, but was well rer-
-""v.v. UJf uui inena "oilie and
as he was not married and brother
Hall is, we suppose the mountain
were giaa or the deputation.
Brother Richardson, of the Clay
ton Bud tells about seeing a church
in the mountains built from the lum
ber of one tree. He ' th u
b 'V "" "lW5r Pymg what the
Bvd says about the church, comments
on it by saying, "Next! !" You need
noi say -next r brother Utley, it
a true statement,
church too.
for we saw the
Ladies, we have received another
lot of Fatigue Corsets. It is the best
f i.w Dorset in- the country.
M. Hoffman,
Leader of low prices.
We enjoyed a nde with Prof.
Hobgood last Monday to see Mr. Thad.
Vaughan. By the way, Mr, Vaughan is
one of our best farmers, and his crop is
fine He is evidently one who pushes bus
iness, as any one will see who visits him.
Why not all of our fanners keep the grass
out of their cotton and make things move
The Ministrel Troupe from Wei.
don gave an entertainment in the Female
Academy here on last Thursday night.
The proceeds of the entertainment were
given to the Female Academy. We had
not the pleasure of being present, but
those present tell us that it was quite en
joyable. We are und.r obligations to
the young gentlemen for taking interest
enough in our school to give us the enter
tainment. We are sorry to learn that
there were not as many in attendance as
were expected.
We saw a young man in Weldon
who related quite amusingly his expert'
ence with a sharp young lady just an
evening or two before. Their conversa
tion turned on church creeds, and the
young lady said that she was a Univer
il ran
sansi. xne young man saia ne never
heard of that church' before, and wanted
to ask something about it but could not
speak such a big word, and so the conver
sation was turned upon the weather.
But how did he think to speak of the
weather? Isn't it the last thing a young
man ever thinks to talk about ?
Y - 11 ,
j.ass oaiuraay evening was a
very enjoyable occasion to quite a large
number of the colored people of this place
The old store formerly occupied by N. B.
Josey, was evidently the centre ofattrac-
rf i. ii .
lion, uere unaer me management ot a
portion of the members of the colored
Baptist chur.h, was conducted a Feast
Everything in the 'way of refreshments
was served. During the course of the
evening, the choir sang a number of pieces
which added much to the pleasure and
enjoyment of all present. Thus continued
till a late hour one of the most enjoyable
occasions the colored people have had in
quite a long time.
We acknowledge the receipt of
an invitation to attend a pic-nic at
Tillery 's on 18th. As we go to press on
the same day, and, of course, write be
fore we go to press, we can only say now
that we expect to be there. We will
giye an account m our next issue. The
following are the Managers and Commit
tee of Invitations s
Thomas W. Tillery, H. H. Rasberry,
Thos. H. Watson, John A. Nortleet,
John B. Tillery, Charles P. Tillery. Benj.
F. Tillery. S. Pittman, Wm. A. Cherry,
Jas. R. Weeks, Jesse E. Whitaker, John
H. Davis.
Saml Pittman, Jesse E. Whitaker,
Benj.'F. Tillery, Thos. W. Tillery,
Henry B. Pope, James M. Tillery.
Manttfcturing. We had the
pleasure last week of hearing a lecture
by the talented Prof. Winston, of Chapel
'The Money Value ofEducation."
He spoke long and interestingly. In the
course of his lecture, he said : "the
country that is always sending out raw
material will always be poor ; but the
country that is always importing raw
material, will grow in wealth." We are
quite sure that no one will think of dis
crediting his remarks. This applies to
communities, towns, and villages as well
countries. Durham is a clear exponent
of the fact. Can not Scotland Neck have
some kind of a manufacturing establish
ment ?
On Sunday night last at his store in
Scotland Neck, Mr. Pat. H. Whitmore,
aged 43 years. Sympathies extended to
bereaved friends.
Frem IMfcTllle.
Mb. Editor i Out of the four town
ships which voted on the Railroad on the
14th inst., thre voted for the subscrition.
Nashville Registered
Voted for,
" against,
Cooper's Registered
Voted fort
' against,
Tie Panacea Springs These
sprmgs are near Littleton, and their wa
ters are said to be very fine. Several from
Scotland Neck have visited these springs
in former seasons and haye been benefited
very much. There are several at the
springs, we are told, and there are gentle
men at Littleton making preparations to
accommodate visitors . in the town and
have them supplied with water from the
springs. We are glad that the people in
this section are finding out that they can
spend the Summer at these springs and
be improved in health as much as if they
had gone to the White Sulphur or Warm
&prmgs. We hope soon to hear that every
convenience for accommodating visitors
will be found at these springs.
