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I- To
, i'..M I TO-
K. i:. HILLIARD, Editor and Proprietor.
! i.hl IS idoWi.
, , r,: t 'j-ernent about
,-i-r! it in
""" . ..;'( in business all
' Writ-n for The I-kuoi ht
in v ii p, re"l ed to tn lv and k::ow
more of my own connfr. it- centfai
pa-?, lis critic.i! pre-er.t. it- fl !."-e !
1-eliove; g5orio:J" future. 1 came '. w :j
M ,
1 1
.1 f '
n. i
JsL o
V hd.L,
,.. New Hotel, Main
i ':-c when not
,d e!-eW liCl'f.
1) 2d lv
; i i ! !:ni:.i),
, ;;.: Now Hotel, Main
;: w Nunc, X. C.
. f .invl .it his office when
': en-aged elsewhere.
7 '. ly
!d i;;;mon,
.!. I). Ray's store.
i f. 1 o'clock ; 2 to
. .... 2 2 ly
. . . . . ! NKCIC. X. C.
, ! ! i Phi !
Attorney at Law,
r.xFii: bib x. c.
ad the Courts of Hali
:!iir unties ami in the
' I". . i.-r.il ( 'ourts. Claims
,1 ) ! - of the State.
s ly
. 7 n .v ; y-a t-l a ir.
- . i.M Xkck. X. C.
! v, l -'-pv"r his service.- are
2 l:j lv
. W. .'. WARD.
Surgeon Dentist,
Kxi-iF.T.n, X". C.
i farris n's Ping Store.
' 7 '.-" ly
ffe S:v. 77. P.. C'dlcni Trhss cf Atlas-1 tr;lhi for
i 'ii'i-v: :.f y. .
omirn,' ia Na-hv:1'
tri i many a nt i -re.-sin',' 'intie- crov.-fiiii-
T am h.ick in Kentucky auin with
any and nre-in lut
Hpoii me. In the mi'!-t o? t ! s r-t : ',!!
s3I I my iniixl i nn- hack to Scotland Ne.-k
&112&a I ,.,Y,.,sr.,..-, in. ,,.-,.1 i r.., ......
memory of my .-hort sojoirn (for it
seemed very short to me) in your de
ihtful community will follow me a.- a
Are you taking Simmons Liver Reg- I 'vVoet 1'fnediction all my lift;.
ulator, the "King of Liver Medi- ! I have to a-hed .evera! nomi. of in-
i crest since I left you Wake Forc-t.
iialeigh. Atlaiita. 'hattauooa. N'a.-h-vi.Ue
and boni-viile.
Such croud- were le.ivin ttiat it
t".ok I'.vi or three trai'i-4 t- hrim: u-out.
!5ut the
-jile were odcrIv and m
cines?" That is what our readers
want, and nothing but that. It is the
same old friend to which the old folks
pinned their faith and were never dis
appointed. But another good recom
mendation for it is, that it is better
than Pills, never gripes, never weak
ens, but worka in such an easy and
natural way, just like nature itself, that
relief comes quick and sure, and one
feels new all over. It never fails.
Everybody needs take a liver remedy,
and everyone should take only Sim
mons Liver Regulator.
J'erhaps no hotter illustration of
southern thrift and proure-s can he
found than the city of Atlanta it-elf.
not to speak of its oeal expo.-ition
which is now in progress. It is really
hard for one to realize that ju.-t thirty-
j '-ie year ago this great city was noih-
-im.iYf-u, an-! eacn fo;!!.ct a:i!
to ail in .''.- power i !.-;. the
The road from Ci:-:
s 'e h ht-t gi v
were Co)i:!!:',:-.i;
doors a:i'i v, indo-ss. ; ..
:neu w i e- ami enn :reii ano ir:e:.
!h" very so. t- on -a hid. f i.ev ii.fi
Ion-jilt and siillered ; iloing thi- idwa
in the km !-.-: :-1 i ; It.
f ,
lie sure you get it. The Retl Z j ing hut an un-iglitly ma.s of chimney;
is on the wrapper. J. II. Zeilin & ! ami charcoal, with ,mlv six inhahitarm-
Co., l'hiladeli)hia.
Fw i1:'' h. TILVVTs.
Atl'ir.ii'y :v.v Counselor at Law,
tZT:-! f.i.,i'il oil Fa fin L'oah.
y :; f fg:T r.;ti-vty
Xow. when the race is just hygun,
lth all its warmth and zest,
And twice the needful gifts and pow
ers Are fremhling in your hrea-t.
While fortune hoc Icons just hefore,
While hope is in the van,
Re-ohe with all your strength and
To do the Lest you can !
