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s.-3k - --i-t;:isf
Sour Stomach ' Cauied THa
idy Much Suffering. Black
Draught Relieved.
adorsTllle, Ky. Mrs. Pearl Pat
of this place, wrltae: "I wu
constipated. I had sour stomach
as so uncomfortable. I went to
ctor. He save me some pills,
weakened me and seemed to
p my digestion. They would
me and afterwards It seemed
more constipated than before,
ird of Black-Draught and d
try 1L I found It just what 1
It was an easy laxative, and
to swallow. My digestion soon
&d. I got well of the Bour stem
j bowels soon seemed normal
re gilping, and I would take
low and then, and was In good
annot say too much for Black
;ht for It la the finest laxatlv
a. rise."
dford's Black-Draught has foi
. years been found of great valut
3 treatment of stomach, llrer anJ
1 trout lea. Easy to take, gentl
reliable in Its action, lea ring nc
after-effects. It has won the prale
housanda of people who have used
Chicago, Ills., Oct. 8. Further ac
ity against radicals in Gary, Ind.
- i closing of twenty-one alleged
, lindpigs in Indiana Harbor, and
3 reported return of a few hun
ed more strikers to the mills were
e inly developments today in the
lcago steel strike district. Mili
y intelligence officers and agents
the Department of Justice held a
lference today relative to agita
s and the distribution of inflam
itory literature.
Federal troops in control at Gary,
d., were expected to remain an in
ifinite period. Colonel W. S. Ma
ss, in command, yhile retaining the
-ohibition against outdoors mass
eetings said no interference with
.trikers indoor meetings need be
expected as long as they were or
derly. Operations of mills at Gary, South
Chicago, Indiana Harbor, Waukegan
and Jollet were said to have been
increased today, officials reporting
greater production.
Union leaders denied that pro
tion had been advanced or that
re strikers had returned to work.
rth Carolina
lson County.
G. White Vs E. G. Moore.
.& wife, Annie T. Moore and
ineth Wright.
The defendant. Kennth Wright,
ave anmed will take take notice
it an action entitied as above hat
in commenced in the Superioi
art of Wilson County, North Car
na. to sell real estate for div
on, which said real estate is sit
te in the county and state afore
id, in in which the defendan
ennth Wright, has an interest
id the said defendant. KKenntl
fright, will further take notict
hat he is required to appear be
ore the Clerk of the Superior conn
rf Wilson county on the 30th., day
of October, and answer or demui
to the complaint In said action, oi
the plaintiff Will apply to the court
for he relief demanded in said com
J. D. Bardin, Clerk of Cour
This the 30 day of Sept., 1919.
W. A. Finch, Attorney for Petit
Oct. 2. ltd for 4wks.
Sale of Valuable Trat of Land.
By virture of an order of the Super
ior Court of Wilson County, ren
dered in the Special proceeding en
titled J. F. Boyette and others vs
oy Wilkerson. the undersigned wil
n Monday, the tenth day of Nov
mber, 1919, between the hours oi
noon and 1.00 p. m., at the court
?e door in Wilson, N. C, offer foi
at public auct'on to the high
bidder, for cash, that certain
1 or parcel of land lying and be?
jituate in Old Fields Township
in Co., North Carolina adjoin
. ands of Ralford Fulghum, Mon
Boykin, Woodard Boyette and
s, containing 6 3-4 acres, mor
ess, and ia described by mete:
, boundss in deed from James
Boyette and wife to Wiley T
rette., recorded in Book 57, page
i, Wilson Registry.
On this tract of land there are
.out 35 acres cleared, one good ten
,. nt house and outbuildings, one new
tobacco barn, and ample wood and
timber for the upkeep oi. said farm
This farm is located in. good neigh
borhood, near good school and a
church and is In a high state of cul
tivation. . .,
, H B. HIGH,
W. A. Finch', Commissioned.
This the 26th day of September,
ApplKudeTS M'iat Go
Paris, Oct. 9.
Theatrical man-J
geis and actors of ' thla. . city
are ;
agreed that hired ."applajidets m'uVt.rdeceised," all persons indVbtedto
go. i ne.ciaque as"th Fresch caliiti
i5 as old an mstUutipn as the French
theatre itself. It flourished in. ".the
any a of Francis Villon "and from'
generation to generation until the"
present time.