We clip the following from the
Neios and Observer :
"The Scotland Neck Gun Club author
izes us to announce that it challenges the
!tate to shoot a match for the champion
ship of the State at glass balls. No en
trance fee and no prize ; 12 bore guns to
be used."
The -Gun Club Association of theCar
ohnas," representing nearly all the gun
clubs m the two States, contests annually
for the championship. The association
has made rules and regulations which
govern their matches and which are rec
H 'i1 thc clubs- I view of this
Club now holds the championship, we
think the Scotland Neck club shoufi jo
nilT001" contest for the cham
oe proud to have their friends join the
CsdUtmpi0n&hip Which
Given to the Press Association by the
P0 Waynesville Hotel, July
BoUedHam, Roast Lamb, Barbecued
RaoS .Shote- Bbecued sE?
i ! ffi Boiled Chicken, Egg Sauce
SSS ChkeD' Stewed kS , Fned
Chicken, Mountain Trout, Chicken Safld,
.fith DChees Cold Ham
Stewed Mutton, Spring Chicken Cold
Potatoes, Mashed
Utoes. BoUed 0n7 Roaio
Green Corn, Stewed Tomatoes Snan
te'618' ttuce with.ucP,
.tef?? Cake. Tea C.JS
Jellv f!.t. rZfZ i A e Vke.
Beeswax wanted at
. : :, - . F Stork's.
Manning's township went strong for
the Road, and Griffin's township voted
against it.
Registered, - - - 201.
Voted for, - - - - 63.
" against, - 82.
Ex-Sheriff Uockrell, who disappeared
mysteriously about three weeks ago, has
returned, and those who have seen him
say he is deranged. We hope he is only
aruulc. Crops are extra in this county.
Much success to jour valuable paper.
R. A. P. C.
A Welcome the Press ofT North
Carolina, front Haywood
Wlalte Sulphur Springs.
I dreamed a dream: methougnt I heard afar
The murmurmgs of mighty titan tones
From giant mountains sleeping all around,
as slowly they awoke from centuries
Serbal to Balsam spoke Pisgah to each,
"What, ho ! watchman on Junaluska,
What of the night? What heard we in
our dreams?
A tramDliner as when feet of wiri-inr
came ;
A clattering as of hoofs and wheels, and
And Balsam, dark and cold to Serbal fair
Replied x "I only heard the water lap
the crag;
The night wind moan: the wild bird
sweep its wing."
And then did Serbal's watchman lift his
(The prophet-watchman of our lovely vale,
.Prophet of shining brow and hopeful
He said, and all his brethren hushd
themselves to hear.
"The old order changeth, ever giving
place to new,
And God fulfills himself in many ways ,
I see, I see, a new day-dawn at band.
Attend ye all ! Wearily, pale I've stood
Watching above the turmoil of the vale
The coming of the younger day and lus
tier life.
The din of war hath echoed thro' our
Leaving its scars and graves, aye and its
blessings too,
The sword hath cut and our brave sons
have bled.
Yonder an army, not on doubtful errand
But laurel-crowned each man of peace
"Thc pen is mightier" than all swords.
Of all the nations of the olden world,
inese be the knights-errant that never
Who ride on higher, nobler, truer quest
Repairing ills, righting all human wrongs,
Upholding all things wise and strong and
He ceased. An echo loud as thunder-peal
Came back from Balsam, Lickstone Juna
Re-echoed by innumerable heights :
"Welcome a thousand welcomes from
us all,
Ye harbingers of light and peace and
truth P
Then burst there forth a m unaer passing
From mountftin turn and bubbling, gush
ing spring,
From rugged crag and rills and brooks
and springs,
4.11 silent things, the dew and light and
Each found a voice and chorused 'iWel-
come all"
In thrilling undertones minor and low,
Until the listening stars did seem to hear,
And everv leaf and tree sighed out
My dream is o'r. Good gentlemen,
from near
Or far, we echo all the welcomes of the
the hills !
