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FBIDAY. : : : : MAY 8, 1874
b- Messrs. Walker, Taylor & Co., Adver-
tiamg Agents, caiumore, rC
The Enquirer In that city, war paper iuy
be found on file at their office, 134 W est Bal
tlmore street
For Sctekixtesdkxt of TrBLio Instruc
tion :
Stephen ID. Pool,
op Ckaven.
If there ever was a time when we
. . . .
should realize the fact of the broth-
, , .1.-1 i
er-nooa oi numamiy, mas
now. And it must bring joy to the
heart of every true philanthropist
to see that fact being so generally
recocnizsd all over our broad land.
l .urfMl,;,,
il J
ana demonstrates umi
is an actuality, real ana sen-exis
Tlio nmniint of suffering, entailed
upon a large portion of Louisiana,
, , S , 4 k
and other Southwestern states, by
the recent most unprecedented
flood.'', is scarcely realized by the
public remote from the scene ot
,i;strr. Fortunes have been
. . , A
swept away m a moment ; wel-to-do
farmers have been reduced almost
to starvation : Millions of acres of
arrable land flooded ; bouses wash-
ed away and towns inundated ;
labor wasted and desolation spread
rampart over once the most wealthy
and most refined sections of the
South. The accounts given of
individual instances of extreme
suffcrinjr, as well as a realization of
the general calamity, are heart
rending, and appeal most touch-
ingly to the warmest impulses of
our nature.
What then becomes the duty of
i-unsii-u uimi, ui uuc nuuicSai
no christian obligation but i3 iH
fluenced by charity and benevo
lence, in such an emergency as
this.' What saith the fcenptures
about the man who hath and seeth
hi3 neighbor in need and " shuteth
. i:. 1 1- : "I
up bis uoweis vi cuujpassum
against him? What saith it of
... ,
that giving that enncheth and
withholding that brings to poverty ?
What Saith It Of the man Who Cast
eth his bread upon the waters ?
What saith humanity of him who
hath abundence and can coldly
witness the suffering poverty about
him, with no eye to pity and with
out stretching forth his arm to
help ? And what saith our own
consciousness of the joy of giving ?
It becomes then the duty, and
should be the pleasure, of those
posscsing means to aid these who
have been so sadly and sorely smit
ten. Gentlemen of property should
constitute a committee in every
community to solicit contributions.
Various portions of the United
States have done this, and up to
this time the donations of even
Boston, a city supposed to have but
little good-will for the 'South,
amount to nearly $40,000. The
general government has also made
an appropriation of $150,000, but
still there is great need.
We hope this subject may com
mend itself to the public, and that
our own cummunity, as well as
others throughout the State, may
show material sympathy by liberal
A recent dispatch from General
Custer, in Dakota Territory, to the
Adjutant General of that depart
ment, shows that the Indians are
raiding again upon the settlers.
la Wyoming territory the Sioux
have become troublesome, firing
into the camps of the military
scouts, and in Texas the indians
from the reservation fired into the
camp of the Tenth calvary at
Argur. it seems impossible for
these savages to learn anything
We would have thought the tragio
end of the Modacs w;uld not soon
be forgotten.
Doctors are usually unappre
dated. They are generally poorly
paid, and the community has but a
faint idea of the amount of good
they do and the relief they bring to
suffering humanity as they unosten
tatiously move in society. It is so
seldom too that they hare their
merited position before the public
that it is wiih pleasure that ne
publish the article to their praise
be found on our first page.
The activity displayed, by the
democratic party in the municipal
elections throughout the State on
Monday augurs well for the gener
. 1 y-v
ai result mis summer, unce more
to the breach and we may yet see
-y-arouaa ruled by her sons.
The disgraceful imbroglio in Ar
kansas is still the centre of absorb
ing interest in the political world.