The hest you can ! The time will come
When that will seem too small
Amhition scarcely worth the pains.
So grievous is it fall ;
To pick tfie scattered fragments up !
Accept the altered plan !
It almost needs a hero's heart
To do the hest you can !
Dangers and downfalls lie in store
For every soul alive,
And life, in truth, is iKt a case
Of three and two are hve.
Lit trust: me, he, and n'y he,
Is wiser than the rest.
Who put- his shoulder to the wheel
And simt.lv does his hest.
Some chance is always 'eft. at hand,
If not the chance we sought.
And none can tel! what good may fall
From the least deed or thought.
Then take the troubles as they come,
A co 'tit you like a man.
Accept your part with all your heart,
And do fne hest you can !
tmis i .ri:K.
08 Jeweier.
.-..ugh knowledge of the
- i :: -.mplete outHt of tools
: i am Letter irejared th.aii
. diiirr that i expected of
- ' at -h-maker and jeweler.
A full line of
Watches, Clocks,
A". (J. Farmer.
A powerful attraction to home is the
cultivation of a spirit of neatness and
elegance throughout ail its arrange
ments. The eye scarcely ever wearies
of a heaudful prospect, or a pleasing
picture. The aspect of a home should
rescmhle the latter; it should tell if
own tale ; ks atmosphere should breathe
of comfort, and its quiet, simple orna
mentation delight the eye. There is a
brightness about a well-kept hoaie
wnich neither wealth nor magnificence
can impart, unaccompanied by ta.-te.
To keep best rooms, or best anything,
to be used only for visitor.-' accommo
dation, is not t lie w isest policy for a
wife to adopt ; on the contrary, com
.,. contrasts too greatly with daily
living rooms, and suggest unpleasant
comparisons. Xeatncss and elegance
should go hand in hand ; one cannot
exist without the other ; but it must
be neatness far removed from formality,
,P'' elcanee independent of costliness
fusion. Lvery arucie siiou.u
to look regretfully over the smutty nans,
hit alas, for Sherman's awful march to
the sea ! To-day the city boasts of a
population of more than a hundred
thousand, with as clean and well shaded
streets, as beautiful flowers and a mag
nificent residences as any city in our
'and. The arrangement of the city is
cry irregular, suggesting the work of
nature rather than that o! art. Lack
if time forbade my vi.-iting any of the
parks or public buildings, but they are
-aid to compare favorably with the city
in general ; which is saying enough.
Of course the exposition has the right
of way now. The grounds are well laid
off in a two-hundred-acre enclosure,
about three miles N. E. of Union depot.
There arc twelve main buildings, not
to -peak of the various side issues, such
a.- the streets of Cairo, Japanese Village,
China Town, Oerman Tomi, kc, i'cc.
L'ho whole affair presented a very in
complete appearance when J was there,
only two of the buildings having been
completed. All the others were in a
more or less unfinished condition, but
i he work was rapidly progressing, and
i suppose it is much better by this
time. The day I spent there was the
: Oay ot tne voiue ami iray. peecnes
j -vere made by tfie Alayor of Atlanta,
j i, ienerals Lewis and Longstrect, Oover-
j nors McKinley. Morton, Ho.vard and
I ilult; and others whose names I did
! . ,i ... .i , . i i ;
not eaten. inese spccciies mm ;n
them the ring of true American pa
triotism ; and it seems to me that this
exposition is calculated to do a great
deal of good in bringing about a better
mutual understanding and a higher
mutual appreciation between the two
great sections of our commonwealth.
The day in Atlanta was profitably
si.ont :i!ul anv one in Xorth Carolina
who may feel able to visit the exposi
tion tins fail will be well paid for his
I stopped in the private boarding
Jiou.se ot Mrs. A. L. Winter, at 01 Xorth
Forsyth street. She charged me $1.2.)
a day, and I found her house very com
fortable and home-like.
I left Atlanta for
i. lb
, i , ,
' ; eat :;.,;.
i...-i:t f la;
,t - uid. i
VrC lie
: ! thb-k
i '
villi relic- in the v,;iy of stick-, ro.-k 1
and various other things. T unMer-t.ind :hii
tii.it there i- a factory in Cita-si.att: o-x
engaged m notliing ei-e but inanufae-! .-ue ouoriiioudy bei. iif-l - t!ie i.i
turing war relics ! ! the mls-ionane- iii tiacr mi.
