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toil J--;-'NJ"' .TiH:a4-?ei
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s' 1 .4:--
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NO. 19.
13 !
V-: i '
viATOK Alexander McCabe.
CoMWSSiotEits John Xorfleet, Joseph Cobb and
Henry C. fclierry.
St-rrRT a!b TiEisCRER KoJrt Whiteliural.
I oxstible J. 15. Hyatt.
fowx Watch Hurry Kodnv-mii. Kill Battle and
James E. Simnon.
Superior Court Clerk and Probate Judje
.lohu Norfleet.
Register of Deed B. J. Kecch.
Sheriff Battle Bryan.
Coroner Wra. T. Godwin.
Treasurer Robt. H. Austin.
Ni-rvw Jesse Harrell.
School Examiner. E. It. Siauie, Win. II.
Knight and U. M. Bhrvw.
K.pr 'iwr Jlotue Wm. A. Iiupzan. j
C'omni.fiunrs M. P. Edwards, Chairman,
Win. A. Dttgxnn, N. B. Bellamy, and Mac
Viaibewson. B. J. Keeoh, Clerk. I
I.eaTe Tarboro (daily) at - 10 A.M.
Arrive at Tarboro' (daily) at - - W P. M.
I.eav. Tsrlioro' (dally) at - - 6 A. M.
Arrive at Tarboro' (daily) at - ii I'. M.
The iiffhtaand tbe Places ! MretiitK.
Concord R. A. Chapter No. 5, N. M. Law
rence, Hish Priest, Masonic Hall, monthly
convocations first Thursday in every month at
10 o'clock A. M.
Concord Lodge No. 58, Thomas Gatl'm,
Master, Masonic Hall, meets first Friday night
it 7 o'clock P. M. and third Saturday at 10
.oYlock A. M. in every month.
Replton Encampment No. 13, I. O. O. F.,
Or. Jos. H. Baker, Chief Patriarch, Odd Fe!
; ows Hall, meets every tir.U and third Thurs
day of each month.
Edgecombe Lodge No. 50, I. O. O. F.,
J. H. Baker, N. O., Odd Fellows' Hall, meets
every Tuesday night.
Edgecombe Council No. VIZ, Friends of
Temperance, meet every Fridav night at the
Odd Fellows' Hall.
Advance Lodge No. 2S, I. O. G. T., meets
every Wednesday night at Odd Fellows' Hall
Episcopal Church Services every Sunday
at 10 1-2 o'clock A. M. and 5 P. M. Dr. J. b.
Cheshire, Rector.
Methodist Chwrch Services every third,
Sunday at 11 o'clock. Rev. C. C. Uodson
Presbyterian Church Services second Sun
day of each month at 11 o'clock A. M. and
8 o'clock P. M. Rev. J. W. Primrose, Evan
Missionary Baptist Church Services the
Snd Sunday in every moith, at 11 o'clock.
P.ev. T R. Owen, Pastor.
Primitive Baptist Church Services firpt
Saturday and Sunday of each month at. 11
o'clock. . .
Adams' Hotel, corner Main nud Pitt Sts.
O. F. Adams, Proprietor.
Mrs. Pender's, (formerly Gretrory Hotel,)
Main Street, opposite "Enquirer" Office,
Mrs. M. Pender, Proprietress.
Bank of New Hanover, on Main Street,
nest door to Mr. M. Weddell. Cnpt. J. D.
Camming, Cashier. Office hours from 9 A.
M. to 3 P. M.
Southern Express Office, on Main Street,
close every uiorning at8J o'clock.
N. M. Lawrence, A?cnt.
Livery 9 Sale
nVflHIMIE! 611 A DT 130
THE undersigned takes pleaane In inform
ing tbe politic thai he has established
in Williauuton a large nod first-class
i, Sale and Exchange
.it which he ii prepared to board horses by
the day, week or month.. Having a good
itock of horses always on hand, lie will sell
or exchange on reasonable terms. lie will
tlso send passengers nbont the country at
moderate rates. lXrovers -will always find at
his Stables ample accommodations.
W'illlamston, Ji. C.
I. 8. Any person communicating with him
au lnve a conveyance Bent to any pirt de
.ired. J. M. L. S.
Jan. SO, 1S74. ly.
Bo you Suffer from Chills ?
Have Them No More!
Watkiirs Chill Pills
Read the following certificate. Hundreds
ot others can be seen on application :
This ia to certify that I have, for two years
past, used in my fami y. Dr. Watkin's Chill
Pills, and never knew tbcm to fail in a single
Instance to core Fever and Ague. They are
a most excellent and tre best Pill 1 have ever
lound. Kcsoeciiully,
Adam's Creek, Craven Co., N. C, Nov. ISth,
1870. - jfi 7-tf-
Champion House Mover !
(Pateuted Jan. 14th 1370.)
50 Per. Cent- Saved by its Use.
NO Farmer should be without this Machine.
Only 925.09 for n larni riht and thou
sands perhaps will he saved. No more tear
ing down buildings or chimneys, for with
machine yon can move building, rega-dless
of quality, chimney included, to the desired
location without disturbing the inuntes.
Your Barns are Badly Located,
tiin houses need moving; Yonfiiil to procure
tenants because you. quarter houses are too
dose together.
Spend $25.00 for the right and you will
never regret it.
It will pay you tomoveyour houses if only
10 get, the use of the valuable debris that will
accumulate in 'I or 3 years. Cost to a farmer
to work a sett per day, 4 hands, $3 00. Wi.h
4 hnnds yon can carry a building 400 to 000
vards per day,wiihout the nae ot compllcued
skids, rollers, windlasses, oxen and other
devices generally used. One sett ol trucks
will ncrhans do for a neighborhood. Cott
per sett tto.OO Trucks furnished at factory
prices. Great advantages oflcredjto buyers of
All orders for rights must be accompanied
y the cash, upon the receipt of which 1 will
lorward the permit to use or order to factory
io furnish the required amount of trucks.