The Federation of Theatre Work
ers has demanded us elimination
and calls it anti-democratic. Equali
ty in auccofcs and in failure they
claim should rule.
Thus the six seats in the rear of
the orchestra circle, the ten or more
beats in the first balcony, where
strong arm men were wont to rent
the air with their air-spliting and
nerve-wrecking applause will be si
lt nl. Near-by spectators will not
v"BAK MEN Writs to us for oui
wonderful ready for lost man
hood and vital losses. Restores
quickly; never falls. Coats noth
ing if not cured. Book free. Cum
berland Chemical Comany i'o
Berry Block, Nashville, Tenn.
.-l--o-d 14 t
Oponents Arra.M of a Vote.
Washington, Oct. 8. Opponents
of the peace treaty today blocked all
attempts to bring the Shantung
amendment to a vote in tho Senate
this week and then refused to ac
c..ie to a joint request bv Republi
can and Democratic leaders for its
consideration one week hence.
In the half-hour wrangle that fol
lowed the suggestion of Chairman
Lodge, of the Foreign Relations
Committee, that the Senate could
speed up the treaty by reading the
printed text while Senators were pre
paring speeches on the Shantung
provision, the charge was made and
denied that a full fledged filibuster
soon might enevolp the pact and de
lay final action on it.
is completely washed out of the system bv
the celebrated Shlvar Mineral Water. Pos
itively guaranteed by money-back offer.
Tastes fine; costs a trifle. Delivered any
where by our WilHn Agents, Barnee-Han
rell Co. Phone them.
iorth Carolina Wilson County -Jora
iray Taylor
The defendant, Uray xeylot
tbove named will take noticw thai
u action entitled as above haa beet
ommenced in the Superior Court
f Wilson county, .North Carolina
or thfl purpose of having the mar
-age ceremony betwen plaintiff and
.efendant to be declared null aud
oid. on the grounds of adultery
omraited by' defendant during th
month of July, 1918. with the party
-tamed in the complaint filed 'in this
ction; and the said defedant wili
urther take notice he la required u
ppear at the term of the Superioi
ourt of said county to be held pi
Monday the 27th day of October.
1919, at the court houfe of aai-c
ounty. In Wilson. North Carolina
nd answer or demur to the com
laint in said action, or the plaintiff
vill apply to the court for the reliei
emanded in said complaint.
Clert duperior Court.
V. A. Finch. Att'y.
i'hls 2th day of July, 1919.
J 15 itw 4wka
We offer the Dr. Plagg home
olace, and other lands adjoining, to
'alling about 450 acres in one body,
lying on two roads. This land la
iituated 3Ya miles from Greens
boro, near Greensboro Country
Club and White Oak Mills, There
Is a ten room house. White Oak
grove and orchard. Also two oth
er nice homes on the place.
This is good land for cotton and
We believe that in five orr ten
years this land, because of its lo
ation alone, will sell for more than
hree times the present prices.
Will sell on easy terms: one
Afth cash; balance in one, two, and
three, and four years, with an agree
ment to release as sold upon satis
factory -payments.
It is a fine opportunity for some I
Real Estate man to develop.
We have 700 acres near . Battle
Grounds; wil leut up into farms
to. suit, and sell . on. easy terms. A
part of i hese holdings could be sold
to colored people. Fine tobacco
The Willard place, 129 acres, ad-
Joining the Mendenhall Mill. Most
picturesque place in Guilford; fine
eight room house and orchard;
three (8 . allies from' . High. Point,
pne mile froj Jamestown- On as
phalt road J
J, p, h """ham Company,
Having ' q.u'alifiea as", adminjs'trat-
bf" the estate of J oslah". Wilder,
J 'estate m
'k 'immediate ' payment, and "alf
; parsons having "claims' against said
-estate are hereby notified to present
them to the undersigned ,4a. or be-
1920? or thla notice will fefielfed
in bar of their recovery. ' r-. rea
Thla the 8th., day of fcWo fber.
