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Family Newspaper: For the Promotion of the Political Social, Agricultural and Commercial Interests of the People
Session Ends CTth Singing
Governor Craig Reviews Tkosperous Con-
dition Of This State
The seed fell upon the ground.
The harvest is plenteous. In the
marts of commerce, in field and in
factory industry has been reward
ed with a bountiful hand. A pros
perity never known before has
come to all conditions and classes
of men. Our material achieve
ment, and a higher social order.
Altruism is militant for the uni
versal welfare. Our government
is controlled by a noble purpose,
and is responsive to the demands
of age. As never as in any coun
try, nor in any age, has equity to
all men been remembered in the
highest place of authority. Oppor
before him in holiness and right
eousness all our days.
Done-in our city of Raleigh, on
this the twentieth day of Novem
ber, in the year of our Lord one
thousand nine hundred and six
teen, and in the one hundred and
forty-first year of our American
LOCKE CRAIG, Governor.
Chapel Hill, N. C., Nov. 27. At
the Drainage Convention just
closed at Greensboro, Dr. Joseph
tunity has been vouchsafed great-1 Hde Pratt Secretary, brought
er than ever before, and to the out in a short talk the fact that
genius and energy of the Ameri
can people the future unfolds in
sublime revelation.
In wealth, in progress, in free
dom and hope to the people, our
Republic is nrst ot all nations
enforcement of the State Forest
Fire Law is of primary import
ance to those who are interested
in Drainage Districts. As, how
ever, swamp lands are not gener
ally considered very susceptible
Outside the Josey Hardware-
Company, Saturday night, after
having the tank of a Hupmobile
Roadster filled with gasoline, the
owner struck a match to light
up, preparatory to taking the road
again, when the overflow of gaso
line on the ear caught, and the
total loss of the car seemed emi
Mr. G. C. Weeks dashed into the .
store and got a Pyrene extingui
sher and with two squirts the
blaze, j-vhieh had lighted up Main
street, was put out. But for the
presence of mind of Mr. Weeks
the car would have been a ruin,
and the owner, who was a stran
ger to this section, and his com
panion would have had to be con
tent with railroad travel.
In a most cavallier manner the
owner stood by while others work
ed on his car, but when the flame
was quenched, and he found that
by the squirting of a few drops
of Pyrene had saved his property
he exclaimed, Ah, that stun: is
worth a thousand dollars a load."
(by; C. P. Willcox)
In the work? of the Episcopal
church in the'-. Diocese of North
Carolina tliere are three Convo
cations the tRaleigh Convoca
tion, under Archdeacon, N. C.
Hughes, the 'Charlotte Convoca
tion, under Archdeacon Hardin,
and the Coloisl Convocation un
der Archdeaefetr Delancy. The
Mr. Eugene White, of White's
Cross Roads, four miles west of
town, met with a peculiar and
painful 'accident on Friday even
ing last.
He was pushing a wheelbarrow,
Raleigh Convocation? looks after and ran over a root of a tree, the
the work in the feaatern half of the wheel breaking, and jerking his
Diocese, thq ; Charlotte Convoca- elbow; Dr. Smith was called to
tion tthe work in the western half attend Mr. White, but the arm
had swollen to such proportions
that the doctor determined that
an x-ray was nevessary.
In consultation with Dr. Kitch
in it was determined that the bone
was not broken, but the wrench
She has vindicated the rights of to fire' the connection may not at
her citizens in every land, and has
maintained the law of civilization
and humanity upon the seas. )
In diplomacy and in dealings
with all nations, great and small
she has been firm, considerate and
just; the simple rule of right is
the standard that she has set and
steadfastly maintained. Her de
mands have been conceded, and
her rights have been respected
When armed nations are ravaged
by war. I
Above all, we have peace. While
the earth has been consumed bv
the conflagration of desolation,
while) ghastly War still strikes
with unabated fury and reaps his
boundless harvest of death and
woe, we have been spared to
work out the high purpose of
Now, therefore, I, LOCKE
CRAIG, Governor of the State of
North Carolina, in obedience to
the custom established by our
fathers, and in accord with the
proclamation of the President of j
the Uunited States, do proclaim,
Thursday, the Thirtieth Day of
November A Day Of Thanks
giving. And I do call upon the people
of North Carolina to meet on that
day in their places of worship and
in devout gratitude and humil
ity remember our abundant bless
ings. And let us pray that the power
of truth may be quickened and
our consciences awakened to
know and to do the Will of our
Father, that his Kingdom may
first sight be obvious.
