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v.' Family Newspaper: For the Promotion of the Political Social Agricultural and Commercial Interests of the People
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- - . ; - " - . 1
Scotland Neck To
Praises Efficiency of Staff and Fa
- 1 .. cnjlty " '- '
To Be Held In A Large Tent, With
"Afternoon And Evening Pro
grams For Five Days
Our Citizens have, as usual,
come forward and manfully as
sumed a responsibility and liabil
ity in order to give the people of
this community an entertainment
the coming summer, that will be
clean, elevating and instructive,
and Tuesday last completed ar
rangements with the Community
Chautauqua of New York City,
through its representative, Mrs.
Zue McClary, to furnish a five day
programme at a date to De deci
ded upon later.
The, death of Charles Taze Rus
sell of Brooklyn,' N. Y., on.Oetober
31, 1916, is a matter of more than
ordinary interest for many sea
sons. "Pastor!' RuselV as he
was jamiliary known by both ol
his friends and his enemies, was
an independent Bible student
the important work of selling sea- the wide worid around. 1 plished by the various State insti
son tickets. hv,frvr nprnllv and hpartiTv lov-itntions in corabattiner tnberciiln-
sis, or the white plague, as it is
of the advertising material, in the
organization of ; committees and wrjtei. lecturer, preacher,
The great work being accom- 'Daniel, her daughter.
Miss Alma House
Mr. and Mrs. , Frank Harrell
spent Monday and, Tuesday with
Mrs. S. V. Sills. "V
Mr. Zeb Whitehurst of Green
ville was in town Sunday.
Mrs. Everett of Robersonville
spent a few days here with her
son, H. S. Everett and Mrs. John
Money All Raised ;
.' To Shoot. The Wei
iort, it is a strong organiza-Jed and honored and at the same
--uiauqua, time more intensely hated and de-
if every one wAI
spised, than any man of hiis gene-
of Stokes
spent the -week end with Mrs. B.
M. Worsley.
' Mr. and Mrs. L. T.. Davenport
commonly know, is attracting
worldwide, attention, and in this
and give the affair a big boost the rati0n. Why was he loved and 'state, wkre the, local conditions
town will have something here of honored? 1. Because of what he at Sanitarium; NIC, are so much V Mr, Jim Fleming of Greenville
which all may be proud. WAS. 2. Because of his entire in favor of successful treatment, spent Sunday and Monday in the
The exact time in which the cir- ftrTirkWo (Wotion to what he should be jl matter of nride to ci- citv.
Jefferson House Sunday.
cuit will be operating m this state BELIEVED. 3. Because of
has not yet determined. The what he accomplished in opening
Chautauquas are held in consecu- up the plan of for human sal
tive order, one following the oth- vation as no other man has done
er, and arranged so as to provide sinee the davs of Paul the Apostle.
tizens of the Old North State.
the minimum distance between
jumps. The date for this Chau-
rtauqua will be announced later.
1. As to what he WAS. All
those who knew him at all inti
mately, know that he was a man
also the full program, which is of the purest thoughts, words and
deeds. In all, his voluminous
- . e i wnicn nas been m session since
Tuesday, adjourned yesterday
morning at 11:30.,. .
Messrs. G. C. Weeks, Edward
Tillery and Tom Johnson caught
the train at Palmyra yesterday !
morning to go to Greenville and
Miss Minnie Whitehead of Be-
We are indebted to Dr. Regis- jthel spent the week end with Miss
TOv,:.i. ' : f a bnn back a C0UPle of cars one of
a mu t uug uxxuajr whieh e.pected to it WUlVS
but; iiit;v4i3cii xifibuiuii V' v;ai l ico rui&:ii hilu ci cilci ouu xxvuac
Sixty Dollars Subscribed By A
Few Business Men
The men who have undertaken saia to include a statesman oP ua-
to guarantee this expensive and tional reputation and a band and Lritin fnr fortv vears. not one
high class production, and who a host of other good things, wiU ' w.fl 0An be found that would
will have to make cood a deficit
" , ? """"" i - I teacu impurwy oi uiuuih, wuui uear tjir
v.. compiereo. and lvinc words, or unjust, dis- A few weeks' aero it was mv
with it great weight and is really Mrs. Everett left Monday for
an address to tbie people of this Norfolk.
section of the stajte. His letter is Mr. and Mrs. James Hopkins
as follows.