1919. "y-
Cheatina Wllaex. ma
B. J. Barnes. Attorrcit
8apt. 8. t tw. 4 vka. 'on
Having qualified as administratrix
c the estate of L. F. Hawfey, late
of Wil3on county. North Carolina,
this la to notify all persons having
claims against said estate to present
them to the undersigned, on or be
tore the 11th day of September,
1920, or this notice will be pleaded
in bar of their recovery.. All per
sons indebted to said estate are re
quested to make immediate pay
ment. Lena Hawley, Administratrix
. F. D., Kenly, N. C.
This the 11th day of September
1919. W. A. Finch. Attorney.
S 11 ltv twki
J. Grantham
The Kissell Motor Car Co.,
ind The Planters Bank.
Votice of Summons and Warrant of
The defendants abovo named wil
aka notice that a summons in the
tbove entitled action was Issued
igainst the said defendants on tht
14th day of July, 1919, by J. D. Bar
tin. Clerk of the Superior Court
Wilson. North Carolina, for the sun
if Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000
iue said plaintiff by reason of the
breach of contract on the part of the
Kissell Motor Car Co., to deliver cer
tain Kissell Motor Cars according to
order and specifications, which sum
i&ooa is returnable before said Cler
Df th Superior Court, at his office 1r
the CJourt Hous in Wilson County
North Carolina, on 12th day o
September, 1919. Tne defendant'
111 also take notice that a warraif
f attachment was issued by sai
Merk of the Superior Court on th
14th day. of July, 1919, against th
property, moneve et cetera. of sai
Cissell Motor Car Co., which warran
ia returnable Detore said Viers o
the Superior Court, et the time an.
place above named for the return o
the summons, when and where tb
defendants are required to apnea
and ansvrer or demur to the con
olaint. or the relief demanded will b
granted. ,
Clerk of the Superior Cour1
ThU. toe 13th day of August, 1919
D. M. Hill, Attorney,
lug. 13. Once wk., 4 wks.
Under and by virtue of the powei
and authority contained in a cer
tain Deed' of Trust ' made on th
22nd day of October, 1914. by Bur
ton Brothers' Auction Company
incorporated to E. J. Barnes, Trus
tee, to secure the payment of cer
tain notes therein mentioned, de
fault having been made in the pay
ment of said notes, the undersigned
trustee, demand . having been mad
upon him by the holder of said
notes, will on Monday the 27th da;
of October, 1919, at the courthouse
door in the County of Wilson at 12
o'clock M., sell for cash to the
highest bidder, at public auction th
lands hereinafter described, viz:
Lots Nos. 1, 2. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 8, 9
10, 11. 12, 13, 14, 15. and 16, in f
certain plot of land lying on the west
side 'of Wiggins street In the towT
of Wilson, a map of which is on rec
ord in book 78. page 133, Publi
Registry of Wilson County, and be
Ing the property conveyed to E. E
Young by" J. T. Wiggins and wife
which deed is on record In Book 102
page 163, and by the said Younp
and wife ' to the said Burton Broth
ers Auction Company. '!
This the 24th day of September
- Trustee.
S 30 Once wk 4 wks
Having qualified as admlnistrato"
of Dora Bass, deceased, late o'
Wilson county.'thia is to notify aP
persons who have claims agalns'
the said deceased to present their
on or before the 8 th., day of Sep
tember 1920, or this notice wili be
pleaded ' in" bar-, of " their recovery
All persons indebted to said estate
are hereby J . requested to " make im
mediate 'payment.' 'X--.. '
H. B. Bass, Administrator,
E. J. 'Baraef, Attorner
e "Pol
Oct. ' 9. The "c-apias
last "Friday -to Currituck county "of
Sheriff J. H. ' C. Bell, calling for his
return to 'Vance 'county to .answer
charge's 'of ' embezzling 'some $40,000
or4mone of the" county's funds, was
presented to .ell at his old home at
Shawboro Monday. BeJl; it is under
stood, was taken' P custody by
authorities theTe, itnd telephone
communication was immediately es
tablished between Judge W. M.