It was in the niirht vh"n we pa ed A- far ;i- my know !.dg- e . u
Na.-h T lie : so e came rig h t on t h i oipj h ; : i ;u id iln mv tha' :l
to Luuis ille. I cot:'. I almost hear the! !!( rhii.a :i!e -e!f-s.i.-r:hcim;. tii.it t
echo from the f .ot fa'! of the irand h'- are pi.o. th.a they an d--. -'
Army of the IIepub!:o n.andiing up ' :heir work, that th-ir ititit.etiee -
I to i he ua : ; es. t ! : ,i ;
and down its str(-ei s. Jhit I hae.-a;ii it
enough about armic:
a no
and ci ;i:;;t:oji
hi Tue.-dav I went out to Irvin
u, -n.ire
v them e
ICentucky, wh.ere I hae served a.- p.-;s- ; !ul We-;e; i: ..-k- are '.r.in-htvd 1
tor of a noble little baud of Chii-tians ; them into difi.eM t.hat tla-y aie t: .
for two years. Tliey gave me a very leaders in all charitable w i k . ;;ia
warm, cordial reception. They had . largely them-ehe-. and ;:-.". ::!;. s:
been holding daily services for three j i ri lu t i ng the fund.- with ulnch t h
days awaiting my coming. I j .reached j ate intrn-ted ; that ticy do ma'. .
for them every night until last Mondav, j a-rt-. ami i;.-!i conxeit- ar u. :;, d
when I came to the ."seminary. ur j i ene:;;ud by conger-ion. 'd .. ' .c
labors together were really blessed, and j tere.-t. theiefore of ci iliat ion. ini-i..n-I
return to my work in the Seminary ; aries ought to reci-ie pr. .r ,u ;.,
leaving the church imbed and deter- J v. Inch they are enti;;"d . 'd
mined to tress on in the Master's work, j and encouragement in.m . .ther clr.-.-e.-
Our school opened o:i Tuesday, Oct. ! of peopled'
1st. Two hundred an I twenty voting All ! 'd-. written by an :d .' a : . : . , ..
preachers were here o . the first day. b:l government (!'.. -ial. I:: a !'
worded report to the ' . r-
Trea-ury, s'-itles be;, oud dou'c ti.
1 1 iii-: i a , shall we -ei. t m i - - : .a . t
being an advance of f- a iy over anything
in the hi-tory of the in-'itution. hatch
day bring- in more naa , and we expect
to go to three hundred before t he close J 'hina '.' Philanthropy dema
of the session. j i!la:ion d.-ii!;;;, i- ;;. iha' n
A hard session's work i- ahead of me, J ianity an-l eternitv d m.-md
'- ..''. - , ' T - ' '',1 ..,.! .1, .....!. I
.ilL i llt.,e cO J'.t- ,0 ; :l . ' . ' i . ,!..,... . . - - -
to prosecute it faithfully and well, and
then return to the people m North
Carolina to see what we can do inhring
ing our dear Old Xortn State to the
very forefront along all lines of worthy
progress I am sure fun Dkmocuat
is d ting a great w oik along this line
already. May iu power and usefulness
go .n deepening and eroadening until
Tho Walnut Grcvir. Lu::r:::c.
The editor of tla- llrd.ory ', ,. '
n' i ni'i ii has just sold a -:i;d' ' .'ee
for -fdo. What kind oi a net- v. a i:
and hac on r a ; i v tic; e . do : i .
"'-: !:v ;-;"b- 'd
;d d
!. -, .: ; :
Tri u rv ; i I n Co r-,
OcV.a. bae.-' -f.ai'l
X r..- t
rUrYjGnS U:;.:-:;,-.o:
PiLE Tuh'GIiO. ';
j, r !,..-v i. .to- ; 1
' i: ri ' .t- r' I -r t i t :
w!:': ..' e.f - 'ha . .., I .. t ' : ' , .. .0 .
teemc i contemporary '.' M t. . v u y . .
C'ng away from home, tb" ahoe
other State new - 1 -e ween - : i; m-
its highest ideals for ..tir j-le shall : j . ; h ...a e-, h (.,(.;l,., ,M, :a ,a.
imve been more than realized. r t,-,.o We hiwo'h
el 1 -.a . '1 '. - ei ', v 1 ii. v 1 a . . a
tma 'a,:.!:. : - : - -
! ,,- !'.. ;.,;., -h, :a. o ! o
v.ai I s J,,.;.. a -,ry U, . at A s. ,
Muiu strvvl, iunhil", N. i.
Very c;r iially,
. l. Cpi.i.om.
Si h. -tnl.
-Wlien I was traveling throng
com I, eastern Ore ''on 1 i-t month," said
Attorney W. W. McXair to a San g with : hm ia;. er oi
' , l I 1
, Post writer. "I foimd meli i ;'a-
ers. some eettereen, bu! n ':' -a e.