Both parties are armed and seem
determined to eufore their behests
Already there has been bloodshed
and from last reports we may ex
pect still more. The whole matter
is a shameful commentary upon the
reconstruction policy, and the New
York Herald takes the opportunity
of reading the Republican party the
following lesson
The painful fact remains that the
condition ot anairg in Arkansas is
misfortune to that State, a sad evi
dence of miseovernment, crime,
i folly, corruption and shame ; but it
is only anotner in me series ui
scandals that hare marked recon
btruction in the South since the
close of the war. We have closed
the war, but we have not made a
peace. Chaos remains, but chaos
is not reconstruction, ine major
General has withdrawn, but the ad
venturer has taken his place. Mil-
.. . - i-j
itary severuy nas oeen succecueu
bv untrammelled license, ine na
, . , f ,u o.infll ol1;,
. j h-nishprl. ail.nt. dead.
.phe new rulera have gone, like the
English to India,or to the bpanish to
Cuba, to wring wealtn out ot the peo
nle and leave wnen enricneu. cspien
A:. Cofo liha Arlronoao T.niiiaiftnA
and the Carolinas, rich in natural
resources, climate, and all the bless
sings that nature can bestow, are
plundered. They have no enter
prise, no growtn, no prosperity, no
encouragement to industry or enter
n security at home; no credit
vpnft,4 n iQ(leed a sorrv sizht.
a disgrace to our Republic more
marked even tnan roiana or ire
Uand - Poland baa a government
wb:cn Keeps tne peace ana protects
nrnn , , b
. desDise her history,
her traditions and her hopes, but
who do not plunder the treasury and
oppress the people for their person
al Sam
A question was propounded to us
by a friend a few days ago and we
mention it in our columns that
sor-e of our readers may have the
opportunity of answering it. Where
did the expression " Like oil upon
the troubled waters " originate ?
It may be of interest to mention,
that it is a fact, discovered by an
accident, that by pouring oil upon
a tempestuous sea a vessel may
savely harbor where it would be
impossible to do so otherwise. The
matter has been recently discussed
:n tu S.-ientifo Amprican and it
ja there related that during a severe
storm a Valine Tes3el poured over-
. - .
DnaI(i a quantity of oil, which com
Ln, .Pim ;n order to lighten
I r o ' o
the ve88e -hen t0 tne surprise of al
ht so allayed the force of the waves
-a to rpnrW tl.i veiapl nri frnm
danger. It is claimed, however
that this fact was first noticed by
Ben. Franklin.
As the matter has become one o
practical interest to the scientists
the curiosity as to the origin of the
phrase quoted above becomes more
absorbing. Will not some of our
literary readers enliphten us ?
The recent news from Spain
most cheering to the friends of the
Republic. The siege of Bilboa
which has lasted so long and was
so stubornly resisted, has been rais
ed and the city has been occupied
by Marshal Serrano and the Re
publican forces. There seems too
to be a general state of demoraliza
tion in the Carlists ranks, numerous
small bodies having surrendered to
the government forces, and the
main portion of the army is said to
have retreated in great disorder in
the direction of the province of Guip-
uzcoa. f Serrano is a man capa
ble to command the situation, we
may look for a series of successes
for the Republican forces that will
soon bring the war to a close and
give peace once more tc Spain.
The Wilmington Star thus speaks
of Col. McKoy, the Democratic
candidate for the position of Judge
in the fourth district :
Colonel Alraand A. McKoy, of
Sampson, the nominee for Judge, is
a prominent lawyer of middle age,
mature and practical views, wide
personal popularity a man of un
flinching integrity and high purity
which command aike the respect of
political foes and friends.
The Finance Commute of tbje
Senate held a long session on Sat
urday last on the currency question
There appearp no difficulty among
the members on the general feat
ures of a free banking clause of
which they are in favor, but they
can come to no agreement on the
other features of a bill on this sub
ject. In various portions of our State
we are now witnessing the disgust
ing sight of judges manoevering for
office. We fear for the spotless
ness of the ermine when judges
have to resort to chicanery for
popular votes.
Rumor says this county has
shifted from Hilliard to Moore. So
much for radical confidence intern
Hilliard one day and Moore the
next, anybody who happens to
be en the field at th time.
