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1-1 IP 11 0f
Old) SERIFS, VOL. 50. )
Mexnmto M.C1-.
V,5!Nn-Mvrr .J. . )m NorfWt, Jo.-j:h Cvbb ana
lUcry C. . !:eny.
Sscrhiht and TriEH lU'tx rt Wliit!nir-'.
roxsTvnic J. B. tlyatt.
l ow WiT-n H:iiry Redinoi'.a. Hilt lira ire ail
,:!Hfj I'. simonscu.
t'O I TV.
l'.liii Nortlfrt.
R-iin- of Dfi-ih -B. J. Ke: It.
'hi-riff hatlli- r.ryan.
f 'ocojirr Win. T. (io.lwin.
Vrcasunr Kobt. II. Austin.
S'tpioi .less? Ham-ll.
S..w; Exit miners. B. K. S:aiU-s, Win. II.
Kn'n;lit -'nil H. TI. Shaw.
AV.-ICC .rj- Hiww-Wiu. A. Daii.
( 'omiii'Mi'.iaiTj M. I. Eiiwards.t'lmimvui,
Win. A. IMisynn, N. 1!. Hcll-miy, John Dnnrv
ami Mnc MaiWwson. 15 . J. Kfi-ch, Itlrrk.
utinvu. a.! jnpAi;ni:K "-r mui.-
XORTi! AM SOI. TH VI V V . .W. P P..
; .:iv. TurlioW dliiiiv) nt - 9 S A. M.
Arriv.j r.t Tarb.iro' (Unity ul - - a an 1
V-lllN;rON MAIL V! i.UKV.NVll.I.r..
IWl.KLANH AM i-l'MiTA. ,
. ... - ia.ai.-i si ii A. M. i
l,w:ir- . ni ' v
Arrive :it 'J'iirboro' litilyial
ii 1 M.
TheSiWiind tlie Plnce ot JIt-ctiiiRr.
Connor J R- A. Chapter No. .". X. M. Law-i-enoe
Hi'h Priest, Masonic- Hall, niouiuly
eonvcK-ation first Thursday in ev ;ry month ;l
10 o'clock A. M.
Concord Lodgi- No. .V TLomas (iatlln,
M isu-r. Masonic Hall, meets first Friday uiirht
.il 7 o'clock P. M. and third Saturday at 10
o'clock A. M. In every mouth.
Uepiton Encampment No. 13, 1. O. O. F.,
Dr. Jos. H. Baker, Chief Patriarch, Odd Fe!
iows' ITal!, meets every first and third Thurs
day of each month.
Edgecombe Lods;.- No. 50, I. . O. F..
M.I.rih.ssey, X. l.,Odd Fellows' Ha'.', nu-Hs
every Tuesday inj;Ut.
Edgecombe Council Xo. 12-', Friends of
Temperance, meet every Friday niht at the
Odd Fellows' Hall.
Advance Lodge No. :iS, I. O. G. T., meets
f-xcrv Wednesday night at Odd Fellows' Hail
ut S "o'clock P. M.
r.r-ii'op.il Church Services every Sunday
at lb laJ o'clock A. M. aud 0 P. M. Dr. J. ii.
G i i-f T-I tft i ir
ilethodut Ch urc h Services every third,
Sunday at 11 o'clock:. Kev. C. C. Dodson
Presbyterian Church Services third Sun
dav Of each month at 11 o'clock A. M. and
h o'clock P. M. Kev. J. W. i'rimrose, Evan
Miisionan iiaptist Church Services every
'2nd Sunday iu every uwi th, at U o'clock,
ftcv. T. R. 0en, Pastor.
Primitive Baptist Church Servists firt
Saturdaj and Sunday of each month or 11
Ad iins' Hotel, corner Ma'n and Pitt St--'.
O. F. Adams, Proprietor.
Mrs. Pendor'3, (formerly Ureory Hole',)
Alain Street, opposite "Enquirer" Office,
Nfr. M. Pender, Proprietress.
Southern Express Office, on Main Street,
closes every iiioriiinjr at8j o'clock.
N. AI Lawkence, Agent.
Ajrents make $12.50 per day, $75 per week, j
For Dsmestlc Use,
With the New Patent j
Patented June 27th, 1871.
A most wonderful and elegantly construc
ted SewiDff Machine for Family Work. Com
plete in all Its Parts, Use? the Strnijrbt. Eye
Pointed Needle, Sell Threading, direct up- ;
right Po-itive Motion, New Tention. Seii j
Feed and Cloth C-aid'-r. Operates by Wheel
and on a Table. Eight Running, smooth j
ana noiseless like all good high-priced ma- j
ebins. 11:18 Patent Cheek to prevent the i
wheel being turned the wrong way. Uses j
the thread direct from the spool. Makes the
Elastic Lock Stitch, (tinest and strongest
Mitc h known;) firm, durable, close and rapid, j
Will do all kinds of work, tine and coarse, i
from Cambric to heavy Cloth or Leather, and j
is.-s all description of thread. This Machine
i heavily constructed to give it strength ; all
; he part of each Machine being made alike
hv machinery, and beautifully finished and i
ornamented. Ir is verv easy to learn. Rap
id, Smooth and Silent in operation. Reliable
at a!! times, :ind a Practical, Scientific, Me
chanical Invention, at Greatly Reduced Price.