Plat:! -ou.e walnut-, brother, pd-.ut '..d-
1 nuts'. ion ca n plant i '' i fee on at i
j acre and never mterfeie w ith farn
; In I'O (-irs time the ire.- w'n; ! noitli
Vi u can get one e , : .
I grow !.n by jilacn.g ti.e wa.ant- ;.u - ti
er ' ill st!C !J : rotlll l !.!!! ' ' I '
' y. A -.
. : c . i . i : i . 1 : 1 i
j -fTe a piece.
toothaclie. I ioum
111 a small village and with a large ' v"
1 1 10U t t " ' I g' ,:
crae;; open ; t re:;
. 1 -. , - 1 . t . . 1 ' . i
i" e. free of charge. AO
- i ;iud as lof as good
!" dt ine.
' . ', ..- mijusfrd (Hid ff-
.r my big watch sign at
ami pn
r,,.(..,r as if intended for use. and even
ri-'hi artude m its place. The very
chairs and tables should be suggestive
of comfort ; not arranged with stitt pre-e;-iou
but in such way that the attrac
tive portions of a room shall he visible
to their occupants.
where 1 spent a very pleasant Sunday.
The ceremonies in connection with the
dedication of the Chicamauga battle
field were all over with, but there were
still thousands of old veterans in the
citv. It was interesting m theextreme
to note the eagerness and enthusiasm
of the old men from either side as they
met and talked and joked and wept
over -the little unpleasantness" of the
sixties. One could see that the rocks
and trees, the hills and valleys, and
everything around brought up floods of
memories which words could never
it i i .i '. . . . . . i
1 the local denti--t, w.,rm .-pen p.s.m .m,m ... -o, ,
, . ,1 1 1 . .1 ,. 'I'...,; ! , ,
with his whirligig engine that resem-j' " " ' 5
bled a small lathe, at the livery stable munches the -oil and s v-n - :
, i hac a Sine field in for etsit t:.j . -
(diluting a horse. . , . , ,
. . , ., i i.i e,.e,r walnut-' w'Al a!-- i c incie.;-' ;:
Do vou treat leeth .' I asked. . j
,-. ; value at the rate ,, ten .-en. - per re
nett'ed : t-a.-'I: year !' t a certain p ': . i ''
. augmented in almo- g- are; ; .--a: j ;
- me-t hu-u."-- :n 'a- .
A big field r.f w.dtmt- C m
- --5 Vj... ; p. t". -? " tv
. , ! express. Hut in the mulsh of it all.
C $SCtUere was the Kindest of fraternal feel
! "uc'-e-sftd re. gdv forsomache ing manifes.cM. and I was made to feci
''.,",-, introduc I. It immcdi- ; before that the war had ended
aVelv relieves all pain v. d di-tres- after iideed ;,n;, all the unpletisant memo- L,, an barbentf."
'Course I What do you suppose
I'm here tor?' he rcpd.ed in a
tone. j
Want it pulled or plugged?'' he ask- j
I want it treated. How do yon
treat a tooth that is acumg .'
'T'ull it or plug it.'"
T think this coifd be saved if it had i nut
pn -per treatment." ;
Want it plugged, then? What i-;
it jnw tooth or gnawer? And he tried I
to force a finger that was covered with i -
dirt and hor-ehair nto my mouth.
t n i cum:: a i itiat' r t k
j ; , r ;:. : la : w r . '
til AO(.. f.'i : i-o- i. I. ,Ov !':-. o r a
: ;. 1.- ii O. i tu. " '
. , '. ' 1 i .' ., '. : -
(a t!, an
Sa ie ?
t a-..
ed now will h more vaka- to
; when yon da- that: a bhg barf
I Xorth Carolina the h ua-
Hicko-v ' o-a
r. ? a. "a- a - h e. U A i a i
.ic '-. 1. 1 v. : v (..' r It-!
-1 i .1 .t ' ' 'la.--.
.:'.'..'. "i 'id -
1. -a, h'. ' 1 . ;u. r .
f'T.it a. -J. '...-. i '
l;l:il r ;-a-s, ri f :
i ...... -. - M J-
,1 I
gat :.e i . i '.'
' O- e . e
had "rown a tritle suspicion- of him. , rf.H.rV(..j,,,n m t
-o thotight I would find out what sr.
of work he did.