1 have made $500 per month using a sett of
i hese trucks. It Is a rare chance to active men.
.'ood men wanted as agents, local and travel
ing. Address T. J. UEAMY,
rUlelgh, N. C.
I could furnish hundreds of certlticatcs, but
it present only refer to Judge Howard, Tar
lioro', N. C, and Mr. Chamberlain, President
Citizens' Bank, Norfolk, Va.
Feb. IS, 1874. tf.
ltr.'t. flillKLr Villi lUrlilil -T Hi.
egar Hitters nvo a purely Vegetable
preparation, niailo chielly from tho na
tive herbs found on the lower ranges of
the Sierra Nevada mountains of Califor
nia, tho medicinal properties of which
aro extracted therefrom vrithont tho uso
of Alcohol. Tho question i3 almost
daily asked. ''What is tho cause of tho
unparalleled success of Vinegar Hit
ters!" Our answer is, that they remove
tho cause of disease, r.nd the patient re-.,
covers his health. They aro tho great
blood purifier and a life-giving principle,
a perfect Kcnovaior ami lnvigorator
of tho system. Never beforo in tho
history of" tho world lias a medicine bui.-:i
Compounded pos.cssinjr the reninrknlilo
qualities of Vixkoak Hitters i:i liealing ti:a
sick of every disease man U l.cir to. They
aro a gentle" Purgative as well as a Tonic,
relieving Congestion or Inflammation tf
the Liv'ur an J Vbccral Ortraus ia HUious
The properties of Dr. "Walker's
Tixega H ITT km aro Apeneat. Diaphoretic,
Carminative, Nutritions. Laxative, binretic,
Sedative, Counter-irritant Sudoriiic, Altera
tive, aud Anti-Bilious.
Oratfiul Thousands proclaim Vin
egar Bitters the most wonderful In
vigorant that ever sustained th sinking
No Person can take these Litters
according to directions, at.d remain lon
unwell, provided their bones are no; de
stroyed by mineral poison or other
means, and vital organs wasted be end
Bilious, Ifemittent .mil Inter- i
Illittent Fevers, which are so pi-eva- I
lent in the vallevs of our great rivers 1
throughout the United States, especially
those of the Mississippi. Uhio, Missouri,
Illinois, Tennessee, Cumberland, Arkan
sas. Red, Colorado, Jirnzos, Uio Grande.
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile. Savannah, Ro
anoke, James, and many others, with
their vast tributaries, throughout our
entire country during: the Summer a:ai
Autumn, ami remarkably so durin.? sea
sons of unusual be.it- and dryness, ate
invariably accompanied by extensive de
rangements ei' the :-t( rnach ami liver,
and other abdominal . iseera. in their
treatment, a purgative, t-'O'ilin-cji pow
erful iniiuoiieo uj;on i fies- various or
gans, in essentially necessary. There
is no cathartic for ic.e p. up; se i-o.u.d to
Dm J. Walk Kit's Y:si:c..:: i'.i:i;:as(
as they v.il! spet-.illy rc;.:-ve tbe da:k-rolort-d
viseiil matte: v. ha winch tin
bowels ar." a!-.-d. at a. -aa:.
stimulating t;;e sivicli.ts. i '" !a-- i:ver,
:uul generally restoring tin- i.eaai.y
function:- ( da--' -p.e craiis.
Fortify hdy ;; uui; ij-ot c
by purifyinjr nil ii.ao vl-ii V :.-.-;;.'. it
UlTTKUS. N- e:.!Ie;i:'. -a:. . i. !,..'.!
of a sysieia il.us ;-;: : . ';.
DysiM-isi:t : Indi.-rasts!-::. !!.-..'.-
ache, l'aii: in !: S!i a : Co a.;';...
Tifthtnss .-;' t!a- ( 'I;" ; ! . . . -. a..;.r
I-Iruetatious of t!i.' : a . . -.; i'a.a,
in the Mouth. I.! a -a , .' a I:-. ha.
t.ltion of t!r- lb-art. , a ..a;. .. :'
Lungs. I'abi 1:1 the : ..-!' i I 1: a ;i,l
neys, and a iaaah.-d i a -fa! ; -
toms, are the offaprma : '': .
One bottle v.ii! prove a bet: a : .a:
of its merits tlian a lengthy ad- a :b-a-metit.
Sin;fu!a, or ivii a"-. Ia;;. v ".'
Swelling, bli-i'i... Mr, .-.ij..-..; . .-.
iioitre, Serfi!i-a.s ! . I!. i. : a it ........
1 l'.llainntat inns, .-i .-!... .
Sitres, KiajitiuMs i':a- -aii . S. .r i.iv . . ' .
Ill these. : ia ;. a--. !
eases, W.vi.uia:'.-. '. a--.
shown their g-i'.--' - a ..:
niot obti:aii- e. i ...,!.:.
For Iun:::i;::!;:ia'' ;.: ii , ; a :a
lUioi'.nnitisii), a. it:
tent and Inter nlu.-e; '.- .; :.-. .'
the ni.tod. LA ' -
these i:a n-i iai .....
lire can a.d by V a , a .i i. ... ..
lill'th-mic::1 I;;-! .. . '
pagCil in l'.iiaa, ;aai M
l'liur.l er-. Tya -- i a,-:-. ii..
iliner., as they ::i ia . -ai
to paralysis ot da; lLov.-.s. 7., ;:, :; a
ngaiust thh. taki u do-e (' a a-a" V 1
ro a it UiTTKits .icca.diiiiaily.
ForSnin Diseases, Lrupti.-.: . V a
trr, Salt-ltheum. 1 1 i t a;-. a; -a . Iv..a
I'ustules, lioiis, Cin-ha. :,!.-. !;a:a ....--e. .