T.s7T 'nroofdln't- at' Itio nrfiHAn t term
of Superior court bee, and who if
Judge, Bond instructed the Cur
rituck authorities that the bond
should be fixed at $10,000, and in
event Bell.prodvides it he. is, to be
allowed to remain there or go where
he chooses until he comes here to
answer the charges preferred, which
will probably be at the March, 1920
term of court. Should he fail to give
bond the only alternation, it is said,
is for him to be brought back to
Henderson' and delivered to the
court authorities. It had not been
learned at noon Tuesday whether or
not the required bond had been se
cured by the former but it was the
general opinion that relatives in
Currituck county would be able to
provide,' the security ds,ignated, by
Judge Bond.
Not to be Found.
It was noted wltfi surprise today
that former Bell was not to be found
.n Currituck county, in accordance
with a letter received from the au
thorities there Wednesday.
Raleig Oct. 10. The objects of
he cotton warehouse law and the
ubtreai J y. plans for aiding dis-
ressedi otton involve no new
principle, says Commissioner of Ag
iculture W. A. Graham, who recalls
. bit of history in connection with
he effort of the cotton farmers to
organize themselves into American
Cotton . Association . in order that
heyr may the better avail themselves
)f the warehouse law and the effort
f the federal government to aid the
otton grower.
The main objects of each of these
Xieasures is the same as those of
he Tobacco warehouse act of 1777,
.vhich was passed by the firoit legis
j iture of the state, says the commis
.ioner. v
i iuai ucne wnen mere was a
essel in port, and a means of get
ting the tobacco to the outside
;.vorld, the tobacco put on the mar-
:et sold well. When there was no
.-essel in port it usually sold verv
low. To enable the farmer to hold
his tobacco each county had me
' ight, under this old law, to erect
vanahouses for the storage of to
bacco, and a receipr was giveu to
he farmer for the tobacco stored,
s is the ase in the present ware
house law. These certificates or re
ceipts were g'Z'd anywhere and were
ettled when the tobacco which they
represented was sold.
: This is exactly the same general
Ian in the cotton warehouse act,
:.vhich will enable the farmer to hold
is cotton for a better price. These
'he joint effort of the people of the
growing committees, and the best
!.f enlisting interest in the erection
l.if warehouses now is through the
;merican Cotton Association, a
pranch of which will be organized
j.a every cotton growing-county and
i.ownship in the state.
: in anumber of the counties the
work of the cotton association and
;' he cotton warehouses are being car
ried on at the 'same time. State cam
!. agin headquarters and officials of
! ae cotton growing counties to rent
-injy javilable warehousp space in
ueir community ror the time being,
nd register it with the state ware
ouse "officials "in order to get the
-enefits of the cheaper . insurance
;ates and the backing of the State
: aw for the warehouse receipts. This
vill take care of the situation tem
porarily and will enable the farmer
o hold his cotton until the buyer is
willing to pay 36 1-2 cents for it
i his month.
; In the meantime while thecanvas
'3 being made for the cotton asso
ciation, the "permanent warehouses
an also be talked among farmers,
uerchants, bankers and the general
jublic'with a view of erecting fire
roof warehouses belore the next
Top is harvested. This will give-an
jrganizatipn and cotton Warehouses
it the same . time and will bring
bout 'the 'objects for " which the
viuenican uotton Association is
.aking a figtt llCl!
- Ne Worms in a Health v. Child
All children troubled with WOTTna have an nn.
teeJUir ooloc, whfc Indicates soor blood, find afl '
mere 14 more Ct less stomach aisturbanoe.
totwoor thre weeks will enrich the blood, ha
ton tte diieitfem, aad act as a General Strength
cint TeJ ta jfh whole $rftetn. Katore will then
to!. tk wtxmt, d the Cfc04 wW be "
w-rww-r w mmmmm'mr
Little time and
You can always serve delicious, creamy biscuits
as long as there's a sack of Occo-nee-chee Self
Rising Flour in the pantry. Very little time and
no trouble with this flour. Because the baking
powder, salt find soda are already in it and in just
the proportions to bring about perfect results.
What a relief to know that waffles, biscuits, hot
cakes will be good every time with Occo-nee-chee.
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to buy the extra ingredients this way. Get a sack
of Occo-nee-chee Self-Rising Flour it's a constant
help to all housekeepers.
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and Saves you Money
You will notice fn Indian Head on every each
of Occo-nee-chee Self-Hieing Flour. See your
grocer today. He has it.
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better than Peerless.
Austin-Heaton Co.,
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