, a i ;.i..o-i-,rl- T asl-ed
"io ou wo , enfov inter'-,
Not since 1 been practictn . I dm
build a bridge tier. -s Cow Creek wnen
I was ranciiin'. but I nto-tiy cnht.ei (,,
" I
i i i- chiefly liir.aign P'-k- tn-: e
e with .-'it ei iur minor.
md thc-0 ::e. ah: oia- ua-an
C a f
mv-eif t
o draggiu' fangs. Ioct'..rin
':,e:' -
oat n
,g, builds up the lede system atat . f;st 1eini; legated to the
makes the weak sirom
c!. r is food.- nropc
TON. I ,vo better than s. .called tonics. The t:llK,,,aj Uiehmor.d. (Gettysburg and ,Vurk. Oleliill. K'-n hao
lortf 'con'iai not only contains food already j other nn-hxY pl;ice, . wlule the genera- th;U was aciiin an' he wanted
J digested, but is a digester ot other i,,,-. , nou h;lt 7vnv ,tep, upon the threshold e, j tLe wn-ng t-oth. I
Food that is not oXoix the i is determined that, if there be any fur- ,,;;t hvv hack, but Iffd hol-ere-'
''T uS-r't'he dVcestion of what ; thor strife between the two great sec- up ,( thal r thought Vd try t
i r''Vt'bov eat" and m "this way get tite ! tions of our country, it shail i e that we ,,lam ity
vlv di-ested I graves of those who sleep around Chat-
Do you ever tr:.n-pni:it toetii :
Sav' I tried th;U onct.huf -he t
::. c.
MB 3 e U I
a Si J sStt
it I. ii (
a t o-;
O i , - ' '
ta'-i :
d'ered an' cu
o trans
bur dir of it and grow strong. ! will strive to see winch can cto most to j -I sawed oil the snag- an tbh.tu
The little V"2h: develop our common resources, to unify
kers iiave sent V .-.-' - . ' ' i .-, ,,,aif, r beievocene-.u- p.-.nuiation
nn much iniet e-i . n,, , .mn ..ru" -
i : pr- -p : .
:.:- ho- -k- ::.-: e ,
. -..:;. ."--'eh ,.-':'
!!..:. v-o-!
to Hill'- olate o false teeth, but -he the moeio the v.
wotildu't work. Tne li.-t time Pdl b
ff:Aiso will take contract to
"furni.-h i"tJ ifom r.O.'K'O
e&Tov more anywhere within
miles of Scotland Teck
' a- ahv.,ys rurni-h wliatty
'. v.ii: it. Corrcspon'i-j5'f
a:,.- orders soiled tcL'
O U . 1 e l . . , , . t . . . r . .....,. . ,iivmi.iiln . , . . , . . i . i ,-.il, .-,,.i,ii re .
r .rin-ition e.n th.e stiitiect ui a speos,,,. . to lruo 1Ueas oi .unn.um e ! a bone wnn u -..u..., ...
1U'j!axol is not a mixture of drugs. It I and atl-i0tism , and to exalt the honor j h, tI,e rivet, an' he bit a hole m tic- ;- ,:
o- hut Castor 'ii mam. i a-.o. ( common flag. r0of of his moutu as ijig as a tiazemm. pi,,.,,! , f :r.a-ier-;
. 1 . , 1.1 .. - , l n .v,t- ..-.a'.
"1 c,.:rciu-.ea ii-i uj li.i-.v
tro.,r.il The dentist wa sorry and
is nothing
1 visited Look Out Mountain, took
in a few draughts of its cool, bracing
Yo.i de-pi-e
j air, looked upon some of the most won
'derful and beautiful scenery that C a . t,xuh.
Wh-nl'aoy tvass.- se gave her CastorU , iven us in this great world of ours, j .
heard them talk about the battle which i.aay u. . . ;
l,-, van make me such a nam wuiita . - - - .
creJ icr Car,toria,
told me that -if it was holler to heat a live- are abs.,rned m tne van.t.e
knittin' needle hot an' poke it in the ....j o;: put rcn.en.1 tt d. ad :
known world, excepnng only - v;:ge n
Hans, is govetneu t- fwas- "
!3 ':.dnict .iii CO.,
.VI. I " I h- -'so
she-wasaCbila. -no c
v'-i',- si-? hem ?.!:ss: :be C. to Casteria.
Vbca b she gave tLx (torift.
wa-te of time.
... . . r.x. ..,, vb-bt there "above the I do v
was. iuu,u, i -.m.Tr-on- for tbo nntra-t.! newspaper: it 1- a
clouds," was made to leel smaller ana . nu-.v - ft r
thatl knew less than ever before in 1 miss. Detroit I ree Press. j me a b
'v ' I ! : i d I
i i
t,..'i! .-Hi
'.1 I....
,', I;
i ...
ldu-'a.",- v Scotland Neck, N. 0-
.it.Mios ill is rAt'tK.

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