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ISABEL 15 3s ALWAV'Ce 1i
J y
JARGE quantities of SssenclA are pur
chased by the Government to be sold
to the Soldiers and Sailors.
We aim to make ShsnoiA cost the men
serving their country and the public
back of the men, as little as possible.
War conditions turn men's heads to
profit making. We believe friends
and users are more valuable than the
profit of the moment. That is why
you can buy SaiA at the same price
as always.
IT t v is s fa k fKSASi
For the past several years the peo
ple of North Carolina have been fol
lowing a beautiful and noble custom
of tifgnalizing Thanksgiving Day by
special donations to the support of
the several orphanages of the State
The Orphan Association, composed of
(Ulcers and representatives of these
benevolent institutions, has 'a stand
ing committee of publicity to bring
this matter before the people of the
Suite each year at Thanksgiving
Since the custom was begun and reg
ularly observed the responses have
shown a steady increase. But foi
this donation many of our orphan
uses would have been sorely hand!
capped by (lie continuous rise In
prices of all necessities employed In
the maintenance of these essential
institutions to the economic life of
the commonwealth. This year the
increase lias been greater lhan ever
and our orphanages appeal to the
people Willi additional urgency
At this period of their greatest
need our orphanage superintendents
confidently hope thai the bis-hearted
people of the State will come to the
rer.cue. Rach and every person, who
can possibly make such a contribu
tion is asked to contribute the
amount of one day's income to the
orphanage of his choice. This ap
peal is in the interests of no partic
ular orphanage. It is to all persons
of all creeds, denominations, and
beliefs. The call of the helpless
child makes us all one, whatever our
other differences may be. No humane
person can tuin n deaf ear to the
needs of helpless childhood. There
are eighteen licensed and establish
ed orphanages in North Carolina for
the care and training of white chil
dren, and two for the care of colored
children. In these are more than
two thousand little tots bereft of pa
rents and the coml'orts of home, who
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.Many Wil-
M.iUa l ife MisM'alle for
son I'eopbi
There's nothing more annoying
than kidney weakness or inability to
properly control the kidney seere
tions. Night and day alike, the suf
ferer is tormented and what wiili
the burning uiul scalding, th.; at
tendant backache, headache and diz
iness, life is indeed, a burden.
Downs Kidney l'il;l have given
peace and couiiorl to many Wilson
people, prom ,y this Wilson resi
dent's experience.
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ro St., says: "I use Doan's Kidney
i'ills regiiliuiy uiul find they bene
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I hat Mr. Lauin had. Kosler-Millmrn
Mfgrn., llutTalo, N. Y.
Ff essential industries nre not
promptly supplied w-th labor, ,.ir
ni'W army Is faced with a lack of
ne.ei:.-:ary supplies. A million un
l Uled laborers are needed within
I wo months; the North Carolina
'tuotn Is 4310. Those who are In
non essentia) employments rhould
consult their community labor
boards or other representatives of
the trnirod States Employment Serv
ice or Public Service Reserye.
must be prepared for future citizen-
mL f..n.. ii j III
Buiy. iutbB lUBLHUiiuus are uuuer
various denominational or fraternal
management, but all of them en
gaged In a great and necessary work
for the fathrless ones. To relieve
ihe stress of the tim'Ss, each person
in the State is asked to make a
special Thanksgiving offering, equal
to one day's income, to some one of
these institutions. The offering may
be made through the regular chan-
nels, in special collections, or direct
to the superintendents of these
homes. Each one should make his
contribution to the institution with
which he may be most closely asso
Tnis year the publicity committee is
asked to make the call a very earn
est one. The need is great. No
matter what the other great calls
upon us are or have been this one
cannot must not ho neglected.
Regardless of its own burdens this
year, America is I he one country
most greatly blessed, A great and
prosperous Christian people will not
neglect. While we are in the war
and giving our blood cheerfully for
peace and righteousness, we will not
and cannot suffer from the war as our
noble and uncomplaining allies have
suffered, for four years, and as the
helpless and devastated peoples of
Europe have suffered. In this we
should And great cause for an earn
est Thanksgiving this year. -Let us
signal our gratitude to God that our
country has been so protected that
we have our children with us, and
that they have not been crushed be
neath the bloody ravages of war.
In every church, in every Sunday
school, in every place where men
gather on or about Thanksgiving
Day, and In private, upon the streets,
in the offices, in the shops, and in
the stores, let this thank-offering be
taken for God's helpless little ones
There have been so many calls for
various purposes this year that our
orphan homes are in grave danger
of being overlooked unless special
efforts shall be made to direct the
attention of charitably inclined peo
ple to their needs. The demands of
these institutions were never so great
as they are today. Let every one ex
press tneir sympathy and affection
for the State's unfortunate little
children in acts not empty words
on or about Thanksgiving Day. One
day's earnings out of three hundred
and sixty-five is the mount each one
is asked to contribute. The commit
tee calls upon me and women in every
walk of life to pass tho word along.
Let committees be selected by church
fraternal, and community organiza
tions everywhere to bring the needs
of our orphaned children right home
to the people. For, after all, it is
personal efforts that bring results.
It is that which would make the ap
proaching Thanksgiving tho "great
est ever" to the fatherless and moth
erless cildren of North Carolina.
M. L. Shipnian
J. R. Young
J. D. Berry
Livingston Johnson
L. S. Massey
W. F. Evans
R. F. Beasley,
Publicity Commit tee
Raleglh, N. C, Oct. 21, 1H1S.
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Tax at once.
B. E. Howard, Sheriff
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is good c nough
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tory Hour, it is all careful gone
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CI IVvl i i r r. m
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smm ism
r" '"Teewm
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how far the lluns have advanced; how much territory they occupy, the
irea of their latest "drives"; where our own American armies, shoulder
to shoulder with our Allies, are lighting on the great BATTLE LINE OF
LIBERTY, and makes plain ilie mighty task which confronts America,
the task of honor which our soldiers are fulfilling, gloriously, over there,
the task in which every one of us at home must bear apatriot's part.
If Someone You Love is in France
this LIBERTY MAI' will bring you into closer touch with him and help
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When a letter comes from your boy, or your friend, telling of the bat
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enjoy them! The Liberty Map will be a treasured thing In your home to
keep in a place of honor and to hand down to the next generation.
L. A. r.AKNKS, Wilson, N. ('.
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