Sctild-heatl, Sure Ky-. Kry !.; -a hi.
.Scut's, DisL-ohiiations if tl:e Sii.it. Ji aa.-.-is
oral l'i.-e.'ises of the Skin of via-.ti-v-r a eir
or nature, are literally dug aa-i .aoli i
out of the system ia a daa t tl:...- ! y !l. a. -of
tliese Hitters.
Pin, Tape, and other Wo; ::; a,
larking in the system of so many t'.aaa.-aiais
tire effectually destroyed nml rcaieve I. .v
sysl'-iu of medicine., no enaiiages, ia i;u
tiielll. initios will bee ti.e y -i ; a. to a, .,..:ta
like these Hitters.
For Fewalo (.'ontiil.tlii i : , ia ; aa a
or old, married or single, at the i'. ovu of wo
manhood. or t!io tarn of !h..-. the.-c T. .!
Bitters display so decided ; :i ialiiteaec ti. it
iirjirovenient "is soon pc:ecp'ibi.
Cleanse the Vitiated Blooii when
ever you lind its impurities bursihig throagii
the skin in Pimples, Km. do;. . or So:,-.;-cleanse
it when you find it obstructed i.rel
sluggish la the veins; cleanse-it when it is
foul ; you. leeliags will tell you when, beep
the blood pure, and the health of the system
will follow.
. II. 9TcDOVAI.D & CO..
Dmcpista aiidGen. Ats.. Snu Krnncucn. Culifi.i-a:
and cor. of Washington ami ('liiiritim Sts.. N. V.
Sold by all DrugUts ion! It. iil i -
M. nary ot learn tur will coanucnee on
Thursday, Sept. 4th. 173.
Hampden SiOney is s'turrte-d in Pi-itfe F.d
ward County, Va., witliiu a few hundred
yards ot I'nion Tlieo'oieal Seminary, itnd
seven miles from Karmviilc the iira"c4 th--pot
of tlie Atlantic, Mi-si-si ppi & hio 1'.. K.
The locality ol ths Colleirc is most lie diay,
and the community around distinguished for
intelligence aud piety.
There is no Grammar or Preparnto y
8chool connected with the CoPege. It ri:
talns the curriealum and the great aim of its
teachers is to secure thoroughness in the
training and instruction of their pupils nn-1
thus to prepare them for professional studies
or the active duties of lite.
The ordinary expenses of a student exclu
sive of the cost of clothincr, travelling an.)
books, are from 2i5 to H'll't a year.
For Catalogue and fnrtle r inform ltion ;ui
ply to Rev. J. M. P. ATKINSON',
President Hampden Sidney College.
jy 26-tf. Prince Edward County, Va.
1 zttrj&z-9
I w C iff"
ci w . s. :0V -J
4, s . r.-i
Tlii- nurhalkil .Mi die'iiu- i- . .:; r.ts.ic-l iut
to ewiit.iai u MUiri i .! : ! W. t T Mi'.it'.'l tiV, or
N!liLt'. to ' :i i: -i Sii'- .'"'.iU.ri ;i ..j' jt.- -uid lit rhs,
vliieh an .il,-is.' 'k'ctvidt u( s hi- yl ;cd In
eRotria when I wor lkeaC't mo.-t .n-v: i!.
It will t nr.- l '"-. - ;.;-. .; ' ; :);:'
1 1 1 -. t ol l!.c I. : v i;..v. .-.
Simiaor.s' liv'er 3ogulator,oi Hcli'jiue,
I hu !t-nt;ya FmPy M 'dic":i; ad ' y !-
in' U-j.t ready !'! iui:,t:n.ie ' '' u 11 :'.
in. i. iy .m h mi.- ; riii; .Ui i n: u .I'.'llar
ia t.iae and Jny.or.V wii s.
i:, Fttvor l'orryil"i r.-' tri:.l :.- r i.! ri--
i-i-'iVii; ;!.. I.i.i-t uii. (i;.-.!: t r. lis !i
it's iilii' l'.'o ii ; cri'ii i'.i' ' ii !.'- '. iiir
actei s nd re.-;.tiiilil-:y. Li:s--ut
caVl-- Ct'lli!:! '.id u :i J t!:-- !! i '
j A'lii-d with t':i- AVi'lil'lTl', ul! -iiu-iivS i
! :md i ll OllJ. s ' '1 :.: :; ; ', 1" h'm Tit :v t-' -d j
I wis lion' fx ar. As .i !.i v ;.i ?dAi. iiitlS
t'i Yi-.Rs h:vi-:i. ( .tv.'.'i.AiN is. ':.:sT-!
i f.EMN F.s-5. .T. I." ' DIV1-. NAl': i
it i- the CiiMPi'i-t, Pun
.!! i:.'-t V:i.
.V.-iiii.-in-' in th- U'...;!.! :
iJ . H E " I L Co.,
MACON, (.A.,ai .1 PaiLADKLPHtA.
1'rh'i- ?!.0A SU1 Ly aii ).i .
Fiedmont Air-Line Railway, i
- - -: Mcimio:-" j
p.iciiMt.'i & nNviL5.r. lai.'ii.MuND
r:;n k. o. it :.
In clieet on v.w idler S it.day. lVlt. '22. 1S74.
0)!NG NuiiTil.
STAi'IONs. .'ail. ia.avess.
brave t'iia 1 aa 7 nil v. :.t. 8 :' a.m.
Air-I.tae .Icbia 7.io '' C; '
S ili-tiu' y, in (-'.I ,: la-l" '-'
O-ven.-boro' '2A A a I.I-'ifm.
D.mvble. a.-s "
" Ihitkiille, ' 114" is.tto "
Aniv; .-a ita lei., a.l 2 a j v ;r. 11 02 "
,a GiTlXf! StibTH.
?TA710.'?. 71 :b i.XOICS.