The April report of the depart
ment of Agriculture has the follow
ing. It would be well if the fact
of the correlation between agricul
ture and manufacture were more
generally realized.
That farmers and manufacturers
are mutual producers and consumers
that is, that each is a consumer of
the other's products is quite plain.
It ought to be equally piain mat u
is for their mutual advantage ana
profit that they bo in juxtaposition.
The cost of transportation between
them is a tax on both, and it increases
with the distance between them. If
the price were fixfd to th e producer,
whether ot agricultural c mecnanicai
products, then the cost to the con
sumer must increase with the distance
between them; if the price were fixed
to the consumer, then the profits to
the producer must be diminished as
the distance between;, them increases.
Ab a matter of fact, the cost of in
tervening transportation is a tax
which is divided between them, and
th b would still hold true were that
cost reduced to its minimum. To
transportation companies and middle
men distance may "lend enchantment
to the view, but he is an unwise
fanner who does not do all in his
power to encourage manufacturers to
locate beside him. A lormer corres
pondent of this department, who has
emigrated from Indiana to Morgan
County, Alabama, calls attention to
the great disadvantage agriculture
abors under in that section i. r tne
reason that it has it 1 itherto been
made the exclusive industry. He
says : it ever a country r.eeueu
manufactures this certainly does.
Our watrons are shipped from North
ern Indiana; plows, hoes and even
ax-handles, as well as every other
manufactured article, come from the
North, although the country abounds
in the finest timber for manufactur
ing purposes."
Democracy gave us all the law-
essness and violence ot the ivu
Klux. Republicanism cave us law
and order. Ralaiqh Era.
We differ with the above siifrhtlv.
Democracy gave us a constitutional
republic. Radicalism gave us the
socialistic dreams and fanatical out
rage? of the commune.
A woman suffrage convention is in
session at San Francisco. We should
advise them to "go West."
The debt estimate for April shows
a decrease in the public debt for that
month of $2,905,451, IS.
The Baxter and Brooks men had a
right brisk skirmish last week at
Pine Bluff, in which several weie
killed and wounded.
The iron manufactures of Wales
kanA nlmnaf rrt"o1 rlicovsnoiro1
, . , , T- i
This, says an ex consul for the U nited
. ,
btates to Cardiu. is owine to the su-
, . . i
perior quant v oi .im-nean iron.
1 1 j
The Mississippi Legislature has ,
passed an act requiring liquor dealers j
to obtain written consent of a ma- j
jority of the men and women who are
r . ., . , .i. I
of age in the town where they propose ;
6 j i. i i
to Bell before license can be granted.
Th New York ITeraU felicitates I
itself over the adjournment of the!
Lgislaturn of thU State. It says!
"This body has done nearly t-vt-ry- j
thing it should not have done, and
has left undone a!l that it should have
done with justice and propriety.'
The inflationists in Washington
ay on Monday Gen. Grant had
drawn up a message to Congress
giving his reason for approving their
bill, and then on Tuesday he drew up
and sent another message with his
Veto. Aha!
It is estimated that ic will tost
sixty millions of francs and three
years' labor to fortify Paris againrt
fereign enemies. The line of defence
is to be pushed far as Versailles aud
Montmorency, so that an invading
army would henceforth have to form
belt of 120 instead of CO miles.
Weston, the famous walker, has
announced that he will undertake to
walk 500 miles in six consecutive
days, and on one of the days to walk
115 miles in 21 hours. He will
commence May the 11th in American
Institute Hall, New York. He con
siders the accomplishment of the feat
the limit of man's endurance.
The Baltimore American, a staunch
Republican paper, thinks that the
investigation into the affairs of the
District of Columbia, at Washington,
will result in the abclition of the
present form of government there. It
says that the amount of fraud and
corruption shown to exist there has
no equal outside of the Tweed gov
ernment of New York city.
Marshal Serrano entered Bilbao
Saturday. Thero is great rejoicing in
Madrid over the deliverance of the
city. Saturday evening thero was a
general illumination and the municip
alty have sent congratulatory dispatch
es to Marshal Serrano and General
Concha. Small detached parties
Carlists are surrendering to Republi
cans, but the main body of the in
surgents have retreated in great
disorder in the direction of Guipuzcoa.