Welcome to our fair home, our lovelv
The spring of health for all who need her
Destined to fame wherever man is found !
Come often, come again : we and our
western land
Will stretch out friendly hands to you
. for aye.
Bring in your train the blessings of the
And tell the world the untold wealth we
In our deep vales and rugged mountain
Richer in mineral and forest wealth are we
Than any State from Gull to Artie sea !
Let in, let in the light of that young day
That has been flushing eastward while
we sleep 1
So will we shout from vale and mountain
'Tis morning ! mist in the valley, radiance
Un the hills ! 'tis morning ! for the mind
. and soul.
Away all things that nestle in the dust
And dark of error and of sin, away !
'Tis morning ! lo a holier, broader
More enlightened day doth gild our land,
And men shall summer in true brother
hood. Yes, there is glad rejoicing in our hearts
The harvest time has come ; ye reapers
Trust in the sickle, reap, give thanks,
rejoice! "
, m Wuxouohby Kkade.
July 6th, 1883.
Joyful NKVfs ! I ! A car load
of corn has jost been received at the
We are sorry to note that Mr. J. B.
Dunn, and Mr. Jas. A. Pittman are very
Mrs. J, B. Neal returned last Friday
from Murfreesboro, where she has been
spending several weeks visiting relatives.
Mr. Noah Biggs returned last Friday
from Williamston, where he had spent
some days visiting his mother and other
Dr. J. D. Hufham left last Sunday y for
Hamilton. He expects to be away sever
al days preaching there and at William
ston, perhaps.
Mrs. W. H. Kitchin, of Scotland Neck,
and Mrs. R. B. Salsbury, of Hamilton,
are at Littleton drinking water from the
Panacea Springs.
We were glad to see in town last Satur
day and Sunday, Mr. R. B. Salsbury, of
Hamilton. Mr. Salsbury is one of Ham
ilton's cleverest gentlemen, and also one
of the most enterprising men there.
Prof. F. P. Hobgood, President of Ox
ford Female Seminary, spent some time
in town this week. He is at work in the
interest of his school. He has a fine school
at Oxford, and if good looks had anything
te do with his taking the girls with him,
we should expect to have more interest in
Oxford next year than ever before, for
we are sure he would carry some from
Scotland Neck. We hope he is doing well
for his school.
Remember that we are the only
House in this town that sell Zeigler's
Hand made Shoes.
M Hoffman.
Leader of low prices.
Cheapest Fashion Magazine in the
world, 120 large pages, 4 pages new music,
iuuu engravings each issue. U cents per
year ; single copies 15 cents. Stbaw
bridge & CiiOTHiKR, 8th & Market Sts.,
The Fittest .Locality In the State.
Prof. C. D. Smith, after making an ex
tended trip through the mountains of
Western North Carolina savs. in a letter
to "The NewSouth:""The White Sulrh r
Springs of Haywood, is perhaps the finest
locality m tne state tor a summer resor .
The general altitude of the country and
the particular topogranhical reliefs of the
surroundings of the springs make the terr
perature and atmospheric conditions all
that reasonably could be desire i."
The Maryland Eiive Stock Mutu
al Aid Society.
OKL'O W( fib s
9 wm or 7r i
FREIGHT liv i4 I
i jpu i r u ,;v -jsry. -
t m r - vv mm u jo - V 1 -
J - r S
a y j fc
I I . a R .i!iiir .-. -iLMiKiii L
II V '.IHIM'l-liiil' "
1 fr ir -"Igr J I
! r n1 n, l
I f !FiST I r
I V Mw Style N.l15.-EWht,7i.DepOi,
Beatty's Parlor Organs (EDnly $59
fH4L STOPS. I-Clo.8 r. t-n. f-Malodia. ft. to... s-CIarml
-Mwrnm. W k.,k n..l. mm Wm. . " - - m. .
.H- .r. - .r . l
ton. Huid u r ---.--- . u.. , V1..1 .. r
c4n. be. ie-Graa4 K-pnaaisae. Il-Fraeb UorB.t tl. toaa. 11-Utrp J-l)t
Bum, Ml.
