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XXX W 10. 1fi74 i
405 Granges in North Carolina
Ou? Iivine and Our Dead is to be 1 1
removed to Kaieigh; !
Green corn has made its appear !
ance in the Wilmington market
Tomatoes are getting abundant in
the New-Bern jnarket.
Nearly .every steamer that leaves
Nevr-Bernefor the North is loaded
v it h garden truck.
A colored man in Wilmington
beat his isiRter nearly to death, on the
The Hotels in Aeheville are being
repainted and repaired for the
sum- I
mer season.
A wotin reseinb ing the army
worm is doing imnienss damage in
the West.
Hon V. M. Bobbins has been
unanimously nominated for Congress
trom'the Seventh District.
Jesse H. Hurbert, Esq , has been
elected Mavor "of Battleboro. in
the j
place of Taylor, resigned.
Allen G' Sogers, son of lion. 8. H.
Rogers, has passed a successful ex
amination at the Naval Academy at
Annapolis and is regularly installed
tts a cadet.
The Goldsboro Messenger 'tells of
a turkey hen that stored away ninety-six
eggs without 'setting,' then
'laid' down and died.
Crop reports from the Goldsboro
section are favorably. The corn and j
oUon have improved considerably in j
the past lew days.
A new Republican Campaign pa
per is to bo started in Wilmington.
It is to be issued either tri-weekly or
A man named K. P. Shaw, 70,
.VI " 1 1 i 1. .3 - I
ears oiu, in uuiuuru eouuiy, una uu- :
serted his wife and family and eloped j
with a widow aged o,j. ;
The Wilmington butchers, for the
1 3' iL llt A 1 l
wees ending ine ia inst., jaugn- i
terea u oeeves, lit sueep, t caives
and 4 hoss-
A fifteen Year old boy in Cleave-
land county, fell in love with a young
girl 18 years old and shot her be
cause she discarded him for another
Gen. J. B. Gordon, of Georgia,
lias been invited to deliver the an
nual address at the next State Fair,
which commences in Raleigh Oct. 10th
and closes Oct. 17th, 1S74.
The Charlotte Democrat reports the
tirst new flour of tho season, which
was brought to Charlotte on Saturday
last by Mr. E. S. Teeter, of Cabarrus
Newton, Catawba county, will vote
on the 27th of July on the proposi
tion whether or not the town will
subscribe $10,000 to tho Chester &
Lenoir Narrow Gauge Railroad.
A negro who thought the Civil ;
Rights bill was a law, deliberately
walked into the Methodist Church
in Salisbury and took a seat with the
whites. He was prevailed upon to
go out, but did so very reluctantly.
The Directors of the Wilmington
Coast Railway Company have de
termined to contract at once for the
construction of a Narrow Gange
Railroad from Wilmington to the
Seacoast. It is expected that the
road can be completed for about
3,500 per mile, and that it can be
in running order about the middle of
July. 1 i A .-"
The Kinston Gazette says : We j
are not given to over-boasting, but j
we cannot refrain from mentioning j
with true parental pride, that the
pet of our household, our little Laura, I
not yet h years old, has a bed quilt, j
every stitch in which was placed !
thereby her om tiny finp-ers. How
many little girls of her age
.tate can say as much I
i he Goldsboro Messenger says :
The Stockholders meeting of the A.
& N. C. Railroad takes place on the
-th instant. In this connection we
learn that the Board of Directors
have agreed that private stockho'ders
and their immediate families may
enjoy a fiee ride over the road to
Morehead City and return an any
time during the week commencing
Monday, the 22d inst.
The Raleigh News says : We
learn that a number of the penitenti
ary convicts were stricken down with
sunstroke while at woik in the quarry,
on Tuesday, but as yot, have not
learned how many proved fatal. We
learn also that two of the hands of
Mr. J. P. Wier, working on tho walls
ol the National Cemetery, also re
ceived sunstrokes on the same day.
Eleven cases in all wero reported on
Tuesday. Yesterday the weather was
not so warm, and as yet, we have
heard of no additional cases.
A terrific rain storm was experi
enced iu Greene county on last
Thursday, and great damago done.
We learn of several mills being brok
en in various p trts of the county and
great.damagetlone to tho crops, fences
and timber. Many 6inall bridges
were washed away, and other injuries
done. The oldest inhabitants pro
nounce it the severest storm and
rain that has vibited that county in
fifty years, and the rain only -lasted
four hours, says the Kinston Gazette.
The Charlotte Observer says : Mr.
John Smith, whose postoffice is Hick
ory Grove, York county, S. C, was
in Charlotte yesterday, and he tells a
remarable story. Before the war he
owned 120 negroes, and up to this
day those negroes are living with and
working for him, not ono having left
after the surrender. They express
themselves as satisfied, and say they
don't want to live anywhere else.
This state of things is creditable to
the good sense of the negroes, and
shows that Mr. Smith is a kind and
good master.