A correspondent of the Richmond
Enquirer, speaking of tho Washburn s,
says: "The seventeen year locusts
can't compare with them. The
eonntry is run down with them.
They were all born with a caul. Was
there ever a Washburn out of office ?
HistoTj says no. Will there ever be
an office without a Washburn ? I
reckon not. There were three of
them in Congress at once before tbe
war. The war has been and gone,
but the Washburns are still with us.
They go on forever.
The Western Deluge.
Memphis. May 2.
Many reports have been sent from
here in reference o th overflow,
some of which partook of a sensational
character, as, for instance, the damage
at Osceola, Arkansas, where it waa
stated that the levee had broken, the
town was inundated, and the inhabi
tants were in a perilous condition;
when the fact was that a small
traverse levee had broken and par
tially flooded the town to a depth, of
about ten inches. f
A brief review of the entire situation
may prove interesting. From Cairo
to this point, steamers cannot make
landings on the west bank except at
wharf boats, and yet, with the excep
tion of at Osceola, no serious damage,
to planting interests has resulted
From the Louisiana line up, there
are no levees on the Arkansas side
except local o:ies; and a large portion
of the country s subject to inunda
tion, and is sparsely settled, as is the
case opposite here, where the river
spreads out to the highlands near
Madison, a distance of oyer forty
miles. St. Francis Valley is generally
a foot above the overflow, and the
I lanters are waiting for dry weather
to begin planting, wnite itiver
Valley is inundated up to Indian Bay,
but for reasons already given the
damage is slight. Ten thousand
dollars will probably cover the loss
on stock, &c.
The Arkansas Valley is overflowed
up to Arkansas Post, but like others
the damage is light, and 15,000 wil
probably cover it From the mouth
of the Arkansas down, is where the
greatest damage has resulted, and
where destitution undoubtedly exists
among all classes, but particularly
among the laborers aud their tamiaes.
Largo portions af the Tallahatchie
and Yallabusha bottoms have been
overflowed for some time, but at the
latent accounts the water was sub
siding; but another crevasso was
reported at Cat t ish Point, making
the fourth in that vicinity, though as
vet but few plantations bave been
The Sunflower Kiver has thus far
carried oil the main body of water
escaping through :he Ilushpuckana
crevasse, lhe Deer Lreek planta
tions have not suffered materially.
but from Milliken Bend, twenty-two
miles above Vicksburg, is where the
greatest dauisge lias been done, and
where the greatest destitution and
suffering prevail. The citizens here
are making good progress in for
warding supplies to the sufferers, and
have established depots from Na
poleon to Van Cii se Landing. '
A lady from near Napoleon, whose
husband was one of the wealthiest
planters in that section, arrived here
to-day, and stated that she U-ft the
the family and plantation hands,
numbering eighty, without food.
All would have starved a few days
since but for the food furnished by
the officers of tho city of Vicksburg.
In a recent speech in the United
states Senate on the civil rights bill,
. ,
Mr. Norwood, ot ueorgia, made usa
... . . l
ol the tollowing striking and enective
language :
N- 4.000.000 slaves
were set free. The next year they
were invested with civil rights. The
third year they were given the ballot,
and tlie fourth year rulers of men.
..... . . .... t
v itlun that bnei space ot time the
negroes were made professors of
Republican doctrines, aud set up as
rulers. Ilistorv furnished no such
parallel. Of the 500,000 Israelite,
who went out froiu ligjpt, but tuo
were found competent to be rulers in
40 years, though they were instructed
by signs from the great Creator of
the Universe. The Republican party
had made 000,00 rulers In 40 minutes,
without any assistance. The man
and brother was taken otf the corn
fit-1 i and made a Kepublican states
man bv an act of Congress."
But what appeals to reason
avail with Radicalism ?