The establishment of Drainage
Districts means the making avail-
land the . i &6ldYe4 . 'Convocation
cares tor the work amongst the
colored . peopleJ The particular
work of a Cnjrvocation is to care
for and present the 'Missionary
work of itts Jistriet.
The sessions pf the Raleigh Con-; given to the muscles was equal to
vocation, just ended' here in Trin-' a broken arm, the leaders being
ity church hashbwn themselves ! twisted, the arm swollen to twice
to be of realju&terest and parcti-iits natural size, almost blak, and
cal value. T'vaied." warm- attended with excruciating pain,
er and grew in interest as they Yesterday Mr. White was in
progressed, and there, was a mani- town with his arm in a sling, and,
f est desire on the part of the Con- though the pain had subsided,
vocation to see: the work of the the arm was badly swollen and
church progress in ivery definite discolored
way to respontKmore ana more
Next Congress Will Be Asked To Give Re
lief At Next Term of Congress
Declamation Contest
Mr. Luther Purrington, the suc
cessful contestant of our high
school, to go to Trinity College,
Durham, to contest for the medal
will leave for Durham Wednes
day, although the contest of the
to the real needs of . the mass of
the people :intltheir; social wel
fare and, uplift, and in the posi
tive evangelizationSs. souls.
This spirit an$ idea, gave impet
us to all the talks, addresses, re-
solutions and recommendations of
the Convocation, 5nd more and
more does it seenrthat this appar-
able for agriculture of large areas high schools of the state does not
of swamp land and the necessary take place until Friday of this
throwing upon the market of week.
large quantities of swamp timber. It is quite an honor to be the
In -eastern North Carolina proba- one chosen, by merit, to represent
bly 90 per cent of such timber is this town at Trinity College, and
gum, for which, even though we more than hope that our young
much is now cut for lumber and friend, Luther, will be the success-
veneer, there is as yet but a limi- ful aspirant, and bring back the
ted market. The recent demand medal.
for timber for paper pulp through
out North Carolina is opening up
another and very important mar
ket for gum timber, and, as small
sizes are just as valuable as the
larger timber for this purpose,
this use for gum will sonn become
general and undoubtedly very
Capital is now seeking invest
ment in North Carolina gum
lands, with the object of locating
pulp mills here. The State Geo
logical and Economic Survey has
on file a number of letters from
different parts of the country in
quiring about suitable sites for
such mills. That the interest is
real and can be seen from the fact
that two exhibits of pulpwood
were made at the State fair: One
by the Belhaven Voard of Trade,
and the other by parties who are
endeavoring to bring a pulp mill
to Wilmington. The journal,
" Paper," the official organ of the
Technical Association of Pulp and
Paper Industry, also sent an exhi
bit, which unfortunately arrived
too late to be shown.
The manufacturing of pulp re
Rev. E. L. Currie of Richmond,
Va., will hold services at Nahala
on Sunday afternoon next, at 3
o'clock. The public are cordial
ly invited to attend.
Two single seaters, one a Ford
ently conservative "old "church is! Runabout, driven by Mr. Tom
Washington, D. C. Nov. 27.
The ways are now being, greased
for the launching of the move
ment for the readjustment of pos
tal rates in the next session of
Congress. This problem was to
have been taken up in the last ses
sion but had to be deferred on ac
count o fthe consideration requir-
ed by railway mail pay. Since
this has been disposed of the com
mittees are prepared to take up
the matter of placing the various
postal rates on a more equitable
A zone system of rates for sec
ond class matter is being promi
nently urged to take the place of
the present flat rate which was a
dopted nearly forty years ago.