Knight", which will be of interest
to some of us.
, The N. A. Riddick Motor Car
1 5
The Editor,
The Commonwealth, -
Scotland Neck, N. C.
sufficient interest in it, are :
Hon. Claude Kitchin, Messrs. R
and Mrs, S. E. Hines were in Tar- -omP-W sent over live automo-
boro Tuesday. '. ' biles' yesterday morning to meet
Mr. , Jerry Casper of Wilson is the twelve 0'eloek train at Palmy-
spending some time with his ra- and .bring into town the 25
mother. members of De Rue Minstrels,
N. C. Hines or Carey Tpent the whlch was the only wa which
And, oh, yes, there are the chil- honest, or wicked deeds, His ac-lgPeat pleasure to visit our State week end with his father, Mr. J. a street parade could be arranged.
dren! They'll have a Chautaa- tions correspond -with his words, tuberculosis Sanatorium at Sana
L. Hardy, S. C. Pegram, Norflcet ' ua all to themselves the Junior while hi denunciations of hvnro
Smith, Dr. D. F. Keel, N. A. Rid- Chautauqtia. It is xmdec The di Lriev iniustice. dishonesty, er-
T 1 1 T T- T x T T TT H I . . - .
aicK, j. u. rumngioii, o. s. xxa, rection of one of the play pcrts ror an(1 sin. were strong and clear.
H. F. Coleman, J. A. Weathersbee, in the American Playground asso- t he had a strong and constant U privilege to tell your readers Honor Roll Oak City High School
Tfcav Bovette. Ashbv W. Dunn. U:; 1 J- i ..V . i. .. - TKt.t flnA. TnVl P.nrlo
torium, N. C. A$ many people in
L. Hines. 1 vr. 1. l. uiarlc and Mr. Ernest
Mr. B: D. Tew of Port Norfolk" Leggett returned yesterday from
the State know little or nothing was 1x1 town Tuesday.
of this institution5 1 woul deem it '
jCiation, and working under hei sympathy for every one truly de-!something of my sit and some of
Rav Boyette. Ashby W. Duni
,nas. xx. omim, o. . vuwm, -are two dozen or more play lead- sirous 0 mending his ways, and
Lr. JNeoiett, i. xt. tomitn, u. iu. ivit- ers who are right now working seeking a higher life,
chin, N. H. White, J. C. Tilgham, their best to think up-and davise 2. As to his complete devotion
C.T.Lawrence, Joseph House, Ballsorts of gftmes for the boys and 0f his life to the highest aims.
W. Martin, C. F. Borroughs, T. B. Chautauqua week. It will First of all he devoted a large for-
Wheeler, E. M.- Cherry, Hugh be a eat week for boys and girls tune of several hndreds of tbou
Johnson, Frank P. Shields, R. G. and they ought to begin right now sands of dollars to the gratitious
Tarboro where they attended the
session of th Shriners. ;
Mr. C. B. Parks motored to Tar
: Faith in thebeneficient value
of the water at the deep well, a
number of citizens have subscrib
ed the sum of sixty dollars, the es
timate fixed by the engineer, to
make an attempt to shoot the well
on main street. r
The shotting of the well will be
accomplished without any incon
venience to the people of the to-spiu
and none need have any uneasi
ness about damage resulting.
The money was raised by pub
lic subscription rather than ask
the city officials to find the money
Those subscribing were:
Mr. Sam A. Dunn $2.50
Mr. Tyler Wheeler $5.00
Mr. Henry T. Clark $5.00 '
Mr. Hugh Johnson ir"00
Mr. J. H. Alexander, Jr.,.