The following i the New York
Bank statement for the week ending
June loth : -
Loans increase one and three
i ihths of a million; specie . decrease
- und ' of a million; legale decrease
7 mil lit n; deposits increi so seven
eighths of a million; reserve decrease
three a al a half million.
Advertisements will be Inserted in Th Kaqaia
TRERNE& at the following latex. Tea line
or one inch lengthwise will eo.tituU
ne "aimr on inrtloB,
f - jch nLvc-qnent insertion. .
- 50
1 mo. 1 2 B0OB.IH inof.'i; mus.
One square
Two "
Three "
5 00
7 :
) IK)
12 50 '
8 on;
lo w.
is oo
2.5 on
S5 00'
7 00
10 00
IS 00
18 00
M) 00
45 00
10 01)
IS )
12 50
20 0
27 50
35 00
40 00
60 00
WO 00
20 oo
25 oo
27 50
1' " IS 00
One column,! S2 fiOl
Court advertisements inserted C week for 8.,
4t?-MiuTig6, Funeral and Obituary notices, not
more than ten lines inserted nice or charoe.
Subscription 2.50. If paid rack at
time of subscribing 2.00.
1- S. M. PETTENGILL & CO.. 10
State Street, Boston, 87 Park Row, New
York, ami 701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia,
are our Agents for procuring advertisement
for Tub Enquirer in the above cities, and
authorized lo contract for advertising at our
lowest rates.
A Request. Will friends, in noticing:
advertisements in our paper, and responding
to same please state to parties addressed. I
saw your advertisement in H-sqI'Irkr-South
brner?" It is little trouble, and will help
our business wonderfully. Kemember ns.
No Pai'eh Next week.
Am. thk Rage. Base ball.
A pleasaut shower last Wcdnes-
Sihvkyixg. See
Mr. II. F. Price.
Great bargains in
Whitiock s.
the advertisement of
Straw Hats, at A.
New styles of Percals and Prints, you
can onlv find at Mrs. Feldenheimer's.
rielv to summer
-Occasional fights add va
monotonv. Stop It. Playing ball in the streets is a
public inconvenience and dangerous to
High. At the last meeting of the Tar
lioro B. it L. Association shares were re
deemed at about an average of $105.50.
School Attention is directed to the
alr. Hlimant ,f Tiiai.a 1 T. IT-?!'!' A- i3rflve
f.ti. ..-...
school, doubtless one of the best schools in
the South.
Adduess. Hon. A. M. Waddell will
tU.Uver au aadress at Mr. Hooper's school,
the Wilson Female Seminary,
on next
i Thursduv, the 25th inst.
A large lot of new styles of Calicoes just
received at Gatlins.
For new shades of Silks and Silk
lins, go and see Mrs. Feldenhe'mer.
Weeds. Let every one cut down the
weeds growing in front of their premises.
On vacant lots let the city authorities do it,
and charge the owners of said lots for the
Strange. Their are individuals who do
not subscribe for their local paper, not
patronize it in any shape, but nevertheless
are slightly muffed at not seeing their
names in print.
Who arc punished for a failure to put
prisoners to work and keep them at it, when
the sentence is " Hard Labor ?" t
Indei-exdext. Sheriff Bryan talks of
running as an independent candidate for
the Sheriffalty. He has been a Republi
can ever since the war and it looks hard that
his party should throw aside so old a sol.
dier for a new convert.
No Name. We have received an obitu
ary with no name signed. It should be
known that communications are not re
ceive:! that have not the names of the
author. There is also aml)iguity as to the
time of the death of the deceased.
Tab " Tak Heels." Our lioys play a
Match game with the Wilson fellows to
dav. With all due respect for gallant
Wilson we would bet high on the "Tar
Heels." Remember you pat victorious
rcronl. boys.
Clothing made to order of all qualities
to tit, :it A. Whitluek's.
If you want to see something entirely
new in Dress Goods, they Lave just arrived
at Mrs. Feldenheimer's.
The Attk.stiox Of our authorities is
directed to the gutter in front of this office.
It is always kept wet by the pump on
Church street and materially inconven
iences the denizens of this block. If the
water were turned on Church street the
entire trouble could be obviated.
Romance. Mr. Fetner Savage, a young
man of alwut 20 summers, and Miss
White, Iwth of this county, ran away from
their projH-r custodians and came to Tar
boro Wednesday where they were united
in the bonds of matrimony. Some one
suggests that the authorities ought to pro
tect the whites from the raids of ravages.
Pehsoxal We had the pleasure of
mee ting during the week in our town
the iistinguished Chairman of our State
Executive Committee, Gen. W. R. Cox.
We are happy to state that this gallant sol
dier and patriotic statesman is well iu per
son and entertains high hope of our cause
this summer.
. . . .
i Who are punished for a failure to put
prisoners to work and keep them at it, when
the sentence is 44 Hard Lalxr ?"
A I'rz.LE. Tin; following was found
on the Court House a day or two after the
late Radical convention. We give tlte doc
ument exact.
Meat wos Cold to odder LcrGbure T No
5 niathulum Axum the Secereteary I lay
mood Batts the ChcrMond obb the Metten
Lewis joiner delegate.