L-jave K.i l.a; .;i i, 1.-1S r. r. " 0" a. -t
" r?ar1kTii!(. 4.r x -js '
l.ainvi le, '.' - i i a r. :.r.
' Hipciishoro'. 1 id a. ; a :) '
Sii'.-laay, lb'..! ' "
Air-Iaiie'jrct'n.t; aa s :,.- -
Arrive ;,t t'hail itre, 0 ;a ';
ad.:- 1IA- ia ia. i.a, .. :; :i
ST.nn.va. ':. ' Mail.
L'vc.C.een-'a:,; .a, V 2 :.i :'. arr. 12.:.'10a m
Co. Sao;-;., 1 :h.-,o " 11 ! '
' iUlfigh, b a ;.4n "
Arr. at Gjhlshoro, 11 Jj L've 3.1'Jp.ji
KOItlK vy3TI:a; IT. C. 11. R.
(SAL KM LliAI-Iali.)
Lf:-.vc Grrensiioro' -i '' . M.
A.i a; Salem o -Ia A. M.
Leave .,: m !o.ia A. M.
Arrive nt (a , ,M-..:
L?a ve fi eeii-i :. ,' . .
Anive :. S.-'.-i., . . .
L'Til e I-' ,!.!!!
Arrivf nt (J cens bon
Passenae'i' train ie 11
M., coanccto Si.", fi
.'.... 11 aa A. M.
l a t a. M.
:: ( A. M.
a a : .. ?d.
' 'J.-lli A. M .
iiii II ilf-iali a; 7. -10
eeii-!io: o' Willi the
m.dilng the (jalekfst
ics. P. ice ; T.ck-
I -Vottla-:!; l.-.ti: ! nan:
j liir.( to &11 !. ! h'-ii e :
C, s sm-.i r : v ; i .1 r i .
I Tl nilis to rui.i ti o;.i
j lora cotioeel at
(i "Ol d'"l
ai.ls Not ill er
: . v 1 --.
ho I
mt a.
1 ! " 1 ' ' S l!
0 .
1.1 ;
; 1 1
A. X
bet 'A
aa ir;,n,-:
ir fur:
ieke: A a"'
titioro, N
b TAL-'OTl
ui;TPf ft th-'
f . :; r: --- - - .
---- - af'.'.
4 rf
. -A, .A
w. - -a-a i4rr J
' : :-'-:i'Hm
I rglUE re-
ee of
with :U.(uit ti r.r as-i-i-s of land.
1 tie tntu.-tf.eoiii.iJns i ii; -lit rooms. On
the lotnre !C1 I C! I K N. Kit v A NT'S Hi !' E,
1) . IKY, s'doivi. iiulhsi-, (iP.i-IK.s IIOUSK
and bTAlLKS, ail ia go'jd repair. This
properly is
being situated ia the pleasantcsl part of the
B-TiiuFL'IJNITUItE will be disposed
of priv uly.
Apply to M. WEDDELL & CO.
Tarboro', March 13, 1874. tf.
""Ja-'"S?-" 1, H - : ii
iA'i T'ki 'rl '' ' --T-Va K
r--CV-?.aa-"-a ; - z U
MY 8, 1874
SEAkU'H F0H J0ii
) I. 1 r 111
Jo: ii t-tii'.ih man if d inv father's
gre;it lllieli
eldest daughter, .Ma-
: lit. d.i Bvi n. : eorisriju; t:t!v I was 9
i cl.uive t
r. t...
J .ih u s i i mil
had olieii visited
; ai our timet country home, and at
eacii vi.-it bad most eoi uiauy jre?s
i e l us ti return the compliment.
! Jisr Otrtober, business called mc
I suddenly to the city of B ,
i where our relative resided, and
without imvr.! 'time to write or
uppiise them -t my corning, I was
intending to vi.-ir ii.e family of Mr.
John Smith.
With mv accustomed carelessness,
I nad left his precise address at
i f.ome in m v no
book, but 1 thought
! 1..... ItttT.. ..f ir T . ii.l .... i;il,r In.l
: uui n. . i ' uMt v-.-njr nm
I him, 1 in uiglit to my-ell, as the
i cars set me down amid the smoke
; and l-ustlo of .
' I inquired for my relative of the
. hrst nacku: n 1 came across.
lie looKC'i at me wun an in sup-
1 ! 1 I . 1 .. , I
'.resscd in. V, "hat was the fellow I lot ! I want to know if vou had
I jughing at ; To be sure my r tie cheek to come back here again ':
c'o'h.cs v, ere not of the latest cut, ; You'd like to sell me another Ger
und it is net just the thing for any J man silver pot, and another brass
one out of the army t-j wear blueijKisom pin to. dear Araininta
v. ith bright but tons ; but rr.y coat 1 ould'nt you .'
was whole, and my aunt Betsy had j - By no means,' said I : I beg
scoured tiie buttons with whiting j leave to inlorm you '.
and s.ofc sor.j) until they f-hone like j ; Oh, you needn't beg ! We
gold.' I repeated my question with j don't believe in beggars! I s'pose
dignity : ! jpu thought I should not know
k C. n you dii tct iiic to the resi-
nee of Mr. .lohu Smith Y
'Mr. S m-i-t-h?' he said slowly.
' Ye--, sir, Mr. John Smith, lie
j married my father's great uncle's
I oldest daughter, Mclinda.-'
' don't think I know a John
j 3 u. I ill with a wife MelinJa.'
John bmitii seemed to be a com
mon noun with him, from the pecu
liar fine he used in speaking of
tl.'tt indiviJua1.
'Ah '.' remarked I, ' then there
is more than one of that nam? inj
'I rather think there is.'
; Vt-rv well, then, direct
me to
a nc'irest.'
' 'Jhencaifst i in West street,
- i second Lft 1. nd corner you will
cce the name 0:
the door.
