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P Family Newspaper: For the Promotion of the Political, Social, Agricultural and Commercial Interests of the People
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SCOTLAND NECK, n C, FRIDAY, DEC. 8th., 1916.
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do Justice when there Is no reason to
doubt either.
The other suggestions the increase
in the interstate commerce commis
sion's membership and in its facilities
for performing its manifold duties, the
provision for full public investigation 4
and assessment of industrial disputes,
and the grant to the executive of the
power to control and operate the rail
ways when necessary in time of war
or other like public necessity I now
very earnestly renew.
j The necessity for such legislation is
. Tr-e rriir- inaniest and pressing. Those who have
RAIL TROUBLES COME FIRST intrusted us with the responsibility
, and duty of serving and safeguarding
them in such matters would find it
hard, I belief to excuse a failure to
act upon the. '?p "ave mattei's or any
unnecessary po. ement of action
upon mem.
President's Address to Both
Houses Is Quite Short.
Further Legislation on That Line It
Strongly Recommended Bill Giv
ing Foreign Commerce Promo
ters Free Hand Necessary.
Washington, Dec. 5. President Wll
non today delivered his message to
h,th bouses of congress in joint ses
sion. The address was as follows:
iienilemen of the Congress:
In fulfilling at this time the duty laid
upon me by the Constitution of com
municating to you from time to time
information of the state of the Union
and recommending to your considera
tion such legislative measures as may
be judged necessary and expedient I
shall continue the practice, which I
hope has been acceptable to you, of
leaving to the reports of the several
heads of the executive departments the
elaboration of the detailed needs of
the public service and confine myself
to those matters of more general pub
lic policy with which it seems neces
sary and feasible to deal at the pres
ent session of the congress.
I realize the limitations of time un
der which you will necessarily act at
this session and shall make my sug
gestions as few as possible; but there I statement of it. With regard to one
Not only does tht estate com
merce commission now It practi
cally impossible, with its p mem
bership and organization, to "orm
its great functions promptly an. . -
oughly, but it is not unlikely tlnu It
may presently be found advisable to
add to its duties still others equally
heavy and exacting. It must first be
perfected as an administrative instru
The country cannot and should not
consent to remain any longer exposed
to profound industrial disturbances for
lack of additional means of arbitra
tion and conciliation which the con
gress can easily and promptly supply.
And all will agree that there must be
no doubt as to the power of the execu
tive to make immediate and uninter
rupted use of the railroads for the con
centration of the military forces of the
nation wherever they are needed and
whenever they are needed.
This Is a program of regulation, pre
vention and administrative efficiency
wrhich argues Its own case in the mere
(By United Press)
Paris, Dec. 7th, (Noon) The Ru
manians are evacuating the city of
Bucharest in good order, and re
treating in order to save the army.
This is the authorative statement
from headquarters today.
The Rumanian rear guard is be
ing forced strenuously by the Aus
trian-Teutonic troops, but- are
holding positions in order to cover
the retreat of the main army.
Petrograd, Dee. 7. The Rus
sian army is covering the left
flank of the Rumanian army in its
retreat from Bucharest.
(By United Press)
London. Ene-land. Dee. 7. The
7 CT '
House of Commons adjourned un
til next Tuesdav morning without
making any announcement con
cerning the formation of the new
cabinet under the leadership of
the new premier, David Lloyd
$100,000,000 BOND ISSUE FOR
14 H
More '
(By United Press)
Washington, D. C. Dec. 7. 12-
were some things left undone at the
last session which there will now be
time to complete and which it seems
necessary in the interest of the public
to do at once.
In the first place, it seems to me Im
peratively necessary that the earliest
possible consideration and action
should be accorded the remaining
of its items, the increase in the effi
ciency of the interstate commerce com
mission, the house of representatives
has already acted ; its action needs
only the concurrence of the senate.
For Control and Operation. r
I would hesitate to recommend, and
I dure say the congress would hesitate
to act upon the suggestion should I
(By United Press)
measures of the program of settle- make it, that any man in any occupa
ment and regulation which I had occa
sion to recommend to you at the close
of your last session in view of the pub
lic dancers disclosed by the unaccom
modated difficulties which then existed,
and which still unhappily continue to
exist, between the railroads of the
country and their locomotive engineers,
conductors, and trainmen. r .