The present rate has for sometime
been regarded as a discrimination
against the newspapers in favor
of the great national magazines.
Like the parcel post the proposed
zone rates would be based on the
length of the haul.
The postal committees have
been besieged by petitions bearing
millions of names and several hun
dred thousands letters from indi
viduals urging a readjustment of
postal rates with a view of making
possible one cent letter postage.
ment of our Postal rates, and one
cent letter postage is not far dis
The wedding of Miss Hilda
Maie Hancock and Mr. Richard
Henry Marston will take place
tomorrow, Wednesday, evening,
November 29th., at 6:30 o'clock,
at the Baptist Church, Scotland
Neck, N. C, and the public are
cordially invited to be present.
It will be noted that the hour
for the wedding has been changed
from seven o'clock, as first an
nounced, to half past six o'clock
for the convenience of the out of
town guests, who may wish to
catch the evening train.
becoming alert to. the general White, and a Maxwell Roadster,
news of the masses. belonging to Mr. John Gray, and
Reverting to the-particular pro- driven by Mr. Ben Weaver, met
gram of the Convocation, Wed- in the centre of Main street, neith
nesday moraine was devoted er of them willing to give v.ay,
principally to the reports of the and so a collision occurred, with A survey of the situation indica-
Missionaries at work in the Con- no damage to the drivers, and butjs mat sumcient cnanges win De
vocation, andleUse elid anum- a bent axle to the Ford car. The made in the various rates to per
her of interesting facts 'and "ex- 'occririPeiwe reated no littje'ent-th granting of a one centra
Wednesday afternoon sation for a minute or two. on local rten very m jn tne
I next session or congress,
j Chairman Moon of the House
Postal Committee, today said; "I
;was dvoted to routine business,
and during this session a number
of important resolutions bearing
on very practical church sub
The advance man of the Hy-Art
Film Corporation has written that
he will be here in the next day or
two for the purpose of booking
"Where are my Children", one
of the great film productions
showing in the cities.
i 1 A.
iniiiroi! a v(rv arce investment
come upon this earth; that peace ;aid eapitalists are unwiuing to
may be restored to all the world;; , , t
IWUli XA v
that the Light and Spirit of the ;
Prince of Peace may come again
a good prospect of a permanent
supply of timber. Swamp land
Superintendent of he Graded
Schools, Mr. R. D. Jenkins, has
announced that the school will
close Wednesday afternoon, for
the Thanksgiving holiday; and re
sume work again Monday, morn
ihg, December 4th, at the usual
The Atlantic Coast Realty Com- think that the Committee will take
jects were introduced and carried. Ipany will sell by auction on De- np this second class mail matter
Wednesday night was given ov-.cember 18th, at 10:30 A. M., the at uie next session uu
er to an insnirational service in Lawrence Farm, situated two to a conclusion at once, vvnue
the church, and a large congrega- miles north west of Scotland Neck cannot speak for the Committee
M4. Iwino. nn Wh sides of the oublic this is my desire m the matter. 1
naa pcocuu -.7 o , , A . . , ....
The rrmsie le hv a full road, leading from Scotland Neck o not Know want khiu oi a uiii
vested ehoir. mA the oonvnentinn to Tillery and Spring Hill. This we will pass,whether it will have
' e x 11 l 3 x Za.
c ti j.j l. . fn -..Mil Va finhrliv rieri into a zone teature aiiacneu iu il ur
oervice irrayer was preceueu vy ai " " . .
the Confirmation! Service of the small farms. The terms are very not. This view has been present
elinwh nt ivViipH time ten vniinor attractive. Good music will be ed frequently in years past, and
people 'received 4 'the laying on of provided, and a very good din-: sometimes received favor and
hands "and thus became full mem- ner free for those who attend.