A Good, Cheap, Family Sewing Machine at
last. The liit and only sueecs in producing
a valuable, substantial and reliable low priced
Sewing Machine. Its extreme low trice
reaches a',1 conditions. Its simplicity and
stri!gtli arapts it to Ml capacities, while its
many' merits make it a uuiversn! favorite
w herever used, and creates u rapid demand.
1 can cheerful! and confidently recom
mend its nee to those who are wanting a re- i
ally food Sewin" Machine, nt a low price.
Mks. H. H. JAMESON, i
Pcotone, Will Connty, lil. '
Price ol each Machine. " Class A." '-One,"
i warranted for live years by special certifi
cate,) with all the fixtures, and everything
complete belonging to it, including Seif
Threading Needie, packed in a strong wood
en box, aud de.ivercd to anv part of the
country, by express, fiiee of fa ther charges
on receipt of price, oxl.T F":ve Dobt-Aus. Safe
delivery guaranteed. With each Machine, we
will end, on receipt of 1 extra, the uew pat
One of the most important and useful inven
tions of the age. So -iniple and eenain, lb it
:i child can work the finest button hole wi;h
regularity and ease. Strong and be.utiful.
Special Terms, and Extra Inducement! to
Male and Female Agents, Stoie Keepers, tfce.
who will establish ageneie-" through the coun
try and keep our New Macjines Dn Exhibi
tion and Sale. County R ghts given to smart
agent- f ree. Agent's compline outfit, furnish
ed whhout any extra charge. Samples ol
sewing, descriptive circulars containing
Terms, Testimonials, Engyavings, &c, &c,
-ext tkee. We also supply
L::tet Patents and Improveni'-nis for the
Farm and Garden. Mowers, Reapers, Culti
vators, Feed Cutters, Harrows, Farm Mills.
Planter., Harvester.-, Threshers and all art
eies needed for F irm work. Rare Seeds in
large variety. All M ney sent in Po-it Ofliee
.Money Orders, B-ink Drafts, or by Express,
will be at our ri-'-, :r.i sire perleellv secure.
ate delivery of nil our poods giiaranteed.
" An oi l and respoiiMiilc firm th.it tell the
best poods at the lowest price, and i nn be re
lied upon by our n-ad is. t'armrr'is Juumo.',
Xeir i ui ':.
Hot Resptiisible for ILegisterei Leiiers-
Address nli Orders to
(.or. (iri-i-nwich fc Cortlandt- Sis., N. Y.
Oct. 4. 7:;.-C.ni.
Pierre House,
KTew York.,
Jlll 'S Ls a de.-iratde House lor business men
X or families, benn,first class, elegant snd
central. Parliea who can appreciate a good
tnhl- vi ill find the " La Pibkke " TUP. House
to stop at in New York. Board and room $3
per day. Rooms SI per &w.
C. B. ORVIS, Proprietor.
July 20, 1S73. ly
Unut'iul InoRsands proclaim Vix
Ei ar Bitters tbo most wonderful In
vigorant tuat ever sustained tL- sirJuo;
No Person can take these Bitters
"cconlin to directions, and remain long
unwell, provided their bones are not de
stroyed by mineral poison or other
means, and viud organs wasted beyond
JJilious. Ilcmitlent and Iuter
iRiitciit revel's, which are so preva
lent in the valleys of our great rivers
tlinnigiur.it th- United States, especially
those of the .Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri,
Illinois, Tennessee, Cumberland, Arkan
sas. Red, Colorado, 15razos, liio Grande,
Pearl. Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Ro
anolce. .T imes, and many others, with
their vast tiibytaries, throughout our
entire country (luring the Summer and
Autumn, and remarkably so during sea
suns of unusual heat and dryness, aro
invariably iteeonipanied by extensive de-ranirenu-iits
rf the stomach and liver,
and other abdominal viscera. In their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a pow
erful inth'.euce up n these various or
grms. is essentially r.ecessary. There
is e.-.thartie for th- purpose equal to
Dm .1. Walker's Vinegar Bitters,
as they u ;;i speedily remove the dark
colored vis.-M nntter with which the
bowels are loaded, at the same time
stimulating tl.e sr-i-re'don ; of the liver,
and cn.Ta'.'v r.- r.r::i the healthy
lanci:.'!.; -Foiliii
i'V : i i i-;
iii rn::;s.
f ;he ::';"s:ie organs,
tii )::ny nirninst disease
z ail its !!-:iiis witii Vinegar
id' :; -;-,!! take hold
!' a sysf ' 'x... uu .rmed.
jJyqb'i:-,:.: ( liiiiiest ion, Head-oida-,
i'ain in the r-iuuiiders, Coughs,
Tilui'.c.'.-' i : t'i.i :. Diz.itiess. Sour
l".n;ct;.tii::is of thr- S; :.uh. Bad Taste
in the M.u th, Bbims Attacks. Palpita
tation of the !l-a;t. In ! i'miiation of the
bangs. Pain in tit.; : of the Kid
! '". atal a h:;':.b-( d tt;..-r a inful symp
;:'):;s, are tiu? o!:'.-;t higs of lspepsia.