The Richmond Enquirer thus con
cludes an able article on the civil
rights bill now pendiug before Con
gress :
"Thf passage of this civil rights
bill would b. one o tho boldest blows
ev-r struck at the rights of the States.
It could be productive of no good to
the black race, and the white race of
the South would receive it as another
evidence of vindictivo hatred on the
part of the chiefs and leaders of the
Radical party, i he colored m-tn is
already invested with "equality be
fore the law" by the States of the
South; and his liberties are conceded,
and his rights respectfd by the
Southern people. n8 needs no Con
gressional legislation to protect him.
He is safe and free as he is to work
out his own destiny among the white
men who are fully as friendly toward
him as tliose who would, if they
could, force him into antagonism with
. Mark Twain s Soldiership.
A northern papr says : It tran
spires that Mark Twain was a soldier,
having served two weeks with Jeff
Thompson in the rebel army in
Missouri. That he never male much
of a military record is explained in a
letter which he has just written to
Thompson. He says: "We never
won any victories to speak of. We
never could get the enemy to stay
still when we wanted fiht, and we
were generaly on the move when the
enemy wanted to fight."
An historical curiosity has just
been placed in the museum of the
Invalides, namely, the suit of armor
which Charles VII. presented to
Joan of Arc, and which the heroine
went to deposit at St. Denis after
having been wounded under the walls
of Paris. It is composed of steel
plates, weighs about fifty pounds, and
in every respect resembles the one in
the Pierrefonds collection, which the
Maid or Orleans wore at the moment
when site fell into the power of the
enemy in making a sortie from
Appeals from overflowed Louisiana
says : 4,For pity sake send us relief.
The cows that are not drowned are
starving." The details of calamity
are too wide spread for telegraph.
No mail trains reached Jackson and
Mob le yesterday. The maiis come
via Vicksburg by boat.
A Washington telegram says there
is nodoubt that the civil rights bill,
M amendtd since Sumner's death,
will pass both Houses and be a law
before the end of the session. To
which the Kiehmond Dispatch adds :
" Then away goes the Univrsity
of Virginia, the Military Institute,
the Agricultural College, the Medical
College, and the whole public school
system. There's "reform" for you."
The General Conference of the
Methodist Episcopal church of the
8outh assembled at the Public
Library Hall, in Louisville, Friday
morning. About two hundred dele
gates representing every Southern
State except Viginia, were in atten
dance, including all of the six bish
ops. Rev. Dr. Paine, as senior
bishop, presides. Dr. i. U. Summers,
of Nashv lie, was re-elected secretary,
and standing committees were ap
Ex-Governor Gilbert C. Walker,
of Virginia, is about to commence
the practice of law in Richmond,
having iormea a oopartnersnip witn
Senator Hundley from Buckingl am.
Dr. Livingstone's body was offi
cially indentified in England by the
mark f a bite mmctd on his arm by
lion thirty years ago.
EUas t. Baue. Wilms V. Ujlknes
Dr. E. D. Barnes & Bro.,
JA together as above, we have
opened in Tarboro', N. C, a per
manent office, aud at KocWy Mourn aud
Gwnville, bram-u offices, where we propose
to do all kinds of work pertaining to the pro
fession in the most skillful and scientific
All work warranted to give entire ailfac
tin. ' N1TEOU8 OXIDE GAS administered and
teeth positively removed without TAIN or
DANGER to the pa lent. -,
tfpeckU attention Riven to Plate Work, and
feiB Inserted on Gald, bilrer and Vulcanite
All of the latest and moat Improve 1 instrn
nent nsd, among th in two of Dr. Morrison's
Celebrated Bnrr Engine.
To tie people of abors turned places and
(3ie Kurroundlng country, we respectfully
iTer our services.
BaT" Office over R. H. Austin's Brick Store.
May 8. Ira
FOR StlliE.