Mr. J. E. Bowers
Mr. R. C. Josey ..
M. Hoffman & Bro.
Edwards & Co. Lj.
Shackell, J. H. Alexander, Jr., A. 'to get" ready for it.
D. Morgan, M. D.,Clee Vaughan.
R. C. Josey, Jr.. G. Hoffman, Sam
promulgation of what he believed
Hoffman, R. A. Phillips, Julian 'tween now and
This paper will have more to to be the truth entirely turned
say about the-Chautauqua be- aside his : exceotional financial a-
Pittman, J. B. Edwards, J. D.
Smith, Joe Harrison, F. A. Cherry,
W. E. Smith, G. B. Flaugher, R. J.
IVIadry, O. J.-Moore,-3B Lv Brovra,
Sam A. Dunn, Charles Shields,
and the Betterment Association.
The plan provides for a pro
gram of lectures, concerns and en
tertainments to extend over t. per
iod of five. days with sessions held
both afternoon and evenings in a
large auditorium tenit, and the
speakers and artists will include
a whole galaxy )f celebrities of
wide reputation throughout the
Chautauqua world.
In order to have such an array
of talent appear on the same plat
form in this city forty or fifty
citizens have assumed the obliga
tion of selling 500 season tickets
at $2.00 each. These tickets are
good for the entire five days' pro
gram and bring the cost of the en
tertainment within the reach of
Everything about the Chautau
qua is of a high class character.
It is under the direct management
of the largest Chautauqua organ
ization in the world. This organi
zation maintains offices in New
York, Indianapolis, Pittsburg and
Atlanta and has under is con
trol more than 500 summer assem
hlies extending throughout the
east and middle west and inclu
ding also Virginia and West Vir
ginia. Their Chautauquas are held in
many of the oldest and best
known towns and cities of the ter
ritory covered, one of them being
located in the same county as the
old "Mother Chautauqua" at
Chautauqua Lake, where the
movement had its beginning forty
years ago.
The Chautauqua management
will supply the local committee
with a complete line of advertis
ing material, including souvenir
program booklets and special ad
vertising features to be distribu
tedin this and nearby towns in the
period of four weeks before the
opening , date. Also advertise
mentswill be run in the newspa
pers. ' ' r . ; ' - ; . '
In addition, they will send here
an advance advertising man for a
watch for it.
First Grade. R&cheJ Bawls, boro recently to play a game of1Ulxie furniture Co
the' interestinff and imnortant Willie Johnson, Ruby Hurst, Gas- Golf with Some of thS experts
facts which I learned ton Cox, Ed House, Marion House, there.-
Arriving at Sanatorium about 10 Ernest Etheridge, Ebbie Cross,
A. M., I was cordially received by Milton Harrell, Desmond Cox, twa in town Wednesday from Ral
Dr. McBrayer, the Superintend- Mers, xueaxna xrice. - eigh.
of the Institution and his two ef- Second tirade. Esther- Frice, The four table card club met
ficient co-workers Doctors Mc- 0dys Everettr Margaret Hines, yesterday afternoon with Mrs. R.
Mr. Tom Fenner of Raleigh was.
Cain and Thompson. McBrayer Sarah Long Johnson, Mildred p Coleman.
Overland 75
CqTccd- Places T LincolnTxlghway
Makers Far West.
next Summer. I V15ir fnmrn all -nofcnnal u rrorrnn
dizejnent, and spent his whole life
in workiner for the truth, and for
B Delivery Faint the best interests; of his fellow-
men, His salary in all these years
of service "was the simple necessi
ties of life, the same as the humb-
The approach of bad weather hest worker in the publication
has brought to a cljse the work of house, of whic hhe was President,
the LincolnTIighway crew of sign q&u there be found a stronger
painters whcT have spent the en- proof 0f his entire devotion to his
tire season in the biggest under principles than this?