This is said to have ljeen the credentials
presented by a delegate.
Piques, Grenadines, Organdies, Poplins
and Lawns for sale veey low at Gatlin's.
For the best stock of City made Ijidies',
Misses' and Children's Shoes, you will find
at Mrs. Feldenheimer's. .
Doziek's Case. The Governor has par
doned Austin Dozier, a Grab All merchaht
who was convicted at our last court for
receiving stolen goods. The facts are too
recent to need rehearse!, and the comnwn-
ity remembers the indignation felt at the
rediculously small punishment put upon
him by Judge Moore. We understand the
Gov. based his pardon upon the bad health
of the criminal ; we know nothing of this
or how far it should control his action, but
it looks very much like an outrage upon
our community and an insult to justice.
Patkoxs. Iiero were about fifty dele
gates to the Council of Granges held at
Rocky Mount WetoesdyBut itfte fm
done beyond ftgnMnf ft OdaatSk &
Oiu'han Asrwrii--. W-ar -glad te'eee
that our town has followed the example of
Raleigh and adopted a systematic plan for
the relief of the Orphan Asylum at Oxford.
The various societies have taken the matter
in Land not so much as societies, however,
as organizations of citizens, and appointed
the follow iag joint committee - to devise
plans of operation : From Edgecombe
Lodge, (I. O. O. F.) Messrs. E. Zoeller,
J. A. Williamson and ' L: ' Chamberlain ;
Concord Lodge, (Masonic) Messrs. W. G.
Lewis, J. W. Cotton, and Jos. P. Sugg ;
Edgecombe Council, (F. of T.) Messrs.
C A. Walker,' E. R Stamps, sod W. J.
Williamson Advance Lodge, f (6. f.)
Messrs. O. Williams, J. K. Wheeler, and
Wm. II. Mahone ; Panola Grange, (P of
H) Messrs Jno S Dancy, Jno L Bridg
era, Jr., and W J Staton, : ..?.,- (J. :
This committee met last Saturday night
and discussed pL ns, but they are as yet
in too crude a staic for publication.
For new shapes in Hats and Bonnets,
call and see them at Mrs. Feldenheimer's.
Just received a new supply of non-fading
Flannel Suits in all styles, at AT Whit
lock's. "Jci-rcs," 44 On thk Stbkkt BotOdi
West." This work has been placed on
our table by Messrs. Lee, Sbepard &
Dillingham, New York, through Mr. H.
M. Williams, Bookseller and Stationer,
Tarboro. The book is a history of a New
York boot-black who was persuaded to
leave the haunts of the metropolis and was
carried to farm lands of one of the Wes
tern states by a benevolent agency organ
ized for tliat purpose, and is a pleasantly
told story of the reward that will follow
well directed industry when united with
integrity. The book avalds a large amount
of the cant usually found in works of this
kind while, we think, it bases integrity
where it should be, that is, upon a religious
principle. 44 Julius" would be a good
book for a boy 13 or 1-4 years of age to
Platform. The following resolutions,
introduced by Edward Coningland, Esq.,
in the Democratic convention of Halifax,
might apply with equal force to this coun
ty: Resolved, That, in the opinion of this
meeting, the nomination of a Conservative
candidate to represent this District In the
next Congress of the United Stales is not
required by the interests of the Conserva
tive party and we respectfully recommend
that no such nomination be made.
Resolved, That we, also, deem it inex
pedient to nominate county candidates du
ring the pending canvass.
Resolved, That in Stephen D. Pool we
recognize a gentleman well fitted for the
office of Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion for the State. One who, if elected,
will faithfully administer the law without
regard to race, color or previous condition,
and that we will give him an ardent sup
port. On motion it was decided to appoint
three committeemen, for each township, to
be under the direction and supervision of
the members of the County Executive
Committee, for each township, said com
mittee to be appointed by such member of
the County Executive committee who will
be, 'ex officio,' Chairman of the township
1 will sell my stock of Piques, ,awns,
Muslins and Nainsooks, at cost. Call soon
before thy are all sold. A. Whitiock.
Who are punished for a failure to put
prisoners to work and keep them at it, when j
the sentence is 44 Hard Labor r t
B ase Ball The match game of Base
Ball between the 4 4 Tar Heels" and the
44 Wilson Collegiate Institute Club," came
off at this place last Friday. The forfeit
was a new bat and balL The 44 Tar Heels "
have the pleasure of playing with the new
bat and ball brought down by the Collegi
ate Institute Club, but the young gentle
men composing this club say it is only a
loan for the week and that they will get
it back at the match game to take place at
Wilson to-day. We shall see. The fol
lowing is the score of the game :