I passed on, congratulating my- j It was getting near dark, and I was 1 cr0S3 0- tje le-ion of "True Honor,
self on the cordial welcome I should j more than anxious to rtach my ! in tVit t s .ri ven, not to the Slav
receive from John and Meiindi. destination. 1 er.s but to tbe Savers of mankind.
I soon reached the place a hand My next Mr. Smith was located And then, oh! then, there should
some house with the name on a . in Lenox street. It was twilight oe ;l SUpptr) SUch a supper a sup-
diver door-plate; I rang the bell : when I rang the bell at hi 3 door. j per Gf tne (Jjs an Olvtnpia.u feast
,. -Kim-nf nnnotrAiI
' Mr. Smith in ?'
sir; Mr. Smith is in the
'Mrs. Smith is she ?'
'In the armv? oh, no -she is at
the beach.'
j ' This is Mr. John Smith's house,
i-i it T
'It is.'
! 'uais m iiiirs 11:1111c Me mi a.
i 1. ... n ur 1
ami was sue a jynie ueioic sue tois
married, from Squashville '.
1 ht
cd an;
man reddened and respond-
iiy, ' I'll not stand here to
be in.ulte i ! Make off with your
self, cr I'll call the police. I
thou'jist from the first that
was :,n entry tbiet, but vou uon t
and he bans-
pia v no game va mc
i- ) T n .d . 1. o- i ,1 T O V f -
for 1
u!- l .
1 mv
If I
i t 1
,Ot b
een in
1 a otl
.1 rind t lis tra tns, l
1 1. T
ZWi-i mat rascally
. -
1 sou
on tiie
that a
uirv rl i e : t t-u the fact
John Smith resided in Arch street,
Thither I bent mv steps. A maid
servant answered mv ring.
' Mr. Smith in ?'
Before the lady could reply, a
bi.r riil f iend rreit iomrird not, of
........ ....... . , - - v .
liadows behind th;
door, and
aid his heavy hand on mv shoal-
' Yes, sir,' he cried in
a voica
' Mr. Smith is in.
lie stayed at
you I
all day on purpose to catch
md now by Jupiter, I'll have
in v revenue
forthwith. Five thousand dollars
is tho very lowe
st figure and you
iuiuiv i
-ic.i'-u, u hat (io you n ko me
, ,,T.I - 1
You'd better be careful or
you'll get your head caved in ?
' I'll cave your head in for you,
y ni young viliian, you !' cried he
springing at me with his cane.
' Uii, John, dear John !' exclaim
ed a shrill female voice, and a tail
figure in a sea of flounces bounded
down the stairway. 'Don't don't
for the love of heaven don't mur
der hiin.'
' Whom do you take me for ?'
cried 1, my temper rising.
' It looks well for you to ask that
question !' sneered the man, syou
have won ray wife's heart, and are
litre now to plan to elope with her !
I've found it all out you needn't
blush, and '
' I beg your pardon for interrupt-
'i:tr, said I, 'there must ue i luc rea nusn came 10 toe young . re!lsoa u, the hope, that the day I , s they arni'.i ich, tho- Frenchm
:r."if. iital-p. Allow me to in ladv s check she was handsome as ! ;n -..-.mn t!..o-o '.... t h.. i i , , " .. ,
' . o , o, I ti i-i-i i ""v" : noia.s u; a !on rea tiag. ihati
ii-iii'o it von n:-p i r. .In in f-mi th t ! a nicturo and she renned with 1 .,.!-,
-'" r r t i I 1 ...u.v b.v..v ..a.Vv..-, w uig-is ior one Tv.rtTcuir-tr oira, wt
' I ti inform you aoout Mr. John i courtesy : be no more litigation, when there J j,,; coi,')r fin1 gettjos
bnv.tn in a way that you won t i "cne was not. iou vtm, l nope, ; s ... j, n0 r-reut warriors because .. .,.v-r.3--.T.r; rr.-..r .. i .
rehsh, it you dou t settle damages excuse me for the blunder 1 have j wars shall have ceased, and when j...:.,.,,..!! r ijt,0 rilfr
ling you,' said , ' but I have never
seen v-'iu' wite beiorc. 1 perceive
she is not Meuoda, the elucst
-daughter of my father's great nr.-
1 i
- Jir no vou nenv in.u vmi ani
Sir do vou deny
rWilliam jt,nes? Do you" d-nv
twii t iv. in n nil Ul ) 11 II ,
i am not a
tk:it honor sir.
ones i nave nut
Mv name is Park
j wei. llenrv 1 '..rkwe!!, ot fc-jaash
fillo.; and with :t how, took inw-ou
; Afl'
t.-c Aiter. lliat 1 called ui me resi- ,
; uense ol tnree Jonn cmttlis none
.oiinem was my -ur. smiui, arm
nothing occurred worthy of note,
, he next air. hum a resided in
j Portland street. Thither I bent
fay steps. It was a very small
j evidently not the house of weakh
j and cleanliness. I made my way
: up to the front door, through a
wilderness of old rags, broken
' drockcrv, old tin ware, etc., scat-
j tpring a flock of hens and rousing
j a snappish little terrier from his
' I. l n rvi tltnrvf
. .... .... j -.
; .-A red taced woman answered my
rap, but before I could make my
; customary inquiry she opened on
! the like a two-edged butcher knife.