Railway Troubles First.
I then recommended :
First, immediate provision for the
enlargement and administrative reor
ganization of the interstate commerce
commission along the lines embodied
in the bill recently passed by the house
of representatives and now awaiting
action by the senate; in order that the
commission may be enabled to deal
with the many great and various duties
now devolving upon it with a prompt
ness and thoroughness which are, with
its present constitution and means of
action, practically impossible.
Second, the establishment of an
eight-hour day as the legal basis alike
of work and of wages In the employ-
tlon should be obliged by law to con
tinue in an employment which he de-
Washington, D. C, Dec. 7. It
is announced today tha tthe gov- j
ernment will authorize an issue
of one hundred million dollars in
a bond issue shortly after New
Years in connection with the plan
to finance the Federal Farm Loan
'I Mi
it.. it; nn
-v .. . f
u,VV ..t
London, Dec 7. The latest re
,45 p. m. Germany has set up a ports received with regard to Bel-
eontention m answer to the note gian deportations by the Germans
of the American Government, con- show that the process is steadily
cerning the submarining of the on in the provinces and the taking
steamship Arabia, that she. was a of the unemployed is expected to
.troop transport, and admitted begin immediatelyin Brussels.
Bumiug uci uuuci uiai iiupicssiuii. ueportatioiis irom Antwerp
At the same time Germany a- have become methodical with
grees to immediately draw up ap- 4,000 men under orders to present
propriate apologies if the United themselves every day at the rail
States ean show that the vessel road Nation. Of this number un
was an ordinary liner rather than to the mjaaie of November, slight-
o tq 11 crrvrf In rli 1 Vi ovonf fikY 1 i -1 rt aa 1 -m
" - iy unaer t,uuu nacl been sent to next four years were outlined last
many would be willing to make Germany from the city of Ant- night by William J. Bryan at a
icpaiaiiun ui d .cuawcia 8c- wen) alone, not inclnd no- tho . iai. oivmi XT:.
7 - O 1 - t v.. iii 1110 llVJllAH - 11 (LI irti
wide prohibition, he urged as
most important, and other causes
on his list included woman suf
frage by Federal amendment,
election of the President by di
rect popular vote and changes to
make the constitution more eas-
At tacks Federal Control of
Washington, D. C, Dee. 7.
Reforms to which he hopes to
commit the Democratic party and
to see accomplished within the
111 j J 1 TT'J "t fll . 1
aDie to xne unitea otaies. ,.rm.t ,i;ct,.;tt. ,.k,-
When questioned, Secretary When the uresent them-
Lansing refused to state what the Llves at the statioi, the renorts
administration would do, and say the Germans make every ef.
what further course was possible fort to induce them tQ . con.
to compel a compliance ot inter- tract8 for work, amone the in-
dueements being an offer of wages
national law.
1 1
sired to leave. To pass a law which Act, the, plan being today discus-
forimde or prevented the individual sed and wiu take conCrete shape
worKiiiun 10 leave ins wors oeiore re
ceiving the approval of society In do
ing so would be to adopt a new prin
ciple into our jurisprudence which I
take it for granted we are not prepared.
to introduce. But the proposal that
the operation of the railways of the
country shall not be stopped or inter
rupted by the concerted action of or
ganized bodies of men until a public
investigation shall have been instituted
which shall make the whole question
at issue plain for the judgment of the
opinion of the nation is not to propose
before Congress adjourns.
In the state department it " 0f six marks daily. Those failing lily amendable
1 o.j.j 11 x Ai- a 1
privacy simeu u.at u,tr iauxa t jgn ar told they wm
case was the main issue upon ceiye Qnly thre markg be for
whicn tne relations oetween me ed to wopk
"I shall take advantage of the
opportunity which this dinner af-
Government Crisis Causes Excite
' r :
k. in the camns. Marrierl ifords." said Mr. Brvan. "tnnnint.