(.'ne bottle will pro-. e n !etterg't;arantee
of its merits than a lengthy advertiso-
.ScrOi';:;. op iu'ng's Kvif. White
Swel.ings. Chi-rs. K.-y-'p a-. S-.vi-ilcil Neck,
Coitre. ei I a. . .-i. Iialoieat
Iti!iitl!-i.;aioii-. Mert-i a.: A il'eetiows, Old
Mires. Ei aptioia, i f the .-!. ai, Sore Eyes, etc.
la h.-.e is : ; . . a utio"a:.l J)is-C'tse-.
alu i-.i-' s isi.,.v!t l'rn'K!ts h.tve
--bov.-u t: eh- (. ia the
I'd- ItiHaiiPii ::;); ( iipniiie
Uh-ttUiatisin. w it." jhhoiis. Ib-mit-tent
and I :!:: :::; :;e: : l'i i rs. 1 -iseases of
t'so i'..-'i il. b: v- '. 5 ..".(; Ll'iiaiei",
heso Ihiter-. ii.iva ;u aa.i. rl. i. -eases
; :-e e.iits.-.I by W :..!.. i lU,.-.
Ie'hanifti! lis-.:s. i. p.-rsms en
gaged in Paints and .Minerals, such as
I'lttmle.-, Type--ef. Cbiiil-beuters, and
Miners, m t;.e. aaac ia life, :.re subject
to paralysis t,f the Bowels. To guard
aga:at tiis. v.lu .itii-e , Wai.kku's Vjx
tiiAR Hi .-tf::s .cc-nsior.itlly.
ForS'ihi IMsoasi'S, Eruptions. Tct-t-t.
Mi'.t-R-a-f.-.a. WotcLe'-. Sp -t-. Pha; !es.
l'a.--a'.es. i;..!ls ( ;j :h;.;.' ies. ltai'r v.'oians,
.1. S ,iv V.y . i:-yai.e!.,s. It. p.
.Sera!'-. Di.-ti.ioi'at.io'.is of i!r Skin. 11 amors
and Diseases i.f the- Sl.iti i.f v.'hatevsr name
or mature, :;ro iiu-v.i iy ('.ag ;i aud carried
out of the sv,-.!e:a :; a -b-rt tiiae by the use
Of tlie.-e Hit'tefs.
Pin. Tapr, :.ia! 4!h-i' Vi'onns,
lurking ia th j u-:n f so aauiy tiiousands,
are eileetHaby flc-lioyed ami remove.!. No
system -f n. i ii: :.o vcnta'l'iiges, i;o an
t.'iehiunibcs v, i.il.e Ha- -vto!u JVi.-u worms
like these Bitter-.
For Female Complaints, in young
or oil!, in"..::'.;; i.r -i'.gle. a! theda'Aii i.f wo
mar.hond. .r t: t-.ra i f life, tiiese Tonic
Bitters ib.sj;':ay s i laa-ided an influence that
iajprovemet.t i- moi: pciet-pt.hlo.
Cleanse th ' Vitiated IHood when
ever yaa bra! lis i:::;i-trities hnrating thniuga
the skill ia Pinirih.v. Ihaptioiis, or Sores;
cleanse it wheti yo-i laid it obstructed and
sluggish in ti1." V'-ins : eVansi! it when it is
foul; yovr !eel:a::s vviil tell yon when. Keep
the blood pun-, aa 1 the health of the system
will follow.
IS. ir. MfDOXAI.D & CO..
Drac-rists -'a"l ( e-n. A Sin lYaaciseo. (:i'ifiiraia,
uail eor. uf V:isiii:i!rti.:i :in.l (,'l:::rltoii S: i.. N. Y.
Sold ly all I)!;jgisl a ml Dialers.
naiy ot learning will commence on
Thursday, Sept. -Rli, I.h?:!.
Ham- d- n Sidney is situated in Prince Ed
ward (.'..unity, Va , within a ftw hundred
yards of Cnion Theological Seminary, and
neven inileR from Furmvillp the ra-"-st do
poi of the At lam i-, V i-i-i-sippi i Ohio R. R.
The locality of the College is most healthy,
and the coinrnunity around distinguished for
intelligence and J'i-ty.
There is no Grammar or Preparatory
School connect; d wi::. be Colk-e. It re
tains the curriculum aad , lie t'reat aim of its
teaeh'-rs is to secure thoroughness in the
tr lining -i'id instnietion of their pupils and
tints to pr-'pare ilhin Cor professional studies
or the active, duties of iile.
The ordinary expenses of a student, exclu
sive of the cot o e othinir, travwliintc and
books, are from 'J2 to ;?.?" a year.
For Catalogue and fuiah r Information ap
ply to Rev. .1. M. P. ATKINSON,
President Hampden Kidney College,
Jy JU-tf. Prin. c Edward County, Va.
Do you Sullen' from Chills ?
Have Them No More!
Watkiu 's Cliill Pills
Read the following certificate. Hlllidreds
of others caa U- seen on application :
This is to ccnily that I have, for two years
past, used in my (ami y, Pr. Wntkin's Chill
H!ls, and never knew them to fail in n single
inBtaue to cure Fever nut Atrue. They are
a most excellent and U.c net Pill I Lave ever
fouud. hcii.K Liiilly,
Adam's Creek, Craven Co., N. C, Nov. IStli,
1S70. je 7-tf.
SiO; $20
per day. Agents
wauied everywhere. Par-
ticuiars tree,
A. ii. Blair Co., St. Louis,
This unrivalled Medicine is warranted not
to contain a single panicle of Mbkccht, or
any injurious mineral substance, bin if
ce- tainhig thoe Southern Root und Hrbs,
which an all-wise Providence has placed in
countries w here Liver Diseases innst preTail.