R. O. F. K. B.
Camillas Battle, p. 11 1 3 0 1
Julian Baker, L f . 10 1 2 0 1
Moreau Barringer, a. 8. ft 2 0 0 2
P. P. Nw fleet, 1st b. 4 4 10 0
F. II. Pender, c. 4 5 0 0 1
Bat. Moore, 2d b. 6 2 0 0 2
R. C. Rives, r. f. 7 3 0 3 1
B. F. Spragins, c. f . 5 5 0 0 1
It. II. Itowe, Mb. 6 4 0 1 1
Total, 38 27 6 4 10
R. O. F. M. B.
C. P. Farmer, c. f. 3 5 0 2 1
J. P. Clark, p. 7 10 0 9
W. R. Bynum, s. s. 4 4 0 0 2
J. W. Hays, r. f. 2 6 0 0 0
Sol Einstien, 3d b. 6 4 0 1 0
E. F. Bynum, 1st h. 6 10 3 0
Geo. P. Suggs, 1. f. 2 0 0 0
J. O. Fanner, c. 7 1 1 0 0
S. M. Warren, 2d b. 7 3 2 0 0
Total, 48 27 3 0 12
Native Talent. We take the follow
ing complimentary notice of Miss Mollie
Bell, of Washington, sister of Mr. J. H.
Bell of our town, from the Raleigh News
of the 10th inst.
We saw at the Yarborough House yes
terday several specimens of crayon draw
ings, representing statuary work of some
of the most renowned sculptors of the old
world, executed by Miss Mollie Bell, of
Washington, N. C. They have been close
ly inspected by hundreds, and the univer
sal opinion is, that they are truly gems of
art, and could only have been executed by
one possessing a most extraordinary talent,
When quite a child, only twelve years ol
age, Miss Bell formed from white clay, a
beautiful piece of statuary, representing a
sleeping infant, which is now in her moth
er's possession, und treasured beyond a
Judge Reade of the Supreme Court, ob
servine the superior .talents of . the young
ady, prevailed upon her mother to send
her to Cooper s Institute, where she would
have better advantages to develop ner tal
ent. At the end ot five months, sne was
rewarded with medals that represented a
create r degree of yroficieney than young
ladies who had been in the Institute for
five rears. Miss Dell is now in the city, a
sruest of Judge Reade and lady at the Yar-
boro House, and though quite young, (yet
in her 'teens,) appears in company as an
aecomnlished middle-aged, weu-nauancea
ladv. exhibiting; a superior order of intel
lect, and greatly admired by all whose
, ' -VT U.
nleasure it is to enjoy her company, jsorca
. ... , ' l
:"T",'" 'Cx-Zr xir:r:S u
daughtera. .
. v J V w rii.i
Joat received at BELL'S, a fine lot Solid
Plaln Gold Kings, from W to u eacn.
Gold Studs, Collar and Caff Buttons,
Waune, Jewelry, Birvw ni
eheaDer. cheaneat.
Sroxawaii. Basbt Btx Cixr. Pur
suant to a call by the Ex-Sea etary,
the young men .of Tarboro held a meeting
oo. .Monday evening last for the purpose of
rfr&ganizing the Stonewall Base Ball Club.
Tii meeting was, oq motion, called to
order by making Jno. W. Cotton, Esq.,
temporary chairman and requesting Mr.
H. Irwin Clark to act as Secretary. The
chair then called npou Mr. Walter P.
Williamson to state the object of the meet
ing, after which those present desiring to
connect themselves with the club were re
quested to come forward and enroll their
names as members. . Twenty-six respond
ed. Nominations for permanent officers
being in order, the following gentlemen
were respectively nominated, and, upon
motion of Mr. Williamson, elected 1y ac
clamation. President Jos. Blount Cheshire, Jr.
Vice-President Jno. W. Cotton.
Secretary H. Irwin Clark.
Treasurer F. Shep. Royster.
Captain Frank & Baker.
The President on taking the chair thank
ed the members in a few courteous and ap
propriate remarks for the honor they had
conferred upon him. An executive com
mittee consisting of the Vice President and
Messrs. T. P. Cheshire and Frank Nash
was-appointed. - Also on motion the Presi
dent: appointed a committee of three to
draw up a code of By-Laws for the gov
ernment of the club to be submitted at its
next meeting for ratification. Messrs.
Williamson, ' Cotton and Powell were
named as . the committee, and on notice
the President was included. The execu
tive committee was instructed to procure
forthwith a full supply of balls, IwU and
other accoutrements. It seems to be the
intention of the club to take such steps
immediately as will enable it to success
fully contend for the championship of
East Carolina. Judging from the material
they have out of which to select 44 a first
nine," no doubt they will soon prove them
selves the champions But only of the East
but of the whole State.
The following gentlemen were unani
mously chosen honorary members: Gen'l
W G Lewis, Dr Joe II Baker, Capt Jno S
Dancy, Messrs Fred Philips, C M Wesson,
O C Farrar and E R Stamps.
. !
A large assortment of Linens, Alpacas
and other light weight Clothing for the hot
season, at A. Whitlock's.
Tab Rites Navigation. A meeting of
the Tar River Navigation Company was
held inTaeboro, N. C, June 16th, 1874.
On motion of Cspt. Jas. It. Thigpen,
Gcnl. W. O. Lewis was made chairman of
the meeting, and D. II. Barlow Secretary.