taking of the kind ever attempted, 3 As to his accomplishments former oatierits had continued to Herman Piiand, Wheeler Daniel,
that of re-marking and standard- in opening and unfolding God's improve after leaving the Sanator- Paul Turner.
jizing the road signs along the great plan for human salvation, ium, thus illustrating the perman- Eighth Grade. Marvin Everett,
iuu3 ui o 1st,, Pastor xiussell's bcripure ent value of the treatment they mruer, dcbi? xjamvu
roaa, xne xjmcom xxignway. Studies have had a larger circula- had received,
Sinna aovlv Tnnfl fenv man in I .. . i .1 '
w tion than any religious dooks out- Tuberculosis has long been re- The medical profession has been
two Overland Model 75 B deny L:j0 n "RiW njirtQ all j a x i t ii j-
Mr. C. B. Riddick of Richmond,
ternoon, having reached Palmyra
at noon. Ete comes to visit, his
MHibert RidlekV 'trho . jia
is a man large in body and in mind Davenport, Pauline Davenport,
and is eminently ntted Ior the rV"""e: x Va., arrived in town yesterday af
very important work which is be- -uuxiaou, xvxamie uee .iuru, jlu
ing done in this institution. Un- el Brown, Rupert Rawls.
. . . . . I TViirtJ r a.ola 1VTqJ TVinmoo I . .
der his wise.and-;emeiexit admmis- J " it" Hmother, Mrs "A. M. Riddick, and
trationtrnK aaie
being accomplished in the battle Margaret Fleming, Erline Glov- Ltm quite nj;
with the great white plague. er, xxazei r-uanu,
In the Sanatorium -I had the Fourth Grade. Christine, Piiand
pleasure of meeting the nurses and Hazel Harrell, Maurice Early,
patients, and also some former Fifth Grade. Reather Glover,
patients who had returned for ex- Annie Hurst, Virginia Hines, Jos-
animation. It was interesting and ePn r "WIU1-
irratifvincr to not.fi that all of thosfi Sixth Grade. Seima Johnson,
o o - - - r
Hardy Hardware Co.
Mr. G. C. Weeks ...
North End Drug Store
Mr. W. B. Strickland, Jr.
Dr. A. D. Morgan
Mr, Frank Burroughs l
Mr. Norfleet Smith
Mr. Frank Shields
Mr. W. II. Jackson $1.00
$2 50
Mr. Joe Riddick, of Richmond,
Va., came into town Wednesday
in Mr. J. C. Riddick 's car, to see
his brother, Mr. Hubert Riddick.
Rev. Francis Joyner,"of Lum
berton, who has been attending
the Episcopal Convocation, left on
yesterday morning train.
-Recent word from the Rocky
Mount hospital states that the con
dition of Mrs. Peyton Keel is not
Extra freight train No. 313,
with 25 ears ran through town
niir aqio hoira honri XKrfYJU"trt9 fitAAn- L . -. I
j navmg Deen puDllsnea in over riPeadftd diseases, taking an enor- ot tnhPwnloRisr But there
ily westward systematizing and twent nguages with an output Lmis toll of hnman HfP and h-h a at awakninc in this mat- yesterday morning, going north,
re-painting the oftcial markers all of over nine million copies. Unfr aa hnih mMMU i wif th tnat and sidetracking No. 73 atthe
J 1 I J T A A 1- - I I n " " " "T " v I w . r V . W. w vw I -v
aionir T.nfi WRY. STMri I ll r tmk I i t. . n rTT . I otatinn V
e - nil - . i v nri Kflstor ktisbai a r Vi ri,-v .1 1 1.1 Ti. i ni. A 1 . . Ai o a : oiomuu.
TITl.TOV i Tniwatr Piw lllVlttUiC. JJUV 111. tills I tUl'V StJUl LU VII C OBUttlUllUIU 0,1 C 111-
Weehawken Ferry m Jersey City. MNS haye nndoubtedly had a tutiou the disease is bein treated cmient. which means with orooer
iney crossed six states ana wree i tfir,ded publication in the L. a .uJ. .