I4.rnn H IE CKk II ! .. n ! . m . .. m T.: -... . s . ."-
i- ton. 1-V'..x Job,lnt. ft. ion. oliceolo. 4 ft. tuo. m Coapla noLlwMI8ni
ursmiUM scop. M-Klgnt UrgSB K-C atop.
vfn : n v! !. v 5Jtrt" VJ1W "Z.: A"-. IT IS VJKJCT BK-lUTIFUL IN APPK4B-
CK. BLINO EXACTLY LIKE CUT. TIm (!in u of Solid Wu Bnfualv .! mttm.
fnl itsum utaBV '
i priaevM.
tnc 8 to DO. to eoBtrol Ilia aatin
B BEKD8. m follow.: A M ol
ri ta flnnl
bmad-caninc oad penti' faaey vonoen. The lluit Poaket Uaf thm Boat beam
Jm . . " " e muuewnra pariar, ana weaia araaiMat la boadoir or
. It
Orm-4 Orgaa.
jFIVE SETS l-y-p,
bouob by the kMe. if a.couarr. Fia ( eat- vf GO
";"! oww-uaaa mow; mioi i
Mair, Btatty'i
aN ctaii
The (:ao u vf Solid Walaat. profaaalf raaaeatad wltb
baadaoBM appeanaee. It will not take the 4lrtor
ia. tba Sat Vi
Ki.bt aad Left
v-w vuifisia: one aeiai rMKHCH hom kkkiml
Mb of Keaalar DOLD-H TOMOCK SKRDX RuMu .11 .ki. u 11 a.rv.
f k.CO UfLEU whiah dyablae tlia puver of the iaatraaMBt. Laap 8 tea da. Peeket fo
1 Pateat Swp Aeti.a. also aaaatsajr ftoard. AaU hT. lllTrri.Ir.
S.?P'V. !? pHaht patUfiTare Bade ftB tbebWt
auality of Rabbar Cietb. are of mat
fastaaalicy Pedal Svape. TbaPadall
Met J of aoat daaiga. aad aerea fat oat
aiahft nan
', P"". aaa.ara auo op with 8(ael Spriam aad tka
uiuaa. 01 Mint eovcred with earpet, are PoUihed
f aat of tapair ot wora
You can insure your horses and cows
at a small cost and receive their full value
in case of death by accident or otherwise.
For particulars call on
O. W. Bbyan,
Agent for Halifax County.
Books and Periodicals.
Space will be given in this column at
at any time for noticing Books and Peri
odicals. All books and periodicals sent
to this office will be read and duly noticed
Branson's X. C. Directory. 17th
vear ot publication. 6tn tdition, win
soon be issued. The only reliable di
rectory of the State ever published. Price
So.uu. urderor
L. BRANSON, Raleigh, N. U.
Two hundred thousand corned
herrings for sale. JNoah Joiggs & Co. are
prepared to furnish corned herrings in
. . " " . . . Tl
small or large quantities, eimer ai rai
mvra or here. Special arraneemtnts for
large quantities can be made u you win
call te see them.
The large Brick Mill, owned by
Noah Bices & Co.. is now prepared to
. V. . . i i ajrn
suddiv tne mcreasea aemana ior riui-
Stuffs. A car load of White Corn re
ceived this week, and as the mills run
daily, all wbo need anything in that line
can be accommodated.
Notice Locals will be insert
ed at ten cents a line for first insertion
Afterward at five cents. -
Fob Sale. Store and residence
on Mam Street, in Scotland Neck N. C,
Apply to li, W. UAY,
Go to E. H. Hight's barbershop
in postofflce building. You'll feel better,
look better, ana nave a pleasant ume
at home and elsewhere till you need
shaving again.
Illustrated Book of Cage Birds mailed
for 3 cent stamp. Bird Food Co., 237
South Sth St., Philadelphia.
Bring your Hides
Pelts to
and Sheep
F. Stern.
Owing to the great demand for
meal throughout the country, Noah Biggs
& Co. have made arrangements to Keep
at the Brick Mill a sufficient supply of
corn, to meet tne necessity.
For pure drugs, and accuracy
in compounding prescriptions, go to J.
Nicholls & Bro's Drug Store.
If vou want the best Whiskey,
for medicinal purposes, buy the '-Old
Forty-Nine." E, Peyser, sole agent.
To the young men who have not
already supplied themselves with Straw
Sate for the Summer, we would suggest
that you call to see Noah Biggs & Co., as
they are offering bargains both in styles
and prices.