Mr. Macon Bonner, was called on and
explained the object of the meeting in sat
isfactory terms. .
The Chairman then called for the amount
of stock taken and verified proxies, upon
which there was found to be twenty eight
shares represented, a quorum for business.
Capt. Jas. R. Thigpen addressed the
meeting in pointed facts in regard to the
preseni monopolies of the Transportation
Companies, and the- benefit that would be
derived if we bad more opposition, and
make competition the life of trade in ear
Upon motion of Capt J. 8. Dancy the
meeting then went Into the election of
Capt. Jas. R. Thigpen was unanimously
elected by acclamation President of the
The election for five directors, three
from Edgecombe County and two from
Pitt county, was then gone into, which re-
joited M follows
J. B. Coffleld, Elias
Carr and O. C. Farrar, from Edgecombe,
Dr. P. H. Mayo and Marcellus Moore,
from Pitt.
Mr. B. J. Keecb, was
tary and Treasurer.
elected Secre-
Capt J. 6. Dancy moved that President
and Directors be authorized to fix salaries
of the officers and report the same at a
future meeting of the stockholders for con
firmation, and be authorized to open Books
of subscription, which was carried.
Upon motion of Mr. V. B. Sharpe, the
Capital stock of the Company shall not be
less than eight thousand dollars nor more
than twelve thousand dollars, which was
also carried.
Mr. S. S. Nash moved that the Presi
dent and board of directors make inquiry
in regard to prices and capacity of boats
and report at the next meeting.
Upon motion of Mr. S. S. Nash, the
meeting adjourned to meet again the 1st
Tuesday in July.
D. n. Barlow, Sec'y.
The best stock of Opera Collars, Kids,
Sashes, Neck Ribbons, Dotted Veils, and a
great many other new goods, you can find
t them at low prices at Mrs. Feldenheimer's.
For the Enquirer-Southerner.
la Alcohol Food ?
Ma. Foitob : In your notice of my
lecture your town, you seem to think
my position an extreme one, which cannot
be sustained. I do not purpose to argue
the question now, as it would perhaps,
consume more time and space tnan you
would be willing to devote to its discus
sion ; but 1 will at some tuture tune, (u.
V.) deliver a second lecture in Tarboro' on
the question which heads this article.
At present I will only remark that 1 natly
deny that alcohol is food, in any proper
acceptation ' of the term ; and that your
position, held in common by some others,
takes all the wind out of your temperance
sails, and concedes all that the opposition
demands. If it be food to a certain extent,
and beyond that point a poison, where
shall we fix the boundary line ? and who
shall nxit?
Pure alcohol is not used as a beverage
by any one, and different liquors possess
it m different decrees. Its chemical ele
ments are found in many .other substances,
not fit for food any more than gun pow
der is, : Alcohol is a poison, and can not
be safely used except as a medicine, or as
other poisons are used.
The Journal of Chemistry (Boston ) says :
44 Alcohol acts lnharmomously with vital
And aa f cod is that which
f T rf,,' Btrenirthens the svs-
process ia the animal organiani. , This is
feeds, nourishes and strengthens the sys
tem, whatever 44 acts inharmoniously w ith
the vital processes, cannot be classed with
food, though it be composed of hydrogen,
oxygen and carbon. Food ' makes blood,
flesh, bones, nerves, brain, ex.; but
alcohol destroys these instead of build
ms them up ; and hence is not food.
But I did not design to argue this ques
tion now, and will close by saying, there
is no middle ground on this question ; and
if temperance men expect to succeed in
I KaiUm MWUVh UKT uaww
j : . , .
Ph and usneutrahau their argu
I ments in favor ot. prohibition, aiy posi-
Uon is. that alcohol Is not food, in any
I proper use of that term ; and that while in
it mv ,ff .n. the fat it nro-
. . wterv. unhealthy, disease 1 and
.nmniraam to that of swine fed on Still'
,,..,,, (n.fm)
1 JSO. 1. lYAXSB, ja. 1.
Decline. We decline at this t.me a dis
cussmmj with Dr. Walsh as to t he properties
of alcohol, but will simply make one cor
rection. The Dr. seems to think that we
considered alcohol f.od leau.-eit was com
posed of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen.
We say that its composition is prima facie
evidence, but of course we acknowledge
the principle of isomerism in chemistry and
admit that ibis evidence is subject to n
bntt.l. - -
T.vn River Navigation Com pan v. The
proceedings of the meeting of the Stock
holders of this company will be found else
where. It will doubtless lie a source of
gratification to n number of our readers to
see that the Company has lieen lorn under
such favorable auspices. The President
and Board of Directors are business men of
energy and integrity and have goue to work
to push their enterprise to a completion.
This enterprise should elicit the interest
not only of the farmers along the banks of
the Tar, but also of our merchants and
public spirited men generally. Competi
tion and various modes of transportation
not only afford a direct profit to the ship
per, hut materially benefit the town pos
sessing them by increasing its popularity as
a shippiug point. The matter of cheap
transportation is therefore a consideration
with every citizen of Tarboro, and every
enterprise looking to such a result should
meet their support and encouragement.