. ; W1U11 OUUIftUC Oliu. BUUUCm. Ill IIXV I LlCttLlllClll tllCV Will Kcl WC11.
well across the seventh when the
Infiwsnaners than all the sermons v,- I , ,,1,,:
trip was ended at North Platte . q11 . n i, flver I j.'., K
" - uuu uieuiciu urucuce. xauenis are ea r,u run 10 an auvanue SLatri
Nebraska. '
Lincoln Highway travelers be
of J.750 miles may now follow the
best marked long distance thor
oughfare in the world.
Approximately 8,000 standard
Lincoln Highway markers were
Mrs. G. C. Weeks drove her six
cylinder ear to Tarboro, to visit
Mr. and Mrs. Hyatt, and lunch
with them. She was accompanied
by Mrs. Henry Gray, and Mrs. J.
M. Cotton.
Mr. Frank Spruill of Rocky
Mount arrived here yesterday
published m newspapers. At one being taught how to care for them- means a losing fight for the pa
timA his sp virions nan a p.nmnmen u.u j t mu u:' x i x i ii.i xt.: i,
tween these two points, a distance . " " s s AUl uu,e,-, Am5 uul iU1)U lUtt" ll"s uc'
. . n. circulation ot aoout lo million torium is a ereat educational cen- comes a new center --of infection
issues weekly, in about two thou- tre , whose inmates are being for the spread of the disease. Sue
sand newspapers. trained for effective war on the ess in the fight with this terrible morning, and is the guest of Mrs
3rd. Pastor Russell s sermons plague. It is like a missionary plague must be won (1) by pre- Bettie Coughenor. Mr. SpruU
in the form of tracts have been station in a heathen country. It ventative measures, to avoid the was unable to come, though he
I riittlicVio3 in oKnnf fnlW-v Inn ffil. 1 1 i x i j.i i Ij l j j ofvl L.;.'.. nf )n imAnlrmd
placed durin gthe summer. Every 1 ut?ip hoi omy muse wno w so uevwopmem oi uew cbsbs, nu micuucu ucmg uuc uj.
rieht and left turn has been care- ages, and scattered by hundred fortunate as to go there, but oth- by prompt treatment of every case at the Episcopal Convention this
fully marked. The chief irrita- ers to wnom are. camea me giao in ws eariy stages. Xispeciai re-
Aw,.u in tK. wnv of motor cizilized earth. N - tidings that consumption is both aponsibility rests upon the medi- Messrs. Charles Lawrence and
inanirv as to the road, has been 4th" tor ?sells..X me avoidable and curable.
travel that of making constant lous condensation of the HiDie The great white plague is no of institutions to be alert in the day night in their Saxon runabout
done away with completely on the statements of God's great plan, in respecter of persons. ''The sick- diagnosis of tuberculosis and to with seven wild turkeys hanging
Lincoln Highway. ; connection with the r-noto-urama ness that wasteth a noonday" is provide promptly for the isolation around the car. This was the
Sottip idpa of the extent of the 01 creation, nave oeen ueciareu IiaDle to enter any home, from the and treatment of all cases in their car. This was the prettiest kind
wort and th pftw snpnt noon it y wonderful phonograph records highest to the most humble. All incipiency. Institutions where of decoration for a, week before
known that 373 markers were easuy unaersiooa oy xarge auui- our people have a vital interest large numbers of people are kept Thanksgiving.
fnlaced in New Jersey 1450 in ences ana oeauiuuiiy mustraieu in this institution that is render- together as fertile breeding places
stated that the oldest voter in the
State was a resident of Harnett
county, who was .ninety-four
yeras old and had alwaysyoted
the democratic ticket.
Scotland Neck can go our con
temporary one better, for we have
with us Mr. M. D. Allsbrook, who
is ninety-six years old, has voted
for seventy five years, and has
never scratched the democratic
Mr. Allsbrook 's oldest son is 75
years of age, his next 72 years of
age, andstwo others, the youngest
being over 65 years, all of them
good and consistent democrats,
Three of these sons, together
with their father served through
the civil, war in the confederate
army, representing their town
ship and state with distinction.