A large lot of best Copal Var
nish and Black "Walnut Stain, at manu
facturer's prices, for sale by Roanoke
Furniture Co.
42 lm.
rpHE EALL TERM of this school be-
JL gins on Monday. - September issi.
Every areangeme-tiri9 Te made to give
the school success eqaal to wbat has been
observed in the past,
Board may be had under the direct
supervision of the Principal.
Tuition flo.00 to 927.50 per term ot
nve montns.
One half tuition at close of the term.
For further particulars, address the
Principal at Scotland Neck ; or Mnd for
Catalogue. . v
, PaiwciPAJj. ' i
.HAAa . dare traoa the data
f L Torn thla Ontu. with tmmm
j n r -
: A
U jmm wUl rcaatt aaa M mm4
the aJUMurad Omi wttkla 1
llewapaper. I wUl hoz aatdakJ
am thla wntaa.
Book, ata., exaatly tha
i I aell far S8S. Tea
la mm aaae later tmrnm ! daya.
Om yeara teat trial gtrmm aad
CaU wamutM far BU Teara.
Given under mj Hand and SmL
nlffPTTfcT Oa r-o.lpt of thit Cngnoa and dtt-Oe i
m JKLT m. m aia m eaan o. nana tmn. rott unci
pnat Prepaid, or br Chock oa .unr l.ank. if forwarded wltbla
tbe date oeraof. I bavabv urrM in aMint thi. Minnn fn. aL . . . I
2!,77.?,ebrtli. fft?2 Parlor !, Vith Belch? Book. ete..pro-l
-- unwu oaianva 01 vv innupinm T,nis coupon ; ana i will tend Toa a I
reeoiptadbill ia (till for 118, and box aad ship 70a the Organ Jnetaa it it ad-1
ertied. fully warns ted for sis yeen. Money refunded with inUrettfroM thai
.vw.f.Mu.o. mm nunwuKv hhi oBefeare ate.
taigaeq.) DAN 1Kb F. BEATTT.
f thVMioi.ealppj Rlrei
aare. to Dreoav
any point east of
aavrd kv hhm
on einaiuon tbat It mast prove t
Ao a further indeaeaieBt for oa (nr-al.d
a yon order immediately, within the iodaaa.1
oraan to ia ncamiet rafiaa ri.K ..!
ilppi Riyer. or that far an any oia weetof it. Toil la
arara aaioi taalty to plaee aa initmment. aa it were, at year very daer aU
""V .r1'"""' mwiw a wawaoaan anccai wiwmwi
FaHoeed And S5V for oraan. I hare read wou
J. etatamant in Lhi. d wni .nil t a..
exactly aa repreeeatcd in thii advertia.ment, or t
hall retara it at the end of one year'e nee aad demand tbe return of my money .with
"- . .u- wvmj b.d. . iui.hu i. a via peracn.. accorain
Be wmnt particular togime Jfawie. Pont Qtee. Conner. State. Freight
waai Kaiiroaa. t"Be tare to remit br Bank Draft. P. O. Honpv OnlM K.i.
orwara it, at aix perernt. accordina to yoar offer.
mt by Bank Draft. P. O. Monav OhIm .
Letter. Expren prepaid, or by Bank Check. Yon may accept by telegraph on leaf
day and remit by mail on that day. which will eecare thie special offer. 1 dtsir
. : r . . . . . ""v " inirnuucen wunoni aciay. nence una special nrioa.
trifrr.Si DANIEL F. BEATTY.VashingtonJI.J
1 itw wrffurYtnw tm 1
These Goods are sold under an
Absolute Guarantee
That they are the Finest and PUREST
goods upon the market;
They ARB FREE from DRUGS and
CHEMICALS of any kind;
They consist of the Finest Tobacco and
Purest Rice Paper made.
the products of ALL leading manufacto
ries combined.
None Genuine without the trade-mark
of the BULL. Take no other.
I Sale Manufacturer-, DURHAM, N. C.
fn n rMrmrn.oi
t nd will eompletelrehuee the blood in the entire system in.three months. Any person who will take ONE PILL
ewmnuBt ibum vasiu iwiLvt wkbks. maybe restored to soaadbealtb.ir eneh a thing it possible,
for coring Female Complaints these Pills hare ao equal. Pbysieians nse them in thi'ir practice. Sold everywhere
or sent by mail for ft cents in stamps. Send for pamphlet.
r OO.. Boston. Kaaa.