It will Cure all Dit-eases caused br derange
ment of the Liver aud Rowels.
Simmons' Liver Regulator, or Medicine,
Is iiuinently a Family Medicine ; an-, 'n be
inir kent readv for immediate resort will save
many au hour of suffering and many a dollar j
in time and doctors bills.
After over Forty Years' trial it is still re
ceiving the most unqualified testimonials to
its virtues from persons of the highest ehar
;i ters aud responsibility. Eminent physi
eiaus commend it as the most
For Dyspepsia or Indigestion.
Valued with this ANTi-0 f E,' all climates
and changes of water and food may be faced
withont fear. Af a Remedy In MALARIOUS
It is the Cheapest, Purest and Best fauly
M'-dicine in the World !
Manufactured ouly by
Price 11.00.
Piedmont Air-Line Railway.
In effect on and after Thursday, Jan. 1, 1874.
stations. Mail. Express.
Leave Charlotte 7.00 p. m. 8 35 a.m.
- Air-Line Jct'n, 7.15 " 8 50 "
! " Salisbury, 10 09 " 10.47 "
! ' Greensboro' 2.10 a.m. 1.15 pm.
1 " Danville, 5.28 " 3 27 "
" Burkville, 11.40 8.06 "
Arrive at Richmond. 2 32 r. M. 10.02 "
stations. Mail. Express.
Leave Richmond, 1.48 p. m. 5 03 a. m.
BarkHl, " 6.ae -
Danville, 9.52 " 1.03 r. u.
" Greensboro', 116 a.m. 4.00 "
" Salisbury, 3.56 6 33 "
' Air-Line Jnct'o,6.22 " 8.53 "
Arrive at Charlotte, 6 30 " 9.00 "
stations. Mail. Mail.
L've Greensboro', ST 2.00 a.m. d A it. 12.80am
' Stl.ot.a S. H.ri l 3 10 0.1"
10 05
Raleigh, a- 8.30a
Arr. atuoiasnoro, s l l.w " -L ve s.wp.m
Leave Greensboro' 4.40 P. JI.
j Arrive at Salem 6 35 P. M.
Leave Salem 8.00 A. M.
Arrive at Greensboro'. . .10.00 A. M.
Passenger train leaving Raleigh at 7.40
j P. M., conuects at Greensboro' with the
! Northern bound train ; making the quickest
. time to all Northern cities. Price of Tick-
ets same as via other rou'es.
j Trains to and from points East of Greens
; boro' connect at Greensboro' with Mail
', Trains to or from points North or South.
Trains daily, both ways.
On Sundays Lynchburg Accommodation
! leave Richmond at 9.42 A. M., arrive at
j Bui keville 12 3fJ P. M., leave Bui keville 4.35
j A. M., ariive at Richmond 7.58 A. M.
Pullman Palace Cars on all night trains
i between Charlotte aud Richmond, (without
For further information address
Gen'I Ticket Agent,
Greensboro, N. C.
; T. M. R. TALC'OTT,
Fnaineer & Gen'I Snperistendent.
no ready to supply the people of Tar
boro and vicinity with all kinds of
Bread, Oaken,
French and Plain
Nuts, Fruits,
jfc, ifc,
i eiubraeinjr evary thinr usually kept in a First
i Class Establishment of tne kind.
j Thaukful for the liberal patronage of the
past, the undersigned asks a continuation,
with the promise ot satisfaction.
i Private Families can always have
llieirCakfflliakrd taereatiborl
i cbt notice.
; Or tiers far Parties & BaUs
promptly filled. Call and examine our stock,
I next door to FmtKH and Enqcrer Officb
j f W .
hM .-r, - c
K en
rS i -o 2
J 0 p g is
23 fe a. S
SS - e
A c a is c
K4ntOrt Per day! Agents wanted! All
J) OlO 4) AU elapses of working people, of
either sex, young or old, make more money at
work for us Jn their apare moments, 6f all the
time, than at anything else. Particulars fxcfe
Address G. Stluson it Co.,PorUand, Mia. ly
: : FEBRUARY 13, 1874
A boy beheld a rosebud pe.r
O'er KUrroundin heather,
'Twas so young, and morning clear,
Qnick h ran to it oer
Stooped and g7d with pleasure.
Rospbnd, rosebnd, rosebud red.
Rosebud it the heather!
Sad the lioy, " t il pluck thee, lap
Rosebud, in the heather."
Said the Rose, " I utina, beware !
Long wilt thoo the memory bear,
Tbon Khalt pluck me never !"
Rosebud, rosebud, rosebud reI,
Rosebud in the beather.
Ah ! the wild boy plucked that young
Rosebud in rbe heather ;
Vain the plaints that sorrow wruns.
Though she stroseled long and strong,
She's despoiled forever !
Rosebud, rosebud, rosebud red,
Rosebud in the beather.
" To tell the truth," said John
Haviland, as he threw aside his
evening paper, and faced the little
group in the parlor, " I am fast
growing out of patience with this
text 'a woman at the bottom of it.'
It would be strange in this world
made up, as far as we are aware, of
nothing but the two sexes, if a wo
man would not occasionally be found
at the bottom of anything good ! It
si the injustice of the thing that
makes me angry. Now, there are
hundreds of poor fellows who owe
all we are, all we have, and all we
expect to become, in this world or
the next, to the unselfish love of
The gentleman's face was flushed,
and he spoke very warmly and
feelingly, so much so that his wife,
rocking baby to sleep in the further
corner of the room, inquired :
" But why should you care, John?