This we believe is a record, and
certainly carries the palm from
the News and Observer's Harnett
county man.
At the Hobgood School House ,
Tuesday evening, November 28,
after Thanksgiving exercises by
the school children, the Ladies
Aid Society will have oysters and
other good things to sell.
The school and society cordial
ly in vite you to attend.
The Ladies Aid Society met at
the home of Mrs. Dr. Leggett on
Monday afternoon Nov. 20th,
1916. Promptly at 4 o'clock the
meeting was called to order, scrip
ture was'read by Mrs. Armstrong,
Mrs. T. J. Williford left on the .and Mrs. W. J. Jenkins led in
Pennsylvania, 1,012 in Ohio, 750 by steroptican and moving pic- mg such good service in fighting for the development and spread morning train to visit her (laugh- prayer. After business transac
in Indiana, 980 in Illinois, 1,990 in tures, to the delight and instruc- a common enemy. It deserves of the disease. Neglect in such ter in-law, Mrs. Harrison, m Wil- tions were in order 6 new names v
Iowa and about 1,500 in Nebraska, j won of many millions. our united and liberal support, nstitutions may more than coun- son county. She will return m were added to the roll, then the
depending upon the mileage of I 5t&. Pastor Russeil has un- and its capacity should be doublea terbalanee the good work being about three weeks. ' meeting adjourned tormeet with
the Lineoln Highway in these re- doubtedly traveled more -exten- at onoe.y done in our State Sanatorium. Mr. R. M. S. White of Lumber- Mrs. c. S. Powell one month later.
spective states. - sively and has probably personal- The Sanatorium is situated in I am under special obligations ton was in town for a few hours Afterward the hostess led the way
Without the two Overland cars ly preached to more people than Hoke county in the sandhills, -a f or the ghracious hospitality I this week, and , left for 1 arboro to the dining room which was dim-
used by the painters the work any other preacher of thelast mong the long leaf pines. It is snown me Dy Dr- McBrayer wife on-yesterday morning train. ly lighted for the occasion, there
could never have been underta- forty years. hish and drv. From the'toD of and daughter. These charming Mr. J. C. Riddick went to Hen- the members were served with hot
- 1 - v " , 1- 1 1
ken. The two cars carried a max- gth. Pastor Russell -has accom- the buildiner one can see forty
imum load, made approximately piished all this, with no solicita- milesin; any direction. The soil
6 stops to the mile and furnished tion of funds from anybody no is so porous that just after a hard
absolutely" dependable transpor
tation for the long drive.
Mrs. Cottie Everett let i on yes-
two day visit, to assist the local terday morning train for Wilson
.organization in the distributing on a visit to her son.
admission charged for his lectures rain one can go and walk about
and no collections taken, - AH his without getting his feet wet.The
books were sold at cost, Vith not days and nights are equable. All
one penny of royalty, and the mil-, in tall the situation and climate
lions of tracts were sent entirely are ideal for an institution of this
(Continued on page four) kind
ladies knowjiow to toake even a derson Monday to deliver a Buick chocolate and wafers. After the
stranger feel perfectly at home, four, and from there went to Rich- refreshments the members depart
At their table I enjoyed two de- mond, Va., and borroweda Saxon ' e& declaring that they" had enjoy
lightful meals. And at the close six from the Virginia distributors 'e(f themselves to the fullest
of -my visit they took me m their Kehler Motor Company, and drove MRS. W. P. WHITE, Sec-
car for a drive through the coun- it back Wednesday to make imme
try to Aberdeen. ' diate 'delivery- to a customer who
F. M, REGISTER, M. D. could not waitfor delivery from
Tillery, N. . factory.
. Mr. J. Baron, of the -Bee -Hive
Department Store, is in Baltimore
buying Christmas novelties.
I '

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