. 1:1 W eu, ot all the impudent ras
I. -L. 1 .. 1. - . ..
, cais n.at ever x see, yuii u.-at tut'
you but 1 aid : 1 suould know
that black back of yours ia Cali- jxchange. Jt should be most
frny ! Clear out of my presence j beautifully and becomin-iy decora
orinl lay my broomdiandle over tCl. There wouid 1 gather the
you! Ii there is angthing I hate, 1 brightest men and the loveliest wo-v
Its a peddler especially a rascal ra in t!l0 lalitJ, ;it;d my doctors
4::"0me t0 1Dflaire S:l!,A L
11'Mr. John Smith's wife was
Melinda Byrne, the eldest daughter
Of my lather s '
The broomstick was lifted, I
Ifeard it cut the air like a minme
bullet, and sprang down the steps
huuiub saea, my uih pace. ; g.aia, a doctor s daughter, r.:ost
. An angry man I do not fear, but j llkeiv? sl10u'd, in the 'eyes ot tha;
who can stand before an angry wo- j brilliant assembly, Pin to vour lao
Irfm 't I would rather face a roar- the bad-e (newly instituted bv
inlion- ! himself) ot'the Knight iv Order 01
1 called on two more Mr. Smith's : l!ie Golden Pill. No, Ido but jest,
still unsuccessful in my search. sji0 :ou, decorate v,.n with the
A CTTI 1111? ta flW I I TTl I t t . I 1"1 A
lauiy uiu iihu ii.-u, ut.
; tore 1 could utter a word.
" Walk right in. sir, they are
: expecting you ! The ladies will bo
- down in a moment. Miss Hattie is
i m the back parlor. A alk right m,
I sir."
! I was gently pushed toward the
! door of a shadowy apartment, and
- at the entrance I was announced :
I ti r- r,.. !"
; -.ui. xikuij .
j ihe gas was not lighted, and the
j apartment was in semi-darkness. I
heard a soft, quick footfall on tho
carpet, and a pair of the sweetest
a a 1
lips in toucnea mine; ami, goon
gracicu-5 for a moment tho world
svram; and I felt as if I had been
stewed in honey, and distilled into
Lubin's best triple extract of roses.
"Oh. llenrv mv dearest and
i .f 111 l i: . 1
! uest : uny none you kiss me,
11 o 1 .. . 1:1.
1 uenry : c .eu a cice nive mu.-io
c.ed a voice nice music.
. -1 .
; " Have you ceased to care lor unci
, and again the kiss was repeated.
i Who could resist the temptation?
j Jam naturally a different man, but j
! I have some human nature in me,
i and 1 paid her principal and interest.
, and 1 paid her principal and interest.
j "Oh, Henry, I had so feared that
j being in the army hud made you
: cohlhe.irted food he
, -
I fed back against a chair as pale as
! death.- The servant had lit the gas,
i 1 1- -t it
! and I stood revealed
'I bee
your pardon, inarm,
said I "there is evidently some
J mistake. May I inquire if Mr.
j bomb s wile was Me nida isryne,
the eldest daughter of my father's
great uncle V
! committed : e are expecting my
j brother Henry from the army, and
TTAOH K I H A n ( Vl Afl r ft SI 1 I "
jvul uiuv tmiucB utunm uj-
' (tT. l -1-T-l.-lll
j " r or w hich i snan aiways wear
i blue," I replied gallantly. "Allow
me to introduce myself I am I earth when men wilt not dia. A
Henry Tarkwell, of Squashville," healthy race obedient to the laws A
and in making my best bow , I right living, will require few doc
stumbled over an ottoman, and fell tors (doctors truly, m that their
smash into a china closet, demolish- J chief function wiil then be the
ing at least a dozen plates and as ; teaching of sanitary principles and
many glass tumblers. j tj.e tuition demanded for the high-
I sprang to my feet seized my
bag, and without a word dashed out
of the house.
I knocked over a man who was
passing at the moment, and landed
myself on my head in the gutter.
The man picked himself up, and
was about to make a display of
muscle, when the glare of the street
lamp revealed to me the well known
face of my John Smith.
"Eureka !" cried I. "Allow me
to i. q'u?e if vvr wife v Mcli-.t!
i. '
, the vhU n !ai." it or f.f
9 i
' crcat u:itlc Evmo V
"She v.is !' -;t;il he
Iiatit, i-;'hd I ;ua ueli
1 it : vtiu iic. diixH!rt! le. i tttd. ;.. ('
al a
But I
must cut my stoiy i.v,t. :
lie tor
home whit him x:n-l
I lnd :i good visit; i saw M
eliisu if
m.re to mv heart's content. Nv
I met and w.i. nroperlv introduce
n.-.t;.. c,:.i. ...i it t.(
having u new snit'of "clidhes Tmdc
and m tiuc course
tnarned mys- 'i ci them,
young lady ju.-t alluded to
! '.;f; j
- ' "-v.. lv ..
Pier7iT'rvi-rrP :
, , . i r , "!
1,1 T llH ,!U!,1,K'r u: UH' 4 I
uionl f tnmi'tn wound s.n article j
with toe above nea;iin,T.
li was
written bv .Mu.i.s Adums durii
coriV:i.-?scence I nun sickness, when i
his hoart was cu
-litiv f;:
: itiele to tho
i vsiei ins who it
attt-reled hiiii,
various tunes
, ,
! .
afteetion for
ni t!
pa rag
ne art!
and -
1 1
want in.';
w atchc-s
b ). s Jr a good many of you.
But in earnest, if 1 were a. million
aire I do not believe that all the
stinginess incident to that af.iiction
me fro. n sett in :c
I men an example of honor done to
i those that richly deserve to bo hon
; orcd. Carrington should clear for
! me tlif; most, snacious room in ;',!.
I At a fitting hour I would ccmrnaad
. tue p0acCj ,AS t,en some sj!vc.r.
f tonguned'Kelley or StririgfeHow,
i gifted in speech, should tay the
! splendid words tint ought to be said
i ;,, p,.,;,,, ,,f Vf... ,,nido i-.r n.. th
! Then the sw
;n a.i
! 1 ' i' . 1 I i !
; tlua ,A doctors, tram Y.lliCll IiOt one
1 of you should ris,
; vcx to accept a
! 'p. Siewart or W m
! ,jien 1 Would cousi
ii.l no ft
C"Ut iVoi
B. A : r
to a.
- i..