It has always been so, and always
will be so. We don't think much
about it now, because we have been
taught to expect it."
" But you should care ! and you
should fight for each other more
than you do. There is one chapter
in my life's history that I have
nlways kept locked in my heart,
but tonight I feel as if it were my
duty to open it for your inspection;
and I do it lor the love of woman
for th? love of the woman who
made me what I am worthy to be,
the husbandof a good woman."
" Trny, .Jonn," earn airs, iiavi-:
land, softly approaching baby
still held tight to her bosom "you
absoluteiy frighten me."
" Let's have the fetory," said the
rest of the group, certain that some
thing good might be anticipated,
and John commenced, at first a
little timid, butgaining in confix
dence as he proceeded.
" When I first came to New York,
at the age of twelve years, to see
my fortune, I can call myself a
precocious chap without danger of
being accused of an unusual degree
of selfappreciation. 1 was quick
to learn everything, the bad as well
as the good. My employer used
profane language, I picked up the
oaths he dropped with a naturalness
that surprised even myself. The
boys in the office all chewed tobacco.
This was a little the hardest iob I
ever attempted, but after two weeks
of nausea and indescrible stomach
wrenchings. I came off victorious,
and could get away with my paper
a day with the best ct em.
" True, eery word of it," con
tinued the speaker.
" One afternoon I was sent with
a note from my employer to a house
in the upper part of the city. I
hadn't anything to read, but I had
plenty of tobacco, and with that I
proposed to entertain myself during
the two or three hours I must spend
in the passage. For some distance
I did not "notice who were beside me,
but by and by a lady said very
softly and pleasantly : 'Would you
please, little boy, be more careful.
I am going to a party this afternoon,
and should hate to have my dress
" I looked into her face. It was
the sweetest face lev er saw. Pale,
earnest, and loving, to my boyish
heart it was the countenance ot an
" v hat m the world did you
say f interrupted Airs. Haviland,
her bright eye filling with tears, as
she saw how his memory of this
beautiful woman had affected her
" Say ! There-was very little
could say. I think all I did for
some time was to look. I managed
to dispose of the tobacco, however,
and wiped carefully, all of which I
felt certain she saw and mentally
commented upon.
" Have you a mother, little
boy ?" she next asked, in the same
low tone.
44 4 No ma'am," I answered, and I
felt my throat filling, and I knew I
must swallow mighty fust
from sobbing.
44 ' You have a father,
to keep
then, I
suppose?" she kept on.
44 4 No, ma'am, tio father.'
44 4 Brothers and sisters V
44 1 Neither, ma'am.'
44 4 The little boy is all alone
the world ?
; 44 4 AU alone, ma'am.'
"'How long has Lis mother
beeii dead V and the dear woman
looked away from my face, and
waied till I could speak.
4 Two years,' I answered.
'I4 And you loved her V eutne
'Dearly,' was ail i could say.
She was silent for a moment,
and:-then snid so sweetly Oh ! I
shall never forget it
41 i, And what do you think your
dear mother would say to know
that her little boy was guilty of
such a disgusting habit as this V
pointing to my cheek, where the
tell-tail cud had vainly tried to
stand its ground. . :
44 4. I must leave now,' she con
tinued;, but here is my card, .and
ify3U i'Sjirfc f me most any tfTerring,1
I shali oe glad to see you, and
perhaps we can be of service to
each other.'
44 She gave nie her little gloved
hand, and to my dying day I shall
never forget the sensation of that
moment. I could not bear to part
with her; without her I felt that I
could do nothing ; with her I could
grow to man's estate a inan in the
truest sense of the word. From
that moment tobacco never passed
my lips.
44 As soon as I could summon
courage I called upon the lady.
Well do I remember how my heart
beat as I waited in the elegant
parlor for her to come down ; and
how awkward I felt as I followed
my guide to her private sitting
room. Here she got at every point
of my life, and before I bade her
good-bye, it was arranged that I
should spend two evenings of each
week at her house and study on
these occasions just what she thought
"No lover ever looked forward
to meetings with the mistress of his
heart any more ardently than I did
to these meetings with my friend.
I grew careful of my personal
appearance careful of my conver
sation; and strove in every way to
be worthy of her noble f riendship.
Two years passed in this delightful
manner two years that made me.
My friend not only attended to my
studies, striving also all the while
to sow the right kind of spiritual
seed, but she procarrcd me a busi
ness situation with a particular
friend of hers, where I remain to
thia day. Nobody but God knows
what I owe this woman. During
.U. l.o U - it. - . p
years I noticed that she grew con
stantly pile and thin; she never
was betrayed into speaking of her
self. Sometimes, when I woald
ask her if she felt worse than usual,
she woujd reply :
44 4 Oh, no; lam only a little
tired that is all.
4 One evening she kept me by
her sofa much longer than was her
custom, while she arranged lessons,
and laid out work enough, it seemed
to me for months.
4,4 Why so much to night V I
inquired, conscious that my heart
:hed and vaguely suspecting the
" 4 Because, dear,' she answered,
I do not want you to come for the
next week, and I am anxious that
you should have sufficient work to
anticipate, as well as to keep you
busy. I think I can trust you to
be a good boy, John .'