bers of the church, entitled to all ! -
its ricrhts and rvrivileores After The trievele in hte window OI the
- x o j ... -ii - ia. iv. i i :
this Mr S. S. Noah, of Tarboro. .Tnsev Hardware Company will be Wi" give-it u ut y-
. . . . Vila chono in tVio rMihlio mterect
o rotaron lav.wnAor in V, T?.. o-Jvon in tW 1 ttle hnV llTlder eiffht "- f "
I VUVl . i i ii. v. i. aaa nv b ' - - . t.' OA XT -I n
sl-.i.i.siVi r-r tlii -!--.-, i.imi imni.0 nf anro II-n A sends 1T1 T.O 1 JIG 7 7
CUUill UIlU-JLVll. VMJL UUUU1 IU11I- V CU1 O wo. ' . . ffilO
ies, that could be effectively us- j Commonwealth the; best Santa: tT
ed by the laity in a wider evange- Claus letter. . , ,
iijaLlUIl KJX. UIO 111 tllVOV TUl 1UU3 i j 1 1 , -j "11 X4.
fields. Mr. Noah's long and use-; TU Tnii n 1,- ;vti awav bv x.
awaa 0.. ana pay postage ougnt tu navu
ful career m the church well gra- -The Comm0nwealth to thhe little ite so much of this burden of
tified him for an interesting talk girl under eight years of age for transoortin and
on this subject, lie was ollow- ti. best anta Claus letter is now x.n- Qar. nf ua write the first letter of each of
ed by Rev. Geo. AV. Fay, Rector ! exhibited in the window of R. C. varions national magazine nubli- their names.. They were then
. . a
.i r. J iU
to tne peoples wno umi tuc cup ihieh is to be drained and become
of trembling in the horror ojagriciiltural land may be able to
great darkness. (supply mature timber for a num-
Let us not forget our neigh- ber of years, but the supply will
bors, and the people of our State 1 t so tbat some other source
who may be humble and in need, ! 0 suppiy is necessary. This may
sometimes not. As to what shape
the legislation will be in I am not
able to say, but I am sure the Conr
"A Tt A m1TtnT Att in v. m-m
Quite an interesting evening
was spent by the members of the
Lanier Literary Society, and some
friends, Friday evening last at the
School House, when a playlet en
titled "A Batchelor's Reverie"
was presented instead of the re
gular meeting which was to have -been
held at 8:30. The young
ladies who took part had prepared
some very pretty dresses for the
occasion, which, with the make-up
made quite an attractive produc
tion. Under the direction of Miss
Ethel Thomas the play was. well
received and very well played.
The characters were as follows:
The School Girl, Miss Gertie
The Country Girl, Miss Mamie
The Tennis Girl, Miss Louise
The College Girl, Miss Sadie
The Athletic Girl, Miss Mary
The Belle of the Ball, Miss Mary
P. Josey.
The Winter Girl, Miss lone Kit-
ehin.' " .
The Nun, Miss Charlotte Moore.
The Widow, Miss Mary J. Jo
The Huntress, Miss Elizabeth
The Croquet Girl, Miss Ellen
The Bride, Miss Ernestine Ras-
The Batch elor, Mr. Sherrod
At the conclusion of the play
the bride and bachelor walk off
the stage and up the aisle to the
accompaniment of the wedding
march "Here Comes the Bride."
Though business matters of the
society were dispensed for the
evening, the members gathered in
th library immediately after the
conclusion of the play, and when
called to order a game, different
to any played this season was in
troduced. Each person present
was given a pencil and paper, up
on which they were required to
of St. Mary's School, Raleigh, jx and Company
who delivered a vigorous address
on ways in which the clergy
could do more efficient and useful
work and over a wider territory.
The Convocation closed about
This town is becoming known
in railroad centres as of import-
stroying the greater part of the
young pine growth, but as soon as
this can be prevented these poor
er lands can be made to pay wel
in the production of pulpwood. It
nor the widow and the orphan in be found in the p00rer pine lands w only where the assurance 01
distress, nor those who have been f fllft rPion those which have such a permanent supply can be
overtaken bv disaster. May our tQV1 11T AVPT. flTiri 0 now. owine secured that pulp mills can be es-
sympathies be broadened and to tbe frequently recurring fires,
strengthened that we may grow in aimost bare of young growth,
the grace of Charity and toward -vyere fires prevented a crop of
the realization of the brotherhood pnie WOuld soon cover such lands
of men. and a perpetual supply of pulp-
On this day let our gifts be gen-'wood timber would thus become
erous in accordance with our good available in from twenty to thirty
fortune, and let us beseech Al- years. Some pulp mills desire to
--- -1 j
ighty God to give us that due purchase such lands m oraer tu
1 f 1 1 j
cations on their shoulders." given tne ioiiowmg questions to
Representative Carl Benson, of answer in three words:
Georgia,' said: "When letters can 1- What is your chief occupa
be carried all over our country, tion?