I I I IUI ll II llll Ills I t" 1 1 I a F e
MjfMr.iunr iiiiii.fr lrrniin
Indian JB)loodL STrrup
Cures all diseases of the Stomach, Liver,
Bowels, Kidneys, Skin and Blood.
JUiliotts testify to its effioacy in heal-
inff the above named diseases, and pro-
" a. . 1
nounce it, xo oe xne
trade mask. Guaranteed to cure Dyspepsia.
Laboratory 77 W. 3d St, New York City. Druggists sell it
r x
I if?J J
Be sure to examine the new Catalogue of
Feb. 1, 22 3m.
C R U M P !
W. M.
Main Street,
Scotland Neck, N. C.
AU of the Utest Styles with , Timku.. Brewer i u.r jpn -y.
ST All worWairantedaa represented. Prices as low as can be found in the
tata " Satisfaction Guaranteed. - .
PAXHOrioK OUICIXEI. eplrl-.g Ptie at Short Notice.
jL coweofwariovt of -Tro-toxid
of Iron, i"eruvxan,
Bark tut rhoapKorMi
a palatable form, for
JDebilittr, Zom of -Appo-tite,
Frostrmtioim of Vital
JPoworm it isindiapuMBa
v w T y. nviiniTVi
IlL, says:
"I consider it
most excellent remedy for
the debilitated Tital foces.
S?!? . t wrmTi5 Writes:
After a tHorouch trial of the
TROT TOHIO. I tasa pieasuiw
lm statinsr that Z have oeen
arraaUv benefited t7 l
naa. Hiniaters and Pab-
lie Speakers will find it
Of the greatest value
where a Tanio is neces
sary. I recommend it
Its a reliable remedial
kffnt, poaaaasinir un
doubted nutritive and
restorative properties.
iMtnilU. XvM Oct, t, 1882.
J-flflrMs, TAYLOR E.TO. GO.
la MmUUm tXU Paer.) Chlott, . 0.
Bryan & Whitehead.
Cor. Main and 10th Sts.. ODDOsite Post
Stationery and Toilet Articles,
Shoulder Braces, Trusses, Paints,
Oils, Varnishes, Dye Stuffs,
Glass, Putty, Carbon Oil,
Lamps, Chimneys, &c.
State Agents for J. W. Weakley, Jr.,
& Co'e
Electro Magnetic Broi
Country Merchants will nnd it to their
: . i 11 j : j j
iuw:re-b iu van aiiu eAauiiue goous uu
prices before buying elsewhere.
Physicians Prescriptions accurately
compounded at all hours, day or night,
and orders answered with care and dis
patch. mOf Stock kept complete by frequent
M-Cte RistniL
rant at my old stand on Main St , near
the Brick Mill. Lodging can also be had.
Meals at all hours. The best the market
affords will be given you served up as
well as ia any sim.lar house in North
Carolina, and at as reasonable rates.
Beef, Fish, Oysters, &c, always on
hand at the lowest figures. Meals may
also be had at all hours at mr other
stand, first door South of K. Alsbrook's.
cordially invite and ask the patronage
of the people. Will guarantee satisfac
tion. JACOB D. HILL.
Feb. 8, 23 tf.
New and graphic Pictorial History of the great Sea fights of tba
World. By Medical Director SHIPFBN. V. S. N. Addtaat
J. C. McCukdy Co., 633 Chestnut St.. Philadelphia, Fa.
Use In lime Bold by draggteta.
J. C. Williams.
Established 1872
Roanoke Fnrnitore Co.,
This Department is first-class in every
respect. We keep on hand all sizes of
Metalic. in Bronze or Rosewood finish.
Also solid Walnut. A full line of cheaD-
er painted.
feb 22, 25 tf Scotland Neck, N. C.
Sena to
AtlnBita. .
or Illustrated Circular. A live aetaal BiuJ -
School. Established twenty ;rara.
' Wholesale & Retail Dealer in
THE largest house ef the kind in the
city. Merchants of North Carolina
shou Id examine our stock betore going
farther North.
Petersbubg, Va.,
Jam ao 21 t. w & w gycK&t st.
Jmcfc Mill. V ., v. .
nsiotssa cs sadism x
is co mteiuatt, it. vmk

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