United States and Germany hinge. ,n .itrn .., ,, ' lf - fow nt a ;oollou wi,;nv, soarn
There is an undercurrent of m- of forty marks and gingle men tQ me within range of aecQm.
tense excitement at the foreign marks and are allowed to go home jplishment during the next four
office, as some domestic action is for twQ or ;years
liable to be taken by the American . . , . . x, . . - r ,
nig. iiivy are aisu promised liiai j cuun m nun uciiij mailt:
they will be sent to Liege or Long-; by the railroads to secure legis
lation, and, if necessary, a con-
government unless Germany in
structs her commanders to observe
international law as pointed out
in the last note sent to Germany
through the American Ambassa
dor in Berlin.
wy if they s;gn.
Despite strong pressure, most of stitutional amendment, depriving
the Belgians have refused to sign, jthe statesof all regulative pow-
Washington, Dec. 8. Corrupt
practice legislation, the Owen bill
to limit expenditures by any polit
er over them, and giving to Con
gress exclusive control over rail
road regulation. The consolida-
Thosfe presenting certificates of
employment in general are releas
ed but those without certificates
are placed on trains and sent totion of a11 railroad legislation at
Germany. More than 100 men j Washington would not only trans-
: Z T 1- t -a A employed in a guano factory were1 ter to tne national capital an
leal party for election ot President . ' 1 overwhelm the national authori-
J spur tn (ippitiflnv iti mip cniitinofpnt lyveivviicim inc iiaiiunii auiuuii
some of the workers being more! and therefore decrease the
than 50 years old. efficiency of Federal supervision,
Tn the nrnvinpfis the men are '.but it would bring a railroad in-
r . ' - - ' "
placed in single file; those select-
and Vice-President to $400,000
and to further restrict expendi
tures for election of Senators and
Representatives was. made today
the unfinished business of the Sen-
fluence into the election of every
congressman and every senator,
press the bill at every possibly P-Lne left
. - . - , , ed are told to sro to the riffht. and
ate. SenSlor-twen said he wouia 1 , ::: -vr:1- . - Ias well as intensify the railroads'
mose released are ioid 10 so 10
interest m presidential campaigns.
portunity. Ar , , , "We cannot afford to shut our
wildered that they failed to do as es to the menacc of militarism
directed but as their cards con as St is now Pnted in concrete
j :j:.: Ai. form. A large increase in the
lamed iiu iiiuicaLiuii 1 nut Liie
New York, Dec. 8. Directors Germany.
ment of all railway employees who are . 0f the merits, and opportunity to con
London, Dec. 7. Herbert II.
Asquith tonight resigned the Brit-1
any such principle. It Is based upon hsh Premiership which he had held
uie very umereni principle mat tne con- -, , . , , f A
certed action of powerful bodies of men uiruuSu
shall not hp normittAri tn stnn fiiu in. Ivmacti anrl fftrpion historv. and Wachmfftnn Dpp . Members
dustrial processes of the nation, at anv a Q o L n - u n of the Western Union Telegraph
. 1 Lllc v cx mucin, yimia xwu.u-i a o- m VjUiigicos ninixv iiiai a vuiigi o-
Win whiMn hn Wn considered Lineal inticrntinn shnnld he or- company at a specidi meeting, vu
ilX ..-. s x,. , v...., - I. , , 1
. i.o. i.ui 4.:i i jj .uo. 1 tea a DOnus IO employes receiving
ine least uruuauie ui. piacucai ai- uereu so iiiat a icpun can uc iuc - iii:iao Wo-no to TT
. fjT-io.- 1 a less than $2,000 a year seven per Special Facilities Wanted to ttan
ternatives. land legislation enacted to remedy ie,?.ul'Ui J ' , , . n- iwroii
. . inant rT t ii ill r .. r 1 1 1 1 1 I shihiv i.ii i -
exist in tr conditions, lhev do not
rate before the nation shall have had
an opportunity to acquaint itself with
the merits of the case as between em
ployee and employer, time to form its
opinion upon an impartial statement
actually enqragred in the work of oper
ating trains in Interstate transporta
tion. Third, the authorization of the ap
pointment by the president of a small
body of men to observe the actual re
sults in experience of the adoption of
the eight-hour day In railway trans
portation alike for the men and for
the railroads.