and to certain foreign countries, i 2. What is your chief amuse-
for two cents, and return a large ment?
3. What kind of a boy or girl
iance. and traveling railroad soli
11 :30 Thursday mornmg ,0 he citors are coming this week to get
ums'"6 the routines, uast ween. , ,., ,
and the benediction which Utter j, mll of v,ter, one of lime, and ' yo
was g,ven by Archdeaeon Hnghes now there is at the aepot a Hraiednetfa; will mean n0 falling
Then was an early celebration of ,oad of Maxwell ToHrg cars for!
Al ii nunnniAVt I 'WY1 .Y1Y11 ATI Q I s- , "I H T A 1 -v-w O
me vuiiv uuauuu uuiuiuuuiiiuu ithe Johnson Jsmitn iuoior viu-
tablished, and, for this reason, it
is very greatly to the interest of
swamp timber to see that the near
by pine lands are protected from
North Carolina already has a
Forest Fire Law which, if enforc
ed, would go a long way towards
furnishing adequate protection.
ii,. v .c.,,, nf tVi.T- snnnlv: while 'All that is needed is an appropria-
sense oi ail nis mercies mai, vm uc ao" ' i . . ,
hearts may be unfeignedly thank- others are content to know that jtion to put it m force : the next
ful, and that we show forth his nearby land owners are preparing : General Assembly will be asked
nraise not only with our lips but to supply permanent demands, for such an appropriation and it
Toures oy g ig UP oursel- Fires in eastern North Carolina is confidently hoped that such
iSnVw ve d and are still de-may be secured.
7:30, Rev. Morrison Bethea, oli anw. carloads of nine for
Wilson and Rev. Louis Taylor of .jthe town? ana a carload of lime
Townsville, officiating at '-o'Jfor i0sey Hardware Company.
Morning rrayer was sam uy aev.jT i e are progressing
Walter J. Smith, ot unariotte a
former Rector of the Church
assisted by Rev. C. P. Willcox, .of
Just before the close of the Con
vocation's last session, Rev. Wal
ter Smith offered a resolution!
thanking the people of Scotland
praising them for their interest , , A
: , , . . ml. nounced later
in tne vjonvocation. aiiis was
carried by a rising vote, and the
delegates. All left with a happy
impression of their stay in Scot
land Neck and of the value of the
ally regarded that the volume of
4. What would you
your teacher do for you!
5. What is your highest ambi-
The ladies Aid Society of the
Baptist Church will hold their an
nual Bazaar December 14th and
The public is cordially invited
to attend
mail will practically be doubled
immediately upon the installation j
of the new rate."
Refreshments were then served
iby a few of the young ladies of
Representative Britt of North ,the society, each plate being very
Carolina, former assistant Post- .prettily decorated, and in the cen
master General and now a mem- tre an apple hollowed out and
ber of the House Postal Commit- filled with delicious fruit salad.
There was a small bunch of celery
on each plate to make it look
there were
tee says that "1 cent will much
more than pay the cost of hand
ling local delivery letters and the ' daintier, and then
creation of such a rate will be aiCrackers an tw0 pepper sand-
The place will be an-!powerful stimuius to urban busi- ,wiches.
ness and local correspondence. Aj Further games were introduced
glance at the postal statistics will until a late hour when the party
show this rate to be easily f eas-, broke up each feeling that they
ible. I am encouraged to believe Hhad enjoyed themselves to the f ul
that the day of equitable adjust- jlest degree.
Convocation in their life and ex
perience in the work in the Mas
ter's Vineyard.

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