We have heretofore refrained from en
couraging this enterprise, because we were
under the impression that more powerful
corpcrati0118 would prevent au outtide
connection wit- it, and consequently ren
der the line from here to Washington use-
leas, but it is said that there is no doubt
that a connection can always hi', made with
private sail vessels.
A Malicious Covplimext. We were
highly flattered by the late meeting of
the Radical convention, and claim it a
special compliment as it is the only instance
of the kind doubtless in the State. The
compliment was this : Among the resolu
tions setting forth the views of the conven
tion on various subjects, embodying, as it
were, the party platform for this county,
was one devoted expressly to the denuncia
tion of the Enquirer-Southerner. We say
this is a high compliment, for we claim to
be the organ of the Democratic party of
Edgecombe and are happy to see that our
efforts have been so far appreciated by the
enemv as to cause them to do something
unprecedented in their hostility to us. R
is the heat evidence we could have that our
blows have lecn felt, and we would rest
content if we could lie assured that we
could always receive such a recognition
from the Rads.
Wc feel comfortable over the resolution
also, because we know it did not emanst :
from the colored people, against whom we
have said little and for whom we entertain
a kind sympathy, but from the petty malice
of a few whites whom, we think, we could
easily identify, did not our contempt for
their persons exceed that indulged for their
malicious and mean attack upon us.
Radicals. These things held a couveca-
tioa or convention at the Court House on
Saturday, and a couvcutiou it was. As
usual there was considerable diversity of
opinion, but as usual the respectable color
ed riortion of the meeting were put down
by 44 Mars Cage " and his gang. It would
seem that submission to this man had
ceased to be a virtue, even among Radicals,
but somehow he is allowed to pack the
convention ad libitum, and no one is fouud
with manliness enough to resist his usurpa
tion. If Taylor, Keech, Mac Mathewson,
Henry Cherry and a number of colored re
publicans from the country would put out
another ticket, they might yet break dow n
the McCabe ring. They have certainly
nothing to fear from the Democrats, for
they might divide the colored vote entirely
and the Democrats would then lie power
less. The only thing necessary is to have
some independence and defy the usurpation
of McCabe and his gang. l
It would lie uninteresting to our readers !
to give a general detail of the meeting, I
suffice it to say that McCabe had himself, j
Mabson and Buun nominated at once and
that there was a considerable diversity as
to the balance of the offices. The nomina
tions however resulted as follows : For the
Senate, W. P. Mabson; for the House,
Willis Bunn and W. T. Godwin (white) ;
Sheriff, Joseph Cobb ; Register, A. McCabe ;
Commissioners, Wiley Webb, Jolin Lancas
ter, Frank Due, James Norvillc and Jerry
A spoc;ai meeting of the Yeetrv of Cal-
yary Church, Tarboro, N. C, was called
by the Rector on the loth of June, to give
an expression of respect to the memory
of Mr. Russkl Ciiapmax, who departed
tbis life on June 7th, 1874.
Our departed brother had beeu a member
of this Church and the Secretary of this
Vestry for 31 yars, and for 24 years a
Warden of this Parish. He had always
the interest and prosperity of the Church
at heart ; and was faithful in the discharge
of every doty ; and obligation which was
upon him as a member of the Church of
Christ and of this Vestry.
The loss of one so long and so intimately
connected with the progress of this Parish,
cannot but awaken in our hearts emotions
of sympathy and sorrow, and while we ac
knowledge the wise Providence ot God in
taking him from amongst us, we also own
the Divine Goodness which has made him
for so many years a quiet and steady helper
in every effort to promote the good of the
Church and the spread of the truth of the
Gospel in this Parish.
Therefore, it is unanimously resolved, by
the Vestry, That in the death of our friend
and brother in Christ, we realize the loss
of a consistent, faithful and useful member
of the Church, whose unobtrusive and qmet
christian character commanded the respect
of this community, and insures our lasting
Resolved, That in the life of our depart
ed brother, in the christian patience and
resignation to the will of God with which
be bore the pains and weariness of a pro
tracted sickness, and in the peaceful and
willing spirit with which he departed out
of this world, we have a comfortable as
surance that he is delivered from all the
evils of this life, and has passed into the
rest and bliss of the Paradise of God.
Resolved, Tuat the proceedings of this
meeting be entered upon the record of the
acts of this Vestry as a lasting testimonial
of the high appreciation we have for the
memory of our departed brother.
Resolved, That a copy of these proceed
ings be published in the Churchman, and
the Enquirer-Southerner, and also a copy
be sent to the relatives of the deceased.
By order of the Vestry.
Jos. Blount Cheshire, Jr.,
MORRIS. In Greenville, on Tuesdav,
the 9th inst., Albebt, infant eon of YV.
Myer and Rebecca Morris, aged 5 months
and 7 davs.