Fourth, explicit approval by the con
gress of the consideration by the in
terstate commerce commission of an
increase of freight rates to meet such
additional expenditures by the rail
roads as may have been rendered nec
essary by the adoption of the eight
hour day and which have not been off
set by administrative readjustments
and economies, should the facts dis
closed justify the increase.
Fifth, an amendment of the existing
federal statute which provides for the
mediation, conciliation, and arbitration
of such controversies as the present
by adding to it a provision that, in case
the methods of accommodation now
sider all practicable means of concilia
tion or arbitration.
I can see nothing in that proposition
but the justifiable safeguarding by so-
ueij oi me uet-essary processes OI
its very life. There is nothing arbi
trary or unjust in it unless it be arbi
trarily and unjustly done. It can and
should be done with a full and scrupu
lous regard for the interests and liber
ties of all concerned as well as for the
permanent interests of society Itself,
Other Legislation Urged.
Three matters of capital Importance
await the action of the senate which
have already been acted upon by the
house of representatives: the bill
- which seeks to extend greater freedom
of combination to those engaged in pro
moting the foreign commerce of the
country than is now thought by some
to be legal under the terms of the laws
against monopoly; the bill amending
the present organic law of Porto Rico ;
and the bill proposing a more thor
ough and systematic regulation of the
expenditure of money in elections, com-
The Judges of the Santa
Claus Letters will be an
nounced in our next issue.
Tuesday, December 12th,
which will be our Christ
mas Special Edition
!- "5
1 o-x vvy-wt on1 MQtrtr r4Y5 r yg
Ii -l i i j i i . iiu.iii.Licr ill. ai in v imT v.v '
Those Receiving Less Than $2,000 were released they happen , -
HIGH FOOD PRICES a Year Will be Benefitted e rnT tne weni :a ; w whieb
teaches reliance upon the steel
blade rather than upon the sword
of Truth, tends to substitute
false standards of honor for the
more peaceful standards that pre
ivail among the producers of
cent of their annual salary to I
those receiving less than $1,2001
and 6 ner cent to those receiving Washington, Dec. 8. Requests j
between $1,200 and $2,00. Messen- from postmasters all over the TORPEDOED STEAMER
ers will receive $25 each. country for extra allowances to j CARRIED 47 AMERICANS
The resignation of WT. H. Ba- provide special facilities for han-
ker, secretary of the company, dlmg Christmas mail indicate that j Madrid via paris, Dec. 8. The
was announced, Andrew F. Bur- this year's holiday mailings will , Italian steamship Palermo, with 25
r j n : i rpu , . .
that the embargo bills referred to leih was appointed his success- r exceed au pnoi iccuiu. Amerieans on board, has been tor-
tnat tne emDdrgO Uiiis leieiicu iu Wmt in nenrlv everv case , , . oi. . o :u
. 1 1 i ii i lor u.xxiw..:.-., j - j neaoett on me oiituuau cuasu
his committee would not be called Pr- I . , naaA w Peuoeu a l
say uic iiicicaoc uoa auv,au; . i (jftQ sailor, reported io ue an
believe that an inquiry by the Fed-
eral Trade Commission will be
quick enough to do any good this
session of Congress.
Representative Adamson, chair-
man of the Interstate Commerce
Committee of the House, declared
up by him.
presently, will immediately assume, "If those bills wait until I call
has indeed already assumed, a magni- . . . .
tude unprecedented in our experience, them up they will wait a long
We have not the necessary instrumen- time. said he. I am asramst
tallties for Its prosecution; it is
deemed to be doubtful whether they
could be created upon an adequate
scale under our present laws. We
should clear away all legal obstacles
and create a basis of undoubted law
for it which will give freedom without
gun and that local prosperity gu-' American was wounded by a shell
TO NEUTRAL SHIPPING arantees a rush by the middle of and died in a hospital at Palafru-
Washington, Dec. 8.-Curtail- December that will test the capa- geU? gpain where the survivors
every sort of an embargo. Perhaps ment of coaling privileges at Brit'- w ;were landed, i nree uui -n-
mic v wm II UV tiic tui mcuu.