44 4 I think you can ma'am,' I
answered almost sobbing.
44 4 If I should see your mother,
my dear boy, before long, what
shall I say to her for you ?'
44 Then I knew all, and mv grief
knew no bounds. It is no use to
go on. She died two days after ;
and when JT hear folks saying
' There's a woman at the bottom of
it,' I fetd like telling the whole
world what a woman did for me."
Ladies' Logic.
Ladies' logic is not always the
clearest. A married lady with a
family who lived in a villa, was
asked why she was at the expense
of keeping a cow, seeing that it
would be surely cheaper to buy
milk for the household. 44 Well,"
said she, in reply, 44 we keep the
cow because we have a field quiet
at hand, which answers very nice
ly." 44 But," was the rejoinder,
44 why do you not rent the field ?"
The answer was : 44 Because you
know we have got the cow." A
lady in reduced circumstances men
tioned to a friend that she had iust
arranged to rent a house belonging
to a baker in the city. The friend
was somewhat surprised at the an-
nouncement, considering the ladies
circumstances, and asked if the
expense would not be too much for
her. " Oh, not at; all," was the
answer, 44 we'll take bread for the
The Lynchburg (Va.,) News says:
"We are glad there is one Southern
man in Congress who is not afraid to
say his soul is his own. Vance, of
North Carolina, when asked by a
Yankee member if he thought the re
bellion was right, said that he did,
and under sitniliar circumstances
would rebel again. While we do
not wish to see Southern members
show temper on the floor; we like to
see them talk like men, and when it
is necessary, answer a fool accord
ing to his folly."
A Danbury Alburn.
There is sort of delirious joy in
looking over a family album, espe
cially if it is a very old album with
a sprained back, which occa
sionally and unexpectedly drops
through your fingers, leaving a
couple of cousins in one hand, and
three aunts in the other, and the
balance of his family under the
chair. The first picture is of .-in
old grrudemnn with an expression
of wary cautiousness in his face as
if he was engaged in dodging a will
bull, and was somewhat doubtful of
the result. Opposite him is the
grandmother, a patieni looking lady
one hand and a pair "of spectacles
in r.hn nrliAr-. Tlirn ia fjolIo L-it-
well-meaning effort to look, safe in
her face. On the next leaf is a
middle-aged man
looking as if h
had been suddenly shot t-h-oug h ,
4 - e L . i
the root ot a starch factory, and
ki i ,ii .1 - , . c i
had landflil in ttiA mulilla nt n
hau landed in trie middle of a '
. t . . . .
strange country. Onposite is thu i
- . n e , . J , .
picture of his wife, who having I
Ll f .i'
v i , . , . , 1 '
has m.irln nn lift- mind in ho Trn I
has made up her mind to be pre
pared for the worst. Then follow
the children little girls looking so
, i . .
r...i , J . 1 ' ,
iiLiie uuts iiu i,ueir eves turned 1
., J l-i 1
on their noses and with an exnres- :
c P 1 , , '
s 1111 1 p r lufn f it nnno-rniT.
solemnity. Then follow uncles,
taken in their over-coats, with a
spreading inclination in their
clothes, hair, and face, as if they
were bound to got their money's
worth ; and aunts with warts on
their noses, and varnish ia their
hair; and preposterous lace collars
about their necks. Then there is
the bashlul young man penned op
posite an aggressive young lady,
whom Heaven and some married
woman have design cdfor each other.
There were also the pictures of i
Cousin Aleck and hn young wife, ,
who stopped here when on their j
tour, and no young man looks at j
him without retiring at once and :
registering a terrible vow never to
o-At mnrripil
Besides these is the
picture 01 the man who lived
next door for eight years, at the
end of which time his wife died,
and he moved to Illinois with the
children, and is now worth some
fifty thousand dollars. lie has
been photographed in his hat, which George Wasrixotox. One
is one size too large for him and ' day, in a fit of abstraction, the ju
which gives him an appearance of ' venile George cut down Bushrcd's
cealed the body. When there are i His purpose was to cut and run.
two or three fine looking corsairs ! Bllt tie old gentleman came sail
of no particular identity, and sev- i inS romul the corner of the barn
eral broken spirited woman with i just as the future lather of his
babies in their arms directly or 1 couutry had started on the retreat,
indirectly related to the owners of' "Look here, sonny, thundered
the album; and the exhibition ; the stern old " lrgiman, " who cut
closes. Banbury X,-ir. that tree down ': '
George reflected a moment.
y" ! There wasn't another bey or anofh-
OkeyHaU on Love and Marriage, j cr uatchct within fifteen miles.