Ta i-l Mini
Juue 11th, 1874: ' ' ' ,
Persons calling fr letters on this l'st,
will please say "'adverfii-ed.'' If not called
for in 30 days, they will le Mnt to tl.e
Dead Letter Ollice.
B Samuel Brvant.
C Mrs. Ann Cherry, Delia Cotton.
J Franklin Jenkins. -
K Wiley Komegey.
L .Tames F. Long. Clia;!.- love, Bo'i
Lark in.
M John T. Mathews.
N Mrs. Mariah 1.. Newaney, M. W.
Norfleet & Co.
P Jordon Powell, Geo. A. Pollard.
S Milvin Stephens.
W Harry WorselyCator Williams.
H. II. Shaw, P. M.
- - )..
The VeiMtiahle Archdeacon Scoit, of Dun
hum, Caiiwhi Eai, (-ay i 1im t he ' coffered
from ds epsia mine than twenty five years,
but that three werk' ue of the Peruvian
Syrup (an Iron tonio) has beueiiied h nt so I
wonderfully ilmt lie can hardly persuade ;
himself of the teality, and people who know i
him are astonished nt the change.
1on't be Discocragiui. Suppose you j
hare ' ti i-d fifty remedies' and received no
lw"!i fit, i- there ihertfiirt "no balm in j
Gileadt" Verily iheie i. Your l.ver may :
be conaesi-d. your stomach half paralyzed, ;
Jour iiei ve quiverinc, your Diuscles knotted
wiih torture, your bowels constricted, your i
lungs rtisnased. year blood lull ot impurities j
yet in one week after commencing a i
yourse of Dr. Walkkr's Vinegar Bitters J
eon will feel like a new creatine. iw
Saturate a Piece of Bread or Meat with,
gastric juice, and it will duadre. This is i
digestion. Add to such mixture a little I
alchohol, !t will no. dissolve. Thi-i is irnliges- j
tiou. Beware, then, of tinctures, or tonicx, ,
or decoctions conlainiu4 spirituous lii'i(.is. .
Shun all rum "tonics." and rely solely on '
Dr. Walker's Vingar Bitters, the ftnexi di
ges:ive iovigorant known, ai'd free Irom lb"?
fiery curse of Alcohol. 4w
Tarboro' Market.
corrected webklv by
TERRELL & BRO., Grocers,
Home production are quoted at he. l.uy-ing
price, and all other at the selling price from
Bacox S. C Hams, in cauvss, per in." 18c
Shoulders ' 10llc
8ides, back bone and rib. 113'.-!3C
Bt i.x Meats. Shoulders, per lb 10c
Sides, cleir, 12Jc
Beef. Fresh, per lb. 010c
Spiced Family per lb l'c
Ba6G1NG,. per yard, 1417
Bkbswax ? Ib. c
Butter 44 50G0c
Cottox, per pound, 12JlSc
Cotton Yars, per bnneh, $1 o0.&0 00
Corn, per bnshel. 9OcJn.O0
rntr.ni. a. it, 20ai2-V
Chicebrs, 25ca40c
Eogs, per dozen 15520c
, Flock Patapsco fumilv V hbl 13 00
I Other brands 712 50
Hids Dry lb. 0Ollc
Green, V fi. c
Iron Tins, fib. J0c
Lard, ? Ib. Q
Mbal, i er bushel . 1.00(l.'i0
Molaskm Sugar House $ falion.- o3iW
Cub.. ' 60 75
Okioss. per bu.hel. 002 50
PoKK-Mes- per bbi. 21 00(800 00
Rnoip, 4- $18 OOfttlOO 00
Potatoes, sweet, per bushel,- 1.00(3130
Irish, per bushel .2 002 50
Peas, per bushel, 80c$1.00
8lt, G. A. per sack, 0 00S $2 00
Liverpool, per 6ack, ti 50
Sausage, per lb, tY'fvt
Tea, per lb, 1 a0(g$2 00
T Ai.i.ow, per tb. vmOc
New York Markets.
Ssw Yobk, June 17. 6 P.M.
Cotton nominal
to 185 cents.
sales of 279 bales at 174
Baltimore Markets.
Baltimore, June 17. 6 P- M.
Cotton dull middling 17 5-8 cents.
Main Street,
Tarboro', N. C.
0. F. ADAMS, Proprietor.
accomodation "Of the I ravelin r public,
and no pains will be spared to m ike who
stop at lhis Hotel couifot uhl.- an. I pi. .mini.
The table will he supplied w ill) ili U-jT lhe
market affords, and sei veil uji u experienced
hands. The proprietor only :sk u trial, for
the putdie to be convinced.
Jan. 1, 1874. if.
THE undersigned hiving just returned! !
from New York with si Fi l l. sTOt K, j
consisting ot j
PIPES, &C, j
respectfully solicits the patronage of the ;
uHie. Having nougut ni r.vnj rniufcs, '
1 am prepareu io oner iiiuuceiueiiie.
quick sales and small profits
inn prepared to otter inducement!:.