-s r 1 : 1
eratelv even with a few of v,.
; However ill pai l and often un-
,.aia physicians may be, they have
j C0Ui0latk.n of knowing that em
i ;, .,,,,1
menoe and success 1:1 aiaiost every
: ott'.er Cdiilu"
a 11 ' t
pt'oiession is a
' g(.!fj5h succes.-?, limited in its aod
eilVcts to the man
and ins nun
; ut0 f;im'iv. u-hercas in medicine
j reat success is ba.ed necessarily
O a'
upon great and wide spread benifi
cenee. 10 even modcrateiv uia-
, stisruu-hed medical men : indeed to
j an but lh0 Vcry meai.est and most
Wl)i lhiec:; i,.ctors, there must came
1 t...-i!U M' id.-:i.r. ,-, chim-oh.. ti-if
,,r v 1 1
ie cinister of the t'os al. who
V ua'
aeis ti1:lt l0 h;ii been the iustru-
mQUt 0f saviuir a soul, can hone to
; taste a pleasure at aii comparable
, to '1-
Faithful keepers of the great seal
j 0f
amiy secrets, trusty wardens
! 0f t,u '.uaXib!
, 0f tjie ineffably nrecious health of
j our ioved ones, silent and pitying
j witnesses of human suffering 'and
! imiiiaii iiniftii...?, y ii .-t ii. 1 1 j 1 1 i 1 ,
; tei voar Worth and with what pat-
; eiit o nobility shall ve
I '
lit I
I honored? Statistics show that man
for man vour niofe;s;ou has. f.-.var
! cuiorits than
an o'.iicr v
The simple figures, unfeeling and
; unjlatteiuii
i0ftv V;ruu
near test
of vour ci
the hone of humanity, and titer.? i
tven the need
; shilU have passed, since mankind
1 "III 1 , C ' . '
will nave oiuiiveu iiiurinuies,
that demand legislative restriction.
But the day can never come on this
est physical development) but these
few will be crowned with the laurel
that once rest, d only upon the brow
of the soldier and with the bay that,
was reserved solely for the jurisi
and the stat. smart.
The mind makes many pictures,
and this is one that often delights
In the realm where there will be
no use fjr doctors, but where many
doctors shall be, it shall come to
pa-s Urt t-foitio llic river ot
i'and .tt'ijt r. t!ie trtcs wiiose ,
1' ji ves are for tlif.li:iHng of icitions j
v;i'i't upt") l;js jitllrkiiidlvf i-.acrald j
ig. vi.e - yjuiH' :iot ti uiu woi m
tiit ,
E W'p'C t'tmi; u vmUljng wires of ;
j;ajM';:tttit.r! to praise lie. Jre;H
j. j?j Ktcii tml Bsipglcl wjlii the di-.j
tifusraiith :;;id tisjilio- s
-i i'
i .pas .,y on thv ft pairing)
: Vv
1,1 tt' . - : A nd :trit4lllfl . bXfii .1, t . r !
.. t , ' . . - - ..
the giabiing, smaH or i
iotnes rnnric veat lis the .casciuay; Uatf them
tuey wii:.' ir""ut!h'oni-. lie- io''tijteied on- earlh.
'l- Jt f "haT pres . fei win d with Jips
-t-no -Ut3i;tr. uutuu, .with hands, no
t -wtagtr. uuiub, witii Hands no j
; hngtr .irri.i to te.ll hy iheir clasit j
wl'at 'even j U -lips-iuiht qot tike to j
v, ami with eyes : blazin-.full umi i
waru, froLiv the unmasked soul.
14.1. I - , , ,
--ti.ii iroia ana Hands una eves
.in i . .
come ; measui clos reouital.
And the iittlc cries the little ones
whose first w il ai.d whose last si-Wi
I the good doctors heard they shall
come with purest, kisses and pretty
paluic, with such sweet
thanks and
caressing as only the
aiwavs angeis Know. And then
. i .
I The
'aU-s -olt'.y and slowly away.
Hew Dr Jc-hc Slasoa Preached a Thril
Sermon. The gic.it preacher of Jefferson's
'o-V, in 2-Jew l'crk, viis Dr. John
.Mason, wlio was a most interesting
character, if we may believe the
anecdotes still told of him by old
inhabitants of New York. What a
scone must that have been when he
f ' iiii-ii'iT : : r t't r ; 1,' r rv" frx 1 t his
l'OUtlilil VMl
a ay sermon
Hid rais-
ing his eyes and hands to heaven,
lust into impassioned supplication :
" Send us, if Thou wilt, murrain
upon our cattl-?, a famine upon our
land, cleanness of .ccth in our bor
ders ; send us pestilence, to waste
our eui(s; scad us, if it please Thee,
tho sword to bathe itself in the
blood of our sons ; but spare us,
Lord God most rnertiful, spare us
that curse most dreadful of all
curses an alliance with Xapolcon
Bn-tparte !"
An eye -witness reports that, as
the preacher uttered these words
with all the energy of frantic ap
prehsion, tho blood gushed from his
no.-tiiis. lie put his handkerchief
to his face without knowing what
he did, and, instantly resuming his
gesture, he'd the bloody handker
chief aloft, as if it were the symbol
of the horrors he foretold. Te such
a point, in those simple old days,
could campaign falsehood madden
able and :rood men !
Tench. Children Kov td Earn aud Use
I: you are troubled with a per.,
tinacious beg.-ing for a penny, and
are still more perplexed by the
request for periniss 0 1 to spend it
c the candy store, so unfortunately
convenient to your door, try giving
the little coaxer some other plan
for disposing of the money that he
loves to handle. First contrive
sonic way for the penny to be
burly earned, and then piovid
safe place for depositing it, ani
eive the little financier some plea
. an: plan for its use. One little
blue-eyed darling, not yet four
yet tear years obi, has a store of
pennies which aro his "colleg
money," and his eyes sparkle with
pleasure as it increases, and he
talks ubout the grand place where
his big brother li , going soon, and
v, here ho nn. ana to go sometime.