Oakey Hall thm describes love 1 Besides, it occurred to him that to
and marriage in his lecture on Love, j be virtuou3 is to be happy. Just
Marriage and Divorce : True love of as Washington senior turned to go
the heart, emancipates it from the i in and get his horsewhip, our little
slavery of passions, and makes man j hero burst into tears, and, nestling
and woman strong, noble and cour- ! among his father's coat tails, ex
ageous. A man fa' Is in love just j claimed, 44 Father, I cannot tell a
as he falls down stairs. It mi'eht lie. It must have been a frost."
be an accident probably it was
or it might be a misfortune which
lasted all through life. How inex
pressive was that phrase 44 paying
attention," as if that did not belong
more to marriage than to courtship,
aud the phrase was not unfrequent-
ly heard in former years, which was j
immortalized by Mrs. Podsnap, j
44 Biess me, they have gone on their 1
bridal tour to become acquainted 1
with each other." If it were pos
sible to have a preliminary bridal
tour, under proper escort, and the
young couple had experience of all
the annoyances necessarily entailed
by a trip of that character, and if
they were familiar with the tempers
and dispositions of each other, the
wonder would be, not there were so
few happy marriages under the ar
rangements of modern society, but
that there were so many. Marri
age was not a partnership. He
did not wish to be understood as
saying that alone, for it was a cold
word. Marriage was a companion
ship. Driving home from the bus
iness cares, as Disraeli used, they
would find that the old individuali
ty was gone that a new compan
ionship existed ; and as the best
illustration of the idea of marriage,
be would go back to the time of
Lord William Bussell, who was
represented at his trial by his wife ;
and of all the pictures which hung
in the historic temple, there was
none so attractive and beautiful as
the picture of Lady Bussell in com
panionship with her husband, not
only in the Ourt room, but in the
prison, and in his last moments.
And, if they asked for a definition
of true marriage, it was comprised
in the word companionship.
Yvoman who are afilicted with
drunken husbands may bless the
days that witnessed their weddings,
as there is a mine of wealth in their
possession if they will remove to
Iowa, where a man pays ten cents
for a drink, and his wife collects $3,
000 damages frcm the - man who
sold it to him. This is 1,000 per
cent, better than life insurance, and
the wife keeps her husband, and he
keeps the liquor. " fi ' "
The Courtship of the Twins
Jloiiiinlie Stoiti
t the.
Si ont c'$c JirotJiTx .
::.;'.- Mt. Airy Cor; csp.;;di 1 e.-.
daring cue of their tour;
through the Tinted Stales, travel"
ing as tliey did at
the tint? ir
open t..-rouc:u- .-t tlieir own. that
tlie;,- risitc-1 a place etiiieal Trap
Hi!L in t!.'.' iiiiiiig county of
W i'ke.-. lion? they made ;i stav
of a few days, find hare it was tliey
niiide th- acquaintance, of a fainiiv
called Yates, with whom they be-caiiu-
very i mi mate and friendly,
tae Mtti action
respectively n;i?''od Sarah
ide !nd Adeline Yates.
I his wu- in l4-. Jn a very snort
tune j.iig evinced a decided liking
for Miss Sarah Ann, or Miss Sail y
as she wascaiied ; a courtship fol-
i j i t i' . ,
lowed, and to make tr.c story sh
i- i i
Log proposed, was accepted tv
. 1 . r . t
i j a .
damsel, aud a niarngc was thd im,
i-f' n t 1
mediate result. Luang, though a
,f re -p ' ,
partner of Eng in every thing else,
was not a partner in his connubial
. . . . .
joys and felicities, of which he was
j constantly reminded, and this sU-u;
P '."", -,, , '
ot sile-blesseune.s
became verv
irksome to htm. He grew
1, 3 1 1 it -
ble ana (juarrelsome, and notlung
. ', . , ,.
could he anno 1 1 please linn, and
ot companionship was
to the newlv
pair, llow was it to he
remedied, was the question that
agitated Eng's and his wife's mind,
when, suddenly, one day, with a.
woman's tact, a bright idea struck
Mrs. Eng, and she Inst no time in
communicating it to her husband.
She had a panacea for all Chang's
woes, and this was that he should
Adeline. Eng smiled serenely at.
the proposition, Chang brightened
u:i at it, but the next question that
presented itself was, " Would the
young lady agree to come into the
family as a wife as well as a peaev
maker?" Mrs. Eng said, "Leave
ill that to me, I will fix that.
And sure enough she did. By her
persuasive eloquence Miss Addy
was won ever, and in two weeks
frcm the date of Eng's marriage
j there were two Mrs. Bankers.
44 My son, my son," stammered
the fond parent as he made a pa;is
for his offspring, " when you get to
be first in war and first in peace,
just cover your back-pay into the
Treasury, and the newspaper press
will respect you I
Lipp in cott'x 31 aga z in e
Statistic.-. The CJuirch Ah
monce. for 1874 gives the following
summary of the Episcopal Church
in the Uniten States: Dioceses,
41; missionary jurisdictions, 0;
bishops, o2; other clergy, o, 043;
ordinations of deacons, 147; priests,
113; canuitates for orders, 340;
churches cansecratcd, GG; baptisms,
30 044; confirmations, 23 515; com
municants, 2G0 000; marriages, 10,
800; burials, 20,839; Sunday School
teachers, 24 790; scholars, 253,115;
contributions, S7,31G,149; clergy
deceased during the year, bishops,
2; other clergy, 34.
Historical SorvnxiR. A few
minutes before the adjournment of
the South Georgia Conference, held
in Macon during 1 tst week and ad
journing on Monday, Rev. George
C. Clarke presented to Bishop
Pierce a gavel, the head of which
was made from a pitce of the cele
brated Wesley oak, (a tree under
which John Wesley preached when
he came as a missionery to the
country,) and the handle of which
was made of a piece of one of the
benches 01 Great Jjiiiic-I (Jaurca 111
Virginia, where the first battle of
O 7
the late war was fought.