THE nnderaipned having determined to
leave Edge -orahe county oilers for sale
bis large and valuable (arm, lying on Town
eek, adjoining tbe lands f Col. David Wil
liams and Others, containing about 1070
acres. Tne soil of said farm is well adapted
ie the raising of
Corn, Cotton, Wheat, Oats,
or -toy 01 tbe crops unli rai-'-d Id Eatiern
Carolina ; and is in a high state Of improve
ment, eitutted in a very pleasant neighbor
hood, healthy locality and good water. Tbe e
is a larira branch running through nearly the
rente, of th farm, which can be used as a
dividing line to convert it Into
Two Handsome Farms
containing respectively about KM aud 540
teres, with a good residence, in House, Good
Orchard, and necessary cat-houses, with
about SOU acres of cleared land on each farm.
For terms and fnrtUer particulars, nddre66
the undersigned at Toisnot. N. C
P. S. PET WAY, M. I)
May 8. tf
The Brown Colton Gin.
The attention ofjplamers nnd others is njpin
called to the aboTe old and r liable m:kc of
Cotton Gins. They are fiirnibhed thi year
jjreatly improved, and nothing whk-h an ex
perience of thirty years in their manu
facture could susMen has been left undone to
iake them the most reliable and perfect Cot
ton (i In inmatket. As the result of our
effoits we need only refer to their established
reputation aud wide-spreadpopularlty For
Pi-rfection ot Workmanship, Strength, Dura
bility, Light Kuntiing. and quantity and oual
Uy of lint produced, we challenge cotiipeti
tion. We are prepared to warrant any
reasonable extent perfect satisfaction to every
phmter or operator. " The Gins are sold at
the lowest possible prices for good machines,
and on reasonable terras We Itivite exum
lnatiONoftho eauiples in the hands of our
local rcnts who will ulve all d;irpd infor
mation and furnish applicants with circulars
and copies of commendatory letters from
parties using the Gins in all sectious of the
cotton planting country. Circulars, Price
Lists, and other iufo- niation, may be obtained
of our asrentB or bv addrcssinir
Ntr London, Conn.
Pender fe Jexkins, Agents, Tarboro, N. C.
May 8th, 1874 ly.
ADMINISTRATION with the Will annex
ed during tne minority of tbe Executor,
having been granted to the undersigned, up
on the estate of the late Henry T. Clark, all
persons having claims against said estate are
hereby notified to present iheni to the nndcr
slirrted on or before tae first day of Mar. A.
Administrator e testamento anne.ro, durante
minoritate Executorit.
Tarboro', N. C, May 1, 1874. 6t
i ii ii min i
Furniture, See., at
Norfolk, for Rent.
THIS Hotel, situate on the corner of Main
and Commerce Streets, Norfolk, Va.,
with the Furniture and Fixtures, will be ren
ted or leased on favorable terms to a good
tenant. Thit Hotel oecuii"8 the former site
of the North Carolina and Virjfiui i Hotel, B.
B. Walters, Proprietor, so lonsr and favorably
known to I lie traveling public. It has 33
Chambers, Larire Dining Room, e., with
Bar nicely fitted up. The name of the hon-e
could be changed If deemed desirable. For
particulars, address,
May 1, 174. Norfolk, Va.
CERTIFICATE No. 1174, dated Nov. 0th,
1855, for 5 shares of W. & W, K. R. stock.
issued to Mosca Smith
A new certificate
will be applied for. M
April 87.-tf.
ALL persons are hereby warned against
employing Lewis Speed, Harry Leonard
George Kew rt, Robert Morria, Henry Har
ris, Kizzie Ward, Patience 8csums and Vio
let Morris, all colored, who are tinder con
tract to work tor me this year. The law will
be enforced against any person who hires
th-ni. O. C. BATTLE.
April 27. 4t-
&Cff&QAper day! Agents wanted! AH
kjjOlUjfi elasses of working people, of
either sex, young or old, rrmke more money at
work for Uf in their spare momenta, or till the
time, than at anything else. Particulars ine.