Very early, too, these favored
children can learn the blessedness
of giving of their own to the child
ren of want, and can share in the
Christmas festivitcs with a hearti
ness which only the giver enjoys.
Trained Pigeons.
Whiniiical Paris is now enjoying
a cu:iou3 street exhibition of tame
jtigeoiis. Th-o owner had a portable
pigeon-house, which he plant;! at a
street corner, the flock being at
bbertv to remain in or out. llav
i:ig taken up his position, flic ex
hibitor blows a trumpet, and off fly
the wholft ilak a quarter of a mile
or so, settling eventually on house-
'i.ra riffl avt iiibiw? i l A nntlinn
j r,0,.ufar bl-
and back t!i
v come.
3 11
t-,i ,, h;n .ir..l n. !.,....i n,.
j bchl'un," each one of which stem the
I '
exclusive property or. -signal uf a
particular bird, and on which that
especial bird, which, meantime, has
been waiting on some window-ledge
oc housetop, rettle-s. - ."
-Hove Education. We" do not
hesitate to attribute greater impor
tance to horns "edircatiort" than to
school education ; for it is beneath
the parental roof, when the hear
, js youngs and melted bv the warmth
f fireble affection, that the deepest
impressions are made; it is at home,
beneath parental influence and ex
ample, ' that the foundations of
physical. jnoral and mental habits
ure laid ; it is at home where lasting
opinions are formed.- School in
struction cnn? never supercede the
noess'i-y of vigilant parental lead
ing and training at the fireside.
Wcitau's Eights.
iowii!'' are
sentence of an address n - this
subject i.-v Mrs. Skinner:
.miss I'l esident. Ici er ium.in
and iiuhj trash generally: I nm
i.t'ie to day for the purp-jso of dis-
casing women's riin?,
her wrongs and cussing'the men.
reciisf inc
I believe sexes were created per-
fectiy equal, with the women a lit
t 1 ,...1.1 .K. t...
lalsi believe lhnf the world
" j .... ...
would to tlay he happier if man had
never existed.
.s a success, i;n
a failure
and i bless my stars lliat m
wiotlicr Was a woman fApplanscl'
it i
that mv
Thev sav men was created first.
WelV 'snose he was. Ain't? first
experiments always fai'ures'r .
Iff was a betting loan, I would
bet, 250 they are.
The only decent tiling about him
was a rib, and that went to make
something better. Applause.
And then they throw it into our
face about Eve taking an apple.
I'll let five dollars that Adam
boosted her up the tree and only gave
her the core.
And what did he do when he was
found out? True to his masculine
instincts he sneaked behind Eve's
Grecian bend and said, 'Twasn't
me, 'twas her, woman has had to
father every thing mean and mother
it too.
What we want )8 the ballot and
the ballot we're bound to have if
we have to let down our back hair
and swim in sea of sanguarv gore.
Braxton Bragg.
Gen. Braxton Bragg was inter
viewed by a St. Louis reporter the
other day, and expressed himself
on the subject of Jeff, Davis, seces
sion, the Government, &c. We
quote a portion of the account, as
follows :
Ileporter I suppose yon favored
secession ?
General I did. 1 thought, and
think now, that it was necessary for
our lienor. Our institutions were
being encroached upon in a manner
that demanded action. I would
have favored fighting under the old
flag. We were maintaining the
true Constitution, and not the other
side they should have been called
rebels, and not us.
Reporter What are 3Tour feel
ings now toward the Government"?
General I have no Government.
I am disfranchised; that is, I sup
pose I am, as I have not inquired
into the matter, i" take no interest
in it. My property was confiscated
and I had nothing left rue but my
debts, and have bad to work for my
living since the war.
Ileporter Would you fight for
the Government if called upon 1
General Were it a war exclu
sively involving the nationality of
the Government, 1 might. Jam
strictly with my people of the South,
and the circumstances would have
to be extraordinary to induce me to
serve under such a Government as
now predominates. There would
be but little inspiration to fight for
a Government controlled by such
men as Ben Butler and other such
men now in office.
Sir Walter Raleigh on Wine.
Take special eare that you de
light not in wine, for there never
was any man that came to honor or
preferment that loved it, for it
tram-formeth a man into a beast,
d?caycth health, poisoneth the
breath, destroyeth natural heat,
bringeth a man's stomach to an
artificial burning, deformeth the
face, rottcth the teeth, and to con
clude, maketh a man contemptible,
soon old, and despised of all wise
and worthy men; hate it in thy
servants, thyself and thy com
panions, for it is a bewitching and
infectious vice; and remember my
words, that it were better for a man
to be subject to any vice than to it;
for all other vanities ana sins are
recovered; but a drunkard
will never shake off the delight of
beastliness; for the longer it pos-te-?th
a man the more he will
deiight in it, and the older he grow
eth the more he will be subject to
it, for it dulietli tho spirits and
destroyeth the body, as ivy doth
the old tree, or a? the worm that
tngendereth in the kernel of the
Tun Maine Ice Crop. The to
tal yield of the ice crop in Maine
for the present season, including
old ice on hand, cannot be reckoned
short of 1,500,000 tons, and it may
possibly reach 2,000,000 tons. Cf
this amount probably 300,000 have
been sold or bargained for at 3
per ton, or a total of nearly $1,
000,000. 'ibis price is a remuner
ative one, netting a large profit to
owners, if the rest of the crop is
sold at the same figure, the total
amount realized from Maine's ice
product will be between $4,000,000
I and 3,000,000. To transport this
product to a market will require a
fleet of not less than 5,000 vessels.
To carry away the product of the
Kennebec will require over 3,0u0
vessels, or an average of nearly
fifteen vessels a day from opening
of the river to navigation to its

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