XV w-
some friend of the measures will ish ports is threatening far-reach-1
try to get the Fitzgerald bills up, ing effects on American shipping
In every practical way the de-
ov-g- . partment is co-operating in pre- tTner Had 47 American
but I have not been notified of and while representations have . 1 Steamer uaa 4i Mwnuiu
anv such intention on the part of been made to Great Britain by the
paring offices to meet the Christ-
Horse Tenders on Board
permitting unregulated license. The nv member of the committee." State Department, it is realized " " " . " ' ' ' eW ' -
" , . h 0.1 o. -o. i a-g 1 o. max tne unpreueuemeu lasis. iu uc C4.aTTlsv,;n Palermo leit iNew iorK
Twn TPfiolntmns callino- for in- here that it mav be difficult to se- . ... steamsnip idicimw icii, o.-
M. M Vf V.JVWV. -.ov.j q " I
mas demand. The prospect is j
provided for should fail, a full public monly called the Corrupt Practices Act.
investigation of the merits of every
suph dispute shall be instituted and
completed before a strike or lockout
may lawfully be attempted.
And, sixth, the lodgment in the
hands of the executive of the power,
in case of military necessity, to take
I need not labor my advice that these
measures be enacted into law. Their
urgency lies in the manifest circum
stances which render their adoption at
this time not only opportune but neces
sary. Even delay would seriously
Jeopard the interests of the country
Postmaster General . Burleson, : gn carried no passengers but
control of such portions and such roll- and of the government,
ing stock of the railroads of the coun- j Immediate passage of the bill to reg
try as may be required for military ulate the expenditure of money in elec
use and to operate them for military tions may seem to be less necessary
purposes, with authority to draft into than the immediate enactment of the
the military service of the United, other measures to which I refer; be-
States sifch train crews and adminis- cause at least two years will elapse
trative officials as the circumstances before another election in which fed-
require for their safe and efficient use. : eral offices are to be filled ; but tt would
greatly relieve tne public mina ii mis
Renews His Recommendations.
The second and third of these rec
ommendations the congress immediate
ly acted on: it established the eight
hour day as the legal basis of work
and wages in train service and it au
thorized the appointment of a com
mission to observe and report upon the
practical results, deeming these the
measures most immediately needed;:
but it postponed action upon the other j
suggestions until an opportunity should
be offered for a more deliberate con
sideration of them. The fourth rec
ommendation I do not deem it neces
sary to renew. The power of the in
terstate commerce commission to grant
an increase of rates on the ground re
ferred to is indisputably clear and a
recommendation by the congress with
regard to such a matter might seem to
draw in question the scope of the com
mission's authority or its Inclination to
vestigations of foodstuff prices, cure any alleviation of the con- " " f ' V VT : November io ior uenua uu o,,-
. , . i . ,. , . . .... year will be performed quickly i as ast reported as pass-
were introduced m the House and stantly tightening restrictions lm- jzia, ana as
-, i t.-o?.v -o.i and wen. rjiv,T-n tar on iNOvemuer so.
rosea uv tne .oruisn auinorines. i . "s
Officials point out that the
- , - i o. o.- i o. i to ' mail early. ijers Tn addition to horses she
tion for an embargo on food carry- almost entirely in international J Qri, :ders- Andauil
, - , , . , . , . i j 'Remember the mail man is -j reneral cargo,
ing ships when the haul food- comity, and that treaty pledges m .carried a general tug .
, i -, 0.1 x e a slogan everyone should keep in The shin was armed, it was said
ctnfFG after thev have reached a the present instance are not of .A. . . t . . ! ine snip was aimc. ,
certain price in this country. The the nature to make the case en-
limits fixed by him are $1.50 for tirely clear.
' , K, Z o. i. i io. , and mail cars and the carriers on if tup paierm0. She carried two
rve 3,1 for corn and 1.25 for no- arantee bunker coal to any vessel .... ,ot the raieimu.
tatoes. Mr.