Q U A I. I F I C A T IOX OF A ro0T
School-Master. These are the
qualifications of a good schoolmas
ter, as recently described to the
Indiana leacners association
Prof.'W. II. Venable, of Cincin
nati : 1. Knowledge, of the world
and of the demands of American
life. 2. Knowledge of man and
the demands of human nature, the
knowledge of the body and physiol
ogy of mind and mental philosophy.
The additional qualifications are:
Freedom from, eccentricities, belief
in common sense, devotion to prin
ciple, love of hard work, love of his
rTr-.is ar?
Wo.MKX Jl'Ib.KIi i:y Womkn.
The female school tr-aehers rfr.os
ton have astonished the adv 'rites
! of the emancipation o;
j objecting to being piac-.
j control of i-elic-.d bortr-l
i of mem'. or- of th'-ir -.-.v
won, en
1 mine
: C.tUipoSC'.l
' ,-a;c. They'
insist tnat iio:n their
-iX 1li
nothing f -lira'.
ie eon -
nl tne
j teachers can a-,, rxpoc
j but snubbing." ,-n. l th-iv!'.
I fcr t lvnittiu und-r -m-cu
! trol." '1 his i .;!(
' upon lie se ' tin- --x
that no urn; v-ii'd 1
i a
'jjueen Yictoria i gradually re
covering from the grief of her wid-
owhood. For
ri 1 0 1 1 ' ' f ! Mi a f l ;
death of tho I irt-e ! '.-i r rt she
could not bear to fau--ii .-i iii.vr.o, tier
uid she even filbnv one in be opened
i:i her presence. "Jw-s .-he has
resumed her oh! ticcoinpli.-bment.
and plays duets with her 1 ist re
maining daughter, the Priuee-js
Beatrice, and Gounod has arrange!
some of the music of .'esrnc d'Are"
as a duet for the , n :,nd her
It is the wretchel tendency of
our times to base all calculations,
all efforts, on this life only, to crowd
everything into this nan-uw span.
In limiting man's end and aim to
this terrestrial exisl'-uce, we. aggra
vate all his miseries by the terrible
negation at its close." Wc add to
the burthens of the unfortunate the
insupportable weight of a hopeless
hereafter. '
tor J lu jo.
It is said that there is timber in
some of the ancient temples of Egypt
that is four thousand years old find
is perfectly sound. As our venera
ble friend. Colonel Sl's.'.X B.
Axthovv, makes no mention in any
of her lectures of having seen any
of this timber placed in a..y of the
ancicne Egyptian temples, we are
compelled to regard the whole story
as it fraud.
Mr. Joxatpax Wiiuoi', of tlie
State of Delaware, has fourteen
! children, tha oldest of whom is hut
sixteen years of age. If we were
Mrs. Whoop's husband wj would
employ four or five of the ablest
lawyers of country to convince
her that Iter conduct is uncon
stitutional. Well b;if, the rsoefc
observed, 44 O woman !"
lhere are four hundred religious"
journals in the United Statcj. The
Methodists have 47, the largest
number; then comes the Catholics,
who numger 41; the Baptists 35;
the Presbyterians, 21); the Epis
copalians, 21, Lutherans, 14; Ger
man Reformed, li; Hebrews, G;
and Congrcgationalist 8. X. V.
The emigrant exodus from England
to this country bids fair to bo heavy
during the present your. The London
Times anounces in the most deprecat
ing manner the fact that 10,000 labor
ing families will next Spring soek a
selected field in which to make their
fortunes. And what is better, tho
border States of tbo South will como
in for a very largo sharo of those
The slowly-starving editor of a
paper in Brattlcboro, Yt.., drops
into poetry as 10! lows :
"Wo had sweet drcanvi the other niirht,
When all around was still ;
We (lrcanicil wc saw a host of f.,!ks
I 'ay up their printers' hill.
Yv'o wish the dream would come to pus-,
And our empty pockets lil!--Tar
da nmp ate di.Mie dinn,
Te tump te iddle cli JI.
A man in Hartf rd h - stopped
his newspaper because his name was
printed in a list of advertised let
ters, and his wife, happening to see
it first, went and got it for him and
found it was from a young lady,
who complained that he didn't meet
her at Worcester as he promised.
The richest genius, like the most
fertile soil, when uncultivated,
shoots up into tho rankest weeds;
and instead of vines and olives for
the pleasure and use of man, pro
duces to its slothful owner, th'i
most abundant crop of poisons .
The one hundred and fifteenth
anniversary of tlie birth of the illus
trious poet, Robert Burns, was cele
brated Monday evening by the
Ualeuona Club oi JNew lork cit
at their house 111 baluvnn
witii appropriate fc-tiv'lios.
Tuesday Judo G. W. Paschal
tiled for Mrs. Mary (Jlaik Guinea in
tho Equity Court a bill f jr an iujuc
tioa ag iiuht Hon. Caleb Gushing, on
which Judgo Wylio granted a res
training order retumanio on tho 1 k!i
ilr.s. Gaines charges in h r bill
that sha conveyed to Mj
certain lands in Louisiana
Ca -hing
acres, and received from him a
counter deed acknowledging tho trust.
Afterwards, iu hia cwu name, ho ob
t ined a confirmation oi tu.i titlo to
said lands, denying the right to any
interest in them. iSho now asks au
injuuot.ion tu prevent too ivspandciit
from receiving tho p-iteuto .it.J sort. lie-ate
fjr said lands i'rom tho interior
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