I am also Agent for the American j
Cyclopaedia, Thist'e Edition of Waverly,
Stamps and Seals, Shen Mnsic, Gline's Slate i
Roof Painting and latest periodicals and pa- '
pcrs. T. E. LEWIS, :
at liettmona f wia Biana. ;
T:irloio", April 10, 1S74. If- ,
d.mi r' na.f unmrai
JJcuirv Ul now iiauuibi)
Wilmington, TV. C
Capital & Surplus, $330,000
11. WEDDELL, Pres't. J. t. CTJMM15Q, Ciidi'r
Dirrclon s
Matthew Weddell. John S. Dancy,
Fred. Philips, Jolm Norfleel,
W. G. Lewie, KlUlia Cromwell.
This Bank trnnaets a geneial hanking: bus
iness. Colh-cvs in any part of the United
States. Buys and sells Gold, Mlver, Ex
change, Old Uuik Notee and Sto.-ks.
Fen. -A 1874.
J riii 1 0 Boots and Shoes, Gro
ceries, Ac , &c, at lo prices.
May lr.th, 1874
& C .
R. A. S1ZER,
Provision Dealer,
Main Street.
Tarboro', N. C.
taken in exchana-e. socli as
Fuis, Ac
R.iw Hidea-
o I. 7-tf
One Fourth Interest in the
Edgccomlu Agricultural
Works for Sale.
fourth interest In the Edgeeom!c Agricul
tural Works. For particulars, :utdre!s
A. J. HI NER, Wilson, N. C.
Hon. OEORUE HOWARD, Tarbofo', N.C.
July . -
Remainiiur in the Post Office at
new AnvrrTi'""":"
1874; ; SPRING-. 1874:
iMiiii;iii ,v
j TTAVING removed to their Hanisouie New Bri:k Store, next dooi
.1.1L to R. II. Austin & Co's Old Stand, ber leave to announce to their
friend and the public genera llv, tin: th;"v !: i c n ,w on hand one of the
i.i rj est ana urn assortments ot Woods
which they will offer at prices that
Their Slock consists of a great vaiiety of Superior
unliable for MEN'S, YOUTHS' and BOY S Wear.
Dry (Koods, Boots & Shoes,
Hats & Caps, Crents5 Fur
nishing (woods, Motions,
Trunks, Valises, I Tin
hrellas, &c., &e.
For the handsomest Prints, go to H. Morris & Bio.
For the nandsomest Dress Goods, such as Poplins, Grenodines, Lenos, Al
pacas, Lawns, Picques, &c, &c, go to II. Morris & Rro's.
For the best fitting and best styles of Clotiiing, go to II . Morris & Bro's.
For a handsome New Spring Style Silk Hats, and Various other Hats for
Men, Youths, Boys, Children, Ladies and Misses, go to II. Morris &
If you want a suit of Clothes made to vour own order, tro to H. Morris &
Merchant Tailoring in all its Branches.
A good fit always guaranteed. Garments cut at short notice." CalPand
examine our immense stock of i
suitable for the season.
of the handsomest patterns, in endless variety. .
Don't fail to call and examine our Goods
and prices before purchasing elsewhere.
H. Morris & Bro.
Taiboro, May SJlh, 1874.
The firm heretofore existing under the style of II. Whitiock & Co., 1 as been dissolved
by mutual consent on the 20ih day of April, 1871. A. Whitiock who will cnt.iuiie tlu
business is alone authorized to pay and collect the debts of the firm.
Tarboro'. N. t'., April 2th. 1874.
- r P n'ii Cli , A 1 XX A. 1'
! vjoi. Main cY i itt fets. opposite Adam s Motel,
1 11 7
T Ji. JEX. 33 O
OFFERS to the people of Edgecombe and
ladioininsr ijounties the
.) cd
and Low Priced
Ready-Made Clothing,
Dry Goods,
Boots & Shoes,
Gents' Furnishing Goods, &c.
The cnMi.meis r.t the iaie linn will find it TO TIIKIlf INTEREST to continue to be
stow iheir liberal patrons!; to il e NEW FIRM. 1 le-pectfully it.vite my Mends snd the
public generally to call and examine my -lock of
Spring and Summer Goods
before purchasing elsew.litie. I have a complete Mock -l
for MEN YOUTHS' and CHILDREN ti WKAU. At .nil ai-wn-iiitt i
Boots db Slioes
J to tit MAN", WOMAN ..r CHILD. Ti e reiii.M t'ALli.OS and SHiRTINtiSa i.l cheapest
DOMESTIC :) DS in town.
I will continue to make Cloihinu to oi.ler
Gentlemen can leave their measures t,r tiv
guarantee a perfect tit and prices as low as
Pfp For good goods, lo price and fair
FIRM of : :
Tarboro', N. c, May 1, 1874.
ever offered to thin market, and
nxr. o.
best selection of Fine
ns usual and guarantee entire
yl II e Shirts they ,ns
Ualtiiuore or New Yo.k.
aliii'j. you can untidy t.t y
atistuctr ti.
i '!!. ft lid i

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