Address Q. S Union CoPortlaud, Maias. if,
1874. SPRING-. 1874.
HAVING removed to their Handsome New Brick Store, next door
to R. II. Austin & Co' Old Stand, beg leave to announce to their
friends and the public generallj, that they have now on hand one of the
largest and best assortments of Goods ever offered to this market, and
which they will offer at prices that
Their Stock consist of a gt tariety of Snperior
saiUble for MEN'S, YOUTHS' and COY S Wear." " x
ILDi-y (Koods, Boots & Shoes,
Hats M. (Daps, (Rents' Fur
nishing (Roods, Notions,
. ' ' ' i I '
Trunks, Valises, HJm
brellas, &c, &c.
For the handsomest Prints, go to H. Morris & Bro.
For tbe nandaomeat Dress Goods, such as Poptins, Grenedines, Iienos, Al
pacas, Lawns, Pioques, Ac, &c., go to H. Morris & Bro's. '
For the beat fitting and beet stjles of Clothing, go to H. Morria & Bro'a.
. . i
For a handsome New Spring 8tyle Silk Hats, and . Various other Hats for
Men, Youths, Boys, Children, Ladies and Misses, go to H. Morris &
Bro's. .
If you wsnt a suit of Clothes made to your own order, go to H. Morris &
Bro's. - it
Merchant Tailoring in all its Branches.
A srood fit always guaranteed.
examine our immense stock of
suitable for the season.
of the handsomest patterns, in endless rariety.
Don't fail to call and examine our Goods
and prices before purchasing elsewhere.
M. Morris & Bro.
Tarlro, l,y lh. 174. '
The S.iii heretofore existing under the style of H. Whitlock & Co., li.u bet-u dissolved
by mutual consent on the 20ih day of April, 1874. A. Whitlock who will continn the
business in alone authorized lo par and collect the debts of the firm.
TailM.ro', X. C. April 20th, 1874.
Cor. Main & Pitt Sts. opposite Adam's Hotel,
OFFERS to the people of Edgecombe and
adjoining counties the best selection of Fine
and Low Priced
Ready-Made Clothing,
Dry Goods,
Boots & Shoes,
Gents' Furnishing Goods, &c.
The customers of the late firm will find it TO THEIR INTEREST to continue to be
stow their liberal patronage to the NEW FIRM. I respectfully invite my friends and the
public general!? to call and examine my stock of
Spring and Summer Goods
before purchasing elsewhere. I bare a complete stock of
for 5IEN, YOUTHS' and CHILDREN'S WEAR. Also a fall assortment of
Boots cfe Slioes
to fit MAX, WOMAN or CHILD. The prettiest CALICOS and SHIRTINGS and cheapest
I will continue to make Clothing to order
Gentlemen can leare their measures for any
guarantee a perfect fit and prices as low as
For good goods, low prices and fair
Tarboro', N. C, May 1, 1874.
Garments out at
short notice. Call and
3NT. O.
as usual and guarantee entire satisfaction.
styles Dress Shirts they may desire, and I
Baltimore or New York.
dealing, yon can safely rely on tne NEW
Bought Since the De
. dine I
turned from New loi k wlh a larjr od il
selected stock of
Dre.; Goods,
SwU Muslins .Villa
hock, Victoria Lawns, Jaco
net Cumbrie.'.t'inueLIneii Lawns.
Haraf.urg aud Cash's Standard Trimming,
HeniM'uUsd and Embroidered HandUer
chiefs. Ties, Collars and Cufts, in great
variety. Belts, Marseilles, Qailrs,
Napkin and Table Cloth.
Ladies' and
Children's Shoot.
Please tive him a call tiefore purchasing.
T. H. CATLirj.
1 I.. 1 V t ' a f am ni
mrmiru , . M April lfli.
THE Twenty-first, annual meeting of the
MEDICAL SOCIETY of North Carolina
will be held in the cltT ot Charlotte, on
TUESDAY, the 19th day of May, 1374, at 11
A. M. Member, Delegates and Physicians
applying for llceuse, will be passed over tbe
various toads at halt rates
W. A. B. NORCOM, M. 1)., Pres t.
'Jas. McKeb, M. D., Secretary.
The Board of Medical Examiners of the
State of North Carolina, will hold Its annual
meeeiing at Charlotte, N. C, on Tuesday 19th
of May next, and remain in session until the
businflsa for which it is convened baa been
disposed of.