Important matter were dealt with
while the circumstances and the dan
gers to the public morals of the pres
ent method of obtaining and spending
campaign funds stand clear under re- I
cent observation and the methods of
expenditure can be frankly studied in
the light of present experience ; and a
delay would have the further very se
rious disadvantage of postponing ac
tion until another election was at hand
and some special object connected with
it might be thought to be in the mind
of those who urged it. Action can be
taken now with facts for guidance and
without suspicion of partisan purpose.
I shall not argue at length the desir
ability of giving a freer hand in the
matter of combined and concerted ef
fort to t!iose who shall undertake the
essential enterprise of building up our
export trade. That enterprise will
mind," said John C. Koons, first :nere at the offices of Hartfield, So-
Assistant Postmaster General, to-jjari company, agents of the Na-
day. "The clerks in the offices ; vi.at;on Generale,- Italia, owner
and mail cars and the carriers on 1 0 tne paiermo. She ca
, u o. o.-i- -o. - i the delivery routes should be spar-' :v, r;nes mounted aft
Edmonds would in- not utilizing it "in such a way J ,j-incn nnesuiouuicu k
thing must be done now, because the
opportunity is here and may escape us
if we hesitate or delay.
Porto Rico's Needs.
amendments of the oreanic law of Por-. one embargo bill m the Senate.
present laws governing the island and LV.-,- nrPSPT1ted , resoln- to coal at foreign ports is based wever again urges the public had board 47 American horse ten-
regulating the rights and privileges of
its "people are not just. We have cre
ated expectations of extended privi
lege which we have not satisfied.
There is uneasiness ainng the people
of the island and even a suspicious
doubt with regard to our intentions
concerning them which the adoption of
the pending measure would happily re
move. We do not doubt what we wish
to do in any essential particular. We
ought to do it at once.
There are other matters already ad
vanced to the stage of conference be
tween the two houses of which it is
not necessary that I snouia speaK.
Some practicable basis of agreement
concerning them will no doubt be found
and action taken upon them.
Inasmuch as this is, gentlemen, prob
ably the last occasion I shall have to
address the Sixty-fourth congress, 1
hope that you will permit me to say
with what genuine pleasure and satis
faction 1 have co-operated with you in
the many measures of constructive pol
icy with which you have enriched the
legislative annals of the country. It
has been a privilege to labor In such
company. I take the liberty of con
gratulating you upon the completion of
a record of rare servlceableness and
ed unreasonable and unnecessary! friipqp cmns". said Mr. Solari,
burdens. This can be done if 'the were carried for defense only,"
fellow who puts everything off to j j5esjes 858 mules and 163 hor
the last minute ' is not too numer-1 s tne paiermo carried 1,452
ous. "With a little co-operation cases 0f trinitrotoluol, a powerful
The announcement is the first "-f , , explosive, and
unristmas Dusiness wiu oe nand- and war suppiies.
led right up to the minute by the j before the war the Palermo was
engaged in passenger service be
tween Naples and Palermo, Italy,
vestigate to ascertain the cause of that British or allied interests are
the high cost of living. benefitted was announced today
A resolution by Representative in a statement by the British em
Van Dyke, of Minnesota, would bassy in the form of a memoran-
request the Federal Trade Com- dum drawn up in London
mission to make an investigation
and report as early as possible on public expression, officials say, of
1, TM.r,nnc!it;Ano . ( 1 in Ti-h q I a Tknliv which has in fact, been in
mcoc li.upu.iuv-u, . VJ., postal service
measure are the increases in the j operation for sometime, and which H
nrices of foodstuffs due to specu- has brought forth protests by this
lotinn onrl tinrl POTTlhinJltl OTIS (1 Lmintrv in several eases. Manv The Doll to be given away by and this port
what effective measures are now American ships have been refused The Commonwealth to thhe little
i i . . -. i . j
i u e -loiarorl nnH ennsenn- ffirl unaer eiffnt years 01 age mi
fluences upon the cost of living, ently held up for some three days the best Santa Clans letter is now,home of Miss lone Kitchin rues
and (3) what effect would an em- to a week with a resulting heavy exhibited in tne winaow 01 xv. v,.
Wo-nhavA loss to their owners. joSey uu vUUiv.
The busy twelve elub met at the
for awhile a salad course was ser

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