. Applicants for liense to practice medicine
will present themselves as early as practica
ble. C. DUFFY, Jr., M. D.,
Secretary and Treasurer.
April 24, 1874. 2t
Olty Grocery.
New Store! New Goods!
New Prices !
fTlO convince yourselves of the fact a call
X 1 respectfully solicited from our lrltuds
atid tbe pub.ic generally to inspect our new
select stock of Family Groceries, Tobacco,
Cigars, 8nuff, Cofectionorles, Ac.
A selection of German groceries constantly
on hand. A call is all we ask to satisty.
next door to Pender A Jeakins.
Tarboto', April 17, 1874. ly
Main Street.
.ear the Bridge,
TfxTtooro, IX". o.
Sept. ao-ft
No. 176 Main Street, Firfolk, Va
Jas. F. Carr & Co.,
Finish all Classes of
from the Card Miniature to Life Sii-e.
Oil Colored Portraits iu a thoroughly ar
tistic style. Also, views of Buildings, Steam
ers, Yachts, Ac. feb. Sni.
and Bar Room
WTH a11 thelr aPPnte""ces, doing a
v v gooa Dusiness. Satisfactory reasons
given for selling.
D'eD. ZU, 18 .4.
THE Steamboat Annie Wood will run from
tho Bound Fisheries no Roanoke Kiver
:s far as Wt-ldon during the Fishing season.
Fieh of all kinds ,wi'l be de'lrerrd in any
quantity, salted or iced, at any landing on
Roanoke River at markut price.
Address, E.H.BAILEY,
April 27 -Im. - Jaincsviilo, N. C,
Highly Concentrated. Has ALWAYS been
Manufactured on tbe basis of a guaranteed
analysis. Will NOW be sold snbjrct to all
lawt In regard to Fertilizers, with THE
SAME guaranteed analvwis, .
April 10 -1 m. Charlottesville Va.
3NT 33
Boot & Shoe Shop,
motto of
Granville St., Tarboro, N. C.
- - U
April 17.
the last Monday. Ifi MaI- - . . -
For further particulars, apply to
MRS M. F. PRNDER, Principal
Tarboro April 17, 1674. - - 2m
wonderful scientific production of the nine
teenth century, it furnishes ih power of a
bih-priced instrument for a mere trifle, aud
exct-eds in usefulness any microscope eve
invented. It reveal the hidden worriers oi
minute creation as Eels In Vinegar, AolmUi
in Water, butterflies' fVarfcyw, tbe Goldea
Marrow of a Hair. Inaeeta' Eyes, the Pad&,
Claws, Joints and Halra ot a Fly's Foot,
makes Ropes Cj) Vibers of Cloth, a Crowbar
of a Needle's Point, and so On indefinitely.
It furnishes boars of Instruction, entertain
ment and amusement for the youug and. olti,
and every family should possess It, Jt is in
valuable to students, professors, teacher,
physicians, in fact ereryiqrfw, and especially
in tbe HOME CIRCLE U it a GEM. It Is
cheap, and at !h,e ssjoe time of great value.
It is really of great value to any family if on
ly becaue It shows the adulterations In faod,
as sugars, teas, etc , aud the qualities ot
clot' s. It aha plainly thoies TH1CHISA
SPIRALIS or Pork Worm whenever It exist
in p-rk. Pricu f 1.50. Mailrd, post-paid, to
any address on receipt of price.
fat lAAu Women, Boys anU Uir!-.
Whole time, or leisure moments and even
ings. It work just m well by iamp-liaht as by
day-light Parents but it for their children.
Liberal cash commission paid. Exclusive
territory. Congenial employment. It ex
cites tbe curiosity, which produces a desire
to bave it, and requires no talking by tbe
agent. Complete outfit mailed, post-paid, on
receipt of tl.50. Circulars and terms fre.
3end for It and make moneys - Address, THE
BEVERLY COMPANY, 973 Wabash Avenue,
Chicago. ap!27-$

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